Is Sofia Richie, 20, irritated that Scott Disick spends so much time with his ex?

I only bother to care about Kourtney Kardashian about once every three months or so. Kourtney is the most boring Kardashian-Jenner, and lately it feels like she’s been going through a bad time. I mean, relatively speaking. She just seems profoundly unhappy all the time, and like she doesn’t want to do anything or be with anyone. Kourtney has three kids, and she and Scott Disick share some kind of custody of Mason, Penelope and Reign. But mostly, I feel like Scott just spends most of his time hanging out with his girlfriend, Sofia Richie. Sofia is like Hailey Baldwin to me – a dumb nepotism model who probably belongs to a Evangelical cult, and that’s about all she does. But People Magazine is trying to create some drama around the fact that Sofia and Kourtney don’t really get along:

Scott Disick and his ex Kourtney Kardashian always make a point of prioritizing their family, and while Sofia Richie may be bothered by the dynamic from time to time, she does her best to handle it, a source tells PEOPLE.

“There has been and will continue to be things with Scott’s family life that bother Sofia, but she is trying to just deal without causing drama,” says the insider. “She loves Scott and wants to be with him. She knows she will always be kind of the outsider, but she loves being around Scott and his kids,” the source continues, adding that Richie, 20, “getting better at handling Scott’s family situations in a mature way.”

Disick, 35, and Kardashian, 39, share three children — Mason, 8, Penelope, 6, and Reign, 3 — and frequently spend time together as a family.

The insider also shares that while Kardashian and Richie “will never be best friends,” the model is just happy to have built up some trust with the reality star, as far as her children are concerned.

“She knows that Kourtney isn’t her biggest fan and she understands that. Sofia and Kourtney will never be best friends, but Sofia is happy that she has proved to Kourtney that she is great with her kids,” the source says. “Sofia is hoping that her relationship with Scott lasts.”

[From People]

If this is a plotline from Keeping Up with the Kardashians – is it? – then it’s more interesting than Kourtney’s drama with her younger ex, Younes Bendjima, or whatever jailbait fake model she’s banging now. I mean, if you’re forcing me to briefly care about this, I’ll say that I think Scott looks incredibly foolish with Sofia (who is 20, but looks 14) and Sofia looks foolish for even trying to make any of this an issue? Kourtney and Scott coparent, and they’re still in each other’s lives because of the kids. Sofia is too young to understand those dynamics, so she’s throwing tantrums and leaking dumb sh-t to People.

Scott Disick attends the Street Dreams opening with Ex Kourtney in attendance with Sofia Richie

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  1. Loopy says:

    Gurl is too young to be entangled in this mess,and Kourtney clearly is trying to make her stay in her place. And Scott is just an idiot dating someone young enough to control but make the mother of his kids ‘jealous’

    • SK says:

      She is indeed. She is 20, meaning she was 12 when Mason was born. That means that she is closer in age to Mason (12 years) than she is to Scott (15 years) and that she is almost 2 decades younger than Kourtney… of course she doesn’t fit in or get it. She was just a child herself until recently.

  2. Kitty says:

    If it makes Sophia uncomfortable that Scott spends time with his children and their mother, she should look for a boyfriend her own age with less children lol

    • Pft says:

      This! ^ i’m sure she’ll get tired of the dynamic and dump his butt. My husband and i have kids from previous marriages and we are close in age. No matter how amicable the divorce, or how mature all parties may be, remarriage with exes and kids involved is HELL. If i could do it again, i wouldn’t do it. And i’m talking as a party in equal circumstances as my husband. It just seems unfair to me when single, young people get enmeshed with someone who already was married and had kids. The second time around isn’t as special or unique for the party that has already been through it not to mention that drama is guaranteed. I always tell my kids to avoid such situations like the plague, they are old enough to see the disadvantages for themselves. Just my 5 cents.

    • SlightlyAnonny says:

      This to a million. I remember being 20 and NOT wanting to date a guy with kids because 1. If he’s a good dad he’ll be spending lots of time with his kids so that means less time with me and 2. Why would I want to be with him if he’s not a good dad/good person? Sofia is all kinds of dumb and wasting her youth on this idiot.

    • Milla says:

      I still think this isn’t a relationship. Just a way of them to stay in the papers. And young Sofia wants publicity, so win win.

  3. ByTheSea says:

    Why would she want to?? Seriously, at 20 years old, you should not (nor want to) be tied down with a man with that many kids.

    • smcollins says:

      Very true, and I’m speaking from personal experience. When I was 20 I was in a relationship with a father of 3 young kids. The dynamic was different because the mother wasn’t in the picture at the time and he had full custody. I enjoyed being a part of their lives (even though my parents didn’t really approve but were still supportive), but looking back as a now-43-year-old it really was a crazy situation to be in at such a young age.

    • Alissa says:

      Shrug. I was 22 when I started dating my now husband, and I have three stepkids. It’s probably not something I would strongly recommend, but it worked out pretty well for us. I think it really depends on the maturity level though – I’ve always just wanted to be married with kids, and never was particularly interested in partying or going out a lot or anything like that. So settling down that young felt natural to me, and I doubt it feels that way to Sofia. Not that Scott ever seems that interested in fully settling down either.

      I will say that the hardest dynamic was dealing with the biomom and not stepping on toes when it comes to the kids, though (It’s been over 7 years, so it’s not really an issue now).

      • Erinn says:

        I have a friend who married her husband at 21 or 22. She’s always been someone who was a lot older than her age. Crazy smart, responsible, and kind. She has two step kids, and two of her own now. The biomom is a real whackadoo (I’ve met her, she’s really not a great person) but she likes my friend so it’s not so much difficult as it is frustrating dealing with her for the most part. But she’s happily married, and it worked out perfectly for her. Sophia is nothing like her – or you I imagine haha.

      • Alissa says:

        Haha thanks! Yeah, the oldest two’s biomom is also a real whackadoo (example: she’s going to jail this week for violating a restraining order that was in place because she assaulted the person!), but she likes me and I’m always pleasant to her so my interactions are fine, but it’s extremely frustrating to see the damage and hurt she’s done to my stepkids.

        I really think Sofia is too young maturity-wise for this situation. It’s a hard thing to navigate, even when you have a really solid relationship with your significant other and the kids! And I also think that Scott deep down wants to be with Kourtney anyway. Bad all around.

  4. Mew says:

    If Kourtney would have him, Scott wouldn’t think micro second whether to go back or not. He still wants to be with Kourt. So, I get it and so, Sofia should respect herself and move on.

    • Alissa says:

      I think that’s the bigger issue. Not that they are cordial and coparent, but that it’s pretty apparent to the entire world that if Kourtney wanted to be together, Scott would leap at the opportunity.

      • Nancy says:

        At one point in time, I would have agreed completely. Their relationship has changed. She was with another guy for a while there. It’s the kids that glue that relationship together. She didn’t want to marry him when he asked years ago. I think Scott is in it for the money. He is always on the show. Poor little socialite Sofia. Rule number one, don’t get involved with a man who has three kids and is seen regularly on his baby mama’s tv show. At her age, I’m sure she thinks he’s the love of her life. Dummy, she hasn’t even met that guy yet.

      • Dani says:

        Nancy – Scott doesn’t need the money. He comes from a verrrrrrry affluent family in Long Island. He knew money before the Kardashian’s knew what Louis Vuitton was. There’s tons of episodes where he says he wants to be with Kourtney and his kids etc. It was her decision to split. If she took him back (which she will in due time) he would RUN back.

      • mela says:

        My impression was Scott cheated on Kourtney a LOT and she would dump him and then turn him down when he would crawl back as retaliation even though she wanted him in her life- it was a game between them. I believe Sofia and Younes are both pawns in this game between Scott and Kourtney.

        I agree, the kids are the only thing keeping these two tied at this point.

        I think Kourtney dating Younes was to make Scott jealous. She *cried* when Scott introduced the kids to Sofia so its clear Kourtney is not over him.

    • Annabella says:

      Dani—See below per Racked:

      Scott grew up in Eastport, NY and with his wealthy family. Wetpaint reported that his father inherited a fortune from his father, David M. Disick who developed luxury resorts and properties all over the country. Scott’s dad, however, didn’t take after his father. All we know about the Disick family is that their fortune was lost and there is no documented reason why or how it was lost. However, we do know that recently, Scott’s parents reportedly owed almost $400k due to liens and judgments filed by the federal government. Scott’s dad stole $3k from the bank he worked for in 2012 and was charged with petty larceny. Even if he had gotten away with it, $3k isn’t going to do much if you’re $400k in debt.

  5. Beth says:

    Sorry, Sofia. This is what happens when you date a father with children.

    • mela says:

      Actually its not. Plenty of people get divorced and dont continue to spend the night with their expartner and stage provacative photos with the mother of their children. Scott treats Sofia like a mistress.

      I’ve seen divorced people date and respect their new partners boundaries while coparenting and it looks nothing like this.

  6. Kittycat says:

    I think kourtney is looking for baby number 4.

  7. Kittycat says:

    In in my 30s and I dont date guys with kids. Imagine thinking at 20 that it’s a good idea.

  8. Emily says:

    Sofia looks a bit like a young Khloe.

    And yea, what previous posters have said, why does a 20 year old want to date a man 15 years older with three kids who is in love with his ex who is twice your age. She lacks the maturity to navigate that situations and shouldn’t have to – she should be having fun with boys her own age.

    • RBC says:

      In some photos I find Sofia looks like a younger version of Kourtney

    • arr says:

      Agreed. Sofia should be having some fun with age-approriate college boys and ditch the older, asshole-istic fathers who just want a young girl on their arm to make their ex jealous.

  9. RBC says:

    Kourtney has mentioned in the past how she would like to have four children, but would prefer they all have the same father. My prediction? Scott and Sofia have a fight and break up. Scott turns to Kourtney for support( use your imagination here) . Scott and Sofia reconcile , then Kourtney announces she is pregnant. Chaos erupts in the House of Kardashian once again. All caught on tape by the always present KUWTK cameras. Meanwhile PMK rubs her hands with glee at the thought of all the attention ( and MONEY) this brings.

    • Adee says:

      This is what irks me about this…. If you are co-parenting, then co-parent.

      If there are other serious romantic partners, why is there even a conversation taking place about having another child?

      Both can never truly move on, the possibility of them and the ex getting back together is always there, and that doesn’t sound healthy for co-parenting while in relationships with other people.
      Leaving the fact that its Sofia Richie out of it, if it was an older woman mature and ready to build a life with Scott, could she with that “situationship” looming over her?

  10. Lucy says:

    I can’t get over how young Sofia looks.

  11. Lala11_7 says:

    I’m waiting for Sofia to get pregnant by Scott…THAT’S what I’m waiting for….

    • Chaine says:

      If that happens, we’re going to see a side of Kourtney we’ve never seen before!!!

      • me says:

        Kourtney just froze some of her eggs, which means she definitely wants more kids down the road, and you know she wants Scott to be the father ! Her head would explode if Scott got another girl pregnant !

  12. Lindy says:

    Just echoing what most of y’all are saying: getting involved with someone who’s divorced and has kids with a different partner is only something you do with a lot of forethought and careful consideration. If she gets annoyed that he’s spending time with his children and their mother then she should move on. If you’re a step parent and you make your step kids feel unwanted or like a burden then you’re a special kind of awful (ask me how I know).

    I’m remarried; I have a child from my previous marriage and a new baby with my husband. Making sure that my first kiddo was going to be 100% ok with my new relationship, and making sure that my now-husband understood from day one that being a mom and ensuring the well-being of my child were my priorities, were the most important things I did at the start of the new relationship.

    We’re all really happy now but it’s still sometimes a challenge. And my husband is responsible, mature, and committed to all of us. I can’t imagine that an immature 20 year old is ready to take that on. And I feel bad for those kids.

  13. Svea says:

    It seems like Scott is more Sophia’s “agent” than anything else. All three of them could use a real job.

  14. JRenee says:

    At 20 I did dumb relationships more than once. When I divorced, I was also a single mom, we did things with our kid but I wasn’t trying to do photo shoots, cards etc.
    Kourtney is very controlling, that’s bigger than Scot and Sofia imo. I think Kourtney’s controlling Scot would be a factor in any relationship he has, Sofia or otherwise.
    And yep, if she wanted baby#4, she’d just do it without asking how he felt.

  15. Ellie says:

    I’m pretty sure Sofia Richie is actually Khloe’s half sister and is fake dating Scott to generate some money in the bank account. Keeping the cash in the family and all that.

  16. mela says:

    I find the whole situation tacky. It seems to me that Sofia is a pawn being used by Scott and Kourtney to piss each other off.

    Kourtney and Scott are doing some hybrid coparenting/relationship stuff with the sleepovers, holidays, photos and trips. If they were really split up in the head and heart – Sofia would be invited to spend Holidays and day trips with the family-including Kourtney.

    I think it’s pretty unfair of Scott to do this to Sofia, she doesn’t have children and probably doesnt understand how in over her head she is with this situation. He should really let her go so she can find happiness with someone emotionally available.

  17. lobbit says:

    …Which is why it’s not the best idea to get involved with a man with children when you’re just 20 years old. Seriously, who needs that kind of baggage?! I love kids – but I wouldn’t want to be playing part time stepmom to a gaggle of them at her age.

  18. Stefanie says:

    Off topic but Sofia got a boob job