Santa Is Black: Megyn Kelly will leave the ‘Today Show’ by Christmas

Megyn Kelly during an appearance on NBC's ' Megyn Kelly Today'

It’s a pleasant surprise that sometimes, people actually have to face consequences for screwing up and/or being racist. After several years of bulls–t, Megyn Kelly is finally facing some consequences. Who knew that it would be an all-white roundtable discussion about “blackface at Halloween” that would signal the end of Megyn Kelly? But that’s exactly what has happened. On Tuesday, Megyn said some racist crap. It wasn’t the first time she had shown herself to be completely oblivious and tone-deaf about race – who can forget the infamous moment from her Fox News days, where she said “Santa just IS white.” This time, the condemnation came, and it came from inside NBC, with Al Roker being completely disgusted ON AIR. It finally seems like everyone at NBC is “over” Megyn’s whole deal. And now people are saying that Megyn will be gone from NBC by Christmas:

Megyn Kelly‘s departure from NBC’s Today show is in motion.

“She is expecting to leave the Today show at the end of the season in December,” a Today show source tells PEOPLE about the future of Megyn Kelly Today. “We began discussions earlier this month about a different role within NBC News because Megyn wants to be involved in political coverage in a deeper way than she can do at 9 a.m,” explains the station source, who noted that Kelly’s discussion occurred before the controversy surrounding her recent blackface comments.

“Megyn indicated before this brouhaha that she wanted to move on before the end of the year in order to be involved in the presidential campaign coverage,” the station source says.

However, in the wake of the blackface controversy, many at the Today show are displeased with Kelly, 47, and are questioning her future with NBC, according to a separate source. “People at the Today show are not happy with Megyn right now,” the source says, adding that “nobody knows what is going to happen with her now” in regards to changes in her position.

Late Wednesday it was also revealed that the host and her agency CAA had parted ways, the talent agency confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. A source tells PEOPLE that Kelly fired CAA because of conflicts of interests they had with NBC. The source also said she had been offered representation from UTA but then backed out. A rep for Kelly at NBC News declined to PEOPLE’s request for comment. CAA did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

[From People]

I would have loved it if CAA had fired Megyn for being a racist trick, but People probably has it right, and she fired them because she thought she could get a better deal at another agency. Perhaps she’ll go back to Fox News. Perhaps she’ll end up working for the Trump White House (lol). Perhaps she’ll go to work for Mitch McConnell. Whatever happens, I hope to God no one ever gives her a talk-show format ever again. Not only is she a racist jackass, she’s also a charisma vacuum who comes across as a cold fish on that format. As for her hopes of covering the 2020 presidential election…lord help us all.

Megyn Kelly address feud with Jane Fonda on NBC's ' Megyn Kelly Today'

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61 Responses to “Santa Is Black: Megyn Kelly will leave the ‘Today Show’ by Christmas”

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    Good riddance.

  2. DizzyLizzy says:

    Best news ever…..

  3. Beth says:

    Why did they even hire her in the first place? Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you, Meg

    • Swack says:

      Thank you, my sentiments exactly. You knew what she was going into the contract. Don’t be shocked that this has all happened.

    • Christine says:

      Right? Let’s not forget she came from Fox news. Despite what happened to her there, she was hired for a reason.

  4. Chef Grace says:

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  5. L84Tea says:

    Interesting that she’s being allowed to stay through the end of the year. That’s a pretty soft termination if that’s what they’re calling it.

    • Swack says:

      Maybe by doing that NBC doesn’t have to pay out the rest of her contract. Just a theory.

    • holly hobby says:

      She’s still under contract so I can see why this was a total business decision by NBC. Why pay her all that for doing nothing? Might as well make her fulfill that contract for as far as they can.

  6. GreenBunny says:

    This is the best Christmas present ever and couldn’t happen to a better person. Didn’t she already have a “hard news” program on Sunday nights that failed spectacularly? Other than being the pretty white girl baiting the libs on Faux News, she doesn’t really have a purpose in news so what could she possibly add to NBC? And nothing NBC does will ever bring me back to the Today show, so this is too little too late.

    • Original T.C. says:

      It’s unfortunate. She is smart and very good at cornering politicians. But she can’t shake her bias or racism and that is no longer OK.

      The right wing of course is going to blame NBC of “reverse racism” which is not a thing people!

  7. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    All I have to say is: Bye b-tch! 👋🏽

  8. ChillyWilly says:

    Ding dong, the witch is dead! Adios, bitch!

  9. IlsaLund says:

    Good. She should never had been hired in the first place.

    Blonde, blue eyed, complicit, Barbie dolls like her are like phoenixes…they always rise from the ashes to continue their torment and damage to others.

  10. grabbyhands says:

    I’m willing to bet that she goes back to Fox where she can moan about the “PC police” out to get her and anyone who doesn’t agree with them, and how they never really supported her or her goals.

    None of her behavior is surprising. What I find nauseating is hearing Andy Lack talk about how awful she was for what she said when he’s the one who hired her and helped foster the abusive environment that allowed sexist hacks like Matt Lauer to thrive for so long.

  11. girl_ninja says:

    The fact that they hired her in the first place says it all. They. Don’t. Care. She’s a racist, completely cavalier about the feelings of those around her.

    Bye Megyn. I DO hope the door hits you on the way out👏👏

  12. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Bye bitch! And no, don’t give her another job at NBC. She sucks!

  13. PlayItAgain says:

    I heard a theory that they expected to replace Savannah Guthrie with Megyn, but that Savannah fought back behind the scenes, so they stuck M with the fluffy show for a placeholder until they could figure out what to do with her. Then Matt finally imploded and that avenue closed. So now they’re stuck with her in a show format that she’s clearly unsuitable for.

    They may end the morning show torture, but I’ll be surprised if they cut her loose entirely.

  14. CharliePenn says:

    Fire a bitch who supports blackface on the spot, instead of slowly easing her out by Christmas. Come on.
    People of color deserve better. After all this time, after all this abuse, after generations of horror, THEY DESERVE BETTER.

  15. Giddy says:

    It is appalling and depressing that Tamron Hall was let go in order to make room for this trick.

  16. pwal says:

    She got better treatment than Ann Curry and Star Jones, so no, no happy dance over here. White female privilege is still in full effect.

  17. Spike says:

    It’s doubtful that she’ll return at all. They are running taped shows for the rest of the week.

    NBC threw her under a couple of 18 wheelers. They should have expected this when they signed this lowlife. She should have been fired after the Alex Jones interview.

    The chairman of NBC News Andy Lack announced at a staff town hall meeting yesterday –

    Kelly no longer is a client of CAA and a planned move to UTA got jettisoned by her blackface talk; she is working with Hollywood attorney Bryan Freedman as NBC News “sort[s] through his with Megyn.”

  18. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    It might be happening sooner than Christmas: NBC is airing a rerun of her show today and she won’t be airing any new shows for rest of the week. And that’s directly from an NBC spokesperson.

  19. Sherry says:

    I don’t get why NBC thought it was a good move to hire her in the first place.

  20. Pita says:

    Is she really going to face any consequences? I highly doubt it, she is just going to move onto another thing, there are plenty of opportunities for a racist, pretty, young white woman. Nothing will happen to her I can bet on that.

  21. Indiana Joanna says:

    I don’t understand NBC. Kelly is not a journalist, she is an attorney who stepped into FOX as a personality commentator type shill. Like almost everyone on FOX, she does not have the skills for journalism, she is a shallow silly person who is deemed credible because of her looks. There are so many much more talented journalists who should have been in her spot. Shame on NBC.

  22. Cranberry says:

    I think this is like ABC’s trying to get a foot in with the “left-behind, angry (white) working class” by bringing back the Rosanne show (the second time). I think NBC is also taking a cue from ABC/Disney too and shutting down that sh*t at the first sign of trouble.

    Because the country is so divided, It’s like all these major networks are afraid to be accused of or labeled as part of the “liberal media” system. Although, along with Hollywood, they are already spoken of that way by the Republicans and right wing. They want to show that that’s not the case and so the hiring of Fox News personnel and out spoken people like Rosanne.

  23. Ae says:

    Thank you, Kaiser for being a ray of light and making me smile this morning.

  24. JRenee says:

    No tears whatsoever.
    Now why was she hired by NBC in the first place?
    NBC will drop you after they face criticism for your behavior, but why hire these people initially?

  25. holly hobby says:

    And multi ethnic Santa just granted our wish. You know her days were numbered when NBC let Al Roker publicly rake her through the coals. What a million dollar mistake this was!

  26. Lilly says:

    Thank you sweet Black Baby Jesus and Black Santa. We’ll likely be subjected to her in the future, but please not on any channel or other medium I’d be on.

  27. Darla says:

    I’m glad, but I don’t have a bottle of champagne with her name on it, you know? I’ve got a lot of bottles of champagne, and a lot of names. And a red dress, for the funerals.

    She’s always been irrelevant to me, but she is a vicious racist, and good riddance to her.

  28. Liz version 700 says:

    Cue white entitled basic Barbie tears is 3…2…1 …I was targeted. The liberal elites don’t want my fake news. There will be not one ounce of self reflection. Thank you multicultural Santa.

  29. Grace says:

    Remember, this is the same station that rewarded Matt Lauer’s ++performance++ all those years! Good riddance to both of them!

  30. John says:

    you bitches loved Megyn when she asked Trump how come he abused women? When we explained it was a trick question, you howled at how smart she was! Where is all the love now?

  31. Rebecca says:

    Why does Meghan Kelly, who spent years on Fox News being racist, sexist and homophobic, expect others to defend her? She was anti-feminist for years and anti-woman in general until she got sexually harassed. Now she expects other women and Ronan Farrow to come to her defense while she’s still being racist, sexist and homophobic? She is delusional.

  32. Nancito says:

    Why do we have to wait until Christmas – it’s only October!