Alicia Keys: ‘I am so annoyed at the way we force boys to be fake strong’

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Alicia Keys covers the February issue of Allure. Shockingly, she’s wearing makeup on the cover, although I think it was mostly done in the “no-makeup” makeup style, especially with her foundation and such. Allure claims this editorial was the first time she had worn makeup in “months,” although Miley Cyrus claimed that Alicia has an on-call makeup artist on The Voice, so who do you believe? Alicia has been on a tear for months now about going makeup-free, but she seems to be reeling it in a little bit in this interview, trying to seem a bit more “do what’s right for you” as opposed to “I’m so pretty, I don’t even need makeup” vibes. You can read Alicia’s full Allure interview here. Some highlights:

The No Makeup Movement: “I’m not a slave to makeup. I’m not a slave to not wearing makeup either. I get to choose at [any] given moment. That’s my right. I think makeup can be self-expression. I have no intention to shame anyone at all [who chooses to wear it]. No one should be ashamed by the way you choose to express yourself. And that’s exactly the point. However, if you want to do that for yourself, you should do that.”

On President Trump: “The We Are Here Movement [a wide-ranging social-justice organization founded by Keys] will stand in support of Hispanics, refugees, people of color, Muslims, and anyone who feels afraid in the upcoming Trump era. I have a hope that President Trump, as a New Yorker, will have more liberal views than his campaign rhetoric suggests and that in the end our system of justice will prevail. But it does hurt that racism was not a deal breaker for millions in the election. However, as an artist, I expect to continue to use my voice for things that matter, as I have since the beginning of my career. That won’t change. As an activist, I will continue to fight for what’s right. That won’t change, either. It’s time for all of us to be engaged. As a mother, I am a lioness.”

The claim that only someone with perfect skin would dare to go makeup-free: “I am all about a woman’s right to choose. I think a woman should do anything she wants as it relates to her face, her body, her health. Whatever mode of expression that empowers you, that’s what you should do. What I am not down for is this ridiculously high, unrealistic expectation about appearance that we as women are held to.”

Her new album, Here: “It started with a list of things that I am sick of. One of the big ones is that I was so sick of the way women were forced to feel inadequate in many different circumstances or forced to feel insecure by the way we’re portrayed or the way we look. Another one: I am so annoyed at the way we force boys to be fake strong—don’t cry, don’t be soft. Let a boy be able to dance! Let a boy paint his nails. So a boy wants to paint his nails. Who cares! All these strange, oppressive ideas.”

She’s done with unsolicited opinions: “You know what would be really cool? If we stopped offering our opinion unless asked. If nobody asked you, keep your mouth shut! Like with the Internet? That’s just too much opinion. People are mean. It’s a sickness.”

[From Allure]

The thing about unsolicited opinions… woo, boy, that just made me mad. Like, I have opinions for a living and I love my job. If Alicia was living an authentic life free from drama, then she might have a different take on people having opinions on the internet. But as it is, Alicia’s husband is shady as f—k and yeah, the urban blogs called her out on her bulls—t for years. We covered a lot of it too. I think Alicia is less about people offering their unsolicited opinions and more like “stop judging my shady AF marital situation.” And just FYI: Swizz Beatz’s ex was the one writing open letters and giving interviews about Alicia’s part in the breakdown of her marriage. A few of Swizz’s sidepieces went to media outlets to tell their stories too. It’s not just random opinion – there was actual reporting done on how many lives Alicia and Swizz destroyed on their way to a whitewashed union.

Photos courtesy of Allure.

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  1. Lasagnawasgreat says:

    I shouldn’t be here because she annoys me. Her n all he fake fake fake sh** (not fake as in plastic surgery, fake) fake as in Alicia Keys in general.
    Im trying to be a better person, this year…27 days in n I’ve aredy failed many many many many times, but, that time Swizz got caught in that personal trainers dm (it was around his birthday) n he lied saying he was contacting her because he was trying to get a trainer for both him n Alicia, n because he got busted, he bought AK a car (for HIS birthday) i wonder how she felt knowing that her pu*** wasn’t anything special n that the cheating dog that she married is still a cheating dog.

  2. detritus says:

    She has a beautiful voice, but she rubs me the wrong way.

  3. Jellybean says:

    I don’t know anything about this woman, but I do share her annoyance with the way society pressurizes boys. It goes without saying here that there are massive issues with girls too, but there seems to be a willful blindness when it comes to boys. Suicide in young men is a real problem, I have known a couple in the 18 to 25 danger zone who took their own lives and in their cases I think it was the combination of high expectations and an inability to communicate their frustrations and feelings of inadequacy.

  4. African Sun says:

    Alicia is annoying, end of. She is one of the most pretentious celebrities out here, alongside Goop, she just gets away with it for now because she is riding the ”wellness’ trend that’s hot right now.

    Ready for this chick to sit down. No Alicia we will be offering our opinions especially when you went after a man in a relationship and with children.

  5. QQ says:

    Lol at The Celebitchians having the same “off of that”Reaction that a lot of the Black Girl Delegation has been having about AK for years.. she is just tiring, sanctimonious for no reason fake deep and that person that tells you do you wanna hear a poem ( we Never do- but she still start reciting anyways)

  6. Cali says:

    I hate this fake bish, her career is DEAD and now she’s struggle singing about a Blended Family and just expects to be popular again, not gonna happen, you’ve alienated your entire fan base with your lifestyle. Sick woman.