Enquirer: Johnny Depp is doing an at-home alcohol rehab program

Johnny Depp

We haven’t seen Johnny Depp in months, ever since he got handsy with a microphone during a drunken HFAs speech. I did see a picture of him with Amber Heard at his children’s school a week later. Some Depp supporters were shipping the photos as new, but it could have been an older photo. We heard that Amber was allegedly “mortified at Johnny’s behavior at the HFAs. I find it telling that she didn’t attend the event with him, but maybe she was working (on a Friday night).

Depp was notably missing at the Into the Woods premiere. Some people thought it was no big deal because Johnny only appeared in the film (as The Big Bad Wolf) for a few minutes. But he was a big part of the movie’s marketing. He earned $1 million for less than a week of work. Is that enough money to appear at a premiere?

For whatever reason, Johnny’s disappeared from the public eye. People published an article about how he and Amber were “cooling off” because of “turmoil” in the relationship. Another story quickly followed from Us Weekly, which said Amber was rethinking the wedding because of Johnny’s “erratic behavior” and “awful mood swings.”

A newish story from last week’s Enquirer (apologies – it got lost in the holiday shuffle) talks about how Johnny’s been doing some at-home rehab. There’s some weird stuff about Amber hiding in a bathroom from drunk Johnny. This story may not be true for reasons I’ll discuss in a moment:

After falling off the wagon with a thud, Johnny Depp is trying to kick booze with an at-home rehab program, sources have told the National Enquirer.

It’s understood Depp, 51, started treatment when family members and financeé Amber heard demanded he get help after his boozy speech at the Hollywood Film Awards on Nov. 14. The rehab stint forced Depp to miss the NYC permiere of his new film, Into the Woods on Dec. 8, according to a top Hollywood insider.

Depp’s absence “raised a lot of questions,” the source told The Enquirer. “People were discreetly told that Johnny is relying on professionals to help him get throught his fight in private.”

According to another insider, “The decision was motivated at least in part by concerns over Johnny’s privacy. Having caregivers come to him eliminates the risk of fellow patients or clinic staff spilling the beans about his treatment.”

Depp first got sober after filming 2011’s Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides,” said the insider. “During filming, Johnny would drink a whole bottle of Spanish red wine almost every day.”

“After realizing her clearly had an issue, Johnny would often be seen traveling with a companion to help ‘encourage’ his sobriety.”

Although Depp denies ever being an alcoholic, in a 2013 interview he claimed he’d been sober for 18 months. He split from his longtime love, Vanessa Paradis, mother of their two children, in 2012, and got engaged to Amber in 2014.

As The Enquirer has reported, Vanessa blames Amber for what she’s called Johnny’s “mid-life crisis.” “Amber broke his sobriety a bit, but she isn’t necessarily a bad influence. She’s not a party girl, whatsoever,” said an insider. “But Johnny being Johnny, he couldn’t have just one.”

Another insider added: “Johnny’s problem has always been his issue with moderation. Once he starts drinking, it’s as if he can’t stop. Things got bad one time and Amber locked herself in the bathroom for hours waiting for him to sober up.”

After Depp’s embarrassing display at the HFAs, “Amber and family members asked him to get help,” the insider said. “She’s deadly serious about walking away unless he cleans up his act.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, January 5, 2014]

I don’t know how true this story is because The Enquirer likes to make stuff up about Johnny. Last month, they wrote some fan fiction about how Vanessa Paradis was mad at Amber for causing Johnny’s boozing. It sounds like The Enquirer took a little kernel of truth — Johnny being MIA — and turned into a home rehab story. Johnny may simply have decided he “doesn’t give a f*** and wants to hang at home. Or maybe his team convinced him to get sober. Who knows what’s going on behind all those scarves and ratty hats.

Johnny does look sober-ish in some recent photos from the set of his latest movie, Yoga Posers. He’s wearing a heavy disguise, as per usual, so it’s hard to tell.

A new TV clip for Mortdecai surfaced last week. Johnny and Goop kiss each other and gag.

Amber Heard

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  1. Dońt kill me i'm french says:

    Even if the rehab at home doesn’t work usually,it’s good that He understood he has a problem ( if all the story is real)

  2. Misprounced Name Dropper says:

    Johnny has the love and support of a good woman by his side. I’m sure she’ll love him back to good health.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      His sobriety is not anyones responsibility but his own and maybe he could just get healthy for the sake of his kids.

      • Sara says:

        He looks sober and healthy judging by the recent photos of him. And his daughter is working with him on a movie right now.

        He is not the hot mess the tabloids are trying to make him out to be.

      • Misprounced Name Dropper says:

        I heard his kids think he’s funny when he’s sloshed.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I know you don’t mean any harm by your remark, but it’s sad to me that you think Amber is responsible for “loving” his alcoholism away. That’s a misconception that has kept women in relationships with alcoholics and drug addicts forever. No one can fix Johnny but Johnny.

      • Misprounced Name Dropper says:

        I was kidding. I actually work in the alcohol and other drugs sector. Primarily with people who inject drugs.

  3. athena says:

    Well,I don’t know if this story is true or not but if it is It looks like Amber is standing by his side.But in my opinion the National Enquirer just took advantage of him being drunk and not appearing in the public eye for weeks.Tabloids always loved the fact that he never responds to rumours.But Johnny and Amber are still together and that’s for sure.The photo from the school is recent(beginning of December me thinks) cause at the same day Lily-Rose uploaded pictures from the same place.They also celebrated NYE and his mother’s birthday together with close friends and family at Ago restaurant.Whatever the problem is(if there is a problem in the first place)they centairly look like they are working on it just fine.Hope 2015 is a better year for him.

    • XARA says:

      Are you following his kid’s postings???Obsessed much??

      • athena says:

        Not me but others do and they’ve shown the photos as a proof that the photo was recent.There are tons of Lily Rose photos on the internet you don’t need to stalk her to see them.

  4. Sara says:

    Him and Amber celebrated New Year’s Eve with family and friends http://instagram.com/p/xU7N0STZt5/

    Seems like all is well.

  5. SilkyP says:

    It is probably true that Johnny D. is doing an at-home alcohol rehab program. There was a picture circulating around the 14th of December of him at a party where a certain Dr. Kipper was in attendance. Kipper is a specialist in at-home-detoxing. Kipper’s methods are controversial. In the past he used to treat patients in expensive hotels (for more information, read here ‘Hotel detox: For Affluent Addicts’ http://articles.latimes.com/1998/sep/27/news/mn-26982/3 ).

    As for why Depp has started drinking (again). Well, he may have been sober for a while when he started dating Amber Heard. But once they went public early last year, they started living a life style which doesn’t suit him too well and which might have caused him to fall of the wagon. Depp is notoriously shy, but Amber – in order to establish her own name – needs him to get out and be photographed with her. Hence the many public appearances in the first half of 2014. And then there is the extra pressure of having promised to marry her. I wonder where this will lead.

    • Misprounced Name Dropper says:

      You see there’s the problem. He’s a middle aged man who would probably prefer to spend his evenings at home, but as you said, she probably has other ideas. It must be exhausting for him.

    • Kiddo says:

      I watched a show on John Belushi, the other night. His wife seemed like such a sweet person, and she said John’s triggers were, paraphrased ‘if something bad happened, or if something good happened’, it could be anything. Johnny Depp will have to figure out what keeps him sane and happy, and whatever route he takes, good for him, if the story is even true.

  6. scout says:

    I or anybody would gag too if I had to kiss that mug or the other one, I am sure! Haha..
    At home rehab? Good luck to him. Hope it helps.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Exactly what I thought when I read that. Either/both are gag-inducing. This sent me googling to spell sounds that aren’t words. Interestingly, the following are ways to spell a gag: “Hrgurrk”, “gwah”, “Gah”, “Ghah”,
      “Chaaaaaaakkkkkkk” or “Bwaaaah”.

  7. jen says:

    Yeah… Not going to see this one either, Johnny… The turkey trot continues. Good luck in getting sober though seriously

  8. Ginger says:

    I’m certain there’s only a small kernel of truth to this story since it’s the Enquirer. However, if the kernel really is that Johnny’s doing an at home alcohol rehab program I wish him all the best.

  9. Eleonor says:

    While I don’t like Amber that much, Johnny is the only one who’s responsible for Johnny, she is is girlfriend not his sober companion or his mother, and you can’t force a 50 yo man to do something he doesn’t want to.
    He has been struggling with alchool for years.

  10. Angela says:

    A whole bottle of red wine every day? My stars! How can this poor 50-year-old function? Seriously, would five glasses a night really be enough to shock Johnny Freaking Depp into realizing he has a problem? Enquirer is back to blatantly making shit up.

    • Jaded says:

      That’s on top of the 4 shots of tequila followed by beer chasers and the ounce of weed he’s already had.

  11. lisa2 says:

    I don’t know.. some of the clips from Mortdecai don’t look that bad. I won’t see it at a theater; not the kid of film I go to a theater for but I could see it on cable.

    Nobody knows anything about anyone’s relationship. We have seen so many unexpected breakups so who knows.

  12. Hmmm says:

    Too much money, too many bad movies.
    The guy has been stinking rich for so long. I am pretty sure he lost all sense of reality.

    • Sara says:

      Speaking of bad movies his new movie “Into the Woods” got good reviews and is a huge box office hit and it’s been nominated for 3 Golden Globes and several other awards.

      Read his interviews and you’ll realize that he hasn’t lost a sense of anything.

      • Tiffany says:

        That is an ensemble film and his part was not that large. Depp was not the reason people were in seats for Into The Woods.

        Just the interviews lately puts me on Team Hmmmm on this one.

      • Sara says:

        @Tiffany And he’s still part of the successful movie! His part is indeed not large but he is used largely in the promotional campaign, his face is as big as Streep’s on the poster. Many people and fans went to see it/are seeing it for him and I saw that on social media. Foreigners are also seeing it especially for him. He also got lots of praise for his performance.

        Don’t know how his Details and Interview interviews made him seem like he lost all sense of reality but ok.

  13. Angee says:

    Hey Amber, if you’re reading this: RUN!

  14. Melman says:

    The pictures at the Lily-Rose’s school were “new”. Johnny was blonde before (since october and even at his drunken speech). He just changed his look back to brown (and added the beard and earrings) after on December and also Lily had an event at the school that week.
    I have no idea if they really had problem after Johnny’s speech, to the point to threaten him about to leave him, because even a day after that episode Lily-Rose uploaded pictures at home (removed after) and you can see Amber looking relaxed behind her, etc. But it seems she’s standing by his side, even in the party at the doctor specialist in addictions Amber was there with him.
    I don’t know how the Enquirer could know private details about Amber in the bathroom (so i think it’s not true), but the fact that Johnny was at that private party in the house of the Doctor and his wife (also nurse of the program) it makes me believe that some rehab program could be truth

  15. Tulip says:

    I’m sure people mean well and are genuinely only trying to find out if the photos mentioned are recent, but it is still very creepy to refererence his under-aged daughter’s photos, especially
    since she’s not a celebrity in her own right (at least not yet). Is there another way to check the dates?

  16. berny says:

    If she can use the huge power she have over him (the power of her v-a-g?) to make him to go into treatment, then god bless her!
    I’m almost sure is she who doesn’t like him to drink at all. Not coincidence that he stopped drinking totally since the beginning of their relationship, when before he was seen daily always with a beer and it was public his passion for wine. Maybe for Amber was fun to be with the drunk Johnny when they were having their romps in the promotional tour of their movie, but to have a relationship with a constant drunkard? not at all.
    Maybe they did the mistake to relax the rules about alcohol after two years of sobriety and also because Johnny never admitted he had a problem with alcohol, it’s way possible he thought he could drink a glass here to celebrate or another there with his friends and went out of control because he really have a problem with moderation.
    But now it seems he’s back to work and also to socialize, because for NYE they had a party in a restaurant also to celebrate the birthday of his mother. Let’s hope he’s fine and back to healthy mood.

  17. Luciebelle says:

    Home schooled rehab programme…Online courses to stay sober… Common… Just don’t pick up the first sip Johnny Cakes.

  18. JLo says:

    I question the effectiveness of an at-home rehab program. Wouldn’t the support and encouragement from fellow recoverees be an important part of the process – especially in the initial stages of recovery?

  19. raincoaster says:

    I remember reading (in Vanity Fair) that Depp had given up booze and smoking and thinking “good for him, now he’s just about perfect.” Then, not much later I read (also in VF) about a night out at a private casino with Nick Tosches, never the king of moderation, during which Johnny apparently passed out on the toilet.

    Sobriety is a difficult thing to maintain, particularly when you get fawning portraits in glossy magazines for being the debauched Dorian Gray character.