Ariana Grande on Pete Davidson’s Manchester joke: ‘It was unfortunate’

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson smile for the camera
I needed a little break from Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s OTT declarations of love on social media. We haven’t heard from them in a bit and I wonder if they’re cooling down (which doesn’t mean they’ve broken up), if the press has just gotten tired of covering them or a little of both. Whatever happens with their relationship, they have permanent reminders of it as they’ve each gotten several tattoos for each other, some of which match. They’re thought to have about eight tattoos between them for each other.

I’m a little concerned for Ariana particularly, since Pete seems prone to falling head over heels – he had his last girlfriend’s face tattooed on his arm – but this seems new for Ariana. Well the good news is that Ariana is coming across somewhat level-headed. Last week an old and tasteless joke that Pete made about Ariana surfaced. In a stand up routine last fall in LA, Pete said that the Manchester bombing, in which 22 people, including little girls, were killed at Ariana’s concert, must have made her realize how famous she was because “Britney Spears didn’t have a terrorist attack at her concert.” It was horrible and The Mirror quoted family members of victims who said as much, that it wasn’t something to joke about.

Well Ariana has responded via Twitter and she was thoughtful about it. She didn’t make excuses for him.

After that she told fans she heard and respected them.

This kind of maturity is what we’ve come to expect from Ariana. She’s been incredibly well spoken about tricky issues, particularly feminism, and she showed grace and vulnerability after that horrible terrorist attack at her concert. I would like it if this kind of maturity translated into her personal life, but she’s having fun and I’ve definitely been entertained by her love life.

The video for Ariana’s song with Nicki Minaj, Bed, is out. It’s just them lounging around the pool and beach but it’s sexy and relaxing to watch.

Also, Pete went blonde:

big time adolescence

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson smile for the camera

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson leave their apartment heading to the Mandarin

#bedvideo out now @nickiminaj i love u

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  1. Croatian says:

    I’m not excusing him, but she is right – humour is some kind of a mechanism for dealing. I don’t think he was aware of how the joke was completely inappropriate, but sometimes when something doesn’t happen to you, you don’t think it through enough. I am sure he feels terrible about it now, because he realized his joke was about real people.

    • eto says:

      Meh, if he didn’t realize he was joking about real people, what would he need to deal with? I very much get trench humor and whatnot, but if you’re not the one actually “in the trenches”, aren’t you just being an asshole?

      • Harper says:

        Pete Davidson’s father was killed on 9/11. I agree that his joke was incredibly tasteless (and not even funny), but I wonder if he feels like he’s allowed to joke this way because he is in the trenches, so to speak, of having lost a loved one to a terrorist attack.

  2. INeedANap says:

    Grande’s response was thoughtful and mature.

    But where is Davidson’s response?

  3. Astrid says:

    She’s really come a long way since the donut incident.

    • classicmoviefan says:

      Am I the only one who thinks the donut incident was a drug related thing? She seemed out of it in that video.

  4. Lucy says:

    That’s exactly why it’s hard for me to shade her for her relationship. It’s all kinda weird and rushed, but ever since the attack happened, she’s proven to be smart, thoughtful and mature over and over.

  5. Otaku Fairy... says:

    That was an awful, thoughtless joke even though his intentions were probably not bad. Ariana’s response to it is great though.
    ‘Side to side’ is still my favorite Nicki Minaj/Ariana Grande collaboration as far as songs go, but ‘Bed’ is their best video. Love it.

  6. 2bounce4u says:

    His team said he won’t issue an apology even though the families of victims said they were hurt by his comment.
    And no, Ariana’s response was crap – she defended him, hello? He can make fun of his dead father if he wishes, but he has no rights to joke about others.

  7. me says:

    She wears the same costume every day. Blonde hair on him? Yikes.

    No one should make jokes about something so horrible. Pete’s own father died because of a terrorist attack (9/11) so he should know better.

  8. Pandy says:

    They are a bigger joke than the one he told onstage. Shrug.

  9. Bc says:

    I don’t like him. She can do SO much better.

  10. Amy Too says:

    I’m so confused by their relationship. She is absolutely gorgeous, stylish (in her own kind of way), put together, mature, sensitive, kind, talented, and amazing to her fans, and he’s just kind of meh. He just looks and acts like an overgrown, immature, dorky, high schooler. He doesn’t appear to put much care towards his appearance, his humor, his life in general. He seems to be incredibly immature and I’m reminded so much an awkward and idiotic freshman when I see him.

  11. harpy says:

    Why is ariana expected to respond at all? He said it, not her.

  12. iman says:

    At what point does dousing yourself in self tanner become brownface, because she’s skating over that line. Shes so DHA-ed up her bronze has taken on a jaundiced tinge.