Two years later, Brad Pitt is still trying to undercover-smear Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie takes the girls for some retail therapy at Kitson

Two years ago exactly, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in LA. It was a Monday. Just a few days before that, there was some kind of incident on their private plane, something that involved Brad being drunk and – he insisted – Maddox not getting hit “in the face.” Angelina fled with the children and never looked back. Two years later, things are still at a relative standstill. Brad spent the summer smearing Angelina, but even now that he has more visitation with the kids, he’s still being constantly monitored by DCFS. For months, Brad’s team had been hyping an August court date as being the moment when he would be vindicated… but then they didn’t even go to court, because Brad and Angelina agreed to yet another interim custody agreement. So, what’s happening now? Team Pitt is still running to media outlets to tell “his side” of things, that’s what. Entertainment Tonight had an exclusive:

Things are slightly better between Brad & Angelina: A source tells ET that the actress recently reached out to Pitt to improve their co-parenting relationship. “Brad and Angelina actually set up a secret meeting at her house,” the source says. “It’s the first time they have truly gotten together to make things work since their group therapy with the children. Brad and Angie’s meeting was a success. They are going to stay with the plan set forth through the courts. Angelina decided it was time to try to make things work and Brad was relieved and very ready for the offer. Brad has been dedicated to making peace throughout the process and now it finally seems like they are at a point where they can create a calmer situation for the kids.”

The source on how Angelina filed paperwork to formalize the child support: “Angelina created a very difficult situation for Brad and the children and she has finally realized her behavior backfired,” our source says. “Angelina loves her kids very much and it seems like she felt threatened she might lose time with them and, in turn, she went on the attack. Unfortunately, everyone in the family has suffered. She started to see a change in the kids’ behavior because they missed their dad. The kids’ reaction to the divorce actually helped Angie try a different tact.”

[From Entertainment Tonight]

Ah, yes, the elusive “they’re finally working together to coparent responsibly, but only because Angelina finally admitted she was totally wrong!” story from Team Pitt. Well played, Team Pitt dumbasses. How many times is a Team Pitt “source” going to run to a media outlet and speculate about Angelina’s state of mind or motivation with literally nothing to back it up? “She has finally realized her behavior backfired.” Team Pitt keeps talking about how everything she does is going to “backfire,” but he’s the one still being monitored by DCFS. He’s the one still running to every media outlet to tell people that she’s a deranged, difficult bitch. His actions are not that of someone who believes he has the upper hand.

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  1. Mia4s says:

    These stories are really making me hate Brad Pitt. I’ve got nothing else. I’ve never been a huge fan of either he or Jolie but I didn’t dislike them (if they did a movie I was interested in, I went). Now I’ve moved from indifference to active hatred on Pitt. I’m really repulsed by him.

    • Maya says:

      Me too – I actually despise him now. He is a disgusting human being who chose his image over the happiness and welfare of his children.

      I hope he suffers immensely for the pain he gave those poor children.

      And I really really pray his beloved golden boy image crashes and burns to ashes very soon.

      • Go Figure! says:

        I don’t know who he’s been listening, but his PR team isn’t worth diddly and he needs to fire the whole bunch, STFD, and STFU! He and/or his PR team sound dumber than a box of rock and I don’t know if you can get any dumber. Angie reached out to him? Puhleeze! Angie said it was between him, the children, and the court. This I believe. And still being monitored! I notice his rags of choice are quick to always praise him and how well he’s doing with the visitations and being a dad, but why is there never any mention of his visits still being supervised? Duh!

      • Snappyfish says:

        I feel the same way. Disclaimer: I have always adored her. I liked them as a couple. When the Maddox story came out I was shocked & then I paid attention & realized he is a silly little pretty frat boy. How dare She leave me? I’m Brad Pitt. Yes you are, pretty little vapid drunk Brad. Just a boring pretty face & now I know there is ugly on the inside

      • Lady D says:

        Maybe Pitt is forcing his PR team to listen to him? Like you said, their work just does not seem professional at all.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      You are not alone. Brad turned out to be one big repulsive jerk

      • Lilly says:

        Yeah, I used to adore him and then together – wonderful. Now, I do not like him at all. Abusive men can stuff it and that’s what this is, she made him look good and there was no substance behind it.

    • Reese says:

      The way he consistently attacks AJ shows he cannot put what’s in the best interest of their children first.

      • Annie says:

        Me too! I loathe Brad Pitt now. I can’t stand the sight of him and every time he pulls another stunt like this, I despise him more.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Me too – he has shown us his ass. Have no real opinions on Jolie but she has behaved with class. She should just drop the receipts as there is clearly something major that warrants his visits with the kids to be monitored after 2 years. His continued smearing is proof that he has something to hide.

    • Huh says:

      I refuse to watch a Pitt movie now.

    • MJ says:

      I used to like most of Pitt’s movies, but after all these stories his side is feeding the press I find him despicable.

    • .... says:

      I’m realizing he needs a doctor. He is sick. Totally out of touch with reality.

      And there is no way she invited him into her home…….
      There is no way he’s seeing the kids and pulling this in the media…….
      It was over last month and he lost. Until we see him frolicking with the children I’m not buying this bs.
      I bet his sources will tell you how he and The professor lady are happily coparenting and they call her mom. He’s delusional.

    • Sparkly says:

      Add me to that list. I can’t stand to watch his smug face anymore.

    • arianan says:

      If I was Angie, it would be “Hammer Time”.

  2. Maya says:

    Well Brad’s smear campaign backfired spectacularly as Angelina fired Laura and got a brilliant new lawyer Samantha who takes no prisoners.

    It’s clear that Laura supported Brad and she disgraced her profession by taking his bullying and still being friends with TMZ after the smear campaign. Angelina should file a petition to get Laura to lose her licence.

    Despite Brad’s horrendous behaviour, the truth will always come out. HE is still being monitored after 2 years. Even drug addicts and fathers who physically abused their children don’t have to be monitored after that long of a period. Once the independent evaluator, therapists and child services submits their final reports to the judge, watch Brad crash and burn.

    If all of his children are scared of him then HE is the problem. The children already showed how much they love their mother and how protective their are over her.

    They have access to internet and they will know how their father smeared their mother and them indirectly.

    Watch this space because Angelina and Samantha are done being abused by Team Brad and they are now playing hardball and submits evidence to the court. Brad is toast and let’s see how long his buddies at TMZ, Page6, US Magazine & DailyMail are going to cover for him. Social media is a powerful tool and they will expose him.

    • Tanesha86 says:

      @Maya I understand you are passionate about this whole situation and I abhor Brad as much as the next person but don’t you think it’s a bit extreme to hope Laura Wasser gets disbarred over the way she was handling the case? I mean I don’t think her strategy was working in this situation but she didn’t violate any ethics or break any laws that we know of.

      • Maya says:

        If she leaked to TMZ and/or gave her wrong legal advice to her client then yes, she can lose her licence.

        For me, once you accept to be the representative for someone, you damn well advice them correctly and you have their back. Obviously if the client is doing anything illegal or abuse etc, then they should go to the police.

      • Carmen says:

        I don’t know about disbarment, but if she was working against her own client she damn well deserves a public reprimand from the bar association. According to all reports, she is good friends with Harvey Levin from TMZ and was leaking information to him for two years.

      • Sunny says:

        Tanesha86, Thank YOU. People go feral over this topic.

      • .... says:

        I don’t find a lawyer getting disbarred for possibly jeopardizing the welfare of six kids extreme. I don’t think attorneys are supposed leak private details to tabloid media outlets either.

      • EllieMichelle says:

        I don’t think Angelina would want that headache anyway. She has her children with her right now and she’s working, I’m sure that’s priority number one.

      • Natalia says:

        Disbarment? Pfffft. This MIGHT be a case for disciplinary action by the California State Bar, but no way in hell Wasser gets disbarred over the issue of advocacy/attorney-client privilege with respect to Jolie.

        For the record, I don’t really respect Wasser, esp. if she did feed info to Levin – but I highly doubt that. She’s not a complete fool.

        For more reasons than one, which we’ll likely not ever be privy to, Wasser did not want to play hardball with Pitt. Samantha did and does. Thankfully. Sometimes you have to play hardball, and this case is one of those times.

      • hola says:

        I do think her strategy didn’t work anymore .
        Spiegel needed a bulldog in front of him to shut him down . Someone more agressive . And it works . No “posturing”

  3. girl_ninja says:

    When someone shows you who they are believe them. This man left Jen to be with Angie. He’s loyal to no one! Clearly not even to his own children, look at how he treats their mother.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      +100000000 to your comment

    • David says:

      She cheated with Billy Bob Thornton when he was with Laura Dern. She is not the best as well.

      • Maya says:

        Omg – Laura herself and her assistant admitted that Billy never cheated with Angelina.

        The assistant came out and said Billy broke up with Laura weeks before he met Angelina.

        And dear Laura is truly not the best person to believe as she cheated with Billy while he was married to his 3rd wife. Laura also got pregnant by her now ex husband Ben who was married then and his wife was pregnant as well. In fact, Laura’s oldest son and the poor ex wife’s son are born within few weeks ago.

      • Missy says:

        Pretty sure the married men deserve a bit of the blame for cheating, they were the ones who were married after all. And for the record, Ben and Laura’s son wasn’t born a few weeks within the birth of bens second child with his ex, pretty sure the child was a daughter as well.

      • joanne says:

        even if that were true, your comment should read “Billy Bob cheated on Laura Dern”.

      • entine says:

        … and Laura Dern is good friend of Aniston, within her circle or whatever they call themselves. So you could also say “birds of a feather…” oh, I forgot how Angelina haters are hypocrites, as many others in HW have cheated or participated in cheating, including Pitt’s ex-wife.

      • hola says:

        Yes poor Laura , isn’t it?
        Her cheating ass is complaining? Cheating over a pregnant wife….

  4. Grumpier than thou says:

    The patience of this woman! I would have completely lost my temper by now, she’s really playing the long game here – the kids are going to have so much respect for her when they look back on this as adults. BP truly is a despicable toad.

    • Maya says:

      I know – I am a very patient person but even I would have destroyed him by now by publishing what he did.

    • .... says:

      That’s why I’m not buying it…..he puts out this bait to try to force her into an argument cause she ghosted his @ss. She and the kids have nothing to do with him….I fully believe it was handled last mo. And the evaluators didn’t recommend visitation or custody for him.

      I also believe they never followed that schedule that he keeps dragging out. I think the kids neverwanted to visit him. So the courts didn’t force them. Done.

      His media tactics since have been telling.

      • anp says:

        @says I agree with you. He also has new film to promote it is to make it seem like they are trying to get along.

  5. ANDREA1 says:

    Ops the comment i was replying to got deleted

  6. lower-case deb says:

    i also found him a bit of a disingenuous person.
    when he got together with AJ, he was all about charity, becoming a useful person in society. tagging along to conflict places and helping out distributing stuff to flood victims, war victims, etc now he’s just doing all these artiste projects which he isn’t any good in anyway, dodging responsibilities with MIR, and hanging out with douchey men.

    guess what they say is true, he was a chameleon who takes his wife/girlfriend/fiancee’s personality ,and when he got bored, he just ups and leave. but god forbid he should be blamed, though… he’s pure as driven snow.

    • Maya says:

      This time through 6 children are involved and he is hurting them immensely.

      • Myrtle says:

        I agree. If he didn’t want his children’s mother dragged through the dirt, a statement from him would have been appropriate. If he’s clean and sober now, continuing to work on his issues, don’t keep it on the down-low.

    • Carmen says:

      What Lilly said above. Angie made him look good but it was all façade with nothing behind it to back it up. He’s like the Platte River — an inch deep and a mile wide at the mouth.

  7. Neverwinter says:

    Is there any way to know for sure, that this comes from the Pitt source and not just the tabloids making sh*t up? If it’s his publicity team then it’s a disgusting startegy, for sure!

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah, I 100% believe that he’s had his team go to the tabloids for him. But I’m not sure that EVERY single comment on Angelina is from Brad. They’ve always ripped at her – even during the good years with Pitt. There’s so much in tabloids that are based on very generic guesses that I really don’t think he’s the source of EVERYTHING. They’ve taken a premise and run it into the ground.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        But he never said or did anything to make it stop. Which is the sad part. He allowed her to take it all on by herself. That’s the part I find the most repulsive. Even now, he’s allowing his stans to say some awful things about her and his kids. That’s how I know he doesn’t really care. It’s all for show.

      • Erinn says:

        Did Angelina say anything about the kids being ripped on before, though? I mean, from what I recall their manner of handling things like this was always to ignore it and not feed into it. People have said awful things about the kids for YEARS now, and I can’t remember a single time where Angelina stepped in to stop it.

        Look, I’m not trying to defend him. He’s made his bed. But, I think for certain things in this whole mess you need to look back and remember how things were handled previously. If she’s never ever commented publicly on the treatment of her kids by the media and fans, why are we suddenly expecting him to? Because she obviously cares deeply, and (to my knowledge) has not defended them publicly – so if the same behavior is how you “know he doesn’t really care” you’d have to believe she didn’t care about it either.

    • .... says:

      Of course it’s his team……always…….you think he lets people write whatever they want about him? They proactively work w any and all media outlets that will play ball. Money equals write what we tell you.

  8. SWP says:

    Sidebar—that awesome link you guys posted yesterday to the dialect coach—I went down an internet rabbit hole of all of his videos. He’s awesome btw…but anyway it was kinda funny because he basically said every time brad Pitt tried to do an accent it was horrible. Angelina’s, however, were spot on. Ha ha!

  9. rose says:

    His team needs to take a seat why would her asking for a child support agreement make her feel threatened she would lose time with her kids? He is the one that has been the one in attack mode. If you are still having monitored visits after 2 years, something pretty serious went down if you ask me.

  10. anp says:

    It has always been about the protection of his image and looks. He still believes with the help of the lying drive by media tabloids that he looks 25 years old still. He refuses to grow old gracefully.

    Some of the public still supports this man’s bad behavior toward Angelina. They believe he is not responsible for MIR problems in NOLA. He wants said he gets away with to much.

    • Go Figure! says:

      Had forgotten that comment anp. He did say that he gets away with too much. But not this time. He met his match in Angelina and the six children.

  11. PerfectlyObsessed says:

    I like how they are trying to make it sound like Brad won in the private meeting with Angelina, but they also admit they decided to stick to what the court ordered.

  12. bacondonut says:

    i am so happy that she took her kids and left with them at the first sign of violence. she didn’t look back, she didn’t cave into the pressure of getting back together to project an image of happy family, like how you see in domestic violence cases. because nevermind they are celebrities, no matter how Brad’s team tries to underplay it, what happened was a domestic violence case – you don’t need bruises or broken bones. she is strong and put her children first. i admire all women who have the courage to leave.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      It prob is a domestic violence case. It’s very telling when your son doesn’t even want to see you. It’s insane people blame her instead of blaming me. But that’s white male privilege for you.

      • Ophelia says:

        I am by no means an Angelina Jolie fan, but even if there’s no hardcore domestic abuse, some emotional abuse or some sort might have happened.

        We have seen how frail Angelina looked when she was with Brad, and no not all of the frailness was due to bereavement or mastectomy (she wasn’t battling cancer, she wasn’t on chemo).

        We only have to see how she has flourished physically the last year. Truly a difference and you can’t tell me that no shenanigans happened during the time they were together. Amicable divorces and “nothing happen”s just don’t make that drastic of a change.

      • Coco says:


        Good point. The stress of emotional or physical abuse can have a big effect on the body. When I was in an abusive relationship I stopped eating because I felt so out of control over my own life. I lost 20lbs in the three months we lived together. My friend told me afterward how worried she was because overnight I looked like a bobble head. I’m normally a stress or comfort eater so not eating was a huge red flag. I quickly got out and my health immediately improved. Angie looks so healthy these days. After all the crap about her over the years. Brad helping to pit her and Jen against each other in the tabloids by never stepping in to protect his partner or to ask them to leave his ex alone. Its so apparent to me now what was going on and that Brad is an abusive manipulator.

    • hola says:

      Absolutely . It was domestic violence .

  13. anp says:

    If he truly has joint custody of all of his children why have we Not seen photos of his children and him together. It is going into the 3rd year of him Not being Seen with at least one of his children. Why?

    • Sidewithkids says:

      So from what I’m reading, it’s seems like things are over and he lost, he didn’t get joint custody. This is over.

      Now. Angie’s lawyer needs to come out w/ facts tho and blast this joker b/c he and his team, once again, are lying, trying to put the blame on Angie again, when it’s him who can’t get joint custody after two years. It’s sick.

      Also, someone asked if it could just be tabloids making this up. At this point, no b/c it’s just Angie painted in a negative light plus it’s the same thing over again about her hurting the kids since this has played out in public. Brad wants us to believe this BS. He never wanted anything public b/c he’s a jerk and he wants his bad things kept in the dark.

      I really want to hear it from Angie b/c this secret meeting sounds like BS. Unless Angie has just grown tired of him. I have to say Angie takes her sweet time letting us know the truth tho. Lol. Someone said Angie must be a patient and tolerant woman b/c if it was me, y’all would have been known what happened on that plane.

    • Erinn says:

      If they’re supervised visits, I doubt the people supervising are allowing time for pap walks. I think it’s likely as simple as that.

      • anp says:

        Their are some saying there is No supervised visits, If is that is true why No photos of him and the children. Which is it?

      • Erinn says:

        I can’t tell you what other people think, anp. I have no idea. But there’s an awful lot of people saying with authority that he’s still supervised, and that they ‘knew’ that was the case the whole time. It seems to have been accepted as a fact on this site for the most part. But the thing is we don’t know. I’m guessing he’s probably supervised, if not now then up until very recently. But this is genuinely a guess, and I’m not trying to say I know anything more than what I’ve read here.

        I’m also not sure why there are people who are 100% sure that he’s got supervised visits wondering why there’s no pap photos. Either he’s got supervised visits and I can’t imagine any type of professional involved allowing a pap stroll under those circumstances and that’s why there are no photos – OR – he’s not under supervised visits, but isn’t spending time with the kids like he claims.

        But if we’re “sure” he’s still only having supervised visits, how on earth would it be possible for the people supervising this case to allow him to give access to paparazzi.

      • EllieMichelle says:

        Either he’s not seeing them, or they aren’t going out anywhere and visiting him at his home or someone else’s. It is odd that there are no pictures or sightings, kind of a Tom Cruise/Suri sitch.

      • hola says:

        Absolutely agree. the psychiatrist doesn’t want a pap walk

    • Go Figure! says:

      All of his fans will tell you Brat hasn’t been seen with the children because “he’s a private person”. Yeah. If and when he does get visitations with “no strings attached”, he’ll trot all of them (except Maddox IMO) for the first photo op session. Wouldn’t be surprised if he then sold the pics to the highest bidder.

      • Carmen says:

        “Private person” my azz! Before they broke up, whenever Brad was out with the kids he was grinning and waving to any camera within range. He couldn’t get enough of it. It reinforced his image as Hollywood’s most devoted dad.

        There haven’t been any pictures of him with the kids in the past two years because he hasn’t had any unsupervised visits in past two years. If he had, he’d be hauling them outside, smiling and cheesing for the paparazzi as he always did, to show everyone he was a better and more deserving parent than Angelina.

  14. Lala11_7 says:

    “Angelina created a very difficult situation for Brad and the children and she has finally realized her behavior backfired,” …

    BISH WUT??!?!

    ANGELINA created a very difficult situation for BRAD?!?!

    Boy…I tell ya…that takes some GALL AND NERVE OF STEEL to even THANK THAT!!!!!

    • .... says:

      Yeah….and that’s why we know he lost custody and has no visitation………if he was trying to make it right 😉 …. he wouldn’t be talking that nonsense……I think it’s just him trying to get a rise out of her….

      Also notice how unless his people put crap out there about him, no ones talking or cares about him in the media. He is still trying to glom onto Angie and these kids to bbe relevant.

      dude is out of touch w reality.

      • Hmmm says:

        Yes, I think a lot of his gaslighting has been to get her attention. A secret meeting should be just that a secret yet his team are spilling their version of crap to anyone who will listen. He’s hoping that when the truth comes out people will believe the first thing they read from his lying scumbags.

    • Wasabi says:

      But also don’t forget this lovely bit: “in turn, she went on the attack”. Lolololol, yes Brad, Angelina went on to attack… Not in the face… Amazing choice of words this pathetic man and his team have. Such believable. Much truth.

    • Lucy2 says:

      That’s the line that got me too! If I recall, he created this whole situation by being abusive and intoxicated.

  15. Layla Beans says:

    I have lost interest in this whole debacle. Team Kids. I await the inevitable book by one of the children – my money is on one of the twins, or Pax.

  16. .... says:

    Brads sources made up the neri o man romance as well…..and tried to give it legs for a while. Like an ongoing well thought out multifaceted story lie.

    Same is happening here. Lying.

    Did anyone notice anyone talking about mr petty in the media…for any reason? No……then we here , in the comments section, started putting two and two together…and saying he lost last month and is just spinning……cause he has movies coming out and doesn’t want the truth out.

    And then he drags out this old never followed schedule again…to et, the DM….out of the blue unless you read the comments here and are responding to them………and if that’s true he’s officially lost his mind.

  17. Hmmm says:

    Nothing has changed yet & he still has to follow the court order. The way his team described this so called secret meeting sure doesn’t seem like it went well for him- he didn’t get 50/50 as aj and her lawyer explained it is not up to Angie. Brad Pitt is some type of loser who wants people to believe what he’s selling. But it doesn’t make sense. If aj was so wrong he’d have custody by now.

    After years of ignoring Nola residents and tricking them into signing Nda’s he’s now suing the architect. Lmao I can’t wait to see what the architect has to say and perhaps even some of the ex employees that left and had to sign nda’s too. He’s mentally ill.

    • Aratrix says:

      Whoever had the construction supervision is the one(s) who is(are) responsible. That might well be an architect or several.

      • Hmm says:

        Yeah of course brad Pitt is never responsible for anything. He tricked a bunch of people into signing nda’s And as soon as they get a lawyer he decides to sue. He’s should’ve taken care of the issues YEARS ago. No one has explained what happened to all that donated money either. Let’s see the taxes oh wait MIR hasn’t filed in years. Make it right was also sued by a reservation – he built these lousy homes in an area that goes for 50,000 and tried to sell them for 200,000 + also the leaders of the reservation had to pay to finish construction. He’s left people hanging In Kansas after promising to build homes now they claim they are reassessing the situation. Lol almost all of the original staff left and he made them sign nda’s as well. He now has his shady af fixer who has connections to Weinstein and trump… fitting since it seems his true colors are very similar to trumps. scammers , liars, gaslighting narcissistic jerks.

      • .... says:

        No Brad you’re wrong…….you are also responsible.

      • Erinn says:

        He’s on the line for responsibility because he made this his project. But honestly- the contractors that were used for this project are people who do this for a living – and they ROYALLY screwed up. I sincerely hope their businesses are responsible for some of this as well. And honestly – anyone in that area who needs work done should be looking into who exactly worked on these homes and make sure they aren’t hiring them.

        I don’t know how people don’t see that. Yes, Brad is absolutely responsible. But criticizing the “professionals” who do this kind of thing day in and day out is absolutely 100% warranted. If my husband plumbed up residences so poorly of COURSE he would expect to have a horrible impact on his career. And so he should if that were the case. Focusing solely on Brad is a huge problem in this case because the people who were hired then get out unscathed. Their reputation should also be ruined because god knows how many people have hired them since or before and have homes that are incorrectly built.

      • .... says:

        Erin I do this for a living……he is the pm…..he vetted the contractors….they did not have free reign and a checkbook….lol…..

        .he put his face on it….he talked with Obama about it….and others in the media………he wanted to take credit when it succeeded……so he can take heat for its failure. It was his project.

        And plumbers are subcontractors…the builder still eats it and takes a hit if a sub screws up.

      • BB says:

        Agree with everything you said Erinn

      • .... says:

        their homes that they work on elsewhere are still standing, or you’d hear about it. And if they were sooo bad, then they would have been unqualified before they were hired as well. I think mr Pitt had a lot more to do with this than you think and that’s why there are problems. His other attempt at building on a Native American res. Failed and he’s also being sued there.

        How many of these contractors and subs under Brad are being sued? Prob none. No history of faulty homes prior to mir…..and if there was and Brad hired them that’s on him.

        Homes have to pass city inspections as well……these builders clearly seem to be functioning fine on projects that don’t involve Brad. They were fine before him and after him……that means he’s the problem.

        Just like he thinks he can do his own pr and write his own hit pieces…….

  18. .... says:

    He desperately wants people to think this is still in litigation………

    I guarantee it was handled last mo. They came to an agreement and signed based on custody evaluators recommendation….which I think was no visitation no custody. Don’t think they were seeing him anyway. It said there was no longer a need for the hearing. Boom. Done.

    She was seen daily w them for a bit too after that…..and he’s launched multiple obvious media smears against her. It’s just so obvious that he lost and is still raging on believing himself to be some sort of victim.

  19. .... says:

    There is nooooooo way she talked to him, much less invited him into her home. It’s so laughable.

    And what’s more laughable is that he thinks we believe for a second any of his kids have seen, or see him. We don’t.

  20. Jennifer says:

    I agree with an above poster that said they believe he’s trying to bait her into an argument. The passive aggressive misinformation, “who me? I’m a lover not a fighter”(while instigating the fighting). *Brad only wants to coparent peacefully, even though Angelina created this bad situation, he was so happy she finally came to her senses and spoke to him in person to correct her bad behavior from this divorce* OMG puhhhhleeeeeeze!! Either Angelina puts out a correction in some form, to which he can say “see? She’s so argumentative! She can’t let go of her anger!”. Or she can be silent and he gets to have his version taken as fact with the public. Disgusting, gaslighting, crazy making abusive tactics…I’m sure he did this a lot in the relationship too, putting her in no win situations (for her). But he’s wrong, because she won the hearts of those kids and I’m sure that’s all that really matters to her. They know the truth.

  21. Aratrix says:

    Neither of them is an angel.

  22. .... says:

    Don’t you love it when abusers and their pr try to belittle the victims to distract from their bad behavior?
    And aratrix….you don’t have to be an angel to be a good parent……you just can’t be an @sshole.

    • Go Figure! says:

      …. says: THIS! And he is an asshole.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      I agree they both aren’t perfect (they are human and no one is perfect) but one of them clearly did something awful. So awful, enough that after two years, his kids don’t want to see him still and the times that they do, the visits are still supervised. Those facts mean that Brad is in fault here and no one else when you look at it. Then he is actively participating in a smear campaign to the mother of his children to protect his image, not the mother or the kids. Again, another truth that makes him out to be a awful man and father imo. Angie may not be perfect but she did not and is not doing any of the above.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @…., is correct. Just b/c he’s kind to one or two people doesn’t mean he can’t be a jerk to one or two people as well.

      That’s what we’re going through right now as they try to get this joker on the Supreme Court. White men and women enable the bad behavior, have for years. It should stop.

      I notice that here, most of Brad stans are women. They are quite attracted towards him so they look the other way and allow this dude to get away w/ everything. This is sad and it should stop.

      • Lady D says:

        It’s because he would never act that way with them. They would treat him right, unlike the bitch he married, and he would respond in kind to them. Fantasy is one thing, but when it starts to harm actual women and children it’s time for the fantasy to end.

  23. Nibbi says:

    She comes out of this mess looking 100% better than he does, despite the efforts of PageSix, TMZ, DM, etc. … To me, the fact that she’s just doing her normal charity and movie work and doing stuff with her kids, with none of these “confidential sources” trashing *him* in the media, says it all.

  24. Poppy says:

    Brad Pitt F U dude, is this man incapable of just saying; I created this mess now I’m Gona work on peace and fix my family. Narcissistic twat.
    She is the mother of ur kids doofus, and 100%, your kids will read this mess one day (bet some of them are reading this mess now).
    Ugh 😑 I really use to like this guy, what a disappointment.

  25. Meg says:

    I wonder what transpired on the plane that day…She never looked back

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @Meg, this made me burst out laughing. She didn’t tho. She never looked back and I think she really loved him and would and did anything for him. That’s what people are failing to realize, she was covering up for him for awhile b/c she loved him and she thought he loved her. I truly believe more truth will come to light once the years trickle by. I hope she does find her true soulmate, someone to love and protect her.

      Also, even now people have to see what this joker is doing, lying on this woman who had his back. That’s so sad and I feel for Angie. I really can tell she’s a nice person and it’s sucks more people don’t see it b/c people love to lie about her. People love to put the good ones down tho. That’s bizarre but that’s our history. I hope that changes one day. But notice how she never complains or really claps back at the him. I think she’s talk to various people in the business about the situation and they know he’s out here doing vile things to her but it won’t her hurt her credibility, people still want and love to work w/ her. This jerk tho, his next movies won’t do well b/c no one really cares about Brad like that, w/o her, he’s nothing. Brad and JA are more famous b/c of her. They all kno this is the truth. In a few years, he will be like HW and more of his awfulness will come out, I believe that. The truth will win out over the lies. It always does and always will.

    • Marcus says:

      Your right she did not look back at all. From what I read he got drunk and fought with Maddox and cursed at Pax. Not sure if he hit Maddox or not. That was the final straw for Angie. He was going crazy on the tarmac. I also read that the marriage was breaking up for months as she already had the rental place in Malibu. Think Angie loved him with all of her heart and I believe she tried to get him help even if we did not know that. I do hope she finds someone who loves her and the kids even if she does not marry again.

  26. Adorable says:

    Oh Please I don’t believe this “secret meeting”happened at all.This is team Brad trying to put a pretty little bow of this issue,since Brad has a movie coming in a few months.Brad is about his image & some of us see right through his juvenile act.

  27. .... says:

    I’ve noticed that when brads people don’t leak anything about him, it’s like silent in the media…..well other than the make it right thing now, and a Native American reservation home building scam.
    But really he doesn’t have a storyline or a skirt to hide behind and it’s hilarious to watch.

    This victim angle seems to be a constant however. Very adult.

  28. ocjulia says:

    Everyone here makes such a good points that I don’t really have anything to add other than that I REALLY dislike him. So, so much.

  29. EllieMichelle says:

    I think he was trying to get the MRA/father’s rights crowd in his corner with these smears. There is parental alienation, but I don’t think this is what’s happening here.
    This ain’t it William Bradley. At the end of the day, the children matter most and I hope they get some peace- it must really suck having this play out for the public eye.

  30. Christina says:

    Will this ever end? He’s getting so, so low!

    • .... says:

      I think it did……last month…….hence the all time low lowness….he’s clearly got nothing to lose , like custody or visitation, or he wouldn’t be acting like this. This is to bully her. He’s an abuser. Publicly Abusing the woman who dumped him.

      If he had custody or hope of it he’d behave.

      There won’t be an announcement.that it’s over…’ll just notice it’s been a long time since you saw him w his kids………and they are living happily w mom moving on. Which we’ve been seeing.

  31. mtam says:

    How come barely any article mentions he also stole a fuel truck (don’t know the correct term), drove it drunk and crashed it somewhere on the tarmac. Obviously that’s not worse than hitting your child, but it definitely gives people another example of just how dangerous and irresponsible he is when he’s intoxicated. Maybe the reason he’s still being monitored is because that hasn’t changed.

    • .... says:

      I think they discovered, in all this therapy early on….that he has a deep unfixable problem. Seriously a narcissist….like the kind you have to go no contact with. Serious personality disorder type behavior from him since forever. Looking back. He’s got a mean cold look about him.

      I bet the psychiatrists picked up on it….and they recommended no visitation no custody.

    • Nibbi says:

      whoaa you’re right, i had totally forgotten that, there *was* some sort of something about a truck on the tarmac & ensuing weirdness

  32. Jessica says:

    No matter what is written about Angelina some people will hate her, some people will love her. I don’t think Angelina has lost any fans over her divorce.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      Lol. She’s actually prob gained some. I noticed when she did the TIFF last year how she was nervous to come back out. But when all those folks came out to see her and her film (which should have got an Oscar nomination btw), she was genuine when she said she felt delighted to have people still care and come to see her. I think she realized no matter what he does, she can combat it. She’s a tough cookie. She’s a bit like Hilary, an amazing woman who has accomplished a lot and doesn’t give 2 fu— about what you think of her and people still want to lie and distort the truth when it comes to her but as long as she has her mind, her truth and her family, she’s good. To the general public she’s like religion or politics, there will always be serious debate.

      But, I don’t see it as him losing interest and the giving up on it (if that was the case, he would have stopped acting or this ridiculous notion that he’s some furniture making). I can see the argument but I don’t think that’s it, totally. Brad is going through a midlife crisis. He is getting older in a profession that tosses the old away like ripe bananas.

      Brad thought he could keep Angie all to himself like some priceless treasure. But when he realized he couldn’t, he started acting out towards her, her humanitarian work, her acting, her directing, her writing, her sophistication, her intellect, her kids b/c ultimately they really stole her attention, her heart. From him. He became jealous of them and of her for not just seeing him/doing what he wanted instead of what they wanted and she wanted. He couldn’t keep up (in his mind) so he yelled and drank until she and kids had enough and threw him away like those old ripe bananas.

      Of course all of it is his doing, his mind playing tricks on him b/c that’s ultimately the problem of the world, white men and their expiration dates, they get so upset at knowing they are around the corner, they lash out anyone and anthing they believe will not prolong them and unfortunately it’s usually to the detriment of others while they usually confess to their sins right before the devil comes for them.

  33. Mona says:

    Team Brad

  34. Mew says:

    Will this never end?

    • Sidewithkids says:

      Gossipcop released a statement, the secret meeting never happened. Brad and it’s team just straight out lied. Dude is a menace. I wish Angie and her lawyer would say something but Angie is prob exhausted of him and his tactics.

      @…., may be right, it is over and he didn’t get joint custody but I don’t understand why Angie wouldn’t just say so like in terms of letting us know through her lawyer.

      • .... says:

        Prob can’t or doesn’t want to speak abt it ……legal reasons etc. best not to make any announcements. We can see what’s going on.

      • arianan says:

        I believe Angie will just live her life with the kids and eventually everyone will get the message, Brad Pitt is no longer involved in any way with Angie or the children.

        He can rant and rave about Angie like the lunatic he is, but it will do no good, the public is not stupid.

  35. Sidewithkids says:

    @Erinn, I wanted to add this, if peeps still reading this one if not, I may put it on a new stream. But anyway, I wanted to address what you said about the kids and how she doesn’t say anything either when they wrongly maligned so how can we ask him to. First, I don’t agree with that, she does say stuff. Angie talks about her kids constantly. So much people get tired of it. Lol. This is how she lets people know, her kids are great and she loves them and if you met them, you would too. This is how she combats the hate. Also, having her kids by her side is another way on walks and in magazines with her. She’s showing people the kids aren’t the problem, the people lying about them are the problem. Brad, tho, he does none of this. It’s more about him and how he is a great father (which now we know is a big lie). That GQ article mad me gag b/c it was such drivel about himself and how he’s healing. Nothing, absolutely nothing about his kids and how they’re healing. Dude only seems to care about himself unless a camera or microphone is in front of him, then he feigns concern but again, that’s anout image as well.

  36. Sage says:

    This secret meeting was totally released by Brad s team. It’s just another “exclusive” that he promised the tabloids. The exclusive paints Jolie in a negative light so you know this is from Brad.
    And people say he’s not leaking to tabloids.

  37. Sidewithkids says:

    @Joanne, Wow. Really? Please explain why?

  38. Sidewithkids says:

    @Maya, agreed.

  39. .... says:

    Oh nice try….now it’s Brad who CHOSE monitored visits. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    And who said Brad Pitt couldn’t do comedy. This has been so entertaining…..although I agree w above posters….it must be so embarrassing to have him for a father.

  40. .... says:

    And he doesn’t continue anything…those kids aren’t visiting him….it’s done. And w six kids there’s plenty of witnesses.

  41. Sidewithkids says:

    Not two years tho Ann. It’s not him wanting monitoring. It’s the judges and the therapists still saying he needs it. It seems like the kids don’t really want to be w/ him. Now we know for certain Maddox does not want to and he and his team noted the other two boys are having a hard time visiting him. Actually the only kids who may be seeing him or the ones who aren’t force to go are the girls and Viv prob only goes b/c her older sisters are there to protect her.

  42. mtam says:

    @Ann Owen
    If the reason he’s still being monitored is because he’s choosing to, trust me that’s the reason we would have been hearing this whole time. His team grasps at any straws that make him seem decent in any way through all this. The fact that his team’s smear campaign never touches that fact tell us all we need to know.

  43. .... says:

    What…according to his sources? Sad to see grown men lie

  44. Hmm says:

    Yes, Ann Owens aka ground control. The judges , therapists and bodygaurd a that are seen out with the kids are alienating him from those kids. Lmao. Gmab. After two years you can’t blame the mother especially when she’s already told you through her lawyer that she has nothing to do with it … It’s up to Brad now to show he’s capable of being a parent. After two years he hasn’t been able to do that…perhaps it’s because he’s too busy with that weirdo Tarantino.

  45. Carmen says:

    Who said Brad wanted to have the visits monitored? Are they insane? I worked in child welfare for 40 years and the parents universally resented having their visits monitored. It was something they had to put up with, but they didn’t like it at all. They felt the agency was telling them they were unfit parents. They felt proud when the agency decided their visits no longer needed to be monitored. And if visits had to be monitored for longer than a year, the agency would seriously consider stopping the visits altogether because it was obvious by then that the parent was unable to build and maintain a healthy relationship with the child.

  46. Carmen says:

    Hmm, watch that one. She’s a Brad stan who spends her mornings, noons and nights on another web site bashing Angie at every opportunity. She hates this site with a passion. I don’t know why she comes here.

  47. hola says:

    Tarantino another abuser with whom he drank bottles of wine and smoked weed , until the wee hours morning , while Angelina was at the hospital waiting for the birth of the twins. Mind you the others kids were present while dad was drunk and out of mind.

  48. .... says:

    It’s Brad or his assistant here on evening cleanup……….the “Ann Owens” lol person.

  49. .... says:

    Carmen……….The comment was removed I think….it was him or his pr under the nam Ann Owens. Classic Brad comment. Dudes clearly not sober, or he has early onset dementia…maybe both.

  50. Carmen says:

    It’s neither Brad nor his assistant; it’s someone who calls herself Ground Control who practically lives on another website and pretends to be a lawyer and brags about having all the legal dirt on the J-P divorce, when shes not bashing Kaiser and the people who post on this site. It’s quite funny, actually. That site is going to have a mass meltdown if Brad gets anything less than 50-50 custody.

  51. arianan says:

    @Carmen: I’ve seen her comments on that site, she certainly likes embarrassing herself.

  52. Carmen says:

    There are about four or five unhinged people on that site who have been posting for a dozen years at least, and from the way they act, as if they were privy to every single detail of the divorce proceedings, you would think they were a bunch of stalkers who moved into his house. If I were Brad Pitt I’d be scared to death of them.

  53. Sidewithkids says:

    Lol. He clearly wouldn’t care about them. He only started singing autographs when he was w/ Angie and the charity work was her thing too. He just couldn’t keep up w/ Angie. I mean this is a man who cares more about strangers clapping for him at the GGs and his family, (the kids), he just tosses aside. I find that to be very sad. Family is everything and w/o it, you are nothing. He’s gonna regret all of this when he gets older. He picked wrong.

  54. ariana says:

    @Carmen: How about that poster at that “site” who calls herself Pa****g Th****h, she’s a hoot, she’s as crazy as anyone I’ve yet to see on any site. Her whole life revolves around Brad Pitt, it would be really sad if it wasn’t so hilarious.

  55. Carmen says:

    Ariana, what can I tell you? There’s a difference between being a fan and being a fanatic. Some people get so engrossed and fixated on the lives of celebrities that they no longer have any lives of their own.

  56. Sidewithkids says:

    @ariana and @carmen, Lol. Yeah, she is nuts. I asked her about her wellbeing and if she was alright in her daily life. She never answered/replied back. So, it prob a safe bet to say, she has no life of her own and that’s sad. Plus, people that are always talking about others are miserable about themselves, it speaks more of themselves than it does of the people they are talking about.

    Also, this Fussyeeye person has a blog where she really believes Angie and Brad are still together and living happy w/ the kids. Lol. It’s quite hilarious. These people (mostly women which is quite sad) love this man and there’s nothing bad he has ever done. It’s like he’s a god to them, not a human being w/ faults SMH. We are all human beings w/ faults so they need to get themselves together. I am an Angie fan but I know that woman isn’t perfect. Nobody is perfect.

  57. Carmen says:

    That’s why I like Angie, because she isn’t perfect and she knows it. She’s a flawed individual who’s trying to right herself and make a positive difference in her life, and she’s doing a damn good job of it, IMO. Angie’s made mistakes but she’s owned up to her mistakes. As for the way she’s handled the divorce, it’s easy to sit on the sidelines and say she should have done this or she should have done that, but nobody stays calm and rational during a divorce. Believe me, I’ve been there. And she hasn’t played it nearly as down and dirty as Brad has. I think she just wants him to get the hell out of her life so she can move on and never have to look back.