Nicki Minaj & Cardi B’s beef this week is asinine, Cardi should disengage

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj at the Harpers Bazaar Event ahead of their alleged fight

It’s time for another chapter in Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s dumb feud. I’m still Team Cardi, to preface this post. I know a lot of Minaj’s fans will say “but Cardi said this, Cardi said some problematic sh-t,” and yeah, I know. But I’m still Team Cardi IN THIS PARTICULAR SITUATION. Nicki Minaj is the a–hole. Minaj is the one who doesn’t play well with other women. Minaj is the one who was trying to instigate some beef with Cardi for months before Cardi reacted at New York Fashion Week in September. When Minaj got what she wanted – Cardi getting angry and acknowledging Minaj – Minaj then played the victim and continued to slander Cardi. Cardi has always claimed that Minaj talked sh-t about her baby, which I believe too.

So, what’s happening? Because Minaj’s tour was canceled (because people are over her and she’s not even one-tenth as relevant as Cardi), she has tons of free time to talk sh-t on her “Queen Radio.” She started instigating some sh-t with Cardi again yesterday, claiming different things about Cardi, like Cardi wasn’t really assaulted by one of Nicki’s bodyguards, and Cardi has been using her influence to stop people collaborating with Nicki, and that she (Nicki) didn’t leak Cardi’s private phone number. Cardi reacted once again, this time in a series of Instagram videos where she refuted all of Minaj’s bulls–t point by point. You can read a thorough summary of all the back-and-forth here at Pitchfork.

True to form, Nicki Minaj acted all indignant and pleased that she’d gotten a rise out of Cardi, even if it was just Cardi calling her out on her lies. Cardi told Minaj: “I’m tired of talking about it too. I’m tired of the f–king whole internet sh-t, I’m tired of the interview sh-t. If you really wanna talk about it, you know where to link me. … We can talk about it, or we can fight it out. I’m with whatever.” Then Nicki tweeted: “I’ll pay you to take a lie detector test about every claim I made on #QueenRadio. You won’t. I must admit you’re a convincing liar.” Nicki invited Cardi on Queen Radio, then tweeted “I know this stuff is entertaining & funny to a lot of people but I won’t be discussing this nonsense anymore.” For the love of God, Nicki, YOU STARTED IT.

I know why Cardi responded to Minaj, and why she felt like she could set the record straight. But at some point, Cardi has to admit to herself that Minaj is just one of those a–holes always looking to start some drama. Minaj is going to poke and prod and talk sh-t to try to get a reaction. Perhaps the best thing for Cardi to do at this point is refuse to engage. If Cardi is asked a direct question about Minaj, she can just shrug and say “that woman is not even important enough to waste my time on.”

Nicki Minaj jokes around at the Harpers Bazaar event prior to her confrontation with Cardi B

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  1. BlueSky says:

    I agree. I know people like Nicki, the ones that like to start sh@t then want to play the “who me?” card when confronted. People like that get off on getting a reaction. I think they both need to stop. They are both successful artists and there is plenty of money to go around for everyone. You can be a fan of both.

    • Clare says:

      Well one supports and knowingly collaborated with child molesters so…

    • geekychick says:

      I just can’t with women who financially support pedophiles. Or actively try to supress other women.
      Nicki does both. no matter what the other side does, Nicki was canceled from the start, for me.

  2. outoftheshadows says:

    She should pull a Mariah and be like “I don’t know her.”

  3. Missy says:

    Grow up ladies

    • JANE says:

      Exactly, such trashy behavior.
      Please kindly grow up already, you are not teenagers, do something productive, instead of hating on each other.
      Cardi B also has a daughter, what an example to set for your child.
      They are giving the female population a bad rep, not all of us are immature catty women.

      • Missy says:

        Totally agreed, it’s a shame really. They really live up to the term “crazy bitch”

      • Flan says:

        No need to feel that one or two women give us a bad rep.

        Men never think that one or two men can give them a bad rep, no matter what they do.

  4. Michael Griffin says:

    Good business for both. Sells records and keeps them in the news. It’s how these people stay relevant

  5. Lolly says:

    I’m actually annoyed that Cardi brought up Nicki’s feature on the Little Mix song. They were innocent in this feud and then got slammed by both fan groups last night. So stupid.

  6. ElleBee says:

    It’s been said for years that Nicki is a bully and mean girl but she was the only option for female rap. At the first sign of an alternative rapper, most people abandoned her and she lost her marbles. Very telling about how people truly felt about her. Her treatment of Lil Kim has come full circle.

    I can’t stand Nicki, but I myself have been disappointed at how low she has taken herself to prove she’s a Queen. She’s way too far in her career for this behavior.

    I like Cardi but I want her to learn the Beyonce method of celebrity which is addressing absolutely nothing and just being successful and happy. Just shut up and enjoy your success.

    Ladies you’re too rich for this.

  7. Daisy says:

    I can’t stand either, but man I would LOVE to see them do a freestyle, face to face. But let’s be real, Cardi would never do it, she knows her lyrics are weak.
    Also I bet next year they’ll release a collab. They both act like they hate this mess but they love it, so they’ll drag til they can. They love the attention, they love people keep taking about them.
    So I’m Team Nobody on this one

  8. Div says:

    Both of them need to let this beef go. Nicki is the main instigator, but I don’t think Cardi is completely blameless—didn’t Future call out one of Cardi’s lies about him and Nicki?

    • ElleBee says:

      Cardi definitely has some blame in this but the Future thing was Hollywood Unlocked not Cardi herself. The Barbs got that page deleted from Instagram.

  9. Enough Already says:

    Nicki needs a Gatorade contract, stat.

  10. Chingona says:

    I like both of their music, but both of them have major attitude problems towards women. My business is in the yachting community and Cardi B and her entourage were abourd a yacht owned by company that I do business with. She was horrible to the staff especially the women. She left used condoms everywhere. She grabbed a stewardess breast and asked if they were real. While being given a tour wanted to sit on the married captains lap. She threw food at the head chef because she told her that something that she wanted was not available(the guest are asked before the trip if there are any special meal request or snacks that they would like). I could go on and on but she was horrible and treated them like dirt, again especially the women sexually, physically and verbally assaulting them. The Captain had to cut the trip short as one women on staff had a breakdown. Cardi then refused to pay the remaining bill, as she had already paid a deposit.

    • Laur says:

      Wow that kind of behaviour is abhorrent. I don’t like either of these women particularly but this is just unacceptable regardless of who she is.

    • Mgsota says:

      There is this YouTube video a makeup artist filmed that is getting a lot of attention right now. She talks about how horrible Cardi was the two times she did her makeup. It was very sad and I believe every word the MUA said. Cardi responsed to it and was terrible again and lied about her being late and being high. I think Cardi sounds like she’s an absolute ass to everyone who she deems beneath her. Not a fan. And I don’t really think she’ll last.

    • Erinn says:

      This doesn’t surprise me.

      I really don’t understand why people keep holding her up as being such a great person. When she acts horribly, it’s “funny” or the other person “deserves it”. I don’t care what someone says to me – when I’m at WORK I would never get away with acting like Cardi did at fashion week.

      There’s a certain point where you need to just grow the hell up. But the more people laugh at her (I don’t even think it’s with her in most cases) and encourage her – there’s less and less reason for her to want to change. I’m not saying she should overhaul her personality, or her style. But there’s a certain expectation on how to behave in public. Don’t throw things, don’t get in physical fights, don’t create a giant scene, don’t steal focus from people being honored. And more importantly treat staff with respect.

      Cardi is ‘more relevant’ right now – sure. She got noticed from her work and she broke records- I’m not trying to take that away from her. But lately she’s talked about MUCH more in terms of her behavior. And I’m not sure that’s going to turn in to long term staying power.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      That is a horrible story! I can’t imagine going through life treating people like that. I’ve heard incredibly similar stories about Nicki, so I tended to support Cardi in this silly feud, but it sounds like they are the same kind of awful.

      I have no support for people who are violent and abusive towards staff. It is unnecessary and says so much about the abuser.

    • Keysia says:

      I 100% believe this. Cardi’s the kind of person who makes jokes about “I’ll rape your face” in reference to getting oral sex. Disgusting human being.

    • Lola says:

      Horrible behavior.

  11. Dal says:

    I’m team no one .. they r both classless immature women ..

  12. LadyLaw says:

    Man…this is just a bad look all around. I feel like it’s obvious that Nickis bad attitude has hurt her career. It’s also been quite clear that she is an ahole. Miley told us. Mariah told us. She has seemingly no female friends and all of her breakups seem to end with a lot of bad blood. So every time Cardi responds she’s just making someone on the downslope of their career look relevant.

    That said…while I happily cheered Remy Ma on when she released Shether, I can’t support Cardi. They’re both supposedly rappers yet are going back and forth on social media? Why? Cardi quite obviously has ghostwriters (I used to follow her since she was on LHH and her early stuff is very obviously not written by whoever writes for her now). And Cardi seems a wee bit delusional about certain stuff. For example the ceo of Wilhelmina called her out for lying about having first dibs on the Deisel campaign which honestly doesn’t fit her brand anyway.

    Both Nicki and Cardi have benefitted tremendously from colorism and pretty person privilege as neither of them are particularly talented and I just can’t believe there aren’t many more talented femcees. Nicki also happens to be a terrible person on the inside. So…team no one.

  13. Jane says:

    Cardi’s the kind of person who tells someone their deceased baby is better off dead when faced with a minor criticism.

    Nicki’s behaving abysmally, but the idea that Cardi is in any way above this is just silly. The woman rarely goes a day without losing it and saying something awful. They’re birds of a feather.

  14. Chaine says:

    They are both so exhausting at this point. Whether it’s Taylor vs. Katy or Cardi vs. Nicki, Ladies, please grow up and let your talent speak for itself.

  15. me says:

    You’d think they were both in middle school.

  16. Shae says:

    If only Mariah, lil Kim and remy ma would do collaborations with Cardi B. Now that’s some petty stuff I’d get behind😂

  17. kristen says:

    I’m reminded of Courtney Love, who repeatedly tried to provoke Madonna in the mid-90s.
    Madonna had the sickest burn in response: “Who’s Courtney Love?”
    CARDI! Disengage and stop giving this woman any air.

  18. BANANIE says:

    When I watched the Instagram videos, I was shocked by how young and fresh-faced Cardi looked. I think she’s gorgeous without all that makeup.

  19. Lambe says:

    Agreed. The best thing Cardi could have ever done would have been to act like Nicki Minaj literally doesn’t even exist. Don’t reply, don’t engage, don’t say hello at events, don’t talk about her with fans on social media as a topic, don’t ever interact with her, ever. That would drive someone like Minaj batsh-t insane.

  20. CK says:

    They’re both remarkably problematic, but Nicki would have to be fighting with Donald Trump for me to ever be sympathetic to her or to take her side. That sounds harsh, and Cardi too is consistently in the wrong too, but Nicki likes to instigate and then play the victim. She did it with Travis Scott when her 12 year old Barbz couldn’t afford enough of her albums. She’s doing it with Cardi. And now that I look back on it, she did it Iggy Azalea, whose career imploded for other reasons. She’s the established rapper. She is talented. She’s rich, yet she’s incredibly petty, has been lifting up a child molester, and attacks a female rapper at the drop of a hat.

  21. Lola says:

    They need to grow up. But, as long as the public eats this up, they are not going to change.