Miranda Lambert announced her sudden marriage to a NYPD police officer

I feel like making a detailed timeline about this, so that’s what will happen. The basics: Miranda Lambert has surprised everyone by announcing her sudden marriage to a New York police officer. As you can see from the Instagram, Miranda says this guy – Brendan McLoughlin – is “the one.” If this seems sudden, you have no idea. My timeline:

February 2018: Rumors abound that Miranda and Anderson East had a sudden breakup after several years together. Remember, Anderson East became her boyfriend right after Blake Shelton dumped her and divorced her (because she was reportedly cheating on him all over the place).

April 2018: The first reports about Miranda and Evan Felker emerge. They first met in February 2018, when Evan was married. We figure out that Anderson East likely broke up with Miranda because of the sh-t with Evan. By April, Evan had been ghosting his wife for two solid months, he had filed for divorce and he was on tour with Miranda.

Summer 2018: There are multiple updates on Evan and Miranda’s relationship and how Evan’s estranged wife is having a hard time. Staci Felker’s hard time is made worse by the fact that Miranda is basically stalking her.

August 2018: Signs of major strain between Evan and Miranda. She’s not happy that he’s trying to maintain a friendly relationship with Staci. Mid-Agust, Evan and Staci’s divorce comes through. Days later, on August 26th, we got confirmation that Miranda dumped Evan because he “broke her rules.”

Autumn 2018: She apparently met and fell in love with NYPD police officer Brendan McLoughlin, I guess.

November 2018: Police Officer Brendan McLoughlin becomes a first-time father. He is currently the father of a three-month old.

Yeah. Pretty much. I think the fact that he and a former partner welcomed a child together in November speaks to the idea that he met Miranda in that sweet spot after she dumped Evan Felker and before his girlfriend had a baby. I would be willing to bet $2000 that Miranda is WHY Brendan McLoughlin and his then-pregnant girlfriend broke up as well. She’s obsessed with homewrecking dudes, my God.

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  1. runcmc says:

    I know this is awful to say, but I hope he cheats on her. She’s an awful human and she would deserve it for all the pain she’s caused other people.

    • Snowflake says:

      Yes! She deserves a taste of her own medicine

      • jan90067 says:

        Seriously, that timeline is pretty insane! WHO DOES THIS?? Makes me wonder, what, in her childhood, happened to make her into this 1st class home wrecker? She not only sabotages her OWN happiness, but makes sure those in her orbit do, too. (And yes, I *do* know the men she cheats with make their own choice to join the party).

        If her behavior, and those dogs she cheats with, didn’t disgust me, I’d feel really sorry for her. All I feel for is is for the women/partners she hurts in the process.

        I wonder if HE is the male “friend” at that steak house where she dumped the salad on someone…? Inquiring minds wanna know! lol

      • Christin says:

        Jan, I noticed this guy had his head down, looking at his phone, in the DM photos. Maybe he is the guy to whom the older man made a comment in the restroom (over people being on their phones all the time).

    • wha1ever says:

      I really hope this happens and I don’t feel bad for saying that.

    • Anners says:

      Many of the officers I know and work with are serial cheaters. Don’t know if it’s something in the job?! Anyway, chances are good he will step out on her and has the convenient excuse of shiftwork/overtime/ paid duties as to why he isn’t home. #whatgoesaround

      • Lena says:

        I have found Its the absolute truth about police being cheaters. I don’t know why -maybe they are adrenaline junkies? Anyway Miranda needs to see a shrink or something or she will never have a successful relationship. She needs something to replace needing the ego boost of having a man choose her over their current partner. Plus she’s probably an adrenaline junkie too and there’s nothing like sneaking around to up that.

      • CariBean says:

        I can attest to that! I worked with LEOs for over 7 years. There are also “Badge Bunnies” who jump from one cop to the next.

      • Algernon says:

        Married to a fed here. My dude knows better, which is why he’s my dude, but a lot of his co-workers cheat rampantly. He thinks it has to do with the type of person drawn to the job. He says there three types of cops, the people who come from cop families, and see it as a legacy, the people who are there because they’re good puzzle-solvers and natural investigators, and the people who are there because of toxic masculinity (usually because they want to carry a gun and be seen as heroes). He says the third group does most of the cheating.

      • Tourmaline says:

        I bet he is not going to be NYPD for long— can’t see him pulling the drudgery of routine shifts when he could be with mean baby looking Miranda

        His new gig is being her private security guard to usher her out of jams like when she gets to beefin’ in upscale steakhouses…

      • april says:

        My niece was married to a cop who cheated on her.

      • minx says:

        Yep, he’ll be on her payroll as “security consultant” for more than he would make as a cop, and they get to travel together. She’ll get bored with him, though—he’ll be too available and her legal spouse, so where’s the fun in that?

      • april says:

        Algernon – I love the breakdown of the 3 different kinds of cops.

      • Chicken says:

        I had a friend (she is no longer a friend) who was only interested in dudes who were taken, single men didn’t interest her at all. In that particular case, she had cripplingly low self-esteem and she was trying to validate her worth by getting guys to choose her over their significant others, or get a “win” over the man’s girlfriend/fiancee/wife. She was also a total drunk.

      • Lucy2 says:

        One I know of, who has three very small children, apparently cheats all the time because of “the stresses of the job”. I don’t doubt it is stressful, but that’s why you go see a therapist. That is not an excuse to cheat on a spouse.

    • Lady D says:

      Wouldn’t she have to love him in order to feel pain at his betrayal?

    • isabelle says:

      Her marrying him will be enough. There is rumor he is really really young. I hope he takes her for everything when they divorce.

  2. Miss M says:

    When I read the title for this post, my first thought was: was he married?! It might be possible he and his girlfriend were broken up already. But…
    Miranda is absolutely a terrible person.

    • Jen says:

      I’m not seeing anything that confirms they’ve been together since the fall, or when they got married…but it’s Miranda, so I don’t think anyone is inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt. There is something psychological going on here, it’s pretty sick.

    • Kebbie says:

      Lol one comment I read was “has anyone told his wife yet?”

  3. Originaltessa says:

    She’s soooooo messy.

  4. Jerusha says:

    I’d say poor deluded fool except for the baby. Trashy people.

    • Millennial says:

      Yeah, that poor baby. My son was born this fall too, and his full focus should be on that baby right now, whether he’s with the mom or not. Given that he was New York based and Miranda is Nashville based, I’m guessing that baby doesn’t see much of his dad.

      Brendan should be ashamed, frankly. And Miranda… ugh, I stuck around for a while as a fan, but I just can’t anymore.

    • Christin says:

      The baby truly is the only sympathetic one in this messy coupling.

      Maybe the baby’s mother can make some $ by telling her side of this chapter of M’s never ending, self-created drama.

      • Wisca says:

        No, the baby’s mother is also very sympathetic.

      • Christin says:

        Some are saying he was engaged to another woman last summer and had the baby by yet another woman. So it sounds like baby’s mother may have been a cheating situation, too. Still reserving sympathy for the child until we find out more.

  5. Lea says:

    I see a pattern here.
    She is a home wrecker. But those men don’t have any morals.
    And this policeman seems very young.
    I think Miranda gets a kick out of stealing men. It’s all about possession. She will get bored and start cheating again or will dump him. And he will have lost everything.

    • Eliza says:

      Lost everything of real value – assuming he was still with the girlfriend. Hopefully he can still have a strong relationship with his child.

      But he gains the things that shouldn’t matter – 15 minutes, and a small fortune with the impending divorce.

      • minx says:

        Yep. I just had to go over to People and see what they wrote—and of course it was all hearts and flowers and ain’t love grand. No mention of any of the more questionable aspects of this great love story 🙄.

      • Godwina says:

        According the her “rules” that led to an earlier breakup, sounds like ML has real issues with her men conversing with exes. BUT this guy is a dad and will have (hopefully) to interact with his ex and their child. How will that play with ML? Will she cancel him for making plans to see his kid? Doesn’t sound like Ms Insecurity can hack that.

        This will be yet another disaster, and that tiny baby has to grow up with a crappy human as father.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      The thrill of the chase, for sure.
      She has maaaaaaaajor issues.

    • Christin says:

      She’s going for younger and with less and less money. She’ll be 80 with a 28-year-old some day.

    • pottymouth pup says:

      she dumped Evan b/c he “broke the rules” by keeping in touch with his ex, right? she is not going to be happy this hubby has to stay in contact w/his ex and is tied to her via a child (who will be competition for his attention)

      • cannibell says:

        That’s exactly what I was thinking. She is going to just be all kinds of messy in keeping this kid from having a healthy relationship with both parents. {cringes}

      • Meg says:

        Exactly! Except they have a child together so of course theyll have to keep in touch to coparent. Man miranda is awful

    • isabelle says:

      Rumor floating on the net he is around 19 years old. Could be a complete lie but looks like a very young guy.

      • Yup, Me says:

        No- he posted a profile on Model Mayhem back in 2011 and said he was 19 then. He’s probably around 26/27 now.

      • minx says:

        He would have to be at least 21 to be an NYC police officer. I think his age was listed as 19 on a modeling site from a few years ago.

  6. wha1ever says:

    My god, she’s such a trainwreck I don’t even have the vocabulary to describe just how much of a trainwreck she is.

    • Paris says:

      She is trainwreck queen!

    • Lucy2 says:

      I know, I thought the last guy was peak messiness, but she managed to eclipse that. Now that their marriage is public, I expect this new guy’s ex to be speaking up soon.

      I feel very sorry for her, and for this baby, because you know Maranda isn’t going to want to share his time and attention. Though I suspect they will break up for one reason or another before the kid is old enough to remember all this.

  7. C-Shell says:

    And reportedly on some modeling web site, he posted his age as 19, sooo (I’m repeating this, so don’t know if it’s true or when he might have done so, but he looks painfully young).

  8. Svea says:

    Think she needs an intervention.

    • horseandhound says:

      indeed. she has issues. I feel bad for all the women and babies whos lives she destroyed and I also feel bad for her. she obviously isn’t a happy person.

  9. Mia4s says:

    Ohhhhhh this is going to be such a DISASTER! After all her messy as hell behaviour I frankly hope the inevitable breakup is as difficult and costly to her as possible.

  10. girl_ninja says:

    I wonder what her issue is? Her behavior is so selfish and cruel. I don’t get it.

  11. girl_ninja says:

    I wonder what her issue is? Her behavior is so selfish and cruel. I don’t get it.

    • Chicken says:

      I said this upthread, but I knew a girl (she’s in her 30s but she doesn’t behave like an adult so not calling her a woman) with the same pattern as Miranda, and she was the most insecure person I have ever known. She was constantly trying to validate herself by “winning” a guy away from his significant other. She was also a raging boozehound.

      • Kebbie says:

        Yeah I think Miranda’s drinking and behavior with men probably both come down to extreme insecurity and self-hatred.

  12. Eleonor says:

    Poor baby.

  13. Chef Grace says:

    She is a such a twat.

  14. Elaine says:

    Ugh she is a monster. I hope the baby’s mother tells the real story. I’m sure she’s busy with the baby ha but I for one would love to hear it.

  15. Kookila says:

    Last night on Busy Phillips insta feed, she realized that this guy is who she called “the hot cop“ from outside of Good Morning America in NYC. She had posted a picture of him and referenced him in at least two of her trips to GMA. Her theory was that Miranda met him on a trip to GMA.

    Also, Miranda is a home wrecking looney. It must be a power trip to take a dude’s attention and obliterate his personal life. But, like, it’s unethical to do it over and over. Does she win some prize at the end of her life? WHATS HER ENDGAME???

  16. Lexilla says:

    Miranda is so bad for herself and those around her, which I understand has truly devastated people’s lives, but she’s sooooo good for the gossip world. Be honest, aren’t we all eager to see how this unfolds?

    • CheckThatPrivilege says:

      There’s precious little doubt here about how this will unfold. Rinse and repeat.

      • Sparkly says:

        Right? Eager my rear. We know how this will go. And I, at least, am tired of her same ol’ same ol’.

        I don’t see what all these guys see in her. Like, there are no redeeming qualities. Is it the money? Is she somehow the best sex ever? If someone can explain how she keeps pulling this off, and with younger and cuter men each time, then I would be very eager to hear it.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Agreed there is absolutely no doubt how this will unfold. I used to like some of her music, but the true ugliness of how she lives her life has just left me disgusted. She is like a tornado landing in the middle of various families wrecking havoc and then blowing away

    • isabelle says:

      She is cheater and secretly we want cheaters to suffer emotionally because of the damage they have done to people.

  17. DML says:

    She’s gross and the men who fall for it are equally gross. Barf.

  18. Seraphina says:

    And she wore white???? That’s RICH!

    • Olive says:

      women wear white dresses for their second or third weddings all the time. it’s 2019, not 1959. it’s not an issue.

      the issue with miranda is her rampant cheating and self destructive actions, not her choice of dress.

    • Ader says:

      The white wedding dress has little to do with “purity.” The tradition started with Queen Victoria. Not because of any purity thing, but because she was status-obsessed, and a white dress was a status symbol because keeping the white, white took time and money.

    • Seraphina says:

      Yes I know. I just find the itony funny regardless.

  19. Memurs says:

    There are Instagram comments from people claiming to know the guy in real life. Not only does he have a new baby, but was apparently also engaged to a different woman as recently as this past summer and the baby’s mom was a side piece. At least they’re both equally messy.

    • Miss M says:

      Well, in this case, she truly found the one. I guess is who will cheat and dump who first?
      *Dis gonna be good*

    • minx says:

      Is there any possibility ML is pregnant? That would be the capper to this mess.

      • Miss M says:

        There is the speculation I read online. She might be pregnant. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • minx says:

        Convenient for the father, having two children so close in age 🙄. That is, if Miranda would allow him to parent his other child—as someone said downthread, she doesn’t exactly seem big on the idea of extended family.

      • Florida says:

        With her rumored alcoholism, I hope she isn’t pregnant. And no baby deserves those disgusting people as parents. And the poor three month old baby that this “father” abandoned, for this nasty creature, definitely deserves better.

      • Kebbie says:

        Hopefully she takes the necessary precautions to ensure a pregnancy doesn’t happen because I honestly don’t think she’d be willing to give up booze for a pregnancy. Doesn’t she travel with mini bottles of vodka in her purse?

        And if she is pregnant and got thisclose to a physical brawl in a steakhouse, she’s crazier than I thought.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Haha oh wow. He is perfect for her then. Between the two of them they can stir up enough drama to make 10 country music albums. I can see tracks titled “your ex fiancé and current baby mamma egged our house” … “my new future ex is having dinner with us” and of course “Steakhouse rumble.” So so messy. Oh wait! “So so messy” could be the title of the next album 🙄

  20. JByrdKU says:

    Was this before or after she dumped a salad on someone? Girl stays busy.

    • Mel M says:

      I want to know if he was the “family friend” that got into a fight with a sixty year old man in the bathroom and caused that whole trashy steak house fight.

      • jan90067 says:

        I was thinking that, too!

      • Olive says:

        i haven’t read up on that incident but if it was indeed started by an older man making a comment about people being on their phones then dude deserved it – mind your own business, just because you’re old doesn’t mean you’re an expert and it certainly doesn’t mean everyone wants to hear your opinion.

      • Kebbie says:

        If he made some comment about race, religion, orientation, etc. then I’d say yeah he deserved it, but making some comment about millennials on their phones? Obviously he should just mind his own business, but how could anyone seriously work themselves up into a tizzy over that? If he’s a police officer and he lost his cool over that, that’s seriously concerning.

        And then the old guy came over to their table cursing them out. Both parties in that fight were absolutely bonkers and complete trash.

      • Olive says:

        @kebbie it’s rude and brazen to walk up to a complete stranger and insult them and then expect them to just take it quietly. i’m sure this man has learned a lesson he should’ve learned a long time ago. he should’ve just sat there and ate his food.

      • Kebbie says:

        The altercation started in the men’s room and continued in the dining room. He didn’t walk up to them at their table and say it. The remark was probably made in passing.

        Rude and brazen? Absolutely. But any sane person attempts to de-escalate the situation. They don’t start shouting, they don’t start flipping salad bowls, and they definitely don’t have to be physically held back by other people.

        Employees were calling 911 telling dispatchers that Miranda was about to punch someone. She’s a grown woman about to punch people because some old geezer said millennials are on their phones too much? That is insane. SHE is insane.

  21. S says:

    I, too, suspect this will blow up in spectacular fashion, sooner, rather than later, but even just from the little bit we’ve heard about both of them, they truly do seem perfect for one another: messy af, complete inability to control their own behavior, mindlessly hurting others in pursuit of their own “happiness” and desperate for attention/validation from everyone around them.

  22. Co says:

    She’s taking notes from Kim K on how to control the narrative. All the recent headlines have been about her freaking out at a restaurant and dumping plates on people. And now all the headlines are so happy, she’s married!

  23. Eric says:

    Did they throw croutons at the wedding instead of rice?

  24. J. says:

    I don’t like her and I think she’s cruel, but I see her as some kind of homewrecking superhero: exposing men for the cheating filth they are and then leaving them in the dust, no different than they left their wives and children.

    Let’s not forget these men are scum and their wives will hopefully recover and find partners with more substance eventually.

    • runcmc says:

      Lol! That’s a really flattering angle to what she’s doing and honestly when you put it that way I guess there’s a silver lining. All of those awful men were exposed, and their wives no longer have to deal with the kind of men who would cheat on them and leave them and their children in the lurch. AND the men got their just desserts in the end.

      Now it’s time for karma to catch up to Miranda too.

      • Yup, Me says:

        Except those women who have children do have to coparent with these POS men now which still sucks.

        It’s too bad Miranda doesn’t truly fulfill her calling and just devour these men whole when she’s done with them.

    • isabelle says:

      WTF????? honestly that is really messed up thinking.

    • K-Peace says:

      Haha, that’s one way to look at it!

      I wonder what that dog Evan Felker is feeling about all of this. He left his beautiful, intelligent wife for Miranda; thought he was getting a huge career boost out of hooking up with her….Only to get booted off her tour early on (for “breaking one of Miranda’s ‘rules'”), thus NOT getting that career boost he wanted, and dumped, thus ending up alone. It seems his life was left in tatters from hooking up with her. Which is exactly what he deserves.

      As for Anderson East, I’m sure he’s breathing a sigh of relief and feeling that he dodged a bullet.

  25. Joy says:

    She is just a disaster. If she wasn’t famous, she would be just another woman we all know who can’t even begin to get herself together.

  26. minx says:

    WTF?! What a mess.

  27. ChillyWilly says:

    Miranda only wants men who are taken. The challenge of “stealing” another woman’s man fills an emotional hole. She wants men to choose her over another. I wonder who didn’t choose her in the past? Probably Daddy. I can empathize with this as I had the same issues and they manifested in a similar way when I was in high school and college. Miranda is is too old to still be living like this. Girl needs therapy.

    • Ader says:

      Nailed it. People who act out like this usually have an effed up story as to why. That’s why I don’t like to rag on them.

      (But I must admit: the gossip is definitely juicy!)

  28. Redgrl says:

    When I first saw the picture I thought it was Jared Kushner.

  29. Elisabeth Smith says:

    leann rimes probably sent her flowers

    • Jane says:

      I honestly think that since Leann has lowered the craziness factor recently, Miranda is trying to take over from where LR left off and put her own unique spin on things.

  30. KBeth says:

    Sounds like they deserve each other. She is so toxic, wonder if there is a prenup??

  31. Itteh Bitteh says:

    1. Judging by these pictures, “Hot Cop” …not that hot.
    2. What’s that line from Practical Magic? “Hopefully some day she’ll find a guy who will go through her.” 🙄

  32. Enn says:

    She is a full on disaster.

  33. virginfangirls says:

    I didn’t realize she was such a pos. I’m a country music lover, but I’ll be changing the channel when she comes on. No need to support someone like her.

  34. C-Shell says:

    This has to be a career move for him. With his modeling sideline over the years, it fits that he’d see hooking up with Lambert as a golden opportunity to gain the exposure he needs to get out of law enforcement (no way will he continue as a cop, hot or otherwise). Maybe he has visions of being an actor. Who knows? Maybe he wants a career in music. Whatever. In spite of this being a mutually advantageous match for both of them, no, I’m sure there is NO prenup.

  35. Alexandria says:

    She’s doing all these to write country songs right? I’m exhausted.

  36. The Voice says:

    WT actual F?! You can’t even make this stuff up. We have a 3 month old and we’re so exhausted that we can barely function (though it’s mostly because of our 3-year-old). Where do these fools have the energy?! These two are made for each other. Time to grab the popcorn because it’ll be some show when things end.

    • Millennial says:

      Sounds like dad isn’t exactly getting up to do night feeds and change diapers. That’s for the poor girl he knocked up. Dead beats make the best husbands, obviously.

  37. Kristen says:

    I’ve never understood women who go after guys in committed relationships. Gross.

  38. Patty says:

    Sounds like they’ve een married since end of 18. Hmm. Sadly, I know more than a few couples that split up while the woman was pregnant or shortly after the baby was born. I wish people would understand that babies cannot save relationships, ugh.

  39. Ali says:

    A quickie wedding to someone who has a 3 month old baby with someone else makes both of them seem mental to the point of pity. Not a good look.

    I couldn’t blame him if Blake sends out a I told y’all she was crazy tweet.

  40. Giddy says:

    I wonder what her relationship with her father is like. Somewhere she learned to not only not trust men, but to use ‘em and lose ‘em. Her need to prove to other women that she can ruin their relationships is juvenile and cruel.

    • Kebbie says:

      She seems close to both of her parents. They’re still married. Her dad has gotten on stage and performed with her before, and I think her parents run her store and winery in her hometown.

      Who knows what their relationship is like, but her upbringing definitely doesn’t fit the broken home/abandoned by dad cliché.

    • Tiffany says:

      Or she can just be a a-hole.

      There sometimes is not reason. She is a a-hole, plain and simple.

  41. rose says:

    That s how these celebrities operate when they want to distract from a unflattering story out there about them. When it was reported about her behavior at the restaurant there was mention she was with her mom and a guy, so it must have been him that was with them.

  42. PhillyGal says:

    There must be something deeply wrong with this woman.

  43. Peanutbuttr says:

    Meanwhile, Evan Felker’s band has been canceling shows left and right. The official statement says it’s due to a band member dealing with issues.

    • Other Renee says:

      My guess is that the “issue” is poor ticket sales.

    • Patty says:

      I think the issue is Evan is an idiot, lol. I don’t know exactly what happened between him and Miranda, but it was pretty obvious she didn’t want a relationship with him. She probably just wanted to bang and he dropped the ball by dumping his wife and making it seem like he and Miranda were in a relationship. Idgit.

    • Skiminims says:

      Evan has a rumored history of going to rehab for substance abuse issues.

  44. MattyLove says:

    I’m kinda feeling like she upped the ante on this one by stealing a man away from his woman AND his baby. She needed a newer, bigger challenge with this one…

    • Sigh... says:

      If she gets him to leave partner, newborn, AND secured NYC job/residency (assuming the others have been in her industry and mainly resided in the South) = HAT TRICK.
      At this point, the next dummy’s gonna have to lay down his life or take another’s!

      Seriously, how is he going to see/bond with his innocent newborn if he’s following her around? Cuz she don’t strike as the type who’s big on “extended family.”

  45. Lolo says:

    I don’t want to defend her actions – Miranda is obviously a very messy, damaged person who enjoys causing other people pain. That being said, it sounds like she didn’t have the best role models growing up.

    Her mother obsessively followed (stalked?) her father for several years, and invited him out for coffee when he was engaged to another woman. They started an affair and go together.

    They then started a private detective agency and used Miranda from the time she was a little girl to help on investigations, mostly wealthy clients doing drugs and having affairs. As a little girl, she saw the worst examples of cheating and destruction over and over again.

    No wonder marriage must seem like a joke to her. I think her parents really did her wrong.

    • cannibell says:

      At some point, a person has to stand up and say “My parents did this and it sucked, but it’s my life now.” She has the power to make different choices and she hasn’t.

      • minx says:

        Exactly. She’s an adult.

      • Meg says:

        While i agree- but messages you get in your formative years are such a bitch to break but miranda doesnt seem to want to work on those-thats her choice here

      • Lucy2 says:

        Yes, she has the means and ability to make much better choices for herself, and to seek help to deal with those issues of the past. I don’t doubt it messed her up, but she’s choosing to continue the cycle and hurting others.

  46. mycomment says:

    nypd and fdny both have well earned reputations as cheaters… the worst were a couple of stories following 9/11 of bigamists who left behind two families…

  47. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Ahhh romanced with ranch dressing. She’s super cray.

  48. Flying fish says:


  49. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    WTF is wrong with this girl? She obviously has no moral compass. She must HATE women. When did they actually get married? If it was awhile ago and she just announced it now it was to deflect from all the negative stories about her behaving like trash at that restaurant a couple days ago. And how sad that her husband is a police officer and he behaved badly as well.

  50. Idsmith says:

    There was an old blind story about Miranda years ago. Supposedly she was working with Eric Church before he broke out big…and she was working hard on winning him from his wife. Texting the wife saying “I’m gonna steal your man..just wait and see”. Well Eric wanted no part of it and Miranda suddenly marries Blake Shelton. Together they used all their Nashville power to try and block Eric and Miranda refused to let him release any of the music they worked on. Sounds like if she doesn’t win the game she punishes her target anyway

  51. K-Peace says:

    She couldn’t even spell her new husband’s name correctly in her big announcement of their marriage??!? (The first “L” in his last name should’ve been capitalized.) That’s pretty bad, IMO.

  52. IcePrincess says:

    Actually, didn’t Blake cheat on his wife with Miranda? That puts the timeline even earlier – This creature has serious issues!

    • Millennial says:

      And she’s rumored to have wrecked her tour managers marriage while she was married to Blake so the timeline could certainly be even more detailed, but kaiser didn’t set out to write a book lol

  53. IcePrincess says:

    Actually, didn’t Blake cheat on his wife with Miranda? That puts the timeline even earlier – This chic has serious issues!

  54. Andrea says:

    It takes two to tango. I don’t like the vilification of Miranda when clearly people are saying he cheated on baby momma anyway with another woman. Men are known to cheat or skip out when a woman is pregnant and they aren’t fully committed or want the child. My dear friend’s husband cheated and left her when she was 5 months pregnant. It sounds like the pair are trainwrecks in this scenario and it will be interesting to watch at the sidelines. But Miranda isn’t the only bad party involved here who stole a man.

    • Ali says:

      No, but she’s the famous one with a history of this kind of behavior. So we are talking about her in that context. Not holding him blameless.

    • Florida says:

      Both are to blame. She certainly didn’t have to be the woman that her now “husband” slept with. If people held themselves to higher standards, this wouldn’t happen. There is no way, no reason, NOTHING that could make me sleep with or have an intimate relationship with a married/taken man. And I can never understand those that think it’s no big deal.

    • Abby says:

      Right, but she’s been doing this over and over for years. She has a pattern of this behavior. That’s the issue here. Of course he’s a cheating jerk. But she seems to purposefully go after married or taken men.

  55. Meg says:

    As soon as i saw this story i thought this was released now to cover up the steakhouse fight story. Her people scrambled even before that story released to get her to look like she doesnt jump around from guy to guy telling her to have a quickie marriage before people find out he just had a baby with someone else. This is why ewan mcgregor is still publicly with the woman he cheated on his wife with-so he looks less promiscuous and commitment phobic. But man the effort to keep miranda with anderson east for 2 years must have been so much behind the scenes work as she seems to love hopping from married guy to new fathers sith girlfriends

  56. Themummy says:

    I’ve never called a woman a maneater before and I am not at all judgy about how many people a woman sleeps with. I disagree vehemently with the idea that a woman having many sexual partners (or lightning fast, one after the other relationships) means she is a “slut.” I reject that completely. But Miranda is a maneater as a rule (maneater and slut refer to different things, which is why I was sure to make my stance on slut-shaming clear). She finds them, delights in it even more if they are already married or in a relationship, makes them hers, and once she has caused all the chaos she can she leaves in another wave or unstable and sudden chaos. It’s her pattern. (Yes, obviously both people are involved in the home wrecking aspect of it, but that is not what I’m talking about here–I’m just referring to her behavioral pattern here). She delights in this pattern. I think it makes her feel powerful.

  57. Lens horne says:

    She has a huge butt. That is all.

  58. Emily says:

    She is an awful human being. Full stop. They will divorce and since this guy is clearly not the breadwinner I hope he gets half of everything. I shouldn’t say that but she needs a taste of her own medicine. He is clearly no prize either since he left the mother of his child for this crazy woman and is most likely using her for his modeling/Hollywood aspirations.

    Also Miranda was recently in a brawl a few days ago at some restaurant where she was flipping plates and dropped a salad on someone’s wife. Sounds like her husband was involved. She definitely released this news hoping we’d overlook her bad behavior. Didn’t work you Blonde Devil.

  59. Florida says:

    They’re disgusting. A three month old baby? I’m sorry but I loathe people like this. This isn’t going to be a popular opinion but as the child of divorced parents, that life is hell. It’s a never ending stream of new partners and their kids and new marriages and when the relationships end, that person is now gone from your life forever. It makes you view relationships as ultimately meaningless and transitory. The child is never put first. My heart goes out to that baby and I hope Miranda and her gross new husband get exactly what they deserve. Unhappily ever after.

    *spits on ground in their direction*

    • Kebbie says:

      I don’t see why it’d be an unpopular opinion, sounds like common sense to me.

      On the plus side, my grandmother was like that and all of her daughters have been married 20 years+. I think it’s one of those things where that total lack of stability can teach kids exactly what they DON’T want in life.

      • Florida says:

        Thanks Kebbie. It’s that way for me too . I want a better life for my children than the one I had. Whatever it takes to get people to understand that their children should come first!

  60. Feedmechips says:

    Good Lord, she is one of the messiest people alive.

  61. mx says:

    She sounds borderline and/or bipolar. Some mood stabilizers and therapy could stop her manic homewrecking.

  62. Oh no says:

    Who has time for this when you have a newborn and a job?? There is no time to sleep or function w a newborn!! Was he using his paternity leave to date Miranda basically?

  63. PixiePaperdoll says:

    She’s got nice deep pockets to help shell out for the child support.

  64. Veronica S. says:

    Man, is she lucky to be rich and famous, because this is the kind of trailer trash drama that typically leads to a beat down in flip flops and an ill-fitting crop top behind a portable bathroom at a second-rate, outdoor country concert.

  65. Ader says:

    I always get the impression that all her “victims” — including the wives — are MAGA people, so I have a very hard time caring about their feelings. Watching conservative-types eat their own is good gossip in my book.

    • Kebbie says:

      Evan Felker’s ex-wife was incorrectly branded a MAGA type by some people who didn’t understand one of her Instagram posts.

      She was upset when he was elected, so she posted a photo of her and Evan as a reminder of things she has to be grateful for (in spite of Trump) and a bunch of people thought it meant that she was grateful for Trump. I don’t know that anyone involved in her shenanigans has been conservative except probably Blake Shelton.

    • Florida says:

      It’s a shame that compassion isn’t extended to people you perceive to be your political enemies. Maybe we should start quizzing everyone on their politics before they’re admitted to a hospital, before the fire fighters put out their burning house, etc?

      • Ader says:

        It’s a shame that MAGA Republicans are racist assholes.

        Nope. I refuse to extend compassion to shitty, racist MAGA people. And yes, every. single. person. who voted for Donald Trump — for that campaign — by definition, is a racist piece of shit. End of.

      • Ader says:

        And for the record, I’m black: So no, I don’t trust cops.

  66. ojulia123 says:

    This is for sure going to end well. Definitely.

  67. Sera says:

    I used to think her life resembled a country song, now I feel like it’s left the country genre and moved straight into hip hop grade messiness

  68. sommolierlady says:

    This is going to end in a spectacularly car wreck fashion.

  69. Skiminims says:

    Someone on the Daily Mail comments realized her new hubby was on an episode of Project Runway All Stars. Here is the clip he appears in! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4X7Vy0jGjE

    • Kebbie says:

      “DESIGNERS! TIME!” I wonder if that and his marriage to Miranda is enough to get him a SAG card.

  70. Jess says:

    Miranda is a disgusting piece of trash who deserves to be cheated on over and over. This is clearly a game to her, ruining people’s lives gives her a high. I don’t know how anyone can still support her.

    • JadedBrit says:

      @OJulia123 It’s less believable than fiction, isn’t it? Puts me in mind of one of those blockbuster novels (the ones that double as doorstops or, if you live in tropical climes, are useful if an eight-legged predator invades your living room), usually with a protagonist named Chrystal, Diamond or some other gemstone, who rose ruthlessly from poverty to claim her “rightful place” in the spotlight. Or ‘Nashville’. Either way, I have nothing but searing contempt for this appalling iteration of so-called womanhood and, though I am reluctant to wish ill on fellow human beings (save Trump, various dictators, the Kardashians) I hope her fall will be EPIC.

  71. MoxyLady says:

    Dear god. The girlfriend with the baby needs a lawyer hardcore immediately. Get sole custody and child support ASAP. An expensive shark who will be paid by Miranda’s money – obviously. But it needs to be clean and neat and fast otherwise Miranda is gonna get off on engaging in court. Us against the world type of thing. Aka Leann shmimes

  72. Jag says:

    They’re both awful then if they cheated. How does he not see what she is – someone who likes to win men and then dump them? He’s no better than she is, though, if he cheated on his pregnant girlfriend. I hope that he’s not a deadbeat dad, too.

  73. JadedBrit says:

    Perfect opportunity for Blake Shelton to re-release “She’s Got A Way With Words”…

  74. Velvet Elvis says:

    How long do we give this marriage? 8 months? A year?

  75. Helen says:

    i appreciate how well laid out the timeline is, miranda is a mess, but very entertaining lol (i’d imagine not to the people left in her wake of mess tho)

  76. bobafelty says:

    I thought she only date married men. I guess a broken engagement is close enough?

  77. Lala11_7 says:

    One of the MAIN lessons my 82 year old mother SEARED into my head growing up…was never…EVA…EVA…date a policeman…unless they had some SERIOUS brass…she had seen and heard too many horror stories regarding her friends, family members…and had her OWN run in with one that she dated in the 70s…a beat cop…and when they broke up…he stalked her…had her arrested several times for vagrancy and prostitution…intimidated ANYONE who he saw her with…it was AWFUL…horrific behavior like that also meant he would have been physically abusive to her eventually…she didn’t’ hang around long enough to find that out…Thank GAWD!

    Far too often among cops…the inhumane treatment I listed above is “Standard Operational Behavior” for them…

    Miranda may have FINALLY done the unthinkable…

    “Let the right one in….”

    • Nancypants says:

      Just chiming in with personal experience about the whole cop/firefighter/EMT thing, maybe doctors too.
      They believe they are heroes and have the egos to match.
      I have friends who are firefighters and some admit to having huge egos partly because people tell them how awesome they are all the time.
      I avoid policemen.
      Well, I do and I’m not a crack ho/dealer or anything.
      I just don’t trust them and I can protect myself and my loved ones without them.
      In fact, I think much of the time police make matters worse but someone has to do the job.

      I dated all the above years and years ago as a young single woman.
      I’d go firefighter. They aren’t armed and their whole job is to save stuff but still….EGO.
      Keep looking. Maybe an IT guy or Mechanic.

      • original_kellybean says:

        I have dated both fire fighters and cops and most are egoists and/or cheaters. I am currently engaged to a cop. We have been together about 11 years. He is the sweetest and kindest person I have ever met. My point is, you can’t lump every one into the “horrible person” or “cheater” category. Every person needs to be judged on their own merits and personality.

  78. Deanne says:

    I’m sure she’ll be a real treat for his baby’s Mother to deal with.

  79. Anna says:

    That forehead.

  80. Yes Doubtful says:

    This is going to get juicy! This woman loves to create drama! I give it 3 months followed by a year long, messy divorce.

  81. itspurplespice says:

    1) This dude doesn’t seem to have any hollywood/music industry so maybe when it crashes and burns we’ll get a tell-all.

    2) If you ignore the fact that Miranda is a monster, that dress is freaking gorgeous and hugs her curves like a dream.

    • itspurplespice says:

      Just noting that I’m referring to the wedding dress. You can see full body pics if you click through the link.

  82. Borgqueen says:

    My coworker has a cop bff that has 2 families: 2 kids with a wife and 2 kids with a girlfriend the wife knows nothing about. My co worker is godfather to 1 kid with the wife and 1 kid of the girlfriend. The cop previously cheated on the wife and the wife found out and stabbed him. It was a big brouhaha and the cop had to scramble and come up wit a cover story bc the wife could have been charged with attacking an office and do some jail time. I wonder what his wife would do when she finds out about the 2nd family.

  83. mouse says:

    Have the newlyweds mentioned where they are registered? I was thinking of getting them one of these, https://www.saladshooter.com/products.html but I’d hate to duplicate if someone already got it for them….