Miranda Lambert didn’t give Blake Shelton a heads up about her new marriage

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Looking back on Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s courtship, marriage and divorce, it feels like we can understand what happened even clearer today. Blake was famously married when he met Miranda. They had an affair which ended his marriage, and which ended Miranda’s relationship with a boyfriend at the time. Miranda and Blake got married and became country music’s golden couple. There were always rumors that Blake was fooling around, but then he suddenly filed for divorce from Miranda and somehow got a very, very quick divorce. It was abrupt, and there were tons of rumors that Blake had just then discovered that Miranda had been cheating on him quite extensively. There were rumors that she ruined another man’s marriage too. Blake barely said a word about it publicly.

Blake didn’t say anything publicly… until Miranda homewrecked Evan Felker, and that’s when Blake did a very shady tweet about “karma.” That set off days of back-and-forth controversy about how Blake cheated too, etc. Which is true – I think Miranda is an awful person with deep psychological issues, but I also think the married/taken men who dump their spouses or girlfriends for Miranda are gross too. So maybe after Blake’s karma tweet blew up in his face last year, he decided he wasn’t going to obliquely or directly reference Miranda anymore. He tweeted some stuff an Elvis tribute and a thank you to a liquor company (sponcon) this weekend, but there’s nothing about Miranda’s new marriage on his social media. Of course, maybe Blake was just as surprised as everybody else, and he was so stunned, he couldn’t even react!

Blake Shelton wasn’t told in advance about his ex-wife Miranda Lambert’s secret wedding to Brandon Mcloughlin.

“Blake found about the wedding at the same time everyone else did,” an insider tells Us Weekly exclusively.

The country superstar, 35, who divorced Shelton, 42, in July 2015 after four years of marriage, revealed on Saturday, February 16, that she and the New York Police Department officer, 27, had tied the knot.

[From Us Weekly]

I’ll be first in line to accuse Miranda of bad form, poor taste and being utterly trashy, but on this issue alone… I don’t think it’s a big deal? Sure, it’s probably better form to give your ex-husband a heads up, either directly or through a third party. But obviously, there’s no love lost between Blake and Miranda. I doubt they’ve spoken to each other in years. And truly, I hope Blake doesn’t even care anymore (I bet he does care though).

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  1. Enn says:

    Was I supposed to let my exes know when I got engaged?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Miranda is trashy, but they don’t have kids together so why would Blake need to know?

    • Cj says:

      Here,here.why do people like to forget that he got his just deserts with her,he wasn’t an innocent.Besides it’s like 2 homewrecking situations ago.He needs to get over himself.

    • mint says:

      Did he gave her a heads up when directly after the divorce he was dating Gwen Stefani? I dont think so.
      She does not owe him anything. Its a non story to me

    • Alissa says:

      Yeah, I think it’s pretty clear they don’t speak or like each other, so I’m not sure why she would have to let him know.

      My husband let his ex-wife know only because they share my stepson and he didn’t think it was right for her to find out through my stepson. She did the same when she got engaged.

  2. Bryn says:

    And this is a story why? He’s an ex for a reason, chances are they aren’t on speaking terms anyway. She doesn’t owe him a heads up, vice versa if he marries someone else

    • lucy2 says:

      Agreed. This seems like a non-story, which is pretty funny since there is PLENTY of story on her as it is.

  3. Eliza says:

    They didn’t have kids together. This marriage does not effect his life, why should she?

    She’s got issues, but this isn’t one.

    • minx says:

      This is just what I was going to say. They’re divorced, no kids, no need to have anything to do with each other.

  4. Gia says:

    Is this a thing? My ex didn’t give me the heads up when he got married, but we also are not on speaking terms. (Much like Miranda and Blake, he and she cheated on their spouses to get together so definitely no love lost). I don’t know I hope Blake doesn’t care either. It seems like he and Gwen are in a happy, healthy relationship now.

    • mtam says:

      haha! I asked the same thing just now. I really don’t understand why she would ever need to, or vice versa.

  5. KBeth says:

    I don’t think she owed him a heads up.
    I think Blake would be wise to just stay silent on all things Miranda….

    • Raina says:

      It’s not like she gave him a heads up when she was giving head to people outside their marriage. Why start when they’re not in a marriage.

  6. Eleonor says:

    I think it’s polite, if you are in good terms, otherwise I don’t see the point.

  7. RBC says:

    It was not a divorce where both parties remained on good terms , so I can’t see the reason to inform each other of who they are dating or marry.
    Blake is probably like the rest of us, just sitting back and watching what Messy Miranda will do next

  8. Lala11_7 says:

    When I got divorced…I MADE THAT MEAN SOMETHING…by ensuring he knew/knows…NOTHING about my life…

    It’s just…

    Healthier for me…

    I remember when my ex ran the “can we still be friends” line by me…

    I PROMPTLY let him know that ONLY Todd Rundgren or JESUS could EVA get away with that crap regarding me….and if we were TRULY friends…we wouldn’t be getting a divorce…


    • Spicecake38 says:

      Yeeaasss!!!My ex wanted to know if we could still date,be friends,and have sex…I didn’t know if I should be mortified or laugh,or vomit!He approached me a month after our divorce was final,and asked me out to dinner and a concert. I couldn’t believe how tone deaf.I explained that I didn’t want to do these things when we were married so I didn’t want to do them when divorced.

  9. Zip says:

    Why would anyone need to inform their ex-partner about a new marriage (unless there are children involved)?

  10. Elisabeth says:

    It’s none of his business

  11. Aenflex says:

    Unless there some sort of custodial or financial entanglements, it’s none of his business.

  12. PhillyGal says:

    He probably doesn’t care at all.

  13. mtam says:

    I honestly want to know…is that a thing? They don’t share children and they had a bad break-up—why would they ever NEED to give a heads up about anything in their lives?

    I see that a lot in articles, like oh “this ex didn’t call that ex to have a heart to heart about getting married” etc. I find that so weird, but i’ve never divorced anyone, could someone explain why?

    • Senator Fan says:

      Only if the two have children together would it be of concern and more like a courtesy. If no kids involved and both parties have moved on with other people then it’s none of their business. Especially since they aren’t friendly exes. Some people are able to maintain a civil or even friendly relationship, which is cool if you can do it. But it’s not for everyone. Myself included.

  14. Lila says:

    Exes moving on can be a touchy subject, even when you 100% don’t want them back…but I’m pretty sure this is what friends are for. Save your reactions for private, not public.

    And that goes doubly for the Blake Shelton types that are willing to point the finger at everyone other than themselves.

  15. Mindy_dopple says:

    I’m with everyone else on this comment thread. My ex husband was persona non grata as soon as I kicked him out. We have no children and it was a clean break. I like clean breaks though, I’m never the kind that stays friends with exes. I definitely wouldn’t want a heads up about his next moves and he definitely didn’t get a heads up when I got engaged. I do however hope he heard about it through the grapevine somehow. I caught his mother creeping on my Instagram and i promptly blocked her. She must have been creeping for YEARS!

  16. Tiffany says:

    I know they were both not at their best while dating and then marriage, but I get why a heads up would have been okay. Blake is active on social media and to be bombarded with messages about it. I can see having something prepared would be necessary.

  17. DS9 says:

    Why on earth does she need to tell him a damned thing?

    I mean I was pretty hot when my ex got married but we had a very young child together and I was unaware he was seeing anyone at all. My 4 year old met this woman literally days before the wedding.

    But this? She’s on her 75th relationship since they split. Why on earth does he need to know what she’s up to next?

    Besides, the relationship will be over before the cell phone bill with the “good” news call comes in.

  18. themummy says:

    Why should she give him a heads up? That’s a weird suggestion even. They divorced quite some time ago, have been in numerous relationships since then, and they didn’t have kids. Why on earth would she get in touch with him at all (or vice verse if he were the one getting married)?? That’s kind of the deal when you end a relationship (if there are no kids, anyway).

    Why is this even a story?

  19. sommolierlady says:

    Why on earth would she and why would he care? Everyone knows she’ll be unfaithful in 5..4…3..

  20. brutalethyl says:

    Isn’t Blake Shelton the asshole who runs over frogs in the road? If so, fuck him. I hate anybody who purposely harms another living creature for no reason.

  21. Yes Doubtful says:

    Why would she have to tell him she’s getting married? They ended in 2015 and shared no children. She doesn’t owe him anything.

  22. Mel says:

    This is sexist and stupid. Did he tell her when he started dating Gwen Stefani? They are ex’s, her business isn’t his and his isn’t hers.

  23. Elizabeth Suzanne Phillips says:

    So? He didn’t give her a heads-up that he was divorcing her.

  24. CES says:

    Is she supposed to tell him?

  25. Jay says:

    LOL any sources (not you guys) that think this is news are dumb. She’s not obligated to tell him jack. (ANd I’m not a fan, I think she’s trash.) They’re done and have no kids who need to get a talking-to about changes in the family structures. He had no reason to be told and it doesnt’ seem like he expected to be in retrospect.

  26. Raina says:

    I doubt he cares except to say…Good luck with that.

    • LadyT says:

      Yep. From the time he heard of her cheating to the actual divorce was all of two weeks I believe. (Pre-nup, no kids, Oklahoma). There were pictures of her belongings placed on the ranch house porch for pick up. Talk about decisive. I doubt they’ve had any contact whatsoever since.

  27. Natalia says:

    Note to Brandon:
    Good luck with your “marriage” to the malignant narcissist antisocial sociopath.

  28. Chef Grace says:

    Ex’s are just that for a reason. And they do not belong in your life unless kids are involved.
    Divorce sucks. Hanging out with my ex and being friends?
    Oh. Hell. No.