Angelina Jolie seeking court order to force Brad Pitt to pay child support

Angelina Jolie speaks to the press after a NATO meeting in Brussels

It feels like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are playing two different games with each other. For Angelina, the long game suits her just fine – she’ll deal with Brad’s outbursts as they come up, but I guarantee that The Villainess Jolie’s biggest concern is how everything ends. She’s looking at the war, not the individual battles. Brad, on the other hand, is playing a more traditional game, hoping he can simply smear Angelina in the press to the point of capitulation, focusing on individual battles rather than the longer view of things. Brad and his lawyers must have found out late last week that Angelina and her lawyers were about to drop a filing, and that’s why they leaked that nasty sh-t to TMZ and Us Weekly, they thought they get ahead of it and/or dirty the water so when Angelina’s team made the filing, Brad already looks like the injured party. Except I don’t think deadbeat dads can ever be injured parties.

The long-running divorce case of one-time Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has hit a new level of drama. Jolie, the star of “Maleficent,” alleged in a court filing Tuesday that her estranged husband hasn’t paid any “meaningful” child support for a year and a half during their ongoing, and at times contentious, divorce — and said she is planning to seek a court order to force his hand.

“[Pitt] has a duty to pay child support. As of present, [Pitt] has paid no meaningful child support since separation,” wrote Jolie’s attorney, Samantha Bley DeJean, in a two-page brief filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and obtained by NBC News. “Given the informal arrangements around the payment of the children’s expenses have not been regularly sustained by [Pitt] for over a year and a half, [Jolie] intends to file an RFO for the establishment of a retroactive child support order.” (An RFO is a request for a court order.) The court filing did not define what is “meaningful” support.

Pitt’s spokesman did not immediately comment. A source close to the actor insisted, “Brad has fulfilled his commitments.”

Mindy Nyby, a spokeswoman for Jolie, said the “aim of Angelina’s routine filing is to promote closure to the marriage in a way that clears a path toward the next stage of their lives and allows her and Brad to recommit as devoted co-parents to their children.”

[From NBC News]

After NBC News broke this news, TMZ got their hands on the filing and they noticed something else: Angelina is looking to get a divorce decree before they even settle all of the custodial and financial sh-t. Like, she’s totally done and wants to be divorced by the end of the year. And while Brad didn’t comment to NBC News, all of the little Pitt minions (“insiders”) ran around to every outlet they could find. One insider told E! News that “Brad always fulfills his commitments.” Jennifer Aniston’s eye just twitched. All of New Orleans just side-eyed that too. But the nastiest reaction from “insiders” was in Page Six:

Sources close to Pitt, however, say this is a campaign to smear him because the former couple can’t agree on a settlement.

“This happened because Brad became fed up and said he wanted to start the formal process of divorce again and filed papers to do that,” a source close to Pitt told Page Six. The “Maleficent” star filed for divorce in September 2016, but divorce proceedings were ultimately put on hold while they sorted out their child custody issues. Sources close to Pitt claim Jolie has been extremely difficult.

“Brad has completely lived up to his commitments as far as child support and will continue to do so,” the source said. “This is nothing more than a publicity stunt because he wanted to restart the formal process to divorce.”

[From Page Six]

Brad’s still trying to make people forget that Angelina fled the private plane with their children, went to an undisclosed location, ghosted him thoroughly and filed for divorce immediately. She dumped him. For cause. And he’s still trying to play it like he did the dumping.

As for the rest of it… yes, it’s messy. But at least now we know why Brad was leaking to TMZ late last week. He knew this was coming and he tried to smear her – as he’s still trying to smear her – as a “difficult” bitch who is just mad because he dumped her. Is anyone buying that?

Also: TMZ dropped this story around midnight EST, and I’ll summarize: sources close to Brad Pitt insist that Angelina Jolie is a bitch who is hellbent on “smearing” him (LOL) and that Brad has already paid Jolie “millions of dollars.”

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio back in their car on the set of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

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  1. Becks1 says:

    All I can say is what I say on all of these posts. This is so damn messy and no one really knows what is going on, so all the speculation is kind of pointless. I know its a gossip site and that’s kind of the point (speculation) but half the people are going to come out swinging in support of Jolie, a quarter are going to come out in support of Brad, and a quarter are going to be like “well…..who knows.”

    I think Brad’s people are being super messy here but I think Angelina’s people are also definitely playing a game, and that game seems to be winning (Angelina is the perfect mother, Angelina just wants her kids taken care of, etc.) I don’t buy either side to be honest.

    • Becks1 says:

      And to clarify I do think Angelina wants the kids taken care of, I just think there are other motives here as well.

      • tracking says:

        Yeah, I think she’s of course devoted to the kids, but responding to his PR tactics in kind. They both suck. Team kids.

    • Missy says:

      Agreed. I’m part of the who knows crowd, also who cares. The chances of ever getting the complete truth out of either side is non existent I think. This is beyond messy and I wish they could just keep it private. Sick of this story, I miss happy news and gossip

      • Kurtz says:

        We will, when one of those kids ends up needing money in adulthood there will be a tell-all.

    • Birdix says:

      Thanks for this. This seems like legalese to me—it’s surprising that money should just now come into this as a problem and tossing out the idea of “deadbeat dad” sure gives people something to project onto Brad. They both have enough money that this should not realistically be a problem, right?
      As you predicted, I fall into the middle “who knows?” category, but man what a sh!tshow for the kids, right in those formative middle school/high school years.

      • Esmom says:

        I also have no idea what’s going on but this tidbit strikes me as odd because if their arrangement was “informal” then how can you demand retroactive payment? How can you quantify “meaningful?” And I agree that whatever is going on, it can’t be good for the kids.

      • Kathy says:

        Yeah, when this came out yesterday I figured there was no way it wasn’t some technical legal thing, because money is no object for Pitt and if he wants to show the court he is a good dad, paying at least his fair share for his kids you would think would be high on the list.

        Now Pitt’s response is that he spent over $9 million on the kids in two years, but it was an $8 million loan to Jolie so she could buy her house near him (why in the world would she need a loan?) and $1.3 on the kids themselves. That works out to $9,000 per kid per month. OK, for normal humans that is an obscene amount of money, but wasn’t Kevin Federline just offered $30,000 a month for two kids? And with all the security and travel, along with normal stuff, I’m sure the Jolie-Pitt kids cost way more. Why isn’t Pitt throwing money at his children in this situation? It seems so weird.

      • KBB says:

        @Kathy But Kevin Federline has virtually no income at all. Jolie wants Pitt to pay half of their expenses, which means each kid is being supported by more than $18,000 a month.

      • Alice says:

        @KBB Child support doesn’t depend on the other parent’s income. Child support is the contribution of the paying parent to their children based on the paying parent’s income(!) . Therefore, with Pitt’s income, I’d expect his support per child to be way above $9000 a month and plus contributing expenses to education at least, to be specified by the judge. Loans to the other parent for whatever purpose don’t count. Child support is very specific and is the right of the child not of the other parent.

    • Mariposa says:

      My parents divorced when I was an adult, but it was crazy for a while. One side claimed the other had abused them, stolen from them, was an alcoholic and was hiding terrible secrets that couldn’t be told to us (to protect us).

      Of course, us children knew all along what was truth and what wasn’t (it was all lies), but it took two long years before the extended family realised and came round. My point is that there are people who know the truth of what went down in that marriage and what’s happening now….but those people aren’t us.

      But, brad and ang need to get their act together and stop this bitter fighting now, because they have young kids and this must be absolutely awful for them.

    • Ctgirl says:

      Neither Angelina nor Brad are saints in this sh*t show. I do think that whenever parents are contentious with each other that it impacts the children.

      • launicaangelina says:

        I agree 100%. They’re messy and petty. The kids will end up paying for their drama. Team kids.

      • C says:

        You’re right!! She’s no saint either.

      • MjMeow says:

        I would imagine it’s hard to be civil when you are dealing with a man-baby with substance abuse issues. Brad seems to have no problem with paying his PR people to attempt to shine the turd that is BP.

      • Carmen says:

        Her not being a saint doesn’t excuse his behavior.

      • Carrie says:

        “C” seems to have a problem with strong women. Every time there’s an Angelina post, C is there shouting “she’s no saint” 🙄

        The thing is, if Angelina doesn’t respond, his smears stick and she’s vilified. If she does respond, she’s vilified. She has kids to protect and by extension, abuse of her in public will hurt them unless she at least tries to stand up for herself. Not to mention, we’ve learned with MeToo that not speaking up as a woman abused is a bad idea. She has no choice.

        This today reminds me of when these two got together. Brad said she gets a lot of flack and it’s undeserved, she’s wonderful etc. And yet here we are today.

    • Amelie says:

      I’m Team both sides are being messy, the whole thing is just so messy. However whenever I hint at the mere suggestion that both sides are messy and petty (which other comments have voiced) my comment often doesn’t go through. It’s frustrating.

      My question is there a way for them to seal the divorce case and put a gag order on it so the kids don’t have to be exposed to all this in the media?? I feel like we’ve seen other contentious divorces go through something similar? Maybe someone with legal experience can offer insight.

      • Bridget says:

        It could be sealed and gagged. The fact that it’s not speaks volumes about both parties. It also speaks volumes that Jolie is litigating (and hired a whole new set of lawyers). It means that she’s not negotiating for shared custody time.

      • A says:

        The divorce case is already sealed. There are people who have been leaking documents and court filings and Brad Pitt’s PR team has been using them in the press to his advantage. You cannot obtain a gag order on these things unless it’s a criminal case, which this is not.

      • Bridget says:

        It’s not all sealed though. The last round of “leaks” were unsealed documents, so anyone could access them.

  2. Millenial says:

    What happened to all these documents being under seal? Both need to have a gag order placed on the rest of the proceedings that covers running to the tabs.

    I feel bad for the kids. Over the adult drama. It’s just making me feel icky.

    • Maya says:

      Bifurcation and child support is public which is why this came out.

      The others were leaked by Brad and his team to try and smear Angelina.

  3. Alice says:

    He has child support obligations like everyone else. Period. If and whatever he has paid, the judge will take into consideration. Enough of this guy’s thirsty drama!

  4. tracking says:

    This one is confusing. I thought she made a point of not requesting child support in her original filing. And despite his many faults as a husband and father, I don’t believe being cheap is one of them. If he said he’s paid her millions for the kids, I’m inclined to believe him. It’s the language of this filing that’s interesting. Why not simply request to formalize child support rather than assert he’s paid nothing “meaningful” (please define meaningful). If one of them is misrepresenting, that should come out in court soon enough. Also, the new lawyers filed this one, so change in tactics from Wasser. Harvey on TMZ Live stood by the lawyer story, all but said he had his info from Wasser–said she couldn’t take the resistance to settlement or Jolie screaming at her and was done.

    • Slowsnow says:

      I also flagged up the word meaningful. Clearly the word “established” could not be used. What does that mean?

    • Maya says:

      Do you really think Angelina and her expert lawyers won’t have the receipt of Brad not paying?

      And Angelina only said that she doesn’t want spousal payments, never mentioned child support.

    • Alice says:

      Paying “millions” in his case may not meet the obligations per the law for substantial child support as he has very high income and 6(!) kids all of which are still legally children of the marriage. This is for the public, to get impressed by the *millions*.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Alice that is going to be state dependent. In my state the CS amounts top off at a certain point. So a person earning a million has the same obligations legally as a person earning 10 million. That’s what ends up getting hashed out in court. The person earning 10 million “should” pay more, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t meeting their legal obligations.

        And honestly, paying millions a year in child support is probably going to be deemed acceptable, if he is in fact paying that much.

      • tracking says:

        Good point, Alice. His side is saying he paid much more than their informal agreement, and more than a court order would have, stipulated (per People). But who knows! It’s for the courts to sort out. My guess is that this is part of a larger strategy to present him as a consistently neglectful parent in all ways in order to oppose 50-50 shared custody.

      • Alice says:

        @Becks1 But this is California and we have enough examples of the amounts paid by celebrities. Millions for 6 kids certainly doesn’t sound much.

    • Becks1 says:

      I wonder if meaningful means he hasn’t given her money. It could be he’s doing things like paying tuition, buying clothes, etc, but not actually giving money.

      anyway – weren’t we saying yesterday that money wasn’t going to be an issue in this divorce? lol

    • Alex says:

      From BuzzFeed
      “They had an informal agreement to pay different expenses for children and for the past year and a half, it hasn’t been honored,” a source close to the situation told . When Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt, she did not ask for formal spousal or child support because they already had an informal agreement in place regarding their children’s expenses, the source added. “Jolie is not even asking for child support, just asking the court to oversee that that informal agreement they had in place is being honored,” the source said. “She is absolutely committed to coparenting her children with Brad and wants to redefine their relationship with Brad.”

      The documents are out there , Wasser is listed in the documents as one of her lawyers. Angelina filed papers in a court, she didn’t go to a tabloid to bash Pitt through sources to make this allegation. Her newly hired team of expert professionals, aren’t going to be making allegations in a court without having documented everything. Just like if Pitt has receipts he will present that to the court in the conference she called for. Instead he is calling her a liar through sources, as a response to an official filing btw,

      • magdalene says:

        Alex thanks. The report is out there even AP carried it but that won’t stop the “Both sides are awful crowd” who will never accept that Brad is a vindictive bitch or ever give Angelina the benefit of the doubt.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        Agreed. Further, I think this is dry drunk behavior on his part. He may be abstaining, but his pathological behaviors aren’t changing/haven’t changed. Still nasty, vindictive, deflecting, blaming.

      • lucy2 says:

        That seems like a bad idea from the start – things were very contentious between them and the custody fight and all, why not have a set amount in writing from the beginning?
        Either way he needs to pay whatever he’s supposed to, and I would think it’d be pretty easy to prove whether he did or didn’t.

      • Avery says:

        This is exactly what I am going through right now. My ex and I had an informal agreement. The formal support will be worked out in the final divorce decree. However, I have been picking up the majority of expenses and I need help. I am seeking the court to give a definite amount that will be guaranteed to me every month. I am no AJ fan by any means. But I believe that is what she started out doing and now wants him to play his part and is seeking the court to help make sure he does that.

    • magdalene says:

      Being cheap is not one of them? How about the French woman he did not pay for her work that had to go to court? How about skipping out on MIR, leaving the people who bought homes from his charity with rotted homes, that’s what speaks to character but his PR is so good that people will not believe what is front of them when it comes to Brad, just like it was Amber lying about Johnny Depp because people couldn’t see him being abusive, our culture really sucks

    • ariana says:

      @tracking, No, Angie did not want any money for herself from Brad, he has to support his children.

    • Oliviajoy1995 says:

      Yeah she didn’t say be wasn’t paying child support but that he wasn’t paying “meaningful” child support. (Only rich folk get the benefit of saying ridiculous crap like that) Didn’t a judge have to tell her to let the kids have a relationship with Brad because it does them harm not to have a relationship with their dad? She wants meaningful child support all while not letting him see his kids regularly??

  5. Maya says:

    Angelina just confirmed enough is enough. She has followed the law and done everything the court and therapists asked her to do.

    And the new lawyers Angelina hired are the best in litigation law. They would have the receipt of Brad not keeping his promises.

    Brad – you constant smearing might work for a time but the truth will always prevail.

    Angelina – next go after Brad’s so-called media as they are on a smearing campaign which can probably be proven to court. Take Page six and TMZ down with Brad.

    • Go Figure! says:

      I have to agree. Never heard of Brad being refrerred to as a “bitch”, but it fits and I like it. No Angie isn’t dumb. She would never go into court without all her ducks lined up in a row. Especially as she is hip to his conduct and what he said he would do and what he did. Ready for her to move on. I find it very strange that his sources run to tabloids, (Page Sux?) instead of issuing a denial to a “reputable” news media. Why didn’t his sources bother to refute when the “leaked document” containing all the custody items came out? Again, it was on Angie to make a statement. I, for one, hope she gets everything she and the children are entitled to. Angie asked for no spousal support, only what is fair and equitable (I would hope) to support the minor children. And I do imagine it takes a lot of money to support six children. These children know the truth and they will come out ok in the long run. Seems strange he still doesn’t have 50/50 custody after 2 years. Hope this divorce comes about fast, quick and in a hurry.

  6. Slowsnow says:

    I am sure the kids see this belligerent attitude towards each other and suffer deeply.
    My husband is a child of a difficult divorce of two shitty parents. He still fantasizes about them living up to their responsibilities regarding each other and him. He’s 45.
    One thing is to create a safer place for the kids, it’s another to deeply affect the way they relate to a parent who will always be part of their lives.

    • Snazzy says:

      Yes! I had the same issue with my parents – to the point where my mom made me go ask my dad and other family members for money. I am still deeply traumatised by this, and was angry at them for a very long time. Still am, though better now. But there’s no way in hell I would ever have a joint account with anyone and I always make sure I have enough money for myself. These poor kids are going to have serious trust issues if these two don’t sort their shit out

      • Slowsnow says:

        Funny, that was exactly what happened to my husband. He had to ask for the “cheque” each month to his dad.
        I have seen many people overlook overt manipulations over money and the children in order to keep the kids in a relatively safe place. It’s not their fault you chose a shitty partner. Suck it up (saying to no one in particular in this very messy case).
        My best friend had to wait until his daughter turned 18 to have a proper relationship with her. They are now very happily building a bond. Of course those were fucking miserable 18 years but she was far and it was expensive and time-consuming to drag her and her mum through the courts. Now the kid is a relatively balanced girl.

      • Icantremembermyusername says:

        I’m so sorry.

      • Alice says:


        “It’s not their fault you chose a shitty partner. Suck it up ”

        That’s a very poor representation of the majority of reasons for divorce. As it is most often women who file for divorce, it is also proof of the deeply problematic attitude against women who are divorced which includes statements like “it’s her fault”, “she chose him, let her suffer it” and so on. In fact, most people don’t intentionally choose a partner who is obviously “shitty”. Most people also change in the course of time and especially with change of circumstances.

      • Erinn says:

        It’s not really a poor representation, Alice.

        The poster is saying that the parent put the child in shitty circumstances because of THEIR choices. No child should EVER have to ask their other parent for a cheque for support. That’s insane. The adults need to act like adults and not put their children in the middle. So yes, in the issues outlined by this poster – “sorry you chose a shitty partner, but act like a GD adult” is warranted.

      • ariana says:

        @Snazzy, the children already have serious trust issues regarding their father. In the leaked documents it clearly says the children do not feel safe with Brad. Whatever Pitt did, it was bad enough to scar these children for life, I do not blame Angie for wanting to be legally free from him as soon as humanly possible.

  7. roses says:

    Not understanding this source from page six. Radar online of all tabloids has the doc she filed and his attorney and him were aware and agreed to her request for bifurcation that she has filed. So why continue to spin this and be messy, it doesn’t help anyone involved.

  8. Adorable says:

    Angelina has had…ENOUGH!!!& Good for her!..Brad has been leaking information everywhere & playing the PR Game,so why not her.Granted Brad May win some because of his image & the misogyny of it all,however it must sting him even more that he hasn’t really won over the trust of his kids..With that said I’m just so disappointed with how everything has turned out..

  9. Sage says:

    Page six is so very clearly team Brad Pitt. Sheesh, they’re not even subtle about it.

  10. minx says:

    What a mess.

  11. Pas says:

    Brad has lots of source from page six to ET. I don’t know why he hasn’t come up. I think i’ll believe that brad paid his child support BUT we might see what Angie’s lawyer just filed. He did not regularly sustained it. And i think they are trying to spin this thing. Good thing about Angie, she always give them facts/evidences. Angie will never ask the judge if she has no evidences.

  12. SM says:

    I think the main thing Brad wants us to forget is that after the separation it was Jolie who focused on kods and took care of them and tried to repair whatever was broken (largely by Brad) while he was leaking to the press about his dating life. She was the parent who focused on being a parent for those two years, not him. And it is mre telling than anuthing else. Also it is so high of him to smear the mother of his kods like that. I mean most of them are old enough to read this. So again, is this what a parent concened with his kids does? It’s Angelina who still talks about responsible co parenting while practicaly parenting the kids alone.

    • Pas says:

      For 2 years he was busy getting better, being happy more than ever, working, and dating even specifying he bring his dates inside their former family home while his relationship with his kids fall apart. And he is mad he feels its Angie’s fault.

  13. Mia4s says:

    It’s hilarious that Brad thinks public smears are going to put off Angelina when she spent ten years plus as the “evil seductress witch” who “broke up” poor “innocent” Brad and Jen. 🙄 And she not only survived that time but THRIVED. He’s out of his league here. Not to mention the break up was his fault. Soooo… 🤷‍♀️

    • Andrea1 says:

      Thank You! But Brad doesn’t know this. he has pushed her to the wall and everything is about to blow up and backfire on him I don’t think he is ready for what’s about to happen. Angelina Jolie is one tough woman and he’ll learn the hard way soon…….

    • Wisca says:

      Why wouldn’t she have thrived? She got the man she wanted, her family grew with her chosen partner, and she is one of the most physically appealing actresses on the planet. She has lived a life unconcerned with what others think about her, so what would she care about others’ opinions?

  14. Aang says:

    When the split was first announced I thought “this will be an interesting story for a few months”. I had no idea how messy this would get. For some reason I just assumed they would play it classy. They both look bad. Fits is alcohol induced rage are never acceptable. Nor is alienating children from a parent. I honestly think that if the former was a one off and he is getting help the latter is the more harmful. Team kids.

    • LadyT says:

      You said it best.

    • minx says:

      I don’t know, of course, but I don’t think his alcoholic rage was a one off, at all. If it had been I don’t think AJ would have done what she did. I suspect he had a pattern of alcohol abuse and the plane incident was the final straw.

      • LadyT says:

        Yes, he openly admitted the drinking was an ongoing problem. And got help. As for parents raging, I don’t know a number either. So Aang vaguely said it best? 🙃

      • Booie says:

        Anytime another celebrity enters rehab it’s widely known, especially the more famous they are. He says he got help, but we never heard about him entering rehab. So just take his word for it? Because frankly, I don’t trust anything he says given his PR and behavior these past 2 years.

      • Brandy Alexander says:

        Doesn’t that maker her a liar though? For 12 years she trotted out “He’s the best dad and partner in the world!”. Personally, I think they both suck as parents, and don’t believe a word either of them say.

      • minx says:

        Brandy, he could have been a great parent when he was sober and not so great when he wasn’t. For all we know he could have had long stretches of sobriety.. When you know an alcoholic you always hold onto the hope that the real, trustworthy person is there under the alcohol.

      • Brandy Alexander says:

        Minx, I know a little something on this subject as my father has been an alcoholic my entire life.

        She never gave an interview that wasn’t anything other than rosy reports of how fantastic he is, until she filed for divorce. He said in his first interview after she filed that there wasn’t a day since college where he wasn’t drinking or smoking weed. So, did she think he was a great father even though he was drunk and high the entire time until the plane incident? I think it’s more likely she was lying to promote their brand, which was happy family, dragging the kids out for photo ops. I still maintain that they both suck as parents and both are liars.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Alcoholism is never a one-off, nor is abusive behavior of any kind.

      He may have attended rehab or gotten private in-home support, but he clearly remains angry at his ex-wife, has limited and supervised access to his children, and is resorting to trying his ‘case’ in the court of public opinion.

    • lucy2 says:

      Same here. I thought if they ever broke up, it would be because one of them found someone else (Brad certainly has a habit of that) and it would be over and done with fairly quickly. I never expected this.
      I feel so badly for their kids, this has been a very tumultuous couple of years.

    • Jennifer says:

      His alcoholic rages are the reason he is alienated from his kids, not AJ, who moved close to his house to facilitate a relationship and is always acknowledging that Brad is their father and coparent in all of her sourced statements.

      • LadyT says:

        Initially but that’s not what the judge’s Order implied was the problem now. Honestly, I hope she gets better advice than the support she receives here.

      • ariana says:

        @LadyT, Did you read the entire leaked document, there was nothing in it to indicate that Angelina was trying to alienate the children from their father.

        Every order given to Angie was also given to Brad, and to top it off, it was Angie who wanted the children to spend time with their father, she was the one that filed the document in the first place.

        Brad Pitt has spent almost two years “finding himself” by going from concert to concert and casually dating, plus pretending to be a “sculpter”.He was not there for his children, he was too busy getting cosmetic surgery and pretending every woman in the world “wanted” him. (AS IF)

        Angelina has spent the last two years holding her children together, making sure they got the help they needed after being trumatized by their own father. Brad Pitt is pathetic, and who would want such a pitiful excuse for a man.

      • Bridget says:

        Not leaked. Wasn’t sealed.

  15. Andrea1 says:

    Glad Angie has finally come out with guns blazing! Enough with Brad and his folly PR antics. Angie is a strong woman and has been so silent cos of the kids. As for E!, page six and TMZ your time is coming. Brad you can only play this for so long but your PR smearing is about to backfire on you big time..

  16. Coco for puffs says:

    All I know is now we see why TMZ got the story and it wasn’t Wasser it was Pitts team. They knew this was gonna be file if they both agreed to it.
    Harvey is a liar and crook. Don’t we know who owns TMZ? Time Warner.
    These tabloids shows make money doing just this. This has been messy since 2005. All that smearing we have witnessed since last year wasn’t enough. I think Angie may have gotten tired of Wassers soft tactics and she is not a trial lawyer. She is getting paid but Speigel was wiping the floor with her. Pitt was playing good and dirty. If Angie was screaming at her she had just cause. I’m paying you a fortune for what?
    Anyone who thinks Angelina is stupid to suggest this without proof you need help.
    He may have gave her millions he owed her for assets, wine profits, house sake but that is not child support that is her earned income. Facts.
    They could’ve left well enough alone but they leaked this summer and leak stories smearing her all the time. She got tired of the BS and wants this over.

  17. bap says:

    Its all about His Image. Angelina would never go into court without her evidence. Angelina would Never risk perjury and lose her kids. Angelina is a truthful person.

    Angelina is tired of being smeared daily and wants a divorce by the end of the year. You a Good Woman and Mother. Free yourself from this mess and live your to help others.

  18. Medusa says:

    I find taking sides in this utterly ridiculous. Some people phrase their support or outrage like they know these people intimately. I hope for the sake of the children everything goes through in their favor but who knows who is doing what and why.

    • Beth says:

      I agree. Some defense and support people give celebrities that they don’t even personally know and will never meet, is a little OTT. None of us knows what’s really going on, but I feel bad for any kids that have watch this happen between their parents

    • Sarah says:

      Well, we do know that Brad is the one wo “did not hit his son in the face”.

  19. magdalene says:

    It is amazing the leeway people are willing to give Brad Pitt. The document clearly said that there was an informal agreement about which expenses for the children he will cover and he hasn’t done so in a meaningful way so she is asking the court to enforce it and also make him pay retroactively the back payment.

    Jolie gets the same derangement syndrome from the press that Hillary Clinton get where the first instinct is to attack them when in the end, they have the receipts.
    Brad is still having supervised visit with his children and has to see therapists after each visit with him and yet some here see Jolie as the bad guy. It beggars belief that people can’t read the court documents and see that Jolie has provided receipt and the proof is there. If Brad did not do anything that was so harmful to their children, why are they still under treatment sanctioned by the court?

  20. Maya says:

    Bs – she was never diagnosed with anything except high chance of cancer.

    Please stop ruining a woman’s reputation with fake stories. It’s a classic weapon men use to attack the women with – the woman is angry, vindictive, mean, mental case, narcissistic etc.

  21. TheOriginalMia says:

    Seems Brad has taken advantage of the situation. Yes, Angie can afford to pay for the kids’ lifestyles, but she is not their only parent. This is co-parenting, Bradley! Set up automatic payments and stop playing games.

    • Alice says:

      Child support is the right of the CHILD not the parent. I find it disgusting when people start discussing how much the mother (in this case) earns/is worth and how she can pay for her kids. Irrelevant! The father has brought kids to this world/accepted kids as his and has equal obligations regardless if the mother can or cannot support the kids on her own. Pay your duties to your kids!

  22. magdalene says:

    Please stop with this smearing. Where was the diagnosis done and by who? Now I know why I don’t comment much on celebrity stories. It is like our opinions are caked and no amount of facts can move that opinion.

  23. bap says:

    Angelina is a very sane woman and knows her rights as woman. Angelina is standing up for rights.

  24. Cee says:

    It’s sad that Brad Pitt cares more about his image than his relationship with his children. All of them have access to the internet and can read everything he’s said about their mother, and what he continues to say through “insiders”. He’s the one at fault – he caused the breakdown of the marriage. His children saw what he did. Instead of fixing that, he goes out against their mother.

  25. Puffs says:

    There will always be a segment of women who blame the women in a divorce no matter what the man does. If he cheats it’s because she wasn’t a good enough wife (oh we don’t know them!). If the children hate him because he is a shitty father then she’s alienating him. Even when presented with court docs vs tabloid fodder they still won’t let go of blaming the woman. (Much like trump voters can’t let go of Hilary even though trump has done worse)

    Personally I think this is because it makes them feel better like if I do this it won’t happen to me. Nobody likes to feel they have no control but the reality is that you don’t. Only can control yourself not what your shitty spouse does. I wish women were more supportive of each other.

  26. Sarah says:

    Brad Pitt might get joint custody but once the kids all turn 18, they will turn their back on him.

    • ariana says:

      I can’t the Court allowing Pitt to have joint custody. I tryly believe he will get visitation ONLY, and that is IF the children want to see him.

      In California a child of 14 can choose if they want to see a parent. Zahara is already 14, Pax is about to to 15, Shiloh is 12. Only the twins are too young to have a choice, but try getting Vivienne away from her Mother if she doesn’t want to go visit her father.

      • Carmen says:

        Actually, Z is 13. Pax will be 15 in November. Maddox is 17. If California law allows children to chose at 14, then why did the visitation order include all the kids except for Maddox?

  27. Spikey says:

    You know what I noticed? Brad just cannot stay out of the spotlight. Has there been a longer period of time since the split when we didn’t hear about his every move? Oh, look, he’s so sad. Oh, look, he’s dating. Oh look, he’s being played by his evil bitch ex.

    Whatever happens behind closed doors, personally I don’t doubt that he instigates all these leaks and stories. Angelina goes dark except when there’s something to promote. And this fact right here speaks volumes about him.

    • lucy2 says:

      Don’t forget his ridiculous lying around the desert, acting introspective, photoshoot.

      • Go Figure! says:

        That photoshoot was a joke. I actually thought he looked constipated in all of those pictures and whoever took them should have been fired. And that article? He said a lot and said absolutely nothing.

  28. Mellie says:

    I think these kids are going to be just fine financially no matter what happens and no matter who pays what….now whether or not they will be fine reading all this crap online about their parents, that’s another thing.

    • Slowsnow says:

      That’s what I don’t understand. Jolie gave Pitt the boot to protect the children from his drunkenly ways. He went to rehab, cleaned his act as much as possible. Wouldn’t the priority be for them – and him – to rebuild a relationship with the kids? Jolie is rich, why not expect the bare minimum in terms of compensation and the best she can get in terms of relationship at least for the kids? It is clear he is a cheap bastard and no law can change that.

      • Lady D says:

        When did he go to rehab?

      • AmyB says:

        Don’t ever recall Pitt admitting to rehab. He may have stopping drinking, but his behavior seems to be classic “dry drunk” behavior. Just putting down the bottle doesn’t make you truly sober.

    • Beth says:

      Yes. It would crush me to read online if people had nosy, nasty opinions of my family’s private life. I grew up with an awesome, loving father who happened to be an alcoholic, and if people said he must’ve been a terrible, rotten father because of his disease of addiction, it would’ve enraged me. Until the divorce, I always heard fans say Brad and Angie were the best parents and married couple in the world. They need to straighten this messy divorce in private so everyone stops bad mouthing them in front of their kids

    • Sarah says:

      The kids were in the plane that day, they are already saw the nasty. They are probably already beyond crushed by what happened. Sealing the documents is not about protecting them, it’s about protecting the parents’ reputation, especially the parent “who did not hit his son in the head”.

      • Beth says:

        I’m not on either one of their sides, so I’m not defending Brad, but does anyone but the people on the plane, really know what actually happened? If there was abuse, I’m sure the kids wouldn’t want strangers to keep talking about it, and if nothing happened, they’d probably want the conspiracy theories about their father to stop. Give these children a break during their tough times

      • LadyT says:

        Beth- I think the FBI, DCFS, therapists, lawyers and judge all know exactly what happened.

      • A says:

        @Beth, with all due respect, you’re right. But why blame both parents for something that only one person is doing? Angelina Jolie isn’t speaking to the press. Brad is. He is the one who has consistently perpetuated the rumour mill with his behaviour. He is the one who has a proven pattern of lying to the press. How do you think it feels for anyone’s children to know that their father is the one responsible for ensuring that this ugly conversation can continue in the public eye because he is vindictive and unhappy and trying to score points against their mother?

        The only person preventing this divorce getting straightened out in private is Brad Pitt.

  29. Lucy says:

    She is crazy

    • Sarah says:

      Let me guess, you are #teamBrad? How embarassing.

    • Carmen says:

      Based on what? Do give us all the details, plus your credentials. Inquiring minds want to know. Do you have the professional credentials required to make such a diagnosis? I thought not.

      • Alisha says:

        @Carmen it is called an opinion, and just like you, they have their own.

        For the record I am team no one except the kids. Both Angelina and Brad seem very toxic and messy.

      • Carmen says:

        Saying someone is acting toxic and messy is on a different level altogether from calling them crazy without a shred of evidence to back it up.

  30. bap says:

    He needs to man up and pay his child support. Right now he is displaying a weak and spineless attitude toward his family. Stand up be a real man and father.

  31. JennyJazzhands says:

    I definitely don’t understand what the legal issue is. Both sides are saying that they want joint custody, which is probably what will end up happening, so what is there to fight over? Unless someone is lying.
    This does seem oddly worded but it couldn’t hurt to get a child support agreement in writing for both sides and stick to it.
    For two people who repeatedly exclaimed that the other is the best parent ever and the kids begged them to get married, best friends, etc this has gone in a horrid direction.

    • Booie says:

      Have you ever noticed that in this day and age the people who have to talk about how happy they are and how perfect their life and partners and children are, are often the ones with the most problems? The reason they’re so vocal about it is because they feel the urge to convince others and themselves The people who are most quiet tends to be the ones who are actually happy – with nothing to prove to anyone.

      • JennyJazzhands says:

        Very true. But this still surprised me. He got sober and followed the instructions to get off supervised visits. Her people just said that they’re working to be able to coparent together, so what is the issue?
        Since the supervised visits have ended and it looks like there will be an official child support order in place shortly, this should be coming to a close, right?

      • ariana says:

        @JennyJazzhands, If you read the document you’d know Brad was not allowed to have the children alone while in LA, there had to be TWO people with them at all times. I found that very telling, the Court still doesn’t trust him.

      • KBB says:

        You should read it again, Ariana, because that’s not true. When they were in Los Angeles he had to make arrangements for them to see their regular doctors/therapists. His time with them was not monitored.

    • Pamela says:

      JennyJazzHands- I thought Angie wanted full custody, and THAT was the issue, that he wants shared and she wants full custody.

      But I could be wrong??? ( I only pay partial attention)

      • JennyJazzhands says:

        I have no idea now. Initially, it was reported that she wanted 50/50 or maybe primary but letting Wasser sit on the bench and filing this was the opposite of what I thought would come next for her to settle this.

    • Bridget says:

      If Angelina is litigating, she is going for sole custody. If both parties were interested in joint custody, this would have been settled long ago.

      And once again pointing out: it’s weird that she hired a new law firm. A lawyer of Wasser’s caliber wouldn’t need to outsource to another firm.

      • tracking says:


      • Jayna says:

        Bingo. Yes, it’s weird she hired a second law firm.
        And Wasser never responded to the reports. Angelina’s rep came and said they contacted Wasser and that it’s not true she was quitting. But it was odd Wasser didn’t directly address the rumors.

        My sister and I said from the beginning she would not share 50/50 custody of those kids. I worked in divorce court for years and years. I’ve seen it all. There is parental alienation going on. Did he cause the divorce and have issues that ended up in a bad incident? Yes. But he has been working on his issues. There is one reason it continues down this path. She does not want to share what she considers her children and is angry about that. She wants to be able to travel like always and take them with her and that they always be primarily with her. Brad isn’t going along with that. While the older boy, and possibly the second, might have issues and not want to, the fact that the younger children from Shy all the way down are distanced from him I feel is because they are being subtly influenced by their mom without their knowing it and feel protective over her and aligned with her because of those signals. If Angelina really wanted to foster a good relationship with those kids and their dad, it would be.

        She gushed about him as a father and partner about a year before the split. He spent most of their relationship being a big part of their lives. This only hurts the children in the long run. I have friends and seen this in court, the deserved anger towards a partner, that manifests itself in the children being used as pawns emotionally by either the husband or wife.

        I don’t care about sides. Ultimately, the children are suffering because of this not being worked out. But as someone who said I could never imagine having to give up half custody of my child, and feel for any woman having to do it because of a divorce, from the beginning I never saw her agreeing to that. But that’s the reality of a split. Those kids are feeding off of her emotional signals, and the result is the little ones feel guilty and align with mom. Thus, she ends up with primary custody of the kids. That’s her goal.

      • Alice says:

        This is untrue. One can settle certain issues and litigate others. It’s not all or nothing. She may settle custody and access and litigate support and property division. Or the other way around. Or anything in between.

      • Bridget says:

        But custody is the only part of this divorce even being discussed until yesterday – no division of property or assets, and not support, so while in general you can litigate any part of a divorce, in this specific instance it is over custody. Not to mention, it’s the part that has an upcoming hearing.

      • Fa says:

        He added new firm as well, and Wasser is still her lawyer.

      • Alice says:

        @Bridget Obviously not since child support is on the table amd also at this point, a loan which will be in the property division pool. What’s in the media is not what’s in the judge’s office. Don’t forget that most of it is sealed and while child support is required to be public which is why we know of it, all the rest is unknown, so no, we don’t know what is litigated.

  32. Dr Mrs The Monarch says:

    It is entirely possible that Brad has spent millions because of this divorce. He may have coughed up the cash for the second house in California. He may have settled some of the financial aspects of the divorce. That isn’t the same thing as child support though.

    When I think of all the divorce-related costs in this case it boggles my mind. Having to pay legal fees, publicists, therapists, psychologists, counsellors, travel expenses and adding the costs of an additional house which will require cleaning, yard work, furnishing etc. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that these costs- all related to a nasty divorce- are well over 100 grand per month. This is before you even think of feeding, clothing and educating 6 kids.

    • Dr Mrs The Monarch says:

      TMZ, Brad’s mouthpiece, just clarified that Brad loaned Angie $8 million to buy a house. So, he expects to be paid back. That certainly doesn’t count as meaningful child support.

      They also claimed he has paid $1.3 million over the last two years to pay for things like therapy and security. So, $1.3 million divided by 23 months then divided again by 6 children is $9, 420 per kid per month. Except it isn’t paying for the kids, it is paying the wages of therapists, bodyguards, travel costs etc.

      Basically Brad just used TMZ to announce that he has shelled out tons of money, but isn’t feeding or clothing his kids.

      • tracking says:

        Maybe the 8 million dollars will end up factoring into their divorce settlement–it depends on what their prenup says. If not, presumably he can ask her to repay the huge loan before he pays whatever the court determines he should on top of the 1.3 million already paid. Assuming he owes more, which he probably does (my guess is 1.3 million is roughly 50% of tutor and bodyguard expenses alone for two years, so still a number of other expenses to be factored in). Even if he owes twice that, getting the 8million back would be a net plus. But the main point is that he has forked over a ton of money–he’s not wrong about that. And she’s not wrong that much of it was not specifically for child support. So there remains a lot to work out.

      • Coco for puffs says:

        Therapy that they both have to pay for his actions. The eight million is irrelevant at this point. Just thrown out there to distract and make it seem as if he paid it for his kids to have a home yet it was a loan per the home he requested.

      • Carmen says:

        I don’t believe a word TMZ says about anything any more.

      • Alice says:

        No judge or court in a first world country will ever play around with child support. I won’t get tired to repeat: child support i the right of the child and is not subject to any other financial adjustments, negotiations, etc. Pure and simple, child support is based on the paying parent’s income amd is a separate category from anything and everything else. Therefore paying therapy, houses, guards, schools, etc are special expenses, so called, NOT child support.

  33. Littlefishmom says:

    Both messy, both to blame. Just get the divorce already. They are both petty.

  34. Whatever gurl says:

    I can see Angelina feels justified in seeking sole custody.

    That said, look at Jennifer Garner.

    Ben is no saint either. We know he had an affair with the kids’ nanny, is a compulsive gambler, has a problem with alcohol, a messy groper. Maybe there’s more.

    Yet Jennifer wants her kids to have a relationship with their father because Jennifer is not demanding sole custody.

    • KBB says:

      I have never been a Jennifer Garner fan, but man she has dealt with their divorce with such grace and their kids are better off for it. I’m sure she has loads of resentment towards Ben, and rightfully so, but she put all that aside for the kids.

    • lucy2 says:

      I know people here give her a lot of crap for it, but I think she’s done an admirable job keeping things civil for the sake of their kids. It can’t be easy, and I bet she’s had to swallow a lot of anger, but they’re at least able to function as co-parents, and the kids see him a lot.
      For the kids’ sake, I hope B&A get to that point too. Their situation was more severe, with whatever happened on the plane, but hopefully they move forward.

  35. Ellaa says:

    Sincere question. Since the procedure was sealed and after the convenient-for-BP-leaks started, what has AJ done that’s “messy”. She has filed things, some sealed some not, she has sometimes factually responded to some leaks and stories planted to smear her. That is all. In her place, who could stay so dignified and strong. And if she is angry in private? Well she has all the rights to be. I wonder what it does to the older kids to read their father’s sources regular attempts to destroy their mother in the media. How do you address this as a mother if your teenage kids come to you and ask why. It is abject.

  36. Mew says:

    I remember reading somewhere like over 10 years ago a rumour that Angie swore Brad wouldn’t have the kids at all if they separated one day, that she would take them all for herself. I see she’s kinda working towards that really hard, despite all that “she wants to have peaceful and wonderful co-parenting future”. I’m not against either nor pro either. I think they’re both full at war and it’s so messy and both think they’re right and it’s just sad for the kids.

  37. bap says:

    Angelina stay strong for your children and soon you will fine happiness again. TeamJolie.

  38. ladyb says:

    With all the money they have between them why would either need child support? You pay when with you I pay when they are with me. School fees and such divided equally. Or is that too simple?

    • Ennie says:

      I think they have assets together, and that is complicated. I do think AJ is not as wealthy, she has stopped workig for long stretches of time, and she does not have a sucessful production company as Brad does. In the lonh run, they most probably need the money to sustain the same lifestyle they have led, and which they are entitled to.

    • Alice says:

      Child support is the right of the child! Every child deserves to e supported by both parents. This is not to be negotiated and is ordered for good reasons and based on the paying parent’s income. Things and peope change. Child support must be sealed in. written.

  39. Marla says:

    Some excellent points made by the commenters. I would have run when it turned from being one kid into six in a very small space of time, after a very obvious every-which way sex life everywhere, followed by her boo-hoo moment of pre-empting that he would want shared custody as him” taking the kids away!”, if they split up- when they were still together.!
    It just got worse.
    A hokey rushed marriage that”the kids wanted” ( I smell BS) that looked very much like she was sulking the whole day and Brad looked like he was over the drama. The marriage was for the divorce, clearly. The benefits of the divorce. Which, she now is stamping her feet about.
    Brad picked badly on the rebound.

    • ariana says:

      @Maria, since when was Brad on the “rebound”, he was the one who dumped JA, after them being estranged for at least a year or more.

      Brad’s problem is this is the first time since he’s become famous a woman has publicly kicked his ass to the curb, and his wittle ego is bruised.

  40. bap says:

    Angelina is not worry about what the public thinks of her. She did nothing personal against him it was business.

  41. DS9 says:

    The worst thing about divorces like this, where one party obviously feels some kind of way about being left and cut off, is that everyone, especially the legal system, expects you to behave with grace, super amenable to every sort of bullshit the petty party can come up with, because it’s like so much better for the children if everyone gets along.

    That’s true in general, yes but it’s very easy for one party to use that standard as a control tactic.

    My take is that Angelina has been doing the emotional labor for years now. And she’s angry and tired of having to keep doing it well after she decided she wasn’t going you be his wife anymore.

    Brad is petty and hurt and has no one to do his emotional labor anymore and tell him how to manage his feelings. And now he’s using the media and the court system to try to control her.

  42. Diamond Rottweiler says:

    I think it’s weird that the truism is that if a pretty verifiably toxic human being appears to be “trying,” the other parent should somehow miraculously be utterly neutral emotionally about something that profoundly affects and potentially damages their children. Who amongst us could do that? Who wants to take that risk? Not me. The idea that children automatically benefit from having a relationship with a shit show of a parent over time hits me as bizarre. Statistically-speaking, it’s a rare tiger that changes its stripes. And if I had a dollar for every woman I know who has to continuously fight her ex in order to get him to keep his end of the legal bargain for their kids’ expenses, I would be a wealthy woman. Once you’re no longer their property, and they don’t get to control what you do with the money, so many don’t think they need to pay. Seems a very typically straight male attitude to me.

    • Alice says:

      “And if I had a dollar for every woman I know who has to continuously fight her ex in order to get him to keep his end of the legal bargain for their kids’ expenses, I would be a wealthy woman.”

      This a million times. I’m baffled at the good will still pouring in Brad’s direction. He is mot cheap, they say, sweet Brad. But if I had a dollar for each ex husband who has chosen to use his money to punish his ex wife through not paying for his kids, I’d also be a rich woman.

  43. Stisella says:

    Trash. Both of them. They care more about public opinion and ruining each other than raising those kids. They’re both paying up for their stupid selfish choices. KARMA. You really can’t escape it.

  44. Sarah says:

    It’s the first time I’ve read about Jolie being diagnosed with a BPD. Where did you hear that? Brad’s behavior on that plane sounded way more worrisome to me than anything Jolie has ever done to be honest.

  45. LadyT says:

    Sarah- The post you’re referring to is gone, but I don’t believe there is any official knowledge of that diagnosis.

  46. Go Figure! says:

    If that poster is referring to bipolar disorder, I have never, and I have followed Angie from the beginning of her career, known her to be diagnosed with that. Shame on someone for even putting that out there.

  47. Alisha says:

    @gofigure they are referring to borderline, and it is just a rumor that started online, nothing has ever been stated or confirmed that Angelina has it.

  48. AmyB says:

    Since when has Angelina Jolie ever been associated with Borderline Personality Disorder??? If you know anything about this disease, she certainly doesn’t exhibit the symptoms from what I can see. These people have very disruptive relationships, have anger management issues and it is usually coupled with addiction problems and fear of abandonment. How the hell does that describe AJ? She is clearly a strong, independent woman who left her demons behind a long time ago.

  49. Ennie says:

    OMG so you have her diagnosis? Are for real?

  50. Carmen says:

    @ peanutcrunch: No institution woul release such info because it would be a direct violation of HIPAA regulations.

  51. Stisella says: