Us Weekly: Duchess Meghan ‘lives in fear’ that her dad will leak their communication

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I’m assuming that as I write this up, Thomas Markle has already given some kind of exclusive interview to yet another outlet. If he hasn’t already, he’s just about to. In the last week, Markle gave another series of exclusives to The Sun and TMZ, and his batsh-t insane quotes were widely disseminated in the British and American media. He seems hellbent on embarrassing his daughter and making her life hell. Thankfully, it does feel like there’s been a little bit of pushback. The Daily Mail published an interview with an unnamed source – a “friend of Meghan” – who claimed that, oh right, Thomas Markle completely faked his heart attack ahead of the wedding. Now Us Weekly has some new stories about how Meghan is trying to deal with the whole situation with her dad. The quotes from unnamed sources sound sound like stuff that I and many of you have been writing for months now: he can’t be trusted, but Meghan can’t really speak to him or about him directly. Some highlights:

Meghan is adjusting to her role: “She’s very overwhelmed with all the rules of the Palace. She understands why they’re there, but she’s still learning,” the source tells Us. “The Palace has been really good and supportive of her, but she’s still learning her new life.”

The most frustrating part of being a duchess: According to the source, the “most frustrating” part for Meghan, 36, is “not being able to comment” on all of the drama surrounding her father, Thomas Markle. “She’s essentially not able to prevent these kind of stories. Now, everything has to go through official Palace,” the source explains. “She doesn’t have her own publicist, she can’t make any comments on Twitter and she can’t reach out to him to tell him to stop speaking to the press. Her father’s comments have an effect on everything.”

She’s really upset about her dad: “Meghan is so upset over Thomas. She’s upset for a couple of reasons. She doesn’t even know how to communicate with her dad without knowing he won’t exploit her,” the source explains. “She lives in fear that he’ll leak their communication. If he’s spoken this much already, why wouldn’t he leak their conversation?” The source adds that Meghan “cares about her dad,” but simply cannot trust him. “She would like to speak to him, but there is no trust there anymore. And it doesn’t seem like it could ever be rebuilt. The damage is done.”

Again, an unnamed source says the heart attack was faked: “First, he faked this weird heart attack, which he hasn’t admitted was fake, and now he’s doing all these interviews. She has no other choice but to ignore him,” the source tells Us.

Meghan doesn’t GAF about Samantha though: According to the source, however, Samantha “isn’t really a concern” to Meghan. “She hasn’t seen or really spoken to Samantha since she was like 10,” the source tells Us. “They were never close.”

[From Us Weekly & Us Weekly]

At the end, the source says Doria has been a rock for Meghan this whole time, and Doria is telling her to ignore the haters, even if those haters are genetically related. Personally, I think we’re already seeing how the palace is dealing with Thomas and Samantha. Samantha has already overstayed her welcome to many of the British tabloids, and the editors seem to have realized that Samantha’s comments don’t really do anything other than make people more sympathetic towards Meghan. But I feel like the palace has a hand – in some way – in the release of the information that Thomas faked the heart attack. Meghan might not have her own publicist, but she has access to an entire communications team at Kensington Palace and Clarence House. Maybe they decided to strategically leak some sh-t about Thomas through “sources” so that they can have clean hands and get the pro-Meg stories out. I’m not saying this is coming from the Queen, mind you. But it might be Poor Jason Knauf test-driving a new press strategy.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Ireland - Day 2

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  1. Melania says:

    She’s right. He would also be able to record their phone calls and then sell them to tabloids.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      That depends on the phone recording consent laws in whatever state he resides.

      • Izzy says:

        LMAO that assumes he actually cares about whether he breaks the law. Also, if he’s speaking to her from Mexico, he’s not likely to face any repercussions.

      • MoonTheLoon says:

        Phone recording laws also only tend to matter when using it in court. If it’s lucrative enough (as a recording of the Duchess is prone to be), TMZ or whomever would be hard-pressed to give up their source.

      • FLORC says:

        They’re right. Laws and decency are not applied with Markle’s actions here.
        If it was a call it would be taped. If it was a private meeting locations would be leaked. And whatever gets said would me spoken of by him to the press. Also, showing after unrelenting harrassment/threats/manipulation the duchess will cave to Thomas. Giving him credibility as having access to her more than we would know of. Truth or lies.

        It’s just best to ignore. If he really wants a relationship with his daughter he can do the obvious. Stop selling her out and show some class.

  2. Anna nuttall says:

    Talking of Samantha, she was doing another trash interview this morning, basically saying ‘money makes the world go round’ and can’t see what she is doing is wrong. Oh the rumor she’s doing CBB is now basically confirmed.

    • Peg says:

      The father signed a contract with The Sun, to do a series of interviews, so they’re going to be releasing more drippings from Thomas in the coming weeks.
      Vonnie is going on about her dad needs to talk to Meghan to find out how she is doing (get info to sell) because those old pictures are not cutting it anymore.

      • minx says:

        That has to be a riveting series of interviews—TM repeating that he has no more contact with Meghan.

      • DizzyLizzy says:

        The reason they keep pushing for her to contact him is because he is only as relevant as the contact he can prove he has.

        If it can be shown he has no contact then he is irrelevant.

        That is why KP closed down the heart attack claims, bc now Samantha cannot use that as an angle. But now she is referring to “HIPPA”? laws or something ?

        Scammy is playing a dangerous game….

  3. Jane says:

    I guess Thomas loves attention and money more than his daughter, Meghan.

    Sad but at least she knows it now without a doubt.

  4. Dietcokehead says:

    I really believe he thought he could sell her out for cash then win her sympathy with his “woe is me” act. I don’t think he ever considered that he would be totally cut off. Idiot.

    • DizzyLizzy says:

      Which likely tells us that has been happening all along, but ironically the journalists have helped Meghan see who her father is.

  5. Birdy says:

    I have started to think these ongoing interviews by thomas are his delusional ‘payback/revenge’ for her not canceling the wedding and rushing to his side after his ‘heart attack’. He kept his mouth shut for months, pap shots in the lead up (for his image and bank account) then he has his heart attack the week of the wedding and makes himself the focus and all the ‘will he go / won’t he go’ drama. I think he expected her to drop everything, postpone the wedding, hightail to mexico thereby making it clear to the world that HE is the most important person and things cannot happen without him in attendance and with his approval. When she didn’t cancel (and it went ahead without him), his ego and selfish behavior highlights that he can’t comprehend that he is not the most important person in the narrative. No concern or interest in his daughter other than her as a showpiece to get him more attention and how he should be remembered in history as somehow significant to the proceedings.

    • Peg says:

      He probably heard she did not mentioned him in her speech at wedding party, but praise Doria, the Royal family and of course Prince Harry.
      So he is angry about a lot of things, that he feels slighted for.

    • Amelie says:

      It definitely is revenge. Not sure what he expected from the stunt he pulled but the fact he preferred to talk to TMZ instead of directly to his daughter the week of the wedding obviously made him lose contact with her. He’s mad that it was Prince Charles who walked her down the aisle and not himself. He made himself look even worse than he already did yet he seems to blame Meghan for his predicament.

      Even if she did put out another statement about her dad, what purpose would it serve? It would only be more ammunition for Thomas Markle to run his mouth. She must be dying at having to keep silent–I know I would be! But really the only thing she can do is not comment. If all he gets is silence, the media will become disinterested since there won’t be much of a story there.

      • Addie says:

        Power comes with silence. People can only guess at what you’re thinking or doing if you remain silent. It makes them uneasy when communication is one-sided. So, that’s the best tack. Give these people nothing to go back to the press with. The media/readers will eventually tire of a family with no news to sell or tell.

  6. Leyton says:

    I think it’s obvious that Meghan loves her father but he’s put her in an extremely tough position and I don’t blame her for stepping away. Who needs that unnecessary stress? The media has been bashing this woman for months now and her father got a taste of that gravy train and is willingly allowing them to use him against her.

    It’s a very hurtful thing and extremely disappointing to know a parent would do that to you.

    The entire Markle family is very toxic and there is no wonder in why they are all estranged from one another and now only getting together to make money off of one of the few who found success in life. I’m happy Meghan has someone as wonderful as her mother in her corner. She truly saved her in more ways than one.

    Thomas really did ruin his relationship with his daughter and I hope whatever money he made from this was worth it. It will take Meghan a while to ever call him and he’s ruined any chance of a relationship with his grand children once they arrive. It will be worth big money to get a picture of them once they’re born and I have no doubts he and his spawns will be salivating at the chance to make something off of them.

    This all goes to show what kind of man he always was. NO decent person or parent would do this.

  7. Peg says:

    There is an interview with Thomas saying he took care of his mother for the last five years of her life and Meghan promised to take care of him, it’s not about money he said.
    This man is something else, he honestly believes he is part of the Royal Family, not realizing it’s his daughter who is a member and not him.
    Telling Harry to get over it, I’m your father-in-law now, that may be in name only, because of his dealing wit the press, PH dropped him like a hot potato.
    Thomas said he spoke to Prince Harry about six times, in 18 months that’s not often.
    Some one pointed out when he was on the morning show with Piers Morgan, he would hardly open his eyes playing the hillbilly part, but in The Sun he was his bombastic self.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Oh but it is about the money, if it wasn’t he wouldn’t be talking exclusively to the tabloids that pay. He’s made promises to the tabloids that he cannot keep as he has no access and nothing new to sell to them now – so they are starting to turn on him as a) the public are not longer sympathetic to him and b) its obvs that he’s making sh!t up.

  8. Digital Unicorn says:

    The comments about how she DGAF about Scammy will send her into a frenzy, esp as she’s going to be on British TV. The British public will have the opportunity to let her know what we think of her and it won’t be pretty – there is a lot of sympathy for Meghan now and Sam is seen as a vile stepsister.

    As for Thomas, am sure he’ll be giving an interview to TMZ or whoever will pay him soon. Daddy Dearest will soon realise that you don’t fk with the RF and if he continues to spew sh!t to the press he will find his skeletons falling out of the closet. Being the toxic, selfish narcissist he is there will be a few – I’d wager addictions (gambling) and potentially behaviour that endangered his children. He’s proven that he’s an emotional and verbal bully, to be estranged from ALL your children suggests serious sh!t has gone down over the years.

  9. Diana says:

    I’m not a fan of Meghan. I roll my eyes at people here who stan her so hard and talk like she’s a unicorn who can do no wrong and is the best thing to happen since to the BRF since TQ herself.

    And even with that being said, I feel so bad for her for having this trashy pathetic excuse of a man as her father.

  10. Becks1 says:

    Of course he would leak any communication. If she calls him, he’ll record it, if she emails or sends a letter or text – he would share with the media.. He’s basically made it impossible for her to contact him, even if she wanted to.

    • DizzyLizzy says:

      ^^ This is what it all boils down to at the moment.

      The status of their relationship aside, nothing can be fixed when it is so clear that TM Snr is untrustworthy.

      We know there have been periods of estrangement but the above is the real current issue. That and the fact that after 36 years, she is seeing what her father is really capable of when a few greenbacks are wiggled in front of him.

      This whole story reminds me of the story where apparently TM won $750k on the lottery and was still denying Doria child support or a cut as the mother of his child.

      He appears to be quite greedy and glutinous.

      • ex-Mel says:

        RE: that lottery win: I remember reading an interview with M.’s brother who said the father used that money to pay for M’s college education.
        The problem with that lottery story is that, apparently, there is no record of such a win at the time it supposedly happened.

  11. Mego says:

    There is really nothing Meghan can do with people who cannot be trusted other than to ignore them and live her life. I am hoping that she and Harry are ignoring the tabloids as much as possible. At the end of the day it isn’t important to them or their lives – just highly dyfunctional people getting their 5 minutes of fame. Meghan has proven herself to be a person of class and integrity and her family cannot change that.

  12. minx says:

    If Meghan ghosts him she doesn’t have to worry about him revealing anything.
    Problem solved.
    He can’t be trusted.

  13. TeamAwesome says:

    Thankfully, she has the beautiful new “cottage” from which she can ghost him and anyone else.

  14. FC says:

    It’s kind of nice to see KP going on the offensive with these “leaks”. It won’t make him shut up (nothing will) but at least it creates a new, favorable narrative for tabloids to run with.

    • DizzyLizzy says:

      Those leaks are warning shots. No one wants to harm their parent, even a toxic parent. But sometimes people need to be put back in their box a little.

      The word on the street is that TM Snr has always had a painkiller addiction.

      Looking at all the evidence it makes perfect sense.

      It explains Jnr’s addictions and violence.

      It explains Scammy’s BPD / NPD traits which are a result of intense trauma and abandonment as a result of a addicted /dysfunctional father with poor boundaries.

      By my calculations TM Snr had Scammy and Jnr when he was between 19 and 23 years old. He was a very young parent and likely the two of them weren’t always as functional as they should have been.

      Doria literally saved Meghan by whisking her away so young before she could be hard-wired for crazy like her older siblings.

      A mother only takes her young child away from a father when there is serious dysfunction;

      – addiction – alcohol, painkillers, gambling
      – abuse i.e. physical, emotional,psychological etc

      Shit went down in that house that we will NEVER know about because Doria is a proud woman.

  15. ladida says:

    KP should have had a better strategy from the get go, but part of the problem is that Meghan tried to include him. She didn’t include him in her first wedding, so why this time? She’s 36, she knows him by now.

    • Lady D says:

      Pressure from the palace for a ‘traditional’ wedding?

    • Sid says:

      Who knows why he didn’t show up for the first wedding? Maybe he was playing the drama king that time too. Maybe they were going through one of their estrangement periods. I read she had Thanksgiving dinner with him and Doria, so maybe they were in the middle of a cycle where things were going well enough and Meghan thought having him at the wedding would work out? I get the impression that Markle is accustomed to being able to manipulate his relationship with Meghan, and that one of the reasons he is so angry may be that this time she is standing firm and not running to appease him as may have happened in the past.

      • FLORC says:

        Meghan is under a spotlight now and her actions will impact others. Moves are calculated. It’s not just her anymore. It’s on an international scale.
        Maybe he was playing nice before the wedding. Maybe she felt this a fresh start. Whatever happened he made his bed and she’s taking a major high road.

    • gm says:

      IMO she included him because everyone expects both your parents to attend your wedding, especially a high profile royal wedding. In general I think she tries to color within the lines and this is part of it. Maybe she was hoping for the best.

    • morrigan01 says:

      I 100% believe it was KPs doing that he got invited to the wedding. From the little I read/heard in the run-up to the wedding, Meghan apparently wanted a small, private family wedding, but KP told her it had to be what it was because of public interest.

      Also, remember all the reports/talk about who would walk her down the aisle? KP said Tom Sr. was giving them the runaround on if he would actually do it or not for weeks before he pulled his stunt. I think Meghan 100% knew he’d pull some stunt and not come, but KP didn’t listen to her when she warned them before inviting him at their instance. Because it’s tradition that the father of the bride walk his daughter, and if the royal courtiers are about anything, it’s tradition.

      Well, it blew up in their face when he pulled his stunt, and Meghan had to step in and try and clean up the mess he left. I felt the tone of everything when I first read her statement. She “cares” for her father however, unlike KP and the rest of the world, she KNOWS him. Saying she cares for him was a clear signal she loves that man from a kind of emotional distance to protect herself because she knows what he’s like and capable of. Which, again, goes back to the Grey Rock technique I read about in dealing with narcissist.

      The good thing is that KP are probably listening to her now when it comes to this man and what he is. Including going on the offensive in some ways as well.