Megyn Kelly got about $30 million for leaving NBC & signing an NDA

Megyn Kelly on stage for Jason Aldean in...

I have to give Megyn Kelly some credit: she dared to dream that she could be bigger than Fox News, bigger than a Conservative Barbie spouting deplorable talking points. She dreamed big and left the sexual harassment cesspool of Fox News for… the sexual harassment cesspool of NBC News. Megyn got to do her part to bury Matt Lauer (and good for her), but her Fox News-style racist trickery could not be forgotten or tamped down. No, Megyn lasted two years on the Today Show, attempting the kind of familiar, chatty, newsy-but-for-ladies format that should have worked. It would have worked, except Megyn has zero charisma and she’s terrible at daytime vibes. Plus, did I mention she’s a racist trick? She’s a racist trick. So by the end of October last year, Megyn was out – because she said, on air, that she didn’t get why blackface is offensive, and because her viewership numbers were in the toilet.

In the months since being pushed out of NBC, the network and Megyn’s people have been negotiating her exit package. Megyn came to NBC with a sweet deal worth close to $70 million. She’ll leave with almost all of it. The only thing NBC got from her was a non-disclosure agreement.

Megyn Kelly has finalized her exit deal with NBC. The anchor — who left “Today” in October amid her infamous on-air “blackface” comments over Halloween — now plans to head back to TV. In a statement NBC News said: “The parties have resolved their differences, and Megyn Kelly is no longer an employee of NBC.”

Kelly will be able to take jobs at other networks as part of the deal. While there is believed to have been little disagreement over money, sources tell Page Six Kelly initially refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement. However, she agreed this week, and a source told us that Megyn would get the remainder of her $69 million deal, said to be between $25 million and $30 million.

“She signed the non-disclosure agreement, so don’t expect any tell-all books or big interviews,” the source said, adding it’s the standard NBC employment agreement. The source added that Kelly — who hosted the 9 a.m. hour of “Today,” which was a mix of news and lifestyle stories — realizes her strength lies in news. And she beamed as she told TMZ Friday of her 2019 plans: “You’ll definitely see me back [on TV].”

The source said: “Everyone is so happy and ready to draw a line under this. Megyn’s leaving on good terms, there are no recriminations or problems. She’s free to pursue any job opportunities.”

[From Page Six]

Sources say that she’s actively looking for another TV gig, and she wants to cover the 2020 election. Will Fox News hire her back? Perhaps – there’s new management at Fox News, and while Megyn burned a lot of bridges over there, it does feel like they need someone like her in their primetime line-up. If not Fox, then what? I don’t know. My guess is the CBS and ABC wouldn’t touch her with a ten-foot pole. Same with MSNBC. Maybe CNN would hire her. As for Megyn getting all her money in exchange for a NDA… lord, now I just wonder how much sh-t Megyn saw at NBC. That is one expensive NDA.

Megyn Kelly, Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie at the 2018 NBC Universal Upfront Presentation at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan

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  1. ThatBlackGirl says:

    Isn’t this old news?
    Also, FOX says they dont want her back.

  2. Heat says:

    I’m happy she can’t get a book deal!

  3. grabbyhands says:

    Fox News SAYS they don’t want her back, but I’m pretty sure they’d take her. Can’t have too many Aryan ice queens sympathtic to your Nazi cause after all.

  4. Jay says:

    I dislike the woman, but a contract is a contract. That doesn’t change because you suddenly have buyer’s remorse. Caveat emptor.

    • noway says:

      100% NBC knew what they were getting, and then tried to force it into the light airy morning show format. Aside from the fact she is racist, she’s also a partisan “newsie.” Not a complete opinion piece person we see on cable news a lot today, but a bit more than other news personnel who are either leaning left or right, but trying not be bias. I can’t see a legal reason for not giving her the money. Her comments which supposedly got her fired are in line with a lot of comments she has made over the years. The real reason she was fired is cause her ratings were bad.

      • sunshine poolside says:

        I would like to know her lawyer you negotiated her contracts. 30 mio is a lot of money even for a golden parachute of a big broadcasting company.

  5. Snowflake says:

    Omg, she always seems to fall upwards. 30 million to LEAVE a job! Rewarded for failing. My God, why can’t I fail like this?

    • Oc says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Celebs can do the most outrageous thing and they are still rewarded in the end, because they have connections and expensive lawyers to protect them.

    • Red Snapper says:

      Well if you don’t love your soul, you too can get in on the sweet grifter cash cow of the far right. Your soul is a prison anyways, amirite?

    • NotHeidisGirl says:


    • Kitten says:

      Totally. Shades of the golden parachute deals that we saw so much of after the mortgage bubble burst a little over a decade ago. Who knew that getting fired could be so lucrative.

      Must be nice, huh?

      • BabyJane says:

        And akin to all those Equifax buttholes that sold off their stock and “retired” from the Board a couple weeks before they publicized a huge data breach. No consequences.

      • sunshine poolside says:

        It is nice only if you know stuff about your employer. stuff that could result in him losing lots of money or going to jail. Otherwise no million-dollar-NDA.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Yes Snowflake exactkybthis the definition of white privilege is being a racist jerk and failing up with a nice 30 million parting gift

  6. Red Snapper says:

    Prediction: Racist Podcast. Everyone’s doing podcasts these days.

  7. Lila says:

    This just demonstrates to me that in the current climate ,companies rather fork out incredible amounts of money than risk a public mud-fight. Part of the payment, I am sure, is hush money. Otherwise it’s just really bad economic thinking to give her a salary of 69 million dollars and then pay out a salary of 30 million to one woman for being a talk show host. By the way I would feel the same way if it was a man.

    • sunshine poolside says:

      NDA are essentially hush money. Because if you sign an employment contract you are automatically expected to remain loyal to your employer aka not tell private details. It is part of the deal anyway. If you have to sign an NDA additionally it is like an additional total gag.
      So if Kelly got 30 Mio in hush money she must know some things which wouldn’t have been covered by her employment contract loyalty obligations.

  8. SJhere says:

    She will sign the NDA, take the money, and still be a no talent, nasty piece of work.
    Btw, I can keep my mouth shut and not try to profit off the past crummy bad behaviour/bad decisions I’ve made…for zero dollars. It’s called being an adult.
    Awful woman. Man, I am tired of these low life’s getting huge money.
    Talk about white female bottle blonde using her looks to get $$. Ugly behaviour all around.

    NBC is throwing the company checkbook around like a drunken sailor, Matt Lauer $$, now this $$.

    • sunshine poolside says:

      Hush money.
      But what is she supposed to remain silent about?
      Please, people, dig it up.

  9. lucy2 says:

    $30 million to be a racist FAILURE. Gross.
    But it’s NBC’s fault for hiring her to begin with, paying her an obscene amount of money for someone no one wanted, and not having a “hey, you can’t be racist on air” clause in the contract.

  10. adastraperaspera says:

    She is a horrible, terrible, no good person.

  11. Helen says:

    “Kelly will be able to take jobs at other networks as part of the deal.”

    are you kidding me?? the least NBC could have done is kept her from spreading her nastiness elsewhere. lord knows she has enough money to live on. a miniscule favor to the people, NBC you trash.

  12. RBC says:

    Why do I get a feeling she already has another job lined up? My guess is ABC and “the View”

  13. Svea says:

    Am not sure she is “no good,” but I certainly think she is stupid and ignorantly unaware. I am glad she got a big package. Let it be another lesson to the horrid network suits who overlook everything and have allowed male talent to abuse women, while paying them a fortune. The change needs to be in the people hiring these idiots.

  14. Harryg says:

    There was a person who founded an animal shelter and got paid sixty million dollars!
    No there wasn’t.

  15. sunshine poolside says:

    30 Mio Dollars? My she must know something.

    Do NDA’s hold on forever or do they expire after some years?

  16. Nev says:

    please CNN…..DON’T.

  17. Rescue Cat says:

    That’s an obscene amount of money. I know a guy who was attacked in a car park who ended up with bleeding on the brain and was in a coma for a few days. He now has an acquired brain injury and is unable to work. He was put on disability payments and has his rehab sessions paid for and that’s it. No multi million dollar payout for him. Same goes for the victims of catholic priests. None of them got anywhere near 30 million in compensation.