Jessica Alba complained that her ‘Sin City’ stripper character is … a stripper

Jessica Alba

Here are some photos of Jessica Alba with eldest daughter Honor in London ahead of that Salvatore Ferragamo event a few days ago. Alba has always had great street style, but for better or worse, Jessica Alba is a complainer. Nearly two decades ago, she entered the very appearance-obsessed profession of Hollywood acting, yet she has always stated how much it bothers her to be objectified. To her credit, Alba seems to have realized that the roles that are offered to her are usually limited to “the hot chick,” so she’s created a second income stream by selling biodegradable diapers (and other household goods) with The Honest Company. That’s a pretty smart move on her part.

At the moment though, Alba might be falling back into her old disgruntled mode as far as acting goes, and she’s taking it out on the only loyal director, Robert Rodriguez, who still employs her on a regular basis. Seriously, Rodriguez has kept Alba liquid with a multitude of gigs (including Spy Kids 4, Machete, and a Sin City sequel) over the past few years. He’s really the only guy in Hollywood who still tosses roles her way, and he also recently acquiesced to Alba’s request that she not appear nude in Machete even though she agreed to be photoshopped that way. As we gathered when Jessica went ombre in a big way, she has recently been on the set of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, in which she has reprised the role of Nancy, the stripper with a proverbial heart of gold. Only now Jessica has insisted that her role be rewritten as a burlesque dancer because she didn’t want to play a stripper anymore. Not that there’s really that much difference between these two types of exotic dancer, but here’s the story from Star:

Jessica Alba

Sorry, fellas. Jessica Alba won’t be showing nearly as much skin in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, thanks to her character Nancy Callahan’s change of occupation from stripper to burlesque dancer. “Jessica lobbied [co-]director Frank Miller [along with Robert Rodriguez] to change Nancy,” a source tells Star. “She wanted her to be more developed and refined. Jessica has two little girls and wants to set a good example.”

But Jessica was still determined to make her role as sexy as possible. “Jess secretly worked with Deita Von Teese and other burlesque experts to deliver an incredible performance!” gushes the on-set insider. “Everyone who’s seen the number has been superimpressed. Jessica is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood, so it’s not hard to beleive that she’d do an amazing job.”

[From Star, print edition, December 17, 2012]

Uhh, I do believe this story, but I find it hilarious that Jessica thinks that it’s a good example for Honor and Haven to see their mother playing a sexy burlesque dancer. For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s Jessica’s big “stripper” scene in the first Sin City movie. She basically wears a bra, panties, and chaps while twirling a rope. Dita Von Teese’s burlesque routines are a lot more explicit than this stuff.

Jessica Alba

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. Eleonor says:

    Honey you’re not Maryl Streep. End of story.

  2. BRE says:

    Her and Megan Fox! Both wanting to set some example for their kids, like their kids are not going to be able to look back and see their earlier work.

  3. cmc says:

    Hm. I remember enjoying Sin City, but that clip is pretty dang awful. And you’re right, Bedhead, there wasn’t anything particularly inappropriate about the ‘stripper’ scenes in it, and yes, burlesque dancing will probably be more risque.

  4. megs says:

    Apparently she is the only one who doesn’t know she’s gets roles because of her looks and not her acting skills. She should be grateful. Most women like her do half naked photo spreads and are promo girls.

  5. the original bellaluna says:

    I actually enjoyed Sin City, and watched it more than once.

    She turns me off to future viewings and the sequel.

  6. Ms Kay says:

    Uh… In the comics books it’s even proper raw, the girls are topless Or naked and the guys are showing their dangly bits. Alba was wayyyy overdressed in Sin City. And she complains?

  7. xoo says:

    I’m surprised that someone cares about how she feels.. It’s a job and if she wants to get paid she should do what miller/rodriguez want her to do. Dakota f. Didn’t want her hair shave for my sisters keeper so someone else get the role as kate.

  8. aims says:

    She seems like a ungreatful, rude bitch. I dont get why a lot of these actors feel like have the right complain about their lives. Its so unreal

  9. valleymiss says:

    Jessica Alba and Rooney Mara should start a club called The Society of Ungrateful Actresses. Jeezus. Jessica is very lucky that she got parts as soon as she started in Hollywood. Many struggling actresses out here have to go the callgirl/pr0n route when they realize waiting tables can’t pay the bills.

  10. poppy says:

    yes, she’s so classy. all of those beach pictures where she is pulling her bikini bottoms UP her crack, the flesh colored or sheer bikinis, her climbing onto every beach lounger with her butt jacked sky-high for the paps. total class.
    her message to her daughters?

    sure, she has a nice butt- it gave her a successful career being objectified. she shouldn’t be so butt-hurt about nobody caring about anything except her butt.

  11. Arien says:

    I don’t understand all the woman on woman hating here. Sure she was a stripper in the last movie and she isn’t an amazing actress, but that doesn’t automatically mean she should shut up and strip when the director tells her to. That’s ridiculous. It’s scarier when women endorse other women being objectified because hey they’re getting paid so much money for it, they should just shut up and do it.

    • aims says:

      I guess my feelings are. If she went into a project, knowing her role is to play a stripper, then agree and sign her name on the doted line to play the stripper,then she was to act the role. She is given an ungodly amount of money to a role that was explained to her,very clearly and she agreed to do it, as explained to her. Then say, “Im above all this now.” Is ungreatful and snotty. Her general attitude is crappy. If you dont agree with the role, kindly pass on it. Dont take the role and paycheck , then act like a spoiled teenager.

    • xoo says:

      I work in a hotel and i don’t want to clean other peoples toilettes but i do it. Guess why?! IT’S MY JOB and i agreed doing this! no one coerce her to play a stripper but if she agreed and took all the money she should shut up and do it.Sorry for my english ;)

  12. Jay says:

    I never understood why she got the part in the first movie. Not saying at all that all women should expect to be objectified, but since Sin City was particularly about a predefined style, characters and a genre, one would expect the them to choose an actress to fill the role, not adapt the role to the actress, particularly since the rest of the movie is so… unrestrained. Maybe they chose her for her name draw, but IMHO it kind of backfired.

  13. Happy21 says:

    :( Made me miss Brittany Murphy seeing her there…

  14. KellyinSeattle says:

    No particular opinion here but I don’t like the name, “Honor” reminds me of “ogre” ….People name a lot of kids, Conor, but sometimes I think people try too hard to come up w/ “cool” names. There’s a woman at my church who just named her daughter, “Truth Ingrid”.

  15. WendyNerd says:

    Seriously, this is why I can’t stand her. She bad-mouths writers, can’t act, and then acts surprised when she is playing the sexualized character she signed up to play. She acts like she’s Meryl f–king Streep and somehow more important than the projects and the writers. DID YOU NOT READ THE SCRIPT???? It’s like she’s determined to expose herself as the dumbest person imaginable.

    • Tiamet says:

      And if Meryl ever did take a role as a stripper (I’m assuming it would be art house and have some depth to the role, not just t&a), I’m sure she would

      a. have read the script and know exactly what she had signed up for.

      b. give her best interpretation of the role, not try and have it re-written to be more to her liking.

  16. Katija says:

    Jessica Alba should have been a pop star. Doesn’t matter if she can sing or not – J Lo and Brit Brit are proof that it’s not all that important. All she is is a GORGEOUS face (I don’t deny she’s stunning) and a rockin’ bod, and she can obviously dance… her acting is just so atrocious. Obviously with looks like that she would end up in the business, but I think she went the wrong route. Watching her on screen is painful.

  17. anon says:

    You know I dont have a problem with the setting example as all kids will know what acting & there parents do is acting. What upsets me more is her private life or not so private & history that has nothing to do with her acting parts. Everyone has the right to change but don’t blame it on your acting parts you worked & got paid for. Your partying ways & past behaviour is something that you should think about how to explain to your child.

  18. Shoe_Lover says:

    Burlesque is just stripping with style. Even Dita says she is just a stripper and so did Gypsy Rose Lee.

    this trick better pull her head in and get a clue. Far better actresses then her struggle for work, she should be thankful