Does Miranda Kerr Photoshop images of herself to make her waist look smaller?


Does Miranda Kerr Photoshop pictures of herself? That’s the question everyone is asked this week, after Miranda posted a photo of herself from 2012 with a dramatically downsized waist (that’s the header photo in this post). Unfortunately for those eagle-eyed Kerr-loonies, people quickly pointed out the original photo was from Vogue and a side-by-side comparison was made and now everything thinks that Miranda is sitting in her Photoshop Laboratory, editing and Photoshopping images of herself so she’ll have the thinnest waist ALWAYS. Here’s the original photo:


See the difference? Yeah. So, Miranda took the Photoshopped image down from her Instagram and re-posted the original image. She explained the situation:

Hi guys, here is the original VS image! When I re-posted the photo this week to support the girls I screen grabbed it off the internet when I was working in Japan. I had no idea it was photoshopped. All good intentions- sorry for the confusion and congratulations to the girls for such a great show! ❤

[From Miranda’s Instagram]

So, was this just an innocent mistake? Again, the people who follow the social media pages of all of these models don’t think so. According to The Daily Mail, it was The Fashion Spot (an epic fashion/modeling/editorial forum) commenters who first noticed the situation. One commenter even claimed that Miranda has consistently Photoshopped images of herself over the years and posted those altered images to her social media pages. The reason I think this situation is particularly sketchy is because only Miranda was altered – Alessandra Ambrosio and Doutzen Kroes were not altered whatsoever. So, is this who Miranda is? She’s the model who Photoshops her own photos so that she looks the most wasp-waisted of all?


Photos courtesy of WENN, Miranda’s Instagram.

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  1. springingforward says:

    Miranda Kerr is living down to her reputation here; apparently this is consistent with what she has done with her photos over past years she has posted.

    • SnarkySnarkers says:

      Wow. I have never heard about her doing this! She always presents herself as very self assured and confident. Its so weird too because its not like the original images can’t easily be found. It reminds me of celebrities who shoplift when they can afford to pay for the things they take. Im oddly fascinated. Off to google more “Miranda Kerr photoshops herself”

      • Michelle Patricia says:

        What people don’t understand is that models are the most insecure people. Since they work in an industry of people that are beautiful and very thin, they are always in competition. They are always viewing themselves as “they have to be thinner and more beautiful” than the girl next to them. So it doesn’t surprise me that she would photoshop pictures.

    • Demi says:

      A goldmine of her photoshopped pics

      • EarlGreyer says:

        Oooh, goldmine indeed. You can tell the ballet photo is photoshopped to make her waist smaller because the bookshelf behind her is curved in as a result.

        She’s so f***ing ridiculous and horrible. She doesn’t give a rat’s a** about how photoshopping herself thinner – when she’s already a supermodel with an enviable body – would affect impressionable young girls’ body image. Selfish human being.

      • lucy2 says:

        That’s really fascinating, and sad. She’s a VS model for heaven’s sake, and even she feels the need to distort photos of her body?

      • emmie_a says:

        Earlgreyer: Another strange thing about the ballet photo. She has two tiny bumps where her ass should be. In the pose she’s in, even the thinnest person would have more of a behind than Miranda has in this picture. And even her arms seem warped in some way.
        I almost find her photoshopping personal pics more offensive than photographers photoshopping her pic before they publish it. There’s something about her doing it and being so sneaky about it that is totally creepy.

  2. Gossy says:

    Someone on the DM pointed out that since the white space between Miranda and Doutzen didn’t change, she probably used the liquefy tool in photoshop, meaning she had to make Doutzen’s waist larger. Geez, make a fellow model’s waist larger to make yours smaller…..

    • Denise says:

      The thing is, it’s really hard to use those tools and have it look convincing unless you really know what you’re doing. My guess is she had someone help her. Unbelievably pathetic if this is true! Even Miranda Kerr is not hot enough for Miranda Kerr.

      Edit: I just looked at the link below and saw other doctored photos, looks like her skills aren’t so great – she didn’t realise that when you use those tools crudely you alter the space around the object ie. warped backgrounds. How freaking embarrassing.

      • Erinn says:

        I just laid the photos over top of eachother and resized one so they were the same size again. Hid the top layer, and then revealed it again. It’s pretty clear that she did use the liquefy tool – both the other waists are sucked towards hers. The woman on the left’s costume is also blurrier in the faked picture – I think she probably just used the tool and only clicked it once or twice on each side; she lucked out because the backgrounds behind her aren’t that extreme so the warping isn’t super clear when you’re just browsing the photo.

    • Florc says:

      You can see in the 2 images the original looks crystal clear in the jewels around the women’s torsos. In the edited image they’re blurred and stretched to helpl Kerr’s waist slim down. It’s not a professional’s touch or just a quick job. She’s got the rep for it.

    • EarlGreyer says:

      Also, I heard that you can even do this “warping” on certain phones, like the samsung galaxy. So she probably does do it herself; a professional photoshopper would not have such shoddy work. Check out @demi’s link above for her ‘shopped IG photos – they’re bad.

    • drea says:

      LOL, Miranda’s such an amateur. Some of the models I’ve worked with have asked me to teach them how to use the Liquify tool. It’s funny how excited they get with the instant, but very obvious, results. I find it quite sad that beautiful, professional models feel that they must go to these lengths to project an even less realistic standard of beauty, but I suppose you can never underestimate the inherent vanity in people who look good for a living.

    • Mew says:

      It’s really not too difficult to use liquify if you know what you’re doing, but her shape in the first picture looks off as much as pro-ana thinspo pics – it’s absolutely not natural. Also, “well” used, it doesn’t necessarily make the next model look thicker either, just streches the white area ,which is the case in the photo.

    • carol says:

      looks like she also made the other model’s thigh larger as well! jeeze…..

    • Faith says:

      How long can you get? If I found out my friends had photoshopped me bigger to make them look thinner I’d flip shit. I understand peoples insercurity but to alter other peoples images in a negative way just seems wrong!

  3. Thinkaboutit says:


  4. T.fanty says:

    That’s actually really incredibly sad that this woman looks at the unedited photo, which is already incredibly beautiful, and sees “not good enough.” While obviously that makes her a terrible influence on young women, that also makes her an object of my pity.

  5. JME says:

    If it was just one picture, I wouldn’t think it was a huge deal, but she’s done this with multiple photos. Sad.

  6. Aagje says:

    Look at the bookcase behind her in the last picture. Wood doesn’t spontaneously curve up when in front of the camera.

  7. Tessa says:

    So lame considering she harps on about Treasure Your-Self and meditating about light and love.

  8. Reta says:

    Apparently she photoshops a lot of them

    • Crabcake says:

      Oh man. These are just blatant.

    • pretty says:

      wow that is hilarious but really sad. she is mentally not healthy.

    • cr says:

      This comment from that page is quite funny:
      WOW! Not only is she an amazing model with one of the best bodies out there, a true mother, a philanthropist, and a very savvy businesswoman, but she is able to work with graphics in her spare time! Jack-of-all-trades goddess, just wondering when your two-season faves will without having to fall off the grid to “focus on school?”

      Being serious, she’s got some major ‘issues’ going on.

      • Denise says:

        What does this mean?! “…just wondering when your two-season faves will without having to fall off the grid to “focus on school?”

  9. Vera says:

    This just reinforces my annoyance with her. Orlando is better off.

  10. GMarchetti says:

    She should photoshop her face so it doesn’t look that wide.

  11. smee says:

    On another site, someone was saying the model on the left was photoshopped as well -but her torso width was INCREASED. It’s hard to tell with these stacked images, but it was pretty convincing when viewed side-by-side.

    Now if she did, THAT would be totally crazy ………..

  12. bettyrose says:

    What’s the benefit of creating an unrealistic image for yourself that you can’t live up to in person? I don’t get it.

  13. GIRLFACE says:

    So embarrassing!

  14. tifzlan says:

    To me, it also looks like Doutzen was photoshopped to be bigger. She looks different from the real picture below.

    • Littlewood says:

      Yep, I provided clear proof of that two posts above.

      • tifzlan says:

        Ah, thank you! I missed your post. I have so many friends that idolize Miranda Kerr and i have never understood why. It’s very sad that she feels she has to do this in order to be prettier or whatever.

      • Littlewood says:

        No problem, I’ve posted it after you’ve posted your comment. I find it very sad that there are still so many fans defending her, it’s not strange that public figures use Photoshop, but this is someone who’s already very thin, who makes millions selling books to young, impressionable girls telling them to ‘Treasure Yourself’. It’s incredibly hypocritical that she has done this and she should be properly called out for it. She’s sending very unhealthy messages to those girls and should behave with more responsibility.

  15. hannah says:

    Someone made a gif with the before and after photo and it’s really quite striking:

    Clearly, this wasn’t a mistake. And her clarification is laughable.

    • SnarkySnarkers says:

      WHOA! She even altered her face. Yes, the clarification is stupid. Im really sure someone out there only photoshopped you to look thinner and you just happened to accidentally pick that picture to upload. Not to mention all the other obvious photo manipulations on her instagram.

    • EarlGreyer says:

      Definitely not a mistake. She’s a model – SHE KNOWS WHAT HER WAIST LOOKS LIKE. Even assuming she didn’t do the ‘shop herself – which she did – she still uploaded a photo knowing full well that it was photoshopped. Even I knew her body wasn’t natural in the VS photo.

      Miranda, you’re a model. You’re obsessed with your body, you know your measurements. Pretending this was an accident isn’t fooling anyone; the only thing you’re achieving is revealing how stupid you really are.

  16. Kortnee says:

    All these celebrities claim that it is the photographer who alters their images with Photoshop. However, they are lying. Of course they are the ones who demand to be airbrushed and thinned out before their picture gets published. To make a living, they must remain thin and youthful looking because they have no real talent to fall back on.

  17. Dyllish says:

    She is totally lying about the screen grab, if all the girls were made to look thinner, I’d believe her but why would someone take their time to photoshop just to make Miranda look good? I also think she looks better in the original photo so I dont get why she needs to edit.

  18. Littlewood says:

    I’m glad more and more of her strange behavior comes out and people are starting to see her for who she really is. She wrote a book for young girls called ‘Treasure Yourself’ while photoshopping her own personal pics and posing for the likes of Uncle Terry. She gave marriage advice when she was already secretly divorced, not even mentioning the hypocrisy she spews (calling sugar white death while being the face of Lipton Ice Tea, supporting Global Green while working for Qantas Airlines etc etc). And her excuse she posted? Pathetic, what about the other dozen pics on her Instagram which have been photoshopped, personal pics and all? Or the fact that only her face was contrasted on the first pic and Doutzen’s waist was enlarged? If I was her fan I would be pretty pissed off at her for insulting my intelligence!

    • Lisa says:

      And the Blanche Devereaux inspired mantra that she repeats to herself daily…

      • Littlewood says:

        If she really does that she needs to take a walk in the real world. Most people’s problems don’t center around the weather and the need for a new sweater, a lot of people can’t afford a new sweater! I don’t believe she is very positive at all, if she was she wouldn’t find a need to Photoshop her own pics. She would find a positive feature to focus on instead of trying to hide something she dislikes. She’s a hypocrite and I would like her a whole lot more if she didn’t try so hard in portraying herself as perfect. She’s clearly far from it.

  19. gogoGorilla says:

    Maybe she should have dealt with the cameltoe while she was in there…

  20. Kasia says:

    That is just pathetic.

  21. Bubulle says:

    I’m not surprised everything about her is fake, glad her lies have been exposed.

  22. mytbean says:

    Are people really surprised about this? I do this for a living and everyone from models to school teachers present a thinner, smoother persona online. You’d be stunned at my clientele I guess.

    But this doesn’t shock me at all. Of course she modifies herself to fit what she feels is more “perfect” before posting images. She’s a model. How people see her body in stills can impact her career options. It is sad that she elected to do the work herself… a proper masking job in Photoshop could have prevented any warping to her coworkers’ bodies and kept the background much smoother…

    What does stun me is that she chose to edit and post an image that was already published. She’s kinda dumb on that move.

  23. emmie_a says:

    I don’t believe for a minute that she would just grab a pic off the Internet. She’s a model. Models have catalogues full of pictures of themselves. And nowadays those pictures are digital so they’re on her computer. LIAR.

  24. Melissa says:

    This is why when people go on crazy diets and unhealthy exercise under the pretense of “being healthy”, I always laugh at them. Most of these models and actresses desperately want to be thin and then thinner, it’s a very sad and pathetic chaos to see unfold.

    If you are a woman or a young girl reading this, you are BEAUTIFUL. You don’t have to make a model your goddess or believe that she’s doing things to help your self esteem.

    • mytbean says:

      This is a point that’s so hard to convey to the youth as well as adults.

      But doing the Photoshop thing for a living while working in multiple countries is certainly enlightening. Every culture… every INDIVIDUAL has a beauty ideal and body aesthetic. Clients that come to me and initially say; “Make me perfect.” usually end up paying for multiple revisions because they can’t understand that their idea of perfect is not everyone else’s.

      Today, in our digital culture, I think it’s vital that we learn about what is natural and healthy and what is extreme and pass those realities down to the kids. Because of what I do, I see all magazines as fantasy based art and not a threat or representation of what I’m supposed to look like.

      But even with that perspective I refuse to edit someone into anorexic proportions simply because it’s distracting not to mention it can make the person in the photo look ignorant about their own physiology. Miranda has ribs… but she’s pretending not too.

  25. HotPockets says:

    When I saw this photo it instantly screamed to me..

    “Remember when I use to be a VS model too…and I had the tiniest waist out of all of them!!!!!”

  26. Kelly says:

    The woman’s a tool.

  27. Dommy Dearest says:

    Of course she did. Photoshop is a model’s best friend.

    Bloom has to be laughing right now.

  28. Quinn says:

    I think she should have dealt with her face instead.

  29. insomniac says:

    Good grief. I seriously can’t imagine looking like her and still thinking I needed to mess with Photoshop to make myself even *more* attractive. That’s just crazy. And sad.

  30. Patty says:

    Miranda is just being Miranda. She has been doing this for years. And I must chime in ad add that TheFashionSpot is indeed epic. One of my faves.

  31. Harriet says:

    I really don’t like her BUT to be very fair I do think she genuinely grabbed an image of the net and just posted it. On the other hand I also think she’s a bit daft for not looking at it and thinking “oh I look particularly, unnaturally tiny there…”

  32. Theresa says:

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. And though I am not giving her a pass here, as a model, her perspective on body and esteem issues is completely skewed from the general public. This makes her so susceptible to deception, distortion, body dysmorphic issues, that I can totally see her doing this, not seeing anything wrong with it, or justifying it in her mind that she has to do it or fail. And that the only reason she is backpedaling is because she got called out. “Ooopsie” she giggles as she comes up with her lame excuse…

    I have watched a couple documentaries on the behind-the-scenes of struggling (not even successful yet) models, barely out of their teens, thin beyond any good health, thrown to the wolves of this twisted industry. Youth, thinness, the younger the better, even if illegal, the thinner the better, it’s insane. And girls are drawn to it, even as they are subjected to crippling criticism, intrusive contracts that are dependent on their weights, they struggle to find happiness in securing even the most obscure jobs, the smallest of opportunities. And we’re talking in the hundreds if not thousands of young struggling models out there, mostly from countries where there is no other opportunity for them to match what a barely-successful modeling career can do. They look up to these “supermodels”, the ones that “have it made”. And these women, that have somehow succeeded in this savagely competitive industry, well they are the epitome of the twisted perspective that got them to the top. They still have to be thinner, prettier, younger than the next one, and if it means lying, deceiving, cheating to get and stay there, well ‘shopping posted pics is tame compared to what else they must be doing on the daily; drugs, laxatives, eating disorders, and god knows what else.

    I can’t say the modeling industry will change, though god knows it needs to. And that it gives a lucky lottery winner opportunities they would never have, just for being born with the “right” bone structure, body shape, etc, well, some girls would argue that its a wonderful industry with such great and glamorous opportunities… It’s a sycophantic, self-perpetuating industry that exists to please itself and the small sub-section of our world population that places value on purely superficial things. Don’t hate Kerr for being who she was meant to be, a typical example and product of her little bubble of a world. But keep being vigilant where this matters most; with your developing and susceptible children’s esteem and world view. Protect and nurture their budding perspectives on what is realistic, achievable and healthy. Use these internet blunders as learning tools for them. As we can see from this post, women are well aware of the ridiculousness of this situation, but we cannot police every image out there. We will win this battle by making sure our daughters know the difference between fantasy and reality, it’s a waste of time trying to humiliate someone so brainwashed by this crazy business into some kind of epiphany.

  33. Theresa says:

    I also think it’s hilarious how she threw Japan under the bus… Those photoshopping fiends! HAHAH!

  34. themummy says:

    I don’t see why she would do that when there are so many images of her everywhere. I’m doubting that she did it. Plus, the photoshopped photo looks obvious (especially to a model, I’d think) and just really poorly done. I dunno. Seems weird since everyone can see every day what she actually looks like. I doubt she thinks she’s fooling anyone. I guess you never know, though.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      Honestly, I’ve never paid much attention to her at all so the touched photo I wasn’t sure if that was the one that was the fake or not. But now after seeing all of them I’m just shaking my head.

  35. Erm says:

    Eh, she’s a narcissist. Image is more important than reality. Even her response to this is ridiculous.

  36. P.J. says:

    Old news. This isn’t even the first time in recent months that she’s been caught/called out for doing this. A few months ago there was another HILARIOUS “candid” pic on her Instagram page in which she had been so ‘shopped that one of her arms was in two completely separate places!! (Proof that whoever’s doing it *side eye* is WAY overzealous and definitely not a professional.) Lol. She’s just ridiculous all around…

  37. LilyT says:

    I feel it’s unfair to judge her for caving to the immense pressure ALL women feel to achieve some mythical “physical perfection”. And I’m sure, in her business, that pressure is more cutthroat and brutal.. That said, I don’t condone what she did. I would have RESPECTED her if she used her obvious body issues to bring attention to the harmful and unattainable expectations for women in fashion.

  38. Debbie says:

    Man. I used to think you were cool, Miranda. I guess there’s a lot of that going around.

  39. Evi says:

    I think that her selfie fixation and photoshopped images indicate one thing only: that she is really insecure.

  40. Littlewood says:

    Mango has replaced her, I don’t think it’s because of this fiasco but the timing is certainly interesting.

  41. Mabs says:

    What a bimbo.