Roseanne Barr on her Valerie Jarrett tweet: ‘I thought the bitch was white!’

Roseanne Barr promotes the new season of 'Roseanne' at The Wendy Williams Show

Roseanne Barr won’t stop talking about the ONE SINGLE TWEET that got her in so much trouble. She really believes that it was only the tweet about Valerie Jarrett which caused her world to implode. That tweet was something about how Valerie Jarrett equalled “Muslim Brotherhood + Planet of the Apes.” It was disgusting enough for Roseanne to lose her job, to be clear. But I think it’s still too cute by half to pretend that Roseanne only said one offensive thing on Twitter one time. She was being offensive for years online, spreading unhinged conspiracy theories and making racist comments about Barack Obama.

Anyway, in the immediate wake of ABC firing Roseanne, she claimed up and down that she didn’t even know that Valerie Jarrett was/is black. Which is so dumb. But she’s still sticking with that story. She’s still SCREAMING that story.

Roseanne Barr spoke out relatively unapologetically about the vile Valerie Jarrett tweet that got her “Roseanne” reboot canceled: “I thought the b—h was white!” In a video posted to Barr’s YouTube page, a slightly disheveled Barr, 65, smokes a cigarette while talking to a producer about a previous video that was thoroughly edited.

After a loud groan, an agitated Barr lashes out at her interviewer when asked about her now-notorious tweet in which she claimed the former Barack Obama adviser was a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood and “Planet of the Apes.”

“I’m trying to talk about Iran! I’m trying to talk about Valerie Jarrett about the Iran deal,” Barr roars in the clip. “That’s what my tweet was about. I thought the bitch was white, godd-mmit. I thought the bitch was white. F–k!”

[From Page Six]

Granted, I’m not a fancy intellectual conspiracy wingnut like Roseanne Barr, but no matter how loud she screams this excuse, I still don’t believe it. Valerie Jarrett is light-skinned black woman who looks like a light-skinned black woman. Everything ever written about Jarrett was about how she was the African-American mentor and friend to both Obamas in Chicago. Everyone knew Jarrett’s race. Especially those people who were obsessively creating conspiracy theories about how she’s part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Here’s the video. It’s NSFW because of language, and if you watch it, turn down the volume because she’s LOUD.

Roseanne Barr promotes the new season of 'Roseanne' at The Wendy Williams Show

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  1. Tiffany says:

    She tweeted about the wrong power player. She got away with it with Dr. Susan Rice (who has similar complexion as Jarrett) but Dr. Rice does not know all the people like Valerie.

    I still stand by it, when this idiot found out that Iger called Valerie personally to apologize, she knew she was in trouble.

    • Iknow says:

      I don’t think Dr. Rice and Ms. Jarrett have the same complexion. I’ve always wondered why the outrage for Jarrett was so loud and no one bat an eye when she came for Dr. Rice. I tend to think a little light-skinned privilege went into the outrage and the swift taking down of Barr. I don’t know. Maybe it was Jarrett’s clout. But Dr. Rice is on the board of Netlix, so she knows a lot of people too.

    • Jan90067 says:

      They’re STILL trying to excuse this: her son, Butch (I think??) was that off-screen “producer” that was talking to her, and she was talking to. He issued a statement that was on the news this morning. Apparently, he felt he was “remiss about not *handling* her enough” or some such nonsense. His job was to keep that part of her under wraps.

    • DrM says:

      What I find offensive is talking about people’s ”complexion”. Its like referring to people being ”half-caste” etc. It’s offensive, it’s racist and it’s over. Roseanne Barr is a liar and a racist. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity the person she targeted is, Roseanne meant it as a racist comment and that is how it was taken.

      • Mothergd says:

        Discussing “complexion” is not racist. Within the African-American, black community it is not racist and it is not offensive to me, an African- American, black person.
        Also, I have heard Caucasians refer to “coloring” when speaking about other Caucasians. You need only look at any advertisement for women’s foundation to know people understand there is a difference in complexions or colorings.

      • Tiffany says:


        Do you know what you are talking about.

        No, you don’t.


  2. Marianne says:

    Puh-lease. First its because you were on Ambien and now its because you thought she was white? Give me a break. Just own up to the fact that you did something sh*** and move on.

  3. Indiana Joanna says:

    This is all a joke to her and again using Jarrett as some sick punchline confirms it. She is a very disturbed human being who isn’t used to dealing with consequences for her horrendous behavior. She’s not coming back and acting out because of it.

  4. Lisa says:

    This gets classier and classier!

    • Nan says:

      Right? When she gets caught being a racist, she tries to distract by saying something sexist. So classy.

  5. tealily says:

    Yeah, let’s not act like she hasn’t been saying extremely unpleasant things for a very long time now.

  6. JRenee says:

    What is wrong with these people. Double, triple down on the lie and people will believe it, smdh

  7. Clare says:

    Honestly, can we stop giving this shithead a platform? If nothing else, let’s no longer click on her videos/tweets and articles covering her – maybe if we stop buying ‘her’ the media will stop selling her and she will be forced to stfu – or at least become irrelevant.

  8. anniefannie says:

    To my knowledge Jarret has never publicly spoken about Barr’s malicious tweet. Let’s take a leaf from her book and ignore Roseanne, irrelevance terrifies her….

    • Iknow says:

      She has. The day the Tweet happened, she was scheduled to sit on a panel about race on MSNBC. Her response was that she will be fine. She has good family and friends. Rosanne Barr doesn’t affect her life. However, there are so many others without the connections and resources that she has that are victims of systemic racism and are vulnerable to people like Barr everyday. She handled it well.

  9. Shelly says:

    Not sure where to start.. Ignorance? Racism? Privilege? Anger at lost of $$$? Anger that Jarret never really responded in angry black woman mode? Roseanne remains cancelled and I refuse to watch the reboot!

    • Giddy says:

      Anger and shock to realize that most people considered Valerie Jarrett the classier of the two?
      Anger and shock that her money, her ratings, and DT’s personal endorsement did not insulate her from getting fired.

    • PodyPo says:

      Agree – not watching reboot. Even though I love Laurie Metcalf.

  10. Benise Donahue says:

    Finally an appropriate occasion to use the word C*NT

  11. eto says:

    That video of her is so disturbing….I think she needs some sort of medical intervention.

    • Neelyo says:

      Seriously. She’s a horrible person but she also looks like she’s going through some sort of psychotic break. That wasn’t the PR of a normal person.

      If that’s her son who’s interviewing her, he’s just exploiting her at this point.

  12. L. Hite says:

    Loved her show in the 80′s…. She was like a breath of fresh air, the show was representative of lower middle class which wasn’t seen much on tv then. I dunno, maybe as she aged she had less f**is to give and we’re seeing that. Her politics are divisive at the very least and hate filled, racist rants at the most.
    Her sense of self discipline\control (and selfpreservation) are non existent.I think the immense ratings the new Roseanne got fueled her sense of being able to do no wrong. Speaking as someone who admired her and her career at one point, why hasn’t she just put out a statement, well thought out, reflective, apolgetic,no excuses and then took a hiatus for a bit. Wouldn’t have redeemed her but maybe just maybe if she stays off Twitter she could begin to work on her image.

    • Anon33 says:

      Because these people don’t care. They are racist and they don’t care. Same reason why men won’t stop putting their feet in their mouths about #metoo. They literally do not care and do not view “the other” as human.

      • Dee Kay says:

        This so much. I said much the same thing as L. Hite suggested above — I said to my husband, “Why don’t these men accused in #metoo (not on criminal charges but just accused of being shady, like James Franco) just put out a statement saying they are paying attention to how their actions hurt others, they are deeply sorry, they will donate $2 million to the #timesup organization, they will go to counseling and devote themselves to improving their character and behavior so that they never hurt anyone again?”
        And my husband said: “Because they don’t care if they hurt anyone. They only care that their power was defined by the fact that they got to do anything they wanted to anyone, and now that power is being taken away.”
        I think *that’s* what Roseanne and other ppl who say and do s–tty racist things, and ppl who say and do s–ty sexist things, are all about: their own power, their own ability to make other people hurt without suffering any consequences. Well, when they suffer consequences, not only do they not know what the decent, human thing to do would be, they also are deeply offended that they are losing their power.
        I also want to point to a positive example of how a human being responds when he realizes he has been participating in a sexist system: When Jennifer Lawrence wrote her essay about never getting paid as much as her male co-stars, Bradley Cooper issued a statement saying that he was sorry about his part in the pay inequity and will always make sure his female co-stars get paid as he much he does going forward. It was a fast response and it was the decent thing to do. I wish we saw much much more of that when public figures get accused of being complicit in (or being the authors of) racism and sexism.

    • isabelle says:

      Aa a poor kid their grew up Roseann was the ONLY sitcom on TV I could relate to as a kid. Loved watching it because it was a lot like my own family, struggling working white trash. Plus, it broke story lines like DJ kissing the black girl (which was scandalous at the time) a few gay story lines and Jackie remaining unmarried. Them not celebrating their kids or pregnancies, actually reflecting how sh*ty being parent can be sometimes. That has been ruined now thank to Roseann’s ego & personal politics.

  13. Natalia says:

    Holy sh– that video was incredible. Here we go again…. round “ad infinitum” ramping up.

  14. PBAN says:

    you are not going to crawl out of hot water this way. And all those supposed supporters aren’t there for her. Did the Orange Cheeto come to support her. She doesn’t know what to do and you can see she is desperate.

  15. iconoclast59 says:

    Somebody ought to set her up with Thomas Markle. They’re perfect for each other!

  16. Charlie says:

    Just this morning my dad tried the “she thought she was white” card and I finally realized munch dad was a hard core, racist, Donald Trump defending republican. As a white woman, while I love my dad, I’ll have trouble respecting his opinion from here on out.

  17. hogtowngooner says:

    If she thought Valerie Jarrett was white, then the “joke” she made on Twitter doesn’t make any sense. So she’s either racist and shouldn’t have a show, or she’s a lousy comedian and shouldn’t have a show.

  18. isabelle says:

    She is mentally ill or an addict.

  19. maggiegrace says:

    That woman is either seriously under the influence, or flat-out crazy. Or both. Scary stuff.

  20. tw says:

    I thought this bitch was cancelled. Let’s not give her anymore time.

  21. janak says:

    Roseanne really needs to go back to her Hawaiian nut farm (literally and figuratively) and stay the hell off television or any form of media. She has lost her damn mind.

  22. Darla says:

    Every single one of her castmates know she’s this crazy, and more importantly, this vile. She is a vile human being. I still can’t get over how they signed on for this.

    To me, the best part of this will always be that Iger phoned Valerie Jarrett to personally apologize to her before he moved on Roseanne like a bitch. That’s what really got to Roseanne. That white privilege didn’t carry the currency she thought it did, in this particular situation. Sad!

  23. minx says:

    Just a disgusting, trashy, vulgar, hateful woman.

  24. Luci Lu says:

    White racists like her, have been equating Black people to apes since the beginning of the enslavement of Africans in the 1600′s. She knew damned-well that Valerie Jarrett was Black. Does this idiotic, drunk-ass moron really believe that she can make a ‘comeback’ with this bullshit lie? It’s over for you bitch…now crawl back into the black hole you came out of; because your ‘acting career’ is over…for life!