When Harry Met Barry: Prince Harry interviews Pres. Obama for BBC Radio 4

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First of all, wouldn’t this ^ be an amazing Christmas card photo?? If I got this kind of photo with Barack Obama, I would use it for my Christmas cards forever. This is a photo from May of this year, when “Barry” Obama stopped by Kensington Palace for a chat with Prince Harry. Well, I guess Obama stopped by again, at Harry’s request. Apparently, Harry is guest editing the BBC Radio 4’s Today program on December 27th, and the programming will feature Harry interviewing Obama. Per KP: “The interview focuses on their shared interest in building platforms for the next generation of young leaders.” The KP Twitter published a great little behind-the-scenes clip too:

You know what I appreciate? Both men – Barry and Harry – are very loose and natural with each other. You could argue that both men are very loose and natural with everybody, but their chemistry sort of says to me that the two men genuinely like each other and have spent time together, and they’re very comfortable with each other. Which we sort of knew already, but it’s nice to see further evidence of the love story known only as When Harry Met Barry.

PS… Yes, I would imagine that Barry and Michelle will both attend Harry & Meghan Markle’s wedding.

Royal attendance at Wheelchair Basketball

Photos courtesy of WENN, Kensington Royal Twitter.

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  1. grabbyhands says:

    I saw this a few days ago and I was struck by it too-how comfortable they seem with other. Total bromance and I’m here for it.

    It was wonderful when he was in office and now that we’ve been dealing with this dumpster fire presidency for a year, it is even better to watch him interact with other people, other leaders and see the level of respect with which he speaks to other people and the level of respect that is returned to him. It is so drastically different than how people interact with Baby Fists.

  2. Snowflake says:

    I miss having a classy President! I just had to say it. That’s my boo! 😄

    • Alexandria says:

      Not only classy but genuine. U should see the pictures of Obama with kids. I miss you Barry!!! Love from Singapore.

    • HadToChangeMyName says:

      Me, too! And an intelligent one, who uses words beyond 5th grade level.

    • homeslice says:

      I get a lump in my throat when I see my beloved former President. I am still just dumbfounded how we went from class and intelligence to the orange nightmare :(

  3. Sixer says:

    They both have a public ease. I don’t think you can learn it but it’s a massive advantage if you’re in public service of any kind.

    • Suze says:

      It is a gift indeed. Harry, Diana and the Obamas have all been gifted heavily with it. I would say that it might be a bit of a temptation to cruise along on it alone, and that’s something to fight against.

      Backed up with hard work, it is hard to beat.

      I think it must be frustrating to be Harry at times. Your work is secondary to your private life in the eyes of many.

      So many with public ease are actually introverts with rather difficult private lives. Diana, of course. Johnny Carson also comes to mind.

  4. tracking says:

    They are quite adorable together. Would be so great if the Obamas attended the wedding.

    • ncboudicca says:

      I really love the theory that Michelle Obama is the one who introduced Meghan and Harry. I don’t know why it matters that I want it to be true so badly, but I do. In any case, I completely believe that they will be invited.

  5. Nicole says:

    Lovely. I DO believe that he is interested in charitable works. They have excellent chemistry and I can’t wait to watch the interview.
    I also want to lie on the ground and weep that this guy was our president and now he’s not.
    Also I do agree that they will be attending the wedding. It was funny that ivanka got dragged for her tweet congratulating them and people reminded her that the Obamas will be the only US reps at the wedding Lol

  6. Alexandria says:

    The Obamas are private citizens now right? Harry is going to be the sixth. I say just invite them.

  7. Sushi says:

    The Obamas, Harry and Meghan. I would like to see them together.

  8. Enough Already says:

    Love this! Their bromance gives me the same feeling I get when I walk into a bakery :)
    In other, hilarious news Complicit Barbie Ivanka congratulated Harry and Meghan on their engagement (three weeks late) and the resulting takedowns on Twitter were epic.

  9. Betsy says:

    It’s so weird to see the president chewing gum! He looks so relaxed and happy!

    Miss you, President Obama!

  10. adastraperaspera says:

    I think this is great, and I believe it’s being done to raise the morale of both the U.S. and Britain, due to our challenging political situations. Works for me!

  11. CharlieBouquet says:

    I chortled at this, trying to imagine tang stain and Harry laughing and genuinely enjoying each other. I doubt marmalade squirt has ever had such a genuine good time with another man.
    Off topic, but BO reminds of the type of guy you bring your sexual harassment complaint to and he carries a box to the creeps desk and gives him 5 to pack and has security escort them out. I know it’s dangerous to put people on pedestals, but he really seems like a good person.

  12. Molly says:

    It’s always interesting to me to watch two super powerful/important people interact when they don’t need anything from each other. They play in such different worlds, that there’s no underlying competition with each other. No one fawns or flatters the other because they need something, which must be really nice for them both since they live their whole lives getting fawned and flattered upon.

  13. Abby says:

    That little clip made me grin. What great guys.

  14. helenw says:

    The interview happened here in Toronto during the Invictus Games. I am so looking forward to this! Huge Obama fan here and Harry has always been my kind of person although I realize I know little about him, so my opinion is based on a public image.