Millie Bobby Brown, 14, talks about her friendship with Drake, 31: ‘I love him’

70th Emmy Awards (2018) Arrivals

I really feel like something is going on with Drake and few people want to call it what it is. Even I am a little bit scared of writing down all of my suspicions. I’ll just say that Drake seems to go out of his way to befriend underage teenage girls. Thus far, there are no stories about Drake hurting or damaging those underage girls. He just “befriends” them. They talk, they call each other, they text, he offers them life advice. I still think there’s more to the story about his possible date with an 18-year-old model, especially considering they seem to have known each other for years. And I’m also suspicious of Drake’s friendship with Millie Bobby Brown. He’s 31 years old. She’s 14. They apparently “text” all the time. While at the Emmys, Millie told Access Hollywood that she and Drake still talk and text all the time and she “loves” him.

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown spoke to Access Hollywood at the 2018 Emmy Awards Monday (Sept. 17) about her close relationship with Drake.

“I love him. I met him in Australia and he’s honestly so fantastic,” the actor gushed, adding that Drake is a “great friend and a great role model…We just texted each other the other day and he was like ‘I miss you so much,’ and I was like ‘I miss you more,’ he’s great,” the 14-year-old star added.

When asked about the type of advice the 31-year-old rapper gives to her, Brown replied: “About boys, he helps me.” Brown went on to explain that she is planning on seeing Drake when he comes to Atlanta in November for his Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour.

[From Billboard]

I’m including the video below. As I’ve said before, I think Millie’s stage parents have basically made her grow up way too fast. She’s completely professional and thoughtful, for sure. She’s a bright young lady and she clearly isn’t thinking about how weird it is that a grown man of 31 is actively seeking out a friendship with her. Ugh. Someone needs to tell Drake to stop with this bulls–t. He could have his choice between most adult women, why does he keep developing “friendships” with these underage girls?

70th Emmy Awards (2018) Arrivals

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  1. nayru says:

    Because they think he’s amazing and aren’t going to call him out on all the recent bs that came out

    • Char says:

      “Drake is a creepy piece of shi” brought to you by 2018.

      • TandemBikeEscapee says:

        Drake seems “stuck” as well…doesn’t he buy luxury purses for his future GF? Feels “off” to me, like so controlling….”you WILL want this 3k baby blue birkeN”. He’s gonna step in his phillia, and it’s gonna get messy folks.

      • Noodles says:

        Totally. A 14 year old girl doesn’t think it’s strange that a 30 something man wants to be friends. In fact I’d hazard a guess that if a 30 something man like Drake told a 14 year old girl that he wanted to be more than friends but that she needed to keep it on the down low, that girl would be happy to oblige. Most teenage girls fantasise about guys like Drake and would feel very grown up and special with the attention. It’s not until you are older that you see just how twisted that is. Sadly I speak from experience and it’s only because so many other women are sharing their stories that I even feel comfortable saying that. It’s messed up how easy it is for guys.

      • bears says:

        Noodles: I couldn’t reply to your comment directly but I did want to say that I know exactly what you mean and echo your sentiments completely. I remember being a 17 year old girl and feeling so flattered that I’d be invited to a party with a bunch of 25-30 year olds, and that they would think I was grown up enough to even give me alcohol to drink! It might have been a long time ago, but I still remember. Luckily, my story didn’t end up quite as horribly as it might have due to circumstances and sheer dumb luck. But to this day, when I see older men pull shit like this on young girls, it fills me with rage.

  2. Babadook says:

    This story makes me sad for her in a way I can’t quite put a finger on. Like she’s only 14 – she shouldn’t have to be thoughtful and professional! Also weird how no one is calling out how inappropriate this “friendship” is – especially her guardians.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Absolutely, Babadook. I can’t believe she’s only 14,but she is, and her caregivers need to do whatever it takes to protect her, starting with keeping her away from the lame male duck, more especially since he’s got form. He’s a grub.

    • Snowslow says:

      @Babadook, the interviewers ask her about her friendship with Drake and find it “awesome” that they text. Which, I guess, could be almost acceptable – stars sometimes share the same agent or are reps for the same brands etc. But then she mentions boys. Then they proceed to ask her what advice Drake gives concerning boys… Then they ask her about a kiss (I suppose in the series as I don’t watch ST) and the details of it. It’s just creepy all around really. Her guardians aren’t the sole responsible of this being taken as a normal thing.

    • Nikki says:

      It’s negligent parenting to allow a 31 year old man close access to your 14 year old daughter. Period.

      • Snowflake says:

        Yes, Nikki, yes!!!

      • Clementine says:

        It absolutely is.

      • Justjj says:

        Yes! This exactly. If my daughter ever dreamed of texting a man of even 20 at that age, she would never see her phone again and I would have a stern conversation with the young man in question. Including but not limited to, alerting the authorities if he continued to contact her.

      • bears says:

        Exactly this. Remove fame/money from the equation and watch how fast her mother would be on the phone to the police.

  3. Jen says:

    I sincerely hope this is a very young girl trying to sound “cool” and overplaying the extent of their friendship. She does have that typical 14 year old humble brag thing going on.

    Otherwise, a 31 year old man really is texting a 14 year old girl to tell her that he misses her and to talk about her “love life” and I’m very creeped out.

    • KK2 says:

      That is my suspicion also (and my hope). I could see him mentoring her about being a child actor, but I can’t imagine it goes beyond that and I hope not. I worry about her.

    • Valerie says:

      This could be it, too. It could be that they texted a few times on a fun and superficial level, and she’s innocently latching onto his name. But strip away names and status, and you still have a sketchy situation.

    • indian says:

      Exactly. The only conversation an adult male should be having is as a mentor or an older brother-making sure he’s giving career advice and advice on protecting herself from the creeps. Otherwise, an adult telling her he misses her-that is just wierd…

    • FitTB15 says:

      Yes, I really hope it’s a Hollywood version of younger kid trying to act like they’re BFF with the cool older kids.

      When I was her age in went to a K-12 school so kids aged 6-18 took the bus together. You were always trying to act like the “cool high boys” were your pals just because one time they agreed w/ you that “One” by U2 was a good song.

    • Louisa Wright says:

      I fine this very disturbing. There’s no way in hell I’d be okay with a 31 year woman texting “I miss you” to my 14 year old son and asking about his love life.
      If, as someone said below she’s taken a few innocent text messages and built them into something more and wants people to think she’s “cool” for being friends with Drake, he needs to shut that down NOW.

  4. Mika says:


    So so so.

    I’m a Toronto Girl. This is not easy.

    I think Drake is… a bad person?

    • bucketbot says:

      Do tell more…

    • Pia says:

      He is friends with Baka Not Nice. After reading about him… What the heck!

      • Obvious is Obvious says:


        It’s strange. Some men have a way of rationalizing abuse and trafficking against women.

        I have a family member who was imprisoned, and while they “took care” of rapists, so many of them were in for physical abuse, that they it wasn’t a big deal to the general population.

        Also, a few years back the Supreme Court of Canada basically legalized prostitution, as a means to free women from trafficking, but in a way backfired. Those who were being trafficked got even more scared to come forward, and when they did, rarely placed blame on the pimp.

    • Ana Maria says:

      he could be, and I’m getting the sense that he is beginning to be careless about it

  5. Ana Maria says:

    “I miss you so much”…beyond creepy

    • nayru says:

      My experience says men don’t text this unless they want to have sex with you

    • tealily says:

      Yeah, this is the bit that hit me is definitely gross. I can’t see any reason for that text that isn’t gross and inappropriate.

    • TandemBikeEscapee says:

      I would NEVER have a text a day “mentor” relationship w my nephews, they don’t want some old person’ s advice. Trust me, this isn’t on par w either person’s age appropriateness, but Drake is the adult here. No. Just NO

  6. Eleonor says:

    Creepy as hell.

  7. Agirlandherdog says:

    Yeah… I get that a girl might have a crush on him. But a grown man texting a girl who is not related to him in some way just sets off alarm bells. And to tell that girl you miss her? And give her advice about boys? No. I don’t actually know anything about Drake, but that’s a whole lotta hell no going on right there.

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed. If I had a daughter her age, regardless of her celeb status and a man was texting her like that, regardless of his celeb status, I would shut that down. He should know better.

  8. Joy says:

    *cough* grooming *cough*

  9. Vanessa says:

    Someone please save Millie. :(

  10. Kaz says:

    Millie seems like a sweet kid but her father seems shady.

  11. Digital Unicorn says:

    It does raise flags and her parents should step in but given that they are basically the Lohan’s 2.0 not gonna happen. I am concerned about Millie, yes she’s been made to grow up far too quickly as she’s the family’s only source of income but she’s also being exploited – by her own parents. I really hope this doesn’t become another Jimmy Bennet situation where his parents ripped him off and squandered all the money on a lavish lifestyle.

    She’s not a great actress, nor is she a terrible one but I think she will struggle to find/keep getting work when she grows up – not many child stars make the transition successfully (and without issues).

    • Parigo says:

      This. She lucked out being in such an iconic role/show, but Hollywood is so competitive transitioning is always hard. She seems to feel so responsible for her family and that is a lot of pressure to put on a child. If the roles dry up it will be very hard on her mental health.

    • Addie says:

      I wish someone like Drew Barrymore would be able to befriend Millie. Drew’s been there, through it and come out the other side decent, working and good-hearted. Millie needs a Drew person in her life.

  12. i says:

    He’s really skeevy. I hope she was just exaggerating.

    Even though it’s in common usage, and I’ve used it before, I really dislike the phrase “could have his choice of any woman” and variants of it. It’s like we’re dolls lined up on a toyshop shelf.

    • Meg says:

      well put-dolls lined up on a shelf. I agree.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Totally agree re your dolls analogy. That way of thinking also disturbs me because it gives women no agency. Like we’re all just sitting around waiting for someone to choose us. Ugh.

  13. Falula says:

    This story makes my stomach hurt.

  14. OliveOil2 says:

    Just wanted to bring something positive in this topic. She does have friends her own age or close to her age. So, hopefully she spends more time with friends like them than with ‘friends’ like Drake.

    The Jolie-Pitt girls (Shiloh and Zahara) hanging out with Millie Bobby Brown a couple of days ago.

    • stacey says:

      oh joy now drake can have access to jolie’s girls as well.

      this is very very suspicious.

      • Pamela says:

        I don’t see Angie allowing it the same way Millie’s do.

        Obv, kids get abused without their parents being aware…but in this case, the entire WORLD knows that Drake is close with Millie. If he tried to get creepy-close like that with Angie’s kids, and she knew, I really don’t see her sitting by.

    • Jessica says:

      Not sure if this makes them friends but it is nice to see tween/teen girls hanging out. This is much better than MBB hanging out with Drake.

  15. Valois says:

    Yeah, a dude who allegedly has had unprotected sex with tons of shady women is exactly who should be giving advice about boys to teenage girls.

  16. Queenb says:

    Whats wrong with that? She is only 4 years younger than his girlfriend!

    Oh yeah the whole underage thing and Drake creeping on barely legal girls. I forgot about that. Sorry.

  17. Valerie says:

    No… Just… no. Mentors and role models are one thing, but with his history, which is already quite public, it should be obvious that this is grooming.

  18. stacey says:


    where are her PARENTS?

  19. LORENA says:

    she could def be over playing their friendship

    • Patty says:

      It makes no logical sense for a 31 year old man or woman for that matter to be friends with a 14 year old. Their lives are nothing alike and what could they possibly have in common or talk about to build a friendship. Just no.

  20. Bp says:

    I hate how the commenters were like “You and Drake? That’s so cool. Tell me more” instead…they should be saying “What the hell is Drake doing texting a 14 year old girl telling her that he misses her…”
    Ok I had no idea that Drake is so gross. Look out Bobby!

  21. Sparkly says:

    Wow, he should not be texting about missing her and boy advice! I can’t believe this girl’s parents. Somebody needs to step in. Shoot, she’s so vocal about it, maybe she wants someone to say something. That’s not healthy at all.

  22. lucy2 says:

    Mentoring a young person in your industry is a nice thing to do.
    But I don’t feel like that’s what’s going on here. This feels wrong and inappropriate, and those are not the sort of messages a grown man should be exchanging with a 14 year old girl.

  23. Parigo says:

    A 14 year old girl shouldn’t be getting advice about her love life from a 31 year old man. Sounds like grooming.

  24. Zee says:

    I always got the feeling that Drake is still rather immature himself and that he probably doesn’t see anything wrong in hanging out with teenagers because he thinks of himself as one. For the sake of the girls involved I hope it doesn’t go beyond hanging out but I have my doubts… And seeing how R. Kelly got away with it I doubt there would be much ado about Drake if something did come out.

  25. Amelie says:

    Ugh, no no! Drake has a sleazy reputation, he had a love child with an adult movie star for God’s sake! He’s such a player. I wouldn’t want my teenage daughter within a five mile radius around a guy like that.

    I understand child starts tend to grow up and become more adult faster than regular kids which is why Millie may not find it strange an adult man is texting her things like “I miss you” and giving her advice about guys. Millie has dated age appropriate boys–didn’t she put a picture of her kissing her same age boyfriend awhile back on Instagram? Why are her parents allowing this?

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Cause its PR for Millie, everything that poor girl does is managed by her parents. Having a friendship with a famous rapper is good to get her in the news and pushes that narrative that she’s grown up, which in turn they think will help her transition from child star to grown up movie star. Its obvs to me that her parents have a game plan of her becoming the next JLaw, KStew etc.. so they can continue to live off her.

  26. Jane says:

    I really wouldn’t put much stock in anything she’s saying about Drake. She name drops and exaggerates a lot, it’s really evident in her longer interviews. It’s partly a 14yr old girl thing, and this girl is really intent on seeming older than she is, but I also think her dodgy parents are coaching her to say things that’ll get her name in the news.

    She’s said she’s close to a lot of celebrities, when it seems they’re more acquaintance level at best, but it’s not like any of them are going to put out a corrective press release and embarrass a 14yr old.

  27. Sesame says:

    I honestly cringe whenever I read stuff about MBB bc it really reinforces my belief that this precocious child (she is a child!!) has zero guidance from her parents. Sad. She has all her lifetime ahead to act like an adult… (also this may be an innocent kinship btw former child actor and current child actor but it does… look… odd)

  28. Jessica says:

    Why on earth would a 30 year old want to be friends with a 14 year old??? I’m near that age and I can’t stand teenagers. At the least, its odd and creepy…

    • Coraline says:

      He’s 31 years old, she’s 14. They have an age gap of 17 years, they definitely shouldn’t be having a “text a lot” relationship… or any relationship at all.

  29. burdzeyeview says:

    This is concerning. Out here in the real world if a guy of 31 was texting my 14 year old daughter Id be phoning the police. But in the world of Hollywood these rules don’t seem to apply…. maybe she’s name dropping to please her thirsty parents but the tolerance of this kind of behaviour (they got away with it in the old days by calling them a “muse”) shouldn’t be happening now.

  30. RBC says:

    The parents should step in and also someone should tell Drake this is very creepy

  31. kristen says:

    I’m sad for Millie. She’s growing up way too fast.

  32. Cee says:

    I’m sorry but this sounds like grooming.

  33. Meg says:

    yeah-most parents would see this as a red flag. this reminds me of elvis befriending really young teenage girls then telling them how to do their makeup, etc. it was a controlling thing. considering how clingy he is with women who aren’t kids I have a feeling he’s latching onto young women who at that age are bound to be impressionable, not assertive, etc. so they won’t push back so much when he is clingy as opposed to Rhianna who shut that shit down publically.

  34. kristen says:

    I wish people would stop bending over backwards to find evidence that Drake isn’t a creep. He’s texting a 14 year-old. It seems creepy because it is.

  35. Fluffy Princess says:

    Ugh. Gross, gross, gross.

    I feel MBB is going to go the Lohan route because her parents and siblings (don’t forget her older sister and brother are also involved, so Millie needs to make that MONEY) rely on her to basically support the whole family. Corey Feldman said his parents did this to him to and we see where that led him. . .

    Poor Millie.

  36. Kirsten S says:

    That’s so disturbing. A 31 year old man texting a little girl that’s not his kid, “I miss you so much” is incredibly creepy and wrong!

  37. Nicegirl says:

    I would absolutely call the police if a 31 year old if either gender were texting my child of 14 any variant of ‘miss you/more.’ I’m sickened.

  38. Peaches says:

    Poor MBB. She’s too young to understand what this is, and I wish someone would tell her it’s inappropriate and weird. Also…imagine if the man you were dating was texting with a 14-year-old girl, and was like “it’s cool, i just give her advice about guys and tell her i miss her all the time.” Vomit.

  39. Yes Doubtful says:

    This needs to stop right now. He shouldn’t even have her phone number!

  40. Miss b says:

    Drake is overrated.
    There, I said it.
    Now he’s overrated AND creepy.

  41. Osnat says:

    She (MBB) also “loves” Jeff Goldblum as per above interview, he’s also “amazing” so I’m taking this Drake thing with a big dash of salt. She just comes across as a pretentious 14 year old trying to be super cool about all the celebs she knows. Yawn. She’s starting to irritate me. Also I feel kinda sad for her that at 14, she has to appear so ‘together’ and ‘with it’

  42. Rescue Cat says:

    Sounds like Drake us grooming her for when she turns 18.

  43. Happycookie says:

    Nonrelative 31-yr-old man giving “boy advice” to a 14-yr-old girl is just creepy. No way to spin this. Drake is creepy here.

  44. Mollie says:

    I work for a church and therefore have to do a “how to spot and react sexual abuse” seminar every 2 years. I’m no expert but this is grooming. It’s disgusting.

  45. Heisgross says:

    Sadly this is TRUE. I read an article about a young girl who is now Cindy Crawford’s son’s gf and the gfs mother said she only realized her daughter was famous bc…Drake was calling her! She was 15 or 16. He’s slime. Porn stars and underage girls. Nice. All while he acts like he is a friend of women. Fake fake fake.

  46. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    What a creepy old fart. Back away from the teenage girls, Drake. Are you looking to be the new R Kelly? 🤮