Brad Pitt sees the kids every other day & he’s still being monitored by DCFS

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio back in their car on the set of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

I was wondering if Brad Pitt would mark the two-year anniversary in some way, and here’s my answer. As we discussed earlier, September 20th (tomorrow) is the two-year anniversary of Angelina Jolie filing for divorce. In 2016, the 20th was a Monday. She spent the previous weekend fleeing from Brad after he did something to Maddox on a private plane. Angelina filed for divorce and all hell broke loose. All hell is still breaking loose, two years later, and Brad and Angelina are still fighting over custody of the kids. They’re still not divorced and they haven’t worked out anything, from financial stuff to custody to real estate. It’s still a mess. But hey, Brad wants us to know that he seeing a lot of his five youngest kids.

Though Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s contentious custody battle is far from over, the father of six has been spending quite a bit of quality time with his brood lately, a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. With their temporary summer custody agreement over and their court-ordered child custody evaluation yet to be finalized, Pitt “has the children every other day,” explains the insider. And though the source notes the 54-year-old’s time with his kids is still monitored by officials from the Department of Children and Family Services, the visits are ample: “Four hours a day on school days and 12 hours on nonschool days.”

News of the arrangement comes just weeks after Jolie parted ways with her divorce lawyer Laura Wasser. The change, notes the Pitt source now, was “another delay in the process” of finalizing an agreement between the parents.

During Pitt’s sessions with Pax, 14, Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 12, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 10, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor “is active with the kids,” says the insider. (At 17, Maddox is free to make his own decisions about which parent to spend time with.) Since the Maleficent star, 43, filed for divorce in 2016 — days after the private-jet altercation that led to the child services investigation of Pitt — the Oscar winner “continues to work on himself, his sobriety and being a present father,” says another source. Cleared of wrongdoing by the investigation, Pitt believes the self-reflection will pay off. “He’s maintained faith in the process throughout,” notes the first insider. “He’s hopeful that at the conclusion, he’ll have joint custody of the children. All Brad wants is to be a present dad and coparent with Angelina.”

[From Us Weekly]

The headline “Brad gets to see the kids every other day” is better for him than “two years later, Brad’s visitation with the kids is STILL being monitored by DCFS.” And I see all of the little snipes at Angelina – she hired a new divorce lawyer because she wasn’t convinced that Laura Wasser was getting the job done, and maybe she had good reason to believe that. Brad is still upset that Angelina hired a new lawyer who won’t sit idly by while Brad’s team smears her.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio back in their car on the set of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

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  1. Maya says:

    Bingo – Brad was able to bully Laura but couldn’t and can’t with Samantha.

  2. ANDREA1 says:

    This leak is obviously from his camp but still doesn’t make him look good at all….
    The question his supporters should be asking is why he is still been monitored by the DCFS two whole years after the incident and what the hell did Brad do to warrant been monitored? my guess is something very huge went down and i am pretty sure he doesn’t want that to come out in the open

    • Maya says:

      Samantha took care of these bullies and that is why TMZ is quiet.

      If Samantha can prove that Brad was working with them to smear Angelina, they will be in big trouble.

      • ANDREA1 says:

        Samatha is really hard at work i really wish Angie used her from the very beginning i am very sure things would have been sorted out by now but i am glad Angie hired her now Brad and his shitty team must be grasping at straws now

      • Maya says:

        Me too – I also wish Samantha was her lawyer from the beginning.

      • Carmen says:

        The way I heard it, Laura Wasser is good friends with Harvey Levin at TMZ and was leaking information to him about the Jolie/Pitt divorce for almost two years. No wonder Angie shitcanned her.

    • HelloSunshine says:

      That’s what I was thinking. This doesn’t make him look positive at all lol he’s still being monitored by DCFS two years after the fact, there’s no way to spin this positively imo

      • ANDREA1 says:

        Exactly there is just no way to spin this positively……

      • .... says:

        The kids clearly weren’t comfortable being around him alone. That’s telling. They don’t want him. That’s why I think they ruled for no visitation. Can’t force kids to be around a long term bully abuser neglecter. Esp after it ended in a bang.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah the fact that his visits are still being monitored is very very telling – am not sure it was something big but long term and the incident on the plane broke it wide open. I read a report that the kids are not comfortable being around him on their own which could explain the continued monitoring – the court feels it better for the kids.

      Brad has a history of drug and alcohol abuse – I suspect what happened on the plane was not the first time he’s got physical with her and/or the kids.

      • ANDREA1 says:

        “Brad has a history of drug and alcohol abuse – I suspect what happened on the plane was not the first time he’s got physical with her and/or the kids”.
        I totally agree on this

      • BlueSky says:

        I knew he was still being monitored. I mentioned that before and all the Brad defenders were shouting me down. I agree, something had to have happened that he s needs monitored visits after 2 years.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        His visits still being monitored IS strange. I was a family lawyer and such a long period of supervision is unheard of. I wonder if he failed a drug or alcohol screen. That would keep the DCFS involved and supervising. Just a guess. I also worked for a DCFS for two years, so I have some experience as to why an agency would remain involved – or not.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        I agree with all of your (Digital Unicorn) post except for one thing.

        I am willing to bet it was the first time he got physical with the kids, and THAT was what sparked her exit, the ghosting and the eventual divorce. like, she was willing to put up with his BS up to a point. we know things had been deteriorating for a while, and when her kids were in the line of fire, that was it.

        and it would make sense that, even if THEY had never been the direct “target” previously, that they’d still be afraid of him because they witnessed verbal/physical abuse of their mom.

      • Carmen says:

        As a retired clinical social worker I can tell you that if the visits still have to be monitored after two years, that is a huge red flag.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Especially given the kind of fiscal power and social connections he has behind him. The fact that he can’t get himself a lawyer savvy enough to remove that supervision is extremely telling.

    • .... says:

      It’s the same old proposed agreement from early summer that was never followed. He knows she won’t respond…other than to be seen daily w the kids to prove him wrong…which she did last mo right after the agreement was reached. It sounded final to me. They even cancelled the hearing saying there was no longer a need.

      Then he came out swinging and called her an @sshole in a page six article, and slammed her humanitarian efforts in another. That’s not the behavior of a guy who’s winning, and busy w five kids every other day and is trying to get along. She was out daily w the kids.

      He’s lied before. He’s lying now. It’s been over. No visitation. Lost custody. Done.

      • Carmen says:

        It’s very interesting that we have not seen a single picture of Brad with the kids in two years.

        I don’t believe this story. I don’t believe he’s seeing the kids. At all. And I don’t think it’s because Angie is keeping the kids away from him. I think he has simply lost interest in his family.

      • Carrie says:

        Ohhhh hey…. if you’re right he’s only delaying the inevitable public hit to his rep. Lost custody would be severe. Wow.

  3. Mia4s says:

    Yeah that “cleared” thing is a bit misleading. They declined to bring charges yes, but people who are “cleared” of any wrongdoing are not still monitored by DCFS two years later. A court ordered family therapist sure, but DCFS? 😒

    Also he did “nothing” wrong but his oldest son has no interest in seeing him? Nice gloss over, Pitt source! 😒

    Jolie has her faults (a LOT of faults), but seeing all this I don’t blame her a bit for raising hell on the custody issue.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      I totally agree this was a wrong move by his people… they need to sit back and reevaluate their strategy cos people aren’t fools

      • Sidewithkids says:

        His stans are. Lol. They ignore facts and are very hypocritical. It’s like Trump supporters. Truth is right there in front of them yet they ignore it and blame everybody else. They say he’s trying and that’s their defense. SMH. That’s what Brad is doing, blaming everybody else for what he did. Very strange.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @Mia4S, What are her faults? I know she’s a human being so we all have faults but what are A LOT of hers? Seems to me she’s out here protecting her family and her name as Brad and his team keep lying about her.

    • minx says:

      What are her many faults? She was wilder when she was younger. For the past 15 years she has acted, directed, done all kinds of humanitarian work and raised her kids, for the last two years a single mother. She could be a pampered Hollywood actress who lunches and gets pedicures.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        @Minx, agreed.

      • Guest says:

        not single, divorced. Lately I’ve been looking for precision in language. At a wedding, I repeatedly heard about a little girl “she’s a sweet thing” and no, just no. so now, apparently i’m becoming a bit of an a-hole. She’s not a single mother, she’s a divorced mum. Sorry, thanks for letting me vent

      • minx says:

        Except she’s not divorced yet.

  4. Astrid says:

    what a mess. I feel for the kids

  5. KEEKS says:

    Obviously the same team that is creating these stories for him are the same ones telling him he looks great after he keeps tweaking with his face. Unfortunately, his face is resembling an old catcher’s mitt. That’s enough to keep the kids away if you ask me.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Now all he wants is to coparent and be a present father. I guess his team is finally on board with a gentler PR tactic than the outright verbal attacks on Angelina’s character from last month’s gossip cycle. I hope her new lawyer spanked Brad in court over those hit job articles.

  7. Hmmm says:

    It’s funny how her lawyer said no more delays and posturing from team leaky pitt and they turn around and use that same language against Jolie. Lmao give Angie her divorce and stfu already!! The deadbeat has been filming with Tarantino meanwhile aj and sometimes just bodyguards have been photographed with those kids almost daily. So when does he really see them?

    • .... says:

      He doesn’t. His sources lie all the time. That’s all they’ve been doing.

      He reads the celebitchy comments obviously…..doesn’t like the new theory that it was over last mo…..the custody evaluators didn’t recommend visitation. They agreed…………plus he can party again and not be supervised etc…no piss tests….etc….

      No Really….If were all going his way then He wouldn’t have taken several personal non kid related media slams at Angie last mo …. after whatever was decided by the custody evaluators…and we saw her and the kids daily for a bit.

      i think it’s over and has been since last mo.

    • Mara says:

      This, if he was seeing them regularly he wod make sure to be papped with them.

  8. Sage says:

    I believe he was never “cleared”, he agreed to a plan and the plan is still in effect…

  9. ocjulia says:

    So “nothing” happened on that plane, but he’s still being monitored TWO YEARS later? What?

    • minx says:


    • Carmen says:

      I worked in child welfare for 40 years (now happily retired). If this was any other parent, the visits would have been stopped a long time ago. If the visits still have to be monitored after two years, they are serving no useful purpose.

  10. crogirl says:

    A few weeks ago his source were screaming “he’s done being a doormat to Angie and getting joint custody”. Now he’s just hopeful. Sounds lile someone got slapped in court. LOL

  11. skipper says:

    Honestly, I’m glad that he is finally seeing his kids again even if there is someone there to monitor the visits with the interest and safety of the children in mind. I’m sure they still love their dad even though some of them or all of them may be angry with him. I completely understand if they feel animosity towards their father given what we’ve heard about the plane incident. I just hope that in the end, he has a healthy relationship with his kids and Brad and Angelina can learn to co-parent when it’s all said and done. I wish nothing but the best to all involved.

    • Booie says:

      Sometimes doing what’s best involved removing the people in your life that are causing you harm and making things difficult. Especially when kids are young and growing up. There are certain things that they shouldn’t have to see or hear.

    • .... says:

      I would take anything he says with a grain of salt….he didn’t cheat on Jen w Angie, he didn’t hit Maddox, and he was dating Nero o man hot and heavy…….his sources want you to believe that as well.
      Why don’t his sources speak of why he can’t be alone in the same room as his children over two years later? The few times they have seen him.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      This whole article just exposes Brad and his team’s lies. It makes him look bad not Angie. From his team before this article, “there was a new schedule in place and he wasn’t being monitored anymore. Plus, he wasn’t gonna be a doormat and get joint custody of the kids.” Lol. Now this article comes out and it’s very opposite of what he said. It says a new schedule but this is the same schedule from the Summer. Also, this joker is still being monitored after 2 years, I honestly thought that was over. Plus, now, he’s hopeful which means the judge must have torn into Brad and his team after the obvious smear campaign he was doing against Angie. This new lawyer is terrific. Angie should keep her even after this. Lol. She gets the job done unlike Wasser who was backing down to Brad’s team. Also, he only mentions he wants to see just five kids (b/c Maddox doesn’t want to see him at all).

      Getting monitored after 2 years is awful and clearly the kids get nervous or scared or angry when around him still. That’s the only way something like that stays in place. I believe the terrible thing he did was call Maddox and/or Pax a racist name and maybe he said Maddox wasn’t his (real) son. SMH.

      Something still feels odd tho, remember when they were suppose to have that last meeting and it didn’t happen. Angie as her lawyer said things were good and worked out as if it was a permanent thing. I don’t think Brad really sees these kids that much which is why I don’t understand Brad, if he really wants to see his kids (which I still don’t think he does), why not work w/Angie instead of doing the smear campaign and pushing her further away?

      • skipper says:

        Yeah, I definitely understand what you’re saying about how you feel about Angie and Brad working with Brad instead of doing a smear campaign and her further away. This whole situation is awful. It breaks my heart regarding the kids. It’s so unfortunate for the sweet kids. 🙁

      • jwoolman says:

        Aren’t their houses pretty close to each other? Maybe he sees different kids every other day rather than the whole batch at once. Also today it’s easy to stay in touch via phone and computer technology, that really is a serious game changer when parents are separated. And all the kids are old enough to use such technology.

        Not being papped isn’t really proof. They could be just staying home. Angie has more reasons to go out with them, I would assume, because they all live with her most of the time.

        I think we really don’t know anything about what is really happening. There doesn’t have to be a good guy and a bad guy in this little drama.

      • Booie says:


        When the FBI and child services get involved, monitor your visits 2 years after your wife filed for divorce AND the kids have been closed off to him… and there is proof via his lawyers he kept trying to ignore child services and the therapists suggestions… you have to wonder that clearly something is wrong and it surely has to do with his actions. You don’t have to call him the bad guy… but he surely isn’t the best parent.

      • Guest says:

        I wonder if he is being a jerk and only trying/wanting to see his bio kids and not the adopted ones. OMG I hope that’s not true, it would be so damaging and hurtful because after adoption, they are YOURS, no matter whose womb they were born from

  12. .... says:

    Meh….Til i see proof I don’t buy it. I think it’s bait…putting out misinformation to force her camp to respond……..
    I think he wants us to think it’s still in litigation but it seemed over to me last mo. The kid part anyway.
    If he is seeing some of the younger ones…and everyone’s so darn happy about it …..why on earth does it have to be supervised? I mean it’s entering year 3. Doesn’t add up. My take… ones seeing Brad and it was over last mo. She’ll never announce it because she has class…..and he’ll lie about it, because he doesn’t.

    Remember all those ner! 0x man stories ….those were brads sources too. But Brad doesn’t lie. Cough cough.

  13. .... says:

    Why anyone would believe brads ” sources” at this point is beyond me. Honestly I’m not sure anyone does. He’s the only person egotistical enough to believe he or his sources are thought of as credible or honest any,ore.
    His image is so tarnished there’s no going back. Every time you see his face you will be reminded of the wake of destruction he leaves behind…and dishonesty.

    Don’t believe it til ya see it. And his sources are full of sh!t. Per usual.

  14. .... says:

    He’s a con. Always has been.
    Pay attention to his actions, not words. He’s manipulative…..dishonest.

    How’s that make it right sham going?

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @…., Yeah, making himself look bad. Those people that cheered for him at the GGs all are like we shouldn’t have done that b/c he’s looking like a fool now which makes them look like fools too. I’m glad Angie doesn’t give two fu— about those people. Lol.

      I’ve noticed how he’s been on set doing obvious pap photo ops and the tabloids keep saying out good he looks. Lol. He doesn’t really, he looks like an old man trying to play a young one. Plus, he needs to quit getting Botox b/c his right eyelid is drooping.

  15. Sidewithkids says:

    Oh, this is the other thing I want to say, I don’t believe the kids are sad or being messed up by this b/c Angie protects them as much as she can. I believe that narrative is only put out there by Brad and his team to make Angie look bad. But it’s not the truth. Maybe in the beginning in all of this but after 2 years, nope, those kids are fine and understand this is their new normal. Now, maybe when they’re w/ Brad they feel bad but w/ Angie those kids look good and happy.

  16. Bahare says:

    I have a question and there is no sarcasm intended but I really would like to know what you think Brad Pitt could and should do specifically to help this situation come to a better place at this point. I am assuming that most of us agree that these children should ideally have a good relationship with both parents. I also am aware that mothers can go too far ( Kelly Rutherford comes to mind) and I ask this as a mother who split from an abusive man with children do I do get it.Would welcome comments.

    • .... says:

      Ideally….unless one of them is a narcissistic @sshole. Then no. Can’t be around toxic people. He proved himself over a twelve year period…..and longer really. He’s been this way a long time. I don’t know why you can’t just accept maybe he’s a loser. Because that’s the cold hard truth. He never was around when he had the opportunity…..actions speak louder than words. Dude isn’t into kids. He isn’t even a functioning responsible adult.

      • Carrie says:

        Which may explain why Aniston never got pregnant…. maybe she realized he wouldn’t be a good dad. She had a very tough upbringing via her mom and that would give any woman, thinking carefully, pause when it comes to bringing kids into the world.

  17. lucy2 says:

    Still being monitored 2 years later is really telling.
    Also, every other day seems kind of disruptive for the kids, doesn’t it? Lots of shuffling back and forth. Hope they’re doing ok.

    • Booie says:

      They were seen with their mom every day for a week during their school days and when not with her they’ve been spotted out and about with friends and their bodyguards. I don’t believe they’ve been with him every other day if they’re either out with their mom and on days that they aren’t they’re out with their body guards. Seems like the body guards are the ones spending every other day with them.

  18. joanne says:

    whenever i see that picture of Brad in the car, all i can see is Howdy Doody.

    • .... says:

      I know! …. his face is kinda taking on a life of its own.

      Like that left eyelid is gonna start talking to us here soon. It will say….”help me”. 😉

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @Bahare, after the plane incident, Brad ran away and did a GQ photo shoot and interview to protect himself and his image. He should not have done this, it put Angie and the kids more against him. This isn’t what a father and a man does who wants his family back or who wants to see his kids. I know if I had kids and my spouse takes them away, I’m gonna do everything in my power to get them back. Brad didn’t do this and he still not doing it. Angie still doesn’t talk to Brad directly and it’s been 2 years. That’s on Brad b/c Angie realizes his game now and she not for it anymore. Brad thought he was gonna get his way in this but it hasn’t gone his way, rightfully so. That’s why he does the smear campaign b/c he blames Angie and feels she can stop all of this. But why? For a man who doesn’t behave respectable and a man that hasn’t shown he really wants to be a great parent. Not just come and goes as he pleases. I still don’t think he really understands what he did was WRONG. He chose HW over his family and the kids see that. Angie doesn’t have to tell them that, they see it. That’s the truth and he can’t lie his way out of that.

      Now, that partially answers your question but the thing(s) that Brad could do going forward (b/c you can go back) is this, Brad gave this article to US Weekly and E! He should stop this. He still wants to appease his stans. Not his kids. Also, the smear campaign was a big No-No. You think his kids liked the fact he constantly lies about her, no they don’t, plus he got caught b/c the thing is so obvious even had some of his delusional stans say that’s what he as doing against Angie. Also, he should take time away from acting to spend w/ the kids. He did (I already know, this awful movie coming up) Ad Astra right after the GQ article and now he’s doing this movie w/ QT. Interesting, seems like a man would take time off from his job to secure a place in his kids life again if he really cares to do so. Angie, did, and no Angie’s not perfect but she took a whole year off after the plane incident to help her kids healing process. This joker shooting films. Lastly and this is what really I find awful and it’s an easy fix for Brad yet he does not do it, the mother of his kids and his kids continue to be lied on and dragged while this dude says and does nothing about it. That’s pathetic in my book. A dude who doesn’t protect or leaves his family is not a man, he is everything but. So, yeah that’s the answer(s) to your question.

  19. anp says:

    The public and media should be asking this question: Why are there Not Photos with him and the children going on 3 years?

    • Sidewithkids says:

      They’re not asking the question b/c they know the answer. They know now, Brad must have done something wrong. I think they already knew he was a drunk. They don’t like that Angie finally exposed him to get him help. But it doesn’t fit their narrative of Brad, the good guy. White male privilege makes this so plus the women who don’t like Angie for no apparent reason or who are jealous of her, side w/ him. They should be ashamed of themselves, talking about a #MeToo movement but they still support bad behavior by white men. SMH.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        Since now it’s been exposed that Brad and his team is the ones making this drag out so long b/c he can’t ever be w/ his kids by himself. I really think the truth of all this is Brad cares more about his image than anything, even (sadly) more than his kids. He’s still delusional thinking he’s some kind of heartthrob. Dude is 54 and he needs to grow up. Now, I think he may love his kids but I don’t get the sense from the guy that he really wants joint custody, he wants it to appear like he does but something is wrong if he is still being monitored when he’s w/ his kids. Now, for sure, he’s mad at Angie b/c she left him and exposed his drinking and anger towards her and kids hence the smear campaign. Plus, lowkey, he wanted to get back w/ her, that’s why he was lying about these young girls and that professor, talking about they were interested. Lol. This joker thought that was gonna get at her but Angie was like good, now they can deal w/ your old a—.

        Angie will get full custody and/or even if by someway he gets joint, she will always be w/ the kids more. The arrangement for Brad, will be kinda similar like Nicole Kidman and the kids she had w/ Tom Cruise. Brad can say he sees them time to time. He will appease his stans w/ that response.

      • anp says:

        Sidewithkids Excellent post.

  20. anp says:

    October will start the third year of him being monitored with the children and not being photograph with them. There is something seriously wrong with that picture.

  21. Keaton says:

    I haven’t followed Brad & Angie as closely as many folks have, so is it true that leading up to the plane incident Brad was working constantly and was barely around his kids? That made me think of a theory I have about Brad: He gets hyped up about new big ideas/projects/relationships, etc But after a while he gets bored and then passive aggressively opts out. (I saw a poster make a similar observation on another site). It certainly fits with the Katrina disaster and arguably his relationship with Aniston. Perhaps being a father to all those kids is yet another example of this tendency. The big data point that disproves my theory is his success as a producer. It makes me wonder, does he have good producing partners that handled more of the day to day work?

    I still remember when these two got together and how so many people thought they were perfectly matched. I never did. She’s much more serious and committed to the things she cares about than he is IMO. Billy Brad is a dilettante.

    • Maya says:

      You are absolutely right – Brad wasn’t around the family for almost a year before plane incident. He even missed his children’s birthdays to party.

      MIR project he wanted to be a hero in those poor homeless people’s eyes. But lost interest and neglected them.

      His production company is mainly run by Dede and Jeremy. They are the real talent and do the hard work. Brad only lets money and his name, he doesn’t do any of the heavyweight.

      Brad has been excused for his behaviour all through his life because of his good looks. The fact that Angelina & the children aren’t taking his BS anymore is making him seethe…

    • Carmen says:

      That’s exactly what I said. He’s a dilettante. He goes gung-ho into a new project and then quickly loses interest. He lost interest in MIR and he lost interest in his family. He’s a shallow, superficial individual whose real interest is himself and maintaining his image. Everything else is secondary to that.

    • Carrie says:

      Yeah he’s got a track record for this. I remember him being interviewed at their chateau in France. He was there alone. He said “this is what I do now, it’s great” or something to that effect.

      If he was alcoholic that’d explain Angie wanting to sell the place. He was against it. No wonder. I don’t think he loved her so much as she was the most beautiful woman and he wanted that for a while. But he never seemed there for her really. They didn’t fit.

  22. .... says:

    I think it was done last month…..I think he lost custody….I think there is no visitation, and hasn’t ever really been. And I think he’d rather you think that he had supervised visitation than know the truth.

    Kinda weird his timing, and trying to pass off some old never followed schedule that’s been dragged out before. I didn’t notice the media questioning his visitation….just us here at celeb. In the comments section. Apparently we’re hitting a little too close to home……….Hes just. So. Gross.

    His sources haven’t told the truth yet.

  23. Ennie says:

    I bet it is the most the children had seen of him in a long time ( not counting after the separation). Between filming, traveling and whatever he does, I think he was an absent father even when they were in the same house.

    It reminds me of what affleck said, that he was a man/ father who got too involved in his work (yeah, right). Brad likes to live large, but he needs his family to take precedent, I think he probably feels that responsibility’s weight now that he has to actually parent.
    @maya and keaton, yes!

    • Booie says:

      Affleck has problems but at least he respects Jen (heck she is still his go to person when he needs serious help) and he actually got real help not going into “art therapy” but a real rehab center.

      • Lady D says:

        Real rehab my ass. Ben’s in a very expensive hotel with meditation experts, booty calls and unlimited freedom. That ‘s not how rehab works.

  24. anp says:

    Angelina’s new lawyer Samantha has slow down the smearing and glad Angelina hired her.

  25. SJhere says:

    Brad Pitt is all about Brad Pitt.
    This guy is not even trying to parent his children.
    I’ve been thru this myself withEx. Guy wants what he wants at the time, gets bored, goes on to next interest of his own, abandones children emotional and physically. Does pay child support to avoid going to jail for non payment, takes zero interest in children.

    He is a narcissist. He got tons of attention and publicity during the relationship with Jolie, the kids hot him more attention. Then he went ahead and did whatever he decided to do because Everything. Is. About Him. In his mind.

    Jolie is doing the day to day emotional support of those children. The Moms generally do.
    Not always, but the majority of children are cared for on a daily basis by their Mothers 95% of their lives, IMO.

    This entire situation makes me actively dislike Brad Pitt. Lord, I hate man-child males like Pitt has proven himself to be. Honestly, I think the children see exactly who he is. A man who put them second after his own ego and wants. When they are adults and he has zero meaningful relationship with his children, he will regret this. If he grows enough to admit it to himself.

  26. JoJo says:

    This is puzzling why he is still being monitored.My neighbor across the street is a former crackhead,an ex con and his supervised visitations only lasted I think 6 months.He gets his kids every other weekend and two days during the week.Brad can afford the best attorneys yet they can’t get him unsupervised visits.I thought money talked.

    • Guest says:

      usually it does. luckily they seemed to have found an ‘unbribeable’ judge, thank the good heavens above

      • Happycookie says:

        They have a private judge, don’t they? They picked him and agreed on him. I don’t think DCFS relies on their private judge’s rulings to decided to supervise or not his visits.

        But I’m curious whether monitoring is the same as supervising, mostly because all prior reports said they’d stopped investigating. Monitoring could just be tracking (say, how many visits and checking in with the kids once in a while), and it could be a procedural thing you do since there was originally an investigation, while supervision is real time and obviously much more serious. If the visits are still supervised in real time by DCFS rather than their therapists for healing purposes, that’s serious stuff.

  27. Happycookie says:

    Those posters with the family law / DCFS, is monitored the same as supervised? Do they mean monitored as in reviewed here?

  28. .... says:

    Gee…another et exclusive bs article…..painting him as the victim………oh my. Yeah. He didn’t get his way last month. They quote him as being sickened by her behavior through all this. Lol

  29. MJ says:

    Pitt “has the children every other day,” explains the insider. And though the source notes the 54-year-old’s time with his kids is still monitored by officials from the Department of Children and Family Services, the visits are ample: “Four hours a day on school days and 12 hours on nonschool days.”

    So, two years later, the visits are ALWAYS monitored and the children never spend the night at Pitt’s house?

    • .... says:

      No…there are no visits…..haven’t been………at this point he’s just happy w the public thinking he still can’t be alone in the same room w his children……rather than he can’t be in the same room with his children……….which is where we’re at. No visitation. No custody. He’s lying to make it seem like it’s not over.

  30. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    All I can say is that I HOPE if Maddox does decide to start spending time with Brad again that Brad not make Maddox feel guilty about not seeing him. Brad’s the one in the wrong.