LeAnn Rimes keeps telling Eddie that Brandi is ‘too wild’ to have custody of the boys


It’s been a while since I checked LeAnn Rimes’ Twitter. I was looking through her photos to see if I could find anything noteworthy, and I picked out a few. I’m also including some photos of LeAnn and Eddie from Grammy weekend – we covered the whole issue of how LeAnn looks pregnant in that purple dress already. Anyway, does anyone else kind of like how “quiet” LeAnn has been lately? She’s been on Twitter, of course, like always, but there hasn’t been a huge Twitter eruption. There hasn’t been an out-of-nowhere tell-all interview on Access Hollywood or whatever. It’s like all of a sudden, LeAnn is finally getting some good advice about how to conduct herself in public.

Or is it something else? Is LeAnn merely storing up (the cray) until she unleashes a torrent of drama at some point very soon? Well, I can only guess. But I do think it’s interesting that the tabloids keep claiming that LeAnn’s ultimate goal is to get full custody of her stepsons, Mason and Jake. We keep hearing that over and over again. And now the Enquirer says so too:

THE war between LeAnn Rimes and hubby Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife has taken a dramatic new turn! Sources say LeAnn believes Eddie’s ex, Brandi Glanville of reality TV’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” is spiraling out of control, and she’s urging Eddie to seek primary custody of his and Brandi’s sons, Mason, 10, and Jake, 6.

“LeAnn doesn’t feel she’s being petty or mean,” a friend told The ENQUIRER. “She only has the boy’s best interests at heart. She’s told Eddie that, at this point, his sons should be with them while Brandi goes her own wild way.”

The “Blue” singer, 31, was appalled at 41-year-old Brandi’s recent comment that she “wanted to be molested as a child,” said the friend.

LeAnn – whose romance with former soap hunk Eddie ended his nine-year marriage to Brandi – is also disgusted with Brandi’s boozy on-air antics, added the friend.

“Brandi was so hammered that she practically had to be carried out of her own birthday party last fall,” noted the source. “That’s just not a good environment for her kids.”

Meanwhile, Brandi has repeatedly blasted LeAnn for calling her sons “my boys,” and complained about LeAnn constantly sharing her outings with Mason and Jake on social media websites.

“Brandi would never, ever entertain the notion of LeAnn getting legal standing over her boys,” declared another source. “That’s a pipe dream on LeAnn’s part.”

And Eddie, 40, has told LeAnn that a long, drawn-out custody battle would be worse for the youngsters, according to a pal.

“He says Brandi is more of a danger to herself than to their sons, and that despite her crazy behavior, she’s a decent mom,” the source told The ENQUIRER.

But LeAnn doesn’t seem likely to back down. “LeAnn’s main concern is the boys,” said the source. “She’s grown to love them as if they were her own.”

[From The Enquirer]

This seems pretty straightforward, and I tend to believe that these are the real dynamics at play. LeAnn’s got it in her head that if she waits for Brandi to keep f—king up, LeAnn will eventually get custody of the boys. I also believe that Eddie doesn’t want to engage in that kind of drama at all, and that Brandi isn’t seriously concerned that it will happen. Still, LeAnn is dreaming. And plotting. And she’s going to figure it out and one day she’ll make her move.




Photos courtesy of WENN, LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. TheCountess says:

    These three nutcases really deserve each other’s company for eternity.

  2. NerdMomma says:

    GAAAAA you don’t take a woman’s husband, then take her children then tell her to “go on her way.” LeAnn is the biggest jerk. I really want her to have a kid so another woman can do to her what she did to Brandi. But I don’t want a kid to have to go through that.

    • Stacey says:

      Totally agree with you NerdMomma.

      This is about getting attention for her 6 episode show that she’s been filming for over a year now. lol

  3. Patricia says:

    For the first time in my life I can say that I agree with Leanne! Brandi is out of control, her comments about child molestation are inexcusable, she appears to be drunk more often than not and she now makes a living by fueling drama and being a general trash bag on TV.
    While the kids might not need to be 100% taken away, her behaviors need to be put in check and the whole situation reevaluated by the courts. She at least needs a wake up call, maybe less time with the boys would do that for her.!

    • Elisabeth says:

      Leann is drinking non stop too…she’s no better

      • Lolo-ology says:

        It is way better (and safer) to drink in your closet than in a bar. Bars close eventually, but you can have multiple-day benders in the safety of your own closet. e_e

      • Erinn says:

        Drinking, stalking, throwing tantrums, showing up a mess at concerts when she doesn’t cancel. Dropping laxatives on the floor. etc etc. They’re both a mess, and Eddie and Brandi sharing custody seems to be working.

    • Anthea says:

      Patricia, what Brandi said was inexcusable and bad, but, I don’t think it makes her an unfit parent.

      I think she was probably a great mother a few years ago and is very close to the edge right now because she’s not able to be a full time mother. I know it would destroy me.

      I should say, I am not a fan of Brandi, but I do think her situation sucks, if that makes sense.

    • claire says:

      If that’s the measure for taking away kids, then a lot more of the mothers in the Real Housewives franchise should have their kids taken away.

      • starrywonder says:

        Exactly. Brandi may be saying stupid things and drinking while out but as long as she is not harming her kids in anyway no judge is taking them away from her. Seriously look at freaking Charlie Sheen’s ex and her constant drug use?! Some fools said that woman deserved another crack at her two boys after all the mess that went down with them.

      • John Wayne Lives says:

        This all the way!!

    • Brown Eyed Girl says:

      Show one example of her boys being harmed. not what you assume or think or have heard.
      a documented case in which Brandi and Eddie Cibrian’s two children have been harmed or put in actual documented danger. Cant think of any? then STFDown.
      I’m tired of people bringing up “take her kids away” when brandi hasnt done anything other than make an asshole of herself in the press.

      • Patricia says:

        Damn Brown Eyes Girl you need to CALM DOWN before you hurt yourself. This is a gossip site, it’s not like I’m a judge with the actual ability to do anything in this situation.
        You’re right I don’t know of any examples of the children being harmed. But she seems a complete mess on a consistent basis and is a wildly inappropriate person who, like I said, needs some kind of major wake up call.
        I hope you are going to be OK with all that rage you have about the situation of a person you never even met. Jeez…

      • starrywonder says:

        Seriously what I don’t get is what has Brandi done that equals she needs a wake up call/and or take her boys away? She has been drinking while out and saying dumb stuff to the press and on her podcasts. So what? If that’s the case Leann should be prevented forever from those kids after her insanity on twitter.

      • claire says:

        I find it sad that people treat someone losing their children this casually, as if it’s no big deal and see it as a viable threat to keep a reality star they don’t like “in line.”

      • Erinn says:

        Patricia, you are implying this woman is an unfit mother, and that’s a serious allegation. If the woman wants to go out an drink on her weekends when the boys are NOT with her, I see nothing wrong with that. And there’s no need to get so pissy with other posters when you’re being corrected.

      • Dirtnap says:

        Brandi’s molestation comment was totally inappropriate, yes. So was the birthday cake LeAnn commissioned for Eddie’s birthday. So are all of the photographs of LeAnn leaning suggestively over the boys when she’s talking to them so that they’re within eyeball’s distance of her cleavage, and then she sticks her butt way up in the air while she’s doing it for good measure. We could also discuss why she chooses to forgo proper undergarments at functions where children will be present.

        Sure, LeAnn, you go ahead and lawyer up. Waste that money.

        If this story is true, I feel she wants Eddie to get custody of the kids and then, when Eddie tries to leave, she’ll threaten to trot out evidence of his parental unfitness so that SHE can have sole custody. No way a judge would agree to it, but in her warped mind, she believes those boys are a card she can play to keep what she wants.

      • norma warner says:

        One of the boys found one of Marge’s laxatives, ate it, and got sick.

      • LAK says:

        Patricia: we can’t give examples of Brandi’s kids being harmed whilst in her care, but we can definitely give examples of them being harmed while in Eddie/LeAnn’s care – remember the laxative incident when the kid thought it was a sweet? Or the time one of the kids was taken to hospital and Brandi wasn’t told? Or the time someone posted a video one kid riding a bike on the street without a helmet, the pap strolls with the kids etc etc and so forth.

        BTW: did you know that LeAnn is not allowed unsupervised time alone with the boys??

        So who do you advocate to take in Brandi’s kids?

    • Samtha says:

      I’ve stopped being a Brandi fan, but there’s no indication she’s a bad mother. She’s done some embarrassing things but that doesn’t mean she should lose custody.

    • Shazz says:

      I suppose bat-sh!t crazy is better than wild?!

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      Citing her birthday and her being drunk is idiotic. Look out guys, can’t go out and celebrate your birthday by doing what a lot of people do without their kids there.

    • Itsa Reallyme says:

      At this point, Eddie and Leann are probably just sitting back and waiting while Brandi hangs herself with her own rope. I don’t like Leann or Eddie but Brandi’s behavior is getting more bizarre and more out of control.

  4. Relli says:

    How lovely.

  5. Anthea says:

    I don’t like Brandi especially, but we have to remember that her very worst exploits are captured for posterity. I don’t think she’s actually an unfit mother. Plenty of women get hammered on the weekends when their kids are with the other parent and although it may not be in the ‘ideal mother’ handbook, I actually have sympathy for anyone in that situation who falls into this habit. If my son got taken away from me for 50% of the time, I’d probably go a bit nuts too.

    If this story is coming from LeAnn then she’s a genuinely horrible person – she got this woman’s husband, now she’s trying to take her kids as well? It’s rarely in a child’s best interest to be taken from their mother; i doubt her motivations go beyond wanting to be able to tweet ‘nehnehnehneh’ photos for another decade. Gawd.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Leann’s been angling to take the kids for a long time. She truly believes she is a third parent and has the right to make decisions for them. From the time Brandi and Eddie separated, Leann was overjoyed and pushed right on in, making out with Eddie in front of the kids, buying them expensive presents, wanting to make their lunches and go to school functions. She didn’t care how she had gotten together with their bio dad, she didn’t care about the pain she caused and she didn’t care how inappropriate she was. She wanted and wants to play mommy. She and Eddie have been trying to push Brandi over the edge for a long time and I think that while Brandi is not at the ugly stage others are insisting on, the cracks are really starting to show.

  6. QQ says:

    Falcor Pleeeeeaaassee!

    those poor children are gonna be so messed up with these three assholes for guidance

    • Chicagogurl says:

      She may want the kids but my bet is she wants to stop writing that monthly check for eddie’s child support even more.

      • Erinn says:

        Ouuuu good call!

        “Eddie, get full custody, and then I’ll have more money to pay you to stay”

      • Jayna says:

        He makes enough a year that that’s the one thing he probably pays out of his account. Brandi says it’s not all that much as his income dropped drastically and he has half custody.

      • Lady D says:

        Let’s hope Ediot getting his child support reduced comes back to bite him in the ass.

      • Stacey says:

        Child support is based on EDDIE’s income. How sad it that?!!

      • msw says:

        Child support should be based on Eddie’s income only. Why should the spouse have to pay for someone else’s children? I have no idea if Eddie pays his child support or not, but if Brandi’s telling the truth, he pays the bare minimum, which makes him a dog. He’s benefitting from a system that is in place to protect the spouse.

  7. Jayna says:

    They don’t have the money for a massive court battle that they would lose because there’s no evidence on her weeks with them she’s anything but at home with them. Partying on her weeks off and making crude remarks means nothing. If that was the case plenty of people would lose their kids. And LeAnn doesn’t want to be a mommy full-time to the boys. Who are we kidding? She’s lazy. And she plans shows around times the kids are gone. If they have the kids full time, Eddie won’t be able to travel with her during the weekdays. That “ain’t” happening, y’all. LeAnn isn’t going to give him more time without her while on the road or more time devoted to children away from his attention on her. She’s a me, me, me, me kind of girl, as we all know.

    • littlestar says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Leann is broke. She doesn’t have the money for a court battle (that as you say, she will lose). And it’s not the blind items out there saying Leann is broke, it’s just common sense. She spends spends spends and has ZERO income. I wouldn’t be surprised if her financial situation eventually becomes tabloid fodder.

      While I am no fan of Brandi (for the love of gahd, GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER WOMAN), Leann is seriously warped in her head. It’s sick that 4 years later, her obsession with Brandi thriving. Leann, Brandi has never done ANYTHING to you, yet you make it out to seem like Brandi has destroyed your life and you’re the victim. It’s sick.

      What I’m surprised at is that after all these years, Brandi hasn’t done a tell-all interview already about how obsessed Leann is with her, and how much she stalks her.

      • claire says:

        I fully suspect she kept putting off going to court for the Smiley case, and ultimately dropped it, because she didn’t want to testify or have to turn over her own records on mental health and that fake “rehab.” A custody case is going to involve evaluations. Leann would likely be included in that. No way is she going to divulge her own issues.

      • ya says:

        I think it’s a bit (or a lot) of wishful thinking to believe that she’s broke – she tours regularly, and even though it’s at small venues, I’m sure that still brings in decent money – she’s been touring at similar small venues for the majority of her career after she lost popularity 10 years ago. I’m sure she gets a decent income from investments as well (dividends etc) and looks like she still has some endorsement deals through shure etc. She probably also makes pretty good money through pap pics.

        Plus is she spending a ton? Obviously I have no idea how she spends, but it looks like she vacations in Cabo – so pretty locally – and if she cuts deals with paps to sell pics of the vacations, well, that’s probably the vacation paid for. Her lifestyle doesn’t seem that elaborate for a celeb.

  8. dorothy says:

    And Rimes is a model of mental stability to make these kind of judgments.?

  9. claire says:

    That’s pretty much been her goal since day one. The full life takeover would be complete: the guy, the kids, the friends.

  10. anoneemouse says:

    It’s a sad sad day when I am tending to agree with LeAnn Rhimes!

  11. db says:

    LeAnn continues to mystify me. Isn’t it rare for step-parent/homewrecker to actively try to gain control over the previous wife’s children? I mean, I would think it would be more usual that the next wife would want to establish her own family with her husband, right? LeAnn is totally SWF-ing Brandi

    • Jayna says:

      Or, newsflash, maybe it’s a tabloid made-up report. I highly doubt she wants two boys growing up, one already out of the cute stage, to raise full-time, no sleeping in, no laying in bed and obssessing over Eddie for days at a time, having to take care of two boys. No way. Two weeks out of the month she can play amazing stepmother and the other two weeks she can sleep late and demand attention from Eddie for his keep. She once watched those boys for two days with Eddie gone and said she didn’t know how moms did it. It was hard. LOL You really think she wants them full time? The oldest one is getting to that surly tween age, which is not easy. LeAnne’s whole life has been about her, attention to her. She’s not giving that up to be a full-time mother unless it’s her own baby which she seems in no hurry for no matter who much she teases.

      • Mayamae says:

        According to Brandi, at least one of them wets the bed, and both still require her to wipe their butts after using the bathroom.

      • aaa says:

        Co-sign 1000%

        Good point! I can’t see LeAnn wanting a couple of boys who aren’t even housebroken. ;)

      • briargal says:

        @aaa–And people talk about Brandi saying things that might hurt the boys! What you said about the boys not being housebroken was just plain cruel. Some boys have problems with bedwetting for quite a while. My brother had trouble and I found out that it is quite common!! He eventually outgrew it! As to the butt wiping, my sister-n-law did that too for a while with my nephews as they weren’t doing a good enough job and got tired of the skid marks,. Maybe Eddie should teach them something instead of teaching them how to put his thingee where it doesn’t belong– in stalker–liar private parts!!

      • d b says:

        Yes, good points all Jayna. Re: tweens, “surly” is right!

      • Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

        Having to wipe a grown child’s ass is NOT normal, and not necessary. In fact, it’s flat out disgusting.

      • aaa says:

        Firstly, I know what I know because of information that the boys’ mother made public.

        Secondly what I said was a turn of phrase and there was no value judgement in it other than making the point, which a few others have made, and that is that we don’t think that LeAnn wants the boys full-time.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Yes, it’s unusual. This report may or may not be made up, but Leann has not bothered to hide her attempts to co-opt the kids. When she “won” and Eddie moved in with her, her mother painted murals of the boys in her house. She absorbed them into her circle, deciding that her producer who abused Brandi on Twitter was now the boys’ Uncle Darrell. She referred to them as her boys, posted holiday photos with Eddie and the kids when the separation was about a month old, attended their school functions when she was their Dad’s girlfriend and talked about them calling her Mom to the press. All holiday photos were her, Eddie and the boys and would say from the Cibrians (except she misspelled it Cibrian’s). She gave the boys gifts labeled “from Mom and Dad”. She doesn’t even hide her desire to take the kids.

    • briargal says:

      @Jackie Jormp Jump== I agree it not normal to wipe a GROWN child’s ass! Do we know if it is a normal occurance or whether it was both kids? Maybe it was after a bout of diarrhea and the kid needed help. My nephews were young and have since learned to take care of themselves. Brandi puts out way too much info much like LeAss does. But I took your “not housebroken” remark as offensive. It’s one thing to make fun of the adults but please don’t mock the kids for too much info from the supposed adults.

  12. Lila says:

    I’ve been wondering for a while if Leann’s Twitter reform had anything to do with playing it safe as they prepped for something. From what I’ve seen, while she may want full custody there’s no way she’s getting it. You can’t just do lousy shit for your kids to be taken away, you have to be a lousy mother. And even then they almost always give them back. But surely Leann’s attorney told her that, at least that it will take more than being nice on Twitter.

    So is there something there? We only see and read about a fraction of what actually goes on in either house. For instance when Brandi was freaking out about the danger Leann was putting the boys in by letting them ride without a helmet and whatever happened with the youngest one and the pill I said she should go to the judge. Other couples have everything from what books their kids are allowed to read to food requirements in custody agreements; she could get some safety agreements in there. Instead she just bitched to the media. Why?

    I still don’t think there is a chance in hell they could strip Brandi’s custody rights (no way I believe she’s abusing those boys) but it is possible there could be something there that would put them with Eddie for a higher percentage of the time, at least temporarily, and give him and Leann more control over decisions related to them. If they do try that the judge had better put a gag order on every detail of it though or it will turn into a Charlie Sheen level shi*tstorm. Whatever they think they have on Brandi, I have no doubt she has a list of objectionable behavior from them too. I wouldn’t put it past these three to go full on scorched earth in a custody fight. I think Brandi would pretty much have to to combat Leann’s money advantage. Let’s just hope she does it with less personal blowback than she does her partying.

    • littlestar says:

      Leann may be “reformed” on her Twitter right now, but she’s been pretty insane with all of her fake accounts that she uses to bash Brandi. There is one account in particular, Irene Sybil, that is dedicated solely to praising Leann and attacking Brandi. It’s F’ed up. A psychologist could have a field day with Leann if they wanted to.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        If I was still in the court appointed psychiatrist role, I would have a field day with ALL of them.

      • littlestar says:

        I’d love to know your thoughts on all three of them regardless! From your role as celebrity gossip psychiatric observer ;) .

      • paranormalgirl says:

        This is all opinion, not meant in any professional manner:

        Eddie Cibrian LOVES the thought of being the center of attention and having these women “fight” over him (even though that’s not really what’s going on, in his head, it is.) He couldn’t keep away from LeAnn because she wanted him so badly she was willing to give it all up to get him. He loves being considered “the prize.” There’s a certain quiet narcissism about him (note that a personal CAN be narcissistic in nature WITHOUT having narcissistic personality disorder.) He can call the shots without saying a word where his wife is concerned. He will sit back and let LeAnn play her games against Brandi because he resents like hell that Brandi saw through his act and didn’t fight to keep him. I would hazard a guess that now that the chase is over and LeAnn won him, he is losing interest in the relationship – at least on some level.

        Brandi: Brandi was the spurned wife who watched her husband and the father of her kids wreck their home. I think she has always known the kind of man he was but thought she could change him. I think she honestly believed that by calling him out on his affair(s) she could get him to see the destruction in it. But she couldn’t. She readily admits she was basically arm candy in her marriage to Eddie, and that shows a lack of self esteem that she was willing to take on and embrace that role. And she does admit to that in some manner. She allowed her boys to become her life because she got the unconditional love from that that she could never get from Eddie, because Eddie was too unconditionally in love with himself. Sharing custody with Eddie and with the woman who came between them is hurtful and when the kids are with Eddie and LeAnn, Brandi numbs herself with alcohol, prescription drugs, and sex. She also relishes the attention she gets and now that the shelf life of the scorned wife is ending, she uses her “lack of filter” to get that attention, Also, the things she says on Housewives are for shock value and to keep that spotlight on her – spotlight she never had during her marriage. I do think she’s a good mother and I do think she really adores her boys and would do anything for them. It’s the “me time” she had difficulty with because she doesn’t know who or what she really is. She’ll figure it out.

        LeAnn: Arrested development. In her head she will always be that “chubby” (even though she really wasn’t) teen with no control over her own life. Her behavior on social media, her dieting, her plastic surgery, etc, are all very real attempts to control her life the way she couldn’t as a teenager. She was a trick pony who supported everyone around her and she never had any time to find out who or what she was, much like Brandi. She had a man who was her partner, but she threw it away to play the only role she is truly comfortable with – that of financial supporter. She couldn’t “own” Dean. He didn’t actually need her to support him nor did he really want that. But in her head, Eddie is a prize that she won, she gets to keep him, and by supporting him financially, he will stay, LeAnn has never really known unconditional love because she PUTS conditions on everything – she can’t help it. Brandi has that in the boys and LeAnn wants that. She thinks she can win the boys and keep them, and they will love her like they do their mother. Basically, LeAnn wants love, affection, and everything we all want, but she has no idea how to get it. I actually do feel the most for LeAnn because she is the most damaged out of all of them. But her behavior makes her so unlikable.

      • Christin says:

        Interesting analysis. I also think that all L knows is to buy others’ attention, which is sad. Her first husband may have truly loved her, but then again, how do any of us know if fame and wealth didn’t initially influence him? Had she been a young woman working a minimum wage job, would he have fallen head over heels? Maybe, but maybe not. Same can be asked of Eddie.

        Wealth and fame are huge influences, though few will come out and admit it’s one of the top reasons they are with someone. As long as she has any money, she’s at risk of being used. Yet I think she knows if she shuts off the spending, those around her may fade away from her life. I would do it just to see who was genuine, but I don’t think she would.

      • littlestar says:

        That analysis was awesome, thank you! I think you are so spot on, especially about Ed and Brandi.

        As for Leann, I always look at her as I do Lindsay Lohan. So much promise and potential (and in Leann’s case, so much more so because of her beautiful voice), and they threw it all away for obsessions, addictions, narcissism and idiocy. & sadly, they don’t see it that way at all.

        Christin, leann really should stop the spending so she can see who truly cares about her. But I think she’s too afraid to because she knows deep down she has no true friends.

    • claire says:

      She likely is using another Twitter account. You can’t keep that crazy contained for long. But overall, I think VH1 or Eddie made some substantial threats to keep her in line and not botch the already likely-to-fail scripted reality show. She’s also trying to get a record deal, so it behooves her to keep her psycho behavior under wraps. That’s the only thing I’ll believe. That, or she’s found some way to get a complete personality transplant. LOL.

  13. Elle says:

    If this is true, I don’t have a problem with LeAnn and Eddie privately discussing these issues. That seems like a pretty normal conversation all things considered. However, I question how the Enquirer would know. On top of that, I would guess LeAnn would be giving her opinion, subtly or clearly, on Twitter regarding who should have custody as that is her typical MO. The story seems bogus.

  14. heidi says:

    I call BS on this. Neither Eddie nor Leann want the kids the kids full time. Gossip mags have disclaimers for a reason, yet adult minds still believe everything they print.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      The sad thing is that the one person who does want them full time- their mother- isn’t being allowed to.

  15. SouthernGal says:

    For those agreeing with having her kids taken away. GET REAL! Shame on you for even entertaining the idea that a mother should lose her kids based on partying and drinking on her off weeks and saying something stupid on a podcast. Stupid to believe that crap. If Brook Mueller and OctoMom can keep their kids, Brandi Glanville sure as hell can keep her boys. Imagine all the Moms (including myself) having their kids taken away because we got wasted during a Girls Night Out. Unfu*ckingreal! Judge all you want but if you have cameras flashing in your face and paps following you around looking for any mishaps I am sure none of you would get mother of the year (including myself).

    LeAnn is a STEPMOM and has no say in any custody matters regarding the kids. Her role is to write checks for his child support and STFU. If you don’t care for Brandi that’s one thing but supporting a woman who destroyed a family, stalked and harassed the mother of her step children (all documented by the way) is another. LeAnn is evil and a f*cked up mess. She’ll do anything (including plant the bs stories) to keep her name out there. Can’t sell albums…f*ck with Brandi. Same shit…different week!

  16. HappyMom says:

    Ugh they’re all horrible. But I actually kind of doubt this story-why in the world would she want the actual full time responsibility of having those boys in her house?!

  17. Happyhat says:

    You know the kind of parents that create the Justin Bieber’s of the world? It’s these people!!

  18. Arock says:

    As an aside- ugh, that lipstick. Everytime I see it I think ‘Why so serious’. (Or country choula)

  19. Tracy says:

    Eddie, grow a set and tell your walking talking ATM to sit down and shut up.

  20. kelly says:

    Wow. I think this is BS! Brandie knows that Leann and Eddie are not together anymore so Im sure she is not worried. There is a better chance of Ed and Brandie getting remarried than leann getting her hands on those boys. She is so ugly on the inside and outside too.

  21. someone says:

    I think this is a Brandi backed spin story to try and get sympathy for herself. She knows her fame came from Leann “stealing” Eddie and she wants that good will back again. What better way to get sympathy than to pull the “she’s trying to steal my kids too” card that got her so much attention in the beginning.

    • JustNow says:

      You are totally one hundred percent wrong. There is no way Brandi would spin a story about LeAnn trying to take her two boys from her. If this is true it’s LeAnn doing another of her many dirty deeds to get what she wants and hurt the children’s Mother. She is despicable.

    • tc says:

      Yep. I agree. Brandi’s just trying to drum up sympathy from the fans who’ve been disgusted by her this season. And look it’s working! As for the people who claim Brandi would never use her kids that way, don’t make me laugh. The second she gets called on ANYTHING, she cries and falls back on her “I’m a single mother” shtick.

  22. emmie_a says:

    I see there is a post about the essay Dax Shephard wrote for Hufffington Post about that new pap law. When I read the essay the other day all I could think about was LeAnn and how she calls the paps to the kids soccer games (and probably other places). Below is Dax’s response about celebrities who do that. I think it fits LeAnn perfectly. Vile and vomitus. Which is also what I think about LeAnn wanting full custody. She is more unstable than Brandi will ever be. The only think in LeAnn’s favor right now is that she can afford to hire an A+ PR team that knows how to keep her in-check and rehab her image.

    “Celebrities call the paparazzi on their own kids and exploit them for personal exposure.”
    This may happen. I would have no way of knowing. It’s a vile notion, and I’m happy to say none of our actor friends do this. But if you really believe this happens, isn’t that all the more reason to boycott? Don’t you want to take that option away from those vomitus parents?

    • littlestar says:

      I believe 100% that Leann has called the paps on herself and the kids MANY times (as in, EVERYTIME).

  23. Macey says:

    Imagine the crazy the cameras could capture if LR had them around her without control of editing. Im sure LR would be considered legally and certifiably mental and unstable if half of what went on in that house were to air or get press. LR spoon feeds the articles to her press ppl so she can control her “image”. granted BG is responsible for the nonsense that comes out of her mouth but that doesnt mean she is an unfit mother, besides the oldest is already over LR, no way would he leave his mom.

  24. claire says:

    Let’s not forget the real ultimate asshole here. Leann may be a crazy psycho SWF’ing bitch and Brandi may be immature and inappropriate, and clearly have too much to drink on occasion, but the real villain in this story is this idiot Eddie who has sat back for 5 years and not done shit to deal with any of this. He sits back while the mother of his children is harassed endlessly by his new girlfriend and her friends and fans. He sits back while his new wife makes a fool of herself over and over and over again, spending hours upon hours a day hanging with weirdos on Twitter. He sits back and lets his wife take all the brunt of public opinion. Does he care about anyone besides himself? Besides flashing dimples and swigging beer on vacation? Forget all these stories about this trio always being focused on Leann and Brandi – put the heat on Eddie.

    • littlestar says:


    • paranormalgirl says:

      So much agreement. Any man who would allow the mother of his children to be treated with such contempt by his jumpoff deserves nothing but scorn.

    • Christin says:

      Agree. He may be the quieter one (at least from a public perception standpoint), but I believe he could have stopped this long ago.

      I can believe that his jump-off/current wife would want to be the martyr of public perception and use the boys to help cement their relationship. Would she care for them full-time? Probably not, since she appears to have a babysitter already on board. I think she’s delusional to think he could win full custody, but she’s been known to fight losing legal battles.

    • Curious George says:

      I could not agree more!!!

      I knew Eddie way before he was famous and he cheated on ALL his girlfriends and then told his friends about it. He only dated models/actresses because of their looks. Brandi was obviously a nut job before Eddie divorced her so he can’t be too surprised by her latest antics. And he married a woman who was willing to cheat on her husband and was so insecure he was going to cheat on her, lost weight so she could “keep” him. I feel sorry for those kids… they have animals to choose from to be their parents.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      What he did and does to Brandi- and allows his crazy woman to do- is vicious and vile- what he does and allows to have done to his sons is unspeakably evil.

  25. OrangeBlohan says:

    Those boys only have one mother. She is entitled to live her life. Leann Rimes is not such a shining example of virtue herself. She doesn’t get to call the shots as to who should or shouldn’t have custody, she has no rights at all. She needs to get herself a good psychiatrist and fix what ails her and keep her giant nostrils out of anything concerning the boys, and let their parents deal with things as they see fit.

  26. Sarah says:

    There was a time after my divorce, in my twenties, where I went crazy every time my kids left for the weekend or for a week. I went from having a family to care for to not knowing what to do with myself at all. I started going out every time they were gone to numb the pain of my loss. I believe Brandi may go out on her benders every time the boys are gone, it’s hard to go from a family to nothing every week.

    • Anthea says:

      Exactly Sarah. I can see how easily it would happen. I hope things are OK for you these days. It must be hard not having them around for regular periods of time.

  27. anne_000 says:

    Of course LR wants the boys. She probably thinks that’s a way to keep EC with her longer. BG has said repeatedly that she doesn’t go out & drink when she has custody of the kids. When they’re home with her, she’s responsible & sober. When they’re with EC, EC goes out of town and leaves them with LR, which I think is kind of an iffy situation, considering how she is.

    LR’s pattern in her relationship with EC has always been to involve the topic of BG. This new scheme is nothing new. Anyhoo, guess LR has way too much time on her hands

  28. kellyinseattle says:

    I really think LeAnne might have adifficult time conceiving…I thin it took her mom 11 or 13 years to conceive her…could’ve been her dad, too. Maybe she just want. kids..I would think she’d want a baby just to hold Eddie by. link to him.

    • JustNow says:

      Doesn’t matter if she can conceive or not. Eddie can’t or doesn’t want more children with her. She knows this, too. She would have had one long before now if it was possible. Anything to hold on to Eddie she will do it.

  29. TruthKindaHurts says:

    First of all Leanne needs to worry about her own kids… WAIT! She doesn’t have any!! #CaseRested! #ByeGirl

  30. briargal says:

    Yeah, right! LeAss would be a shining example of what a wonderful mother would be like??!! Just remember what she was like in her younger years, spending money on her “men”, spreading her legs and drinking while still in her teenage years if the reports are all true. Then combine that with the way she has acted since winning the grand prize of EC. She is nothing but a lying, manipulating, stalking b***h! She is still in her teen years emotionally and will never grow up (how many 30 year old women sit on a “duck” and plaster the pic out for all to see? To your friends maybe but knowing the general public will see it??!! Yeah, acting like a real adult, LeAss!) Just go away and STFU!

    • Christin says:

      It’s probably not a great idea to portray oneself as a better choice to raise kids when there are interviews around that describe how your own childhood really didn’t exist, you don’t have the tools to cope at times because of that, etc. I’d be careful about throwing stones if I were her.

      The eldest boy is now of age where a judge would probably take his private testimony into account as well. And who thinks he is a real fan of hers?

      Just buy the presents and let those boys enjoy time with their one and only mother.

  31. Luca26 says:

    None of those people is any better or worse than the other. So why put those poor kids through a custody battle on top of everything else. It’s a better idea to pay for a top notch team of therapists.

  32. aaa says:

    I don’t know if I even believe the story, but I will weigh in anyway.

    I do not think that Brandi is an unfit mother, however I think that as the kids get older that the current 50/50 arrangement should be evaluated to see if it is still the best arrangement for the boys and if not which parent should have them the majority of the time. If it ever came down to which parent should have the boys for the majority of the time, I think that Eddie is the better choice.

    • SouthernGal says:

      You based on what? Because of her partying with friends or saying stupid crap. You would rather the boys be with a man who allowed his girlfriend/wife to pubically humilate, stalk, harass and have her minions do it as well while he sat quietly by and allowed it to happen. Makes perfect sense!

      • aaa says:

        The stuff that you are stating Eddie did happened 4-5 years ago,. I think that there is some truth to the things said about LeAnn, but I think that quite a bit of it has been distorted and it was not all one-sided.

        Regarding Eddie doing nothing, just because he is not running to the tabloids or tweeting about it, we don’t know for sure that he hasn’t done anything, or that he has the same opinion about the situation that you and others have.

      • aaa says:

        My opinion is based on Brandi being a trainwreck for the past 6-7 months and shows no signs of improvement. In her public comments about her behavior, she ridiculously blames other people or tries to make it seem not so bad. One of my major issues with Brandi is that her responses show that she is not going to change and she is proving me right by repeating the same acts. After she got publicly drunk last summer, she got publicly drunk again three months ago. After causing an uproar by making a bigoted comment, a few weeks later she made the molestation comment.

        But we can throw everything that I just said out, according to Brandi her children have gotten death threats, and that alone is enough to make me believe that if custody gets re-evaluated in the not too distant future and it came down to which parent should have the boys for the majority of the time, that Eddie is the better choice.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Yes, true. Let’s take away custody based on dumb statements, personal opinions or whatever. Great plan. You’re good with Leann staggering down the steps at XFactor, drunk and falling all over a teenager, I’m assuming? And the many, many papped photos of Eddie and Leann, drinks in hand, including one with their best friend Liz who had a drink in each hand and one in her bikini top? Leann posted that one. Class all the way, yes? And I’m guessing the papped photos of Leann stripping off her clothing and making out with Liz while Eddie photographed it was more of the great parenting you’d like the boys to experience? Oh, wait, they DID experience it. They were inside while their father and stepidiot did that outside. With their best friends’ mother. Jesus, I hope you’re not with BCW.

    • briargal says:

      Really???? Then maybe he can show his sons how to treat women?? How to mess with their brains and their emotions so they give him what he wants and to hell with their needs and feelings? He can show them how to be faithful to the flavor of the month! Yup, he is also a shining example of perfect fatherhood!! And then also they would also be around a complete lunatic in the body and soul (if she has any) of LR?? NOOOO!!!!

      • aaa says:

        I agree that Eddie is a poor role model when it comes to treating women. There is no perfect parent in this situation but when I weigh what I think to be the positives and negatives of the kind of environment that I think Eddie would provide versus the one that Brandi would provide, I think that Eddie’s is better. As far as being around a lunatic, I don’t think that LeAnn is any more of a lunatic than Brandi.

    • claire says:

      I definitely agree with you on the 50/50 part. I hate those types of arrangements. It sucks to be transferred back and forth, back and forth all the time. They normally do change as kids get older for obvious reasons, but I don’t think it ever should have been this way in the first place. The kids should have had a primary custody situation, with the other one receiving visitation.

      • aaa says:

        I am not totally opposed to 50/50 arrangements but I think that any custodial arrangement should be evaluated every few years. But once upon a time I thought that it was a great arrangement and there was no downside if both parents are willing, but I am starting to see that 50/50 has downsides too.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Barring the meanness of this comment, the ridiculousness comes out as well. Based on what? Eddie hasn’t a job, he drinks too much and his wife does also, they hang out with middle aged people who love to party, Leann spends hours a day on Twitter fighting with strangers and then engages them and allows them around the boys because Eddie is fine with it, they pap these poor kids endlessly- the list goes on and on. What merits do you see in these two?

      • aaa says:

        I am willing to bet that if I made that same comment but ended it with, “I think that Brandi is the better choice,” you would have thought it was the best comment ever. If you want to disagree with it, fine but thinking that it reflects meanness, come on!

        LeAnn spends too much time on Twitter, as does Brandi. Obviously you do not visit Brandi’s timeline and see how she often uses the f word and other profanities in general and as part of nasty comments to other people. Just in the last couple of days she sent out a nasty and profane tweet about someone she has often claimed to be her BFF. Brandi’s Twitter behavior is much worse than LeAnn’s.

        We have had the discussion about the paps before, from what I have seen in the past year, LeAnn/Eddie do not pap the kids out anymore than Brandi does.

      • eliza says:

        Lol. As if Brandi is a nun. Please! When was the last time LeAnn, who I do NOT like, carried out of a restaurant with her butt and boobs and tampon string hanging out? When was the last time LeAnn joked about wishing she had been molested as a kid? When was the last time LeAnn joked that black people can”t swim? When was the last time LeAnn was saying FU 1000′s times, on camera? When was the last time LeAnn’s house was shown with dog doo and pee all over the living room?

        Brandi spends what appears to be most of her time apart from her boys partying. To say Eddie and LeAnn are any worse than she is , is simply ridiculous.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        @Eliza, no Brandi is no nun or saint. However, are you kidding? Saying the F word makes you a bad parent? But she’s been on XFactor drunk, there was a blog from a musician that talked about how much Leann was drinking at a concert and we don’t see her house because she’s not on a reality show. Who knows what it looks like? She has been photographed bending over the kids in short shorts and a top with no bra, making out with Eddie at kids’ soccer games, grabbing Eddie’s crotch in front of the boys, taking off her clothes to make out with a family friend while Eddie took pictures/video and the kids were inside, with her breast hanging out of her dress, stepping over Jake to make out with Eddie, and the list goes on. And you’re joking about the partying, you have to be, because Leann and Eddie are constantly photographed on vacation with drinks in hand and partying. There are zillions of photos out there. One of the most recent, posted by Leann, had their friend Liz (the makeout queen) posing in a bikini with a drink in either hand and one in her bikini top.
        @aaa, yes, I do think meanness plays a part. I am not a Brandi apologist; I like her, but I don’t think you’d call me a fan. I don’t own her book, don’t watch her show or listen to her podcast. I glance at the twitter TLs, but am not on it. Brandi does some really stupid things but basically seems to feel overwhelmed and under attack. It doesn’t sound like this show is actually a positive for her. Saying the F word (which I am also guilty of) and being immature is simply not the same as what Leann (and Eddie) do. She bullies and harasses Brandi on Twitter (though I think her team has made her back off and down) and interacts with people who abuse Brandi daily. She invited two fans wearing F Brandi shirts to her concert and invited them backstage where the boys were, for heaven’s sake. One fan, who writes vicious things about Brandi is now a personal friend and another was allowed around the boys. Her producer, makeup artist, photographer and others in her inner circle, who insult Brandi and post personal information about her have been turned into the boys’ family. It’s beyond irresponsible; it’s evil and dangerous.

      • tc says:

        Brandi won’t have a job in 5 years either, so…

  33. Zwella Ingrid says:

    I think if Leann wishes this, it is for her own security-as in she would feel more sure about keeping Eddie in place if they had custody of the boys. Not to say that she doesn’t care for the boys. I think she does, and would probably genuinely like to have custody. Still, I’m guessing its more about holding on to Eddie.

    As for Brandi, I don’t think she is an unfit mother, but she is certainly not setting a good example for her boys. I can’t help but think it is hard on them to have their mother out of control with her drinking as much as has happened in the past year. But then again, presumably they are not around her when she is getting toasted. I think she loves them and does spend time with them, so I would have to say overall they are better off with her. I would like to see her get her act together and get sober. I would think more of her parenting if she did so.

    • briargal says:

      Agree with most of what you said except for the part about LeAss caring about the boys. The only one she cares about is herself and how she thinks people should perceive her! She is trying to make people think she is the bestest wife, mother and entertainer in the whole wide world EVER! And we know she is just a hasbeen entertainer whose best days are done, a child wife and a selfish nobody!

      • JustNow says:

        LeAnn is the problem, and she’s always been the problem. She has never accepted or respected the children’s Mother’s role in their lives. She has constantly from the very beginning tried to undermine, out do, and out spend their Mother, and then blasted it out to the world to try and make everyone think she was some wonderful person. Instead people have watched her and found her behavior nothing but offensive and have disliked her even more. If she wants the children full time it’s only because she is looking for another reason to keep her wandering, unfaithful husband around.

  34. dontbuyit says:

    The kids are better off being around Brandi than those two. I feel sorry for the kids that they have to be around any of these people, but Brandi does care about her boys and they love her, the older kid seems over Leann in the pics. The blinds that have been floating about Leann and Eddie’s life, if true, which I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. is far more toxic. Leann should concentrate on her own issues and get her own kids. She really does want to steal it all. Horrid woman.

  35. Snowpea says:

    Um, am I missing something? Where in the handbook for motherhood does it say “When one is not around one’s children, one must stay home and pine for them and be a bastion of chastity and sobriety”?.

    Nope, it’s not in there.

    I am a single mum with two boys and trust me, when those kids, especially in the early days, were at their father’s, the house would ring with a special kind of torturous emptiness and the only solution was to go out with friends and try to banish the sadness and anxiety that I would feel at being away from them.

    If you’ve never been in that situation, how would you know?

    Brandi might be showing her true colours as an ignorant, drunk hillbilly but she is a good mum fo shiz. Her children look totally stoked when they are around her.

    It is almost criminal to wantonly throw around the suggestion that those kids should be taken away without an iota of evidence to support such an horrific notion :(

  36. bettyrose says:

    If racially insensitive omments and off color jokes make one an unfit parent, DCFS better get busy taking kids outta 75% of American homes.

    • eliza says:

      Well those comments may not make one unfit but it sure makes them an ignorant and uneducated one.

      • bettyrose says:

        Yup. So what utopia are you from Eliza where kids don’t grow up hearing their parents say off color things in the privacy of home?

      • betty says:

        If intelligence and good taste was a requirement for parenthood. Most adults would not meet the criteria. Most have made insensitive jokes and had inappropriate behavior and done stupid things, It is called being human.

  37. Ming says:

    Good luck with that, leann. (Sarcasm.)
    I do believe leann is planning something.. A big body image reveal.. She’s been hardcore working out, if you believe her tweets, and I think she’s on a crazy health binge before her Hawaii trip.
    After everyone called her out for that old workout photo, I think she’s putting things in high gear–juice cleanses, healthy food, detoxing stuff..
    Wasn’t there a blind item awhile back saying her team said get on a health kick and quit the drinking/pill popping in the new year or it’s rehab? (The real rehab, not her sitting behind a computer like last time with the cat ears).

  38. Blackbetty says:

    I wish Leanne would go on Dr Phil or something.Just as long as he wouldn’t brown nose her.

  39. Jennifer12 says:

    The rumor is that Leann/Eddie are looking to capitalize on Brandi’s current negative reviews and perceptions and are pushing to get more out there to get their show on. I would bet this came from Eddie- he is careful not to totally put Brandi down as he was recently selling stories of them being friends now but he is no longer totally trashing Leann, either. I cannot believe people are saying hideous things like take someone’s kids away when there is no proof that she is anything but a good mother (which the article even says). Saying dumb things and getting drunk when the kids aren’t there doesn’t mean she’s a bad parent. The kids clearly adore her and she adores them. She needs to get some things together, but she’s a good parent. I think this is more of Leann/Eddie trying to get more bad publicity for her to sell their show. No way Leann wants the truth out there, which is her drinking/drug problem. But she would love to bring Brandi down. One day, I’d love to see someone do an expose on her from the beginning of the Eddie situation to the current one- the stalking, the tweets, the inappropriate behavior in front of and involving the kids, the fake Twitter accounts, the bullying- all of it.

  40. betty says:

    I doubt this story is true. Eddie knows it takes more then wild antics to get full custody of kids. Especially when his wife has shown she has some of her own. Eddie is not even working and I doubt pays his court awarded share of support. I guess people that make up these stories have never been to family court and knows what occurs. What Brandi does and how she acts when are kids are not present is HER business. The court is interested in only what occurs when she has them. Leann must be desperate for attention for this story. Especially since Brandi is more popular then she is and has caught up to her in twitter followers. If Leann wants kids let her have her own. Brandi kids are hers.and Eddie.

  41. Jane says:

    God, that picture of her on that duck is just nauseating! What in the f*** is she thinking?

  42. JustNow says:

    The reason this subject is still being discussed years later and is still so contentious is because LeAnn simply will not accept the fact that the children already have an active, loving Mother in their lives, and she is NEVER EVER going to be their Mother. Could someone please try to explain to this crazy woman AGAIN that if she wants to be a Mother herself she should have or get her own child? Seriously, how sick is she that she doesn’t get this?

  43. Samantha says:

    I understood the Leanne hate at first, but I think it’s time to move on. People are creating drama where there is none. Based on a story from one of the most unreliable sources of all.

    It seems like Leanne is trying to move on…maybe you people should too…

    • briargal says:

      LeAss will not move on until Brandi is completely gone out of the boys lives! That has been her goal from day one and keeps her going! She is one sick broad!

  44. Stephanie says:

    I think all celebrities children should be off limits in the trash mags. Everybody on Leann’s side loves to berate and judge Brandi as a Mother based on a scripted reality show and two pap shots in a year showing her drunk. Oh and they will never let the podcast comment be forgotten. I think social media has put an end to kind, caring, compassionate people. It seems to draw out the really vile ugly in too many people. Not one person has the right to judge Brandi Glanville and make an assessment that she should not have custody of her kids. My guess is that both boys much prefer being with their Mother. Leann and Eddie’s marriage at best is most likely completely dysfunctional. Yet her fans constantly tweet that they should have custody of Brandi’s children. I guess it just shows the really sad condition society is in today.

  45. BellasMommy says:

    Are you people serious? Brandi lives in squallor acts like the trash she lives amongst and the best most of you have on LeAnna is hearsay and gossip from “insiders” and you all feel justified in defending this “woman”. She couldn’t keep track of a puppy and has a 6 year old who isn’t potty trained not to mention neither of her children doesn’t know how to properly wipe their own behinds and she is this paragon of motherhood. And lets be real here, Brandi clearly has a drinking problem, you can’t just shut that on and off because your kids came home. There is no such thing as part time alcoholic, if she feels comfortable enough to be a sloppy drunk on national television why wouldn’t she do it in the privacy of her own home with or without her children present. Try again all of these people are messy none of them need children.

    • briargal says:

      And LeAss made a fool out of herself on national TV with way more viewers than RHOBH when she destroyed a young girl’s chance of winning a talent competition! She has as much trouble with booze as Brandi does.

  46. michele says:

    MeAnn needs to just STFU.