The Rock eats a ton of sushi on his cheat days: sushi is a cheat food?


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is known for his action films, his philanthropy, his incredible physique, his humble-bragging and his epic cheat days, which he documents on social media. Various outlets have reported on DJ’s cheat day meals, including us. But one thing DJ never wants to be known for is being boring so he’s switching up his cheat day posts. His last three cheat day posts have all taken place in the middle of the night and feature copious amounts of Sushi and his laptop open to his streaming choices.

It began when DJ refers to the numerous containers of sushi in front of him as “the succulent sushi 🍣 train”:

I hope we can still be friends after this (and California doesn’t kick me out) but I am not a big sushi fan. So this post doesn’t tempt me until I click to that pic of chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter. I can eat peanut any time, any way and don’t get me started on what I can do to a plate of homemade chocolate chippers (as my mom refers to them). But I got distracted by his Netflix suggestions, which mainly look like shoot-em-ups. That fits – he’s going to destroy his food while watching people destroy everything around them. A themed meal, if you will.

Whatever happened that night must have been a rousing success because weeks later, DJ was back at it, this time dubbing his caloric fish-fest the “Sunday sushi express.” DJ took the opportunity to plug the documentary The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling, replete with a paused frame of the late great Garry on his screen. (It is a very good documentary, btw. But hurry, it’s only available until the 24th.)

Last Sunday, DJ posted his latest Sushi Train Cheat Day and Chill masterpiece:

First of all, the presentation has gotten all fancy – high marks to his chef for plating and composition. Secondly, it looks like he switches it up sushi-wise. Lastly, he’s getting much better about identifying what he’s watching so I don’t have to magnify my screen x100 to get the title – thank you, Mr. Johnson.

I could totally get on board with Movie and Sushi Picks becoming a thing on his Instagram. Maybe next month, he could select a featured item of sushi as well. I get it, I have a soft spot for sandwiches. One word of caution, however, be very careful trying to recreate DJ’s Film and Fish Nights, because remember that on his cheat days, DJ consumes upwards of 12,000 calories, which would fell us mere mortals.



Photo credit: WENN and Instagram

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  1. Rescue Cat says:

    Sushi is a cheat food? Whenever I have it I pat myself on the back for eating healthy. 😕

    • kellybean says:

      Well, it’s not bad but the white rice isn’t that great for you. And considering how much he is eating, I would say that would be a cheat meal. I doubt you are eating as much as he is.

      • Erinn says:

        I think that’s the key here – he’s going all out.

        I will say, no matter how much sushi I’ve eaten, I’ve never felt gross after. It’s one of those foods where I can feel incredibly full, but not heavy and icky. I’d imagine the (soy?) sauce is probably relatively salty though.

      • Adrien says:

        White rice is not bad.

      • Beth says:

        @Adrien, white rice is loaded with carbs, so it’s bad for dieters or diabetics because it causes fast, sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. Definitely bad for some people, but it probably just gives the Rock energy

      • Esmom says:

        Brown rice and white rice have the same nutritional value. My son has studied this in depth, being a nutrition fanatic. As for carbs, not much rice is used in the rolls so they’re probably less carby than you might think. For regular people not Mr Massive Serving Johnson.

      • GymTime says:

        Brown rice is actually higher in arsenic than white rice. I’m of East Asian descent and I love rice so much but I wouldn’t eat a lot of most types of rice because rice absorbs a lot of arsenic from the water. Grains like quinoa, cauliflower “rice,” millet, etc., are apparently better for you.
        He’s posted pics of his regular meals and it’s usually protein (steak) and greens/veggies.

    • Katie says:

      Sushi rolls are generally not healthy… Just look at the ingredients. Tempura, Sriracha mayo, etc. All the super tasty stuff. And you wouldn’t believe the amount of white rice in a sushi roll. So at the counter and watch them make it. Several large handfuls of rice are compressed over and over again into the roll.
      Now sahimu on the other hand – what is more healthy than that?
      I love to go out to sushi, but I only consider it healthy if I order healthy things. Favorites are sashimi and seaweed salad, or a giant green salad topped with sashimi.
      And I just have to say… Yes white rice is not as healthy as brown rice… It is stripped of nutrients and breaks down into sugars much more quickly. That said, sushi with brown rice is only 10% the flavor/texture experience, so like DJ, if you’re gonna cheat, cheat!

    • TandemBikeEscapee says:

      I feel terrible after eating sushi. I have one friend who feels the same, and I think it’s mainly the sodium. However, most of the ingredients have either salt, sugar, additives or, let’s face it, the bottom feeders of our oceans eat garbage plus mercury.. I’ve become really sensitive to “clean” home made, whole food, that’s what I eat and what I feed my family. I know my kids get weird stomach stuff after eating out or even school cafeteria food. They just act a bit “punky” and sit on the toilet longer. But since I eat really paleo simple, no additives, sushi now is a junk food. I wound’t have said this ten years ago, but I’ve gotten so much more aware and actually like simple foods, especially I feel normal eating clean paleo.

  2. Olivia says:

    Brown rice sushi is really healthy

  3. Mrreow says:

    Oh it can totally be a cheat food. I’m a sashimi girl myself, but any of the sushi with sauces, cream cheeses, heavy toppings can be a surprising calorie trap. One can easily top out at 1000 calories for a roll of sushi when it’s been westernized. No judgement for people who like it that way, just be careful when thinking it’s a health food and count calories accordingly.

    • LadyMTL says:

      This is pretty much what I was coming here to say. I love me some tuna nigiri, but even there the rice can definitely add lots of calories. I know if I get one of the fried kinds (like a Dragon Eyes roll or whatnot) it definitely is a treat day meal. Not as “bad” as a fast-food burger or pizza – at least there’s some fish in there – but yeah. Add in some soy sauce, maybe some spicy mayo or wasabi…it adds up.

    • Eden75 says:


      A single piece of tune nigiri (I hope I spelt that right) has about 65 calories. I myself can eat at least 10 pieces pretty easily. Then add in the avocado rolls, the dipping sauces, etc, etc. I am a huge sushi fan but it is something I eat only once in awhile, as a cheat meal.

      Here’s a rough guide to calories, fat, carbs, sugars, etc in sushi, sashimi and rolls.

  4. Marie says:

    Treat yo self! I swear, everytime I park my butt in front of the TV or laptop and binge watch something, I get “snacky”. I demolished chips and ice cream while watching the last 2 seasons of B99. and yes, sushi is a cheat food if you factor in the white rice in there.

  5. Wasabi says:

    Here for DJ’s epic sushi mukbang

  6. Mia4s says:

    I can’t imagine he eats a lot of carbs as a rule, so I could see how sushi would be a cheat day food.

    Aww man, now I want sushi!

  7. Mirage says:

    There seems to be some fried food on the side. Maybe that constitutes the unhealthy food?
    The portions are HUGE though.
    120000 calories!! I’m speechless. Literally the equivalent of 10 meals!!

  8. Mirage says:

    Or rather 20 meals!
    But I imagine on a normal day, with his sport routine and physique he’s on 4000 calories a day!

  9. Elyse says:

    My naturopath told me to avoid sushi because there is liquid sugar in it. Who knew?

    • Veronica S. says:

      It helps make the rice stickier and holds shape better, that’s why. It has a decent amount of salt in it, too.

  10. Veronica S. says:

    Rice is a calorie-dense carb. When you start adding things like cream cheese, Tempura, etc. to the sushi, it can get pretty decently high up there in calories. For somebody with a rigid diet, I imagine that would absolutely be a cheat food. The seaweed and raw fish is also hard on the stomach for some people. So it may also be a cheat food in the sense that it’s likely to cause bloating the next day – which it absolutely does for me, even though I love it.

  11. Cee says:

    Yeah, I consider it a healthier “cheat” food, especially the fancy kind with different sauces and sweet flavours. I mean, I only eat 6-8 pieces, but if you were to eat more with all the rice, cheese, sauces, etc, I don’t really consider it my normal “clean” eating (I’m on a low carb, sugar, dairy, high vegs, high protein plan)

  12. Pamela says:

    Yeah, there are lots of good nutrients in sushi….like veggies, avocado, and fish. That said, the tempura, spicy mayo, cream cheese and rice are going to add up. I mean, even just the raw salmon is super good for you, but also high in calories. And he is eating SO much.

    Now I am dying for sushi for lunch, and it is only 10am here…and I am not getting any sushi even when lunch time eventually
    rolls around.

  13. Kate says:

    Does anyone here watch Ballers? Are we supposed to be rooting for Spencer this season b/c he’s kind of a giant D after the last episode – but maybe he’ll come around later in the season.

    Also, it’s not fair how handsome he is now with his little salt/pepper stubble.

  14. a reader says:

    How about “there’s no such thing as a cheat food”??

    Food is food. Yes, some foods are less caloric heavy, have less sugar, etc etc…. But this idea that certain foods are off limits is ridiculous. It contributes to an unhealthy “diet culture”.

  15. KidV says:

    I like sushi if you replace the fish with chicken, the rice with beans, the seaweed with a tortilla.

  16. Parigo says:

    As someone with type 2 diabetes I know my ultimate trigger food is rice. White or brown it will make your blood sugar go up and nothing can get it down. Sashimi, miso soup, any of the seaweed or cabbage salads? Sure. Sushi (which means rice)? Nope.

  17. outoftheshadows says:

    I am sorry, but this guy is my dream date. If he can share that sushi and avoid mercury poisoning, I’m in. (Do you guys remember Jeremy Piven and his sushi-induced mercury poisoning?)