Did Bradley Cooper act like a diva in the SAGs press room?

Bradley Cooper

These are new photos of Bradley Cooper and his 22-year-old girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse, at Sundance. Coop was one of the hot guys of the SAG awards. It was a very odd night for BCoop (who is often weird without any outside help). Before the show even started, a Ukranian journalist named Vitalii Sediuk ran up to Bradley and hugged the BCoop crotch on the red carpet. Sediuk is becoming famous for such stunts (he terrorized Adam Levine and Adele at last year’s Grammys). Then Suki sat on his lap during the ceremony. Their PDA seemed a little over the top, right? Suki had her own chair but chose her boyfriend’s lap.

What I’m really here to talk about today is the craziness that happened in the press room. American Hustle ended up taking the Best Acting Ensemble award. Bradley spoke for the group while accepting the award. His speech was direct and to the point. So it comes as a great surprise that he acted like a whiny pants backstage in the press room. Dude walked offstage right in the middle of the questions. Here’s the video, and we’ll discuss:

Okay. So there’s a fair amount of Jennifer Lawrence potty mouth in that video too. She seemed really frustrated when BCoop disappeared and didn’t handle it well. JLaw usually takes a shot before hitting the press room at awards shows. We already saw the weird faces she pulled, so I am assuming she and her armpit vagina were a bit tipsy. Michael Pena was also a tool to the journos during. In all their defenses, the questions asked were really lame. That happens sometimes, and they all need to learn to recover better.

Only Amy Adams handled the affair in a gracious manner. Amy’s such a pro. The rest of them acted pretty rude, but I think BCoop’s behavior was the worst. He seemed a little bratty, maybe because Amy answered the question he wanted to answer. I don’t know. Also: where the hell has Christian Bale been lately? He skipped the Globes too.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. lisa2 says:

    Some people can’t handle success. And when they win something the true true selves are revealed. I have seen that a lot this award season. It happened last year too.

    some people don’t handle success or the spot light well.

    I saw some of the pictures of Bradley/Suki.. and they had almost the exact same poses together as Brad/Angelina .. point for point..

    He seems happy with her so good luck to them.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      Some people can’t handle success. And when they win something the true true selves are revealed. I have seen that a lot this award season. It happened last year too.

      some people don’t handle success or the spot light well.
      I agree with you lisa2 whatever happened to being professional.

    • Zadie says:

      Am I the only one who doesn’t find Bradley the rudest? I mean, he didn’t say anything, he just left. Maybe he was sick or something, He wasn’t pulling faces or acting all bored.

      • tifzlan says:

        Nope, you’re not. Jennifer Lawrence was by the far rudest of the bunch.

      • Jayna says:

        I agree, and I find it hard that he would be intentionally rude as we’ve never seen that behavior before at any of these events. And if he was, I don’t think it’s his norm. I was so impressed when he was on Jay Leno a few months ago. He really engaged the audience and made so much fun of himself, even going so far as to read tweets online from people about his thin lips. How many narcissistic, vain actors would read tweets that make fun of them? He just came off really laid back and funny and wanting the audience to be entertained, which was refreshing compared to so many celebs that are bores on the late night shows.

      • lisa2 says:

        jayna.. I don’t know about people that make fun of themselves. I don’t think going on a talk show to do that is an indicator of having of not being narcissistic. I’m not saying Bradley is that. It is just like comedians.. make fun of yourself before other do. I think a lot of celebs go on shows and do this to make themselves seem “with the people” down to earth.. I don’t take any of this as an indicator of who they actually are. Besides these celebs know what is coming. Not a surprise.

        A lot of celebs are game for having a fun interview. But they get bombarded with too serious questions and invasive questions. I have seen that too on RC.. interviews don’t let some celebs just be fun and carefree. They use those minutes to try and interrogate them so no the interview are not fun.

      • Dana m says:

        I found Jennifer Lawrence to be the most rude. Maybe Bradley had to go use the bathroom?!

    • Meredith says:

      There’s a great quote from Bill Murray (from the book Live From New York) where he says that after you get famous, you become an asshole. It’s inevitable; the fame just goes to your head. But after two years, you either go back to being a decent human being or you’re just permanently an asshole. Maybe BCoop is the latter.

  2. blue marie says:

    Is that top photo Coop with Suki or Coop with JLaw (they look a bit similar)

  3. Lindy79 says:

    The questions were indeed ridiculous but as you said, learn to deal with it or at least be gracious about it, especially at award shows where you’re being even more pampered and celebrated than usual.
    You’d have thought with press junkets and red carpets they would be well used to navigating how to answer these questions.
    JLaw was a bit tipsy at the Oscars but she was at least funny, I think “Coop” ticked her off. Amy was the only professional one, at 2.30 she tries to push him forward.

    • Liv says:

      I found it pretty rude how they all reacted to the journo’s question and nobody answered – except Amy Adams. She seemed a bit Anne-Hathaway-try-hardy, but at least she acted professionally. Kudos to her.

      And Bradley Cooper is a weirdo. Who would tell the press that he wouldn’t date Jennifer, because he could be her father, and then show his girlfriend around, who’s even younger?? I really hope he’s gay, because otherwise I don’t like him anymore.

      • bns says:

        I totally agree.

        I also think that he’s gay and his new girlfriend is just for show.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        That’s what kills me about the whole thing—in general, as long as they aren’t in a working relationship (like Cooper being her boss), then I don’t care about age differences, as long as it’s legal and everything. But come on–Cooper made it a point to address (or at least respond) to rumors that he and Jennifer were dating. And instead of saying something like ‘she’s a wonderful woman/actress, but we’re just friends’, he went all ‘I could literally be her father’, and then dates someone YOUNGER than her. WTF?

      • HadleyB says:

        I think the questions were stupid. I would of been up there rolling my eyes — does anyone in the media go to college or wtf?

        I have NO desire to hear these questions, or have anyone answer them. It was a waste of time.

      • The Wizz says:

        Agree with you HadleyB, not only were the questions idiotic (hey lets ask fashion and beauty questions to a bunch of women who have just won an ensemble acting award, talk about insulting) but the whole thing just looked like one big disorganised rabble by the producers of the SAG’s. The actors had a right to be pissed off for having to be there suffering through that idiocy

  4. Marianne says:

    Christian Bale has been filming Exodus.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      After Fuerteventura,the filming was in Pinewood studio in England this week:-)

      • Gail says:

        Yes he was. They have finally wrapped up after a bit of delay.. Hopefully he’ll make an appearance at the Oscars.

  5. Patricia says:

    Amy absolutely is a pro and for the first time JLaw seemed ungrateful and annoying to me. Is it really that hard to stand up there and answer a few questions about the movie you were paid millions to perform in and are winning awards for? Jeez!
    Maybe BCoop was feeling unwell and had to run to the bathroom, who knows.

    • SonjaMarmeladova says:

      Amy is a class act.

      • Myrto says:

        Amy Adams is usually boring to me. But I have to say the way she handled those stupid questions with grace and class blew me away. Well done. That’s how you do it. With professionalism and class.
        I suddenly find her less boring.

    • Zadie says:

      Funny how in almost every photo Jennifer is in the centre and Amy on the side, even though Amy is the lead and Jennifer is a supporting character. But she’s o so shy and doesn’t like attention.
      Jennifer came across as very bratty , drunk or not.

      • Kate says:

        I think Amy is an introvert and she’s in a business where we tend to think that quiet, classy people are boring. It’s a sad commentary on our culture . Adams is very interesting she just doesn’t shove it in your face every ten seconds.

      • SonjaMarmeladova says:

        @Kate, I completely agree. As an introvert, I totally feel for her.

      • Leah says:

        I have seen a few of those hollywood roundtable things that the hollywood reporter does and Amy is very quiet in those. She is not a typical actress at all.

      • Gail says:

        @Kate – I agree about Amy. I am always surprised and a little miffed when Amy is labeled as boring. So she doesn’t try to hog the limelight or have some drama play out in the tabloids. Why should that matter? She has never given a boring performance – shouldn’t that be the only thing that matters?

      • Deehunny says:


      • Mel. says:

        She’s actually kind of badass. I was suprised by her at the roundtable for last season when the journo asked about the paparazzi taking pictures of her kids, she made clear in voice in speech that it was NOT OKAY. I bet you she’s a fierce mama bear when it comes to those kids. It was a lot of power coming from a girl who normally plays wide eyed sweethearts (Enchanted, Doubt, Julia & Julia).

    • Becky1 says:

      I get irritated when I see actors who are paid extremely well to do a job that many, many people would absolutely love to have act put out because they have to answer questions from celebrity journalists. So what if some of the questions are kind of lame? You answer them as thoughtfully and respectfully as possible (like Amy Adams did). You don’t act snarky and bratty like Jennifer Lawrence or run off the stage like Bradley Cooper (unless he was about to vomit or lose control of his bladder or bowels or there was some kind of family emergency-in that case it’s understandable). I’m not sure who the actor was who said that they didn’t understand the reporter’s question but he was rude also.

    • Deehunny says:

      I didn’t think he was rude, he just left. Rude is acting ungrateful and acting like every question asked from the press is beneath you. You’re an actress, not a rocket scientist. If you’re going to be a drunk, at least be a happy drunk. At least Anne Hathaway and Amy Adams has an air of professionalism that Jlaw obviously lacks, no matter how annoying you may find them. Adams even apologized for her taking the majority of the questions.

    • The Wizz says:

      I dont think fashion and beauty questions have anything to do with the movie they were in. I find those questions insulting.

  6. Dame Snarkweek says:

    Multimillion dollar stars behaving like brats? This makes no sense LOL but seriously, when all of these celebrities are just starting out and they are working hard, taking shitty rolls, going on one stupid audition after another I know they dream about the day when they could walk the red carpet having established themselves as esteemed actors, right? So why the screwed up, entitled, whining behavior once they make it? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  7. Mia4S says:

    Christian Bale is in Spain filming Exodus with Ridley Scott. I’m not surprised he hasn’t pushed to get out of filming to go. He’s always been a “let the work speak” type.

    BCoop is starting to annoy me. I can’t figure out why now, but I’m just not impressed.

    • Gail says:

      Agree about the “let the work speak”. He has never been really comfortable with the limelight and the endless rounds of interviews, junkets and parties that the awards season tend to be. Frankly, I think he is secretly relieved to have a legitimate reason to stay away from L.A at this time of the year.

  8. CeCe says:

    I just saw the movie yesterday…disappointing to see them act so awkward and put out…(except for Amy). I think she genuinely felt bad for possibly pissing off BCoop..

  9. Hannah says:

    Christian Bale is shooting Exodus with Ridley Scott, isn’t he?

    And it doesn’t actually look like Suki sat in Bradley’s lap to me. Their relationship would be a lot less weird if she didn’t look like a kindergardener.

  10. ANDREA1 says:

    Wow I just watched the Video and it was So rude of Bcooper to walk out and Jlaw was just acting up too. They were both rude. Amy was gracious and classy. Jlaw needs to stop making that face we get it you are just like us.

  11. eliza says:

    Bale is filming a movie.

    The only ones that acted like jerks were Pena, Cooper. JLaw seemed annoyed at Cooper and the rest just stood there silently. DiNiro seemed fine.

    • Zadie says:

      She was a bit rude answering the previous question too.

      • Meg says:

        I think to a certain level people love her ‘blunt-ness’ with questions. it can come across as refreshingly honest. but this was too honest and she clearly had ‘checked out’ for the night and was done being friendly with the press or even with costars. actually being pissed that BCoop abandoned them on stage as soon as he didn’t get to speak was super selfish and a diva move, kind of love how pissed she got there. but waving off every question amy tried to get jen to answer did not look good. she should have stood in the back and not drawn attention to herself, this was a bad move for her.

      • eliza says:

        I’m no Jlaw fan so I am not speaking to defend her. I was just making the point she seemed annoyed with Cooper.Upon viewing the clip again, I actuually don’t find Cooper that rude. He wasn’t rude to the press he just left and who knows for what reason. Pena to me seemed the rudest of all. He was acting like a fool and should be the one taking all the heat.

  12. Sullivan says:

    I hope that I would behave with grace and professionalism, but damn, awards season seems intense. When it’s not intense, it’s tedious. Plus all that mingling. Throw in alcohol, for liquid courage. Yikes. As an introvert, this does not sound like fun at all. Still, if it were part of my job I’d figure out a way to make it work without being an ass.

    • Lindy79 says:

      I think that’s exactly it. It’s part of the job along with press junkets so you just deal with it and learn how to handle it. You sign the contract, you accept that you have to publicise the project and that means sitting answering the same question over and over at junkets, and at award shows having the same banal questions fired at you along with stupid crap like “who are you wearing?”. without acting petulant and rude.

      • TG says:

        Agreed and unless they paid for the dress I think they are under an obligation to tell anyone who will listen who they are wearing. I lalways knew B-Coop was an *ss and last night proved it and I caught on to J-Law a long time ago, but I always liked her anyway. I like her less now, but she still hasn’t stooped to the low levels of AnnE Hathaway. Just thank god no one is asking her about her short hair and we don’t have to hear her whine and cry about her precious hair or starving herself. Thank god for small favors.

      • Jessica says:

        @TG: At least Anne Hathaway isn’t a jerk to the press. She’s overly try-hard but she’s not an a-hole like Jennifer in that press room.

  13. Jackson says:

    What is wrong with these people? Aside from Amy, they are showing a sad lack of professionalism and class. They get paid ridiculous amounts of money and just got lauded with a shiny trophy for playing dress up and speaking other people’s words. Try not to be rude for a few minutes.

  14. Kate says:

    Just an FYI this is why I can’t tolerate picking apart Amy Adams. She’s intensely professional and always seems grateful to be where she is. I will always like her and support her for that reason. (Also helps that she has the talent to back it up. She could be a diva and she chooses not to be.)

    I don’t get Bradley Cooper. I find that I enjoy him as an actor but he just creeps me out in interviews.

    • frisbeejada says:

      I agree with you, the more talented they are the less trouble they seem to be, the ‘diva’s’ like Bradley Cooper et al always seem to be middling talent – maximum hype in a “look at me I’m REALLY IMPORTANT” kind of way to me, the Day Lewis’s, Streep’s, Amy Adam’s ( I could go on but I won’t go into a long list that also includes Philip Seymour Hoffman, Gary Oldman blahdeblahdeblah – I’m boring myself) accept it’s all part of the deal and just get on with it, even Lupita – whose only just started out has more class and professionalism than Mr Cooper…

      • Kate says:

        Amy Adams could absolutely be a diva if she wanted to be. She’s got 5 Oscar nominations and she’s beautiful. I just cannot with people who call her “bland” bc frankly it’s insulting. She chooses to act with class when she could choose to constantly be seeking attention for herself. It’s a choice. Given the options I’ll choose her any day of the week.

        The rest of them should be embarassed for their behavior here. Making fun of a foreign person? This is why people hate Americans.

    • T.c. says:

      I don’t think Amy Adams is that talented. She is a very bland actress who gets nominated for anything but she showed the most class with the press. Everyone else acted like douchebags.

      • SonjaMarmeladova says:

        I completely disagree. She is amazing, and has a very subtle approach, which is more my taste than the “in you face” approach some other actors have.

      • Kate says:

        Yeah sorry T. C. I’m so done with this whole “Amy Adams is bland” crap. Like I could not be more done with that bc it’s not true.

        She deserves every nom she has gotten bc she consistently shows up and does great work.

        She should have been nominated for Enchanted. It should be 6 nominations. She was the only “human” in American Hustle. I have reached the point where I will not hear nasty things about Adams. Nope. LOL.

    • mom2two says:

      I love Amy Adams. She has so much talent, class and grace.

  15. Lolita de las F. says:

    I think it has to do with the fact that maybe no one is preparing them to answer these questions. In the “Golden” days of Hollywood the actors were taught how to handle press and the rest, by MGM and the rest of the studios, now this is no longer the case. But it is true, they go to the premiers and to junkets (or whatever it is called) they should know by now how to behave even with the types of questions they are asked.

    • jinni says:

      Well yeah, back in the day the studios trained them. But it’s not like this is the first time at the rodeo for any of them. They’ve all been through an award season so they could at least fake the funk try to look interested and attempt to be professionals. No need to be rude to the journos, especially when they are only there to make the actors look good.

      I feel like Amy was forced to be the Anna Hathaway during this conference because she was surrounded by Francos.

      • M.A.F. says:

        This is the second or third time I have seen people throwing “she was forced to be Anne Hathaway”. What does that have to do with being professional and classy? She was not over the top with any of her answers or attitude.

    • Migdalia says:

      Now it’s the job of their PR reps to prepare them for questions, and to keep up their good public image.

    • shellybean says:

      Oh please. Their PR people and the rest of their teams totally advise them on how to handle press. They just chose to be jerks here. I thought Jennifer was kind of rude, Pena was definitely rude, and who knows why Bradley left, he didn’t stomp out or anything so it didn’t come across as rude to me. Only Amy and DeNiro acted appropriately.

      • Deehunny says:

        DeNiro Is obviously a pro but he looks like he is trying to hide his uncomfortableness with JLaw’s attitude. She is obviously drunk IMO and he’s just taking it in stride.

    • Jessica says:

      They all get media training, they just choose to be a-holes.

  16. QQ says:

    Either a good portion of em were drunk, or high…either way, that was uncomfortable

  17. Kiddo says:

    Vitalii Sediuk should be charged with assault. It’s not cute to grab people’s private parts, regardless of gender, unless they are in on the joke, somehow.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Agreed. That guy is an ahole. I didn’t see Coop as being rude–maybe he had to pee or something?

      Sure, no doubt that there was some unprofessionalism on the part of JLaw but those questions are embarrassingly bad. I get that this kind of thing comes with the job, but I also get why actors probably get frustrated having to answer lame-ass questions.

      • Kiddo says:

        I think maybe the fact that it was a SAG event also made them feel and act more casually. Isn’t that an event of peers?

  18. Aria says:

    This is the first time I want to punch JL in the face. Be graceful! Next year or the following another blonde actress will start replacing you so be graceful.

  19. Sam H x says:

    Pena and Cooper were the rude ones. Pena was mostly like drunk off his a*s, so was JLaw. I think JLaw being pissed at Bradley was totally justified. I think I would be annoyed if my colleague buggered off in the middle of an interview/awards press junket and left me to answer a question on a project that we both worked on. Amy Adams is a class act, gracious and a total professional, love her.

    • Jessica says:

      It doesn’t matter that Bradley left (and he may have had a good reason, you don’t know. And it’s not like he stormed off, he quietly walked away), it does not give Jennifer the right to act like an a-hole to the press.

  20. tifzlan says:

    All of them, save Amy, were so rude to the journalist who i’m guessing is foreign (complexity of character question). Especially JLaw. “What are you saying? Who are you talking to? What? What is it?” She was also really rude and bratty during the Silver Linings Playbook question.

    Why do people like her again?

    • Renee says:

      Um, THANK YOU. I thought that they were all so rude, with the exception of Amy Adams and I guess DeNiro, I wanted to line them up agains the wall and slap their faces until I sprained my arm. I always thought that J-Law came across as entitled and assholely, and I couldn’t/can’t understand why everyone was fawning over her. Yes, they were stupid questions but no need to treat these people like this, they are part of the reason why these jerks get to live large. And Michael PENA being rude to the journalist who sounded like he spoke Spanish as his first language? I CAN’T with him.

  21. TheCountess says:

    Admittedly, that first question rubbed me the wrong way too (the “ladies” have already talked about who they’re wearing during red carpet interviews, and WTF with the business about their mothers?). But Lawrence is doing the awards-season pole dance and refusing to even step up to the podium and leaving Adams hanging out there was classless (but in line with what I expect of her given her bratty, juvenile history).

    Maybe Cooper was upset that Suki wasn’t allowed to sit on his lap backstage.

    • Chloe says:

      I’m with you on this countess, I hate how the women get asked about fashion and girl stuff, but I found it rude of JLaw not to answer the question, since she’s the one getting paid millions to be the face of Dior.
      Amy Adams is just pure class, Jennifer’s cool girl schtick is getting old.

      • TheCountess says:

        Oh, I definitely agree it was rude of Lawrence to not answer. Like I said, they’re doing the pole dance for their films, it’s part of the deal. She should take a lesson from Amy Adams, who answered an odd question beautifully.

        I suspect Lawrence will not learn the importance of manners until the shine has really gone off her golden girl image (which I imagine will happen sooner rather than later).

  22. Shopperetta says:

    It looks like he’s out with his daughter.

  23. lisa says:

    I think Bradley Cooper should be grateful to be among such a fine cast. I really thought he was the weak link in the movie. He had scenes where he was just crazy in lust for the Amy Adams character. It was cringe-worthy – his acting was not good, but his movements, his hands, his expressions were just those of someone going through the motions without any feeling.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      He acts the same way in all his movies–he’s the male Jennifer Aniston for me. I can’t believe he was nominated for anything this awards season. People are bitching about JLaw being nominated again—they should direct that to Cooper. He was horrible in that movie.

    • Kate says:

      Actually as much as I don’t like Cooper….I thought his scenes with Amy were some of his better acting. He was crazy and manic and pathetic and it worked . I don’t know if it was Adams making him better or what but I bought him in the role.

    • dj says:

      Amen! B.C. was the weakest link in the movie. I cannot believe he was nominated for any awards from Am. Hustle. Ugh. He is a creepy dude who played a creepy dude. Big stretch. Amy Adams has manners and is professional. Thank heavens she took charge after noticing no one else was going to. I also thought Renner wanted to take charge and was annoyed at the lack of professionalism as well. I am a JLaw fan but was embarrassed with her behavior. I think she probably thought she made it clear earlier to the cast “I don’t want to be the voice for everyone…maybe she thought B.C. would step up. Clearly, he did not.

  24. neha says:

    Wow, Jennifer Lawrence does NOT come off looking good in this. She seems really bitchy and annoyed. Honestly, with the exception of Amy, they all kind of seem mean! They have all been to dozens of awards shows, and know how the press room works. I’m sure no one likes it, but you suck it up and act like you do.

  25. bns says:

    I hated how rude Jennifer was to the foreign journalist with the heavy accent. It was really condescending, especially since he was one of the only journos who was asking about the film and not what they were wearing.

    • original kay says:

      there was no need for her to be so incredibly rude to him.

      she got hers though, when she was pointing up at something, and tried to engage with de niro. he looked up and then dismissed her. priceless.

      yesterday I made a comment about acting appropriate at these events, and someone told me I was being too hard on her.
      But no, I am not.
      she is 23, yes, but in a field where she should be expected to act with a level of maturity and professionalism.
      particularly at an awards show. there is a time and place for goofing off, and she routinely chooses the wrong settings.

      that being said, I agreed with her when she said she wasn’t a fashion icon. she’s not.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Very good point..he was probably the only one that asked (relatively) interesting questions.

  26. Lydia says:

    Happy the cast won this award, totally deserved. It’s the only award on the circuit that really goes to the actors themselves and not the producers, save for the individual awards, obviously. Great for them. As for Bradley, his ego is starting to get the better of him.

  27. aquarius64 says:

    Disappointed about Jennifer Lawrence. If she’s not careful she’ll become the new Kristen Stewart. She will definitely miss the love from the press and public.

    • Aria says:

      Exactly. I like her movies (most of them) but her public persona seems to be getting worse in every event and interview.

  28. Diana says:

    Jlaw MUST be drunk off her @ss because otherwise there is just no excuse for her behaviour. And you know what? not even if she was infact drunk was that justified. first a finger at the Oscars, now a bunch of expletives at the SAGS. Poor Amy Adams and bless her heart for acting gracious and profesional amongst the brats. We don’t know why Bradley left but Jennifer should have been profesional enough to handle the question. And I found her annoying when she told Amy to answer the first question whithout any manners whatsoever.

    • original kay says:

      ^^ this.

    • Jessica says:

      I hate how people act like being drunk is an excuse for poor behavior. Being drunk doesn’t make you into someone you’re not, it lowers inhibitions and brings out the true person behind facade. If Jennifer was drunk, then she’s just an @ss and anytime she’s not she’s faking for the public.

  29. Aly says:

    DeNiro and Amy were fine, everyone else acted like and idiot. So disappointed in Pena, he usually seems much nicer.

    Also, I am officially 100% done with Lawrence. She never sounds intelligent or funny (and no I don’t think her constantly talking about food or being lazy is cutesy. She’s no Liz lemon) and she has been an asshole on more than one occasion. Lets her Stan’s cry and defend her all they want, she’s so overrated.

  30. Chrissy says:

    Jennifer must really be fed up with all the fawning and attention she’s received because it feels like she’s deliberately setting herself up for backlash. Was she always such a rude and petulant person? Try to at least act gracious.

    And being drunk is not an excuse.

    • Deehunny says:

      Hmmm I think that’s a very valid point. You would think no one would act like that purposely to be cool consciously since it would be widely considered rude, but maybe subconsciously she’s uncomfortable and over it and wants the backlash. Or maybe she just feels entitled and it all has gone to her head

      If we see her constantly at the Chateau Marmot then we’ll know ;-)

  31. Milla B. says:

    “Okay. So there’s a fair amount of Jennifer Lawrence potty mouth in that video too. She seemed really frustrated when BCoop disappeared and didn’t handle it well.”

    Really? Did we watch the same video? She sounded annoyed since the beginning and acted rude during the whole interview. She didn’t want to answer the questions. I don’t want to defend Cooper, since the only one who acted like a professional was Amy, but he seems to leave after Jennifer refused to answer the question. Interesting how the post is about him. I think Lawrence and Pena were the worst during the interview.

    • Migdalia says:

      Exactly…you know if this was Kristen Stewart it would be her headlining this article and not Bradley. Sorry I’m going to always defend a Philly boy. He’s harmless but get shatted on a lot here.

    • Deehunny says:

      Another great point. Maybe she was so pissed and acting so immature bc she knew he walked off cuz he was pissed at the way she was acting … “really f*cking Cooper, really?”

  32. AG-UK says:

    Rude rude people. Amy was very professional but I don’t care what job you do, Pena and “we didn’t understand a word you said Bro?” You are not in the street or on the set of End of Watch, yes the questions are a bit boring/tedius but get over it, it’s your job. OR you can come and sit at my desk all day long for far less money and oh yeah working 9-5 all day 5 days a week :) Also, do people not say excuse me or pardon me anymore.?

  33. Mrs.Darcy says:

    Oh this is pretty bad. Michael Pena, dude, seriously with the attitude? Who are YOU? Just because the guy wasn’t articulating his thought perfectly, the jist of the question was obvious, they just couldn’t be bothered concentrating. That was embarassing, aside from graceful Amy and even Bob, who the fig does Bradley Cooper think he is exactly? This tw-t gets nominated over plenty of more talented and gracious actors in the world and already has an ego like this? Blaaaaargh. J.Law is a cocky girl, so far she has shown it in a flattering light but her ego is showing up in an unflattering way here, like in a Julia Roberts way. Ick. I really hope none of these people win an Oscar – Amy accepted, she rocks.

  34. Daria says:

    You guys need to get over your BCoop hate. He was neither rude nor whiny. That was JLaw.

    Also, can you imagine what a big deal it would be if that guy had stuck his face in the crotch of a female actor on the red carpet?? That’s assault. Cooper handled it like a pro and laughed if off but he should have punched him.

  35. Mrs.Darcy says:

    Ok just had a look on youtube, here is the personification of class and charm in the same room/circumstance in the form of Jared Leto (yes I know Uncle Terry bad but he just about redeems himself from that for me here) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNBzl1sNkS4
    Just so nice and courteous and not entitled.

    • Leah says:

      Meh. He is known to be a pretentious douche. Why do you think he is best friends with Terry?

      • Mrs.Darcy says:

        I don’t know if he is friends w/Terry, he poses for him though as was posted on this site the other day, which I do take issue with. I don’t know where he is known for being a pretentious douche, he certainly does a great job of acting like a grateful, adult professional who addresses reporters by name and gives thoughtful answers in the video which you maybe didn’t bother to watch though.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I think it’s well known that Leto is a jerk. That being said, I think it’s a good example of how someone can rein themselves in when it’s needed to get the job done. If Leto can do it, I think most of the others can too.

      • SonjaMarmeladova says:

        I never heard of him being a douche. Pretentious, yes, but not a jerk.
        And when did being polite and professional become a bad thing?

      • Mrs.Darcy says:

        I honestly know very little gossip about Leto, I think of him as a bit of a leftover 90′s man ho hipster (who I did think was hot in MSCL) who is more into his music than acting. I haven’t seen Dallas Buyer’s Club yet, he was good in Requiem for a Dream though and I can’t imagine he’s winning the awards against more hot, power player actors for nothing. I read an interview with him and his brother in the U.K. Times awhile back that did shed a bit more light on his background, it was a pretty poor/rough upbringing but he came across well in that and in everything else I’ve seen recently. I’m not saying he’s not potentially a douche, just that he is smarter and more professionally courteous than any of these American Hustle brats. (save Amy). sheesh.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Aw. Thanks for posting this, Mrs Darcy. Don’t care if he’s a “known douche”-I love Leto so much. I’m so happy for him, he was great as Rayon.

      • Ag-UK says:

        He was fantastic as Rayon and he made a very pretty woman. His expressions were son subtle.

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        Original Kitten, Glad you liked! I just happened to watch it to see how the other interviews were in comparison and was struck by his sweet demeanor, esp. in comparison w/the American Hustle jackals. I can’t help but think that Bradley didn’t come to play, he knows he’s not winning anything this yr so is just acting like a little brat. I really want to see Dallas Buyers Club, not sure if it’s out in the U.K. yet.

    • Ag-UK says:

      That was nice he does seem very grateful that he is in this position. He was very
      Polite. I don’t know much about him never watched that show ages ago a friend went to school with him and says he is a nice guy

    • dj says:

      Thank you for posting link to Jared Leto speaking to the press. This seemed to be much more engaging, professional, and grateful actor. This should be shown to those actors and modeled their behavior accordingly.

  36. Who’s the blonde in the pink dress? A producer?

    • MollyMaxwell says:

      It’s Elisabeth Röhm. She played Jeremy Renner’s character’s wife (Dolly? I think was the character’s name?) in the movie.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Oh yeah–I loved her in the movie. I didn’t recognize her because of the hair–she looks better with darker hair. I loved that she and Renner had each other’s backs….
        kids go upstairs and order some pizza’..as soon as she saw the mafia dudes..

  37. lunchcoma says:

    …and this is why I don’t mind the Anne Hathaways of the world.

    Lawrence was rude, but I at least understand what happened. That’s not that far from the kind of behavior that people often find cute and that I’m sure she’s been advised to play up – it’s just that she’s turned it up a few notches too high this time. I think she can learn to find some balance, and since she’s the hottest thing in Hollywood right now, I’m sure she’ll be given lots of time to do that.

    Cooper’s behavior confuses me, though. It’s hard to interpret that as anything but diva behavior, and I don’t know if he’s in a place in his career yet where he’s allowed to get away with some amount of that. There’s just a little bit more left of this Oscar campaign. Grin through the dumb questions and leave your 20-year-old girlfriend at home.

  38. Rhiley says:

    I can’t stand JLaw. Amy Adams, though, I love.

    • Kate says:

      To defend Jlaw for a minute….this is an example where youth was not in her favor. Adams has more life experience and probably knows better. It’s not an excuse but a reminder in this youth obsessed Hollywood that many times older women really are just better at certain things.

      • Migdalia says:

        Ugh I’m tired of youth being a defense. It’s just a simple matter of being respectful which even 10 year olds can swing just fine. I actually didn’t mind her passing off that first ridiculous question, and her staying quiet. It was when she started making faces, and opened her mouth that it became cringeworthy. Maybe she has some kind of mild case of ADHD or something.

      • Mark says:

        She’s 23 not 13, she acted like a dickhead. Stop defending her obnoxious behavior

      • Kate says:

        I never said it was an excuse.

  39. Alina says:

    why is this post about Bradley Cooper? Just because he was fed up the antics of his rude colleagues? This post should be about super rude JLaw & MPena.

    Amy Adams was wonderful, she´s a very kind person. She knows how to behave and how to do her job.

    • tifzlan says:

      +100000 I don’t understand why Bradley is being made out to look like the bad guy here either. Jennifer, from the beginning, was annoyed and bratty. It wasn’t just “a little bit of potty mouth”

      • Div says:

        Kind of agree. I think he acted like an ass, but he seemed frustrated at the others who were just snotty and mean after winning a prestigious award. It’s JLaw though, she can do no wrong so it’s gotta be all on Bradley snort.

  40. Leah says:

    In his defence Bradley seemed like he got annoyed with Pena and Jlaws handling of the press. But it was unprofessional of him to walk off. DeNiro, Jeremey and Amy were the only ones who comes off looking good in this video.

    • eliza says:

      Yeah, I am not sure why Renner was being lumped in as rude by some because he seemed like he was just standing and smiling. He hasn’t been nominated for this picture so my thoughts are he was just allowing those nominated to take the lead with the press. I understand the cast won but it seems he was being respectful letting others speak.

  41. Meg says:

    fame doesn’t seem to have gone to amy’s head, such a pro. what was wrong with jennifer lawrence? if you know you’re in a shitty mood and refusing to answer questions like she did multiple times when amy said, go up and talk they want to hear from you, then why stand in the middle of the stage dead center right in front of the microphone? I can imagine answering stupid questions all day long and being overheated and listening to stupid speeches all night would be exhausting and boring, but this is part of your job people! if you’re done for the day then don’t stand in front of the mic, go in the back like BCoop did. it was a shitty move for him to leave early, a diva moment for him. at least jen stayed. Jen seemed drunk, did they publicize this video very much because usually her people are so great at crafting her image of being funny and sweet but here she comes across as tipsy and in a pissy mood.

    • agent strawberry fields says:

      That was exactly my thought. If she was not in the mood to answer questions from the peasant journos, then why stood in the center and display those annoyed expressions?

  42. Migdalia says:

    Poor Amy that was super cringeworthy. I can relate to being that one uncomfortable person in a group of people being disrespectful. I agree with other posters that believe this article was mis-directed at Bradley Cooper. This should have all been about Lawrence and Pena. Where the hell was David O’ Russell?

    • Jessica says:

      The award was for the actors of the film, not the director, so of course Russell wasn’t in the press room with them.

  43. Div says:

    They all come across, except for Amy, like incredible assholes. They just won
    a prestigious award, it’s not like they are dealing with Ryan Seacrest, and the nastiness towards a man with a heavy accent is kind of offensive. If this was Jonah Hill, Leo, and the Wolf cast they would have been ripped apart but because these people are well liked generally they’ll get a pass.

    • lunchcoma says:

      For all of Leo’s faults, I can’t imagine him ever doing anything like this. He knows how to play the Hollywood game to well for these kinds of rookie mistakes.

      • ByeBye says:

        I agree: Leo will never do that, he’s too clever for it and know the game…. For Amy, I really think she’s great… For JenLaw… I have never understood…. I don’t think she’s so incredible and in that video, she seems bored and when I see that, I want to sy: “millions of beautifull and talented girls are waiting to take the place if you are bored”

      • M.A.F. says:

        Second that. I’m not a huge Leo fan but I can’t see him being rude to a reporter, at least not on camera.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I could perhaps see Leo being less polite to paparazzi, but I feel that’s a very different situation than being at an arranged event that’s a normal and expected part of your job. Leo has always been very professional about his work, which I’m sure helped his career to last as long as it has.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I’ve seen pap videos of Leo–the worst thing I’ve ever seen him do is shove a camera away from him. He’s more concerned with covering his face.

        But that’s one of the big reasons why I love me some Leo—he’s a modelizing mama’s boy, but I’ve never heard any stories from anyone, about him being rude to anyone (waiters, lesser crew, cast, etc), and he always says in interviews how lucky he is to be a working actor. Plus he’s talented and has consistently put out good work.

  44. eliza says:

    Am I the only one who understood perfectly what the foreign journalist was saying? His question seemed quite to the point to me. I wasn’t the least bit confused as to what he was trying to get at.

    • SonjaMarmeladova says:

      Me too.

    • Migdalia says:

      I totally understood him as well, but that’s because we were watching a broadcast where the sound is a bit amplified. Idk how far back he was sitting, but it’s a little tough to understand someone from the audience when you’re on stage. Nevertheless, very classless of someone to yell, “honestly we don’t know what the hell you just said”.

    • MickeyM says:

      I understood him. I liked that movie but this made me think the majority of the cast (excepting Amy Adams Robert De Niro) are all assholes.

    • Jessica says:

      I understood the foreign journalist just fine. Jennifer and that other guy were just being rude a-holes.

      @Migdalia: just because we’re watching the video doesn’t mean we hear the journalists more clearly than the people on stage, actually usually it’s the opposite. When I’m watching videos of the press room, usually the actor (or whoever) answers a question that I didn’t even hear.

  45. MickeyM says:

    JLaw is kinda trashy if you ask me. I am so sick of her swearing and TMI bathroom stories. She’s like Bart Simpson with boobs. They were all assholes to this poor journalist (and yes, you could understand him). As for Amy Adams – thank god for a gracious, talented actress. I would hang out with Amy any day over obnoxious JLaw.

  46. Magew says:

    i don’t know who the guy in the grey suit and bow tie is but i watched this video twice and thought he seemed obtuse for standing up front and in the way (to the point that the guy behind had to keep craning in different directions in a vain attempt to see past him) yet being silent and spending the whole time staring sideways and even possibly, gasp!, chewing gum.

    At the start he stood fixedly right in front of the mic(S) as if he intended, or felt entitled, to dominate and then he merely got in the way and distracted to the point that i found it hard to concentrate on anyone else. he looked daft.

    • Chloe says:

      That’s twice Oscar nominated Jeremy Renner, who should be getting nominated for his role in American Hustle, not Cooper. I didn’t care for the film, but the acting on his, Adams and Bale part was excellent, I felt Jennifer was just playing herself after a night out on the town. This whole video is a hot mess, but he’s not the fault of it, there wasn’t any questions really put his way.

    • Deehunny says:

      Yes, Renner really was distracting in that video and hid some if the cast (who I thought was Bale) but the ladies this site say he’s filming. Maybe he was asked to stand there since as an actor he is not oblivious to the camera.

  47. LaurieH says:

    With the exception of Amy Adams, they were all rude. Okay fine – so the questions weren’t all that heady – but the reporters aren’t Tim Russert, the actors aren’t freakin’ nuclear physisists and they weren’t being interviewed about their cancer cure discovery. So how “deep” can the questions at a useless awards show be?

  48. Sam H x says:

    Okay, I’ve seen the video properly again. Even though I like JLaw, I will admit she comes off very immature, pulling faces and all that jazz she does. She should have been courteous and sucked it up like a professional. Press junkets and interviews are what you have to do whether you like them or not as mentioned above. Amy Adams, De Niro, Renner and the rest were fine, it was unprofessional for Bradley to walk off like that. I love Amy Adams, she is proof that you can have a successful acting career without too much paparazzi intrusion. I hate the whole idea of nice being boring. JLaw needs to take some tips from her on being polite, classy and courteous.

  49. KevinA says:

    Question: If J-Law HAD answered these questions, wouldn’t we say “Oh look, attention hog! Trying to step over Amy!” No-win situation for her now. And she did answer two ?’s (while cursing BC).

    Michael Pena? That was awful.

  50. Bisolaf says:

    I am not american and english isnt my first language but the reporters question seemed preety clear to me.i think the whole issues is being overhyped,if anyone hadnt pointed it out i wouldnt have noticed anytin except That d cast werent really cohesive,not knowing who would answer what.

    • KevinA says:

      Right. JL saying “what? huh? etc.” isn’t being rude. Just being confused, Pena, OTOH…

      • Jessica says:

        If they didn’t hear the journalist, or didn’t understand him, they could have politely asked him to repeat the question, they didn’t have to be rude and say, “who are you talking to?” and “we don’t know what the hell you just said, bro” in such a rude manner. Jennifer didn’t even come to the mic to ask the reporter to repeat the question she just stood in the back and went “what? Who are you talking to?” They could have been polite and come to the mic to ask, “could you repeat the question.”

        In my opinion, Jennifer and that other guy weren’t even trying to listen to that reporter since it was clear that Amy heard and understood what he said and was trying to explain it to Jennifer.

      • KevinA says:

        I mean, is “Who are you talking to?” that rude? Look, she was NOT at her best, no doubt. But it seems clear to me she didn’t want to talk too much. Letting Amy, the lead in the movie, do that seems… OK to me.

  51. Daisy says:

    Oh come on…in the scheme of things is this really that big of a deal??….the cast was tired and cranky and not their finest moment but come on…a 130 plus posts most of which are an excuse to dump on Jennifer Lawrence. Cooper was the designated speaker for the cast and he split unexpectedly..I’d be pissed as well. They are human folks and I don’t expect them to be perfect. In fact, according to Roger Friedman (Showbiz411) NO ONE from any of the winners was particularly on their game that night backstage during question and answer time. Friedman put it down to Award Season malaise and that it happens…no big deal.

    I think as usual, that everyone is overreacting…a lot. You know, I don’t think an actor is ungrateful because one particular time backstage they really were not up to answering questions…it’s the Mel Gibson type antics that make me want to stop following a star.

    • KevinA says:

      Agreed, though Adams was a pro. JL made ONE derpy face, but then DID answer the ?.

    • Deehunny says:

      Ok, in the “big scheme of things ” it’s also ok to say JLaw is a young woman who made a mistake. But she still acted inappropriately and unprofessionally and made a mistake. I think it’s a bigger problem when there are fans and her ego that will blindly defend that behavior.

    • Happyhat says:

      I pretty much agree. It’s kinda a no-win situation. From the stars point of view, it takes a pretty zen approach NOT to turn into an ass in these situations – you’re worked off your feet, awards season is pretty unrelentingly intrusive and grueling if you’re nominated in any way. You worked your ass off to be nominated in the first place, you work your ass off to keep your standing so that you can work your ass off in the future. People blow smoke up your a** from all directions. You’re tired, your cranky, you’re depressed (probably), your insecurities are going haywire etc…

      And no one is going to feel sorry for you when you react in a perfectly human way, because damn you get paid more than enough for your troubles.

      Fame is overrated as a path to happiness. (As an aside, I like to ponder about Justin Bieber and try and imagine a scenario where he would have been able to grow up and NOT become a horrible little f***. I don’t think there is one. My heart does not bleed for him btw. If anything, Miley Cyrus way seems best – there’s a good chance she’s done an Aguilera and blown off steam on-route, thus circumventing a full meltdown later. I can only imagine what the Bieber meltdown will look like – like Aaron Carter’s but thirty times more perverse….)

      And kudos to Amy; she probably has a very good therapist! Or, she’s just naturally zen. Or sober.

  52. Rosalindy says:

    I thought Amy came across as very well-spoken, intelligent and articulate. She was also very professional. Jennifer looked a bit tipsy, maybe that could account for some of the rudeness but at the end of the day she’s an adult making a ridiculous amount of money and part of the package is talking to the press. She didn’t handle herself well at all.

  53. Joya says:

    IMO this was totally undeserved award for this group!! And they proved it by their childish antics and infantile behavior. They were at a ceremony that awards rich people or doing their cushy jobs FCOL! It is hard to imagine Chiwetel or Michael or Lupita acting like brats1

  54. ali says:

    Jennifer Lawerance glad to see the real you

  55. magpie says:

    Amy is like Cate…this may not be her year, but she’s a pro and a class act. She will get many other chances.

  56. Jessica says:

    Bradley Cooper just walked away silently, didn’t make a fuss–and maybe he had a reason to leave. Jennifer was the one acting like an a-hole. I know the questions people ask are ridiculous sometimes, but you have to be gracious, Jennifer acted like rude pig. And that other guy that spoke (not DeNiro), don’t know who he is, was a jack-ss, too.

  57. Sorella says:

    Yep JL and that actor Pena (like sit down – who are you??!) we’re both rude. Blame it on booze or being tired or whatever, doesn’t matter, they were out of line, and in any JOB (and this is part of their well-paid job!)’, if you acted like this, it would be considered unprofessional. But some actors are so up their own a** , they think they can act anyway they like, looks like some of this cast is buying their own hype and getting egos, booze just amplifies that.

  58. Maybenow says:

    I wondered how long it would take for people to turn on JLaw.

  59. AnneSB says:

    Wow, what a difference a year can make. Last award season JLaw was the darling who can do no wrong. And this year everyone is rushing to toss her to the ground.

    I personally think that while Jennifer is a talented actress (to a degree), she’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. She is not THE actress I would go to for deep, meaningful speeches, so what she said are pretty much standard JLaw stuff. The questions of which the press are asking them pissed me off, and I’m not even an actress! And when the journalist who asked the long, stilted question were trying to get through to her, I think she must have zoned out at some point. From everything I’ve seen/read about Jennifer Lawrence, she’s like a precocious child, who gets bored quickly.

    My point is: I think JLaw is pretty much being her own self here. While I agree that classy is best, her antics doesn’t bother me.

  60. JoJo says:

    Wow, wow, wow – stunned. I’ve never seen anything this rude.

    My thoughts – watching the dynamics here, I don’t think JLaw was actually pissed or seriously annoyed at BCoop at all. I think that was just her “JLaw” crass humor when she started making comments about him ditching them. I’m not sure why BCoop left, so if he just didn’t feel like dealing, yes, rude. But we don’t know.

    JLaw though – I’m not taking this opp to trash her. I’ve liked her so far, but this behavior is truly disgusting. That girl needs someone to seriously put her head right. This whole “look how real I am because I swear a lot and act like I don’t care” is getting old fast. I don’t think actors owe people anything, but really, come on, I do believe they need to be civil, at a minimum. Also, Pena? Again, wow, wow, wow – just wow. I watches that whole video with my mouth hanging open – speechless. I don’t care how dumb the questions were – totally irrelevant. They might have been lame, but they weren’t prying or inappropriate.

    If you watch it again, notice the looks flying around between some of the actors the whole time. Unbelievable. It’s literally a great example of a bunch of 13-year olds in a group eye-rolling and being mean to another group. I’m sure I’m overreacting a bit, but honestly, this has really changed my view of these people – with the exception of Amy!

  61. Caroline says:

    Well, I never liked Jennifer but am developing an immense dislike for her based on antics such as this one. If she was bored, why not just stand there silently instead of acting childish and immature?
    On the other hand, Amy was the epitome of class, such a talented yet underrated actress who I hope will win a bunch of accolades this year.

  62. MynameisPeaches! says:

    Whoa! I have just watched the clip. They were all really rude except for Amy who was very professional. I really don’t understand actors at all.

  63. Nemo says:

    …..Is it just me or was the foreign guy’s question not difficult to understand AT ALL? Yes he had an accent, but I understood him just fine. If you watch the clip it’s clear that none of them (a part from maybe Amy) was actually listening when he was speaking. I don’t think Bradley should get crap for leaving because we have no idea why he left, but the others (excluding Amy and DeNiro) were behaving like a bunch of teenagers. I bet its frustrating having to listen to stupid questions after a long day…but if you’re being paid a ridiculous amount of money to do what you love and this is the WORST part of your job – don’t be a dick. Don’t stand around looking like you give 0 fucks by rolling your eyes and making faces because that makes you look ‘real’ (Jennifer – who i adored up until this point), it makes you look like a brat. And as for the alcohol – it’s not an excuse; if you get mouthy and entitled when you drink, don’t drink; you are at work. Yes it’s a casual event, but answering these dumb questions is part of you job. Do it with grace.

  64. Lis says:

    Something about him seems like he’d be a twat in real life. Like that guy back in high school who knew he was all that and acted like some holier than thou asshole.

  65. I Choose Me says:

    So disagree with the comments about Cooper being rude. From what I saw, he started to answer a question then decided to let Amy take the question instead. Afterwards he walked off the stage and since we’re not sure why I don’t get why he’s the one being hung out to dry. Jennifer and Pena were definitely the rude ones here. Esp. J-Law. Amy was attempting to explain the question to her and she was still going what? Who is he talking to?

    I mean I get that the questions (except for the one the journo asked about the film) are completely inane and that they’re probably all sick of answering question and probably sick of each other too but grace under fire is part from the job when promoting movies. Given her high profile Miss Lawrence would do well to learn that quick. All she has to do is take a page from her co-star Amy, who I love even more now.

  66. Nikita says:

    They are only humans, i dont find anything wrong with their behaivior. Even if your a professional, your still a human and you cant always react perfect especially for actors who are this young like jen or “new” like bradley. But you can take that speech way to serious if you like

  67. taxi says:

    I didn’t understand the what the heavily-accented reporter was asking either because his syntax was confusing. As an ESL teacher, I’m accustomed to accents & some dis-ordered sentences. Amy was gracious. What she said may not have answered whatever the man was asking, but she allowed him to save face which was very nice.
    Back in the days when actors were coached on how to respond to press questions, the press members were also trained on how to ask meaningful and intelligent questions. With so many freelancers and internet reps, many of “the press” are ill-prepared to form articulate questions. There is also a tendency to try to make a single question address multiple topics. Not easy to sort, order, and answer.