Kourtney Kardashian cut off her ex, Younes, won’t ‘put up with any drama’


Has enough time passed to properly mourn the death of KourtnYou so we can discuss it? I mean, everyone none of us could have predicted Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima wouldn’t last, but alas, they didn’t. Now they want us to talk about their split, which I guess is our punishment for not caring enough to talk about them when they were together. So here’s the latest: Kourtney is not messing around. She dumped Younes when he became a drag and she’s not looking back. And all that’s fine, I could sign off on this story if that was the end of it. But it’s not – the reason she’s deleted Younes from her phone is because she’s not one to deal with “drama.”

Kourtney Kardashian isn’t looking to make the same mistake twice.

After breaking up with boyfriend Younes Bendjima earlier this month, a source tells PEOPLE that Kardashian, 39, has cut off contact with her former beau.

“Kourtney is doing great,” the source says. “She isn’t seeing Younes. She is happy being single for now.”

And after a tumultuous nine-year relationship with ex Scott Disick, Kardashian exactly knew when it was time to call it quits with Bendjima, the source says.

“After all the drama with Scott over the years, she wasn’t going put up with any drama from Younes,” the source says. “She cut him off. She is focused on her kids and herself.”

“Kourtney doesn’t play games. She seems okay with [the breakup],” the source added. “Younes was always supposed to be a rebound.”

[From People]

Drama is all this family puts up with. They can take the most mundane issue and blow it up, resulting in #teams and silent treatments. Even this story is trying to incite some drama by claiming to be drama-free. As we know, Younes was caught canoodling in Mexico with a mystery lady. But Younes said he wasn’t cheating because he and Kourt were already done. Kourt’s camp claimed that they weren’t done, but the relationship was having trouble ever since they returned from their latest European vacation so they’d cooled off. But now they’re done because he’s a big cheater and, I guess, because she said so. This reads a little drama-ey to me, but maybe that means that Kourtney is finally doing her job.

And I understand the ‘not making the same mistake twice’ point, but her relationships with Scott and Younes are not equitable. As mentioned, Younes was a rebound that proved mutually advantageous for both so it lasted longer than anyone expected (the couple included). Scott and Kourtney share three children and a lucrative contract for their reality show. He was never going to disappear from her life.

As for what the future holds for Kourtney and Scott’s love life, it depends on who you ask. Kourtney maintains that she will never get back together with Scott. Scott, on the other hand, supposedly has on/off girlfriend, Sofia Richie, strapped to the ejection seat to make room for Kourt if she deigns to take him back. I don’t have a bet on this race but my guess is that Scott and Kourtney will commence their “will they? or won’t they?” dance for the cameras but ultimately, won’t.




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  1. Nola1017 says:

    Wow! She looks so much like Kris in this picture. I never noticed the resemblance before.

    • LORENA says:

      She looks like Kris the most! Say what you want about her but Kris was a beautiful woman before she messed up her nose

  2. Adee says:

    Can she teach Khloe how?

    Also, good lord she’s aging amazingly!
    Literally looks younger and most natural among the 3 Kardashian sisters.

    • Clare says:

      Kourtney, is that you? Lol

      Since when does a face full of Botox start counting as ‘aging amazingly’?? She does look better than her sisters, I’ll give you that, but sorrycant credit that with aging well – more like she has better interventions than her sisters.

      • Adee says:

        You do realize she lives a holistic lifestyle right?
        No chemicals in her food or body. Its something she’s been consistent with.

        She’s had her boobs done in her younger years, That she’s confirmed many times.

        Her face in the early KUWTK days is her same face today, just older with a better team and lighting.

    • Char says:

      Kourtney only dropped him cause that storyline was over. Khloe, on the other hand, has a storyline for the next season (this one is pregnancy), so she won’t be kicking Tristan that soon.

  3. Swack says:

    Haven’t seen many pictures of Scott and Sophie since the break up. And yet Scott and Kourtney were seen going to Kylie’s birthday party. I predict another baby for Scott and Kourtney.

  4. Nancy says:

    If I was forced to choose my favorite K, it would be Kourtney. The young dude served his purpose and now she can move on. Kim said she was the least interesting to look at. Little jelly there, I think. She is the only one who looks like her former self. I don’t think she ever wanted to marry Scott, but they have three cute kids. As for not wanting drama….that’s funny, this family made a fortune on drama and can’t live without it.

    • Clare says:

      I don’t have a favourite K, but I feel like Kourtney is the meanest/nastiest…plus she pretends to be above all of the ‘celebrity’ stuff but is perfectly happy to profit off her sisters. To me, it’s kind of gross.

      They’re all trash, but Kourtney IMO is the worst sort of hypocrite

      • Nancy says:

        We all have different opinions…..from not the worst to the worst…Kourtney, Kendall, Kim, Kylie and ta da the nastiest of them all Khloe! I’m not just talking physically here, the whole package! Rob, you got saved from the list, Kim just bashed you so much, you’re a puddle of insecurity.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      She’s my least favourite by far
      Dull, entitled, moany, sanctimonious
      I think the most recent KKK argument began in a manufactured way but there was truth behind it
      I think Kourtmey does want out of the show but her lack of drive into other businesses has left her forced to be on the show or lose the moolah
      So instead of happily hoovering up the $ she does it with a cod face – ever sneering she is too good to be on the show but no money will ever be enough
      The least successful K sister – so she shames and punishes the others

  5. Babs says:

    Meh. I read this b/c I’m a sucker for some escapism right now. My ultimate take on all this via the last pic is “Would people stop trying to make fanny packs cross body bags, please?”

  6. HeyThere! says:

    In my humble opinion, Kourtney is the pretty one. She looks exactly the same since birth! She’s a great mom and you can tell she really cares for her kids. She probably feels some guilt because Scott isn’t around 24/7(as in loving with them and them in a relationship) and tries to make up for it by being very into their daily routines.

  7. me says:

    They love looking like the victims. Kourtney needs a big story line this season, this will help.

  8. Lala11_7 says:

    I remember after Scott’s parents both died…within a year of each other…and they were shooting the show in the Hampton’s at Scott’s parents house, which he inherited…and he was crying, telling Kourtney that when his parents were alive…she NEVER bought the children around them…never visited them and didn’t want him spending a lot of time around them…and now she was laying around in the house they left him…

    THAT should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about Kourtney….

    • K says:

      His parents died within a month of one another, which makes it all the more devastating IMO. She also pushed him to have Reign during that time and made a huge deal about getting his art inheritance appraised so she could be rich and retire. Very distasteful.

      • jwoolman says:

        I always thought Kourtney was being clueless but not malicious while dealing with Scott’s parents’ deaths. I don’t think she understood what he was going through, but not because she didn’t care about him. She would be dancing on Kris’s grave herself, so it was hard for her to realize how Scott felt about his parents. She thought getting through the practical details of handling the estate would help. It didn’t.

        They all have relationship problems. Kourtney was the eldest child of that viper Mama Ten Percent. She felt the full brunt of the viper’s neglect and abuse. It is very common for children in that position to build a shell around themselves to avoid getting more hurt. She hates Demon Mother and really should have never joined in with the shows in the first place. She may not be gung ho about doing her roles in the shows, but she definitely was the only one of them to be seriously interested in pursuing other business interests on her own and she’s the only college grad other than Rob. If you remember the early episodes, it was Kim and Khloé who were just messing around with the store. Kourtney was doing the real work.

        At the same time, I think Kourtney’s relationship with Scott was and is real. They were together for a very long time and seemed to be actual friends rather than just lovers. His trouble with drugs and alcohol was a major impediment, although it’s hard to say what might have happened if they had walked away from the cameras instead of being lured into those soul-sucking relationship-destroying shows for the money. Those shows are so scripted, who knows what was real and what was plotline.

        Children can see through pretense, and I’ve seen the genuine joy Nori has when she sees her Aunt Kourtney (and the joy Kourtney lets through in her face when interacting with Nori) too often to think that she is actually the glum emotionless person scripted in the show. She is very guarded around Demon Mother and assistant viper Kim especially. But that doesn’t mean anything about her real self. It just means that she isn’t letting it all hang out in front of the cameras like the others.

    • Miss M says:

      I can’t believe I remember that too…
      I felt really bad for him. She is really pretty. But I find her very cold. Maybe it is a defense mechanism so she doesn’t get hurt or… she really doesn’t have empathy for anyone.

  9. maggi says:

    my lady parts shrivel when I see a suit with runners. and a golf shirt. I’d respect her more if ‘won’t put up with court shoes’ was her only complaint.

  10. Vinot says:

    I prefer Youtney over Kourtnyou, but who am I, girl, who am I

  11. Anare says:

    I got the impression that he pulled the plug on the relationship not her. Let the spin begin.