Madonna already has a new piece, Timor Steffens, 26: good for her?


Whenever the topic of Madonna and her boytoys comes up, I feel a bit torn. Itchy almost. Do I call her out for making a habit of dating men in their early 20s? Madonna is 55 years old. I see her the same way as 38-year-old Bradley Cooper dating a 21-year-old model and 57-year-old David Cooperfield getting engaged to his 28-year-old baby mama. I don’t compare any of these cases to 73-year-old Patrick Stewart marrying 35-year-old Sunny Ozell. A lot of you have disagreed with me on Sir Pat’s situation, but I feel like people own their true sense of self by their mid 30s. As a 20 something? Not so much.

This is my very convoluted way of mentioning that Madonna has a new boyfriend. As we discussed about a month ago, she officially broke up with backup dancer Brahim Zaibat. Madge has spent the holidays with her children in Switzerland where they all enjoyed the slopes, and 13-year-old Rocco held a bottle of hard liquor for “fun.” Madonna also took her new boytoy along for the holiday ride. His name is Timor Steffens and is a self-described professional dancer, choreographer, and actor. He also loves to post photos of his abs to his Instagram account:


Timor seems a little bit like early 1990s Marky Mark, no? He’s all buddy buddy with Madonna’s 13-year-old son, Rocco. This poor kid. Timor is second from the left in this photo with Rocco doing his thing in the background. Is this any worse than Madonna letting Brahim grab her booty in front of Mercy and David? I don’t know.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & Timor Steffan on Instagram

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  1. Erinn says:

    I don’t know. I’m not big on these kind of age gaps, for men or women. We growl when men do it, it’s no different that Madge is doing it.

    • Boodiba says:

      I don’t think I’d ever want to feel my lover was on my payroll, but to each their own.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree 100%. It isn’t just an age difference, it is a power difference with one person in the relationship being financially dependent on the other and being under their employment. Not to mention, that as back up dancers, their future work opportunities could be at risk if things end badly.

    • Liv says:

      I get the feeling her boys are kind of prostitutes (they spend time with her and get in return fame and money), which I find horrible no matter if it’s men or women.

      • magz says:

        Isnt that what Bill Clooney is doing?

      • Liv says:

        Who’s Bill Clooney?

      • gg says:

        How shallow do you have to be to spend time with 20-somethings in your 40s, 50s? I guess she doesn’t have any use for deep conversation.

      • Tazina says:

        He is a gigolo – nothing more, nothing less. Not a very good example for her children but this probably suits her best – she doesn’t want to get married again so why not young bones for independently rich old bones. Who knows – maybe if we had her money and fame a gigolo might not seem like such a bad idea.

        “Gi-go-lo – a man who is paid by a woman to be her lover and companion.”

    • Brittaki says:

      Her boyfriend blends right into the group of teenage boys. You can’t even tell which one is her son and which one is her piece.


  2. Dani says:

    It really just seems like she can’t accept the fact that she’s getting older. Kind of sad, actually.

  3. Aiobhan says:

    At least it is not Sean Penn. I don’t really care about the age gap as she is clearly not looking for someone to settle down with, so why not. I would not date someone more than 10 years older than me and I cannot date any 10 years younger than me ( I am 27)), but she is not me. If it works for her then I cannot judge her at all.

  4. Jessica says:

    Madonna has a child named Mercy?

  5. Liz says:

    I have to hand it to Madonna. Whenever I hear all these size 0 girls like Cyrus touting their own self-objectification/skimpy outfits as them fearlessly expressing THEIR sexuality (as opposed to giving in to long-established patriarchal definitions of how women should be sexy, which doesn’t sound as cool), I always roll my eyes and think, “Yeah, get back to me when you’re still doing this at size 8, sagging, and in your 60’s. Then I’ll buy it.” Madonna was apparently the real deal this whole time, so good for her.

  6. Neffie says:

    it makes my skin itch too,she is clearly a woman who wants and needs to be in control. Why can’t she get a nice distinguished older man. And i agree with the other examples you gave too. It’s like she is competing with Lourdes. But anyways they are both using each other so good for them. I always wonder what the mother’s of these young guys think. I couldn’t imagine having a ‘daughter-in-law’ possibly older than me.

    • Observer says:

      Because these “nice distinguished older men” want younger women. Much younger than Madonna’s 50 something.

      • Ice Maiden says:


        People often say ”Why doesn’t Madonna/Demi/whoever get a man her age?’ but the reality is that most men in the circles they move in go for much younger women – and nobody bats an eyelid. That said, Madonna could probably find someone closer to her age than this guy, but clearly what she’s after is hot young flesh. Rather superficial but that seems to be what she wants – I very much doubt she has any illusions about ‘commitment’ .

      • Boodiba says:

        There’s a point. I live in NYC and first noticed that men in my desired age bracket wanted significantly younger women when I hit my mid 30s. I like to date within a few years of my own age, either direction. But by the time men get to be mid or late 30s, especially here it seems, if they’re at all financially stable they want a girlfriend who’s also a status item, and that invariably means younger.

        That’s when I first started dating younger men, who didn’t mind I was a few years older, but of course didn’t want to commit.

      • Gorgonia says:

        What all of you are saying, it’s pretty true. But I have to say there are men who date women of their same age: they want adult women, though, not fifty years old “teenagers”…

      • Ok says:

        And Madonna is also in an industry where many of the men are not interested in women at all……no matter what their age.

        I am sure Madonna is doing what works for Madonna. She always has.

    • gg says:

      Because nice, older men will not put up with her high-maintenance bullshit.

  7. epiphany says:

    I don’t care if the elder is a man or woman, these I’m- old- enough- to -be- your -parent/grandparent relationships are nothing but ego gratification for someone who refuses to accept that they’re growing old. If you don’t think someone your own age is attractive, then maybe YOU are not all that attractive, and if you have to up the ante with money and fame, isn’t the same as buying their love?

    • Neffie says:

      I agree, would these young boys be dating her if she wasn’t ‘Madonna’ and i want to ask ‘where is her self respect?’ but i digress.

    • Liz says:

      I don’t agree. I think most men are attracted to younger women because they are products of a culture that glorifies female youth. Most men, no matter how old, end up jacking off to films featuring 18-25 year olds, and I’m sure if they had the money, many of them would be doing the real thing. My grandpa and dad had quite the collection of jack off materials, none of which featured women my mom’s or grandma’s age.

      Women, on the other hand, are products of a culture that teaches us to desire men with power, wealth, intelligence, esteem, and experience, which is why we have more of an age range of men that we are attracted to. So where women are concerned, dating a young man may be all about feeding their egos. I definitely think this is the case with Madonna. For men, I think it has just as much to do with getting to touch young boobs, which is sad and disheartening for women their own age.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        ”So where women are concerned, dating a young man may be all about feeding their egos.”

        No more so than for men. A woman like Madonna doesn’t need a man for fame or money. She’s got all of that and more. So she’s doing what men her age have been doing for centuries and choosing a partner who satisfies her physically but has little other role. I’m not saying this is a great thing to do, but I don’t see why it’s fundamentally different from what rich men in their 50s do without anyone thinking it strange. And outside the celeb world, an increasing number of well-off women in that age group are also going for toy boys. Not every woman values the same things in a partner.

  8. christina says:

    Really another backup dancer/actor did she not learn her lesson the last two times.

    I fee sorry so her kids. Its not like Mag just has fun with these guys and they go home, no they live with her and become part of her kids daily lives for the two years or so she keeps them around.

    • Sarah says:

      The older kids in particular must be having mixed feelings about the revolving door “daddy-mannys” that come into and invariably out of their lives. Don’t get too attached kids, mom’s not keeping this one either.

  9. smee says:

    He’s the (new) life-support system for the peen she needs to live! She has to travel with it all times – like an oxygen tank.

  10. Kim1 says:

    Well this one is OLD ,she started datiing the last one when he was 23.I remember because Madonna is 8 years older than Brahim’s mother.

  11. Mar says:

    He’s too young for me and I’m 39.

  12. lucy2 says:

    I think what’s odd about it is that she ONLY dates guys in their 20s now.
    I can almost understand meeting someone with a big age difference and really falling in love and figuring out how to make it work, but it seems like she’s just dating guys in their 20s BECAUSE they’re in their 20s. I also find it really odd that she brings them right into her family with her kids like that.

    • QQ says:

      Ok?! Shit he is too young for me and im 33!

    • Tazina says:

      If you want a young, firm, hot gigolo, you have to have a very well padded bank account. Otherwise, it’s not going to happen. He’s not going to date you because you’re nice. It’s all about the mutual benefit for both sides. The older woman gets hot, long lasting monkey sex as well as arm candy and the gigolo gets well paid for his efforts. Win-win

      • TG says:

        Wonder if he fantasizes about hot young women while he is preparing himself for her? Or is it all for show and she doesn’t have sex with any of them?

  13. JojoAnn says:

    I just cant hate on this. And 26 is pretty grown. At 26 I had a husband, a kid and a house. My bro had already lost his arm serving his country and was running a successful business. I put it to you anyone who doesnt know who they are by 26, probably never will.
    Its not unreasonable to expect a 26 year old to know whats best for himself, I may make concessions for a 21 year old but not twenty-friggin-six.

    • Naddie says:

      And I just can’t disagree more with you, lady. Nowadays, people are maturing slowly, so it’s not uncommon to see people at 26 (or more) who are completely confused about themselves, and it doesn’t mean they never will know who they are.

    • Sarah says:

      JoJoAnn : I would say that you and your brother were both very mature for that point in your life. Kids and/or military service would certainly help a young person to focus their lives in a hurry. Hope your brother is doing well.

  14. Jaded says:

    It speaks to her inability to appreciate a relationship with a man her own age who can offer experience, intelligence and that attractive “gravitas” that comes with age. She ultimately has to see herself as superior to and in control of everything around her, including her sexual partners, and must have a buffed young stud to perpetuate the myth that she’s still hot. I find it kind of pathetic that this is all she finds attractive in a man.

    • JojoAnn says:

      Then you agree that young men are just as entitled to seek out “experience” and “gravitas” in an older woman, right?

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Not to mention the fact, as mentioned above, that most men Madonna’s age and older (at least in showbiz circles) will nearly always choose much younger woman over an attractive and accomplished woman their own age.

  15. Kiddo says:

    These men never seem to get the career bump that Clooney’s non-famous girlfriends do. They are there one minute, and then ‘poof’, you never hear about them again, or do they make it big in dance circles, and I just don’t know about it?

  16. Brown Eyed Girl says:

    I cant even be around 20 year olds at my grand age of 28 without wanting to shake some sense into them. I dont know how Madonna can handle the generation gap

  17. Zorbitor says:

    Well alot of people lose their true sense of self in their 60’s so there’s that

  18. taxi says:

    I think it’s extremely unhealthy for the kids, especially Lourdes. What happens if one of these guys looks at her for a minute too long? Not great for Rocco, either. Does Guy Ritchie spend any time with his son?

  19. Quinn says:

    I couldn’t care less about Madonna’s “love” life, but for the love of gawd, PLEASE stop with the public bathroom selfies, people…SOOOO YUCK!

  20. GB says:

    What’s wrong with getting your booty grabbed by your SO? I’m missing something…

  21. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    ……………..Get down girl, go ‘head get down…..

    Meh, I ain’t mad at her. I think 26 is old enough to know whether or not you want to cuddle up to Madge, whatever your reasons. I think it’s creepy that they ALWAYS work for her, are dependent on her–which isn’t something you often see in the reverse. Also, I don’t think she should be bringing them around her kids so much.

    I’m starting to get a little weirded out by age differences–like I’ve always thought that whenever I started dating (which might be NEVER), I would date someone like ten years older. But then again, I never pictured myself at 19, or 20 doing it–I always pictured me being at least over 25. But it’s weird now, because I’m a little older–like I’m the same age as Joaquin Phoenix’s girlfriend (although I think she may seem older than me, due to her job). That’s a little creepy–I would not want to tell my parents that I, at 19, was dating someone old enough to be my dad.

    But I would laugh if that happened to me–at my parents. My dad was 21, and my mom was 34 when they got married–she had three kids already.

    Other than that–I hope the sex is good Madge.

    • Clever hand says:

      Yup! I hate seeing the double standard in the way this is presented. Patrick Stewart marries a woman decades younger than him and posts a pic of them at chuck e cheese and that’s seen as twee but Madge can’t do what she wants? Why not? Also yesterday there was a nice pic of Tom Daley and his bf, no shade about the 20 year age difference.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Eh, the difference (at least how it was presented on this site) was that Patrick Stewart is AWESOME–not a pretentious bone in his body. I also love him because of his work with domestic violence, etc. He and his wife look like they have a lot of fun together. My issue with Madonna is that she’s always dating someone who works for her–what happens when they break up? Do they get demoted? I think if she was a dude, people would be a lot more critical of that. Plus they hang out with her kids–not a good idea. If this is just sex and companionship (which that’s what it looks like, nothing serious), then I don’t think you should let your piece near your kids ESPECIALLY, when the kids are as young as they are. Maybe if the youngest was a teenager…..

        Tom Daley and his bf got a lot of sh-t, especially since it seems that the bf goes after young men (like 18-21) exclusively ie. gay version of Leo.

        But other than that—Madonna’s been married and divorced at least twice (Penn and Richie). Richie took a hug chunk of her $$$$$$$$$$, so I can imagine that she doesn’t want to get married ever again—at least not without an ironclad prenup. If she wants to tour with something pretty at her beck and call, well, bless her heart–more power to her.

  22. Nev says:

    Go on Madonna!!! Get it!!!!!

  23. Francine says:

    I remember Yimot Steffans as one of Michael Jackson’s backup dancers for “This is It.” And I do recall thinking he was hit. So, good for Madge, I guess.

  24. Gorgonia says:

    Madonna is a female “sugardaddy”, namely a Sugar Mommy, nothing new under the sun, but nothing to be proud of…

  25. FingerBinger says:

    I’m a fan and as much as l love Madonna, she really needs to stop with these 20 somethings. I have no problem with Madonna,Demi dating younger men but they want to get serious with these guys. And whatever happened to being just single for a bit? Why get out of a relationship and jump into another one? Be by yourself for awhile. Good grief. I’m definitely side eyeing Madonna on this.

  26. Baskingshark says:

    Very nice, Madonna. Now please buy pants.

  27. Decloo says:

    I don’t think these young men are boyfriends as much as accessories. Kind of like when Paris Hilton always carried some frightened-looking pooch around in her handbag. Most women in their 50s and Madge in particular, have been around the block long enough that the intellect of a 20-something man is not going to be so stimulating. Maybe they give her sex and she likes that. Maybe they make her feel young and she likes that. The boys get to travel around in style, meet famous people and get publicity for themselves. It’s a win for both of them though I think we should have no illusions that there are any genuine feelings here.

  28. Ag says:

    She certainly likes them young, doesn’t she.

  29. Tiffany says:

    Even will all of these young guys that Madonna is dating, I cannot imagine them being physical. I have just been feeling an asexual vibe from her since her marriage to Ritchie.

  30. lunchcoma says:

    I think the same thing about her that I do about men who always and exclusively date much younger and unequal partners, like Clooney and DiCaprio. She’s not interested in having any sort of emotional or intellectual relationship with her partner, let alone having someone to sharing in making decisions about her life or working around someone else’s family and schedule. I think a little less of her for it because I dislike the coldness and desire for control it implies, but the exchange isn’t unethical.

    I do agree with the comments about age and dating and that there probably aren’t nearly as many same age dating options available to Madonna as there would be to a man the same age. I run into a number of men in Madonna’s age group who think I’d be just the perfect partner for them and don’t understand why I’m not interested…and I’m 20 years their junior.

  31. K-Rock says:

    Wow he is way hotter than the last guy. I don’t have a problem with her dating young guys. I say go for it if it makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone. Maybe her kids would be the only objection I would have. He’s 26, not 18. As for the whole “dating her just to be on the payroll” that could happen with a guy of any age.

  32. jferber says:

    I’m not happy with her new piece’s hairline, but apart from that, it’s all good. And honestly, doesn’t Sean Penn do the same damn thing and get no heat for it because of Haiti (and because he’s male)? Also, Sean was cheating on his wife for years while he did the twenty-somethings. I think that is so much worse. Madonna is single. Maybe she has close, serious friends, ex-husbands, etc., and is not looking for any intellectual connection? Why is it so terrible when a woman makes that decision? The world will not fall apart because Madonna has a frivolous fling or three. If I were in her position, I’d do the exact same thing.

  33. Nancy says:

    Grow up Madonna and start dating someone your own age.

  34. Karolina says:

    I have no problems with it, she plays the same game that almost all rich male successful 50+ year olds play. She wants a hot young body and no deep conversations or meaningful relationship. I actually like it how shocked society is by a behavior that is completely normal when males do it. The real issue is that she is older than 40, female and obviously horny, which is something that men can be, but apparently liking sex and young flesh is scandalous when you are a menopausal female. Go Madonna and go Demi, altough with Demi I think she really falls for the young guys whereas Madonna is definitely just using them. People are shocked by this in the same way they are shocked when a man takes his wife’s name, it’s hilarious.

  35. homegrrrl says:

    I guess wealthy people start feeling used anyway, so they put the game on the table and buy the best cut. Sorry to say the uberRich are so “in their heads” about their millions, that I’ve noticed more narcissism than calm personal interaction or conversation, and that lends itself to superfical relationships. Perhaps Madge has given up on intimacy and just wants companionship for herself and her family. Every adult needs somewhat of a peer when taking care of kids, it gets lonely. I can understand this patten of one hot “adult” for a season or 3, then “next”.

  36. Kev says:

    I really think the public gigolos are gonna backfire on Madonna soon. As in a gigolo hooking up with her daughter Lourdes who will be 18 this year (and Lourdes is quite striking). It is all becoming a bit Norma Desmond in SUNSET BOULEVARD. Madonna loves attention, but that attention will be extremely harsh I imagine … Or maybe she’ll continue having fun with her boy toys, and if she can rewrite the dynamics of relationships, more power to her.

  37. Dani says:

    Madonna follows in the footsteps of Edith Piaf whose last husband Théo Sarapo was 20 years younger than her and Vivienne Westwood who has been happily married for 20 years to her former student Andreas Kronthaler – 25 years her junior.

    It’s a privilege of being a successful, remarkable older woman (and not always wealthy, Piaf left Theo with her substantial debts). However, I do question Madonna’s taste in vain young men. Haven’t stopped laughing at the tragic pics of young Timor photographing himself pouting into lavatory mirrors. What is he like? Surely Madge can do much better than this!

  38. GByeGirl says:

    Whatever makes people happy, so long as it’s consensual. However, I can’t shake the feeling that anyone who enters a long-term relationship with someone significantly younger just has no desire, nor capacity to be intellectually challenged. I can’t help but be creeped out by Madonna, Clooney, DiCaprio, etc.