Britney Spears does two hours of yoga every night on tour

There’s no denying that Britney Spears is in excellent shape. She and her personal trainer boyfriend Sam Asghari have posted videos of their workouts to Instagram and the 36-year-old singer is wearing the skimpiest costumes while on her Piece of Me tour, and making them work.

Of course, it takes work to stay in shape, and Britney not only tries her best to eat clean while on the road, she also doesn’t use travel and hotel hopping as an excuse to skip a workout. On Monday, she posted a 30-second video highlighting her 2 hour per day yoga practice. Egad. It looks like Britney does Ashtanga Yoga, which is the most challenging style. I’ve done it and I admire her resolve, because it is not easy.

She shared that the yoga combats the “stir crazy” aspect of life on the road, but admitted that the old adage “no pain, no gain” holds true, adding, “I was very sore the next day, but at least I got to use my time wisely.” I got tired just watching this clip.

Yoga isn’t the only way Britney stays in shape. As she recently revealed to Entertainment Tonight, “This round of shows that we are doing on tour, they are back to back, so each show is like…I don’t have time apart, besides flying. My show is a workout in itself. It really keeps you strong.” 

I workout every morning during the week and I wish I had 2 hours a day to dedicate to keeping fit. Watching this really inspired me. You keep doing you, Britney.

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  1. Susie says:

    She looks good…

  2. Digital Unicorn says:

    She looks great and I have friends who have struggled with mental health issues and they have said that regular exercise has been a real boost for them both physically and mentally.

    • Eleonor says:

      I do not heave mental issues, but running has helped me a lot during the tough periods of my life, it preserved my inner balance, when I don’t run I risk to go on my dark side, which is not good at all. I always say: running helps me to keep my head in its place, so I can totally see why it helps.

      • Kristin says:

        I have endometriosis and after 4 surgeries and multiple pain management specialists prescribing me narcotics, nothing, and I mean NOTHING has provided pain relief more than consistent exercise. Exercise really is the best medicine for just about everything.

  3. Leigh-Klein says:

    She looks fabulous! Yoga in its way is as good as a workout.

  4. Sara Martin says:

    She looks great! Yoga is practiced by holding positions for full deep breath counts and is not a gymnastics sport. Rapidly sweeping through spine-bending yoga poses in the way she does in this video can cause injury.

    • leskat says:

      Her body is so enviable right now! I agree with you about the yoga. It’s not a race to get through poses, you should focus on making steady movements and holding each pose, trying to get deeper into it. She will hurt herself if she keeps ripping through the series like this!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I thought about that too. If you aren’t doing the full extension of the positions, deep breathing into a full stretch, it seems more like aerobics than yoga.

    • lisa says:

      yeah what she’s doing doesn’t even slightly resemble yoga at all. I don’t know why she calls that yoga. maybe to make people think she’s spiritual / mindful?

    • Lex says:

      This video is clearly sped up…………………………………

  5. Veronica S. says:

    To have a body like that? I’m sure. When I was really thin, I used to workout almost two hours every day on top of walking 45 minutes to and from work. In retrospect, I was probably overtaxing my body and that’s why I have shoulder issues now, but I’m a lot more comfortable doing 1-1.5 hour workouts these days, even with the weight gain. Some of us just can’t do “naturally” thin without lots and lots of work.

    Never could get into yoga, though. I’m too antsy for it. But I also hate HIIT cardio, lol. I’m all for the stamina exercises like an hour on a bike or treadmill.

  6. girl_ninja says:

    Goals. I can’t get pasy basic yoga.

  7. PlaidSheets says:

    I was at my most fit when I was going hot yoga three+ times a week for about 90 minutes. I fell out of the practice (and fitness) some time afterward. Tried to willy nilly get back into just regular yoga and had my feelings hurt. Lol. It’s something I’ll have to work back up to.

    Go Brittany.

  8. Aerohead21 says:

    All the comments about her face changing, this is what I think it is mostly due to. People who work out a lot have very little fat in their face and it gives them harsh edges. Honestly though, if working out helps her feel more like herself mentally and emotionally, good for her.

  9. Sam says:

    I wish she would stop with the spray tanning. Her body is incredible but the spray tan makes her look much older than she is.

  10. me says:

    At that flexible yoga she does and yet she dances like a robot, so stiff.

    • Ennie says:

      She used to be a great dancer. It was probably a consequence of her mental health issues.

      • me says:

        I’m not sure how mental health would play a role in her ability to dance. Perhaps the meds? But if she’s flexible enough to do yoga, I can’t understand why her dancing has gotten so stiff. Does she now have stage freight or anxiety?

      • Crumbs says:

        @Me Because after her mental breakdown her dancing took a hit. I’m not sure why or how but it’s completely obvious when you see the before and after videos. She’s still a better dancer than a lot of performers out there now.

      • Muffy says:

        She blew out her knee several years ago, and she hasn’t been able to move in the same way since.

      • me says:

        @ Muffy

        Oh really? I didn’t know that. Well that explains it.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        She was a good dancer, but I wouldn’t say great. She had good stage presence, but she’s always been a bit sloppy with poor technique. People loved her performances, so clearly technique isn’t everything. I do think she gets more credit for her dancing than she deserved.

  11. Jay says:

    Get it girl!!

  12. That’s a natural happy smile on Britney, and I’m happy to see it.

  13. Holly says:

    Her body is incredible and I’m glad she found a way to cope with mental illness while simultaneously staying preternaturally fit. Honestly, her body and smile were goals for me when I was younger and I pretty much achieved them! Not so much on the body anymore but I want to get it back. Bikram yoga was the best for my body type. That said (and I hate myself for posting this but I’m genuinely curious, not snarking or shaming) – what exactly happened to her teeth & mouth? Does anyone know? Her smile and teeth were mesmerizing. I wanted to bring a pic of her teeth to my dentist and say “give me that!” when I had to get implants & veneers (I had a hereditary condition and was missing some adult teeth). I’m perplexed by the shift and color; and the upturned corners of her mouth.

  14. Bahare says:

    Whenever I read something about Brittney Spears I think to myself that I wish her family would let her do what she wants which I think involves being a more stay at home mother. I feel that her father gets a limited amount of money by the court but as a manager he gets a cut of new contracts as in Las Vegas. Enough of this. Give this woman control of her life. I do understand her issues because I have them myself with the same history.

  15. Pandy says:

    Her body is fantastic but those costumes … so ugly.

  16. Rachel says:

    She is uber fir for sure, but I think the “crazy” look in her eyes has never fully left since her breakdown. Makes me a little sad when I look back at old videos of her… amazing, genuine smile. Now she always has a deer in the headlights look and when she dances she seems robotic. I hope she’s doing all this because it’s what she wants… but there are a lot of employees (ie: family) who depend on the Britney machine.