Ke$ha claims that she showers four times a day: is she full of crap?


My feelings about Ke$ha are similar to Kaiser’s. For a few years, I always appreciated her funny, slightly witty interviews. She seemed like the antithesis to so many cookie-cutter female pop stars and stood up to criticism of her lyrics. Then came the bad, pantless fashion and the claims that she was forced” into her lyrics for “Die Young.” But that wasn’t all.

What turned me off to Ke$ha (although I still love her tunes and run to them regularly) is her awful MTV docushow that featured her doing gross stuff like chewing food and spitting it into other people’s mouths and drinking her own pee. Now Ke$ha wasn’t us all to know that she’s not as grubby as you’d necessarily think because — get this — she showers four times per day:


She showers obsessively: “I’m a little bit of a freak about that. I know people think I’m really dirty, but I actually shower four times a day, obsessively! I love water. I would live in the ocean if I could. Every time I take a shower, I change my knickers.”

On her toned-up body: “I think that what really matters is you should always wear what you look good in and feel comfortable and confident in. But, more importantly, if you’re a good person and having fun, why not be confident?”

What would she change about herself? “There are tons of things, but I’m at that point right now where I’m trying to accept every little bit of me. Trust me, I don’t have the perfect body, but I don’t have anything else to work with, so I might as well accept it. I think it’s like that with every woman; you just have to try and accept it.”

She lost her tail: “I had a tail when I was born. It was a tiny tail, about a quarter of an inch, then they chopped it off and stole my tail. That was when I was little. I’m really sad about that story.”

[From Heat World]

At first, I was skeptical of Ke$ha’s claims that she was born with a “tail,” but it does happen sometimes in cases of spina bifida. Of course, I shall not link any photos (you can google them for yourselves if you’re curious) because that would be a graphic sight to behold when you’re just cruising a gossip blog and not expecting to click through to that sort of thing.

So do you believe Ke$ha’s claims that she showers four times per day? If true, that feat beats Bradley Cooper’s record of thrice daily, and he does it only because he hates deodorant. Such a habit seems awfully drying to the skin, but I guess your body would get used to it and just produce more oil, right?




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  1. Side-Eye says:

    I think it’s kind of lame that she has to do this. People take things too literally, like the simpletons who actually thought she was brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels.

  2. epiphany says:

    Being “full of crap” would explain why she needs to shower so much…

  3. Samanthalous says:

    yet she remains looking like a dirty homeless person

  4. Jules says:


  5. Tessa says:

    I shower twice a day. In the morning and then after I get home from the gym at night. I do it in the morning to wake up and feel refreshed. My PM shower is more about hygiene and maintenance. But if I didn’t have regular hours, and I had a pool, maybe I could see throwing another shower in there. But 4? Hmm, that’s a lot. I believe her, but it also makes it seem like she has a lot of time on her hands to waste.

    • Pia says:

      That’s an incredible waste of water. There are people who struggle just to find safe drinking water everyday, and here in America people waste it like it’s their job. Way to go.

      • drdoolittling says:

        Not really any of your business. I pay my water bill. Go be indignant about something else.

      • Nicolette says:

        Really? With all the awful crap going on in the world right now, someone taking an extra shower is fine, and I don’t see the problem. I’d rather be standing next to someone on a crowded subway platform that showers multiple times a day, than one that reeks of B.O.

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        I hear you, Pia

  6. blue marie says:

    I can believe it. My brother showers at least 2-3 times a day, it’s a quirk he’s had for as long as I can remember.

    • Steph says:

      My boyfriend showers 3x at the very least. Usually it is 4 or even 5. He has obsessive personality disorder, and thinks everyone else is nuts for not being that clean…but he cleans my house so it’s all good.

      • Kelwot11258 says:

        You should tell him that showering that often actually makes your hair way greasier and opens your skin up to a lot more bacteria, not to mention the drying out your skin issue.

  7. VioletCrumble says:

    She just always looks grotty, but if she showers four times a day, does she re-do her make-up each time? Cuz, ain’t nobody got time for that.

  8. Lucybelle says:

    She could live in the shower and she would still be gross.

  9. Katie says:

    Part of me believes that she actually takes 4 showers a day, and the other part of me thinks she’s slightly exaggerating. I take 2 showers a day (I wash my hair and face in the mornings, and my face and my body at night), but I can see Ke$ha taking no more than 3 showers a day. How does she have time to take that 4th?

    Also, her documentary made me like her more, minus the gross parts you mentioned. lol

  10. Daz London says:

    she showers four times a day now, so she can later claim to have showered 365 times this year

  11. Asdfg says:

    Bull.. Showering that many times a day would more than likely damage your skin. I can’t see her people allowing that considering she has to maintain her image.

  12. Bronwyn says:

    i believe it for sure.
    When I worked in a restaurant I would take 3-4 showers a day, because I would get so gross. (waking up- after a work out-after running errands-after cooking).
    She’s a performer…it may not be every day but think how much she must sweat from practicing routines and doing shows.

  13. Gabriella says:

    Here in Rio during the summer, I shower 4 times a day too. It’s just necessary because temperature can reach 45C degrees.
    I don’t understand why would she feel the need to shower 4 times a day, so I’m skeptical. I also don’t buy that she had a tail. This girl’s been giving interviews and saying bunch of dumbshit to get her to pay attention to her (like saying she was raped by a ghost) and I think she is running out of ideas. Only now she is claiming she had an effin TAIL? Just because it happens, doesn’t mean it’s happened with her.

    I don’t know what’s happening, just years ago I thought Kesha and Lady Gaga were the coolest, now I come to the point of loathing them…

  14. Emily C. says:

    Showering that much can cause yeast infections. Not to mention the number it does on your skin. At her age, she might not be facing the consequences yet, but just wait.

  15. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    The only thing filled with more crap is her “music” I still can’t get over how bad she was on SNL several years ago;She should have been laughed off the stage, but instead she’s a “star” in today’s silly music world.

  16. Jane says:

    So she’s not rank…she’s just really, really dry. Like lizzard dry from all those showers. Gettin’ slizzered like a lizzard.

  17. Madriani's Girl says:

    First off, she’s an American and we don’t use the term “knickers” for anything except short pants and only old people use it. Second, I think she meant to say she showers four times a month.

    • Cel says:

      Heat and Heatworld are English, so they probably changed it to knickers as that’s what Brits say, not panties (a word I detest for some reason).

      Agree with you on the showers four times a month, particularly when seeing at photos of her caked in make-up that looks like she slept in it.

  18. snappyfish says:

    she may turn on the shower daily but I doubt she gets in it.

  19. dcypher1 says:

    She is so lying about the tail thing obviously. I’m sure the chances of being born with a tail are slim to none. As for the shower thing I think she thought it would be cool to be grungy but in the end found out it wasn’t and people thought she was gross cus of that. Now that she realizes people aren’t gonna accept her dirty ass so she changed her story so no one will think she is a dirty ass chick. So now she was never dirty and now takes showers all the time. Whatever kesha your a poser stick to ur ideals even if no one likes them. I still think she’s dirty and dose not shower and should not dress herself. She dresses like a little kid styled her all the time.

  20. Nicolette says:

    Can’t believe I’m saying this, but she looks good in the second picture. Wouldn’t have recognized her.

  21. Norman says:

    We are also told that she has an IQ of 140.

  22. Kristine says:

    I shower once a day when I wake up. I don’t even shower after a workout. I also don’t go out after that since I workout late at night.. but still.. Mwhaha. Take that world! Oh, and I don’t wash my face with soap because it strips natural oils from your face but rather cleanse my face with EVOO once a week.

  23. whogivesaflyingpoo says:

    Shower or no shower, this girl is a closet nerd. She is actually pretty intelligent, and the fact that she is fooling you all with an act is a stroke of genius.