Meghan Trainor is texting her wedding invitations, ‘who checks their mail?’


I completely forgot that Meghan Trainor was engaged to Spy Kids actor, Daryl Sabara. That’s on me because I was excited for them when I first read about it. In my defense, they did get engaged last December and I can’t really remember anything that happened before last week unless it involves food. But now that I am reminded, I can get excited all over again because Meghan told Jimmy Fallon that the wedding is happening this winter. If you are hoping to attend the wedding, however, you best keep your phone on you because the only way Meghan is telling folks is via text.

Meghan Trainor is preparing for her nuptials in a modern way.

The “Dear Future Husband” singer, 24, said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday that she is inviting people to her wedding to Daryl Sabara, 26, via text message.

“My problem is I’m not sending out invites ’cause ugh,” Trainor noted. “Like, no. I’m texting people. I keep accidentally hanging out with friends and being like, ‘Yo, you wanna see me get married?’ And then I invite them, and I’m like, ‘Oh no, why did I invite these people?’ You know?”

The host asked, “You’re not going to send one of those fake envelope things, where you click the envelope?”

“That’s a lot. That’s a lot of work to do,” Trainor, who said that she is getting married in the wintertime “so I don’t sweat,” replied.

“I’m tired. I don’t want to pick out a card,” she added. “What if they don’t get it in the mail? Who checks their mail? They always check their texts.”

When Fallon clarified that he was talking about email invitations, Trainor responded, “What if it goes to junk mail? You know what I’m saying? It’s not a guarantee. Everyone reads their texts even if they don’t respond.”

[From People]

I laughed at her admission that she’s impulsively inviting folks and regretting right after. I think most of us had a few ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’ guests at our weddings. She has a point about getting the word out, though. I’m terrible with all things electronic but I do, in fact, always check my texts. Plus, Meghan has said from the outset she wanted a pretty relaxed affair, possibly a barbecue in her backyard. In that context, engraved invitations seem a bit fussy. However, one rarely ‘accidentally’ mails an invitation so it might have served her as an insurance policy against unwanted attendees.

It sounds like Meghan just wants a celebration with all her friends and the more minor details take a backseat to that. I’m a little surprised she waited a year to get married if the wedding itself is so chill but that could be because of schedule or, as she mentioned, so she won’t sweat in the cooler weather. Speaking of which, I hope she has a meteorologist on her wedding invite text chain because although a lesser concern in LA, an outdoor wedding in the winter can still be a bit of a gamble. Although, Mother Nature Washed My Wedding Cake Away would make a great song title.

Here’s the clip from Fallon. There’s a cute bit at the 6:00 mark when Meghan gets her earring caught on her shirt and Fallon threatens to not release her until she answers all his probing questions.




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  1. Anniefannie says:

    I’m with Meghan! Sounds like she’s less focused on the wedding and adhering to norms and more focused on the marriage. So tired of brides hyper and competitive focus on having “ the best wedding” in the meantime alienating friends, family and more importantly the groom! If you can pull off a beautiful wedding without turning into a monster, more power to you. If you can’t, don’t bow to societies pressure to try

  2. Astrid says:

    I get where’s she’s coming from. Since I’m not royalty, I printed flyers and passed them around to friends and family.

  3. boredblond says:

    So it would be okay to send a gift box emoji as a wedding present? hehe..

    • Esmom says:

      Haha. Yeah, I’m old fashioned but I think a mailed invite, even if it’s not formal and fussy, would be nice. Even an evite is better, I like them because I can look up the details. I’d think a text would get lost in the shuffle.

      My son is away at school and I send him a snail mail card or package pretty much every week. Nothing major, just something tangible. I don’t know if he appreciates it or if he’s annoyed by it.

      • Swack says:

        Probably appreciates it. My grandson was just deployed (Navy) and I will be writing letters and sending packages as that is the only way to communicate with him on a reguar basis and even that will take at least 3 weeks to get to him. I woud rather get an evite or a mailed invite for the same reasons – I can look up the details.

  4. Doodle says:

    As a wedding invitation designer, this kills me a little bit. My designs are not at all stuffy or formal or typical wedding-y and would be perfect for the type of event she is describing. As a small business owner, she has just trashed my industry and demeaned a large revenue stream for me. But to each their own.

    • Esmom says:

      Aw, I feel your pain. I know how much work goes into designs like that. It really is too bad she doesn’t see the value of a printed piece. It really can set the tone for the event and reflect the personalities of the couple. As I said above, I guess I’m old fashioned. I hope I’m not alone!

    • Swack says:

      I wish I had less formal options for my wedding invitations. The options of who you could order invitations from was very limited and they all had pretty much the same type of invitations. Best of luck with your business – it is hard for the small businesses to thrive. @esmom, you’re not alone.

    • Hecate says:

      For what it’s worth, I, personally, love card invitations and send them for virtually everything. So if you have a website, send it along.

  5. Angie says:

    Love it! I hateeeeee checking my mailbox, hate it with a passion and it’s such a waste of paper, and I get hundreds of emails daily. A text message, however, I would absolutely read.

  6. me says:

    I check my mail ! I love wedding invitations in the mail. They are always so beautiful and you can keep it on display until the wedding as an exciting reminder. Ok I guess I’m not cool.

  7. Coulter says:

    For someone who is focused on LGBT rights, Megan should have done a bit of research on the Salvation Army. They are not supportive of LGBT rights and have policies in place that refuse services to gay people. Hey Salvation Army – Just because you post a video of helping one gay person doesn’t men that you are suddenly a supporter.

  8. Kerfuffle says:

    Because nothing ever gets lost via text.

    And girl, hire someone to take care of this stuff. It’s not being overly formal to do things like “track who’s coming” and “making sure the information is properly sent out to everyone”. You can have invitations and still have a casual event, and as a bonus you’ll know that you invited everyone you want to and make sure you have enough food and drink.

  9. NeoCleo says:

    I’m old, but this just seems tacky to me.

  10. holly hobby says:

    I do enjoy receiving a hard copy of a wedding invite – doesn’t matter if it’s informal or formal. It’s really a nice thing to receive in the mail other than junk and bills. Plus this is your souvenir from your wedding. I put mine in a scrapbook.

  11. Velvet Elvis says:

    There’s nothing more beautiful than a real, in your hand wedding invitation. Is that not a thing anymore?

  12. Lala says:

    I don’t like this at all. My family was just talking today about how annoyed we were that we got a save the date for a shower via text and no additional invitation or follow up. We are a week out from the event and have no idea what time, where, or if it is even still happening. If you are doing an event send an invitation. It doesn’ t have to be fancy at all. Or do an Evite if you want to be green. Digging through a months old text to track down the wedding details would be annoying AF.

    Also, how will you manage RSVPs and your food? I guess if you’re wealthy you DGAF and just provide a ton of food but I know I was hounding people to know how many people we needed to feed and seat, lol.

  13. Zeddy says:

    Hard same.

  14. Marianne Hord says:

    I think its kind of tacky. Im not saying you have to spend a million dollars, but I think its a nice memento to keep or you can put it on your fridge to remind you. Even an email you can at least save and go back to if you forget a detail or whatever.

  15. Neva_D says:

    As long as the text had all the details (venue, dress code, etc.) I wouldn’t mind getting a text instead of a physical invite. Since most my bills are on auto pay, 99% of what I do get is junk, so I don’t really dig through the mail.

    I’m not a very sentimental person, so I wouldn’t keep the physical copy for very long anyway. I feel guilty throwing away invites when I know people spent a lot of money to get them printed, but I hate clutter. I exchange handwritten letters with friends and loved ones, but invitations, graduation announcements and various cards don’t stay in my house for long.