Was Angelina Jolie ‘furious’ about Brad Pitt’s Christmas visit with the kids?


As we discussed yesterday, Brad Pitt apparently did get to see his kids for Christmas, or at least he got to see them at some point over the “Christmas weekend,” which I took to mean that he probably saw them on Christmas Eve. Us Weekly claims that he and the kids exchanged gifts and had a “cordial” visit with each other, while being monitored by one of the therapists overseeing this custodial arrangement. After Us Weekly broke the news, the tabloids picked up the story and tried to make it sound like Angelina didn’t give her permission for Brad to see the kids, which… as everyone keeps pointing out, Angelina is not in charge of the custodial situation – the therapists determine when and how Brad sees the kids.

An insider told In Touch that even though Brad Pitt only saw the kids for part of the day, Angelina wasn’t happy about the visit. “[She’s] furious about this. She’s having a meltdown,” the source revealed. “After being told that the kids were cleared to visit Brad at his house she tried to change the terms and have the visit at her home. But she was firmly told no. And that made her furious.”

[From Life & Style]

But just as quickly as that story came out, Entertainment Tonight’s sources knocked it down. They claim that the meeting between Brad and the kids was not arranged by Angelina, nor was she mad about it:

Brad Pitt spent at least part of Christmas with his six children he shares with his estranged wife, Angelina Jolie. The 53-year-old actor saw the kids — Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8 — over the holiday weekend, a source confirms to ET. The meeting, the source says, was not arranged by Jolie.

“It was agreed overall,” according to the source. Another source tells ET that the meeting was set up by the therapist and the children, adding that Jolie was not present for it — only Pitt, the kids and their therapist. The source also notes that the tabloid reports alleging that the actress was “furious” over the holiday meeting are completely false.

[From ET]

So, there you go. I’m not sure why we needed that to go through three rounds in the gossip media, but that’s probably how everything is going to go down between Angelina and Brad in the months to come. Incidentally, I did get the date wrong for their next court appearance (or the appearances of their lawyers in court) – I mixed it up with the court date for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, whose lawyers will be meeting soon-ish to hash out their continued divorce drama. Amber and Johnny’s court date is before Brangelina’s court hearing on January 17th.


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  1. dotdotdot says:

    But of cause she was furious, she even startet to spit fire from her nostrils. Brad only didn´t catch it because he immediately started crying beautiful man tears.

    • Detritus says:

      This was before she called her two best hags over so they could find solace in his pain and the pain of all men.
      She’s basically the head misandrist. Queen Misandrist?

      • freewhitebaby says:

        OK, I had to google ‘misandrist.’ Who would have thought there would be the need for such a word. Men get on my last nerve all the time, but to hate them? Nope. They’re just too damn pretty. lol

  2. Nacelle says:

    The tabloids are always eager to make her look bad.

    • mini says:

      You are so right. It is in the tabloids and entertainment shows best interest for this to be contentious so they will make up stories always painting Angie in a bad light. They are not served, as well as some of Brad’s friends, in Brad and Angelina becoming friends and happy again. So sad that so many are rooting for this family to fail for their own purposes.

    • minx says:

      It’s Life and Syle…they shouldn’t even be quoted. Trash.

  3. Nemera34 says:

    It would be too much to ask the Gossip media and rags to leave them alone and let them work it out.

    Wishes and Stars.. wishes and stars. I don’t see why (or believe) that Angie would be mad about the kids seeing their father on Christmas. At some point custody is going to be settled. And they will have joint custody. That being the case the kids will be with Brad and Angie during the holidays. OR they will switch off years. One year HER another HIM. That is how it goes. And they are both going to have to deal with sharing and not having the kids all the time. Such is Divorce.

  4. Fa says:

    Don’t ever expect tabloids to accuse a man any wrongdoing, but a woman is always an evil

    • original kay says:

      See: US presidential election, 2016.

      • Miss V says:

        The accuracy of this, though…

      • Gwen says:

        On D-Listed, TMZ, and Daily Mail the comments about women are gross. Angelina is pretty much satan on those sites. Same with Amber Heard and Hillary Clinton. I wonder if the usual commentors on here go to any of those sites and complain about their bias, if they read gossip in other places.

      • MC2 says:

        Is there a place to complain or something? I would never subject myself to comment on those sites. I used to read TMZ but it is so biased that it is sick. And biased meaning totally misogynistic. Harvy Levin is a disgrace to his law degree. Him and Wasser make me shake my head in disgust because they know what they do & they have potential. Hope they like their yachts because once the lights go off and they lie in bed they only have themselves to be with and that must not be fun.

      • Lacia Can says:

        Gwen – I stopped reading TMZ during the election and am never gong back. The woman hating there is frightening and I blame Harvey for not reigning it in. I can’t help but notice there’s not a lot of homophobia on the site. Wonder why? I haven’t visited the DM since Brexit and won’t go back there either. I honestly used to think that the truth would always prevail, but those two sites have destroyed my faith.

        D-listed hates Angelina, but the last column about Depp was full of people insulting him and telling him to pay up already. And they hate Trump. Hate him with the fire of 1000 suns. The occasional false “they’re equally bad” comment makes it in, but they’re usually called out.

      • HEAVE HO says:


      • Matador says:

        Gwen, doesn’t sound like you actually read DListed.

    • V4Real says:

      They accused Ben Affeck of wrong doing.

    • Zippity do da says:

      Actually on this site it’s quite the opposite. All men are evil and the women are saints. Unless that woman is Jennifer Aniston. Then she’s still evil.

      • Stella says:

        This is one rare site. On 98% of other sites, all women are evil, especially Jolie. All but Aniston who is a saint and can do not wrong. It is a welcome relief here.

      • MC2 says:

        That’s not true at all and there are plenty of stories about great men here and women doing wrong things. Just today a man in his own story was featured for his thoughts.
        You are obviously the biased one here but good luck with that!

      • minx says:

        Not true. But I suspect you know that.

      • K2 says:

        Not a lot of love for Halle Berry or Kelly Rutherford or Rosie O’Donnell around here. Plenty of dislike for Beyonce and J-Law gets expressed, too. And if you can find a Celebitchy fan of Duchess Kate, I’d bottle them, because the rarity value would be off the scale.

        It’s a convenient narrative, when the site reacts against misogyny. But it’s not the truth. Nobody was an Amber Heard fan, they just didn’t give an abuser a pass, and there is a heaping pile of evidence against Depp now. Similarly, people weren’t keen on Denise Richards in the past. She proved them wrong, and they acknowledged that.

        A site that doesn’t kiss male abusers’ backsides is rare, and a blessing. I’m not saying Pitt is one, because nobody here knows the truth. But not leaping to hate the woman in that vacuum is a good thing, not culpable.

      • Sarah says:

        That’s a good observation about here. But I do doubt she was angry. I think she was actually tolerant of his escapades until a 3rd party reported the plane incident to child abuse and forced her to act. So I also don’t believe the big old Momma Bear meme about her either.

  5. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    Yes, man hater Angelina, the woman who STILL wants joint legal custody with Brad was furious that her kids spent time with their father.

    Saying something nice: I hope all of the kids had a good time and are at least talking to each other while they are going through this. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a close bond with your siblings when something like this happens. I am pretty sure they will be fine in the long run, though.

    I also hope Angelina is talking/leaning on her brother, James. She needs to have someone on her side that is not an attorney or somehow on her payroll.

    • Maya says:

      Agree with everything but just wanted to add that Angelina has close friends such as Marianne Pearl, Jillian Armenante, Loung Ung, Archie Punjabi, Jane Goodall supporting her as well.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        You are right that she does have friends. I was just trying to keep on trend with the leaning on family in times of need. I forget that for some people familial relationships are not always positive ones. I don’t know how I could forget that one.

    • LadyT says:

      This story is low-tier tabloid nonsense.
      You are correct that she filed for joint legal custody. But she also filed for sole physical custody. Very big distinction to leave out.

      • V4Real says:

        They always leave the sole custody part out. It distracts from their defense.

      • Nancy says:

        If one knows the facts and leaves them out, it is merely a polite way of denying the truth.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        She still wants him to be engaged in helping her make decisions and raise the kids, that is the only thing that really matters. Does her having sole physical custody mean that he cannot still talk to them on the phone or through skype, send gifts, praise and punish them when necessary, go on vacations, act like a good father? No, it doesn’t. He is not going to be cut off from the kids at all. A lot of people want to believe (including Angelina) that he is going to take an active role in the kids lives after the divorce. She just wants the kids in one house and not two. This situation is different from when they were together shuffling around the world because they were one couple making decisions together for their family. That is not the case anymore. They are individuals now who have to share children.

        Joint physical custody guarantees nothing nor does it mean a 50-50 split. Sometimes it works out that way and sometimes it does not.

        Let’s just say she does end up with sole physical custody. He could easily buy a house in the same neighborhood as her or they could buy a huge piece of property and live on that property together with the kids and live in comfortable dysfunction. They are not Jane and Joe Parker from down the street in Hoboken, NJ. They have lots of money and can afford to do things that others cannot. He has options, lots of them. He had options before she filed for divorce too, but he made the decisions that he made and she responded.

      • V4Real says:

        @Aiobhan we are not discussing what sole custody mean or what Brad could still do if AJ had sole custody. We were pointing out that how Team AJ seems to constantly leave out the she wants sole custody part in their arguments. They only bring up the joint custody.

      • LadyT says:

        You certainly can paint a lovely picture.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        @LadyT Vague comments like yours adds nothing to the conversation. I asked you several questions. You are presenting yourself as an expert on these matters, please expound on your thoughts. I somewhat genuinely want to read what you have to write.

        @ V4real First, I completely understood LadyT’s point and addressed it in my first sentence in my reply to LadyT. I did not even see your comment until after I posted mine.

        Team Angie is a monster seems to want to believe that sole physical custody is the worst thing in the world for Brad, why?

        Does joint physical custody provide more stability over time for the kids?

        Why do you think her wanting sole physical custody is bad?

        Does her having sole physical custody but shared legal custody keep him from being an active father in the kids’ lives?

        Does joint custody guarantee anything at all- especially since we know that child rearing is never 50-50 given any parents’ schedules?

        You both are insinuating that her having sole physical custody (the kids living with her primarily) is a terrible idea, but you are not providing anything to support your argument, just snide comments. She is not asking for complete control over the kids lives. She is asking the judge to have them live with her primarily. That is it. She still wants to make decisions with him about how the kids grow up. She wants him there and able to make decisions with her if, heaven forbid, a medical emergency comes up. So again, what is the problem with the kids living with her primarily if he gets to see his kids?

      • Lalu says:

        Aiobhan… I think people get really upset over the sole physical custody thing because by all accounts brad has been a hands on father that wanted his kids very much. Most of us don’t think it is fair to take that from someone. You are correct that most of the time maybe custody doesn’t end up 50/50 maybe due to one parent not wanting as much responsibility… But if this guy wants to be there, he should be allowed. They are as much his kids as hers. And this obviously isn’t about not wanting to shuffle the kids between houses. These aren’t regular people (who would legitimately have that concern). Those kids have always been shuffled around. I think they’ve moved a couple times in the past few months. I don’t see why that’s an issue now.
        Parents get divorced but they don’t divorce their kids. Maybe some people think that would be more convenient for the parents, but it doesn’t work like that. And if he gets his act together (assuming he has been having issues), he has as much a right to parent those kids as she does.

      • almondmilk says:


        It was made very clear that the sole physical custody Angelina filed for (for obvious reasons, i.e., her terrified children and drunk outta control husband) was *TEMPORARY* until her husband got his shite together through intense therapy (and testing) for himself and the family.

        ..and THAT, is something that the oh so predictable longtime Angelina haters ‘always leave out.’

        Just to read their posts now, I’m aghast at how these women seem to think someone who at least partially admitted his issues and the trauma he caused his kids, who may still be struggling with a substance/alcohol abuse and anger problem should even get joint physical custody while they’re essentially in a modified rehab. I mean WTF?!!

        Women hate each other. This is exhibit A. No where is there more proof than an Angelina or Hillary thread.

      • almondmilk says:

        …and also, i think it must be stressed that though @Aioban makes very valid points about sole custody, Angelina has not said she wants sole physical custody for the long term.

        The usual suspects, i.e.,Angelina haters, want this to be true so they accept her initial filing as what she wants forever and ever amen. It was and is temporary until her kids father gets his sh* together.

        I’m sure no one wants that more than Angelina, since she knows what a great Dad Brad is when he’s not imbibing.

        She has a life too, a very full life and I’m sure it behooves them both to jointly raise (physical and otherwise) their children together. But as the responsible sober custodial parent you want the other parent to be responsible and sober as well, before they take that on.

        Shocker! Who knew?!

      • V4Real says:

        Are you sure you understand Lady T ?Your response is saying you don’t. LadyT is not arguing that it’s bad for AJ to want sole custody she was just pointing out that posters who are completely taking AJ’s side tend to leave that part out. Yet you went on about why is it bad for her to want sole custody. No one said it was bad, we said her die-hard fans will speak of her desire to have joint but wouldn’t mention the sole. That’s leaving out a big part of it. Why is that?

      • Stella says:

        Are you serious, V4Real? As almondmilk has said, Angelina does not want PERMANENT sole cusody, it is TEMPORARY. That is the bit you conveniently leave out. So why bring up something that is merely temporary?

      • Dolphin7 says:

        I don’t think it’s fair to say people questioning Angelina’s motives during this are simply women hating on women. I voted for Hillary, I believe Amber Heard, I wasn’t a fan of Angelina during the startup of the affair. But I agree with the poster below who said Brad got a free pass while Angelina and Jennifer were raked over the coals. But after all the kids and her humanitarian work Angelina had kind of won me over. But when this went down I became a fan of neither of them. But the known facts are:DCFS cleared him. And he also tested clean for alcohol and drugs. So I don’t understand why the therapists and Angelina aren’t encouraging more time with Brad. Like I said as a parent, I find it worrying. It’s a temporary agreement but the longer it goes on the more a final custody precedent is set.

      • LadyT says:

        Almondmilk- Read her petition for divorce. Easy to pull up. Filed Sept. 19. Not temporary. I do not stand corrected. Not an opinion. It’s there in black and white. And just because I do not automatically without question believe all women are always perfectly in the right does not make me or anyone else a women hater. Your bullish attitude in this regard is off-putting.

      • almondmilk says:

        No one is ‘leaving the sole custody part out, ‘
        This is a straw man from Angelina detractors.

        What a surprise.

        Who in the H, as the responsible custodial parent who is not being investigated…. goes through a trauma caused by one parent where he has possibly emotionally damaged the kids through his actions while drunk/high (yes it’s all speculative we know.. blah blah blah) and where HE has agreed to therapy and weekly testing….

        …and says, oh yea…now is a GREAT time for this person with serious problems to have physical custody of children??!

        Who does that?

        But keep *pretending* that the people who don’t hate Angelina are somehow hiding the fact that she didn’t want her spouse who’s in a modified rehab to have physical custody of the kids *at this moment in time* while he gets himself together.

        No one is hiding that.

        It’s a given.

        Who encourages phys custody bring given to the parent in rehab??!!

      • Stella says:

        Dolphin7, what affair? Even Jennifer repeatedly denied an affair happened. And sorry but I didn’t see Jennifer raked over the coals. On the contrary. Angelina and Brad (moreso Angelina) were raked over the coals while Jennifer was the patron saint of victims who was a sweetheart and could do no wrong. The vast majority of people, tabloids, you name it, were on her side. She got a free pass even when she broke up Heidi and Justin. She is Teflon Lady, she NEVER is called on the shit she does.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        From Angelina herself “it’s wonderful for our kids to see a movie where their parents fell in love.” Brad was married while they were making that movie. I definitely agree Angelina got way worse press than Brad, who rightfully should have gotten way worse press because he was the one who was married. But the tabloids were all over poor sad Jen and how humiliated she must be. Where are you guys getting Brad’s in rehab? He’s getting drug tested. From what we have heard officially he’s been clean.

      • Stella says:

        Dolphin7 you omitted the full quote with the end saying that their kids could see where their parents fell in love and tried to kill each other. She was talking about the characters of Mr and Mrs Smith, who fell in love, got married, then were hired as assassins to kill each other. Unless you think Brad and Angelina tried to kill each other in real life, she was referring to the characters, not her and Brad as people.

        Here is the PROOF of the line that many tabloids TRUNCATED, but when the FULL quote is shown, it changes the narrative entirely.

        “‘They haven’t seen a lot of our films yet, because they are a little young, but I’m looking forward to them one day discovering Mr and Mrs Smith,’ she smiles. ‘They’re going to have a great laugh – to see when their parents actually met, and watch them fall in love and try to kill each other!

        Btw, just because you fall in love with someone, does NOT mean you actually ACT on it. It is not proof of an actual affair. Aniston herself admitted Brad came to her and admitted he had feelings with Angelina. So he was upfront. Also, they were still filming M&MS in late June 2005. Brad and Jennifer split in January, 2005. So, there was a period of 6 months there that he WASN’T with Jennifer.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Brad admitted he fell in love with Angelina during the movie in 2008. Jennifer has said there were things happening when she was not aware of them. Angelina made a comment about realizing she couldn’t wait to get to work, and they both talked about their connection on the movie. I wouldn’t be happy with my husband having an incredible connection with a co-worker.

      • almondmilk says:


        I don’t include all women. But considering that her husband was the one investigated, agreed to a modified rehab with ongoing testing and personal and family rehab, it’s amazing that some have a need to question Angelina’s “motives.”

        Seriously, after learning what went down, what he essentially even partially has owned up to (not to mention his willingness at first to help himself and family via therapy/testing) – who then would start yammering anything about Angelina?!!

        I wonder how much more shi* would be heaped on HER head if everything was sealed. It’s incalculable. I see why transparency into the process aids her and not Pitt. Keeps everyone honest.

        Now let me clear up a few things based on first person interviews. There was no affair. Brad said there wasn’t. Angelina said there wasn’t. Jennifer Aniston (and her besties) believe there wasn’t. That’s 3 of 3. The only 3 that matter. So maybe you might want to disabuse yourself of that notion. I mean it sells tabloids and fuels misogynists like Chelsea Handler, and it gives women who dislike Angelina the additional fuel to hate her – but it’s not true. Still, some don’t like being pressured to give that up.

        If you want to do the hater fallback of emotional affair and emotional cheating – that’s a cop out. But have at.

        Finally, to your point about why Angelina isn’t encouraging more time with Brad and it insistence on making Angelina just as culpable as Brad (the dreaded both-ism) i find that disingenuous.

        This arrangement is not up to Angelina. This arrangement by therapists/professionals involved, is what Brad agreed to. The fact that Brad wasn’t charged with a crime by the four agencies investigating him, doesn’t mean he’s not an alcoholic or substance abuser – THAT is not what was being investigated. He obviously is not ready and able to handle joint physical custody. Again, it’s not up to Angelina.

        So why the rancor for the only responsible custodial parent the kids have at the current time?

        About that woman hating thing?

        Yea i find it super hard to believe if everything were reversed, and the scuttlebutt were that a high outta control Angelina had attacked a child and rode off on a fuel truck, that Brad had filed and gotten Angelina to agree to get her ish together, but that the kids were still wary…

        I just find it hard to imagine Brad would be getting all kinds of heat and criticism for wanting Angelina to do the work and complete the program ‘for the health of the family’

        I think the same suspects would be yelling Karma for Angelina and extolling Brad like they did when they first heard news of the split and didn’t know how he had f’d up. (see handler’s ‘Angelina is an f’n lunatic’ rant)

      • Stella says:

        Dolphin7, you are stretching things. Brad never said he admitted to Angelina, he fell in love with her. Also, AGAIN, falling in love with someone doesn’t mean you ACT on it!! He chased her down halfway around the world later on, after he split from Aniston. Aniston got heat from that Vogue quote, she tried to lie when she got called on it for her slagging off Angelina and Brad, then she tried to DENY she said that. She did a talkie with Oprah and she again tried to deny she said those things, then Oprah said: “I know the author and she is a close friend, I trust her” then Aniston backed down and backtracked and said, “oh, no, no, I did say it”. Vogue Editor came hard out against Aniston and basically said Aniston had full copy control and saw the final edition so she had no problems with it, and they have refused to have Aniston in Vogue ever since. They have blacklisted Aniston for that stunt.

        Btw, just because you fall in love with someone, does NOT mean you actually ACT on it. It is not proof of an actual affair. Aniston herself admitted Brad came to her and admitted he had feelings with Angelina. So he was upfront. It was also said in her infamous Vanity Fair interview that she wanted him to get with Angelina, have a fling, and “get her out of his system” and return to her, but Brad was too honorable, he couldn’t do that, so he left Jennifer completely. THEN months later, chased Angelina half way around the world.

        Even then, Aniston has said since, and as far back as late last year, that there were no villains, no victims. She said Brad was a great guy, he did nothing wrong, etc. It has basically all been proven no affair happened. Despite you wanting to believe it, even though everyone, and I mean EVERYONE from Pitt, Jolie, Aniston, Cox, cast and crew of M& Mrs Smith, their Hollywood peers etc all have said Brad is a decent stand-up guy and denied he did anything of the sort.

        Fact is, there is one adulterer. That is Aniston when she cheated on Pitt with Matt LEBlanc, and then homewrecked Heidi Bivens and Justin Theroux.

        Btw, I forgot the link to the proof where Angelina CLEARLY says her children can see when their parents fell in love, got married, and WERE HIRED TO KILL EACH OTHER.


        Two other things I forgot:

        1. The narrative of Aniston crying was because she burst into tears on cue the SECOND the interviewer from VF entered the room (well played, Aniston. Well played), and she has milked that. The narrative benefited her because the tabloids made her own to be the VICTIM, ie the GOOD guy, and how mean and nasty Brad and Angelina were to her. So, it was proof the tabloids favored her.

        2. SHe said she enjoyed working with the weapons and had fun with them and enjoyed going to work to play with them. Not him.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Initially all three denied an affair. But in later years (2008) Brad Pitt said they fell in love shooting the movie. At the very least there was an emotional affair. Airport officials have denied the fuel truck incident. Anyone can make a report and trigger a CPS investigation. When CPS is involved people jump through hoops and agree to anything they want so they don’t lose their kids. It’s not uncommon for divorcing couples to use CPS as a weapon against each other. None of us were on that plane, Brad admitting losing his temper and yelling, perhaps inadvertently bumping Maddox in the shoulder. He’s apologized and done everything asked of him. i find it worrisome as a parent because after being cleared of abuse, and passing drug tests, he isn’t getting increased visitation. I feel badly for the kids how public all this is, and I bet the kids miss their dad.

      • Stella says:

        Wow, you really are desperate to believe an affair happened, aren’t you? So much so that you flail about now for ’emotional affair’, you’re acting like a stubborn child imo. Brad said HE fell in love. He didn’t say they both did. And for the *third* time, even if they did (I don’t doubt they did both fall in love while filming and remember, for six months of filming Brad was a free man, but I don’t think either knew or told the other until later) doesn’t mean they acted on it. None of the three (Pitt, Jolie, Aniston) have changed their stories from then to 2016. Aniston herself, late last year, said no affair happened. Are you calling her a liar? Only if it suits you, huh.

      • Dana says:

        The comment I made yesterday still applies here. We have the people that are Angelina fans that blame Brad for everything. Then we have the people that say they blame both but still end of blaming Angelina in their comments. Case in point, this discussion.

      • almondmilk says:


        The misogyny is strong with this one (dolphin)

        @Dolphin is insistent on believing the tabloid narrative and ‘triangle.’ She has reams of tabloid fuzzy math and inaccurate fake quotes and timelines she’s collected over the years with which to do it.

        Only problem is, facts. Facts get in the way, and documented on the record quotes from all 3 hamper her reasons with which to hate Angelina.

        I say Angelina only, because bizarrely enough though she can go on and on about what happened in 2005, and be more outraged and angry about a fictitious affair than Aniston herself…

        Somehow, oddly enough, that bitter resentment for a past alleged affair doesn’t make her denigrate and hate Brad. In fact it fuels the Angelina resentment *only*, and creates sympathy for poor Brad who she feels evil Angelina is harming.

        How does that work?

        She believes Brad broke his marriage vows, but Angelina is the bad guy. From 2005 to the Plane incident and beyond. You’d almost think it was Angelina and Jen who were married.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Exactly this discussion!!! None of us know exactly what these people do in their private life. And I don’t read every interview about Brad, Angelina, or Jen. My favorite actor is Jason Momoa and you better believe I read every article and interview about him.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Obviously you didn’t read when I said I didn’t think it was right Brad didn’t get as much bad press as Angelina and Jen. Or when I said I liked the Brange family after the kids and the himanitarian work. I said I’m not a fan of either anymore after how they’ve been acting in the press. But pat yourself on the back because you smugly called me, a liberal woman, a misogynist, because I don’t happen to agree with you.🙄

      • O.o says:

        @dolphin7 No that it really matters much now but Brad didn’t exactly say he fell in love while filming MAMS. In the 2008 interview he answered a question about his favourite film and said MAMS ‘Because you know… six kids. Because I fell in love.’ The quote should not be taken literally, as it is a mental abbreviation. He didn’t have the 6 kids right away during making the film, right? So what he might have meant was the film led to him meeting Angie and then falling in love, having six children, nothing more.

      • sage says:

        Oh Lord.

        JA is happily married and now these two are on their way to divorce court. Will the JA and AJ fans come together once the divorce is final? When will it end???

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Omg where you there during filming? Who reads every single word their favorite utters?

    • Crumpet says:

      Stella: From the NY Times article (the original).

      ““not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love.”

      “What’s going to be funny is when they think Mom and Dad are a little bit cool,” she added. “Because right now, we’re not cool Mom and Dad.”

      “Even video games, you know, it’s: ‘Mom, you can’t play this. You won’t know how.’ Oh, they all think I can’t do anything, that I’m just there to snuggle with. But the other day Madd said, ‘Can you do a cartwheel?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I can.’ And he was like, ‘Wow, Mom.’ And I thought: ‘Oh, yeah. I can do some things. You wait. You’ll find out. I’m capable”

      Someone somewhere added the “and try to kill each other” and it grew legs. But it is pure fiction.

      • Stella says:

        Crumpet, the Daily Mail was the original. The NYT removed the last part, and it spread like wildfire, but it is pure fiction and not the true source. You can even tell because a lot of the actual interview in the NYT is disjointed, left out, and re-arranged. That is one bit of proof. There are also other news outlets who were there (it was a press conference) that posted the exact same as DM, I can find them if you like.

        And lets just *think* for a moment. It serves the DM’s purposes, who traditionally hate Angelina, and ALWAYS make her out to be bad, to truncate that part. Not leave it in. Do you really have us believe the Editor (because it appeared in print as well as digitally online) and journo put in an extra piece, for no reason at all? So was the entire Daily Mail in on it? The printer, the Editor, the Journo, etc etc? Come on! Surely even you can see how crazy that sounds. Sorry, but your posted pure lies and pure absolute fiction. The NYT truncated the original article that the DM wrote. People on here and in some other places falsely quote the edited NYT, not the ORIGINAL SOURCE, which was the DM. Which probably lead to you under the misapprension that the NYT was the original. Clearly, it was not. Please stop spreading lies.

      • Lalu says:

        I don’t get this argument. I would bet they fell for each other while filming. Who knows if they acted on it before he told his wife. Not to sound insensitive about that sort of thing, but who cares anyway. I was with someone when I met my guy and I wouldn’t change what happened. I don’t think how they got together should tarnish what they built. They have 6 children and were together over a decade. Such old news. It happens. And I am pretty sure Aniston was crushed and said stuff, like most of us would in that situation.
        I think they have all moved on, like any of us would after over a decade.

      • Crumpet says:

        You are going to believe a Daily Mail article over a NY Times interview?


      • Stella says:

        The NY Times has been caught out manipulating articles before and posted that article that was revoked where they accused her of being manipulative. They have form. The Daily Mail hate her. You cannot or will not explain just WHAT they gain from adding that bit on, when it DEBUNKS what the DM agenda has always been. To paint Angelina as a homewrecker.

        WHY would they, out of the blue, add that on? Where is the benefit? You refuse to answer that. I think we all know why. You can’t explain it. It doesn’t make sense. That is the bottom line. And as Judge Judy is fond of saying: If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true!!

        Angelina previously gave a video interview where she said their kids would be able to see them fighting and falling in love and it was clear she was talking about the characters they were playing.
        The NYT had previously accused her of manipulating the press over the sale of Shiloh pictures (not Brad just her) and ended up having to investigate themselves because it was totally untrue. The negotiations re the pictures were done by a third party, not Angelina or Brad. So twice the NYT maligned her, is it any wonder she refused to do a sit down interview with them about her mastectomy. And the NYT article that was revoked that was about Angelina being manipulative with the press, was published not long before Angelina gave the interview where she said the FULL quote. SO….. work it out yourself. The NYT has a very bad reputation. Yet you believe the NYT, over them? Are you sure….?

        Ok….. 0.o Clearly you are not dealing with a full deck.

  6. Jellybean says:

    Why do we give any of these reports credence? Many of the them are clearly made up, but picking and choosing to support a preferred narrative is ridiculous.

    • KB says:

      Yeah, I don’t see the point in covering stories like this from In Touch, Life & Style, Star…their stories are pure fan fiction 99% of the time. We all know it’s nonsense, but it’s still going to rile up the hardcore pro-Angelina and pro-Brad warriors.

    • Snowflake says:

      Exactly. Tabloids are going to make up stories, there is no way to know what is true and what is not. No point in taking sides, we will never know what really happened. And it’s none of our business anyway

    • Shambles says:

      I feel the same way. This is why I’m not comfortable saying, “both of them are leaking stories,” or that either of them are. Things like this make it perfectly clear that the tabloids are perfectly fine with simply making stuff up. Neither Brad nor Angelina have actually come out and said anything. There’s literally no proof of who’s leaking what. It’s completely speculation at this point.

  7. Lalu says:

    If brad didn’t convince those kids he’s a dangerous lunatic on that plane, they will be convinced eventually. Seriously, the therapist is there for the cmas visit? I am sure these are warm memories those kids will always treasure.
    I don’t know what the guy did, but considering he isn’t in jail or at least on probation… I would say that he got some really bad counsel to agree to this. There are people that do really awful things with more access to their kids.
    And I don’t think what happened should have just been ignored… But this all seems a bit over the top. And I don’t understand how anyone would be okay allowing strangers to make their family decisions like this. You’re going to let therapists, lawyers,and judges tell you what’s best for your own kids? If there were ever two people that need to sit down and talk, it’s brad and Angie.

    • Nemera34 says:

      Yes, I agree with so much of this. But so on point. Brad and Angie need to stop this and sit down and talk to each other. This has to be the first thing. And no I can’t believe they are giving up so much control over this situation.

    • LadyT says:

      Agree totally with everything you said.

    • Dolphin7 says:

      I agree completely. Supposedly they have not spoken since any of this has gone down. They have six kids, how can you not talk at all? Between education stuff, medical care, I know they have nannies but come on. But they can’t take the kids out of the country without the other person’s consent until divorce is finalized. Maybe being in one place for awhile will be good for them.

    • jinni says:

      You make it seem like random strangers off the street are making decisions for these kids. These are highly trained professionals that have spent a good chunk of their lives working towards and dealing with these situations. Acting like getting a therapist to help mediate the relationship between these kids and their father after some of them at the very least had an emotionally violent encounter with said father is ridiculous.

      It is screwed up that because this is Pitt, that everyone thinks that the proper care to make sure that the kids and him develop a health relationship after the plane incident ( that even Pitt’s people did not deny something happened on the plane) should be disregarded and he should just bypass the steps to healing. And it doesn’t look to me that it is because people really just want to have these kids have a father but because they don’t like knowing their fave is not considered the fit father he sold them for so long as his image and they just want to thing back the way they use to be.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Of course therapy is great. But at some point the two of them need to at least speak to one another. The therapist on record doesn’t have the greatest ratings either according to google search.

      • jinni says:

        @Dolphin7: And at some point they may just do that but considering Pitt has been working on making Jolie look like a witch do you really think that creates any desire to want to talk to him? Also, the plane incident is still fresh, this is not an old incident and it probably isn’t the first incident just the first we know of.

        As for the therapist, I bet that this guy was referred to her or put in place by the court. She probably had no control on who was assigned to her. And it seems like you are implying that she personally went on google to find the crappiest therapist possible.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        They have both been leaking info to the media. It’s not just on his side. I still can’t understand why she is stalling on sealing the file. That says a lot to me. It’s amazing Halle and Oliver were able to settle quietly and this has turned into such a fiasco. From what I read the comments on the therapist were parents complaining he listened to whoever was paying him.

      • LadyT says:

        I don’t think steps to healing should be bypassed. I question why contact with the father has not progressed at all in three months. It has not been portrayed by Angie and her team that the therapists are merely helping to mediate the relationship. They claim the therapists have TOTAL control over the situation and are therefore conveniently unable to compromise.

      • jinni says:

        Of course they are both leaking things to the press. I only come harder for Pitt because he obviously did something to start all of this and everyone seems capable of getting on Jolie for leaking things but Pitt gets “he’s just trying to be with his kids/ he just wants to be a father” excuse even when it is acknowledged that he leaks things to the press.

        Lady T: did you ever think that just maybe that is the truth? Did you ever think that maybe Jolie is doing everything the therapist wants because that is what she has to do and does not want to do anything that would mean she too loses access to the kids?

      • Dolphin7 says:

        And I come harder for her because whatever it was that he did, he was cleared by child services. She had the house rented for a month before. I think those kids deserve a good relationship with both parents. They have seen him three times in three months? And he was cleared of abuse? As a parent I find this very concerning. I think she wants sole physical custody so she can just do and go wherever she likes. Sharing custody means having schedules, routines, etc and that’s never been a part of their lives up to this point.

      • jinni says:

        Dolphin7: TBH I don’t like either of them. I am just enjoying that Pit is finally ( on a very small scale) getting a taste of what Jolie and Aniston had to deal with during the whole triangle days. Sure both women used it to their advantage but it’s not like if they didn’t use the mess the press was throwing at them, that the press would have let up. And Pitt for years got of scott free, never really defended either woman from the tab bs, and was seen as the golden goose that this two were fighting over.

        Like I said in another comment to you, they are both using these kids. Lastly, as for the plane incident, since Pitt admitted that things got hot on the plane I see him as having done something to cause this mess. Sure nothing that those agencies could hold against him happened, but that does not mean that something untoward didn’t happen between Pitt and some of his kids.

      • Lalu says:

        Jinni… They are strangers. Possibly well educated strangers, but at the end of the day, still strangers. I may be in the minority but I still believe that no one knows these kids better than their mom and dad. Mom and dad need to put everything else aside and think about what they want the future to look like for their kids. Throwing your hands up and saying a therapist is in charge makes both Angie and Brad look like neither wants to take responsibility for doing the hard work ahead. How long are they going to avoid each other and point fingers? If I had to guess, those two could sit down together with their kids in one afternoon and talk and make more progress than the therapist could in one year.

      • LadyT says:

        I consider it beyond belief. I don’t believe Angie’s standing with DCSF has ever been precarious nor do I believe any sane parent would sign over total control of their children to a therapist. That’s ludicrous.

      • almondmilk says:


        More clarification as some people are clearly believing whatever tabloids and weeklies publish.

        So far I’ve read several untruths by Dolphin.

        1) Being ‘cleared’ by child services or cleared of A CRIME, doesn’t mean you don’t have an addiction or alcohol problem that your kids resent or are scared of you, for.

        2) Angelina did not have the house rented for a month before she filed, that was shown to be untrue. A lot of the usual suspects tried to float this idea that Angelina set up ‘poor Brad the dupe,’ on the plane, being the evil demon they want to say she is.

        3)she wants sole physical custody while her husband goes through this therapy/testing program (THAT HE AGREED TO) it’s very bizarre that you have the parent that caused the trauma, agreeing to modified rehab and STILL you have women kicking Angelina the temp physical custodial parent (the only one the kids have at the moment) in the teeth.

        4) As for your rationale as to why she wants physical custody right now, sure it could be because “she can just do and go wherever she likes,” except she has NOT. In fact the only one who is going wherever they like is Brad Pitt. He vacationed in Turks and Cacaio, and went all over the world to promote his films. Angelina has postponed all of her work and her travel.. So maybe get a new theory that’s less misogynistic.

        5)As to your last point, any previous interview from either one of them talks about how they live and travel, and yes their children do have routines and schedules, schools, friends and extracurricular activities.

        Maybe stop regurgitating woman/mother hating tabloids designed for woman haters, and then perhaps you’ll stop blaming Angelina for Brad’s f up.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Well considering that the standard of proof in CPS cases is much less than criminal what an interesting position to take.

      • Lindsey says:

        ^ Not to mention they look for signs of addiction to legal and illegal drugs. They would not have washed their hands of this if that were the case. Unlike the FBI there doesn’t need to be a crime committed to intervene in various ways.

        Also, modified rehab is a made up thing. There is a vast difference between what he is doing and in patient rehab.

  8. SM says:

    I’m firmly team kids. I think both Angelina and Brad should just stop. With the leaking and with communicating though gossip magazines. Really. While I agree that media is usually biased towards women in such stories, case in point – pinning the blame on Amber for Johnny, or making Brad into a victim, the truth is never so clear, especially when kids are involved. It is possible that one parent is trying to actively fight the other parent and trying to limit access to the kids because they are hurt, just like the fact that love may be gone between two adults it does not mean that the parents do not love their kids or one of them stops wanting to be in kids life. Everyone here likes to drag poor little Brad but Angelina is just as willing to fight publically as he is

    • LadyT says:

      I think Angelina had one foot out the door, Brad had an ugly blow-up on the plane and she used that incident as a launching pad to blindside him with divorce papers and gain control of the children. Her team has shut down requests to adjust the temporary agreement and the request to seal the files. One side is clearly not negotiating.

      • Lady D says:

        …because said side knows the whole story?

      • LadyT says:

        She does know the whole story and the incident clearly crossed the line in her book. No argument from me. Oddly though it did not cross the line for DCFS. Just really curious where the truth falls. At this point the arrangement seems punitive to me. We’ll see.

  9. Aang says:

    For two people who, for years, tried to convince us of their otherworldly superiority, they are sure doing a good job of showing their true colors. Gwyneth and Chris have them both outclassed by miles. And I can’t believe it.

    • Fa says:

      Please Don’t compared their situation with other couple, these couple had been investigated for 2 months by 2 agencies, and they’re still dealing with the aftermath of that investigations, we still don’t know the whole story

      • Aang says:

        I don’t care who is investigating them. They don’t need to bad mouth one another to the press. It is trashy, and harmful to the children. End of story.

      • V4Real says:

        Aang can compare the two couples. It’s not just about the investigation, it’s about Brad and AJ both leaking negative stories about each other to the press and not thinking about the damage it could do to their kids. They seem to be more concerned about out foxing each other. They are both angry and bitter and trying to emotionally hurt each other and using their kids as pawns. Gwen and Chris handled their conscious uncoupling with class without the public mudslinging. Even Hall and Oliver settled their divorce and custody agreement quietly.

      • roses says:

        Yeah we all can say what we would or wouldn’t do or compare to others but unless you walked in their shoes its best to just wish things turn out okay for all involved especially since none of us were there.

      • jinni says:

        Funny how now that the Brange are no longer together their fans think that no one should be comparing them to other celeb couples when for more then a decade those same fans would always compare the Brange to other couples just to show off how much more superior ( individually and together) Brad and Angelina were to other couples in all things ( beauty, charity, power, etc)

      • Fa says:

        The situation is different whether you like it or not these other couple were not under investigations and have to deal with therapists in their life, 2 teenagers boys are still reluctant to participate therapy with their father, so until the kids are ready and therapists are out their life nothing will sort it out in term of custody, and there is no doubt they will co-parents the kids.

      • Lalu says:

        I definitely think they worked to see everyone am image… But that makes them no different than most in their line of work.
        I think a lot of what turned many people off to them were over the top fans that thought they were some fantasy couple. That wasn’t really brad and Angie’s fault.

      • Stella says:

        Did you stop to think that perhaps the ‘over the top fans’ were in direct REACTION to the haters and the over the top fans of Jennifer Aniston who flooded to sites like this and wished death on Angelina and HER CHILDREN, that they be raped (during the premiere of In The Land of Blood and Honey) – someone (and I have a screencap somewhere) wished Angelina was raped AND HER TWINS, TOO! And was ranting about Aniston being wronged.

        What you ignore, is that you come in after the fact, and blame the reactor and not look at WHAT caused fans to become obsessive and protective. Aniston has the most unhinged fans out. Ever heard of Female First? DListed? Those sites are dangerous and truly unhinged. And the slavish almost orgasmic devotion of some to Aniston – many say they love her “so so soooooooooooooo much” (quote), she would never do anything bad to anyone, another one (on twitter) even says she fantasises that they are friends, and got so distracted once that when she was writing out a job application, she almost put Jennifer Aniston down as a reference!! Seriously, you think Angelina fans are bad? WOw……WOW! You clearly have never seen Jennifer fans, who CAUSED the Angelina fans to be how they are. Angelina fans are positively luke-warm in their praise of her, compared to the psychos that think Jennifer farts rainbows and shits unicorns.

      • almondmilk says:

        @FAA +1

        Also, people need to stop with the ‘BOTH LEAKING STORIES’ B.S.

        FIRST, the tabloids and weeklies have demonized Angelina for 12 years and given Brad a pass. So even if Brad were leaking awful stories about Angelina we wouldn’t know it was him since the tabloids malign her anyway.

        As for Angelina- where are her leaks about him? I’ve been in the store on a weekly basis and have only ever seen Brad’s face on the cover with a sympathetic headline.

        If Angelina was interested in ruining Brad she’d just give an interview about what happened on the plane. Yet we have no leaks about Brad or his character or that are demeaning in any way. What “public mudslinging,” has come from Angelina? I’ll wait here. You mean the open doc in court ew his therapy that Brad signed himself? That’s all you got?

        Once again the lie that ‘they both are leaking’ is another disingenuous way to beat up on JUST Angelina, and it usually quickly devolves into why is she being so mean and not letting Brad see the kids…(also not true)

      • Lalu says:

        Wow Stella, I didn’t say that meaning any specific person here. And I wasn’t insulting brad and Angie. I was just going off of what I have seen. I couldn’t care less if Aniston (not sure why she is still brought up) has crazy fans too.
        But way to prove a point.

      • Stella says:

        Because it is the backstory. You need to understand WHY Angelina’s fans became like that. You need to understand what led to that point, if you want to approach it honestly and fairly. I think that should be fair enough.

      • Lalu says:

        Ok Stella, point taken. But even if there were things leading up to people being so over the top in love with them, that doesn’t change the point I was making. The over the top fans that acted like they were such a perfect family, turned people off to them. I was making the point that maybe they weren’t even selling it as hard as some of their fans.
        There are people who seem personally invested in this relationship that don’t even know them.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Omg these loons need help. It’s very sad it’s come to this but not surprising bring the straitjackets!!!)

      • Dolphin7 says:

        And Thank God we had people like you Almond to drink the Kool Aid and buy the magazine subscriptions. And also to guide us how to be feminists too.

    • Stella says:

      How did they try to convince us? I saw them do nothing of the sort. Seems to me that is what you want to believe because of preconceived opinions.

      • Shambles says:

        I’m still confused as to how they spent so much time “shoving a happy family narrative down our throats” or “convincing us of their otherworldly surperiorty.”
        Like… maybe… they were just existing? And they just happen to be two extremely attractive people who loved each other and their kids? And at some point it fell apart, as these things sometimes do?

      • Dolphin7 says:

        The W magazine spreads, the huge cover stories on People when the kids were born or adopted, pap strolls with the kids when they had movies coming out, talking extensively about the kids in interviews like in the director circle Angie did. There are a lot of celebs as famous who have kept their kids a lot more under wraps. The family was part of their Brand.

      • jinni says:

        @Dolphin7: Precisely. They both built their entire image off of those kids. Used them at every turn to sell said image and their movies and are now fighting to save what is left of their images with those kids as their battleground.

      • Ramona says:

        I think they did work to mythologise their relationship. Firstly as Dolphin7 lists but also the Red Carpet mooning sessions. There was even a title for it here “Brange p0rn” and those posts were always very popular with readers. Incidentally, I always saw their mooning as a cynical immitation of old Hollywood red carpets. Like they actually wanted to evoke those golden era power couples. The thing is we already know that those unions, starting from Boggart Becall to Taylor Burton were plagued with cheating or alcoholism or abuse or were just straight up fake. So the bigger the Brangelina mythology, the less many of us believed it. The irony.

      • lucy2 says:

        They spoke about their children, their relationship, their family in every interview, had photoshoots with them (and released private photos several times from what I remember) and were very forthcoming with information about their kids’ lives. Whether people think that was appropriate or not is up to them, but there’s no denying it happened.

        IMO, they willingly made their private life part of their public image.

      • Josephina says:

        You are clearly projecting a narrative not supported by any evidence. Angie has said very little to the media and Brad’s comments reveals his frustration with the process.

        I get that Brad is getting impatient with the process of being monitored/supervised, but he only has himself to blame. He is guilty of hurting his family. He has to rebuild the trust with his family, and IT WILL BE A PROCESS THAT TAKES TIME.

        Brad and Angie clearly love the time that they spend with their children… and have simply been living their lives, period… yet, you call it branding. SMH. AND much of it has occurred OUTSIDE OF Hollywood and the U.S.

        WE, the public, must acknowledge our own thirst/demand to see them, their movies, and any event that includes them or photos that give a glimpse of what is going on in their lives.

      • almondmilk says:


        Seriously, just stop.

        We get it. Their happiness/togetherness as a family and them being seen as such, bothered you. A lot.

        But i’m sorry they were under no obligation to you or any other women who were bitter about them being together, to hide themselves or their kids away in an attic to make you feel better.

        They are quite arguably the most famous people/movie stars in the world known for their beauty, talent and charisma. i know you hate to hear it- but like Elizabeth Taylor or Robert Redford before them, they don’t need to do anything but be Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They don’t need to procreate or be humanitarian ‘saints.’ They don’t need kids to sell movie tickets. They don’t need pap strolls or kids on pap strolls. They didnt need kids to make people track them down all over the world *from jump* before they had kids either. They don’t need to call the people up who paid their charitable foundation 7 million dollars for pics of their babies either. They’ll show up anyway.

        Sorry that hurts you.

        Also because a couple goes through stuff and breaks up 12 years after they got together, that doesn’t mean what they had wasn’t real or wasn’t genuine – it doesn’t mean that they never were in love and never were happy and never accomplished important great things together. They did.

        So you women chiming in about being force fed their fake love, make no sense and sound unhinged.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        @almond milk
        Have fun dealing with the fallout of your favorite movie stars!!! Borderlines are a personal favorite of mine😘Are you Chloe Dalton?

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Seriously Almond stop what? Stop having an opinion? You are acting like the Donald Trump of this website, way to be a feminist!!! Thanks for making my points for me!!!

    • almondmilk says:


      Neither the Paltrow Martins or the Affleck Garners had a marriage beset by addictions and substance abuse.

      I personally don’t view people with addictions as less classy than others. They’re sick and they need help.

      I don’t see them in ‘classy’ competitions with other couples either.

      Though for the record Nanny screwing is THE less classy and less dangerous option than your 8yr old in a car with a dad who has an alcohol problem.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Ben Affleck has been to rehab and had numerous problems with alcohol.

      • bluhare says:

        Don’t forget gambling.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        It’s so refreshing to have your feminist take on celebrity matters Almond. Gosh, I wouldn’t know what to think with out it!!!

      • AS says:

        That’s the prpblem here you believe Angelina although the test and kids agency’s inquiry didn’t confirm her accusations. I stopped believing them (Angelina and Brad) about 12 years ago, they both learned very early in their life to blame another people for their own mistakes.

      • Lindsey says:

        Why do you keep implying he has driven drunk with kids in the car? We don’t have proof he has ever driven drunk, much less with the kids. I am sorry it happened to you but your parents also weren’t employing nannies, bodyguards, and drivers. Their former bodyguard said they are both extremely conscious of their children’s safety. Some alcoholics never drive drunk, some non-alcoholics do. You don’t even have proof he had an alcohol problem. DCFS would have mandated treatment. There is no modified rehab, it is inpatient for a reason and a few therapy sessions and weekly drug tests are not even close to a satisfactory alternative.

  10. Adorable says:

    I was just looking at brangies pic of them together happily spending they’re vaca in Thailand last year..how things change …I wonder what goes on in brads mind during this period(since she dumped him due to his behaviour.)..not that she’s perfect(none of us are)..but from the outside Brad truly had it all….hope the kids are adjusting well..still sad about these two

  11. spidey says:

    Perhaps Brad wanted an independent witness there so he couldn’t be accused of anything at a later date?

  12. Nicole says:

    I think both of them are jerks to each other, but even I can’t believe this whole “Angie is furious” crap. I do not see her being so vindictive that she would get pissed he saw them for Christmas. Even if she’s mad at him, I just don’t believe it at all. This constant back and forth of trying to tear each other down is tiresome, and the only people hurt are the kids.

  13. Teri says:

    I’m assuming they have different opinions on raising children. As long as they both have acceptable methods of child raising, I don’t see how anyone should decide who should have anything other than joint physical custody. They are both parents with equal responsibility. I’m guessing lots of us would disagree with how one or the other treated them. It’s nobodies business including the psychologists as long as it falls within acceptable norms.

    • Nemera34 says:

      They were together for near 12 years. And reading and hearing interviews which I have followed they both talked the same about the kids. Other than them both saying she disciplined the girls because they got away with stuff from the Dad; or his saying that he disciplined the boys because they could get away with stuff from Mom. They talked the same. And after near 12 years together having a different approach would have been a problem a long time ago. Angie said she filed because of the DCFS issue. And I would love to know who called. I think the DCFS pushed things in a direction they didn’t foresee. It looks to have knocked them both off balance. But they need to talk to each other. Need to work together. First step to “healing the family is HEALING THE FAMILY

      • minx says:

        I agree with this. I think they were both good parents but whatever happened on the plane forced AJ to act to protect the children. And then it spun out of control from there. Initially he came off looking bad so he used his star power and tried to tilt storyline more in his favor. She responded. I have my opinion as to who has been more honest, but I think the time has come where all the leaking and tit-for-tat needs to stop.

  14. Katherine says:

    I wish them all to just be done with all of this already, can’t be pleasant

  15. pyritedigger says:

    I am generally #TeamAngelina and thought the gossip was really interesting at first (although sad), but I’m now firmly tired of the leaks and spilled tea and whatever. Both sides should just be silent and I’m not clicking on anything related to this divorce anymore.

  16. AS says:

    It’s funny that very few people here mention that Angelina rented her new house before the plane incident. It’s quite possible that she told Brad about her new plans on the board to provoke some altercation and get the excuse for dumping him. And all of you forgot about the parental alienation organized by her mother against her father. The history repeat itself.

    • Stella says:

      AS, who is to say Angelina and Brad both didn’t rent it together? And there was no parental alienation by her mother. Her mother encouraged her Angelina and her father’s relationship, so you are wrong. Angelina had always had a close relationship with her father until he publicly attacked her so that also proves you wrong. It is funny how people make up outright lies like you have done.

    • Lalu says:

      Someone here told me that her renting the house ahead of time was untrue and I took them at their word and never brought it up again.

      • Paige says:

        It is untrue. Daily Mail started that rumor. They claim she rented a house three weeks before the incident. If she rented the house before the incident she probably would have stayed in it longer than a week or so. A few months ago, it was reported Angie and the kids left that house. It seemed like more of a last minute thing than something that was planned.

      • Midori says:


        Daily Mail may have been wrong about the timing.
        People mag reported:

        “Angelina Jolie rented a new L.A. home for herself and her kids shortly before filing for divorce from husband Brad Pitt on Monday, a real estate source tells PEOPLE. A Jolie staffer rented the home during the second week of September on a month-to-month basis, the source says – before the actress even viewed the home. ”

        It all comes down to whether you believe the source or not.

      • Paige says:

        Saying she rented the house shortly before she files for divorce doesn’t give away too much detail. She filed for separation on the 15th. She could have rented the house right after. The source also said she didn’t even look at the house, so that pretty much says it was a last minute thing instead of being planned. Daily Mail says she rented a house in mid August, so their timing is way off. However people still believed their “source”.

      • Midori says:

        Well, it says “staffer rented the home during the second week of September” – which ended on Sept. 11th.

        Plane incident happened on 12th (I think), she filed for divorce on 15th, so it’s still possible that everything was planned ahead.
        Not that it matters much, or that it absolutely proves that she was/is set on ruining Brad’s reputation. I think that, if true, only shows that she thought about divorce and prepared for it.

    • minx says:

      Or, it could be that she saw the end coming and wanted to be prepared. When you have six kids I think that’s wise. But that whole house rental tidbit seemed to fade away, so I wouldn’t put much stock in it.

    • lucy2 says:

      I would imagine they were having issues prior to the plane, and maybe she was preparing to leave. I very much doubt she intentionally provoked him on the plane.

      • minx says:

        Yeah, AJ is protective of her kids and to “provoke” anyone in that small, enclosed setting, in front of the children, where people can’t walk away…I just can’t see her doing that. It would be too upsetting. I don’t think BP would normally do that either–that’s why I think he was either drunk or high, to have that kind of error in judgment.

      • LadyT says:

        I think they were having issues and I tend to believe the source that says she rented the week prior to the plane incident. I don’t think he was intentionally provoked. I think it was a massive end-of-marriage blow out in front of and including the kids, and Brad was out of control.

    • almondmilk says:


      I’ve heard this bizarre contention mentioned before by someone here, that Marcheline alienated her kids from Voight. Maybe it was you.

      Where are you getting this? I’ve read most interviews from Angelina and her father Jon Voight, and neither has ever said this. In fact, Voight takes responsibility for his absenteeism, his deadbeat practices (he owed child support for his kids whom he left when they were toddlers/infants) and how he mistreated Marcheline. Voight even went back to Chicago and did a memorial service for his ex-wife on his own.

      Even in light of his past behavior with her, Marcheline never let that affect Voight’s relationship with his kids. Just Google. There are scores of pics of the kids with their Dad growing up.

      More importantly, Voight (who i just know you’d believe before anything said by Angelina or her mom) has never alleged that.

      Angelina in fact, has said her mother was a very passive and sweet person. Who remained in love with Voight to an extent even after he left, and that her Dad took advantage of that, and that it ultimately hurt her Mom when he’d leave again.

      So i find these baseless and false accusations against Marcheline, Angelina’s mom the height of misogyny and cruelty. You’re accusing a dead woman of being a bad woman and unfair and cruel, and all because you need to create a reason or rationale for your lie that Angelina wants to alienate Brad from his kids.

      This is just downright grotesque and outrageous behavior from Angelina haters. Leave her dead mother out of this.

      • Agapanthus says:

        I have heard the stuff about Jolie’s mother alienating her from her father and I don’t even really have an interest in her (or Pitt for that matter). Also, that Marcheline couldn’t bare to spend much time with A at one point because she reminded her of Voight and so she spent a lot of time with nannies. I THINK it may have been in a couple of unauthorised bios by Andrew Morton and Ian Halperin. Doesn’t mean it’s true, of course, but this information is out there.

  17. Kath says:

    I thought we were beyond the bad old days when super-fans would fight over the stupid Angie-Jen nonsense and how the former got with Pitt? Yet here we are…

    • almondmilk says:

      Angelina’s haters and detractors will never be beyond that, that is the sole reason for the rancor against Angelina. It drives the negativism and denonization in tabloids and weeklies and on message boards – it’s fueled it for 12 years. It’s what gets most people in a thread ripping her to shreds even when they never mention Jennifer Aniston’s name.

      At it’s core, it’s the *perception* that a wanted desirable male has chosen an even more desirable female over one that was like everyone else (average) – that is what fuels it…adding to that, she’s a humanitarian and the perception increases that she has it all… Beauty, a good heart, a happy relationship and beautiful kids. It’s resentment.

      I thought it’d eventually dissipate after Angelina had her surgeries, and now after Brad and she have seemingly split…

      …except it hasn’t – it’s just as rancorous and nasty.

      Don’t know what it will take for them to stop clawing at her. Maybe nothing.

      Or at least until a time machine is invented and they can go back and stop her Me and Mrs Smith casting.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        And that you AlmondMilk will never have a life unless you are speaking about these celebrities and telling women what to think.

  18. Agapanthus says:

    A few related points to the above threads. I am no fan of Pitt, Jolie or Aniston.

    1. The logic that a woman is misogynistic because she doesn’t agree with something another woman said or did is deeply flawed. If that is the case, then those calling other women misogynistic must be misogynistic themselves. I think Clinton is a hawk and didn’t agree with anything Thatcher did, but that doesn’t mean I’m misogynistic, for heavens sake. Celebitchy is usually pretty good natured but I have been disappointed by the level of vitriol directed at anyone who isn’t totally pro Jolie. Why can’t we have a grown-up debate without resorting to personal insults and name-calling? The irony of this is that we are acting like the parents and I can imagine how the Jolie Pitt kids feel!!!

    2. It’s possible either Pitt is an abusive drunk who is not fit to be around his children, or Jolie is engaging in parental alienation in order to gain sole physical custody. Unless someone here was there or knows them intimately, we don’t know. My guess is that the truth is somewhere in between these two poles.

    3. If Jolie is not concerned about her image and leaking her side of events, like Pitt is, why has she hired the PR guru Olivia (is it Pope)? Lainey has said on numerous occasions she is a master media manipulator. I would be inclined to believe Lainey on this. Hence, we can’t really rely on anything either side is spinning.

    4. Didn’t C Cox say that Pitt admitted an attraction to Jolie to Aniston? Even if it wasn’t a physical affair, it sounds emotional. Also, didn’t sources present on the Mr and Mrs set say there was an affair? Obviously none of us know but I would have thought it was more likely than not, given that they went on to admit the relationship. If I was going to judge anyone for this it would be Pitt as he was married at the time.

    • LadyT says:

      Thank you for the calm clarity in comments 1-3. (I never paid any attention concerning #4)

    • Dolphin7 says:


    • Felicia says:

      Point 4: Spin is spin and clearly neither of them were likely to admit that they had an affair to the public.

      That said, one has only to look at their divorce documents to see that is WAS spin. In the case of Maddox, it’s there in black and white. The child is listed as living with both Jolie and Pitt as of 2004. And in 2004, Pitt and Aniston hadn’t even announced their separation. These are legal documents that don’t allow for spin, and it’s right there.

      I don’t know why, after seeing those, that anybody would still be clinging to the “no affair” story. It’s clearly not true.

  19. Emily says:

    Reading on the tabloids.
    It give a glimpse that Hollywood parents including Angelina , who is supposed to be a humanitarian only connotes 1 thing.
    wrong parenting skills and disturbing family sittings.
    Both should seat down. Discuss it like a Family and treat each other civily. That’s the problem with the Rich, Famous but no principles and Values.
    They should be a good example… not just as a display of their talent and skills as actors, actress. Afterall allmof us are human. Not some animals…. who just roars.

    • Lalu says:

      They are just people. People make mistakes all the time. It is a lot easier to see things from the outside looking in… But hey, in this case, they aren’t friends of ours. We don’t have any real insight into what is happening.
      I have my personal suspicions about what is going on but that is just based on my own life experiences. That shapes how I judge things. Doesn’t mean I am anywhere close to knowing what is happening.
      I think they are probably selfish, yeh, as most people are when things get crazy. It’s self preservation and sometimes we can get caught up and hurt those we are supposed to protect. It doesn’t mean they don’t love their children. My husband and I went through a very bad period and my child witnessed and heard some things that make me so ashamed. It was never because we didn’t love him. He is everything to me. But we are not perfect… Not even close. And I would never want to be judged as a parent just for that period of time.
      It’s the same with these two. Hopefully they can sit down and talk and figure things out for their kids. Certainly no one wins in divorce. All you can do is try to mitigate some of the damage. They are off to a really bad start, anyone can see that. But with six kids involved they really have no other choice than to be kind to one another. It can feel so satisfying at times to punish a spouse for letting you down but it accomplishes nothing. The kids suffer so much in acrimonious divorce.

      • Rhea says:

        Beautifully said. A lot of the time, the media would make a person seems so perfect and flawless—that we forgot no one is perfect. At the same time, the media could also make a person seems like the most terrible person in the world. We are only an outsider to this family without any real insight of what was happening.
        I wish them all the best as a family.