Another model victimized by Terry Richardson goes public with story, name

2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
I’ve spent many posts here at CB detailing the disgusting antics of “fashion” photographer Terry Richardson. See this post for a primer on him. Many people only became aware of Terry after he directed Miley Cyrus’s gross “Wrecking Ball” video. Terry was soon called out for his stable of near pr0nographic images. Petitions circulated to ask magazines to stop hiring him. Terry lost a lucrative ad campaign, but otherwise, his business continued as usual. Jezebel has also been holding the fort on Terry coverage for a long time. If you don’t know who he is, go here (NSFW language) to find out why they call him “the world’s most f—ed up fashion photographer.

Terry’s studio is notorious for being a hotbed of predatory behavior. Whispers have run rampant about how he convinces young models to disrobe, and he often gets naked himself. Terry uses his power to make these girls feel like they have no choice. I’ve often wondered what would happen if more models told their stories like the one in the Jezebel post. One of them has decided to do so. She described her 2009 experience with Terry on Reddit a few days ago. The post was anonymous (which is why we didn’t cover it at length – Kaiser briefly mentioned it yesterday) and has since disappeared. Now the model has gone on the record with her story. Her name is Charlotte Waters, and here is a current photo of her.

Charlotte Waters

Charlotte no longer works as a model. She says her experience with Terry has affected her entire life. She fled NYC and is now a 24-year-old nurse’s assistant in LA. Charlotte told her story to Vocative, and it is VERY graphic and disturbing. We can’t post the sexual parts of the encounter, but you can read them here. Here’s some excerpts about her reaction to what Terry did on that day:

Why did she come forward?: “A few weeks ago, I started seeing a lot of articles about Richardson and his behavior that my friends were posting on Facebook. And I was like: ‘I know exactly what these people are talking about!’ But the articles were all very vague and about rumors, so I wanted to say,'”Hey, I’ve experienced this first hand. These aren’t just rumors.’ But I wasn’t sure I wanted to come out about this very embarrassing thing I did, so I was just sitting on it for a while. And then I realized that what happened to me is something that has happened to other people and will likely continue to happen until his dick falls off, so I have to say something. I did it through Reddit because I could do it anonymously, and that seemed like a safe way to start.”

After the encounter: “I was just sitting on the couch, and I was very quiet. I was in shock and utter disbelief. I think they could tell that I was in shock. It seemed like they had done this a million times. Terry Richardson was standing across from the couch, and he asked, ‘So do you have a boyfriend?’ This was the first personal question he asked me. I told him yes because I did have a boyfriend at the time, and he was like, ‘Oh wow, I’m so sorry! I always mean to ask that first.’ He was smiling while he was saying this, too, and he looked over to his assistant and said, ‘Oh damn, I always mean to ask that first.’ And then she was like, ‘Oh, we should have asked that!’ It was a complete slap in the face. That’s the only way I can describe how that felt.

“I just wanted to get out of there. I don’t really remember much after the shoot, but his assistant wanted to leave with me. We went down and got a cab, and she said she had to go somewhere in the same direction I was going and that she would pay for it. When we got in, she started trying to comfort me. She kept telling me that I was a really strong girl, and that I’m really cool, and that it’s so good that I can handle that sort of thing. Looking back it was obviously her attempt to make me feel like what I did was a good thing and what happened wasn’t bad. I was just sitting there quietly letting her talk to me, and then she got out about halfway on my way to Brooklyn.

“That night I went home and told my roommate about it. I was completely shaken by it, but I was definitely taking responsibility for what happened. I blamed myself. I kept thinking, Uh, why did I get myself into that situation? And I also had a stomach infection that had been going on for a few days, so I felt pretty sick and kind of weak. Later that night I started dry heaving, and then I really started falling apart. I started freaking out and called my mom and my older sister. At the time I just thought it was just because I had been sick, but looking back, I realized that I was having a full-blown panic attack. I was sitting on the bathroom floor feeling like I was losing control of my body. My arms went numb, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. So then my roommate called an ambulance, and I ended up in the emergency room, and my mom drove down from upstate to take me back home.”

[From Vocativ]

Charlotte said she doesn’t want to get anything out of telling her story, but her friends and relatives convinced her that telling the story would empower her. She is still considering pursuing charges with the NYPD, but they already told her that Terry will go free because she didn’t say no.

I think no matter what, Charlotte has done a truly brave thing by coming forward and putting her face out there. Other models will hopefully follow suit. There are others. Many of them. They are out there, and they are paying attention.

Here’s a photo of Charlotte in 2009 around the same time she “worked” with Terry.

Charlotte Waters

2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Photos courtesy of Voactiv & WENN

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    So sad and so disgusting. I hope she feels empowered by telling her story, and I hope other people come forward, because you know this wasn’t an isolated incident.

    • Liv says:

      He’s so, so, so, so disgusting! I mean in her face? Can it get any more degrading? And who’s his f*ing assistent? What a despicable woman.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Totally agree. His assistant is as perverted and disgusting and guilty as he is.

      • Hiddles forever says:

        ITAWY!!! his assistants are equally disgusting if they condone such a behaviour… Now I need to bleach my eyes after seeing for half a second the face of that pervert 🙁

      • FLORC says:

        All his assistants are like that if the rumors are to be believed (and I think they are).

        Everyone around him thinks like him and holds him in high esteem. It’s truly an unsafe environment.

        Sadly, if there’s no evidence of him altering a person’s state or being aware some is in an altered state it’s up to the model to say “no” and leave.
        Ugh! What’s terrible is he manipulates through power and success. In his own subtle way he weaves a web where you believe he could end your career or financial stability.

        This man is insideous.

        I’m leaving this post. I’m just too disgusted.
        \/ TOK Shower seems like the right call after reading that. And fully agree with you.

      • deehunny says:

        @Liv apparently that is his trademark– he does it with all of the young models he victimizes. Sometimes it’s oral, but it’s always on the face.

    • I feel like I need to shower after reading that.
      I completely, 100% understand why this young woman didn’t leave-she was likely just paralyzed with shock.
      I had something somewhat similar to this happen to me when I was 21…not as creepy but I was messing around with a guy and he busted out a polaroid camera, without asking or anything, just started taking pics of me.
      I should have told him to eff off but I was just so shocked…
      I never talked to him again after that, but honestly, at 35-years-old, my reaction to that kind of thing would be complete outrage and a hammer to that camera–very, very different from my 21-yearold self.

      This man is so vile and predatory. He definitely goes after young women and exploits their vulnerability.
      Someone needs to stop him.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yes, I agree, when you’re that young, sometimes you just don’t react, especially to someone with “authority.” You’re just not used to having to define your boundaries, and might be scared or embarrassed to “make a scene.” There were many times when I was young that I didn’t draw a line out of fear or insecurity or embarrassment, and I was very, very lucky that nothing major happened to me. I agree that he exploits their youth and vulnerability and that makes him even more disgusting.

      • Exactly-it’s fear, embarrassment, shock etc.

        Richardson is obviously a very skilled and practiced predator. He assaulted this young woman in a gradual manner, first gaining her trust by acting as if it would be a professional encounter, and then working his way up to a full-on assault, all the while taking photos as if to distract her. He is a very very dangerous man who needs to face jail time for what he’s done.

        My heart goes out to her–this is a really traumatic incident.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Oh God, I feel queasy now. Both Terry and his assistant need to be arrested and go to JAIL!

        I’m glad Charlotte got her story out there but I don’t think Hollywood will pay attention. Somehow, those associated with Terry will be able to tell themselves that she made up that story. I feel like there’s a serious cognitive dissonance at play when it comes to predators like Terry Richardson. And sadly, I think it’ll take more than this to convince people that he’s a truly vile and disgusting human being.

        ETA. TOK said.

        Richardson is obviously a very skilled and practiced predator. He assaulted this young woman in a gradual manner, first gaining her trust by acting as if it would be a professional encounter, and then working his way up to a full-on assault, all the while taking photos as if to distract her. He is a very very dangerous man who needs to face jail time for what he’s done.

        ^Yes! You said it even better than I could.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think that reaction is SO common in situations where women are taken advantage of sexually. I have a friend who had an experience were she woke up to a man groping her mid-flight, and she froze. The typical reaction of many guys (and women who haven’t experienced it) is WHY didn’t you DO SOMETHING? They become suspicious of the victim because there is no immediate reaction.

        It is so hard to explain to be people who haven’t been there, that your brain kind of freaks out. It is trying to process that this is really happening, there is a sense of danger (what will they do if I aggressively resist?), etc. It is kind of the mental equivalent of pulling the covers over your head when you are scared of the monsters under your bed. Maybe if I ignore it, I will open my eyes and it won’t be there. The ability for fear and shock to paralyze a person is very real.

        I think society needs to be aware that this is a genuine reaction to such situations.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “35-years-old, my reaction to that kind of thing would be complete outrage and a hammer to that camera–very, very different from my 21-yearold self”

        I have had some experiences myself (early and late teens), and it is really hard for me not to be disappointed at my reaction then. Hearing that others feel the same way is comforting.

      • Kelly says:

        Shock and paralysis are actually standard typical responses to horrific situations. I wonder why that surprises people? Too many action movies I guess.
        Whether it’s sexual or physical assault, the normal response is the denial one, where your brain goes into self-preservation mode by shutting out the traumatic event.
        This is why soldiers need to be trained and conditioned before being sent out in the field. Any normal person would be shocked and paralyzed in the face of sudden physical or emotional onslaught and violence.
        Older women would maybe react differently just because they’re already seasoned and experienced in dealing with pervs and insulting degrading behavior of men. It’s inevitable, you can’t go through life without experiencing that at least once. So they’re ready and know how to handle such psychologically manipulative disgusting freaks. Mind you, not all women do, despite their age, some learn that lesson in their 30s and later.
        Fact of the matter is, Charlotte reacted like any normal, stable, well-mannered girl would react. I would react just like her. This is precisely what Richardson knows and why he does what he does and in that specific manner. He never forces himself on them physically in a violent manner. He abuses them emotionally until they cannot defend themselves anymore intellectually, and then he just takes away their own control of their body. He’s smart really. Such abysmal abuse of another human being is hard to prove in court. There’s no physical evidence of force or violence. It’s all in the mind.
        The guy is sicker than your average sexist retarded rapist pig, he should be locked up for good.

    • Kiddo says:

      Okay, so I’m back. Was she paid as a model? She should file a civil suit for sexual harassment or hostile work environment. Maybe she could then get others to testify and bring this all out into the open. Where’s Gloria Allred or her daughter?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I think she said she wasn’t paid because she thought it would be so good for her portfolio to be photographed by him. I still wonder if she could file a civil suit against both of them, but I don’t know. If I were on a jury, I would totally understand and believe her, but a lot of people might think no line was crossed because she technically didn’t say no. The whole things makes me so angry. He’s a very practiced and cunning predator.

      • Size Does Matter says:

        It wouldn’t fall under employment law because she wasn’t his employee and for several other reasons. I think she might have a civil battery case because even if she didn’t say no, she didn’t consent to his body fluids being on her the way they were. But the statute of limitations has probably expired. She could be a witness if some other girl files a lawsuit or if other charges are brought.

        Something similar happened to my sister many years ago. There was a female assistant (a nurse) who helped the rapist and everything. My sister testified against the man (an obgyn) in a criminal case arising from the assault of another woman. The man was acquitted. The jury said later they believed my sister but they didn’t believe the other victim because she had pursued a civil case for monetary damages. My sister is mentally ill now, and I will always wonder how this awful event contributed.

        It just makes me sick. So many women I know have been either taken advantage of or outright raped. The impact can be felt for generations.

      • Kiddo says:

        @Size Does Matter, I’m truly sorry to hear that, but your sister was heroic.

    • Rockymtnprincess says:

      They have a sick system that has unfortunately been successful in manipulating young women, they are both predators and he just looks creepy.

    • Sarah says:

      Such a powerful thing for her to step up and do….I am so amazed by these powerful women coming forward like Dylan.

  2. freebunny says:

    She’s very courageaus, I hope the best for her.
    This nasty pig should be in jail since years.
    I’m sure he would find a lot of buddies to share his interest in non consual sex, but I’m not sure he would be the predator then. Or maybe I watched Oz too much times.

  3. Steff says:

    He is not even a photographer, just a sicko with a hardon, and his celebrity-friends are as pervert as he is.
    Sign this petition if you like, it will make a bit of justice:

    • Liv says:

      I don’t understand why people consider his work art. He’s not a good photographer.

      • Marianne says:

        I don’t think his photos are that great either.

        But I can’t blame celebrities too much. They either don’t know or don’t believe it because Terry never acts that way with them. (And of course he wouldn’t).

    • Latisse says:

      This is a GREAT idea. Signed.

    • lucy says:


    • MaiGirl says:

      Also signed. Since I can’t cut his d*** off personally, it was the least I could do.

      • Dani2 says:

        +1 Maigirl, he’s the biggest reason why I can’t stand Jared Leto, being close friends with someone like this is shady as f-ck.

      • Alexandria says:


      • MaiGirl says:

        Agreed, Dani 2. Anyone who associates with him, especially as enthusiastically as Leto does, is and ass in my book, and I won’t spend money to support them. I REALLY hope Lupita simply didn’t know some of the seedier elements of his reputation.

    • Louminary says:

      signed – and agree with Maigirl – its not castrating him, but at least its something

    • Monkey Towz says:

      Thanks for posting this link. I couldn’t sign it fast enough.
      Would love for a nasty, herpes riddled punk to c*m in T.R’s face but he would probably enjoy it.

    • Janet says:


    • blue marie says:

      signed and thank you for posting it.

    • I Choose Me says:


    • V4Real says:

      Signed, sealed and delivered.

    • Tiffany :) says:


    • John says:

      It should read:
      “Stop using alleged sex offender & pornographer Terry Richardson… “

    • Hiddles forever says:


    • here's Wilson says:

      SIGNED!! Thanks for the link….

    • Assistant Rachel says:


    • Emma says:


      I am sitting here reading all this feeling waves of shame come over me because of something that happened to me with a massage therapist last year. I thought I´d forgotten it, but reading this story brought it all back.

      I can fully attest to that frozen, shocked feeling…I am 40 years old and reasonably confident in my ability to express myself..but when this incident occured I just froze while my brain tried to pretend that it wasn´t happening. After a couple of minutes, I kind of came out of my shocked state and jumped up and left. If I had been younger and less confident I´m not sure what I would have done.

      The sad thing is that I´m the one left feeling ashamed – the psychology of this kind of thing is just so bizarre becuase it´s the victims who often feel ashamed, instead of feeling like victims. I absolutely applaud the courage of this young woman to come forward and tell her story, becuase I´m guessing it is very, very difficult for her.

    • Stephanie says:


    • Belly says:


      He is so repulsive.

    • Klaw says:

      Signed. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Jaded says:

    He needs to be shamed and shunned by the entire fashion industry AND by all the famous friends he has, i.e. Leto (who has taken part in some of Richardson’s more disgusting shenanigans at his studio – I’ve seen the photos), Anniston, Theroux, etc. etc. He is sick, sick, sick.

    • Dani2 says:

      He needs to be shunned but I have no idea why he still gets so many high profile jobs, it boggles the mind. It really does. There’s no way all these women from all these years are lying.

    • freebunny says:

      “But Jared is so pretty and his long hair so shiny.”
      Can’t believe people defend this guy, he’s not better than he’s good friend when you read some accounts.

      • Louminary says:

        totally agree freebunny. Theres so many reports of his sadism and total lack of respect for women! (Jared I mean)
        Women who find men like this attractive: Maybe its time for a little introspection, maybe you should be asking yourself why sick sadistic a**holes turn your crank??

    • Samtha says:

      This makes me really sad to hear about Jared Leto. I knew him when he was younger, around the time he did MSCL. He was a very shy, nice person back then.

  5. Ag says:

    He’s beyond disgusting. And I can’t believe that celebrities associate with him. They must be willfully clueless.

    • V4Real says:

      “They must be willfully clueless. ”

      ….or just don’t give a sh-t. This man is beyond disgusting. All these stories are too similar to not be true. He seems to have a signature for his sexual assaults.

      • blue marie says:

        I’m going with “don’t give a sh-t” because it doesn’t effect them. He would NEVER pull this type of sh-t with a star. Someone needs to take a stand and refuse to work with him. And his ass needs to be in jail, POS.

      • V4Real says:

        I”m with you marie celebs just seem to turn a blind eye to his perverted behavior. As much as I love my RDJ, I hate that he has also been photographed by Richardson.

    • pantalones en fuego says:

      I think that he is a textbook predator and grooms his associates and victims alike. Obviously at this point people should realize that he’s a huge creep but he probably tells people stuff like “oh, she’s just bitter because I broke up with her” or “her career didn’t work out and she blames my photos”. Grown adults should still know better but I can absolutely see him talking his way out this with celebrities that he works with.

    • GirlyGirl says:

      Celebrities aren’t really people of character

    • JessMa says:

      I just think Hollywood is like a Bizaro world. If you are famous you get a pass. Look at all the people that support Roman and Woody. The list calling for Roman’s release a few years ago was a who’s who of Hollywood. Roman drugged and sodomized a 13 year old.

      Seinfeld, Brad Pitt, and Paul Walker all dated underage girls and no one bats an eyelash. Sure that may not be on the same level as Roman, but men in their late 20’s and 30’s should not sex 16 year old girls.

      I just think that there is so much gross stuff happening in Hollywood that it becomes normal. If you are constantly being exposed to depravity and nobody cares, I think it can warp your thinking.

      • Moore says:

        When I read the list for the Roman petition it didn’t look like a who’s who of Hollywood to me. There were only very few names I could recognize. And the names were some directors not actors.

      • JessMa says:

        I didn’t mean just actors support him. Yes a lot of famous directors support him including Scorsese, Aronofsky, Almodovar, Cuaron, Landis, Lynch, Mann, and Soderbergh. But lots of famous actors support him too like Tilda Swinton, Adrien Brody, Johnny Depp, Monica Bellucci, Natalie Portman, and Harrison Ford.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        It isn’t just Hollywood. Powerful people all over the world have a different set of rules and consequences.

      • Moore says:

        I counldn’t find Harrison Ford, Natalie Portman, Johnny Depp, Adrian Brody, or Soderbergh on the list of signatures.

  6. Penelope says:

    Absolutely disgusting rapist pig. There are no words for this sick abuser.

  7. Sam says:

    This is why people who defend stars who pose for him and associate with him are wrongheaded. Abusers exploit and rely upon the power they have to keep abusing. Anytime a person of any public status poses for him, parties with him or allows themselves to be associated with him, they contribute to the power he has. Which directly leads to him feeling empowered enough to abuse and mistreat more models. Supporting Terry Richardson directly supports and enables abuse. Full stop. Just like people who work with Woody Allen should be confronted about it over and over, so should people who support Terry Richardson. He needs to become a liability for their careers.

    • MaiGirl says:

      Preach it, Sam! You are completely correct. He needs those big celebrities to hide behind. Abusers MUST have enough powerful people saying “He would never do such a thing! He’s such a nice/good/religious/respectable man.” to obscure the fact that they prey upon the powerless. It’s amazing how some people cannot see that it is really easy for these people to show one face to them, and another to the ones they abuse.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Yes. Some of the worst abusers I know seem like wonderful people on the face of it. I’m thinking of one personal experience that made me doubt my own sanity. God, I hope everybody reads Charlotte account and that POS faces consequences soon.

    • lee says:

      This so much. And the fact that famous people and magazines associate with him, pose for him and use him as a photographer lends legitimacy to what he does in a way that makes it even more difficult for these girls to stand up for themselves or say no. I mean, this quote from the full interview sums it up so well: ”my thought at the time was that he was such a well-known photographer and his photos have been in magazines and he’s shot famous people, so he’s got to be good, and that will only be good for me to say that I had been photographed by someone like him. ”

      Knowing that he has shot famous people makes young girls think, oh maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m a prude or I just don’t understand how this works. Surely, celebrity XYZ wouldn’t have put up with any untoward behaviour so this must not actually be that bad. The fact that his work shows up in major magazines and ad campaigns also means that girls who are trying to launch a career feel at risk of jeopardizing their one shot if they DO say no to anything he asks or forces them to do. It’s all so horrible and makes my skin crawl. And all of the celebrities and magazines that support him are also culpable in my eyes.

  8. Anna says:

    There used to be a tumblr dedicated to all his old disgusting antics but according to the owner of it, Terry and his people recently came after them (in the past month) and after they refused to shut it down Terry got the pictures copyrighted and all deleted.. so the blog is essentially blank now and useless..
    at least now people are becoming more aware of Terry and his antics, unfortunately he seems to be trying to erase it from the internet..

    • Jayna says:

      I saw his perverted naked photos of himself and his “models” last night. It’s still out there.

  9. Littles says:

    I hate reading this kind of stuff. I makes me really, really scary angry.

  10. lucy2 says:

    She is very brave to speak up. I hope she presses charges, regardless. Get it on the record. Start building a serious case against this guy. Her particular charges may not stick, but if enough victims come forward, they can’t be ignored.
    As disturbing as the details are, I’m glad this is all becoming more public – young women (and men) pursuing model careers need to be aware this can happen and is NOT ok, and they don’t have to say yes. And the people who continue to hire him, and the celebrities who continue to associate with him, will have no excuse of not knowing.

  11. mercy says:

    Terry should be behind bars, and who is this assistant? Get her name out there, too. She’s a facilitator and accessory to his crimes. It makes me sick to my stomach. I hope more of his victims feel empowered to come forward.

    • trishy says:

      Mercy, I’m with you – who is this assistant/facilitator/apologist? Terry is a vile human but this woman seems just as culpable.

    • NeNe says:

      I’m with you as well. They are both violators, and should be punished to the full extent of the law! What a sleaze.

    • j.eyre says:

      The whole scenario is so choreographed with a middle aged woman there offering tea to put her at ease, give her a homey environment, he’s acting disinterested in his victim at the computer, the follow up cab ride that happens by chance because they are both going in the same direction and then the older woman trying to implant the idea of how the younger should view her experience – its horrifying. The vermin probably have it written down somewhere.

      I shudder to think how many girls have been put through this routine.

      • Liv says:

        You know what I find most disturbing? That his assistent tried to convince the girl she was a strong woman. That’s so disgusting. She definitely is because she’s speaking out loud now, but back then she was just paralyzed and they took advantage of her. So insulting to say that to someone you just abused.

  12. Jayna says:

    Gaga says she was used by powerful men in the industry when she was younger trying to make it. So she aligns herself with a sick pervert who takes advantage of young women trying to make it.

    So much for Gaga empowering women.

    • freebunny says:

      Empowered women in the industry is such a joke.
      Do people really think that Rihanna, Miley, Shakira, Beyoncé or Gaga are powerful women?
      If they were, they wouldn’t spend their time playing “who’s gonna be the more naked” in their next video clip.

  13. Welldun says:

    I wish a couple of these girls had fathers or big brothers. They know how to take care of people like Uncle Terry.

    • booger says:

      You should check out Melissa Gilbert’s twitter feed. She’s out for blood.

      • Welldun says:

        I just looked it up. Apparently he pulled his routine on her stepson’s girlfriend? I’m not a twitter expert so didn’t find the story but she’s after him.

      • Dani says:

        I think this girl is her son’s girlfriend? From what I got from her newsfeed – she posted the reddit post that was taken down and said it was her sons gf and then she retweeted the article link that’s above.

  14. booger says:

    Good on Melissa Gilbert for publicly supporting the victim and coming down on TG . MG might not be on the same level power-wise as Anna Wintour and the rest of Terry’s friends, but it’s helpful that someone in the public spotlight isn’t turning a blind eye.

    • Jayna says:

      It’s her son’s girlfriend or stepson’s girlfriend. His last name is Boxleitner, so I don’t know if she and her ex, Bruce Boxleitner, had a child together or if it was her stepson from him.

    • sapphoandgrits says:

      It’s better in a lot of ways that it’s her rather than Wintour publicizing this: more people know who “TV Laura Ingalls Wilder” is than who Wintour is. That may help get social media involved, which will expose this on a more mainstream level, instead of keeping it confined to celebrity sites and fashion sites.

  15. Anne says:

    This scumbag seriously needs to go. It would be different if the contract she (and likely hundreds of others) signed laid out the explicit sexual acts that would be taking place, or maybe had an al a carte style checklist of what she would and wouldn’t do. Then they would really know what they’re getting themselves into. He lures these women with his celebrity to fulfill his perversion and nothing else. He didn’t pay her? She never got the photos? I hope more women officially come forward now, I thought she did a great job telling her story and was smart to compare the experience with other photographers who also took explicit photos of her but maintained boundaries.

  16. eliza says:

    When is this repulsive FREAK going to be seriously investigated for this sh**??????????

    He is another b- that those in the industry cover up for and make excuses for, just like the Polanski’s and Allen’s of the world.

    This scum bag needs to be jailed and all the douche bag celebs that fawn all over him need to wake up. This man is a sex offender.

  17. Dizzybenny says:

    Whenever I see that guys face, I always think of the Joker line in the 1989 Batman.
    ”have you ever danced with the devil by a pale moon light?”
    He’s really creepy!!!

  18. Reece says:

    I have no words…

  19. cerebralmind says:

    My heart goes out to her. There are women who willingly have sex and give fellatio to men just to get ahead or get better connections or get more money (others brown nose) and it doesn’t matter what career profession you enter into. There are always the exceptions who get themselves into a situation and end up finding themselves trapped, and when you’re younger your voice isn’t as strong. You tend to be more impressionable. No one deserves to be raped though. Ladies don’t risk your safety and personal well being just for a piece of “stardom”. “Celebrity” is fleeting. It’s not worth it.

    • MaiGirl says:

      Yes. This was basically rape by coercion. Women are generally taught from early on to be nice and pleasing to people more powerful than they are, especially men. Best believe that Scary Richardson takes advantage of this conditioning, and these women are also hungry for stardom and trying to make it, so it makes them even more vulnerable to the kind of coercion that Scary and his “assistant” practice. I am SO grateful that my parents were such feminists, but even so, it still took a while to find my voice and not try to be nice when things were totally not okay.

      • frisbeejada says:

        + 1 to infinity, Women are conditioned to be ‘nice’, ‘compliant’, ‘kind’ and to take others feelings into account above and beyond their own feelings – what chance do any of them have against a b****rd like this? None – but years later they blame themselves for what POS’s like this do to them and it’s gonna take more than one woman speaking out to effect a change – entire societies have to change by promoting equality – will it happen though when so many vested interests are only concerned about upholding the status quo? That’s another reason ars****es like this get away with it he doesn’t effect the powerful, the self appointed ‘elite’ – as many other have pointed out.

  20. Magsmarq says:

    Such a brave woman for coming forward and making her story public. She is inspiring because she’s holding up truth in the face of power.

  21. Size Does Matter says:

    I’m physically ill right now. There is a special place in hell for this monster. Can someone tell me what to boycott? I don’t even know where his “work” is used. Vanity Fair, since they invited him to the Oscar party? The work of all the famous people who pose for him?

    • Geekychick says:

      everywhere you see shitty light, shitty, provocative, done 10000 times pose, porn-like sexuality and quality of everything, it’s his work. everywhere, sadly.

    • TG says:

      Maybe Vanity Fair can do a lengthy investigative article on him to make up for inviting this predator to their party.

    • Cecilia says:

      The only thing, at this point, that can be done is to get more of the young women to get their stories out there. If more people are aware — there would be no business & NO CONSENT. Young women would have his number & therefore, he would face serious charges. Ladies…stand tall & help your Sisters. Get your stories out there in a public forum & remove Uncle Terry from society.

  22. Geekychick says:

    I think one of the (ex) jezebel writers came out first with Terry-monster. I think you can still find it on jez. I bet there are so many girls abused by him. What I want to say: this guy is a predator and a rapist. there are no other words to describe him. I just can’t get my mind around Obama and so many others who are, pro-women, and then they turn around and get photographed by him. what is the message we’re sending our sisters, daughters, nieces, girls?!?!

  23. sapphoandgrits says:

    The industry needs to blackball him, and some models need to sue their agencies, the mags, and him. Although none of that will happen.

    Sociopathic rapist.

  24. Ginger says:

    Wow she looks so young and vulnerable in the 2009 photo. What happened to her is just awful. There are predatory photographers out there and unfortunately Terry is only one of them. Models beware! I commend this woman for her bravery in speaking up about what happened to her. I hope her story will help others.

  25. Nicolette says:

    What is the mindset in the fashion industry that allows this creep to keep sexually assaulting women over and over? It must the same as the one in Hollywood that allows pedophiles to keep molesting children in the business. Those who turn a blind eye to this disturbing behavior are beyond enablers and to me should be held up to punishment as well for being accomplices. Disgusting that these industries are being run by soulless monsters. This young woman is brave for coming forth and telling her story. I hope others will follow and something will finally be done. This creep needs to be thrown in a cage and the keys to it thrown away.

  26. TheCountess says:

    Let’s hope this is the beginning of a quick end to this dirtbag’s inexplicable career.

  27. Melody says:

    Both this account and the Jezebel account talk about being offered and drinking tea before the shoot. Waters had a stomach infection (presumably nausea/etc) after the incident.

    What are the chances the assistant is doctoring up the tea before the encounter?

  28. Karen says:

    I’m so disgusted, I just hate him. And what really stunned me about this is that the assistant was a woman. Reading an earlier account, I thought it was two skeezy men taking advantage of a woman. It’s absolutely abominable that any person of any sex would sit idly by and let this happen, but the fact that it was a woman is just painful to hear. I hope they both rot.

    • TG says:

      And that the female assistant was the one doing the cover up by traveling in the same cab because she just happened to be heading in the same direction so that she could “reassure” the victim. When really she was cleaning up Terri’s mess. No pun intended.

    • Ennie says:

      some of the worst crimes against women have been committed by couples. the woman either is the planner herself, or tries to keep her man happy. who knows, this assistant probably even gets off with it too, but she is there mainly to take photos of him having sex “acts” and to keep the pressure off him, (oh, we are not alone, there is a woman here too).
      I remember reading another account where TR had more than one assistant with him, and they were hanging them the paper to clean the mess, how disgusting.
      I have been there, suffering some kind of abuse where I also shut down too.
      So much for calling myself an intelligent strong woman, but an actually naive one. When the situation was there, I found out I did not have a voice, or it was a really small one. Thanks god it did not affect me so much, but the bad thing is that I did not tell anyone. (it was a male nurse at a public hospital, they found out later why a perv he was.

  29. Boodiba says:

    I predict that the universe will “take care” of Terry.

  30. GirlyGirl says:

    One day someone’s boyfriend will beat this a-hole within an inch of his life.

    It’s the circle of life Richardson, and it will wrap around your neck one day… will your assistant be there with her point and shoot? only time will tell…

  31. capepopsie says:

    PIG, no by the way, that ´s insulting pigs, sorry.

  32. drea says:

    Why is this guy like Teflon? Nothing sticks. He’s a known predator, and yet he still has all these famous people supporting him–and for what, his ugly ass “art” photography?

    Are they blaming it all on the girls? Are they accepting his behavior as normal in that industry? I mean, we’re not naive, we know about he model casting couch, but this guy takes it to a whole other level.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      maybe has he any pics of celebrities doing illegal stuffs? as long time as anyone won’t pursue him,he will continue his behaviour

      • sapphoandgrits says:

        I think a lot of them are afraid of what you just wrote, both famous and “normal” people: he has all these pornographic photos of them. And, if you think he also doesn’t secretly film ALL these “sex encounters,” then I have a terrific bridge you can buy from me up in Brooklyn. Great views, prime real estate.

      • drea says:

        Oh, I definitely think so too. He’s been at this for a long time, since he’s a “legacy,” so we can only imagine his collection. But I don’t understand about the younger ones, the newer friends. I’m going to give Lupita the benefit of the doubt and believe she had no idea she was cheesing for a predator. But what about the others?

  33. gg says:

    What do you mean “NEAR” pornographic. They are very pornographic. His d!ck was in more than one underaged looking mouth in one picture, just smiling at a party like it was nothing. Which is fine if you are looking for that, but very arresting if you are just puttering around on the internet looking at this famous photographer’s “modeling shots”.

  34. fluffyrabbit says:

    We need to get Sinéad O’Connor on this shit. She could verbally castrate him in a New York second.

  35. Viv says:

    What strikes me about him is that he seems like he is completely a sexual predator, yet he somehow manages to cover this side of his nature. I worked at a coffeeshop in the village last year where he was a regular. He was really nice, never came off creepy or exploitative. I have a finely attuned sense of creepiness, and I usually brush off men that give off that vibe, yet even through i knew he was a known creeper, I still didn’t feel that enegery when he was in making small talk with me. It’s like he has this weirdo “uncle terry” dark side to his nature, but can switch it off as needed. Like, he was sso nice and personable when he came in that i would almost have a hard time believing the accusations. But then, i hear so many young women coming foward, and i look at his repotoire of work and it’s like no question this man has issues. Thats why i think celebrities that work with him shouldn’t be lumped into “pervert supporters” – the man presents a solid facade to the world, and only lets out this sexual deviance come out when in the quiet confides of his studio with young, naive models. Thats why when people were shading lupita the other day for being pictured with him, i wanted to put in why i think she may not have instantly been like, oh your a f$king perv get away. Because he isn’t always showing that dark side of his nature. He can be charming, a gentleman – even to a lowly barista. But i do think he is a sexual predator, i just think that he is really good at hiding it and is cognizant enough not to let that monster show in his everyday life.

    • lucy2 says:

      I don’t think that is uncommon for predators like that – they know how to turn on the charm and be nice, and make everyone think they’re great people, and hide their true nature very well.
      Look at Sandusky – he was prominent in the community and positioned himself in a place of authority and trust to many of the parents of the children he victimized. Before all this came out, I bet most people would say he was the last person they’d suspect to do what he did. And his wife is still so deep in denials she’s still claiming he’s innocent, despite the overwhelming evidence, witnesses, and personal accounts.

      • Janet says:

        Sandusky’s wife is just as bad as he is. She’s claiming his victims only cared about going after his money.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      my cousin works in a posh restaurant at Paris and he has a similar experience with Terry Richardson

      • Viv says:

        Exactly – so when people get up in arms about why are people hiring this pig or choosing to work with him, its not so black and white. Untill he is charged and convicted, he can slide by with his charm and connections. I’m not condoning his behavior, in fact i think he has some demeted fetishes, but i see why people still work with him. Evil can lurk behind a verneer of manners, and its strange to me to reconcile the person i interacted with semi-regularly with the man capable of using his power so blatantly to furfill some sick sexual need. And it makes me give some credence to the theory that hollyweird is filled with similar abusers, men with power who use it to defile and degrade. Thats why i think lindsey lohan, amanda bynes and all the other child stars that went off the rail became so broken, because they were preyed on sexually.

    • drea says:

      I understand what you’re saying. Most predators are charming, that’s how they’re successful. It’s just that in this case, there’s photographic proof. He proudly releases it to the world. With most other people like him, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything concrete. No photos, no testimonies, nothing.

      Every time a model comes out and recounts her experiences with him, it’s like people go blind and deaf. The stories are there. The photos are there. I can only guess that this means most fashion people are assuming this is all consensual, that those models knew what they were getting into, and that this is not so unusual in that world.

    • Tiff says:

      Exactly. Many times, especially in Hollywood, people put on a facade and they may make it seem like THEY are the victims. So, Terry may put on the charm to Lupita or other celebrities where they don’t believe the accusations. This could even be the case with Jared. Sometimes when you are with a person who is seedy, don’t know it even people who you may think should know better may be taken for a ride. That’s why I’m not going to throw him under the bus with it. Maybe that’s why someone like Lupita was put in his life as a friend to say hey dude, get away from him. You know what I mean. It’s the same as Woody Allen or Roman Polanski. There are celebs that take up for them because in Tinseltown, there is this consensus that as someone famous you are being wronged unfairly. Not saying this method of thinking is right, but unfortunately that is how it works. Hopefully, models, magazines, celebs, and even Jared will wake up and not want to be around this dude any longer.

  36. AB says:

    Look what happened to fashion designer Anand John, he is serving jail time because young models stepped forward & sued his ass, same thing needs to happen to this man – pronto!

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      Sue him!

    • Evi says:

      Fashion designers occupy a lower rung on the food chain. Look at how everything is corporate now. Corporations like LVMH own fashion designers and brands, designers are at the mercy of editors like Anna Wintour and the like.
      However a photographer like Richardson, being a photographer, has a lot of potential to blackmail people. He is manipulative, and I think he has put people in high positions in compromising situations. It won’t be the first time photographs or any visual proof has been used to control entire domains.
      As a tidbit of trivia. In Sydney, in the middle of the 20th century, there was a businessman who accommodated the sexual perversions of the ‘who’s who’ of politics and high society. He had constructed a specialised ‘sex room’, but he went one step further, and captured everything on film: for example, high profile businessmen/politicians of that time, having sex with minors. And this businessman retained the photographs for his own benefit. So each time he sought favours or maintained his ground, no one did anything.
      Richardson reminds me of this. He seems to be this ruthless and it would explain his nonchalance and lack of comment, as one with more power in the situation. So Richardson occupies a higher status than largely unheard [beyond their national borders] of fashion designers.

  37. lisa2 says:

    I have been p-ssed about this sack of sh-t all week. I applaud this woman for speaking out. Speaking out for all those women before her who were not able to and for the women that would have come after her.

    It is sick that women in Hollywood continue to pose for this man and stand next to him while screaming how they are pro Woman and so empowered because they took off there clothes. I find more power in feeling the confidence to keep my own in the wake of women thinking that being naked is Power.

    I will be curious to see if any of the so called fans stand up and speak out. or will the be silent. I have little respect for anyone associated with this MONSTER and he is a MONSTER that found a profession that allowed him to be abusive.

  38. Janet says:

    In the past 30 days this dirtbag has shot Lady Gaga for Harper’s Bazaar, Lea Michele and Jennifer Hudson for V, LeBron James for GQ, Stacy Martin for Purple Fashion, and Kate Moss for Lui. Given what is common knowledge about him by this time, why is anybody hiring this pig?

  39. Kelly says:

    Wow, so sad and disturbing. Kudos to her for telling the truth and warning others. A very brave lady indeed.

  40. juju says:

    God, where were this girls parents? Didn’t they teach her not to trust so easily or do anything stranger ask them, or any self-respect? It was horrible experience for the girl, but at the same time – she wasn’t forced into anything. Why, why girls just go with behavior like this? There are many similiar stories, models offered contracts for sex, etc. why just not stop if guy started behaving like that?

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      you’re blaming the victim!!! what you wrote was the defense of Polansky!
      here she never says no but was she really consenting?

    • Original Lee says:

      @Juju – you desperately need to do your homework regarding sexual assault, especially before posting something so blatantly ignorant. A simple google search should be enlightening.

      For example:

      Those who victim blame (in this case you) are part of the problem, not the solution. People like you continue to give predators power and feed into their ego that what they are doing is fine. People like you are the reason survivors feel they cannot come forward and speak out against their perpetrators, for fear of not being believed, for fear of being shunned, alienated, and so on.

      For further reading please look into the Stubenville rape trial. Here on celebitchy look up the interview Serena Williams gave regarding the incident and scroll through the comments / reactions.

      If your reason for victim blaming is because you, yourself have never been sexually assaulted then you are privileged. When you are in that position it is easy to imagine “those girls” must have done something and “someone like you” would never put yourself in a position to be assaulted. “Those girls” were too drunk, out too late, too naked, too whatever and did it to themselves. “They” didn’t say no, fight back, slap their perp across the face, etc. Again, read the above articles regarding the shock survivors go into during the event. “You” would never be like them, and it makes you feel safe. It gives you a sense of security. Predators will always exist and all they need is an opportunity. And opportunities (no matter how careful you think you are) will always exist. Stop blaming the victim, start holding the predators responsible. Full stop.

    • sapphoandgrits says:

      Gosh, what wonderful victim-blaming and empathy is your post.

      You really need to educate yourself on this subject.

  41. squeakie says:

    I don’t really understand the appeal of his photographic style. All of his pictures that ive seen are simply of celebrities wearing those stupid glasses he is so fond of against a white background. Its not like his images are innovative or creative in any way. His website (i cant remember the name but i think it is i miss the old terry) is simply him with hundreds of naked models, many of whom probably had experiences like this girl.

  42. Kristen says:

    It’s disturbing and sad to see how this man has so awfully abused his power, and how no one will stand up and stop hiring him. Sadly, he seems to be the poster boy for just how far you can go being a pervert with a camera. As a photographer, I’m extremely protective over my clients and models because of this exact sort of douchebag, and I don’t know how many times I’ve had young girls tell me nervously what other male photographers have asked them or told them to do, all for “art.” In my 10+ years as a photographer, I’ve seen a lot of perverts with cameras and so many young girls don’t realize that these men aren’t professionals, they are predators. There are no clients, no money, just inexperienced girls who get naked for a group of skeevy, nasty “fauxtographers.” Many models are so young and so ill-aquainted, and when you have a seeming authority figure telling you that something looks good, it’s easy to get sucked into that vortex & suddenly they are naked doing things they never would do under normal circumstances. The most disturbing thing about Terry Richardson is that he’s popularized this sort of sexual subjugation in imagery that more and more people think it’s perfectly normal.

  43. vvvoid says:

    Let me first say that I think Terry Richardson is indeed a disgusting predator. I believe when I was a few years younger, had I modeled for him, he’d have been able to do the same to me because I would have been too conflict-averse to “make a scene” and say NO. But if while I posed for him, he instructed me to touch his penis, etc etc until he eventually climaxed etc, had he touched me sexually etc, WITHOUT ME TELLING HIM TO STOP in any way at all, I would not feel as though I could go to the police. There is no way I know of to bring criminal charges against him for doing this crap, because if he isn’t told no, if he isn’t told stop, then he never has to threaten or coerce anyone. There is an implied coercion, in the sense that “if you say no to him, you won’t become a famous model” or whatever, but unless you protest his advances in some way, he doesn’t have to say “or else” or use physical force, so no real crime [in the legal sense] is committed. Someone up thread said that Terry takes advantage of how society conditions girls to “be nice” and to be pleasers, and that’s very true. I’m sure there is also an element of fame-hunger that plays into why these models don’t protest, even as they are dying inside the whole time he’s doing his “thing” to them.
    Problem is, while there could be a civil case out there to be made against Terry Richardson, there is no criminal case to be made, at least based on Charlotte’s record of events.
    That said, even though he’d never be indicted for rape in this case, I consider him a rapist.

  44. rudy says:

    OMG. Her story is very very disturbing. Look at her before and look at her now.

    Terry Richardson is a predatory sex abuser and every single person who works for him is an accomplice. They should all be hauled off to jail.

  45. vvvoid says:

    The other sick thing is, it isn’t inconceivable to think that Richardson’s legal team could bring a potentially successful civil case against her if she were to throw the word “rapist” around too much. While I consider him to be a rapist because he most certainly enjoys degrading women and performing sexual acts that they SUBMIT to, what he does is not rape in the legal sense of the word.

  46. Sanaa says:

    I guess he went to the Strauss khan school of seduction. Perhaps he should move to France

  47. Jayna says:

    Here’s a timeline of people that have come forward or talked about him and refusing to work with him again.

    • IzzyB says:

      Thanks for the link, it was a good recap. What awful stories. How does he keep getting jobs?

  48. cerebralmind says:

    Don’t be so quick to throw stones at his assistant. She could be just as paralyzed with fear about losing her job because she has rent and other bills to pay. This is probably why she covers up his messes. You have to stop this brainwashed thinking that all men are your (women) enemies. This isn’t true. Yes, there are some horrible men out here but a few rotten ones aren’t responsible for the good ones that do exist. You ladies are doing yourselves harm when you think all men are POS. When you believe this lie so strongly, you won’t be able to see the good one that’s standing in front of you. Also, it’s 2014 and women are just as rotten. Haven’t you heard the news story of the two teenage girls who killed their best friend just because they didn’t want to be friends with her anymore?

    • sapphoandgrits says:

      1. Please show me one post that says all men are POS? Oh look, there are none.

      2. Using Skylar Neese’s horrific murder as your strawman? Really? Just ick.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      Ok so you’re clearly a baiter but I will respond. His assistant is just as bad if not worse. She is complicit and fully aware that her presence makes him get away with stuff that would maybe raise a red flag quicker were he alone with a girl. She gives his vicims a false sense of security, this girl and other stories have re-iterated this fact – they are outnumbered, in the presence of seemingly a safe woman, and their defenses go down just long enough for this guy to molest and rape them without them thinking to say no. His abuse rate would be slashed in half if not more I imagine were it not for her presence. The abuse of power and insistence that it’s all o.k. do not make “us ladies” confused in any way about the crimes being committed. Terry’s assistant could get another job but she chose to participate in the abuse of young women instead. I think the slick sophistication of their operation demands the laws of sexual assault be seriously looked at, because the modelling and entertainment industries are rife with this sort of thing. The women on this board who have dealt with it did not ask for it, my best friend who had a very similiar thing happen did not ask for it. They were young and set up to be abused with no one to back them up or protect them. The agencies that systemically fail to protect young women should be held criminally liable in all of these cases.

  49. Nico says:

    Honest question … have terry Richardson (or his people) ever commented on these claims? I think he is disgusting and his silence speaks volumes, I hope it’s because he knows he’s a misogynistic a-hole and anything he says will only hurt him. Only wondering because high profiled people like him (wish he wasn’t) usually try to vehemently deny these sorts of claims
    I really feel for those poor girls…what an effed up guy

  50. cerebralmind says:

    Mrs. Darcy, I’m not a baiter. I’m just trying to get you to see everything isn’t so black and white. If his assistant was terrified of losing her job and goes along with what he does then she is also his victim. Both the model and his assistant are operating out of fear, and in this economy it’s not so easy to just go out there and get another job especially if this one is paying her good $$$. Just some food for thought.

    • Grail Seeker says:

      I don’t think the law sees it that way.

      If you are murdering someone, and you have a partner who is scared that if she doesn’t go along with the murder something will happen to her, so she colludes, you have an accomplice anyway. Pretty sure she’s gonna get charged too.

      • mytbean says:

        Unfortunately I don’t think anyone will be charged with anything on this – for a ton of reasons… Terry has covered his tracks pretty well. He’s got more witnesses who’ll side with him that all was legit. Charlotte has made public statements declaring that she never told him no. And I think because she refused to press charges initially it’s a wash now.

        If it ever went to court Terry’s defense team would use Charlotte’s previous shoots with other photographers to show that she was not a stranger to explicit photography and they’d probably claim that he assumed, based on this, that she was more savvy than she’s letting on. I’m also wondering what images she sent him to ask whether he wanted to work with her and whether they’d use those as evidence that she was aware of his “style”.

        Unless someone comes forward and claims flat out sexual assault and has a witness on Terry’s team who will vouch for the incident he’s going to continue his pervy ways. And what’s really gross is he’s made so much money that even if he was washed out of Hollyweird he’d still be able to live comfortably while snapping pr0n candids with whoever was curious.


    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      @cerebralmind : No amount of money, no job, would ever make me or anyone I know justify participating in the systemic sexual assault of other women. She is living in NYC, where I know from exp. life is a challenge, but this kind of thing is in no way acceptable on ANY level or necessary to survive. There is always another job in NY, more than most places. I was fired from a job for not letting my boss “photograph” me when he found out I was an actress; young women get chewed up and spit out by the city every day. I was lucky that I had the backbone to not fall into the traps that are everywhere, from older men being predatory in acting classes to quitting jobs on the first day when the boss made it clear he had his own way of working, only for an agency to not back me up when I was told dozens of girls had been and gone for the same position they sent me in to blind – and this was a frigging office job. You have to be made of steel.

      If an older woman had come up to me and told me everything was going to be o.k. during any of these (admittedly less dramatic) scenarios, I probably would have stayed a bit longer, I would have trusted her. In Terry’s studio, staying for a few moments longer, having defenses momentarily dropped by a woman’s presence, leads inevitably to degradation and assault. I guess you would probably defend women who turn a blind eye to their serial killer spouses or children as well. To me that is not feminism, it is the worst betrayal of feminism there is to stand by and enable/in this case participate in a crime.

      @mytbean : Sadly I think you are right, Terry is smart, he has designed these assaults in such a way so they stay just the right side of the law, esp. by having a person present to concur they were consensual. I think this case really highlights how horrible and sophisticated his process has become. I hate that because this girl was a nude model it makes her cause less viable, becaue it is the vulnerable ones he pushes it to the limit with and have the best chance of nailing him. What he is doing is assault on every human level and the laws need to change for special cases like these. If you are standing on a subway and a man rubs himself on you, that is assault – if someone flashes you, that is prosecutable. So how on earth can any legal system not admit that this man’s abuse of power, by weaving the assualts into his “work” so seamlessly that a woman doesn’t have a chance to think before it is happening, not qualify?

      • cerebralmind says:

        Mrs. Darcy, Do not put words in my mouth. I’m not just going to defend some woman just because we are the same gender. Forget feminism that would be ignorance and pure stupidity. It’s naive to think that every woman (young or older) will automatically look out for and protect each other. Women are worse toward each other than men are to women. So many females live in denial about that fact because they desperately want to believe that men are bad (because some creep misled, used, and abused them) and women are good (because they believe that if they wouldn’t do a certain thing than this other woman wouldn’t either as you yourself stated above). We all know this isn’t true (because we are each individuals regardless of gender) and there are so many cases of women doing horrible things (including murder) to people they considered to be their best friends, their own daughters, and even their own mothers. I was just looking at the situation from the assistant’s perspective (if she to was too afraid to do anything). That’s all. This doesn’t mean I agree with what she did.

  51. Evi says:

    I really question the ethics of agencies and other companies that commission this predator, because that is what he is. There is no other word to describe him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he also sexually assaulted underage models.
    Not only is he a predator. He is a vile arrogant human being. He has so many images posted on various spaces online, that essentially depict him in a variety of sexual situations with models, and these images are a visual depiction of his arrogance or view that he’ll never lose his job because he is so ‘powerful’.
    The only reason I can think of, relating to him still working, is that he must have some dirt on people higher up the fashion food chain.

    • sapphoandgrits says:

      I agree. If agencies didn’t book their models with him, if magazines and designers didn’t hire him, he would have no real business, just his selfies with his celeb friends. That wouldn’t be enough for him, because he can’t do to celebs what he does to vulnerable young women.

  52. iprefernot says:

    Oh what there’s sexual exploitation going on in hollyweird? What’s new?

  53. bettyrose says:

    I’m not trying to make this thread about feminism, but it does seem relevant to our recent discussion about young women who don’t see the value of feminism. Several things happened here in addition to the physical assault:

    1. A woman, a woman old enough to be her mother, participated in this. That to me says there is still a big need for women to feel that they have the right to not contribute to the subjugation of other women.

    2. The gross pervert also made a comment about how he should have asked if she had a boyfriend. Obviously he doesn’t really care about that, but the implication there is quite strong that he treats women differently if they “belong” to another man. Or perhaps he was trying to shame her, like she’s pathetic if she doesn’t have a boyfriend and a cheating slut if she does.

    That’s all.

    • IzzyB says:

      I think he was asking about her boyfriend to make her feel guilty, like she’d cheated on him, so she’d never talk about it.

      I’m sure it works a lot for Richardson because the victims are feeling numb, shell shocked, and just starting to feel slightly sick with themselves and wondering “why didn’t I stop that?” It’s easy to implant guilt and fault then.


  54. Aurelia says:

    I am quite sure Uncle Terry would be nothing but sociopathic charming and personable towards magazine people , industry types and towards A grade stars. I would put money on him only resorting to this kind of disgusting behaviour with non stars. It would be purley for aspiring models/actresses or nude models like Charlotte. Perfect predator.

    WTF with the middle aged assistant. Who then fakes the excuse she is going the same direction to get in the cab so she can talk the victim around. Tell them how “cool” and edgy the shoot was. A.K.A sexual assault which just so happend to be filmed. Then she jumps out and doesn’t even pay for the cab.

    A good part of uncle terry’s day must be taken up with the tonnes of victims like Charlotte. Suprised he even has time for his mainstream work. Hope Charlotte takes him to court for assualt. Then imagine how many other young girls would come out too.

  55. Isabelle says:

    His assistant is just as guilty as he is if it’s true. Hope charges are ever brought against him/her and should receive the same punishment. Both are inhuman and animals.

  56. Sara says:

    Someone should castrate this poor excuse for a human being.

  57. Jane says:

    Sadly I think this happens a lot within the entertainment industry. Why are celebrities given a pass for this kind of behaviour? I’ve heard stories of well known and respected actors sexually assaulting women. They will never be held accountable for their actions because these women won’t come forward for fear of ridicule. This is wrong and sad. The silence has to stop.

  58. Kell says:

    I don’t get it.. All he asked her was if she had a boyfriend or not and she pulls an all out over dramatic “panic attack”. Easy girl, get a grip! Take control over the situation and stand your ground. Men will try and take advantage of any woman moreover a weak woman. Seriously that’s all he did? And everyone is making a big stink over this? I don’t get it.

    • Lucrezia says:


      Hmmm … actually, that doesn’t read like trolling, it reads like you honestly don’t get it. Is it possible that you somehow missed the bit above the block quote (blue box), where Bedhead wrote: “Charlotte told her story to Vocative, and it is VERY graphic and disturbing. We can’t post the sexual parts of the encounter, but you can read them here” and gave a link???

      Because no, he didn’t just ask if she had a boyfriend. What everyone is making a big stink over are the graphic and disturbing sexual parts (that you have to click on the link to read). If you weren’t trolling, I’m kind of in sympathetic awe at how badly you just managed to shove your foot in your mouth. (You’ll understand what I mean by that after you read the full story.)

    • Miffy says:

      Methinks your ability to skim-read is superhuman? Or you didn’t click the link to the full interview?

    • freebunny says:

      Good, an other perv.

    • sapphoandgrits says:

      He raped her.

  59. Erm says:

    Kell, read the linked article, celebitchy didn’t quote the nsfw (ie sexual assault) parts that happened before the boyfriend question.

  60. Adrien says:

    He had a grossy gross gross photo exhibit back in the early 00s and people heralded it as some critique on society’s sexuality. I don’t understand why people still want to troop to his studio. It’s a pervert’s lair.
    He has a French counterpart, the founder of Purple mag. I believe they are friends. He has the same m.o. as Terry but nowhere near as gross and predatory as Terry.

  61. lambchops says:

    Good for her for speaking out. Yet another predator masquerading as a whacky artiste. She did the right thing coming forward.

  62. Nroth Wset says:

    And still we love, and admire some of the celebs that he phptpgrafs…WE SHOULD JUST NOT SPEND OUR energy wiht NOTHING ASSOCIATED with this pig..(Sorry for insulting the pig)

  63. Little M says:


    I wish I had a good list of all the brands he works for. I am not buying anything from them until that disgusting porno-predator is collecting unemployment.

  64. Miffy says:

    This is why it’s so important to instill in young people the importance of saying ‘no’ in uncomfortable situations. I’m absolutely not victim shaming, I am so upset for this young woman and how this impacted her entire life but unfortunately because she never said ‘no’ or expressed a verbal hesitance this will never be viewed as a crime.

    Having contacts that have worked as international models, I have heard some terrible first hand accounts of the unspoken ‘arrangement’ between models and photographers. The model willing to sleep with a photographer is the one who gets photographed most on the runway, is the one whose photo gets submitted to the most photo agencies (Getty and the likes), is the one most likely to get the exposure.

    One friend showed me what was essentially a stop-motion film of photographs of her doing a Topshop runway show, explaining, so matter-of-factly, with no emotion, that she had either slept with or offered oral sex to no less than 27 photographers in the lead up to London Fashion Week to make sure she got as much exposure as possible because she’d only been booked for one show that year. Apparently the arrangement is that, exactly as this girl describes, the model makes contact with the photographer, offers to pose for him in his studio and of course one thing leads to another and the photos never see the light of day because the session had nothing to do with the photos at all. And this is considered common practice. She was subsequently sent on a stint modelling in Japan and whatever happened there broke her, she won’t talk about it and she quit upon her return to London.

    It’s a seedy, sordid industry with this facade of glamour.

    • cerebralmind says:

      ^Miffy, I agree with you 100%. It’s hard though to stand your ground when your young because you want to succeed and get ahead and you tend to falsely trust the person with the power and authority. Btw that was the point I was making earlier that it’s not just models who sleep around to get more $$ and exposure. It’s actresses, pop stars, women who work everyday 9 to 5 jobs all to climb the ladder of success. Your post explained things beautifully.

      • Miffy says:

        Why thank you. I’ve always suspected that this couch casting culture exists in other industries but I just referenced modelling because of the first hand accounts from models.

  65. Canada Guy says:

    As disgusting as he is (and that’s REALLY disgusting) these models should know his reputation going in. If they are stupid enough to actually show up for a shoot “IF” they already heard the buzz on him, then its hard to feel that much pity.
    If they don’t know him, I think anytime a model goes for a shoot with a person unknown to them, they should be taking someone with them for protection anyway!
    Either way this guy is total trash and hopefully one of these victim’s husbands/ boyfriends/ partners/ friends will mess this guy up badly so he will think a bit before ruining another career or even someones life!

    • sapphoandgrits says:

      These young woman are trusting their agents and their bookers. Why would they believe gossip over the people guiding her career? I also bet these bookers and agents soothe any worries by dismissing the gossip as just that.

      And, unlike you and some other posters, I can also feel compassion for victims of rape culture.

      • Miffy says:

        Actually this lady said she approached Richardson herself through his website, there was never any mention of an agency or a booker. She never mentioned at all whether she ever had any formal representation. She went in trusting nothing but his well known reputation as a provacative photographer and her previous experience with other artists in the same field (who were all very professional and courteous). I’ll put it down to naivety and having had nothing but professional experiences previously but I am surprised that any model would go alone to a shoot of photographer they don’t know personally.

  66. Belle Epoch says:

    The assistant is a vital part of his attack. A young girl will assume that another woman (especially if she is matronly) would not stand by and let anything bad happen. Plus, it’s two against one – if TWO people are acting like everything’s cool, it’s harder to stick up for yourself.

    It’s all a very sad commentary on the celebrity world, where COUNTLESS young girls (think Jamie Spiers) have been sexually exploited (think the “casting couch”) for decades. Some are offered up by their parents (think Amanda Bynes). For the girls like the model above who are doing this willingly – is it really worth it? Do they really not care about being exploited 27 times in one week?

  67. LAK says:


  68. nicegirl says:

    We support you, Charlotte. Thank you for sharing your horrific experience in an effort to protect others.

    You are a brave, wonderful lady and your words WILL reach someone – someone will choose to NOT meet with TR because of you telling the truth. Years of thanks go to you, FEMALE PROTECTOR!

  69. Stephanie says:

    Someone should sign up to “model” for him and BITE HIS DICK.

  70. Kell says:

    TOTALLY didn’t read the link.. K thanks for the clarification (read this post after an extremely looong day at work..). I don’t even know what to say about this article now..