Justin Bieber: Why are people always ‘assuming the absolute worst about me’?

Justin Bieber

Awww, isn’t this a disturbingly cute photo? This image comes straight from the Instagram account of Justin Bieber’s dad, Jeremy. The caption reads, “Safe and sound #homesweethome.” I guess Biebs does look pretty peaceful while sleeping next to his four-year-old half-brother, Jaxon. Of course this is the same baby Biebs who swagged his way into a mug shot for DUI and just turned himself in on assault charges. The little bugger is all tuckered out.

There’s a vague undercurrent in the comments of recent Bieber posts that says Bieber’s behavior isn’t all his fault. Most of you want his swaggy hiney drop kicked back to Canada, but some of you feel sorry for him because his parents must have dropped the ball. We’ve recently learned that Bieber’s dad partied with him after his DUI, and his mom gives him Xanax. Bieber does have a surrogate parent as well in his manager, Scooter Braun. Sort of. Scooter has stepped up to defend Bieber during high-profile interviews (including with The Hollywood Reporter). Scooter admits he can’t sleep at night because he’s waiting for a bad-news call every evening. Now Scooter is talking to GQ UK about his frustrations with the frustrated Bieber. Is there a vague aura of tough love here? Nah. That’s a ka-ching!

Scooter’s job as manager: “It’s the same as being with a kid growing up, as a parent. There is a point where you guide them and there’s a point where you feel like you’ve planted enough seeds and you watch them make mistakes. My responsibility is to always be there when they fall, always be there to help them get back up. But at some point I need to let them fail, because if they don’t they’re going to have no humanity.”

On Bieber’s frustrations: “He said that people just assume the worst things about him before he does anything. He said ‘I had a woman film me while I was sleeping, who I’ve never met before. She could have stabbed me, who knows what she could have done. And she was in the house and she filmed me. Instead of people saying how incredibly creepy that was, what an invasion of privacy, they are assuming I slept with her and she was a prostitute. I’ve got to deal with that. I’m 19 [and] every single day I’ve got to deal with stuff like that. People thinking I had a baby or thinking I spit on my fans, just assuming the absolute worst about me.'”

Bieber as a higher being: “We’ve talked that sometimes he doesn’t help himself because he’s so angry about it. But no one really understands what he’s living [through], only him. I think to help him get through that I have to hold him to a higher standard. I can’t baby him, I can’t tell him, ‘You know what you deserve, to say f— everybody, this is unfair.’ I can say there is only one way around this, either we quit and let you try and find a normal life or you realise that this is what this is and we’ve got to keep fighting. And you’re going to hate me some days because I’m going to say you can’t throw a punch. You want to go out there and you want to bash their heads in and say this isn’t fair; you want to say you don’t know me. But the only way you’re going to win them over is by being better than they are.'”

[From GQ UK]

Poor little baby Biebs. I can’t feel too sorry for him with his frustrations. After he was photographed sneaking out of a Brazilian brothel, it’s only natural to assume that the adult film star who films him may be a prostitute. When he’s launching spit bombs off a hotel balcony onto his fans, we’re gonna believe he was spitting on his fans. Logic, you know?

Here are some more loose ends to take us into the weekend:

* TMZ reports that the Miami Beach toxicology reports are in. It is confirmed that Bieber tested positive for THC and Alprazolam, which means that Biebs was high on marijuana and took Xanax before driving. So that would satisfy the DUI portion of the charges. Do you think Biebs will plea bargain his way out of this mess?

* The idiot who rented Bieber his Miami vacation pad is somehow shocked that the entire place smells like weed after Bieber spent a few days there. Cleanup will cost Bieber an extra $5000 on top of the $4200 per night he spent for an entire week.

* Page Six says that Bieber is burning through his money at a rate of $1 million per month: “The guys handling his investments at Mellon Bank complain that there is nothing left for them to invest.” What’s particularly frightening (from a Bieber standpoint) is that his earning power is falling like crazy. His concert ticket prices are dropping, and no one wants to take their children to see his movies. Biebs’ first movie, Never Say Never, grossed $73 million while Believe only fetched $6 million. Scooter had better start taking his percentage in advance.

Justin Bieber

Here’s another picture from Jeremy Bieber’s Instagram account. Clearly, the rules do not apply to him.

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of Jeremy Bieber on Instagram & WENN

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  1. Lindy79 says:

    Short answer: Because you’re an asshat.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:


    • AG-UK says:


      you took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Patricia says:

      Haha you said the exact appropriate answer! Also, spelling the name Jackson like “Jaxon” is the wooooorst. I once had a student whose parents had decided to spell it “Jaxson”, just as terrible. People, just stop!

      • swack says:

        My weird spelling beats yours (I taught for 30 yrs, now retired) :)! I had Antijuan for Antwan. When I first saw the name I thought “were his parents against Juan?”

      • nicegirl says:

        to swack: OH MY GOSH that is hilarious! ‘”were his parents against Juan?”‘ ROTFL

      • Amberica says:

        I win! La-a. It’s pronounced “Ladasha”.

    • Ash says:


    • idk says:

      Why would his dad tweet that pic with the caption “home sweet home”. He’s basically saying “hey media my son is back in Stratford, come get us”.

      Also, with regards to his mom giving him the Xanax, I think Justin just said “my mom takes care of that”. That may mean she gets his prescription filled for him because he doesn’t have the time to do it himself…I don’t think we should jump to conclusions about that just yet. What I’d like to know is why he’s on anti-anxiety pills in the first place? If the fame has gotten too much for him, then he should have slowed himself down a while ago (but that would be hard with all the pressure from the people around him).

    • Duchess of Corolla says:


      Can’t top that.

    • Jack Shih says:

      Because you have a habit of drag racing whilst being drunk and high?

  2. Aims says:

    He’s going to be another burnt out teeny booper complaining about his life in ten years time.

    • Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

      It’s cute that you think he’ll be alive in ten years.

      • littlestar says:

        I think he will be, but I think he’ll also be broke. Lindsay Lohan is still around, so why wouldn’t he be.

      • FLORC says:

        Lindsey will out live us all. She’s crack preserved herself somehow.

        And I want Justin to live a long life. A long life where the consquences of his actions will catch up to him.

      • Happyhat says:

        You know it’s these ones that last the longest.

        @FLORC Yes, same here! In an ideal world – Justin will at some point and after a lengthy implosion, learn the error of his ways and set up some kind of coaching/mentoring system for current child stars. That would be nice, “Here’s what happened to me. Listen, so it doesn’t happen to you.”

  3. LB says:

    Because you have been behaving poorly?

  4. Dommy Dearest says:

    Because you’re a dick.

  5. Frida_K says:

    Pee in a bucket…visit whorehouses…egg the neighbor’s place…drive intoxicated…make a big splash at the strip joint…date a rent-a-Walmart-Kardashian….

    What’s there not to love here? Such a sweet, upstanding boy!


    • aquarius64 says:

      You left out spitting on neighbors and fans.

      If you don’t want print and social media figuratively lynching you, stop providing the rope and picking out the tree.

      • FLORC says:

        And those early parties where he had under age girls drinking and worse.
        Actually, there’s a lot left out and i’m sure even more wwe don’t know about.

    • Tazina says:

      I remember being 19 and it is a whole different mindset from any other time in your life. We were looking for fun; we partied; stayed out late, drank too much and went to work barely able to function. Justin is an immature man child with the availability of so much more than the average 19 year old. With money and fame added to the mix everything is magnified 1000 percent and he isn’t able to handle any of it very well. His vehicles are powerful and fast; his houses are big enough to hold all his party friends. He has virtually unlimited money to buy all the drugs he and his friends could possibly want. He needs how to learn to control himself , grow up and start handling his life better, with no help from his father who is also immature.

      • Bella says:

        The only thing worse than swaggy lil punks who have been consumed by fame and fortune and are self-destructing in the public eye, is grown adults who take perverse pleasure in criticizing those vulnerable young people. King of the douches prize goes to Jeremy Bieber, for continuing to enjoy his son’s good fortune, while failing to actually offer guidance or a good example to his eldest son.

      • Emily C. says:

        I remember being 19. I thought I could save the world. My friends thought they could save the world too. It was basically sex + save the world + omg my paper’s due tomorrow and I don’t even have an outline.

        We did not pee in buckets that someone making minimum wage would have to clean. We didn’t egg people’s houses. We didn’t drive drunk. 19 is young and naive, but it is adult. Justin’s acting more like a 3-year old with a sex drive and unlimited money. He never learned the responsibility and morality the rest of us learned in elementary school.

      • Kim says:

        Its not that he shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions. Its just that criticizing, shaming and bullying someone (even a bully) rarely changes behavior and people become an angry mob around him which will do nothing to solve his problems and says more about them than it does about him. I am not defending him, i have never even heard one of his songs, but the behavior of people who seem to sadistically enjoy seeing him flail and rip him to shreds disgust me more.

      • Jarredsgirl says:

        I’m with you Kim.

      • Deehunny says:

        @tazina well said

  6. eliza says:

    That photo is so fake it makes me kinda ill.

    • swack says:

      Which photo and why is it fake? Looks pretty real to me.

      • EammesP says:

        I don’t think they meant fake as in manufactured. I think they meant that it was probably taken for the specific purpose of showcasing Bieber being a big brother and to put out a certain image.

      • swack says:

        Thanks EammesP – didn’t think of it that way!

    • bluesmurfette says:

      I thought the same thing. That little boy looks incredibly uncomfortable in that position. They both look sort of scrunched up rather than relaxed.

  7. Kali says:

    Because you haven’t consistently acted undouchey enough for long enough for the public to have built up any goodwill to you. And the sad thing is now that any attempt he does make to do anything “good” (charity work etc.) is just going to look incredibly self-serving.

  8. Lark says:

    So ridiculous. You know, the sad thing is Biebs could “save” his career but he’s too stupid to realize it and his parents and Scooter only see him a cash registrar.

  9. HappyMom says:

    His father’s shirt: that says it all right there for he and his son. Insane.

  10. Penny says:

    No one’s assuming, we’re observing.

    • dizzylucy says:

      IKR? He and his dumb “friends” are documenting and sharing all of his “bad” behavior, so he needs to sit down and quit acting like it’s all lies.

  11. tifzlan says:


    More than the DUI, more than the egging, more than all the foolish shenanigans he’s been up to for the last 6 months, it angers me that he’s playing the victim in order to…. to what? Make himself more likable? Turn his image around? Get people back on his side? Because the girls who loved him when he first burst onto the scene have grown up with him. Of course, some of them are just as delusional as Baby Bieber himself, but i’d say that just as many of them have matured and they realize what a brat this fool is. No one assumes the absolute worst of you, Bieber. We KNOW the absolute worst because you showcase it to the entire world every week.

    • Decloo says:

      Scientology should be gunning for this kid. He’s at a perfect vulnerable stage for them to snatch him up. Then he can have a “handler’ who keeps him brainwashed and out of trouble. I’m sure they have approached him. He would be quite the catch. Frankly, I don’t wish that on anyone, even this brat.

  12. Elena says:

    We ain’t assuming anything, sweetie, your arrogance and douchiness are right there for the world to see.

  13. Talie says:

    That’s not counting all the relatives he probably supports with that million each month.

  14. EammesP says:

    What about the parents who let their kids stand outside of a police station at all hours of the night singing to this punk? I hold issue with that just as much as Justin’s parents dropping the ball. The fact is – he is a legal adult with tons of cash and I wouldn’t put it past him to remove even his parents from his life if they said something he didnt wanna hear. His behavior is on him and I don’t care if he’s 14, 19 or 40. He’s entitled and disrespectful and karma will come back around and get him full force.

  15. Kiddo says:

    Does anyone else feel a sense of danger for the little brother? Not from Baby Biebs, but the father? The things that he considers permissible for Justin, at any age, are very telling about this man. Painting them as innocent young children sleeping together in the photo, but in reality, taking part in illegal acts with his older son, you can see how Bieber is messed up. Maybe I’m wrong, but I do not like this man.

    • littlestar says:

      I don’t like him either. I think his father is an absolute loser. My father is a hardworking man, it’s hard to fathom having him or my mother leech off of me for their own good time. It’s hard to imagine any parent doing that to their child, but obviously Bieber’s parents have no problem with it. It actually does make me a little sad for Justin, that he cannot see for himself what a moron/man-child his father actually is, but when he’s telling Justin everything he wants to hear, I guess it would be hard to separate yourself from someone like him. Maybe one day Justin will realize that his father is nothing but bad news and distance himself from him, but sadly, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

      It’s just so sad how he has so many leeches and hanger-ons in his life (his friends included) and that he doesn’t seem to realize for himself that all of these people are using him. I wonder if he has at least one person in his life who doesn’t use him?

      Edit: I look at Jeremy Bieber’s Instagram account and felt second-hand embarrassment. The man obviously thinks he’s cool.

      • Kiddo says:

        Anyone who isn’t using him would have advised against his rampant f*ckery, and likely would have been tossed out of the inner circle. Biebers father has (dark) shades of Mother Lohan written all over him. This must really complicate things for young stars in this position. It’s easier to break contact with toxic friends and even close relatives, like siblings, but it must be incredibly difficult to sever ties with toxic parents.

    • Gia says:

      Is it true his dad was absent in his life until he became famous? If true…that pretty much sums him up.

      • FLORC says:

        Yes, it’s true. And he pulled away from his mom more and more as his dad came into his life. This kid and his priorities.

  16. MonicaQ says:

    Because you’re Joffery with out the excuse of being inbred and no Tyrion to slap the bajeebus out of you?

    Because you hang out with the bottom of the barrel YMCMB rappers that are one more offense from being kicked off the label and have awful names? Really, Lil Za? What is he, Lord of Pepperoni and Pineapple?

    Because you’re surrounded by enablers? I’m pretty sure wolves would be better parents. They do teach their cubs boundaries unlike your parents do.

    I could go on but it’s really “we assume the worst” because you are the worst. To quote Scar: “Run. Run away and *never* return.”

  17. QQ says:

    What a Victimy lil Twatwaffle, i keep telling ya’ll any time now Jesus is gonna come off the cross and get a ladder and hand him the nails so he can do the rest of the shift at the Cross

    • bluesmurfette says:

      What with his religiosity and his love of crappy tattoos, I’m surprised Biebs hasn’t inked stigmata onto himself yet.

  18. littlestar says:

    Wow. His dad really is an absolute loser. He must feel like such a big man, being absent from his son’s life for so many years, only to come back in and have his son financially support him so he doesn’t have to work.

    • Gia says:

      I just asked this question above. What a horrible person his ‘father’ is. Manipulative asshole.

  19. Neffie says:

    He is probably black out in that picture.lol

  20. Jaded says:

    You’re a train wreck lil’ beav. That’s the only way you’re getting any attention these days because there’s nothing more that society loves to ponder than a good train wreck. Keep it up, your clock to irrelevance is ticking.

  21. Darlene says:

    Not to defend this douche, but you can have smoked a joint two weeks ago and still test positive for it today. I’m not saying he wasn’t high – I think he’s probably high all the time! – but a positive THC test doesn’t mean you were high DURING the test.

    Also, is it illegal to take a Xanax and drive? I take them for anxiety and they’re prescribed by a doctor and when I’m anxious and take one, I don’t feel impaired, I feel FUNCTIONAL. I don’t feel high or “loose” or anything, I just feel NOT anxious.

    • Kiddo says:

      Yeah, I’d bet he smoked recently. Not sure they did a blood test to get levels, but you’re right, pot remains in tests upward of a month.

    • swack says:

      Except he admitted to the police that he had been smoking pot that day. You’re not suppose to drink ANY alcoholic beverage when taking Xanax and he blew under the limit but he did have alcohol in his system. I think also there are warnings about driving (as with many prescription drugs) after taking Xanax as it may make you drowsy (if I’m not mistaken).

    • Tippy says:

      According to TMZ , because the traffic stop was tainted all evidence collected as a result of the stop are therefore tainted and likely inadmissible in court.

      • swack says:

        Can’t believe TMZ as their stories change every 5 minutes.

      • Tippy says:

        TMZ is usually quite reliable and insightful when reporting on legal matters.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        TMZ is totally Team Beiber, so I don’t trust them on this.

        Secondly, you don’t need to be committing any crime to be pulled over, there just needs to be enough to arose suspicion. The video of the FLEET of cars coming down the street along with the cars that admittedly blocked off the street would be enough for a legitimate traffic stop, IMO.

        Third, TMZ is trying to act like the fact that Beiber wasn’t “drunk” as a reason that this was overreaction. However, one does not need to be “drunk”, only impaired. He admitted that he had weed, pills, and alcohol in his system. That is enough to be impaired. The combo of prescription meds with alcohol increases the effects of alcohol, so his blood alcohol level doesn’t accurately reflect his level of impairment.

        Finally, if multiple police officers testify that he failed the field sobriety test (eye tracking, etc.), then that is also evidence of impairment, in addition to his own testimony.

        Rule to live by: If you are pulled over, do not admit to ANYTHING. Make them prove it. I was just on a jury and I learned a lot!

    • idk says:

      He failed the field sobriety test. He couldn’t walk a straight line and was acting “high”.

    • Emily C. says:

      I looked it up, and according to the intertubes, Xanax is one of those drugs that mixes very, very, VERY badly with alcohol. You are not supposed to drink alcohol at all if you are taking it. There’s even some evidence that taking both is what caused Whitney Houston’s death.

  22. Shannon1972 says:

    Count me among the sympathetic. I can’t help it. He has been working and spitting out money like an ATM for the people around him since he’s twelve. How can anyone grow up well adjusted when their life is absolute chaos at such a formative age? And if his back story is accurate, his life was far from stable even before YouTube found him. Those are some small shoulders to carry so much responsibility and expectation.
    Plus, being the family bread winner throws the normal family dynamic of “parents in charge of kids” right out the window. There’s no stability or authority, and that’s a scary and lonely place to be. My thought is that once he became mega famous, the clock started ticking on his eventual meltdown. I’m kind of rooting for him to get it together, but with a lack of anyone actually giving a sh$t about him beyond the $$$, and the world cheering on his downfall, it seems sadly unlikely.

    • Kiddo says:

      Since he doesn’t appear to have any role models or sane friends with enough influence, his downfall may be the only thing that saves him; Gaining some humility and starting over. I can feel bad for him, and yet completely dislike him as a person, which is how I feel at this point.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Totally agree with you Kiddo, about this downfall being perhaps the thing that ultimately saves him. He could definitely use a mega dose of humility.
        You put how I feel much more succinctly than I could – I don’t like him right now, but I do feel sorry for him.

    • Emily says:

      I feel bad for him as well. I don’t doubt that he’s probably a sh*tty person to deal with, but I just can’t imagine any situation in which he gains the maturity and self-awareness to snap out of it. There doesn’t seem to be anybody in his circle giving him good advice. In fact, I think he would need to get rid of all the toxic people and enablers around him if he wants to get a healthy start- which is basically everybody, including his manager, the vast majority of his friends, even his own father! That would be difficult for anybody to do, let alone somebody who’s had a child star upbringing and is hated by pretty much the entire world.

    • dahlia1947 says:

      You’re right. There’s no way he can grow up to be a well adjusted person. He has enablers and ‘yes’ people all around him 24/7,and I guess his parents just sit back and watch the money roll in. He’s got all the money, all the groupies and nobody to answer to. That’s bound to mess up a kid Big time. This story has been repeated over and over again. Celebrity kids who Have it all,who then become messed up adults. I hope he comes out of it all somewhat sane.

      • Nina W says:

        That’s the problem for him though, isn’t it? He doesn’t have it all, he doesn’t have good parents.

  23. Ella says:

    Oh, little maple leaf, you’re a lost cause.

    “, but some of you feel sorry for him because his parents must have dropped the ball.”

    ^ Um, yeah, NO. He’s almost 20 YEARS OLD. TWENTY! He’s an adult, he needs to take responsibility for his actions. He is a grown a** man.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      He’s been basically an “adult” since he was twelve. How does anyone grow under those circumstances? Look at his close adult role models…scooter Braun, whose livelihood depends on him, usher, whose livelihood is supplemented by him, and his family, whose livelihood IS him. Adult? Hardly…his maturation stopped at 12, when he became the family bread winner.
      I’m not saying he isn’t a total nasty brat right now, but I am saying he isn’t completely to blame.

      God, I’m starting to sound like a Belieber…

      • Jaded says:

        He’s been on a self-directed mission to become famous ever since he was a little kid – I’m Canadian and remember seeing early videos of him when he was 5 or 6 years old singing, playing drums, piano, dancing, whatever – his parents thought it was cute and weren’t necessarily pushy “stage” parents. They let him take the reins pretty early on. He eventually turned on his mother who tried to get him on a safer path, and his dad is just a party buddy now, leeching off his son’s fortune. So in my opinion he’s a nasty little wanker who exemplifies the saying “be careful what you wish for…”

      • swack says:

        I get what you are saying but at this point only Justin is responsible for his behavior. At some point in time you need to take responsibility for your actions. He doesn’t seem like he does and he is very content with letting everyone else defend him. He only whines when he perceives he has been wronged in the public’s eye. He chose this and at any time could drop out of the fame rat race if he wanted to. He has (or at least had) enough money (just like many others) to stop and never look back. He choses his actions. I’m tired of all these self-entitled people (and I don’t just mean the rich and famous) thinking the world owes them. The world owes them NOTHING. Get over yourselves.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        Yeah, I agree with you. Ultimately, adults have to accept that they are responsible for their behavior despite the dysfunction, abuse, or whatever they may have suffered, but we all know the things that set a person down the path of bad behavior to begin with. Hopefully he will grow out of it. Right now, I kind of doubt it. He and Lohan might grow to have some stuff in common, unfortunately.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        True, adults do have to account for their behavior, but most adults also don’t have the whole world and paparazzi baiting them and cheering them on to destruction. I can totally buy that he chose this life and wanted to be famous from a young age, but I also don’t think he can simply drop out of this life because he’s made his money. Eventually the money will run out. What does he do after that? There is zero chance of a normal, healthy, private life for him. Who could possibly have predicted his career trajectory when he first started, or the effects it would have on his life? It’s impossible.
        My first crush was David Cassidy, who I think it is fair to say was the Bieber of his time. I was maybe four at the time, so I’m dating myself here, but even all these years later…have you seen his latest mugshot? It’s both shocking and sad. Most of my teen idols are a total mess now – or dead – and this is way before TMZ was even a twinkle in Harvey’s eye.
        I admit I and assuming a lot about the people around him, but I just don’t see a positive end game here.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Shannon, I was at a friend’s house who happens to be a producer. I was making soup in the kitchen….and David Cassidy came out of the basement recording studio (he had been working with the assistant). He was SUPER flirty and quite charming.

      • Curious George says:

        I think he can drop out for a little bit and get it together. He will have to rebuild his career, if he can, but at least he might be in a better place emotionally and hopefully grounded back to earth instead of belieberland. He just needs to be surrounded by people who are willing to guide him into a healthy direction. It’s never too late – look at Drew Barrymore.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        To all the people saying that JB is an adult and responsible for his own actions, no matter his upbringing–THIS x a million….

        My mom and her siblings have had things done to them, REPEATEDLY (I’m talking about being beaten with extension cords, for no other reason than their aunt wanted to–my mom told me she used to walk around the house and scratch her palm–would say she had ‘itchy palms’ i.e. she needed to beat someone), that, if their environment dictated what they were going to do as adults, all of them would’ve been in prison, three, four times by now.

        Yes, Bieber has shitty parents, shitty ‘friends’, shitty everything–but he is an adult. It is ultimately up to him to do the right thing.

        The thing is–he’s an asshole. There is a difference between someone who takes drugs (pot, xanax, whatever floats your boat), and gets into trouble for it, than someone who does all those things, in addition to peeing in mop water, that is used to mop a restaurant floor and instagramming it, like he’s proud of that shit. Being an addict, and being an asshole are two different things.

  24. Hubbahun says:

    “Why are people always ‘assuming the absolute worst about me’?” Because you’re a wanker. The End.

  25. ZigZagZoey says:

    Oh, I don’t know….Your horrendous fashion sense?

  26. TheCountess says:

    Mmmm because you’re an entitled, spoiled douchecanoe who wears diaper pants in public?

  27. Mindy says:

    Why is the sky blue?

    I REALLY can’t wait for five years from now, when he’s doing short term loan commercials and sleeping in his moms basement because he has nothing left to his name.

  28. please no says:

    this asshat.

  29. dorothy says:

    Nobody has to assume, he proves it on a daily basis.

  30. Palermo says:

    We don’t have to “assume” anything, you prove what you are daily

  31. Tracy says:

    Is this little douchenozzle really going to burn through all that cash? Well, I guess he would not be the first to do so.

  32. TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

    Because it’s all true – he’ll get no sympathy from me when he burns through his cash and ends up boxing Danny Bonaduce for a few dollars on a VH-1 realityshow where are they now boxing match. His dad can be his manager.

  33. Olivia J. says:

    Because you’re the absolute worst.

  34. dahlia1947 says:

    He’s a kid who’s making bad choices. That’s what kids do. I just wish that stories of his volunteer work (building houses in Guatemala) would come out. He gave a pair of his shoes to a kid down there who didn’t have any. It’s just so unfair how the media keeps on focusing on all the bad that he’s done. And putting it in our faces 24 hours a day! I guess that most of the time it’s the BAD that celebrities do that sells, and not the GOOD.

    • idk says:

      I do agree, he does A LOT of charity work and most of it does not get attention. But you shouldn’t do charity for the attention anyways. I do think driving while high on weed is a very serious offence and he should be punished for it as he could have hurt or killed innocent people. He’ll be 20 this year, no longer a kid.

    • Emily C. says:

      No, it is not “what kids do.” The vast majority of people go their entire lives without assaulting people, closing off roads to drag race, spitting at people, driving under the influence, hanging out with dangerous drug dealers, egging a neighbor’s house, abandoning pets, etc. ad infinitum.

    • Nina W says:

      Charity work does not make up for acting like a jerk. If he wants good press he needs to stop behaving badly, it’s not that difficult to figure out.

  35. aquarius64 says:

    @FLORC – I’ll bet we’ll see those underage girls come out of the woodwork faster than Tiger Woods’ hidden harem, now that The Swaggy One’s fall from grace is reaching critical mass.

  36. Zwella Ingrid says:

    Scooter, forget “being better than they are” how about advising him to just act like a sane human being. He doesn’t have to be “better” how about saying, just don’t act like an ass today Biebs.

  37. Ctkat1 says:

    Of course he’s burning through his money- he’s supporting his mother, his father, his father’s two young kids, paying for multiple security guards/bodyguards, and the expenses of his huge house. Add to it the fact that he is no doubt fully supporting all of those ‘Lil friends, and paying for everybody’s travel, cars, drugs, entertainment, lap dances, hookers… Yeah, that’s probably close to $1 mil per month.

  38. aquarius64 says:

    Hate to ruin some folks’ Super Bowl festivities, but it’s been reported that Bieber is attending the big game. He has landed in NY and he and his crew have been detained at the the airport to have the plane searched. An odd smell was detected. (No drugs found.) I bet Mayor Di Blasio re-instates “Stop and Frisk” for Bieber.

    • idk says:

      You’d think he’d lay low huh? I thought he’d spend some time back home instead of just a quick overnight visit. His dad is with him for the Superbowl fun. I wonder how much it’s costing him to rent that private jet flying from place to place, or does he own it?

    • dread pirate cuervo says:

      The Super Bowl is in NJ!!! So is the airport where Bieber landed. It’s about a mile away from me. Gotta represent my beloved Garden State, lol.

  39. St says:

    Who is surprised. Bieber spends his millions like crazy, thinking this fame will last forever. He is too stupid to understand that every boyband and every teen idol peek for 4-5 years and then it all stops in one seconds. Their new singles don’t make straight to top-5 anymore, then new album sells way less, no one is nominating for awards anymore, then they have to perform in smaller venues and then it all stops in one second. They still have some fans but it’s just not A-list anymore. And all those millions stop coming.

    Bieber is too stupid to understand and will spend everything and then will declare himself bankrupt. His fall is amazing to watch. It happened with lower ticket sales, then it was epic failure with his movie that bombed so hard. Which proved that he really is losing fans fast.

    Look at other recent teen idols Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. It all stopped in one second and now they can’t find themselves any solid budget movie and do small indies. Jonas Brothers teen fame vanished in one second. Hillary Duff, Amanda Bynes… One Direction probably peaked this year and will go down in the next 2 years. Wanted boy band is already over.

  40. Snowpea says:

    This kid is so uncool now and a complete loser to boot that his career is virtually dead.

    Only when he hits rock bottom will he have a chance at rebuilding his life.

  41. idk says:

    Just wondering what do his parents do for a living? What does his dad do? I think his mom wrote a book or something, but other than that what does she do? I really hope Justin isn’t funding them. It’s ok to share your wealth, but then people become way too dependent on you. I think he bought both of his parents new homes. That’s fine, but I hope Justin isn’t paying their electrical, water, heating bills as well. His parents are only in their 30’s. The should really have their own careers.

  42. Monksolo says:

    People assume the worst cause he made his millions by manipulating little girls feelings

  43. aceshigh says:

    I’m sick of him hiding behind his age. So what? I’m nineteen and in the military. It really isn’t that hard to grow up and be responsible at this point and time in his life. Everything in his decline is his own doing. He’s not going to get the pity he’s desperately looking for.

  44. caz says:

    He’s just a daydream belieber, really.

    When he’s a hasbeen he’ll blame everyone else and won’t learn a thing from it. Brit with a 2nd chance at career he won’t be.

    If baby bieber had any shred of humility and self awareness I’d be in his corner. wanker. He’s so not cool in Australia.

  45. msw says:

    Ugh. Bieber needs to go away and get out of the spot yesterday. The public is sick of him. He needs to go home, drop off the grid for a little while, maybe go to rehab, and take some time to grow up. He seems stuck ina state of arrested development right now. Just… stop being an asshole. LA has got to be the worst place in the world for him right now, it just feeds the beast.

    Get it together and come back later.

  46. idk says:

    I made the bad decision of going to another gossip site and the pic they have up of Justin is gross…it involves him and a stripper. Yet this guy has a Jesus tattoo on his leg. I can’t believe the did THAT while someone took a pic. Gross gross gross.

    • Sarah says:

      if anyone is wondering, go to TMZ they have the excluive pic. think about two boys being breast fed by giant plastic boobs attached to a stripper with a rainbow colored playboy tattoo. yuck.

      • idk says:

        Haha I didn’t want to explain what the pic was or what site it was on, not sure I was allowed to here. I can’t get that damn pic out of my head. TMZ didn’t even warn us, they just put it up, top of the damn page. People think it’s photoshopped. Not sure though.

  47. TigerLily says:

    He’s a good kid, leave him alone.

  48. Moi says:

    I don’t condone his behavior in any way; however, he IS still a kid at 19 years old, albeit a legal adult. He has too much money and time on his hands, along with hangers on that surely use him. That is his choice to hang out with them of course, but being told you’re fantastic and can do no wrong, over and over again from the time you were very young, has to mess with ones psyche. Now he’s lashing out, doing stupid, mean things at times and even if he isn’t constantly being a disrespectful jerk, people are assuming that he constantly is. For his own sanity and health, he surely needs to take a huge break, try to surround himself with people that truly love and care for him, regroup and acquire some humility.

    People stating that he may not be alive in 10 years, are despicable, and karma will get you for that sort of talk.