Kylie Jenner dissolved her lip fillers because she’s ‘more relaxed since Stormi was born’

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Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner made news for posting the above Instagram, showcasing her smaller lips and she claimed that she “dissolved” her lip fillers. For years now, Kylie has been doing lip fillers to a crazy level – the too-big fillers made her lips and her face look cartoonish, but she literally built a billion-dollar empire out of her lips and speculation about her lips. Personally, I don’t believe that Kylie’s lip fillers will STAY dissolved. I think she’ll continue to do lip fillers, but maybe she’ll just take it down a notch and not go for such comically oversized fillers. But still, this one IG was enough for several stories about how Kylie is SO natural now.

Motherhood has transformed Kylie Jenner. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star recently shocked fans when she revealed she dissolved all of her lip fillers — but according to a source, it’s not surprising considering how much she’s changed since welcoming her first child, daughter Stormi, with boyfriend Travis Scott on Feb 1.

“Kylie has been so much more relaxed and natural since Stormi was born,” the source tells PEOPLE. “She’s softer in a way. And she’s just as busy as ever, but her priority is her daughter.”

According to the insider, the 20-year-old new mom has shifted everything from her routine to her style.

“She’s not spending as many hours as she did before to focus on herself,” says the source. “And Kylie has never been big on getting dressed up — she’s much more comfortable in t-shirts and cozy pants. She feels much more like herself and it’s easier, kind of like her mom uniform!”

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It wouldn’t surprise me if this was true, that she was feeling more low-key in general and more relaxed in general. Something I’ve noticed about Kylie’s postpartum vibes: she seems more authentic and less anxious in general. She used to come across as a bit tightly wound and very “affected.” But she just seems to give less of a sh-t about her image. Will it stay that way?

Meanwhile, did you know that Kylie has already pierced Stormi’s ears? Stormi’s pierced ears were seen on one of Kylie’s Snaps (see below). The baby isn’t even five months old, right? Pull up a beanbag chair and let me tell you something: in my generation, girls had to wait to pierce their ears. They had to beg their parents, and MAYBE get pierced ears on their 7th birthday. But these moms today, piercing their babies’ ears… I don’t know.

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Courtesy of Kylie’s IG and Snap.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Hm, ear piercing- it can be cultural. I never liked the look on a baby, but it’s not permanent. I’m glad she’s happy- I chilled out alot after I had my kids, too.

    • Lucky says:

      I worked at a pediatric office and they would do it at six weeks. I never had either of my girls done because I hated their shots and just could not stand the idea of pain for the sake of earrings. They are both teens now. My youngest is 14 and is getting her ears pierced for her birthday. She’s been on the fence. My oldest will be 16 and she is a no shaving, no makeup, wild curls done to her knees all natural young woman. Every time my mother sees her she says, “you should have pierced her ears before she could say no.” my daughter is like, “you have no right to put holes in my body, I’m glad you didn’t.” lol I really do think even if she had them she wouldn’t wear earrings and she be mad at me.
      I guess I should mention that both daughters also had chronic ear infections until they were about 3. I just couldn’t see doing anything else to their ears.

    • WTW says:

      Ear piercing is definitely cultural, not generational. Generations of babies from cultures throughout the world have gotten their ears pierced:

    • Zip says:

      If they decide not wanting to wear earring there will always be a small hole in the earlobe. The hole itself is closed but it is still visible. Same with other body piercings.

  2. Enny says:

    Do when will she be dissolving the ass implants?

  3. Clare says:

    My ears were pierced when I was a few weeks ago – it’s a very very common practice in many cultures/families so can we hold off the judgement?

    • Swackd says:

      Agree. I didn’t pierce my girls ears until they were 7 because I didn’t want to be the one that had to do all the care and changing of the earrings. It worked for me. But it doesn’t surprise me that they are already pierced – not sure it is a cultural thing with her or not.

    • OriginalLala says:

      My nonna (Italian for grandmother) wanted to pierce my ears when I was 2 months old because thats how they always did it, but my mom wouldn’t let anyone pierce my ears until I was old enough to consent. I eventually get them pierced at 16 (peer pressure to wear cute dangly earrings!), hated it, and haven’t had holes in my ears for over a decade. Even though it was conventionally done to babies, Im glad my mom waited until I was old enough to decide on my own.

    • Beth says:

      I also agree. My ears were pierced by my pediatrician I was 1 year old, and I’m glad it was done. I never thought of it as a cultural thing, because people of all ages, genders, religions, race, and nationality seem to have their ears pierced. There shouldn’t be shame or judgment for such a basic and common thing

      • Amanduh says:

        I judge the parents…just like I judge parents who circumcise. If not for aesthetics, why??!!

    • broodytrudy says:

      Mine were pierced at 5 and i pulled one out. Ripped my ear and all, still have the scar (no big deal). I wanted to get dds done as a baby, as it seems easier but she was so so fussy we’ve opted to wait. At some point i think I’ll regret waiting.

      When i was growing up in the early 90s, it was really special to find a girl here who didn’t have pierced ears. I remember it being so cool when we got a new classmate that didn’t have them!

      • WhoMe? says:

        I wish I got my ears pierced a lot younger. It was such a pain when I was in my tweens, I had to do them twice. Most of my friends got them pierced earlier and hardly remember any of the fuss.

    • yiza says:

      I’m here to say this, I am latino and we pierce our baby’s ears when they are born. In some countries you pack the baby’s earrings as part of your hospital bag.

    • bertiebott says:

      Thank you! So many comments here are so judgemental. I appreciate and understand the argument about choice when it comes to piercings, but this is clearly coming from a space of cultural differences. I come from India, and it’s largely the norm here to pierce ears close to the first birthday. Yay third world country!

  4. drea says:

    I was born in the 70s and lots of Italian babies had their ears pierced, so like above poster said, it can be a cultural thing.

    • leskat says:

      Yep, my mom is Italian and insists that this is a valid tradition. She was on me to get both my daughters’ ears pierced from nearly day 1. Ugh, nope, they’ll do it when they want to. Bizarrely enough, she didn’t pierce my or my sister’s ears till we were about 3 and 4 years old and I remember asking for it!

    • enike says:

      the same here
      every little girl (me included) had our ears pierced right after we were born, so we dont remember the pain

  5. RBC says:

    I am getting the vibe that Kylie will withdraw more from the Kardashian/Jenner circus. She has the money and most of her fans follow her on social media. Kylie is the only member of the family who is most likely to walk away and be successful

    • Loopy says:

      Yes i am starting to believe that she really does want to go live in the country somewhere. Kourtney seems to be the least ambitious, she actually said that ‘work is not a priority yo her. ‘ All the girls even Rob have their own brands outside the show. When God willing it comes to an end I wonder how she will generate money and sustain her life style.

      • me says:

        To be fair, at the beginning it was mostly Kourtney doing all the work with the DASH store. They even complained that Kim NEVER went to the store but would take all the credit. Kourtney had a children’s store before DASH too. I think now that Kourtney is financially secure and the DASH stores are closing (or have already closed) as well as the children’s store she owned with her mom, she’s enjoying life. If I had that kind of money I’d vacation all the time and relax. I mean God knows how much money they all have in the bank. Plus you know her mom has A LOT of money and she’s going to inherit a good chunk of that one day. These girls have it made. They never had to do a 9 to 5 and never will. None of them have a really great work ethic but I guess when you’re born rich you can get by without one lol.

  6. Cey says:

    In some cultures, parents pierce their babies’ ears at a very early age – especially South Asian cultures. I’m Sri Lankan and was around 6 months when my mom took me to get mine pierced. Most of my friends had theirs pierced around the same age. It was only when I started living in Australia that I realized that most kids/teens actually had to wait to get their ears pierced. Personally, I’m happy mine were pierced at such a young age because I would’ve never gone through with it if I actually knew what was happening. I’m far too freaked out by the whole process and would have been subjected to only wearing clip-on earrings for the rest of my life. There is a benefit too – at that age, your cartilage is still forming so it’s easier for it to adjust to the piercing.

    • SK says:

      There is no cartilage in the lobe so your justification is incorrect there.

      I know if it’s part of your cultural tradition you perhaps think it’s normal, to me autonomy and respect trump cultural practices and I find it abhorrent, as I do genital mutilation and skin scarring of infants

      • OkieOpie says:

        Are you seriously comparing genital mutilation and ear piercing??????? Please, get a grip!

  7. Lucy says:

    Not in your generation, in your culture.

  8. steffi says:

    I think the ear piercing is really something cultural. For us in Belgium it was a tradition to get them when you were 6 or 7. But in the more southern European countries they do it often when they’re still babies.

  9. Aerohead21 says:

    Generally you pierce a baby’s ears because they if they’re young enough they won’t pull on them or take them out. It’s easier to take care of and heal properly. I’m 37 an my ears were pierced at 4 months old. I also have a 5 year old and we decided to wait.

  10. Magpie1 says:

    She didn’t dissolve all fillers, she just left a tasteful amount of filler. She literally didn’t have any lips before –

    Also, she had tons of other stuff done to her face, it’s not like she’s natural now.

    • Harryg says:

      She should be sued for fraudulent advertising. I can’t believe people are just letting this go – all those stupid lip kits sold to teenagers. All I can see in my head are giant mountains of plastic lip kit cases on a landfill.

    • frizz says:

      I’ve never seen her before pics — she looked cute!! Looks like she got the whole package cheeks/chin/nose. It looks like she felt compelled to change her face (and skin tone!) to look like Kim maybe become more part of the brand and earn $$$$$$$.

      I agree that her lips still have stuff in them!

    • minx says:

      She was a cute young girl, now she looks like a 40 year old pole dancer.

      • noway says:

        I know I would say the same thing about Kim and Khloe, Kourtney and Kendall are the only ones who look almost normal. I would have liked to see what they all would have turned out to look like minus the plastic surgery, botox and fillers as they were such striking young girls.

    • Elisa says:

      she was really pretty and quite unique looking before all the interventions. It’s a bit sad that internet trolls and lack of support by her family made her do this. She looks so much prettier without the fake lips and her natural hair.

      • babypeanut says:

        Didn’t she have some of these things done before she was eighteen? That makes me wonder if they were her idea or her mother’s.

  11. mtam says:

    I don’t think it’s a generational thing per se (although of course it wasn’t a popular thing to do until the 60s i think?)
    I was born in the early 90s and my mom had them pierced right away. Some of my older cousins too. I think it just depends on the parents.

  12. Valiantly Varnished says:

    In black and Latino families is perfectly normal to pierce your baby’s ears. My Mom didn’t pierce mine’s. My Mom let me decide when I was ready. I got it done when I was five and asked to get them done for my birthday. But this isn’t uncommon.

    • JeanGrey says:

      Yep. My family is Latin American/Caribbean. I got mine done when I was only 2 weeks old at the Dr’s office back in the late 70′s. All of the women in my fam had theirs pierced as infants. I pierced my daughter’s ears at 5 months old because I was already dealing with a colic infant and decided to wait until she was over that phase.

      • Krissy says:

        Yup, Cultural, my mom is from the Caribbean. I was born in 84 & had my ears pierced when I was 3/4 months old. I feel like its more of a white American thing with wait to get your ears pierced and making such a big deal about it lol because even African-American friends I knew had their ears pierced as babies. I remember all these family shows in the 90′s where the little white girl @ like 10/12 years old would ask her parents to get her ears pierced, they’d of course say no and then she’d have her friends do it and it get all infected. I feel like that was an episode of Full House! Hahaha!

  13. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Hispanics generally pierce their baby girls’ ears. And this was a huge, HUGE argument in my house. All my girlfriends had grown up with pierced ears. And every day of every school year pierced ears were front and center, I was surrounded with friends taunting me with their bejeweled ear lobes. I can remember begging. Begging. Begging. My mother knew their culture. She knew every female friend of mine had pierced ears. Mom was such a hardass, she listened to my whining and begging and pleading for YEARS. As I grew older, I was laying out pros and cons and presentations complete with dangers, upkeep, best locations for the procedure, pamphlets, psychological improvements and the big one…she’d have me off her back finally. So when did I get my ears pierced? Frakking twelve years old! Mom held out until I was twelve! Wtf?? Lol. If she were still with me, I’d call her this very second and rib her about it. Again. I miss her so much and I even miss bringing up the earring fiasco because it became a familial joke and a way for me keep the whole thing alive since it was such a huge ordeal in my eyes. Am I tearing up? Ffs!

    • cee says:

      LOL my mum is hispanic (she’s 100% spaniard) but my dad isn’t, and he threw a fit when he saw my years had been pierced at 1 week old.
      I stopped wearing my pearl studs when I was 10 and now I only wear earrings when I go out or something. I’m terrible at keeping the holes opened. My sister, on the other hand, loves pierced ears.

    • yiza says:


  14. Iknow says:

    My ears were pierced practically out-of-the womb. In Jamaica, most people pierced their daughter’s ears as infants. I did my daughter’s ears when she asked me at 4 years old. Then she asked to take them out. She’s now 10 and refuses to wear earrings.

  15. Moonlampje says:

    My mom had my ears pierced when I was a year old (I’m also white/caucasian). That was almost 39 years ago. Kids bounce back fast when they are so tiny.

  16. Nat says:

    But it’s her child and having earrings doesn’t hurt her ears. Perhaps, she has all this cash she wants to share with her little girl and give her diamond earrings and it’s all fine! Stop with all this judgement.
    I really don’t blame her for changing her face so much if her whole family mocked her for years. Her sister has always been considered the pretty one…give this girl a break.
    My dad always treated me as the black sheep of the family and my mum died 2 years ago and since then I have no family at all. Both my dad and my brother have turned their backs on me.
    Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who my father doesn’t approve of and a beautiful son.

    So I do understand what she must have been going through when she was younger. Now as she has her own family, she doesn’t need to have a certain look for them and that’s why she’s more relaxed. She’s also about to become a billionaire so doesn’t need all that fakeness either.

    • Loopy says:

      I dont think its correct to say her family mocked her though,it was horrible internet trolls.

  17. cee says:

    Mine were pierced at one week old. My mum shaved my head too (I was a premmie so my hair was in patches). This is super common in Argentina. It’s not traumatic at all.
    Edit: this was done at the hospital, by a nurse.

  18. Janey says:

    Yes, definitely cultural at times so I don’t think it’s a big thing really. As long as parents look into safe and hygienic options when doing it. Earlobe piercings are also the easiest to heal from! My mom got my ears pierced when I was maybe 1. I decided to wait for my own daughter only because I didn’t love the options I had. So when she turned 5, we both went to get our ears pierced together! Her first and my 5th – lol.

  19. me says:

    Everything this family does is calculated. She probably “dissolved” her lips for a reason and it’s probably to promote some new lip plumper she’s going to introduce later down the road. “Hey guys I got my big lips back thanks to my new lip plumper lip gloss you can purchase for only 100 bucks !”

  20. Berry says:

    Kylie should remove the implants from her behind. It looks ridiculous.

  21. TripleOGpearl says:

    I’m a 38 year old biracial woman (black and white). My ears were pierced just weeks after my birth. By 5th grade I had 3 earring holes in each ear. Ear piercings weren’t a big deal in our house. As such I never realized it was a “thing” in other houses, culturally or generationally. I just assumed girls got their ears pierced rather than not. Given that the consensus on Celebitchy is that ear piercing is a cultural thing, I guess it matters that in my family, while it wasn’t spoken more so implied, we were more black identified.

    However, my step daughter (biracial black and white as well) has been raised, not spoken more so implied, to be more white identified and she does not have her ears pierced.

  22. Nikki J. says:

    I am Mexican-American and my Mom had my ears pierced at 6 months old, it is really, really common for many cultures. I am 37 years old, born in 1981, this is not a generational thing. Really surprised the author of this article had not heard of this or seen this before.

    • Kitty says:

      I was surprised too, I mean Kylie is not the first woman to have her babies ears pierced. I see it all the time and I live in Canada, I never had my daughters done until she asked when she was five, but I’m not going to judge for sure.

  23. Katherine says:

    My mom got my ears pierced when I was about 6 months old. I am 33 years old now, and I am actually glad she did it then! I don’t remember getting my ears pierced, and I’m happy I don’t!

    • me says:

      I was 13 when I begged to get my ears pierced. I REMEMBER the pain lol. I then got my ears pierced a second time at 18 (big mistake)…the second holes hurt so bad…even years later there was still pain so I just let the second holes close. But yeah, wish my parents had just pierced my ears when I was a baby.

      • Beth says:

        No memory of the pain is exactly why I’m glad mine were pierced as a baby. Ouch! When I had the top of my ear pierced when I was 18, it hurt so bad, I cried.

  24. laura says:

    Her. Lip. Fillers Are. Still. There.
    God. Everyone just lies openly all the time now . it’s like The mperor’s New Clothes .
    I wouldn’t even care about this miniscule and stupid lie except that I’m just so sick of all the gas lighting in the Trump Administration and Trump supporters. My brain just cannot take it anymore

    • Agenbiter says:

      Yes. Turns out it is surprisingly easy to get away with all-lies-all-the-time.

      • Hoot says:

        Yessss. I’m looking at her lips in the top photo and I swear they are photoshopped smaller.

    • Harryg says:

      Thank you. I’m stunned a lot of people think her business venture is somehow great when it’s just useless crap pushed to especially teenagers, the marketing based on lies. The whole everything makes me so depressed, it seems all that matters nowadays is that you have tons and tons of followers. I’m disgusted and sad.

  25. Case says:

    I don’t care if other people do it, but I personally wouldn’t pierce my child’s ears before they were old enough to choose for themselves. It’s their body and it doesn’t feel right for someone else to choose to put holes in their body.

  26. Olive says:

    the fillers are still there, just smaller, but she does look much more like old Kylie in this photo with the baby:

    she looks so much younger and fresh-faced without all the makeup and hair extensions!

  27. Patty says:

    Seriously! She still has some fillers, not to mention that big old fake ass. Here’s the facial transformation:

    More here showing the face but also the butt, hips, and breasts:

  28. Erin says:

    My ears were pierced at 3-months ; it was and is still very common at least in Los Angeles

  29. isabelle says:

    She look much better without the overfilling and younger. She looks her age and not like a 35 year old trying to be a trophy wife.

  30. HannahF says:

    My parents told my sister and I that if we got our ears pierced that they wouldn’t pay for college. She and I both have graduate degrees (MBA and JD respectively) and we both got our ears pierced in our early 30′s.

    • me says:

      If you don’t mind, what was their reasoning for not wanting you to have your ears pierced? My sister got hers pierced around 6 years old (my aunt did them herself). I was 13, had to beg, and had to pay for it with my own money from babysitting. I don’t know why my parents were so against me getting mine pierced though…they never gave me a real reason.

    • Kitty says:

      They wouldn’t pay for college if you pierced your ears? That’s pretty messed up

    • entine says:

      This reminded me of the weird statement by Jennifer GRaner, that her father had said about his daughters: “Garner girls don’t have pierced ears”, or something like that, and she still hasn’t pierced hers, nor her daughters. I understand if you don’t want to, but brag about what your dad said and how he said it seems weird, I don’t know, like you would be worthless if you have a piercing, or something similar? like he owns them. I don’t know.

      • Sofia says:

        That comment from Jennifer Garner made me realize that she’s a major goody-two-shoes. It almost sounds like slut-shaming for ear piercing, and what an idiotic thing to say in an interview that will be heard/read by so many women with pierced ears. Ever since then, her wholesome schtick has really grated on me.

  31. Bethany says:

    My ears were pierced at 6 months. Personally, I’m thrilled my mother made that choice. I can literally go years without wearing earrings, and my holes never close.

    • aenflex says:

      Ditto. 38 year old holes never close. I literally have gone 5 years or more at a stretch without earrings and my holes are good to go.

    • Natalia says:

      I’m with you, Bethany and aenflex. My mother pierced my ears herself before I was christened (I’m 47 now), and, seeing the pain and hassle my friends went through when they got theirs done in high school, I am so grateful that mine were pierced so early. Rather than looking at it from a “Why did you violate my body integrity?” perspective, I see it as my mother having spared me future pain.

      I can’t believe that some people are commenting about ear piercing being mutilation. Geez, it leaves a little hole. A child has a lot more to worry about in this world than a little hole in her/his ears.

  32. Jess says:

    There was an activist on Twitter yesterday (a black woman) pointing out that Kylie appears to be doing what others (like Miley Cyrus) have done before her, which is to appropriate black culture and style to make money and then once successful return to “whiteness”.” I’m probably not summarizing it well; here’s the home page for the woman who made this point, which I thought was very good:

  33. Mabelle says:

    Ear piercing is NBD, where I live girls get them pierced as soon as they are born.

  34. ST says:

    And I am sure it is not becaise pf the thousands of comments that she has been looking like a middle-aged woman in her forties/fifties!

  35. HeyThere! says:

    All I can say is if you are going to, don’t go to a place at the mall(or equivalent to it)! Go to a profession and don’t use a gun. Other than that, not my business.

  36. Laika says:

    Wow I’m really surprised by the comments!!! Ok it’s cultural but so is female genital mutilation – consent, body integrity, hello? Just because you don’t remember the pain doesn’t mean the baby did not suffer! I’m baffled by all the comments normalizing this HARMFUL practice. Also from an acupuncture point of view it’s really not the best .

    • It’s not for you to tell people their culture is harmful! You’re really out here equating ear piercing with FGM!? Your comment is offensive, get a grip.

      • Laika says:

        Of course not to the same extent, please let’s be measured and realistic. However in both cases 1) irreparably damaging one’s body part 2) on an unwilling or unable to consent person 3) painful. The motivations are not the same but facts are facts. Your quickliness to dismiss and judge my point is, in fact, offensive. It’s my opinion (and I’m not the only one) that just because a baby is unable to protest, resist or express her opinion, her parents feel the right to mutilate her body to impose their vision of what’s pretty or not. And yes it’s mutilation and yes, it is painful.

  37. Anilla says:

    Is the silicone also going to dissolve?

  38. Echo says:

    My Mother pierced my sisters ears when she was a baby, 16 years ago. I was about 5 when she pierced mine, so 21 years ago. Who knew this was a brand new concept.

  39. Lilag says:

    It’s interesting to see how the pierced ears subject is so controversial in different cultures. Here in Brazil baby girls get their ears pierced really early like almost as soon as we leave the maternity. So obviously we don’t remember anything. I personally have never liked earrings but I’m glad I have the option of wearing them if I want and didn’t have to feel the pain later for it.

  40. Anare says:

    Why poke holes in your kids ears for no good reason? Please stop with the “it’s cultural-don’t judge”. I’m not judging the culture just the folks who presume to know what that child will want 20 years from now. A child is not your pet or your property. The child is their own little person who needs love and care and the freedom to become what they want. Maybe they won’t ever want pierced ears. My daughter doesn’t and I’m a huge jewelry junky with double pierced ears. I never presumed that she would like all the same things I do. Let the kids grow up and make their own decisions.

  41. Mariana Castro says:

    In Brazil, at least the part where I’m from its so normal that when people find out that you are having a baby girl they buy earrings. My daughter won 3 pairs when she was born. I wanted to pierced her ears but I’m married to a portuguese man and when my mother in law found out she went crazy!!! I know how to pick my battles so I didnt insist on it but in MY OPINION i think its silly! Its just tiny holes that will close if my daughter decides not to use earrings anymore . Its not like a tattoo on her forehead that she could be traumatized for life..

  42. Miss Gloss says:

    Cultural or not, why would anyone purposefully put their baby through unnecessary pain? It’s a big NO for me. Circumcision could be discussed in a similar manner, but I do think that is a different situation. While it’s also cultural, it’s also hygienic and could help stave off infection and disease. And, unfortunately, if you have an uncircumcised son, you have to worry about them feeling self conscious in the locker room or with women when they get older. I don’t want to put my sons through that…growing up can be hard enough… but I digress.

    • Jag says:

      Please do some research regarding circumcision. The foreskin actually protects from some STDs/STIs. Yes, there is a slightly less chance of penile cancer if a man has been circumcised, but it’s such a small risk anyway and isn’t offset by the loss of sensation, erectile dysfunction in later life, possible permanent scarring and injury, and the risk of death. Roughly 200 baby boys die each year from that elective surgery. (Not to mention, the numbing cream doesn’t go below the skin. Ever sliced your finger open? Imagine that but worse around your most sensitive organ.)

      One of my ex boyfriends had almost half of his tip cut off by a botched circumcision. Another’s penis was shaped like a “C” due to the scarring being too tight; luckily for him, it was pointed upwards so it didn’t prevent sex. A third’s was already calloused due to his being quite large and rubbing against his jeans and he was only 31. (He joked about needing Viagra at his age. We broke up before we had sex, so it may not have been a joke.)

      And as for them feeling self conscious in the locker room or with women – only in the U.S. are more men circumcised or not and most men don’t stare at other men’s organs. Sex with an uncircumcised man is also more pleasurable. (I won’t detail why here. You can google it.)

  43. Jag says:

    No way should she have pierced her ears! I got mine done as a teen because my sister wanted hers done and she convinced me to go first. They got horribly infected even though I was caring for them as instructed. I would never risk a baby feeling that kind of pain!

    Also, from that one picture, they didn’t even put it in the right place. It looks too high up on the lobe.

    And what if the child decides that she doesn’t want pierced ears? I haven’t worn earrings for probably 20 years and still have lumps where they were done – and they still get infected for no reason at times, too. #HerBodyHerDecision