Brad Pitt’s team is going on & on about how Angelina Jolie is not broke…?

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Ever since Angelina Jolie’s lawyers filed papers announcing their intention to seek back child-support from Brad Pitt, the shenanigans have been flowing like wine. Brad’s lawyers came out and claimed that he’s already “paid” more than $9 million to Angelina and the kids, although by their own accounting, $8 million of that was a loan. Which is what Jolie’s lawyers said in rebuttal: a loan is not child support. It’s especially not child support when Brad is making Angelina pay interest. Anyway, as I said, there have been shenanigans. Many of the ride-or-die Pitt stans have been questioning why Angelina would even NEED a loan or why she would NEED child support.

There are a lot of numbers being floated around, so I thought I’d add my take on the Jolie-Pitt situation, and to be 100% clear, this really is simply MY take, based on covering Brad and Angelina for years. Angelina’s overhead has always been pretty low, and she’s not blowing a ton of money on anything fancy, like clothes or jewelry or cars. Her one big “splurge” is her private plane habit. My guess is that during the Brangelina years – when they were still together – Brad paid for almost everything, from their real estate purchases to their security to the kids’ education/tutors/what-have-you. Brad has always been the wealthier one, but Angelina has likely stocked away a nice chunk of money over the years, but nothing like the inflated $100-150 million figure. My guess, judging on how much money she gives away and how little she’s worked on big studio films in the past 13 years, is that she probably has, at most, $20-30 million tucked away. God knows how liquid she is, and God knows why she chose to accept a loan from Brad. My guess is that it’s much more complicated than “she didn’t have the money.” People take loans for all kinds of reasons.

Still, TMZ’s BRAD STAN sources want you to wonder why that difficult villainess is so hard up for money that she would *checks notes* ask the father of her six children for child support two years after a violent, alcohol-fueled incident on a private plane.

Angelina Jolie is sounding the alarm … all is not well in the money department. TMZ broke the story, Brad Pitt loaned his estranged wife $8 million to buy a house … a little weird for an actress who has raked in millions for years. Sources familiar with the situation tell us, Brad’s income and net worth far, far exceed Angelina’s … it’s not even close.

Fact is … Angelina has not made money an issue in her divorce until several weeks ago, when she asked a judge for a formal child support agreement. As we reported, Brad has paid Angelina $1.3 million in support over the last 2 years and she didn’t complain until late last month. Our sources say Brad and Angelina don’t have a prenup, which means anything they earned while they were married is a 50/50 split. That benefits Angelina, but the problem is … they married in 2014. Brad made more than her throughout their relationship, which began in 2004. The only way Angelina could get a cut of Brad’s income from 2004 – 2014 is if she could prove they had an agreement that he would support her.

We’re told she’s talking about filing such a claim. But sources connected to Brad say that’s laughable, because they were both extremely rich and such a promise wasn’t necessary and never made. What’s super interesting … Angelina and Brad delayed tying the knot until gay marriage became legal in California. Brad made that statement in 2006, and it took 8 more years for them to finally walk down the aisle. Had they married in 2006 she’d be entitled to millions more in community property.

[From TMZ]

Don’t you ever get exhausted with TMZ’s misogyny and awfulness? I do. I guess since I’m Angelina’s lawyer now, I’ll say this: she’s not asking for support for herself. She’s not asking for alimony (…yet). She’s asking for child support, which has very little to do with the length of the marriage or how rich she is or whatever. Fathers have to pay child support to their kids without even marrying their baby-mamas ALL THE TIME. It feels like Team Pitt is flailing and they just want to talk about how Angelina is some money-hungry bitch or whatever, but there’s such a failure of logic, I don’t even know what they’re arguing.

Also, Team Pitt went to The Blast as well, all to claim that Angelina is getting a big paycheck from Disney for Maleficent 2. You know, the film Brad pitched a fit about her doing because she took the kids to London… after she didn’t work for a year and a half because she was focused on making sure the kids were in therapy and dealing with everything following the plane incident. It’s also her first acting job from a studio since the first Maleficent movie in 2014. She’s been doing voice work and producing and directing, but that’s not making her a ton of money. But the point of all this is that Brad thinks it’s totally fine for him to be a deadbeat dad just as long as Angelina is working (and then he gets to bitch about her working, because it’s his f–ked up version of a Catch-22).

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  1. Lucy2 says:

    Just shut up and pay for your kids.
    I can’t believe this has gotten so ugly over money, of all things.

    • Snazzy says:

      Honestly. This whole situation is terrible, and his kids are going be hurt over this for a very long time. What a jerk

      • Ida says:

        no brad pitt movie for me ever again. one does not behave that way. period.

      • Moe says:

        They are BOTH doing the wrong thing for their children by letting their lawyers/sources do this mud slinging out in public. BOTH OF THEM! He’s a big man baby but I’m pretty bumbed about her as well. The only real victims in this shit show are the kids who are no doubt reading all this on the net.

      • serena says:

        @Ida SAME!
        @Moe I don’t know about that, Angelina is just defending herself and I’m sure she wouldn’t have said anything at all (like she did with the plane accident) if Brad just paid what he had to.

      • Carmen says:

        I can’t even watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith any more and I used to love that movie. I just want to reach through the screen and slap the hell out of him. What a jerk.

    • Millenial says:

      Agreed. Honestly, I’m surprised he didn’t start this whole divorce negotiation off with a large lump-sum settlement, a couple properties, and a generous child support payment right off the bat. It certainly would have been the smarter thing to do.

      • Milla says:

        Brad was always a jerk. But i never thought he was a cheap one at that. Clearly, i was wrong.

      • Hmmm says:

        I don’t think he wanted the divorce at first. Now they both wanted but she really does because of what deplorable Brad and his lawyer leaked about the custody stuff. He’s hoping those man rights people will jump on his side, I guess. Why else not pay his 50%? Lol

      • lucy2 says:

        That’s what I don’t get. In his position, trying to get some custody (and rehab his image), you’d think he’d be super generous and say “whatever you need.”

      • theplot says:

        How do you know he didn’t give her a lump sum? Why didn’t Angie go to one of her own homes rather than demand a new one? They have plenty of properties around LA, both owned and rented. If the 8 million is a loan because Ang wanted a new house, then Brad has paid $500K a year in childcare payments. What is so bad about that?

        I know I’m in the sacred temple of Ang worshippers here, but come on people. I’m beginning to think the Bad Brad narrative was/is promoted by Celebitchy for hits.

      • Maya says:

        A loan is a loan and will be repaid – Angelina is paying back with interest.

        So stop trying to claim Brad is not a deadbeat dad. He evicted them and kept the inventory right after he traumatised those 6 children.

      • theplot says:

        How do you know Brad evicted them? They have several homes around LA. Ang hand plenty of choices. Maybe she chose not to go back? How about that?

        He pays plenty and will pay more if Ang ever gets her act together and makes demands towards an agreement. So far, she refuses.

      • Algernon says:

        @ the plot The house Angelina bought is near Brad’s long-time residence in LA. She didn’t buy that house just to get a new place, she bought it specifically so the kids could easily shuttle between mom and dad. At this point, if Brad had paid some kind of lump sum, we would know about it because they are spilling their financial details everywhere right now. If he had, why would they have left that out when mentioning the loan? In fact, “Brad gave Angelina money right away” would sound a lot better than “Brad is charging his children’s mother interest.” He writes this narrative himself by nickel and diming the mother of his children.

      • Felicia says:

        I think what people aren’t getting about the 8 million is that if he just “gave” that to her (this being after the date of seperation), that amount would NOT be taken into account in any eventual settlement. A gift becomes the sole property of the person it is gifted to, period and regardless of whether it was your estranged spouse who gave it to you or not. Hence it being a “loan”.

        And secondly, in that situation, you are required to charge interest otherwise whatever the “bank” rate of interest would have been on that 8 million (that you’re not charging) would ALSO be considered a gift.

        I don’t believe that she’s only got 20 or 30 million, that figure is ridiculously low. She probably simply does not have liquidity because her money is tied up elsewhere and liquidating those assets would be at a loss.

        I know we all tend to think “loan” = monthly payments, but the reality is that they could have structured it any way they wanted. For all we know, she doesn’t have to pay a cent until the financial portion of the divorce is settled and the interest amount is just added to the 8 million and all of that will be offset against whatever the final settlement ends up being. Or when she can free up enough liquidities to reimburse the loan, if that is what they have in mind.

        IF, and that is an if, this is how they’ve set this up, she didn’t have to liquidate assets at a loss (and won’t have to). Pitt has, in essence, advanced her a portion of whatever the financial settlement will be, while ensuring that there is no question of it being a loan and not a gift, which also covers his *ss. FFS, they are getting a divorce. Obviously he’s going to make sure that anything like this is on the ledger. It’s $8 million and probably something around $500K a year in interest.

        Is it child support? No, but he didn’t say it was either. Does it free up her liquidity for other things? Yes it would. Does it allow the option of not selling other things at fire sale prices? Yes. That “other thing” would probably be Miraval and they would both take a huge loss on it. That would be an incredibly stupid move for both of them financially.

      • lucy2 says:

        @theplot I don’t know why she didn’t go to one of their other homes, if I were faced with either that or taking a big loan from someone I was furious with, I’d vote other house. But who knows. Maybe technically Brad owns all of them?
        Both parties are acknowledging the $8 million loan and the $1.3 in support over 2 years. If there were a lump sum, one of them would have said so.
        I don’t think “evict” is the correct word, on another post someone noted that as per Jolie’s interview, they went back to their Los Feliz house after the plane incident, and then eventually moved to a rental.
        For the record, I’m not a fan of either of them.

      • Parsley says:

        I don’t think he was ever going to play nice after it exploded so publicly, especially since he’s been cleared of any wrongdoing as far as the still-mysterious plane incident is concerned. Just what happened on that plane isn’t going to come out and I think we have most of the “worst” details already. These two will be acrimonious for life, looks like. Team kids.

    • mtam says:

      I really don’t think it’s about money. It feels like it’s about control. Like Brad doesn’t want to let go and also doesn’t want to bare certain responsibilities.

    • Alissa says:

      it doesn’t matter if they’re both rich, they should be paying equally for their six kids. period. a loan is not child support.

      • KB says:

        If he is significantly wealthier than she is, they shouldn’t be paying equally, he should be paying more. I’m a fan of Brad, but she worked (works) a lot less than he did (does), so his share should be more than 50%.

    • Cleo2 says:

      It’s funny. Back when they we’re together which was all of 13 years, minus the last 2…
      I always thought Angelina firmly directed Brad to NOT get out in front of some of the lashings she’d take from the tabloids, his ex wife, his ex wife’s friends, etc.

      Now I realize he’s just a wimp. He’s a coward who’s as image conscious as they come, save maybe his first ex. He let Angelina take the slings and arrows even from his own old pals (see Melissa Etheridge attacking Jolie’s surgeries of all things!).

      Brad is emboldened because he knows factions of society will always be lying in wait to turn on Angelina just because. The list is long– from 1)still angry 2005 era Aniston stans, bitter women who may not even have been stans but believe she a beautiful movie star ‘stole’ Brad, 2) ALL of the tabloids and weeklies who KNOW it pays with the women of the walmart/grocery impulse tabloid aisle to demonize Angelina and only Angelina 3)People who just have irrational resentment about her longtime humanitarianism (afterall if she can be painted a fraud they’ll feel better about what they’re NOT doing) and last but certainly not least…4) ALL of the PR behemoth agencies/firms, especially CAA, who she’s spurned for 20+ years (AJ is notorious for not having personal PR and not giving up 10-20%- Brad even dropped his when he was with her) the PR flacks and firms all along have done their part in helping numbers 1-3 take root (see client Chelsea Handler who was signed to call her a c u next tuesday every 3 months for 5 years back in 2008.

      Brad knows he doesn’t have to do much to kick up a dust storm of bitter hate towards Angelina while he retains his golden boy twinkle.

      That he’d do this to someone he admittedly screwed over, a person with such an admirable reputation abroad and in the world who happena to be his kids mother, just so he will not be seen as a fck up (too late!) Is tge height of cowardice and slander. If it’s his overeager vindictive PR camp he needs to tell them to slow their roll and atay away from Trump pal Harvey Levin. If he’s involved…well like I say…I’m not surprised given his very weak history.

      Here’s to Angelina one day finding a strong devoted partner that has her back…if she wants that. She never had it with Brad. Both Billy and Johnny continue to have her back. Brad is gross.

      P.S. Oh and Brad and Angelina got together in 2005, not 2004. I’m sure that was also deliberate on vile TMZ’s part.

      • Guest says:

        He was, I understand, brought up in a religious household. Okay, so he’s gone far, far astray. But where on earth are Pitt’s parents?????? Where are the decent bones in his sister’s bodies? Why am I even asking?? My son’s father told all his relatives I had taken up with a drunk and that’s why he wasn’t supporting his kid (my son). They believed him. When he died, they came for a visit….and I had to ask….if you REALLY believed I had taken up with a drunk (I had a boarder, who I ultimately DID kick out due to addiction issues, but it was not as he made it seem) and the child was at risk, WHY DIDN’T YOU COME FIND OUT…FOR THE GOOD OF YOUR NEPHEW? Instead, his whole side just abandoned the kid…till they suddenly discovered he was the last of the line…THEN they took an interest in him…but by then, it was too late and my son had formed his own opinions about his dad’s family. So my question remains: WHERE IS BRAD’S FAMILY???? For the kid’s sakes????

      • Hmmm says:

        His own brother said it.

        Not exact quote but I read it on Twitter and just read someone else post it on another site.

        “What the paparazzi have to understand is Brad has to follow the rules. I don’t. I don’t care about good image or bad publicity, I protect my kids”- Doug Pitt

        Not sure if this was said before or after Brad Pitt became a father.

      • Adorable says:

        @Hmmm,David Fincher also once said that Brad does get away with a lot,in that his “Good boy”image does help him a lot,glad there are people seeing through it all though.

    • Lilly says:

      Yes, my first thought was I used to love him so much and now… Bye.

  2. Cidy says:

    TMZ is right up there with like… bro-bible on spewing the misogynist side of the story. Angelina probably isn’t broke, but those are HIS kids too and him paying some kind of child support while she is their main home and custody isnt a normal, actually it’s what happens in almost all cases of separation.

    On another note, at the grocery store this weekend I saw a magazine cover that proclaimed that Brad had “put a ring” on Jennifer Aniston and I was literally bent over laughing in the check out line.

    • Maya says:

      White men stick together…

      I feel like I owe Jennifer Aniston an apology. Even though she was wrong in using the media to attack Angelina, I now think the reason she didn’t critics Brad was because he was too powerful at that time. Brad’s onslaught on Jennifer made her fight back against it by not going after Brad but Angelina instead.

      Brad must have been horrible towards her as well during their 7 years together.

      • Div says:

        In retrospect, I highly suspect he played both Angelina and Jennifer off one another when he divorced Jennifer and Jennifer really only woke up to it after several years. It wouldn’t be the first time someone went “oh, hey, I’m separated” when they are really not.

      • lingli says:

        I don’t remember her criticising either of them. I think she used the word “uncool” in one interview to describe … I don’t know, the way their relationship started? And I think she said somewhere that Brad was “missing a sensitivity chip” but mostly I remember her not discussing it. That isn’t to say that her team didn’t leak or plant stories afterwards, and that that didn’t work to her advantage – but that’s the nature of the game, isn’t it? Why else did Brad and Angelina do that “1950s family” photospread in W Magazine mere months after their relationship became public, after all?

        I like to think Jennifer casts a cursory glance at this complete nightmare of a divorce when it pops up on her gossip website of choice (or however she hears about it), and then goes back to doing yoga in her mansion or drinking margaritas with her friends in Cabo; living her best life, in other words.

      • Div, I have always thought that Brad lied. I could never understand how so much blame, hatred and vitriol went toward both women in the situation, but none went to Brad, who was the only one who could’ve known the actual truth.

        It’s insane what he gets away with, and he knows it too, he’s said it in interviews in the past. He knows he’s had a charmed life.

    • theplot says:

      According to the numbers that we have any knowledge of, Brad has paid child support over the last two years, even with the loan of 8 million that ang is claiming.

      • Maya says:

        Again from HIS OWN LAWYER those $8million are loan and will have to be repaid.

      • theplot says:

        Yes, Maya, I know. But on top of that he has made payments to Ang, to the tune of 1.3 million for the kids. Now, Ang has not demanded any settlement for child support, so what is Brad supposed to do???? Now she is claiming he’s a deadbeat because she can’t be arsed to give the court a child support claim???? That’s not his fault.

      • Felicia says:

        @ThePlot: on one hand, we know that Pitt has shelled out 1.3 million. We don’t know how much AJ has shelled out.

        9k a month is not “meaningful” according to her lawyers. What does that mean? Is it 10% of their monthly expenses? 20%? 30%?

        If it’s 10%, that is 90k a month per kid. A half a million bucks a month and then some. The question is here, as far as I see, what is going to be considered “reasonable expenses” and what is not going to be considered “reasonable”.

        I suspect they have two very different ideas on that.

  3. Crowhood says:

    This truly has ruined Brad Pitt for me. Take. Care. Of. Your. Kids. TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS. Take care of your kids. Purple Christ it’s just lunacy that he’s going so low.

    • Jellybean says:

      Does the $1.3M not count at all?

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        For six children over two years at Hollywood levels of support that does not seem much really. It feels bare minimum of effort. I mean K-Fed was getting $20,000 per month and people here were going hard on Britney to cough up.

      • Maya says:

        $1 million decided by 18 months = 55000 per month. Decide that by 6, that’s 9000 per child.

        That doesn’t even cover their therapy lessons. Brad is a deadbeat and this just proves it.

      • Div says:

        It doesn’t matter if it’s 1.3 mil or 13 mil, a parent is expected to pay a certain percentage of money. If the parents don’t need the amount of money due to the non custodial parent being super wealthy, they can put it away for the kids. Elon Musk pulled the same sh*t on his ex…..I’m guestimating the numbers, but he owed something like $10 mil a year in child support and he kept arguing that it was too much money….despite being worth hundreds of millions of dollars

      • Kat says:

        As Maya said, that’s 9000 dollars per kid. Considering they need bodyguards when out and about, Angelina makes sure they have tutors whenever travelling so they don’t miss out on school or for learning their birth-country languages. Add fees for the occasional nannies and school fees (is Maddox ready for college yet?), that’s really not much!

      • Crowhood says:

        Of course the 1.3million counts. However child support is generally a percentage of income, so while that sounds like a lot of money it is not what is should be paying.

        Additionally my comment was Intended to go beyond the money. Take care of your kids- as in don’t terrify them to the point of dissolving the family, don’t move them out of their home and keep their belongings, don’t belittle their mother in the news, don’t prolong a legal matter that provides intimate details of their saddness for people like us to comment on. Take care of your kids.

      • Livvers says:

        For comparison, Jesse Williams was ordered to pay $50,000/month child support, so Brad has barely scraped past the “C-List TV actor” level of child support.

      • theplot says:

        Jellybean, evidently NOT. There seems to be no amount of money Brad could give to Ang and his kids that would satisfy anyone here.

        According to some sources, Ang has not exactly been wise with the family finances. The kids are not in school and stay home most of the time which requires a big staff to “teach” them and take care of them. Ang has the habit of buying or renting properties whenever she feels like it, and this is a known habit backed by records.

        Part of the reason they can’t reach a settlement might be that Brad doesn’t want to keep paying for the extravagant habits of Ang. Schooling, sure. Their health and welfare, absolutely. But supporting Ang’s peripatetic life with a huge entourage, maybe not. Maybe this is his way of ending a life he finds was unhealthy and chaotic. He would know, after all.

        The thing is WE DON’T KNOW what the deal is here. All the Bad Brad posts seem to be of a gang mentality now rather than taking part in smart guesswork.

  4. Rapunzel says:

    It does not matter if Angelina is as rich as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. She could be a billionaire and Brad still owes child-support.

    Brad is being a total a**hole in this situation. It’s clear he’s upset Jolie left him and took the kids and is punishing her. Plus, since he’s hardly seen the kids because they’re upset with him, he clearly feels that he shouldn’t have to pay for them. This is totally not true and against the law.

    I’m calling it now: Brad’s kids are gonna hate him if he keeps this up. Nothing is more alienating to a child than feeling their parent doesn’t want to pay for that. I have a paternal uncle who refused to pay child support for his children, because he had an acrimonious divorce. My paternal grandmother even encouraged him to not work so the government couldn’t take any money from him. Needless to say, his children hate him. They do not talk to him; He has never seen his grandkids. Brad is going to end up this way if he is not careful.

    Makes me wonder: How good are Brad’s finances? Can all this arguing be because he’s having money issues? Otherwise it’s stupid to court such horrible PR while alienating his children.

    • Maya says:

      Exactly – she could be a billionaire but that doesn’t excuse the fact that Brad hasn’t paid and now refusing to pay child support.

      • LadyT says:

        Of course they should work out a child support agreement. She did not ask for it in the divorce filing though. (Documented) She is just now saying she is going to file for it in the FUTURE. Where’s this refusal to pay you’re referring to? There is no such child support order to even refuse. If you want to claim he should have done this or should have done that- you are welcome to your opinion as always, just try to keep the facts straight.

      • theplot says:

        Thank-you LadyT for taking the time to add some SENSE to this conversation!

      • crogirl says:

        Where is this “she didn’t ask for child support” coming from?
        I remember she didn’t ask for spousal support in her filing, but nothing about child support.

      • Well, she is asking for it now, ladyt. I guess that means that Brad will willingly pay up, right? Except all he’s done since this news came out is run to his fav tabloid TMZ to attack Angie for asking for said child support. Maybe that’s why she waited so long to ask, maybe she was afraid of Brads reaction, it’s clearly not very nice is it?

        What Kind of person attacks the other parent for asking for child support? A deadbeat. I know plenty of people with deadbeat exes who HATE to pay child support, Brad’s no better or different from them, yet he’s a multi millionaire.

      • Heather says:

        LadyT, I don’t know how it works in Cali, but in NY when I got divorced, child support wasn’t decided in that proceeding. It was decided in a separate court proceeding in a whole other court (family court). So my divorce filing doesnt reference child support, but believe you me I asked for it!

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      I am questioning his finances too, because this feels very much like the early decline of Johnny Depp, because who would have guessed “Mr Island Owner” was as broke as me before payday?

    • Guest says:

      Reading your thoughtful comments and it occurred to me….maybe PITT doesn’t WANT his kids? Or maybe at this stage (how horrible if true) he only wants his biological children??OMG I pray that’s not true.

      • KB says:

        That is a terrible thought. Not sure why you’d think it. They’re all his children and anyone with adopted kids knows you love them all the same.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        For heavens sake.

      • Carmen says:

        I’ve always thought since they split up that Pitt doesn’t want the responsibility of caring for six kids, and is only making a big stink in the media to protect his image of Hollywood’s Number One Dad, as well as to get revenge on Angie for leaving him.

      • lingli says:

        He’s paying an awful lot of money to lawyers if he doesn’t want to be involved in his children’s lives! I think up until this point that’s what the legal arguments have been over: visitation and custody arrangements.

        They haven’t actually got to the financial issues yet. He hasn’t refused to pay child support (as I said elsewhere, he may not be paying as much as he should but that has yet to be decided). It’s not clear why he loaned Angelina money (as other, more knowledgeable commenters have pointed out, that may be because he’s a tight-fisted Scrooge or it may be because his accountants told him it made more sense to “lend” it and then forgive the loan as part of the final settlement). There’s some major extrapolating going on here.

      • Carmen says:

        @lingli: That money he’s paying out to the lawyers isn’t for the children, it’s for him. It’s all about refurbishing and burnishing his image while trashing hers. Evil Angie blindsided him by filing for divorce, taking the kids, and leaving him crying, alone and desolate, and now she’s adding insult to injury by making him look like a deadbeat dad. Hollywood’s Golden Boy can’t have that so he’s attempting payback by trying to make her look like Cruella de Vil. And his stans lap it up.

    • kacy says:

      Actually her own personal wealth does matter. If Brad had 50/50 custody, which due to the steps he’s taken, most parents would have by now, he’d be automatically paying for half their expenses at his place. If their net worth is more or less equivalent, child support would actually not be needed.

      What is surprising is that so little progress has been made on sharing custody by this point. Angelina may have valid concerns. However, the courts will not view the behavior that we know about enough to award her sole physical custody. The courts have been showing a push to provide him with greater visitation/custody.

      Also, child support is for necessities and not fringe benefits like frequent international travel that interfere with custody sharing. It is unreasonable to expect the other parent to pay for that.

      • Kacy, the paying parent doesn’t get to dictate what the receiving parent does with child support. That’s not how that works. Could you imagine the lopsided power dynamics if the paying parent could dictate what is done with the the money they, by law, owe their kids? That would be setting up a situation ripe for abuse. I would hate to see anyone in such a situation.

      • kacy says:

        True, but Brad can petition the court that the travel which is optional not be included in the baseline for considering the children’s expenses.

  5. HelloSunshine says:

    Is he calling his relationship with his kids a loss at this point?? They’re old enough to google, like someone pointed out earlier this week, and none of this makes him look like a caring person who wants his kids back in his life. He sounds like a bitter ex partner he’ll bent on hurting his ex no matter what, even if it affects the kids.

    Also, her financials don’t matter when you’re the one not paying child support dude. This is a clear attempt to rally up the Pit fans that were starting to question stuff after it came out that the money was a loan last week imo

    • lingli says:

      Eh, depends on which website the children are reading. I kind of hope that they avoid or are unable to access all gossip/celebrity sites, to be honest.

  6. Maya says:

    Brad – unless you now claim they are not your children, it’s your legal obligation to pay 50% of the expenses.

    Stop being a pathetic human being and pay up. Count your blessings that Angelina is not requesting spousal support nor is she releasing the video and the true reason for the divorce.

    I said this last week and I think Angelina couldn’t get the money straight away as I believe they have joint properties together.

    Angelina has also started to accept acting roles because she knows she is the breadwinner now. Maleficent 2, Ivan & Home Again are all Disney movies and she probably got £10 – 20 millions for each movie.

    Once this has all settled I hope Brad takes a good look at himself and changes. He already lost his wife and children and now losing the public respect. Very soon, he will lose the media favour as it is only a matter of time before someone gets fed up and releases the truth.

    • Ariel says:

      It won’t be so dire for brad. White men get redemption time after time. Whether or not they actually deserve or earn it.

    • kacy says:

      Unless the expenses are unreasonable. I question the necessity of a nanny per child. I think the security is possible overdone as well.

      Also, there is also no requirement that they travel that often. If they mother is determining the travel frequency and using private plans, she should be prepared to pay for it.

    • Hmmm says:

      Apparently she hired Kim bassingers lawyer aka the lawyer who Alec Baldwin accuses of releasing the thoughtless little pig audio. So maybe Brad should stop leaking before she leaks something even bigger?

      • KB says:

        I can’t imagine wanting to hire anyone associated with Alec and Kim’s clusterf*^k of a divorce.

        30 Rock mocked that divorce perfectly. Alec’s character Jack Donaghy is still divorcing a woman like 14 years after they split and he’s fighting for a box she taught her dog to poop in, her parents’ love letters, and art projects she made with art supplies he gifted her.

      • Hmm says:

        30 Rock? Was that the show Alec Baldwin was on? Of course they would turn it in his favor. If we’re lucky whatever evidence Angelina and her lawyers have will turn Brad’s career into Alec’s. Angelina obviously doesn’t care about Hollywood especially after Brad is trying to ruin her career with the help of every media outlet and Melissa etheridge. he can get work on tv and make fun of his divorces to help him pay child support.

      • KB says:

        It wasn’t in Alec’s favor, it was making fun of how petty they were being. I guess he just had a good sense of humor about it.

    • theplot says:

      There is no legal obligation to support those kids unless the courts order it. Ang refused to state what she wanted from Brad during negotiations (probably one reason Wasserman quit.) So what is Brad supposed to do? Make up a number or send her a blank check.

      He spent 9 million on those kids, if we believe Ang, 8 million as a loan for a house (she does not need) and the rest in child support. So, what do you people want exactly? If the kids need more, then that needs to go through the courts which ANGIE REFUSES to comply with!

      I know, hating Brad is so much more fun, but please…really.

      • Maya says:

        Oh dear – Wasser didn’t quit and she is mentioned on those documents submitted to the court.

        And Angelina just went to court with evidence so again – you failed in your attempt to praise Brad.

        It’s seem you just cannot handle it that the true face of Brad is slowly exposed. Better prepare yourself because Angelina is done being used and abused by Brad and the media and she is fighting back.

      • Hmm says:

        Wasser didn’t quit. I think she just doesn’t want to be blamed when Kim Basinger’s lawyer leaks the tape/evidence. It would ruin her rep. Which Angelina obviously wasn’t going to do until he leaked those documents.

        There is yet another leak from camp leaky Pittstain today, too. He’s pissing Angelina off and pushing her to do it but trying to stop her by saying it will be hurtful to the kids. He’s getting out ahead of whatever it is. At this point she knows he hurt her kids and continues to do so with his many leaks so she might think it could be helpful to the kids to shut their deadbeat daddy up with the tape or whatever proof she has.

      • coco puffs says:

        @the plot. I think you are confusing people and yourself trying to understand what no one knows.
        The first thing where you are wrong is Brad Pitt lives an extravagant lifestyle and was before Angelina. You forget that huge house he and Jen purchased together and he already had three other properties. You are referencing a man who was sued last year for spending 20 million dollars on some architectural whim lighting scheme in their palace in Miraval. A man who has an extensive art collection one of many collections. The only properties Angelina rents is when they are onset in another country. If you had a large brood like that a house would be better.
        I can say she embraced his lifestyle moreso when she got with him because before that she was very low key with extravagance. She changed to fit in his world as we all saw.
        I don’t think its bad for this site to say what they think about Pitt when you have forums dedicated to slander Angelina daily.

      • theplot says:


        I’m not “praising Brad”. I’m trying to inject some sense into this board which is bordering on hysteria. Of course, Celebitchy likes this because their hits are down on all other topics, so they keep it going. That still isn’t right.

        If Ang wants money, she can go to court and petition for money. Normal people do it every day in divorce cases. Ang isn’t so special that she can wish for it and it magically appears. She has to put in a little effort.

        I think Wasserman has quit, yes. Maybe she is saying otherwise to protect the privacy of her ex-client, Ang, but she’s outa there. Using kids to hurt spouses is not her thing.

        Coco, it sounds like Brad made wise investments back when he was married to Aniston. Those houses have probably tripled in price, if not more. As far as art goes, that’s down to individual pieces and neither of us knows what he collects and if it’s appreciated in value.

        Ang has at least one rental in LA or Malibu. If she wants a new house that is her business but saying that Brad loaned her the money, without disclosing the terms of this loan, without acknowledging she didn’t need a new home, is bad form. It’s Brad’s money and they do NOT have a divorce settlement yet because of ANGIE. She can’t have everything. Either provide for the kids by going through a divorce and settlement like a normal person, or don’t and support them on her own.

    • lingli says:

      Wait, there’s a tape? Of what? The “plane incident”? Is this genuine, or more just wishful thinking?

  7. Div says:

    I’m very frustrated by how this is being spun by the press. Usually, you are expected to pay a certain percentage if you are the non-custodial parent. So it doesn’t matter if you are Joe who makes $60k a year and who has $200k in savings or Joe who makes $6 million a year and has $16 million in savings…you are still usually paying the same percentage. But Brad’s PR team knows that the a lot of people will say $9 million, why does she need more, that’s insane money and keep hating on Jolie. It doesn’t even matter if it’s insane money, it’s the legal norm and Brad needs to cough it up. And before someone jumps on me, I don’t think Angelina has handled the situation in the best way but being messy isn’t anywhere near comparable to being an addict who got violent with one’s own kid and who refuses to take responsibility.

    The ironic thing is if Brad has just owned his problems and said “hey, I have issues, I’m going to rehab in order to be a better father and please respect our privacy while we go through the divorce” Angie probably would have been way more open and the press would have left this mess alone after a while because there wouldn’t be any drama to dissect.

    • theplot says:

      You are expected to pay, as non-costodial parent, after the custodial parent comes up with a number that the courts can then accept or reject. Angie has REFUSED to do this, so why is that Brad’s fault?

      Oh gosh, Brad admits to his issues. Why aren’t you applauding this?????

      • Carmen says:

        Because it’s all a load of self-serving BS. “Look at me, everybody, I’m not an irresponsible drunk and horrible parent, I admit I’ve got issues! I deserve kudos for admitting it!” Then he turns around and accuses Angie of alienating the kids from him, after he’s done an excellent job of doing that all by himself without any help from her. This is all about resentment (“I’m Hollywood’s Golden Boy, how dare she leave me?!”) and determination to pay her back by any means available.

    • TheOtherSam says:

      My understanding is child support is not determined as a percentage of what parents make. It’s determined to support an adequate amount needed to provide necessary care for children.

      In the case of very wealthy parents – such as these – those amount can be quite high, given their visibility, lifestyle, cost of living etc. But it’s not a percentage. And both parents would be expected to contribute to expenses based on their incomes and ability.

      Also I think the Pitt-to-Jolie $8 million loan was discussed in a prior thread. It was likely structured as a loan to help AJ out so she wouldn’t have to pay huge taxes on it if it was a gift. Their respective financial advisors and attorneys would have had a hand in structuring this properly – it’s not like Brad sat down and made an arbitrary decision to loan this, then wrote her a personal check for $8 mil.

      • It is a mathematical percentage of income. There is an app called the dissomaster that spits out a number based on – number of children, % of time with each parent, income. It’s exactly a percentage, I don’t know about other states, but that’s what it is here in California where it can be extremely expensive to live.

        There are certain expenses that are to be divided 50/50, and are owed outside of child support, a couple for sure and a few that can be added and would be more expected with high earning parents. Two things that are automatically 50/50 are childcare needed for work or school, and uninsured medical expenses. Additionally, extra expenses that can be ordered as shared are extra curricular activities, certain travel expenses, school, and usually the higher earning parent pays to insure the children.

        Also, a person receiving a gift does not pay taxes on it, the person giving it does. Although the IRS would go after the receiver if they cannot get the money from the giver.

  8. Loopy says:

    Question: If a couple has joint custody and more or less make the same income then there is no child support ?

    • Iknow says:

      I don’t believe so.

    • Astrid says:

      Custody is different than visitation. I have joint custody with my ex but he doesn’t get any visitation and he’s supposed to pay child support but he doesn’t.

      • KB says:

        They’re both referred to as custody, what you’re referring to is the difference between legal custody and physical custody.

    • Person3514 says:

      It depends on what agreements are made. When my mom and little sisters dad divorced they had joint custody and had similar incomes. Nobody had to pay child support and they determined who would pay for insurance and other things. They split everything and that was it.

    • lucy2 says:

      I would think if the kid(s) spends 50% of the time with each, and all expenses are shared, then probably not.

    • KB says:

      Right, but I can’t see any scenario where Brad and Angelina make the same unless he cuts way back on work or she starts working a lot more or taking on more endorsement deals. He’s got his production company and a lot more earning potential. He’ll have to pay child support.

    • Myrtle says:

      I was once told that the purpose of child support is to ensure the children of a divorce have the same level of wealth/lifestyle at both homes. The income of each parent is added together to create a “total family income”, this total is then divided in two to create the equal and “ideal” income of each household. Where the kids are living also is taken into account. If both parents make equal money and custody is shared 50-50, nobody needs to pay child support because the wealth level of both homes is same. Of course it can get pretty complicated when this 50-50 across the board scenario is not the case (which it pretty much never is!)

      When Brangelina first blew up, it seemed Angelina just wanted/needed to make a quick getaway, no matter what. And she did. She wasn’t going for money, she was going for “the health of her family.” But Brad always said he wanted shared custody. If he gets it, the amount he will need to pay (as the bigger earner) will be less than if she gets primary custody and he only has visitation. But none of this changes the fact that the kids have been with her most of the time since the split, going on 2 years. One would think he has been helping share expenses. But it depends what you mean by sharing…

      Asking for back child support may be a tactic of Angelina’s to help reach a quicker resolution. Maybe if Brad is willing to give in to some of her other terms, she will withdraw the request for the back money. I don’t know if she necessarily needs the money, but since she has been primary custodian for 2 years, I would assume he owes her several million dollars due to the family’s well-established high cost lifestyle and expenses – travel, tutors, bodyguards, etc. (It does seem they save big on clothing – especially for the kids who all look like they share duds except for Zahara.)

      • lingli says:

        From what I’ve read elsewhere, I don’t think you can ask for payments to be backdated by the courts unless an agreement was already in place and has been disregarded. As a couple of commenters have already said, a figure wasn’t proposed or refused in their previous trips to the judge so the amounts being bandied about are somewhat arbitrary – no one knows how much it costs to raise those children in the style to which they are accustomed and so no one can say whether or not $1.3million is insufficient – only the judge.

      • Jennifer says:

        @Lingli, they absolutely can order retroactive child support. When the noncustodial parent has been making informal -but documented- payments, the judge can decide to count those payments toward the retroactive support arrearage. So if Brad had been making any sort of contribution the judge will credit that toward any back child support owed. He could have been paying his share at any time the past 2 years, he just chose to lowball it.

  9. Beer&Crumpets says:

    I do not understand why Pitt doesn’t want to support his kids. What is this? Why? Who cares how much Jolie has socked away somewhere, she could be as rich as Croesus and Pitt should still have to contribute to the care and feeding of his kids. How can this even be an issue?

  10. Line says:

    I don’t see it as specifically against AJ, more like it’s an extremly high profile divorce where both parties upheld some sort of messiah complex, an now all of it is unravelling to be a peasant arguement over money, just like us common folks. It’s somehow so… funny/predictable?? And of course BP should pay child support, the question is more likely the amount. Should there be a possibility for the children to continue to globetrott in private jets and have an army of nannies, tutors, bodygaurds etc., etc. travelling with them. And it’s likely true that BP has provided a lot (!) financially over the years and thus enabeling such a lifestyle.

    • Loopy says:

      She will have to scale way down with the travelling all over. And If she must do her humanitarian work she might have to leave them at home.or they spend time with Brad
      Travelling around the world with 6 kids and the team required is not cheap.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Angie doesn’t have to scale anything down. Child support works to maintain the child’s or children’s previous lifestyle.

      • Line says:

        The parents make the decisions of how to use/distribute the child support. Under age children certainly don’t go globetrotting alone (without parents) or make any financial decisions themselves (where and how to travel, where to live, school, food, protections, clothes etc., etc.). These decisions are made by the parents.

        It’s likely they will have to scale down. I’ll guess we’ll have the receipts in a few years: less globetrotting, no artistic directorial projects and a couple of blockbusters to bring in the money

      • KB says:

        The UN probably pays for all of those accommodations, she’s not flying to Iraq on her own dime.

      • kacy says:

        The UN budget would not include private planes and 5 star accommodations. It would only cover her portion of the travel and not the childrens’. They may pay up to what their budget is, but they would not pay for all she’s spending when she travels as she does.

  11. Adorable says:

    The loan is/was $8mill,& she got the house @ $24mill…Clearly she has a few millions of her own,And she has stated more than once that she is good with money,so her money was probably tied up or something,who knows..Since today’s they’re court hearing(Angie was spotted in LA)wonder if we’ll get “court update”today.

  12. Sarah says:

    My guess is that he is super mad at Angelina Jolie for leaving him so he’s trying to punish her by not paying his share, not realizing that he is mostly hurting his kids in the process. Pitt Stans were all over last week’s threads, accusing Jolie of hatinng Pitt more than she loves her kids but that seems like huge projection to me.

    • Lady D says:

      He realizes he’s hurting them, he just doesn’t care. Revenge is his driving motive right now, and will be his focus for the next 5 years at least.

    • Hmmm says:

      He tried to stop her from filming Maleficent. That’s what I think because it kept getting pushed back and she had to drop out or say no to a few movies due to location. He got mad that the judge allowed her to take the kids to London. AJ signed up for Mal before he signed up for perverts movie so he should’ve said no to pevert and moved to London for sometime.

      But he’s selfish. Plus he sure didn’t care to be away from those kids when the public thought everything was great with Brangelina. Now that the public knows he’s a deadbeat he didn’t want her in London where everyone would know he wasn’t with his kids- that’s why the leak, that’s why the lame bicycle photos outside of their hotel.

      • lingli says:

        Ah, but when they were together wasn’t the story that they took it in turns to work so that they could be around for the kids?

  13. sert says:

    I think we can all agree that no matter what comes out off this, Pitt will not fall out of the publics favour, his movies will still sell tickets, and he can continue to be a massive c**t for the rest of his life because there will never be any real repercussions for him and his ilk. But I still have a small speck off hope left in my cold heart that “Once Upon A Time…” will bomb (eventhough that probably won’t happen) just so I can see him and his punchable douche colleagues be sad and dissapointed. That would feel like some small divine justice.

    • Hmmm says:

      His last few movies have not done well. They were flops and before they maybe just broke even if that. He’s not as popular as he use to be wich is probably why he’s having a breakdown and why he just could not pass up perverts latest movie with Leo Dicaprio… That will prob be his only box office hit and of course he’ll take credit. His next movie is about a father son relationship so don’t know how he’s gonna sell that one unless he uses his big meany dad again who must be 80 by now.🙄

    • KB says:

      When was the last time DiCaprio had a movie bomb? The Beach? Even that mess made money. His movies always turn a profit.

      • sert says:

        Unfortunately that is 100% true. (But I hope I live to see the day when his movies stop making money because I really get a creepy vibe from him. I bet you there are some real nasty shit about him that will come out if the studios ever stop protecting him.)

  14. Jennifer says:

    This is the deadbeat dad’s play by play handbook! Complain about the mother’s finances in any way to avoid taking responsibility for not paying their share! I can’t begin to tell you how bad it angers my ex that I’m now a stay at home mother, supported by my husband until the youngest is in school…and my ex still has to pay child support and he feels like he’s “supporting” me, instead of the reality that my husband supported all of us for years and my ex is now paying us back in small payments that only cover half the grocery bills every month. Of course the ex tells my daughter all the time about me needing to get a job, even though we live comfortably on my husband’s income without the child support, because he can’t stand that he’s being forced to work and give me money after racking up tens of thousands in arrears. Deadbeat dads are all the same it seems! Quit complaining and pay up, Brad!

  15. dlc says:

    Lawyers, private planes, multiple places to stay, bodyguards, stylists,tutors, and I don’t think any of them are wearing clothes from target. With brad, add in art and architecture. I wonder if either of them are as rich as is being reported.

    • sassbr says:

      I’m assuming that she probably purchases ethically responsible clothing brands, which unfortunately is not cheap.

      • KB says:

        @Sassbr She wears the same thing every day. Her shoes and purses are expensive, but they’re more like staple items than trendy things she uses once and tosses. I think her travel, security, and home are her biggest expenses.

      • Sassbr says:

        I was talking about the kids’ clothes. I was replying to someone who said that her kids aren’t wearing Target or something but I guess I posted it wrong. Angelina isn’t exactly a clotheshorse, that is true.

  16. detritus says:

    This is the only site I’ve seen that actually read between the lines in regards to her statement of possessions.
    Jez is reporting this as if they are both equally being dicks. I was really disappointed tbh.

    • CL says:

      Yes, I saw that too and was quite surprised.

      • detritus says:

        One is abusive and an alcoholic who denied the kids their possessions and family home, so it’s not exactly equal here. Which is pretty self evident, especially if you are a feminist or understand the abuse cycle.

        “Indifference is always the friend of the enemy, for it benefits the aggressor — never its victim“

  17. serena says:

    How much of a scumbag can he be? It’s money he HAS TO pay, by law, to support THEIR children, why the f- is he putting up such a fight? I guess he’s not such an ‘amazing dad’ as they try so hard to portray him to be.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree bickering over the money is scummy of him, but they didn’t have an official agreement, so there was no “law”.

  18. Sansa says:

    They both have enough cash relative to 99 percent of us. What doesn’t have a price can’t be bought is resolving this ASAP. So here what has to happen 50/50 split custody . These children are all close to being teenagers. Do you know what most teens do? They stay in their room with phone iPads away from Mom and Dad. So given the parents live 1 mile apart alternate kids 3 sets of kids every week so both parents have some of the kids between them every day, By mixing this up this way it will be as close to normal and fair .

    • deadnotsleeping says:

      I had a visceral reaction to the idea of dividing up the kids and switching off who has a “set” of kids. Why in the world should the kids be separated from their siblings just because their parents are divorcing?

      It honestly makes me both sick and angry to think about and God help the person who suggested that my kids be split up from each other.

    • Guest says:

      except the sibs won’t be together, and how do the kids get ‘divided’ up? The “naturals” one week, and the “adopted” the other? All the boys, then all the girls? The 3 eldest, then the 3 youngest? So “by mixing this up this way, it will be as close to normal and fair” for whom, exactly? What if (say) Viv is close w/Maddox? Then Viv wouldn’t have the support of the sib she’s closest with when she sees her dad? I don’t see splitting up the children as best for the kids, myself, though I do see how it would make Brad’s life easier…..not a fan of your idea, @Sansa for long-term, overall health of children but DO agree it could, at the very least, be a small start.

      • Sansa says:

        Hey it’s just one idea. There is no winner in this, and I am concerned About this scenario, ‘ Angelina all alone with zero kids while Brad has all six’. The kids could pick who alternates together perhaps it doesn’t have to be set in stone. I wanna see this end up where it’s Xmas and you hand off kids and go in the house and act like family’s for half an hour.

        As far as this goes Angelina will get what she wants starting off with some kind of small compromise and if that’s possible Brad will be so relieved it could end up the balls back in her court. Her strategy should change it’s too heavy handed. A lighter approach and a little more sharing Angie can be the big winner we all love.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        @Sansa why concerned about ‘Angelina all alone with zero kids’ if and when they are with their Dad? She’s a grown woman, not a child, with a hugely busy life and has plenty to do in her child-free time (as does Brad). She’ll be fine. She may welcome the respite, most busy parents do.

        Most children in a divorce move between their parents in a group, that’s the norm. I’ve never heard of a family court breaking up children into ‘blocks’ to be shared on staggered schedule.

        At this point in time it’s not about what either AJ or BP wants in terms of the childrens’ time with their parents, it’s up to the courts.

  19. Maya says:

    She said she didn’t want spousal support and she is not asking for it either.

    Child support of the children’s rights and Brad the deadbeat dad better pay his share..

    • LadyT says:

      Excellent PR move. She’s got it out there he’s a dead beat dad before she has even filed for child support.

      • Hmm says:

        We been knew about his deadbeat dad status.

      • Maya says:

        Learned it from the best aka Brad since he leaked documents allegedly showing her as alienating the children from him.

        Only so much a woman can take and Angelina is finally fighting back.

      • lingli says:

        @LadyT – that seems by far the most likely motivation in this. The *unsealed* court documents from earlier this summer raised questions about her parenting, and so she (or her lawyers) are responding in kind.

        This is like the Hollywood version of my colleague’s divorce, only here the exes go to TMZ or release statements instead of just trash-talking each other on Facebook.

  20. D says:

    Deadbeat Dad says what? Used to be his number 1 fan now he looks like Steven Bannon and I hater him more daily if that’s hes strategy he nailed it

  21. Leapin' Lizards! says:

    I think Jolie paid over $24 million for the Los Feliz house, and it’s interesting Pitt lent her $8. Now i’m curious how the house was financed, as i don’t expect any performer would have that much in cash.

    I know nothing about custody and child support, but damn that’s a lot of scratch. The $1.3 he’s paid so far toward support I would think it’s 50/50, so that implies supporting the kids since the split is $2.6 million. Leapin’ Lizards!

  22. kacy says:

    How many stars have gone completely broke in a short period of time? There is no reason to think that Brad and Angie had a better tab on their money than Depp or Cage. For all external appearances, they spend just as much. Millionaires have to budget too.

    No one want’s to see anyone living hand to mouth, and how could they possibly be with an 8 million loan and 1.3 million in support?

    • Hmm says:

      Depp is “broke” but still managed to hand over 7 million to Amber heard. Brad Pitt makes as many movies a year as Depp and might have an even bigger expensive life with the six kids and his expensive yet ugly taste in furniture.

      • KB says:

        Brad seems way more responsible with his money than Johnny Depp. Johnny has (had?) 40 full time employees working at his properties all over the world, including a full time staff on his private island even when he wasn’t there. I assume the Chateau has full time staff, but they’re making a product to sell so it’s completely different.

        Johnny’s relatives were blowing millions a year just because they could. He dropped millions on guitars and jewelry and a cannon to shoot his friend’s ashes out of. A lot of things I can’t see Brad spending money on.

      • kacy says:

        They have one nanny per kid and an unknown amount of tutors and security, and travel international in private planes quite frequently. They also have chefs. They probably have over 20 if not approaching 30 total staff members across all properties.

        I agree that Depp level spending is not occurring, but I still think they have been overspending for years. They are both older and both have less appeal at the box office. Pitt is probably concerned at the support levels getting set too high. It’s reasonable. People typically have to scale back after a divorce because the aggregate costs of the family go up.

      • kacy says:


  23. sassbr says:

    I’m not a Brad fan or an Angie fan. I don’t dislike them, I’ve just always found him to be overrated in a Leo Dicaprio way, like picks good scripts but can’t disappear into a role, and her picker for movies-and men-is totally broken (not that she doesn’t have talent.)

    So I’ve always looked at this like the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    The struggle here isn’t how much money, it’s where the money is going. Angelina wants to pay back the house loan so she can get more money from Brad to spend it as she sees fit on the children. **This is reasonable.**
    Brad, like many have pointed out, sees the loan as a formality and it’s really an untaxable gift and he wants it to be seen as him purchasing a home for the children-if he’s going to give her money, he wants it spent a certain way because he still sees himself having input in how they raise the children, and he doesn’t want to spend it the way she wants to spend it (likely travel, security, etc. given their difference of opinion concerning the kids.) He wants to provide the house, the therapy, education, etc. **This is also reasonable.**

    The best thing for them both would be for them to take a breath, start over, agree to 50/50 and make compromises on both ends. How the marriage ended was unfortunate. But that just means a bad marriage is over. They still have to be partners. I’m not blaming Angelina Jolie for Brad’s behavior, but he’s not handling the break up well AT ALL so a lot of this crap is falling on her to make the next moves.

    Their relationship was clearly on the rocks for a few years before the split, it culminated in him having a drunken breakdown on a plane, and he’s pissed he’s been made to look like an abusive father and husband and he doesn’t know how to deal with it properly because he has always won every PR narrative he has ever had. He cheated on his first wife, who was beloved by the mainstream, and he came out golden. That’s quite a feat. He’s definitely spoiled rotten. A lot of what he says or wants is reasonable but how he’s going about it is very foolish, which is why it is probably up to Angelina to be the mature one and talk sense into him. Maybe all the talk through litigation only is serving to help distance himself and he’s not being empathetic to her as a mother.

    A lot of children, a lot of travel, difference of opinion over lifestyle choices (which was the rumor, that they were disagreeing over staying home vs. travel and disciplining the kids) a massive health crisis (Angelina,) and filming and humanitarian schedules-that’s a crazy amount of pressure on both sides. Just one of those things can erode a marriage, let alone a Hollywood marriage. What likely happened was that her two oldest boys never really did see Brad as their father, especially once the bio and younger kids came into the picture, and when they started fighting, saw their step-dad as someone who was hurting their mom. There was probably a huge power struggle in their home for a long time. Brad’s crazy tirade was a good chance for the marriage to break permanently. While it was probably a big deal, I can say that I’ve seen my parents do less than becoming things when fighting and I’ve seen crazy shit go down when a marriage dissolves-it doesn’t make it okay but it doesn’t make Brad an abuser or the worst husband/father ever. It means he handled a situation badly.

    • Line says:

      I’m late in the game so sorry for asking, but were AJ and BP a couple when the older children were adopted. Or did BP come in the picture later?

    • KB says:

      He became a father figure to Maddox when he was like 3.5-4. Zahara was 6 months old when Angelina adopted her and she and Brad were already together at that point, and Pax was 3 when they adopted him. Maddox possibly has memories of life before Brad, but probably not many. I doubt the others have any memories of their lives before Brad was their father.

      • sassbr says:

        The incident on the plane was specifically involving Maddox and the big rumor/theory was that he stepped in to protect his mother when they were fighting on the plane and Brad was drunk and shoved him away. Post-split rumors always talked about how Maddox, and I thought Pax, though I guess I’m mistaken, were the ones who did NOT want to go with Brad. I guess you could conclude Maddox just didn’t like getting shoved but idk, I grew up in a house and time (not too long ago, I’m only in my mid-twenties,) where one of your parents may punish you or push you out of the way physically (not abuse or hitting-very occasional backside swatting, arm pinching in church, physically moved out of the room if not allowed to be there) and fights with teens or teens getting involved with their parents’ fights are fairly common. So I would venture Maddox’s rift with Brad was deeper than getting pushed out of the way. I have to be honest, I can’t think of anything that could have gone down on the plane that would be so bad that the kids require years of therapy at this point, etc. I mean, that just seems like an overreaction.

      • KB says:

        I think there was a rift between them for sure, but I think it was probably more about him taking his mom’s side in their fights. I think Angelina and Brad probably fought like cats and dogs for years, and Maddox sided with his mom or felt/feels defensive of his mom. I think it was just Maddox being a teenager and picking sides, not anything deeper about feeling like Brad isn’t his dad. Even if their relationship is damaged now because of whatever happened on the plane, I think they’ll be fine eventually.

  24. Thaisajs says:

    Whether she has a lot of money or not is immaterial. (Although I do question the judgment of Angelina/her team for that home loan, which she should have been able to finance a different way. It’s not like she doesn’t have collateral.) Anyway.

    He has six kids. He should pay his fair share of child support for those six kids. He certainly threw a hissy when he thought he wasn’t getting enough face time with them. So he wants that, but doesn’t want to pay for their care? Nope.

  25. ladida says:

    Wow. And who was taking care of the kids while Brad was out bidding for dinner with Daenerys or whatever? She’s given up a more than a few movies for him as well.

  26. Shannon says:

    No surprises here – it’s the f**ked up catch-22 of many divorced fathers. “You’re working too much and ignoring the kids” “Why am I paying child support when you work?” Good lord, the way my ex resented child support *eye roll* He did the same thing at first after our son was born that Brad evidently did – just helped out here and there when he felt like it. You would have thought I punched his mom, he was so resentful and angry when I asked the court to set a specific amount. Brad’s just being the famous version of my ex and the exes of several of my friends.

  27. Rebecca says:

    I’m pretty sure this is the 1st time in history that a man who has already paid 1.2 MILLION dollars in child support is called a DeadBeat Dad! IF she wanted or needed more money why didn’t she just ask the court to stipulate it BEFORE it was drastically needed? Don’t call someone a deadbeat dad when this is the FIRST time you’re asking the court to set an amount. That’s some manipulative BS no matter what anyone says!

    • Maya says:

      Angelina and her lawyers ain’t stupid and they will show evidence to the court that Angelina asked but Brad refused.

      Brad is a deadbeat dad and it will be proven…

    • lucy2 says:

      That $1.3 million works out to less than $10K/ month per kid, so he really hasn’t paid that much compared to most wealthy child support payments. It’s still a lot of money, but their lifestyle was extremely expensive.
      I do think having no formal agreement was a bad move for both of them from the start, and I’ll be curious what the real story is. Either she’s been asking for more money for them and he’s ignoring her, or she’s using it out of nowhere for a hardball tactic. Either way, a budget and payments should be worked out to avoid more bickering in the future.

  28. coco puffs says:

    Let’s question the ethics of the lawyers and handlers involved in this. I think they have turned this divorce into a PR scam for both clients. It is played out like a real life movie yet things are supposed to be sealed. Everything was until July and Jolie knows Pitts game better than ANYONE.
    He does have a big awards season coming. Remember people who we are speaking about. His wrongdoings are blinded by peoples hatred for Angelina. He lives in her shadow and believe me until this blowup he didn’t mind it at all. He was the instructor in that tale. Take my word he was orchestrating everything down to what she wore.
    When she wanted out it upset him and he still hasn’t recovered. He hides out in his little getaway until something is released postitive in the press which his team releases.

    • KB says:

      Take your word he told her what to wear? Are you claiming to have inside information about their relationship?

  29. Jen says:

    He should pay child support, no question.

    But he was cleared by authorities of abuse on the plane, so to act like she wasn’t working because her children were traumatized (and not because she has been tending to pursue passion projects) is as much of a Stan-statement as anything from Brad’s side. No one knows what happened on the plane other than the Jolie-Pitt family.

  30. Robyn’s Nest Yoga says:

    My take. She asked for a loan against her settlement. This is not unusual. There will be a settlement on Angelina and so why should she put her own money up in a situation where she’s owed money. It’s only two years, but it’s safe to say Pitt made at least 16k. His production company deals were substantial during that two years. Also the actor pay.

  31. Skippy says:

    Just reading a short article by a family law attorney in Forbes about this war between these two parents. I have to agree with his opinions . The children’s ages are 10-17 years old. I would imagine that all of these children have their own iPhones and are reading all about the big divorce/ custody battle. How very sad.

  32. bap says:


  33. bap says:

    He is a Petty Brat. Pay the amount of child support you owe your children. Why do people support his bad behavior toward his family.