Rob Kardashian’s $30 per pair socks are not selling at all except as gag gifts

Rob Kardashian

Rob “Prefontaine” Kardashian continues to provide much amusement for those who are waiting for the inevitable Kardashian fall from power. Seriously, it will happen, and the avalanche will begin with the crumbling of Rob’s “sock empire.” We’ll get to that in a moment, but I really do think that he’s the weak link in the entire family. Only he would admit something as embarrassing as how he cries over his tiny wang, and I think the ultimate Kode of the Kardashians holds that one should never admit to the ridiculous aspects of their existence. Like, we all know that Kim has ass implants, but she’ll never admit it. If Rob had them? He’s tell us all about it just like he whined about gaining 40 pounds in 2 months.

For the moment though, the denial is still strong for Rob Kardashian’s adventure into sock designing. Every time I write about this guy, I wonder exactly what kind of person would decide to focus upon “socks” as a staple of their creative work. And these are some really damn ugly socks, right? These are socks that someone would buy as a gag gift for Father’s Day, or maybe you’d see them at a bachelor party. It turns out that nobody is buying these damn socks from Neiman Marcus except as gag gifts — an employee has admitted as much to Radar, and Neiman Marcus (at the urging of Kris Jenner, no doubt) is attempting to do damage control now:

Rob Kardashian‘s foot-inspired foray into fashion could be coming to an end.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s high-priced “Arthur George by Rob Kardashian” line of socks is poised to be dumped from Neiman Marcus stores if stagnant sales don’t improve, has learned.

“Rob’s socks sold around the Christmas holiday, but since then no one has been really buying them,’ a source at the Neiman Marcus store in Beverly Hills said.

“We actually had to ship a bunch out to other stores because they weren’t moving at all. To be honest, a lot of customers bought them more as a gag gift. At this point it doesn’t look like we’re going order anymore.”

The 26-year-old wannabe fashionista launched his pricey footwear at $30 per item — the busy patterned line includes the Camo, Graffiti and Swirls — and are sold exclusively at luxury specialty department store Neiman Marcus.

In a statement, Neiman Marcus defended Arthur George by Robert Kardashian, saying it was “one of the best selling in the men’s sock category” at the store.

“It is common practice to send inventory above projected demand to a store in advance of a personal appearance,” Ginger Reeder, Vice President of Corporate Communications, told “We then redistribute the excess to other stores after the appearance. The Arthur George by Robert Kardashian sock line has proven to be very popular with our customers.

“Currently we are carrying the socks in all 41 Neiman Marcus stores as well as at, have just placed a large reorder in anticipation of Father’s Day and have a personal appearance with Rob scheduled next month in our Las Vegas store. In addition, we have several personal appearances scheduled for the fall.”

[From Radar Online]

Damn, $30 dollars per pair really is an outrageous sales price for these tacky ass socks. I would honestly expect to find them in the $5 dollars for 2 pair bin at Target during the holiday season when everything is expected to be gaudy. Even the fake reindeer next to the display doesn’t know what’s going on with these damn socks. At least Rob didn’t aim too high, but this will still be a fall for him when the socks finally get yanked from Neiman Marcus.

Here are some photos of Rob this month in London and Los Angeles. The dude has absolutely no sense of style at all, and I think that his dream of expanding into designing boxers and pajamas is going to flop just as badly as these awful socks.

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. sheila says:

    30$ for (d-bag) socks?! pffffft.

  2. Baskingshark says:

    Yo Kris Jenner, every 70’s blaxploitation pimp ever called. They want their tacky-ass leopard coat back. What’s that? You’re the biggest pimp of them all so you’re keeping the damn coat? Well, yes, I guess it’s hard to argue with that logic.

    Also, nobody who is not insane is going to pay $30 for socks.

    • MaiGirl says:

      You know Huggy Bear and Blue Fly have nothing on Pimp Mama Kris. Kris be PAID!!! She didn’t have to get hos from the street, she BIRTHED her whole stable and had them “sign” their management deal with an inky baby footprint. Bitch EARNED her leopard coat from Day One! 🙂

      • Baskingshark says:

        Hahahahahaha! Damn right, Girl! Mama Kris be the biggest pimp of all. And her ho’s better watch their damn mouths or she’ll pimp-slap their ass!

    • Hakura says:

      @Baskingshark – “Also, nobody who is not insane is going to pay $30 for socks.

      Very true… I can see any one of his sisters/mother being willing to pay that much.

  3. HotPockets says:

    What baffles me about Neiman Marcus is that I never see anyone in that store even shopping, it is so outrageously priced. I guess I don’t live in LA or Miami, so maybe it is much busier in those places, but how do people even shop there? Their stuff is ugly and expensive.

    • Nikko says:

      LoL I never see anyone in NM and we have one in our city. Rob shouldld of picked Target from he start, with a cheaper price. He probably would of sold a pair or to.

    • Barhey says:

      I am always amazed to find some stores staying in business despite having zero customers…like, ever. There’s a sub shop on our college campus I walk by that is eternally empty and no one EVER goes in there. And it’s been around for years.

      And yet I had a cold stone ice cream in my hometown that had a line out the door every day (not an exaggeration!) that went out of business.

      Totally baffling.

    • DTX says:

      Come to any NM Dept store or outlet in the Dallas area, they are always busy.

      There is a long-standing rumor that the NM Cosmetics Dept in Northpark Mall (in a very affulent Dallas neighborhood) is the highest earning cosmetics counter in the country.

      And yes, I could definitely see the rich university trust fund kids in this area buying these awful $30 socks as gag gifts since they can afford to spend money on nonsense.

  4. Jenna says:


    That is all…

  5. T.Fanty says:

    *sideeye to EsCon*

    • EscapedConvent says:


      Socks? Harrumph. We have far better socks coming out of Thornfield. And we give them freely, to deserving gentlemen, because we are full of love.

  6. GeeMoney says:

    He needs to get a real job stat. And then go away. Forever.

  7. Persephoneo says:

    Go to school Rob. Find a quieter life somewhere. Say no to making ugly socks.

  8. TWINK says:

    He’s so hot but so so dumb!

    • RN says:

      He’s hot only if you’re into emotionally-stunted, overweight, pasty man-boys with terrible fashion sense.

      • Jules says:

        With hands like a woman. Look at his hands in the first photo. Enough to make me puke.

      • Shannon says:

        Nothing is a bigger turn off then girl hands on a man. I’m all about hands and teeth. If they are not good, I’m not down.

      • TWINK says:

        I meant his outside is hot, especially his ass, he’s definitely emotionally stunted though.

    • amilu says:

      His outside is anything but hot. I’m the very farthest thing from a fan of the K-clan, but he’s definitely the least attractive of the bunch.

  9. Annie says:

    Socks. SOCKS. You have the means and contacts to start your own business and you choose socks. Not even classy fancy socks. Tacky, tasteless, ridiculous Ronald McDonald socks.

    He is so useless. DO SOMETHING RIGHT ROBERT. My God.

  10. Jacqueline says:

    This guy would be on the public dole if his family didn’t have money. But, honestly, even with as big a celebutard as he is, it is glaring evidence of his domineering mother. Can’t get his own place, whining about how he can’t find solid employment – the Jenner boys aren’t doing that. Just saying…

  11. Gabriella says:

    Ugh. This family think they can krap and wrap it with a big red bow and sell it to us under the Kardashian brand. And what’s worse: people actually buy their krap!

    • holly hobby says:

      If you want crap (Krap?), you should look at the girls’ Sears line. No one shops in that corner of Sears. I don’t know why this guy can get NM to pick up his junk but the girls had to settle for Sears.

      They are tacky tacky tacky. Mommy is the tackiest of them all.

      I bet Bobby Kardashian is probably rolling in his grave. It’s unfortunate he died so early. I think he would have been a positive influence on Jr.

  12. Dawn says:

    Geez what a dork. I am so sick of everything KrapTrashian. Wendy Williams asked on her show recently who watched their interview show on E! and no one raised their hands! It was great, she laughed and said yep they are almost over, fingers crossed and then said that she felt certain Kanye is not ever going to marry Kimmode and that she (except for her nannies)will be a single mom and the audience applauded! So there is hope that the public is getting as sick of them as the rest of us!! Yipee!

  13. lem says:

    my god his hands are tiny.

    • Lulu.T.O. says:

      Tiny and soft! I never conceived it possible that hands could look flabby.

    • doofus says:

      small hands, small feet…

      maybe it’s not his weight that’s making his wang look small.

      ETA: man, he REALLY is unfortunate looking.

      • Hakura says:

        @doofus – Above, in my reply to TWINK, I included a link to a pic that 1 site claimed was from 4/23/13, & that he had really lost weight.

        W/o the weight, he *really* isn’t a bad looking guy. (though I don’t go for the feminine hands either, he looks like he’s had a manicure. No thank you.)

  14. The Original G says:

    The Kardashians have an uncanny way of cutting the nuts off of any man around them.

  15. Red32 says:

    I don’t know why he’s fooling around with $30 Neiman Marcus socks when his sisters’ clothing line at Sears is seemingly always on clearance.

  16. Monie says:

    Is it just me or are his feet freaking tiny? I know it’s supposedly a myth, but that could factor into his microscopic wang situation.

  17. Boom boom says:

    Wouldn’t you think someone who is getting into fashion by way of overpriced socks would at least wear some real pants to store events?
    I’m not sure that wearing sweatpants and looking like a couch potato really sells the image .. Plus having your mom go with you ?
    Good luck with the socks. He just kinda looks like his mom made him start whoring his image even though he’d rather be playing video games .

  18. Miller says:

    I actually feel really bad for him. He lost his father and is now the only guy in a family full off successful albeit outrageous and famewhorey women. In the beginning he didn’t really seem to want to be all that involved in the reality show stuff- it seems like he got pushed into it. It seems like he felt obligated to do something like come out with a sock line to add to the fsmily empire. He just seems really lost and alone (considering his family situation, the loss his dad, the rita ora situation, etc) and while I think he’s immature, I do feel for the guy. I really wouldn’t be surprised if he suffered from depression.

    Plus when you gain a lot of weight, it’s hard to dress well because you feel really self conscious. I usually get complimented on my clothes but when I gained a lot of weight, you would only see me in sweats pretty much.

    • RN says:

      While I understand what you’re saying, I can’t help but think that, unlike millions of Americans, he has health insurance and money to address any alleged mental illness. While I’m not naive enough to believe that financial security is a panacea against the world’s woes (indeed, I believe that too much money actually causes more problems than it solves), I know that I have watched many struggle daily with mental illness while attempting to earn a living at a minimum-wage job.

      Perhaps his soul would heal a bit if he would shift the focus off of himself and expand it to include those who are in great need. Because does the world really need another pair of socks?

      • Miller says:

        I’m glad you see my point, but like Rob, I come from a family that’s very well off and I, along with several of my family members, have suffered/suffer from depression and anxiety issues. My family also owns a family business that’s really successful so of course we get medical benefits. But unfortunately with mental health issues, it’s really difficult to come out and say “I need help” or “I’m sick” plus with all of the cushioning from living with family money, you become complacent and you really don’t care. I hate to say it but it’s true. I had to hit rock bottom in order to come out and say that I needed help. I don’t really know people that work minimum wage jobs that struggle with mental health issues because I’m in college and admittedly I still live in a relatively sheltered world, but I find it admirable that people can cope with such issues and still will themselves to get out of bed each morning and earn minimum wage. Although I don’t come from nearly as much money as Rob, I totally can see how he has become complacent and it’s difficult for him to come out and say “I need help.” It’s a struggle for anyone, really. I totally agree with you about helping others- perhaps the fashion industry is not his niche or he just doesn’t have the focus/energy/will power to create a collection that’s actually viable, but I think you’re right on the money with the helping others idea. I think he would gain a lot from that. And as an avid watcher of the show, while he comes off as spoiled, he totally seems like a guy that would benefit from spending time with those who need help and I bet that underprivileged people would actually enjoy his company because he does exhibit some intelligence and he does seem to have some substance, but, again, because of his family situation, he is complacent and doesn’t show this side very often.

    • idk says:

      I think initially he went to college because she wanted to own his own business or he wanted to go to law school…but as his family became famous he realized that doing a 9-5 job is wayyyyyy harder than doing a reality show (which comes with a lot of perks)…so honestly who can blame him? He sees how much his sisters earn without having to work very hard or put much effort into anything, unfortunately he has less opportunities to whore himself out because he is male. But hey, at least he has a degree (which can come in handy at any point in life). After he graduated, he did start a skin care line but it failed miserably, probably because he didn’t get much help from his mom or family….now he’s doing a sock line, I guess because he thought he wanted to start off small. I think he does have issues…but if you look at pics of him as a child, he was very chubby growing up (when his father was alive). The Kardashian kids have weight issues, except Kourtney.

      • Barhey says:

        I believe in tough love parenting. My parents are not letting me move back home after graduation, not because they don’t love me but because it’s easy to get complacent when people give you everything and don’t give you a little push.

        This will never happen but Rob needs a strong push out of the nest. He needs to be cut off financially and struggle for a few years and he’ll turn his life around pretty quick. But as is he’s always going to be unemployed, overweight and single.

      • idk says:

        I think Rob needs to realize that he can’t make money the way his sisters do, because …well he’s MALE. Kris can’t pimp him out the same way she does her daughters. Rob needs to realize he might have to actually get a 9-5 job and work hard for his money, unlike his sisters who do very little to earn their millions. I think his mom have been trying to find a way to pimp Rob out, but it’s just not working.

  19. Tiffany says:

    The one episode of the show that I watched was when Kourtney pulled some strings to get Rob an internship and he blew it off because he thought he was above the work. Kourtney was pissed (and I cannot blame her). That was a good indication of the kind of person Rob is, entitlement and no true work ethic.

  20. Quinn Parker says:

    Someone’s been eating his feelings. 🙁

    And everyone else’s.

  21. Elisabeth says:

    he reminds me of a big dumb baby

  22. lucy2 says:

    I’m trying to figure out why Neiman Marcus agreed to anything with the Kardashian name attached. Dumb move.

  23. bangarang says:

    Kris’ shoes in the first picture look like she’s wearing an ankle tag

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I was wondering if those (awful!) white straps were sturdy enough to hang her from!

  24. lettylynton says:

    I watched the first season (I think) of their show and I remember Kim getting him modeling jobs and how Rob’s then- girlfriend convinced him to stay in school and not get too serious about it right away. He replied with something like, ‘I have a great body and I don’t see it going away anytime soon’ or something to that effect. Ha!

  25. Shannon says:

    Like those ugly socks had a chance of ever selling? How ridiculous. Who’s idea was it to have him do a sock line? Just silliness.

  26. the original bellaluna says:

    What is it with Kartrashians and kapes?

    Also, I think he may not be bad at designing underwear and pajamas, as he looks like he spends a lot of time in his!

  27. anon says:

    When was the last time they pushed the girls clothing line.. MONTHS ago.. not seeing anything on sales etc.. OOPS shouldn’t have spoken maybe there is a lurker & that will be the story next week how there selling out everywhere.. COUGH COUGH.. lol

  28. Boom boom says:

    These are dress socks for Christ sakes ! Maybe he should wear dress pants , slacks to show the item . Instead, their idea of product placement is to have Kris Jenner hold the item up to her overinflated lips.
    She looks like she dragged him there …
    I don’t feel sorry for him, if he had put forth a little effort , ie, ironing his clothes , or wearing real pants , then yes, I would feel sorry for him for being a Kardashian.

    • Hakura says:

      These are dress socks?! Who the hell wears hyper rainbow/neon busy patterned- dress socks?

  29. Boom boom says:

    As a clothes horse and money waster , there is nothing that warrants paying 30$ for these socks. It isn’t Robs image that is going to sell these socks as he looks like a lazy frat boy whose idea of getting ready was to brush the potato chips off his shirt before he went to sell his socks.
    The socks don’t have any unique designs to them. A horshoe and a suitcase ? Huh ? Google the socks and you will wonder why N.M decided to even sell these.

  30. Rhiley says:

    He has a really unfortunate figure. Not just the weight gain because men can often gain weight and still look really good. But Rob looks like a weeble.

  31. Dani says:

    How did he possibly get so big??? It’s such a drastic change I can’t get my head around it. Ugh.

  32. anon33 says:

    I think it’s interesting that he is employing “female” tactics for covering up his extra weight; like the big blousy untucked shirt and the oversized sweats…probably on advice from his sisters!

  33. Holden says:

    Arthur George by Robert Kardashian just makes me laugh reading it.

  34. NerdMomma says:

    If you want a hearty chuckle, go to his sock web site. First, the socks are ridiculous. As is his claim that at some point, he will be “finding a way to give back to the community”…maybe figure that out before you launch the site, Rob? Finally, many of the socks have ratings, all of them 5 stars of course, with stupid poorly-written comments praising the socks. And the comments are moderated. HA! Whatever he’s paying people to make comments on his site, I can do better and more believably. Call me Rob.

  35. judyjudy says:

    They look like Buster and Lucille!

  36. EscapedConvent says:

    Look at PuppetMaster Mom in the first picture. How embarrassing! I would almost feel sorry for Rob, if he wasn’t such a whining baby. It has got to be awful being the only boy in that swarm of Medusas.

    So I heard that Kylie & Kendall don’t go to school anymore—they are “home-schooled” translation -not-schooled. I’d stop going to school too if my mom was Kris Jenner, & there was the slightest chance of her showing up at my school for any reason.

    A lifetime of therapy is very expensive—I hope they have enough cash.

  37. Lindsey says:

    How did this derpy fool manage to get those ugly douche socks into Neiman Marcus??? And for real, who the heck is gonna pay $30 for socks.

  38. emma says:

    Besides being a stupid as hell idea that is based on just the K name, if he focused on selling socks, why doesn’t he at least show the socks he’s trying to sell the masses. Like, try to have a different style of pants and show off the socks.. would he even wear those socks?

  39. kit says:

    this whole family is a disgrace.

  40. The Original Mia says:

    This entire thread has had me giggling like a mad woman.

    $30 socks? I can get the same funky looking socks at Dollar Tree & Family Dollar for a helluva lot less. Dude needs to get a life, a job, some self-respect, a life coach, something…because he’s defining pathetic right now.

  41. Sugar says:

    if only miami vice wear for men were back in Rob you’d have a legit excuse for poor timing on the sock gig. I don’t have NM in my area but there’s a TJmax just saying.

  42. Carolyn says:

    How embarrassing to be PR positioned as the dumb Kardashian. Oh hang on, no-one in this family has any shame.

    Bruce Jenner bragged in a very early episode (the only one I have ever watched) that he had a hot woman in Kris. Wonder if he regrets joining this horrible family?

    All the Kartrashian products I’ve seen in stores here in Australia are in the ‘bargain bin’. Nobody’s buying them.If I was stupid enough to pay $30 for socks I sure as hell wouldn’t buy Kartrashian ones.

  43. Carolyn says:

    2nd comment…I just can’t help saying that if this guy wasn’t a Kardashian he’d get nowhere with the ladies or in life. He is lazy, unattractive and has not much going for him at all.

  44. Genevieve says:

    He has the hands of a pretty lady.