Miranda Lambert’s lover Evan Felker is finally divorced from his wife Staci Felker

This is Staci Felker, the now ex-wife of Evan Felker. Evan Felker ghosted Staci for several months as soon as he met Miranda Lambert. Miranda brought Evan on tour with her, and apparently Miranda and Evan’s romance/affair began within a matter of days (if not hours) of their first meeting. Staci was left behind as collateral damage of Miranda’s constant “homewrecking” ways. And yes, I know Evan Felker is the bad guy here. But Miranda also has a really awful pattern. Miranda loves “stealing” men from other women. And Miranda also loves the drama of keeping a married man from contacting his wife, as we learned recently too. Anyway, there’s some back-and-forth about the Felker marriage and who filed for divorce and when. So maybe this should add some clarity?

Done deal. Evan and Staci Felker have finalized their divorce four months after he started dating Miranda Lambert, Us Weekly can confirm. The Turnpike Troubadours frontman, 34, filed a scheduling order to end the marriage back in May, fearing Staci would otherwise “unduly delay” the divorce, according to documents previously obtained by Us. However, a source told Us at the time that Staci was surprised by Evan’s motion and was looking forward to moving on.

“Anyone who actually speaks to Staci knows she has wanted out of this marriage for months. Evan is the one who disappeared again and again and changed his phone number,” the insider said at the time. “They both planned to end this quietly. Staci has never wanted to go to court and Evan told Staci he did not want to either.”

Us broke the news in April that Lambert, 34, started seeing Evan when his band opened for her on tour. A source told Us that things just “happened” between the two musicians while they were on the road. Meanwhile, another insider claimed to Us in May that Evan ghosted Staci after Lambert’s tour wrapped, and Staci learned of her estranged husband’s divorce filing through the local newspaper.

“Staci found out that he had filed for divorce because a friend called her after seeing it in a local newspaper,” a source previously shared with E! News. “Staci wasn’t even served with divorce papers so she filed her divorce papers a couple weeks after finding out that Evan filed. He never communicated that to her.”

[From Us Weekly & E! News]

My take is that Evan ghosted his wife for several months and surreptitiously – like a coward – filed for divorce without telling Staci. After a few months of silence, Staci filed her own papers and perhaps that’s when Evan finally started calling home, and Miranda began calling Staci too, because I totally believe Miranda is That Woman. Basically, I believe Staci is done and she’s already washed her hands of all of this. But now I’m wondering if Miranda will get bored and be done with this too – Miranda loves the melodrama of homewrecking and stalking her lover’s wife, but once he gets a divorce, Miranda gets bored. When do you think she’ll be on to the next one? I give it about three months?

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  1. stacey says:

    Id love to see a happy ending for Staci. She is cute and smart and deserves better.

  2. Lara K says:

    Miranda definitely has issues.

    And I’d bet dollars to donuts that Doofus here will be back on Staci’s doorstep within 6 months begging for her to take him back. I hope she truly is done.

    I also bet that Blake Shelton is thanking his lucky stars he’s out of this mess.

    • jessamine says:

      Yeesh, can you imagine expecting someone to take you back after you behaved this way? That “seductress made me do it” narrative is so tired but I can totally see him trying it after Miranda’s gets tired of him/started showing her major crazy.

  3. OriginalLala says:

    Considering that they are all probably Trump supporters (and are known NRA lovers..which, is a big nope for many reasons) I could care less about any of these jerks. no sympathy from me

    • Beatrix says:

      Hahahaha. Yep. I’m not sure this Staci person is a maga wearer, but for sure Miranda and her joke of a spineless boyfriend.

    • launicaangelina says:

      I believe Staci is friends with a couple of other country singers I follow who are also married to one another. The husband is former Air Force. They played at a fundraiser for a nonprofit I used to work for. Also, I occasionally bartend at a venue they play locally. They are kind and open-minded people and I had the chance to spend time with them. They are liberals and hate Trump and what he represents. They are vocal on social media too about their views. I’m not trying to say that due to Staci’s friendship with this musical couple, that she’s a liberal, but country music artists (and their circle) get this stigma attached to them unfairly.

      • OriginalLala says:

        I cant remember when it was but on a previous thread and on other sites about her people were talking about her social media featuring trump-ist content…I swear i didn’t just paint them all with a MAGA brush! 🙂

  4. Sayrah says:

    I really hate Miranda Lambert at this point. She’s a total lunatic who thinks she is entitled to do anything and f—- anyone who is in her wake.

    But honestly Staci is way better off without a sniveling, cowardly, dishonest husband in Evan.

    I give the Miranda/Evan relationship 2 months after their tour is over. Then she’ll be on to her next homewrecking job and Evan will end up with some failed American Idol contestant that’s too young for him.

    • jessamine says:

      Agree about Stacie. Can’t exactly say she dodged that bullet but at least this happened before before they had kids. What an absolute louse.

  5. Veronica S. says:

    Maybe she’s got a knack for “fostering” unscrupulous men disinterested in maintaining their marriage vows, too.

  6. Abby says:

    This whole thing is just gross to me. I love Turnpike Troubadours. I bet the band is just thrilled about this negative press. ugh.

    Hopefully Staci lands on her feet and something good happens to her. Miranda… this pattern really makes me not like her. I love her music, but can’t stand her constantly going after married men.

  7. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    I get that the married person is more at fault. But as a woman it just shows you have no moral compass when you consistently set your sights on married men. The fact that she has no shame in it makes it all the more worse. Hopefully karma will come for her when she’s “happily married” and her hubby steps out on her. Evan and Miranda deserve each other at this point and I hope Stacie meets and marries a good guy.

  8. Tallia says:

    What a mess. Love and light to Staci.
    To quote, the fabulous Cardi B “And karma for you is gon’ be who you end up with” .
    Oh, and “Eoooowwwwwww”.

  9. Ruyana says:

    Neither Miranda nor Evan are particularly good-looking. I actually think Miranda looks a little troll-like. I’m sure this news will break both their hearts. (ha).

  10. Michelle says:

    I wonder if the state that Staci filed in has that ancient ‘Alienation of Affection’ law where she could technically go after Miranda and her money for contributing to the dissolution of the marriage. That would be a true $hit storm to unfold in the press. However, I do understand Staci’s need to move on.

  11. Diana says:

    Omg that slicked down center part is a big hell NO!

  12. Rainbow says:

    I can’t understand why Staci is keeping his last name…Especially for social media.

    It’s not that she is a star who got famous with her husband’s last name.

  13. Martie says:

    MIranda must have a magic vagina that cancels out that ball face and beady eyes. Staci is stunning. I mean I know looks aren’t everything blah blah blah, but really, what the hell does ML have that men just go ga ga for? She screams bunny boiler to me. Actually when I think of Hayden Panettiere’s character on ‘Nashville’, I think of Miranda Lambert. Crazy, manipulative, maneater, who’s deeply insecure.

    • nikki says:

      I haven’t seen anyone’s eyebrows sit that low above their eyes since Clara Bow drew them on in the 1920’s.

  14. nikki says:

    Wow. What a pit viper. To quote Karen Hill in “Goodfellas”, “Get your own god damn man!”

  15. Kat says:

    Sooooo … when he was on the road, Evan Felker DID NOT behave like a married man, long before he took up with Miranda Lambert. The only difference between Miranda and those groupies is that she’s famous enough to help his career. When they stop touring together, he’ll do the same thing to her that he used to do to his wife. That kinda makes me cackle.

  16. Miasys says:

    Getting massive John Mayer vibes off him in that photo. Miranda can sing but damn, she is disappointing as a human being.