Adrienne Ballon regrets her Rob Kardashian a** tattoo: wouldn’t you?

Rob Kardashian

I know that some of you are probably wondering, “Adrienne Bailon … who?” but there are still others (with artfully-timed children) who remember Disney’s ill-advised “Cheetah Girls” and will probably recall that Ms. Bailon tried ever-so-ungracefully to break free from her Disney label with some self-released booty shots attributed to her own errant webcam. Granted, the former publicist that has released this claim is none other than Jonathan Jaxson, but I do recall seeing the photos on LA Rag Mag before that site erased their existence for whatever reason.

So Adrienne is a bit of a fameho, and as such, she just happens to be the former girlfriend of Rob “Sock Master” Kardashian. In fact, these two were rumored to have been really super tight and may have been engaged at one point, but all we know for sure is that they dated for two years and often poured on the PDA during the duration. They were so close, in fact, that Adrienne is still bringing up Rob by claiming that she regrets tattooing his name on her derriere. Yet I don’t feel too terribly awful for Adrienne for a few reasons. First off, she had Rob when he was relatively hot compared to what he is today (and as I’ve said before, I hate to make fun of someone for weight gain, but it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy). Also, she was with Rob prior to his own self-proclaimed “tiny p-nis” problem and his soul-wrecking breakup with Rita Ora. Still, Adrienne would like to remind us all about her v. embarrassing tattoo:

Rob Kardashian

Adrienne Bailon is rethinking her ink. While dating Rob Kardashian from 2007 to 2009, the pair decided to get each other’s names tattooed on their bodies. During a recent episode of Bailon’s new daytime talk show, The Real, the “Uncontrollable” singer said she’s removing her ode to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 26.

(Bailon got “Robert A. Kardashian” tattooed on her butt; Kardashian got “Adrienne E. Bailon” written on his left ribcage.)

“I’ve gotten pretty bad tattoos before,” Bailon, 29, told co-hosts Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love and Jeannie Mai. “Everybody knows I have the ratchet-iest booty tattoo of an ex-boyfriend. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Bailon added that she is “in the process” of getting laser tattoo removal. “It does not feel good. You could smell your flesh burning,” she explained. “And it’s my ass flesh burning!”

“It’s awful. Ten-letter last name, Kardashian. It’s pretty bad, yeah,” she added. “Now that is a ratchet tattoo. I made a very bad decision. Don’t follow my example.” When Mowry-Housley asked Bailon how she fit such a long name on her butt, the former Cheetah Girls star replied, “Mr. Cartoon did my tattoo. . . It was sized down so much that it actually started almost looking like a black blob.”

Bailon vowed to never get another lover’s name drawn on her body again — and urged viewers to learn from her mistake: “Don’t do it!”

[From Us Weekly]

I don’t really know how to react to this story other than to involuntarily shake a little bit and helplessly laugh. Don’t get me wrong — I do feel sorry for Adrienne for having “Robert A. Kardashian” tattooed on her ass, but nobody forced her to make this move at all. Let’s look on the bright side though. At least no one can see this tattoo, right? I mean … very few people. Okay, nevermind.

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian

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  1. Gabriella says:

    Tattooing the name of your bf is stupid.
    Tattooing the name & last name of your bf is stupider.
    Tattooing the name & last name of your bf on your a$$ is just…?
    Extra points on stupidity if your bf’s last name happens to be Kardashian.

    Ugh, these people…

    • energydrink says:

      She is chasing fame for sure however she was also in 3LW! I remember they had two good songs, and OK voices, better than many acts around nowadays.

  2. LadyAnne says:

    Absolute moron.

  3. Ag says:

    Yeah, this is utter stupidity. Can’t feel too bad for this woman.

  4. paranormalgirl says:

    Never get any name other than your kid’s tattooed on you. You’ll more than likely only regret it.

    • LadyMTL says:


      I never understood why people got name tattoos (except for their kids, ofc) because come onnnnn…you know they’ll just end up regretting it one day.

    • Beep says:

      Or your dogs name. I have my pup’s pawprint and name tattooed on my foot.

  5. HH says:

    She gets on my nerves. Adrienne is the worst kind of “has-been.” Look pics of some of outfits she’s worn in the last few years. Nothing but an attempt for attention. One-notch above Courtney Stodden, seriously.

  6. Katie says:

    Well, if you’re gonna be stupid, you gotta be tough. But lol at her acting like she’s too good to have a ratchet tattoo. Only ratchet people do ratchet things (or get ratchet tattoos), Adrienne.

    At least she had him when he was hot.

  7. Carolyn says:

    all I can do is laugh. Some people are really stupid.

  8. Lucy2 says:

    Dumbass on many levels.

  9. capepopsie says:

    Goodness me! These people are truly Amazing in all ways 🙁

  10. YoungHeartOldSoulNewView says:

    Adrienne was also a member of the short-lived R&B girl group 3LW from about 10-13 years ago. She and another girl from the group, Kiely, were both on Cheetah girls, and both are literal famewhores–Adrienne releasing her own naked pictures and Kiely releasing songs and videos that even eclipse Rihanna’s raunchiness, if you can imagine that.

    • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

      Those two also infamously kicked the third (darker and much more talented) member out of the 3LW group by fighting her and throwing a hamburger in her face. They were peeved with her because she wouldn’t “network” with their male colleagues, and they felt that it was causing them to lose work.

      That young lady later went to star in some films (like that Notorious B.I.G. movie and Lottery Ticket from a few years ago).

  11. SmokeyBlues says:

    Looking at the transformation of Rob makes me very sad and I think he is some collateral
    damage of the K empire. He looked young and healthy and happy, now he looks unwell and anguished all the time. I’m sure he could have used a parent who was not just obsessed with his sisters’ fame. Very sad.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Anguished is the right word – it must be hard for him to not have a father figure in his life.

    • Hakura says:

      He really doesn’t have anyone, does he? 🙁 I don’t think PMK has even glanced in his direction in years

      May have recently, because of the whole ‘sock’ thing, seeing as it has some tiny potential to bring in money (& we all know that’s the only thing she gives a flying fuck about).

  12. Feebee says:

    Oh, it’s RATCHET, I always thought it was RATSHIT! and used it as that… It still works.

    If you’re going to have his name on you, your arse is appropriate in one way. However, if she likes sex from behind, I guess her partner doesn’t really want to look down and see “Robert A Kashdashian”. Sorry to go there but, right?!

    SIlver lining – just a name… can be altered… at least it wasn’t his face.

  13. Sonia says:

    What is a ratchet tattoo?

  14. Mayday says:

    Is it gross I think he looks kinda cut in the top photo?

    Yes, but whatever.

  15. Yelly says:

    He was good looking back in the day wasn’t he?

  16. cynthia says:

    but it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy

    I don’t understand- I feel like he is a dbag? Did I miss the stories about him being nice?

  17. Emily C. says:

    I think the tattoo would be the least gross and embarrassing and painful thing about dating that douche.

  18. diva says:

    That was a dumb move on both their parts but they both are fame hos so it’s not surprising. I remember reading somewhere that Kim gave her advice about leaking her nude pics.

  19. Bodhi says:

    Ratchet tattoo? I’m assuming that means a shitty tattoo.

    If you go to a scratcher, you’re going to get a shitty tattoo, end of story. I will never understand why people who have money go to bad tattooers. You get what you pay for, folks

    • Hakura says:

      +1000! I’ve never understood that, either. Although in this case, it strikes me as something totally impulsive that they decided to do, spur of the moment (thus not doing any real research to find a proper artist, even if it was just eachother’s names. I spent more than a year researching artists, before getting mine. I would’ve even traveled, if necessary, to work w/the best artist possible). And you’re right, you do get what you pay for, but some people are cheap & complete idiots.

      (It’s sort of like… How I can’t understand when celebrities end up w/awful plastic surgery. They have all the money in the world to put toward it, access to the best doctors, & yet apparently don’t use them, & come out looking like crap. I just don’t get it!)

  20. Itsa Reallyme says:

    I think tattoos, in general, are stupid. Yes, I do know that’s not popular opinion but that’s how I feel.
    Getting someone else’s full name tattoo is beyond stupid.

    I had forgotten how much better Rob used to look.

    • Hakura says:

      @Itsa Reallyme – I preface this w/the assurance that I mean in absolutely NO way to start an argument, or to come off defensively (even knowing that disagree on the subject). I’m just genuinely curious…

      Why do you think they’re stupid, in general?

      • Nina W says:

        Not that you asked me but, I won’t say they’re stupid, but they’re not for me, something I will never do. They’re very popular, everyone seems to have them and I’ve never been one to go with a trend. I also don’t like a lot of the tattoos I see and I know several people who regret the tattoos they have. I like it when the tattoos have meaning and/or cultural significance and aren’t silly, like some idiot’s name on your ass.

      • Hakura says:

        @Nina – Those are completely valid reasons =)

        It’s really a shame that it’s being used as some sort of ‘fad’, when so many of us *do* put time, effort, & consideration into our designs & their meanings. But because it’s a fad/trend, you see stupid absolute BS tats everywhere that you just know someone did at the spur of moment (or on their 18th bday) w/o any consideration. Or like PissBucket & the like, who only get them to ‘look cool’ or try to make themselves look ‘tough’ by having a sleeve.

        I guess people are thinking that it’s not really permanent, since you can have them removed. (But it’s idiotic, because that is an expensive & very painful process, it’s not like washing henna off your hands or ‘ZAP ZAP All Gone! What should I get next???’

        I know I’m definitely in the minority, but I spent 3 years working on mine. It has so much meaning that I know I could never regret it. I’m really proud of it, both for the cool way I was able to express myself through the design, to the fact that I actually drew it, & the artist just used mine (as opposed to re-doing it). =)

        I have *no* problem w/those for whom tattoos just aren’t appealing, especially after seeing all the crappy ones & hearing stories about regret.

      • Nina W says:

        That’s the kind of tattoo I like, a thoughtful one that has personal meaning! I have seen some very beautiful tattoos and fully appreciate that it can be an amazing and powerful art form.

  21. lisa says:

    is she legally prohibited from getting it removed or have someone draw a bunch of flowers over it?

  22. NEENAZEE says:

    Does Jay-Z screw ALL Rob Kardashian’s exes???

  23. Baskingshark says:

    This was the closest that “Robert A Kardashian” got to an asshole until he got to hang out with Kanye.