Jessica Alba’s new ombre hair: cute or overprocessed, root-filled mess?

Jessica Alba

One of the cool things about Twitter is that celebrities have taken to posting blow-by-blow accounts of their hair transformations. Mostly recently, Miley Cyrus has grabbed a great deal of attention with her quasi-Gosselin cut, and now Jessica Alba is getting into the act as well. Jessica took to her Twitter page to tweet the steps of transforming her hair from its usual brunette color to a gradiated blonde with the roots showing in a strategic manner. The final product reflects the current ombre trend, which sort of mystifies me because it’s only recently become a hot look, but Drew Barrymore has been (unintentionally?) sporting it for what seems like a decade now. Now Jessica has taken the overprocessing plunge, but it’s for a good cause, I think.

Jessica Alba

The final image was accompanied by the caption, “She got roots that Nancy #sincity2.”

Jessica Alba

Do you like Jessica’s new look? CB thinks it’s pretty fug because she thinks that ombre looks better with funky hair colors, “but with blonde hair it just looks like you need a dye job.” I agree because, again, ombre with blonde and brown reminds me of an unkempt Drew Barrymore. Part of me is itching to try it with blue or red, but at age 37, I’m probably too old for that kind of thing.

Even more surprising than Jessica’s new ombre hair is that this means Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For is really happening. Really? It’s been seven years since Sin City movie (obviously, since I created the design on my now-defunct blog as an homage), but the wait for the second film has just become too exhausting with too many promises from co-director Robert Rodriguez. He’s been filming all sorts of kid movies and Machete variants, and his co-director in crime, Frank Miller (who was also the writer of the screenplay as well as the original comic) took a break to botch up the adaptation of Will Eisner’s The Spirit comic. After all that and quarterly “Dude!” announcements from Rodriguez about how Sin City 2 was always just around the corner, all it took was hair tweeting from Jessica Alba to prove that the sequel is actually in the works.

I’ve been trying to ignore any and all casting news on the movie for the past few years, but that jig is over. After a peek at the movie’s IMDb page, it looks like Mickey Rourke will be back as Marv, Jessica will be back as Nancy the stripper (which means she’ll wear a bikini and chaps again), and Rosario Dawson might be back as Gail (of course she will) while Devon Aoki is rumored to play Deadly Little Miho again. That leaves a huge void on who will play the two main characters, Ava and Dwight. Angelina Jolie and Rachel Weisz were frontrunners for the Ava role many years ago, but who the hell knows who Rodriguez has cast now. IMDb provides no clues, but at least we know it won’t be Rose McGowan (since they’re no longer an item). Clive Owen won’t be back for the sequel (er, prequel?) either, but that’s to be expected since his Dwight character has a different face in the A Dame to Kill For graphic novel.

Here’s a photo of Jessica training to wield a gun as Nancy Callahan. Funny, I don’t remember that happening in the graphic novel, but it’s been a decade since I read the thing. So this movie is really happening, right? Rodrigues had better work up a cast, and he’d better not put Lindsay Lohan in the lead.

Jessica Alba

Oh, and Jessica was also snapped by the paps yesterday too. The ombre looks much less extreme in these photos but I think it’s because she’s gone for a side part. Those roots are much more exaggerated with a center part, which is how she’ll probably wear it for the movie. Her hairdressers must have painted the roots in such a way that she could disguise them fairly easily when she’s not on the set. Good plan.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Photos courtesy of Instagram and Jessica Alba’s Twitter

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    • KellyinSeattle says:

      agreed….gross and tired…somewhat okay in the third pic if it wasn’t for her dark roots…, but she’s trying so hard to be “edgy and cool”, man….the bra straps are so , “yawn”….she reminds me a bit of Miley, trying so hard to be on the edge….with her guns and a smirk on her face; first outfit looks like she’s in jail, last outfit screams, “Ugly!!” Worst of all, she’s making that duck face , that Jen Aniston does.

  1. Sillyone says:

    Someone please tell her they make bras specifially for shirts like that where your bra straps aren’t hanging out! So tacky.

    • Emma says:

      I’ve never understood why people get so uppity about bra straps??
      Convertible bras are uncomfortable and besides… they’re just straps? What does it matter?

      • Sillyone says:

        Maybe it was the way I was raised, really not sure. All I know is I think it is lacking in taste to have undergarments seen in public. Seeing someones undershorts, panties or bras is just tacky to me.

      • Maria says:

        I don’t understand that either. I’m not bothered if bra straps are showing in a casual outfit. It can actually look pretty nice and be part of your look bringing some color to it. An easy going grey sweater with a wide neckline showing pretty colored bra straps for example… But when you have to dress up for some specific occasion, well then it’s another matter and you should dress accordingly of course and make sure you are not showing any straps.

      • Tiffany says:

        I agree, getting up tight over bra straps is a little silly. Ooh, someone might know I am wearing a bra! I think if you are getting dressed up, it is best to cover them, but some of my friends wear bras with contrasting colors so it looks cute when it peaks out from under a tank top. She is clearly wearing very casual clothes here, so I see nothing wrong with a bit of the strap showing.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        It DOESN’T matter. I wear tanks a lot. I have some gorgeous colored bras, emerald and red and turquoise and they are so pretty. It looks like I layered tank tops.

        It’s not like a playtex boulder holder strap. Obviously this goes for casual wear. It’s not OK to have your panties hanging out, but a bra strap, especially a cute one? Eh, fine. Guilty as charged!

        And I don’t think 37 is too old for crazy colors. I’m 43 and I have been doing crazy stuff to my hair for years. I think of hair as an accessory, I like to change it up a lot. Hate the ombre look, though.

        Looks like a lot of hers were extensions because it is so much shorter in the other pics.

      • Belle says:

        They might even be cami straps…. many of those have the adjustable straps like a bra. Not a big deal in my opinion.

    • Jillian says:

      I agree with Sillyone. Visible bra straps are just tacky.

    • Meow says:

      I think it’s tacky too. Racer back bras aren’t uncomfortable and easy to buy. I never understood celebrities who have all this money yet dress like trash.

  2. hmm says:

    1 inch of dark roots = EWW! but 6 inches of dark roots = SEXY?


  3. Jen34 says:

    I am envious of the time and money she has to waste. Remember when people were getting smeared manicures? When I spend money on myself, I want it to look perfect, not like I did it myself.

  4. Jenna says:

    Umm…no. I think Khloe rocked a good Ombre look. But this is not one of them.

  5. Marianne says:

    Mo co-worker just got the ombre colour done.

    I personally want some blue done. Like maybe a streak or two.

  6. MizzVJJ says:

    Meh. I catch her on the popular page of Instagram pretty often. This woman LOVES to take pics of herself. Like shes a teen with a brand new iPhone.

  7. Pauline says:

    Wow. These replies sure are snarky! She had her hair done for a movie role. Maybe she didn’t have a tonne of choice in colour. Really people? This is worth getting all bitchy about?

  8. Mr. Stinky FishFace says:

    Eh I have ombre hair, but its more of a chestnut fading into a coppery color at the tips and I love it…but I hate it with blond. HATE IT.

  9. Bad Irene says:

    I cant help myself I like her and I have no idea why. She just annoys me less than other celebs, so at least my expectations ain’t high.

  10. cmc says:

    So…temporary/clip-in extensions, too? The length difference between the photos in the salon and the ones later, outside, is pretty dramatic.

    • JMH says:

      I think they’re extensions because in the second picture, it looks like the guys in the background are holding up wefts of hair. And it does look like extensions in that picture. They’re great though, wish Lindsay Lohan would use that hairdresser!

  11. sunmoonstars says:

    Can someone please fill me in on this chick’s appeal? I read a blind item where she’s supposedly being stalked by another celeb female because she’s so stylish and great, but all I ever see is boring blandness. And she is a TERRIBLE actress, she was the worst thing about the Fantastic Four movies and they were awful. What does she do that warrants all this coverage? She’s everywhere but WHY?

    Edit: Oh she’s going to be in a movie that I won’t ever see, guess that explains it lol.

  12. JMH says:

    I actually like it on her like that. I think the full-on blonde looks too harsh on her, but the ombre kind of tones it down a little.

  13. Jade says:

    Back in January i got bored and had some free vouchers for Amazon i was given so i bleached the bottom 3 inches of my hair (it’s at my waist) and it’s four shades of purple. I love it, and i don’t want to get rid of it. I am 25 though and i have to bun my hair up for work to hide it, but it’s the first time i’ve done something with my hair colour I’d tell everyone to try it at some point.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Yep! I’ve had purple, pink, RED, you name it.

      Purple was harder to keep in than red. I’d do it more if I was based at home. My hair is so long now because I never trust a random salon in some city. I wait until I am in CA to get it done. I’m going to have to break down soon, because Cali is still over a year away.

      So no crazy colors for me right now. I’d love a bright blue streak-looks great on dark hair. I have highlight roots now and since I cut my own bangs like an idiot I now have half brown, half blond bangs. Must go and do my color-its so screwed, box color is awful because my hair is so long and I have color in it so it comes out uneven…
      Or I break down and trust a stranger with it. two scary choices right there.

      • Minnie says:

        I love colored hair,too. But I am always afraid of the result.
        It is really diffucult to find the right salon and even more difficult to find a comparably well one than the one you trust. I have this problem every time we move into a new city which happens approximately every 3 years…
        Coloring my hair by myself is even harder, because it always gets uneven…
        Sometimes courage pays off…this is my motto with every new salon I go to and when you’re lucky you look great afterwards and are happy you went…

  14. Beutimous says:

    Call me mad but I would actually like to see Lindsay Lohan in this… Not as a lead though, Also I’ve been waiting SO long.

  15. snappyfish says:

    the ombre hair is tired. but i kind of like her floral pants – they look like H&M or topshop.

  16. Xxxx says:

    Hate that comb over hair… Awful…and her hair looks sometimes pretty dirty.

  17. Melanie says:

    As a hairdresser I have a love/hate relationship with the ombre trend. I think the blonde ombre definitely looks better than the all over blonde on her! And she does have extensions in the instagram photos which is why it looks so different in the paps pictures.

  18. Isa says:

    I really dislike the ombré hair because like everyone else I feel like it looks like someone needs a root job.
    And her outfit is horrible.
    But at least she’s pretty!

  19. Evelyn says:

    I’m a hairdresser and over is great ecause it looks good and it’s really low maintenance. But hers is too light, too far up, making it look like a grown out all-over blond that someone badly matched the root color to once

  20. Lisa says:

    I’m not against the ombre look! I have shoulder length champagne blonde hair and have been letting my roots grow out for almost four months so I’ve got a good solid two inches of natural hair (a dark, dirty blonde).
    See, people… the ombre is meant to ease the ladies into growing out their natural hair colour without having to dye your whole head (root’s n all) in one fell swoop. To some of you it looks tired and sloppy but I disagree. It’s better to have that natural fade than skunky roots (like me right now haha).
    But I do agree… a touch of baby pink would make the look so much better!

  21. idk says:

    Well this is for a movie role, so we can’t really slam her for this…she was required to do this to her hair and it has nothing to do with her personal taste…I’d rather talk about how horrible of an actress she is lol.

  22. Garrish Utley says:

    I remember when her skin was brown and her hair was black.

    • Alexis says:

      Jessica Alba is so lost, ethnically speaking. Honestly the person in Hollywood she most physically resembles is Alicia Keys (apparently Alba was teased as a little girl for looking half-black rather than half-Mexican), but she always wants to act like she’s pure Danish. Reminds me of Tiger Woods…there’s nothing wrong with accepting both sides of who you are, but I don’t think she accepts her Mexican side, the side that we all see and the side that’s her reflection when she looks in the mirror. I feel bad for her, and for her kids, too, especially the little girl who is more ethnic looking.

      • sunmoonstars says:

        Why is it “lost” if someone identifies more with the white side of their family instead of the non-white? Seems kind of racist to try and tell someone what ethnicity/race they should identify with, especially when you haven’t had their life or know anything about their reasons for it. Quite frankly it’s nice to see someone who doesn’t constantly yammer on about their race and define themselves by it like so many seem to do nowadays, someone who just goes about their business being who they are, whatever that may be. It’s never a problem and nobody ever complains about mixed people ignoring or denying their white heritage, it’s only a problem when a mixed person identifies with their white side more. That also seems pretty racist to me…Oh god why am I defending Jessica Alba? Ugh….

      • Isa says:

        I agree with sunmoonst…
        Jessica’s comments used to bug me. But I get a lot of crap for not being “Mexican” enough. A few weeks ago I was harassed at Walmart because some guy asked me a question in Spanish and I replied in English.
        I think people give her and Salma hard times over this business. Don’t get me wrong they still annoy me.
        But I think people should identify with what they want.

      • sunmoonstars says:

        Lol Isa, you sound like my friend! She’s Salvadoran but hates to speak Spanish and a lot of Hispanic people give her crap about it. I don’t understand why people can’t just let others live how they please! And it’s always the “not-racists” who pull this BS, they act like everyone in a particular ethnic group have the same feelings, attitudes and outlook on life and that to me is so much more racist than someone making a “racist” joke or whatever. It’s also hypocritical because those are the same people who go bonkers when someone (negatively) stereotypes a race/ethnic group. So ridiculous….maybe people should just accept people for who they ARE, not what they think they should be? Ahh that’s just crazy talk!

        PS I get called racist all the time for this type of thing…isn’t that insane?

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Shhh, Milady might hear you! Don’t you know by now that you can Never Play The Dane?

      • Isa says:

        I wish I could speak Spanish, but my dad never taught me. Growing up and trying to speak it I was made fun of for not pronouncing the words correctly. I can understand it a bit.
        I always think of the movie Selena where the dad is telling his kids you have to be twice as good. More Mexican than the Mexicans and more American than the Americans.

  23. Catherine says:

    Ombre looks like people are too cheap to get their roots done. It looks crappy, in my opinion.

  24. nancypants says:

    My only real problem with her hair is that then ends are too light and there is too much IMMEDIATE change from light to dark as though she bleached her hair light months ago and hasn’t done anything since.

    Natural blonds – I know she isn’t – with hair that long tend to have much lighter ends but not that light compared to the rest of her hair and the darker hair kind of gradually blends into the lighter hair.

    I think she looks good but IF she was going for a natural look, she might want to color the ends a LITTLE darker blond and add matching highlights to the darker part.

    I don’t know; I’m just suggesting.

  25. Sabrine says:

    It’s for a movie role and they were likely going for a certain look with the dyed hair. Cool your jets.

  26. kate says:

    her hair has obvious extensions in it in the salon pic with the ombre.

    sin city 2 huh? hmmm. doesnt really go with her whole HONEST schtick- shilling organic diapers.

  27. AnnieGrey says:

    The only reason that look is around is because Drew Barrymore didn’t feel like dyeing roots for a while. It wasn’t meant to be a fashion.

  28. Bobby sue says:

    I like Jessica a lot, but the hair is awful.
    Moreover, current?? First I remember this was Carrie Bradshaw sporting it maybe last season of SITC? That was HOW long ago?

    I liked it on her then but OVER it now, especially on Drew (though she did this with the super over-tweezed eyebrows too. Drew gets stuck on a trend and keeps it WELL past it’s shelf-life.)

  29. Mike Kelly says:

    As a man, I have to say that I do not give a rat’s ass about her roots. She is a FANTASTIC looking woman!! :)

  30. Kristin says:

    those pants & sandals are hideous..

  31. Migdalia says:

    I’m surprised she bleached it again. Her hair got totally fried from the multiple dye jobs she was getting in Fantastic Four hence that horrendous wig in the second one.

  32. Boodiba says:

    I have the reverse ombre! At 45 my hair is practically all white, but while prices have inflated steadily the past ten years (thank you Banksters) my wages have not. I can’t afford professional, layered dye jobs every 2/3 months. I do the wash-out dye now too, to avoid the painful, all white “seam” you get after 2 weeks.

    But… no matter what I do, the roots are always lighter than the ends, and I always miss some patches, even though I’ve got short hair and use the entire bottle of dye. I tell myself it’s punk rock.

  33. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Being that this hair color is for a role in a film, I’m not going to judge harshly. It is not as if she chose this for herself. It is a part of her costume.

  34. dovesgate says:

    I had bleached blond hair, grew out about 3 inches of roots, then topped it with a mahogany wash-out dye so it’s now rather interesting to look at – goldenish blond on the bottom with light reddish brown highlights and 5-6 inches of new, healthy dirty blonde/ashy brown growth. I don’t really care if anyone thinks I’m too lazy to touch up my roots. I’m tired of having dyed hair and I’m too scared to chop it all off. Once I get the new growth to shoulder length I’m cutting it off and I’ll start fresh.

    In the meantime, I will be grateful to all celebrities who go about in public with the ombre look. I might be able to convince people I’m trying out a new trend rather than just being sick of having a horrid bleach job.