Kerry Washington in ‘white horse’ Giles in London: gorgeous or too fussy?

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington hasn’t really been bringing her style game in this European tour for Django Unchained, right? The poor girl has worn a ruffled nightmare and then followed up with a cutesy/boob-cup combination that was like a triple gut punch to fashion lovers and even the most casual bystander. Although I thought the J. Mendel print dress she wore in Germany was slightly improved, most of you did not agree.

Now Kerry has travelled to the UK premiere and donned a milky white (and grey) Giles gown with Christian Louboutin shoes. As a red carpet dress, this is a little bit fussy but much preferable to the other outfits she’s been wearing to promote this movie. You can’t see the horse print very well in these photos, but it’s more visible in the runway version if you’re curious how it looks in better lighting. I really like the idea behind the fitted bodice atop a poufy skirt with this print — sort of like Kerry is riding in on a white horse, and it goes with the “rescue” theme of the movie quite well. Her makeup appears quite beautiful here, and the romantic, wavy hair really completes the look. This is the best she’s looked during this European tour.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

Kerry also took some time to pose with Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx. I am certain that Sam has worn this entire outfit before on a red carpet, and he’s not even trying to look spiffy. As for Jamie, the purple suit isn’t awful (it’s at least interesting), but the sky blue shirt underneath makes me want to go colorblind.

Kerry Washington Samuel L Jackson Jamie Foxx

Christoph Waltz was there, of course! His tie is wacky, but he’s so cute.

Christoph Waltz

Finally, here is Quentin Tarantino himself. This movie will probably end up outgrossing all of his other cinematic efforts, and I really do think QT got robbed by not receiving a Best Director Oscar nomination, but he’ll be fine. This movie really speaks for itself. I’ve seen it twice, and I absolutely loved it.

Quentin Tarantino

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    She looks gorgeous! I could have done without the horse print, but for the rest she looks breath-taking. Her face and hair are exquisite.

    • cmc says:

      I disagree on the hair. The wig is WAY too obvious. If they’d disguised it a bit (I don’t know how, maybe toned down on the barbie-esque shine? Done something about the hairline?) then it would have looked much better.

      • Migdalia says:

        I KNOW! I’m like “is that a wig?!!”From Scandal it seems as if she has a great amount of natural hair (like mine thick and short) <–no jokes lol. No bueno on the crown part.

  2. Effy says:

    I like the top, the skirt, not so much.

    and, am i the only one that thinks the make-up is too severe?
    Still her fan though.

  3. Riana says:

    The makeup is gorgeous at least, oh and her hair is perfection.

  4. pretty says:

    i don’t really get all the comments about how she’s so beautiful. Her face is pretty but she has a big head on small, petite body. It looks weird and unbalanced.

    • Chrissy says:

      You haven’t seen the movie, have you? Once you watch the whole thing through, you’ll understand her beauty. It’s understated but there…

    • Migdalia says:

      She used to be well proportioned that her large head wasn’t so noticeable, but ugh she’s rail thin these days. It’s not a good look.

  5. marie says:

    I think she got it right, she looks gorgeous, love love love the hairstyle on her.

    and Quentin should ALWAYS wear a hat, seeing his hair just emphasizes that ginormous forehead.

  6. Nola says:

    She looks great, Very editorial.
    Scandal was so great last night.

  7. says:

    I love the dress, horse included. Had it been all white, it would have been too bridal.

  8. andrea says:

    No on the horses but yes to everything else. Although there is something whimsical about a train of horses following her around. I just hope none of her co-stars accidentally stepped/tripped on it. Kerry’s such a gorgeous woman but she needs to have a serious talk with her stylist.

  9. Samigirl says:

    I am in LOVE with her dress, but she is looking SO pale.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I can’t speak on her behalf, but per your observation it would seem that you’re not the only one who is seeing that. I stumbled across one of the black gossip sites a few days ago and they suggest she’s starting to veer into Beyonce territory. If it’s true or not, I can’t rightly say. All I know is that it’s in the air, but I’ll assume it’s not true–for my own relief, that is. But yeah, entre-nous, she’s totally hitting the bleach.

      Knowing that she’s struggled in the past, Hollywood must be screwing with her mind and diet.

      It’s Hollywood rearing its bobble head, again. It’s pretty cruddy that they all have to get the requisite surgeries and dramatic weight losses and trend just won’t abate. She’s beautiful, no doubt, but I don’t know.

    • ebrca says:

      I wonder if it’s a combo of makeup and lights? In the third photo, the lights don’t wash her out as much. And as a woman falling in the brown skin tone catagory, even when foundation matches perfectly, flashback (camera flashes reflecting back) can still happen. Due to HD everything nowadays, she might be wearing body makeup to even things out and if any of her makeup (face or body) has titanium dioxide, there’s high flashback potential. In “Scandal”, she still looks chocolatey and not at all heading in paper bag coloration.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        In truth, I’m not sure. I’ve pondered all of your points, myself. Maybe it’s just a sign of the times that we wonder at all. But with the nose jobs, weight loss, whatever other procedures, the ‘Holly-weave’ and plain ol’ precedent, it’s not too out of bounds to think that someone else rides that bus.

    • beanie says:

      I’m loving the overall look, but the HD makeup did have a flash back and made her look extra pale in some photos. I also thought her own hair was substantial enough to do this style without a wig. Maybe with traveling and the constant doing of the hair she is giving her natural hair a rest. She looks lovely and doll-like.

  10. StrawberryGirl says:

    I think she’s absolutely beautiful. She looks like a doll.

    However, I know she’s admitted to have an eating disorder in the past and she’s been looking quite thin as of late. I really hope she isn’t battling it again.

  11. j.eyre says:

    I like the dress. I love the top – color, fit, neckline – all of it. The skirt is OK. I am not crazy about the horse print. At first glance, I thought it was just some washed-out grey brush strokes and really liked it. Now that I can see the horses, I wish they were more “ghostly.” I like trains in general, but not when paired with the asymmetrical hemline. And I think it might be too much dress for her petite frame. I do like her hair and makeup.

  12. Diana says:

    She looks pretty but I think it’s a bit to much for a simple red carpet. And I absolutely adore Christoph.

  13. Claudia says:

    It’s so hard to tell apart the train of her dress from the floor– I genuinely thought they did a cool red carpet this year and made it a print. This is a great look; her dress is dramatic yet clean-cut with a fantastic print, gorgeous Sophia Loren-style hair, and very pretty makeup.

    I like.

  14. yolo112 says:

    i personally could careless about what she’s wearing. I find her to be absolutely gorgeous!! I have a serious SERIOUS girl crush on her…lol..

  15. Claudia says:

    Ah, nevermind– they really did do a print for the red carpet. Still, her dress sort of blends in :)

  16. videli says:

    That dress is breathtaking. She is breathtaking.

  17. meh says:

    Is that ACTUALLY her face? Is she naturally that smooth skinned and everything?? She is just gorgeous.

  18. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    This might seem like strange observation, but has anyone else noticed that her mouth never quite closes over the teeth? It’s not a criticism, Bardot is like that and no one has a bad thing to say about her looks in her youth. Too bad about Bardot, what with her being a brazen racist and generally frequently spiteful person. That would put Washington on top in itself, but the prettiness is a bonus.

  19. Nina says:

    Awww… she looks adorable, pretty, feminine. I like it!!

  20. Turtle Dove says:

    Kerry’s beautiful and feminine looking. Her little face is s quite angelic and babyish looking. This woman comes across as classy and refined.

  21. Lucija says:

    This is probably one of my favourite red carpet looks ever. She look breathtaking.
    Jamie looks like Joker.
    I love Christoph, he’s soooo cute.

  22. lisa2 says:

    She is very pretty. And yes that is a wig. but no different when women wear extensions or those clip ons

    He neck and upper chest area always looks so weird to me. You don’t notice it as much when she wears a high collar. Much better.