The Rock rescued his French bulldogs from drowning like a true superhero

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Here’s the cure for everything – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson holding two puppies while wearing a dripping wet, white t-shirt. As if all the clingy wetness and the cute animals aren’t distracting enough, he’s wearing his “let me impregnate you” smile. This photo is only one of the many reasons why The Rock’s Instagram page is a pure joy to behold. My own dogs follow him! They have good taste in hot guys.

Yesterday, The Rock started his Labor Day off in grand fashion. He adopted two French bulldogs, and they immediately decided to challenge his authority. It’s always the little guys you need to watch out for, you know? These fellas weren’t afraid of the big hulking man, nor were they charmed enough to not give him a serious scare. These dogs could be the end of The Rock’s sanity, and if he had any hair on his head, he’d be pulling it out. This is what happened:

Here’s a fun Labor Day weekend story … We just decided to add two new members to our Johnson family. Baby French Bulldogs. In my right hand is BRUTUS and in my left hand is HOBBS.

Bring them home and immediately take them outside so they can start learning how to “handle their business and potty like big boys.” I set them both down and they both take off in a full sprint and fall right into the deep end of our pool. HOBBS immediately starts doggy paddling while BRUTUS (like a brick) sink heads first to the bottom of the pool.
I take off into a full sprint, fully clothed, dive in the pool, swim to the bottom, rescue my brick, I mean BRUTUS and bring him back to the edge of the pool. He was a little delirious .. took a moment, threw up all the water he swallowed and looked up at me as if to say, “Thank God you didn’t have to give me mouth to mouth!” and then ran off to play with his brother.

A few lessons I’ve learned today.. A) Not all puppies have the instinct to doggie paddle. B) Some puppies (like BRUTUS) will be so in shock by experiencing water they will sink extremely fast so react quick. C) While spiriting to save your puppies life, before you dive in, try and throw your cell phone to safety. Don’t keep it in your pocket … like I did.
#BRUTUSLives #HOBBSCanSwim #MyCelPhonesDead #AndNoMouthToMouthNeeded #HappyLaborDay

[From Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on Instagram]

Oh, I wish there was video footage of this incident. Not that I don’t believe this went down exactly as The Rock describes it, but I want to see it happen. He undoubtedly wore the same intense expression as when defeating earthquakes in San Andreas, chasing Vin Diesel in the Fast and Furious movies, and dancing ballet in The Game Plan. These two dogs don’t know what they’re up against, or maybe they do. They’re pretty lucky little guys. I wouldn’t mind spending a day in their fur.

More photos of dogs and cheat meals coming at ya, and The Rock on a fire engine! I die.

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My animal magnetism. Or he just smells the bomb tacos I just ate. #tbt

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No capes. #OneFineDay #BlackAdamIGKSDITD #TethDNA

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Mana. #ValleyOfTheKings #tbt

A photo posted by therock (@therock) on

Dwayne Johnson

Photos courtesy of Dwayne Johnson on Instagram & WENN

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Awww… Thank you. I needed some bulldog puppy saving Rock today. ❀️

  2. The Original Mia says:

    Lordy! I’m 6 months pregnant just from this post. Damn, that is one fine man!

    Brutus & Hobbs are adorable. And yes, those two are going to test his sanity. Big time.

  3. Shambles says:

    Kaiser and BedHead obviously noticed that half the Celebitchians are on their periods today, because they have gifted us with both Bloke-y myspace pics AND a dripping-wet Dwayne Johnson. Bless you. Bless. You.

  4. Arock says:

    Bam. With twins. The rock+tacos+Bulldogs is a very good day.

  5. Tiffany says:

    I love him. That is all that needs to be repeated.

  6. evadstructn says:

    All is well….

  7. bluhare says:

    I love The Rock. Just love him. And now he’s got puppies!! And he’s great with little kids!! He can wear a suit! And that smile. He’s one of the few men who could make me swoon if I ever met him live. I’d be a babbling moron.

  8. lower-case deb says:

    oh bulldog and pool!
    reminded me of this scene in his film the Game Plan!

  9. moo moo says:

    Same thing happened to a client’s two pugs. They moved into their new home that had a swimming pool, and one day, the pugs were running along the edge of the pool and one tripped, falling into the pool. but she also knocked the other pug into the water with her. they both sank like rocks. The dad had to dive in and rescue them. It happened again later on (solo pug falls) so they closed off the doggy door so that the pugs could only have access to the yard when they’d be there supervising.

  10. SypherMomma says:

    My Boston swims like a champ, she kills it on her boogie board too. Just a natural water lover, my 75lb mutt sinks like a stone….we got him a life jacket, he just tried kicking all his feet at once. Some dogs can’t swim.

    So glad this had a happy ending!

    • mimif says:

      I need to see this adorable sounding boogey boarding Boston immediately. My friend has one and while she loves the water, she can’t swim in deep water at all.

  11. Penelope says:

    No words can describe how much I love this hot, sexy, kind, funny man.

  12. Beckysuz says:

    Yes!! More Rock please!! I love him

    • Bedhead says:

      Oh, I’d love to write about him more often. He’s (obviously) not a big hit here though.


      • mimif says:

        Break the rules and do it anyway!

      • Tiffany says:


        To pad the numbers.

      • Elisa the I. says:

        the rock is my fav post of the day! More pleeeeease!

      • Monroe says:

        He may not inspire controversial debates like some of the other heavily commented posts, but I’ve never seen a story about him that isn’t truly heart warming. And sometimes between the Duggars and Kardashians you need a Rock to lighten the place up. Keep posting about him please!

      • Imqrious2 says:

        Ohhhhh, I looooooooove me some Rock!!! Met him once at the studio where my bro-in-law’s show was filming. OMG I was a quivering mess!! To be on the receiving end of that smile (It’s been 3 yrs, and I’m still smouldering!!!). lol

        He’s just the sweetest, nicest, and handsomest man! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

        I’d love to get stuck between this Rock and his hard place πŸ˜‰. (Uh uh-oh, too much??😱) naaah! β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‹πŸ‘πŸ»

      • Snazzy says:

        HONKING for the ROCK

  13. Giddy says:

    Does he help humans too? After this story he’s going to have women following him around falling in pools, pretending to drown in rain puddles, and jumping in fountains, all hoping to get rescued!

  14. Colette says:

    Everybody on People and US Weekly sites are criticizing him for buying dogs rather than rescuing.Also for not researching the breed beforehand.Apparently that breed are poor swimmers.Almost all the comments are negative on those sites.

    • vavavoom says:

      Seriously. Why do you HAVE to rescue? There are dogs out there that are already alive, whether in a pet shop, or from a breeder .. and also rescue dogs. They all need a home and to be loved. I don’t know why you’re not ‘allowed’ to buy a breed you want from a breeder if you so choose. I think people need to mind their own business sometimes. (not directed to the poster, just the poster’s comments about others on People and US Weekly)

      I saw my niece’s friends verbally go in on her when she posted a photo of a dog in a pet store and how cute it was .. saying “don’t buy from pet stores!” .. well, that dog is there and needs a home, so whytf not? argh.

  15. Robin says:

    Not to be a downer, but here is some useful information for the future. People (or animals) who nearly drown should be taken to a doctor (or veterinarian) asap. If someone inhales water, the pulmonary surfactant can be washed out of the lungs. When someone breathes in, the little alveoli (air sacs) inflate and oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange occurs. When someone breathes out, the alveoli collapse. Surfactant helps the alveoli not stick shut, and if it is washed out, the alveoli may not be able to inflate properly, and gas exchange can be impaired.

    This can actually lead to death, sometimes with no warning. Someone might feel fine, have no signs of problems, and then go to sleep and never wake up. Just an FYI.

  16. SuperMoist says:

    That man….sigh. He could be my rock anytime.

  17. Wren says:

    This is why dog trainers advise keeping new animals on a leash until they get used to their new surroundings. Even letting them drag the leash so you have an easy way to grab them or correct inappropriate behavior immediately.

    We can assess the shoulda woulda coulda all day, but I’m glad he acted quickly and saved the dog! He’s awesome. I love all his pics.

  18. GirlOnFire says:

    My Godmother is head of props for a major film studio in Budapest, Hungary. Its a very popular place to film all European city scenes because its so cheap. Shes worked with The Rock a few times and they get along very well, they even WhatsApp each other. I always laugh when I think of her, a 64 year old little Hungarian lady, and Dwayne hanging out. This photo and story makes me love him even more.

  19. celtlady says:

    He is perfection.
    That is all.

  20. LA Juice says:

    So much.

  21. rainy17 says:

    OMG I love this story.

  22. Faithmobile says:


  23. kri says:

    I love Frenchies!!!!!!!!!! And The Rock is a wonderful, delicious angel from heaven who makes me happy.