‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ Podcast #6: Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt bring 2003 back

Kaiser (Chandra) and I had a fun talk about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt covering US Magazine after Brad went to Jennifer’s 50th birthday party. It felt like old school gossip and like they’d just hit pause for over 15 years. We also talked about Duchess Meghan’s dad selling a handwritten letter she wrote him that showed how gracious she was to him after he sold her out. That was a clever chess move by Meghan, who forced her dad’s hand after mentioning the letter in her sourced People profile. We covered George Clooney defending Meghan and calling out the British press, similar to the way he called them out after Diana’s death. Of course the British press came for Clooney after that. And we commiserated about the Oscars and discussed the fact that they’re moving some of the awards to the commercial breaks, which got changed yet again after we recorded all that.

Our user questions this week were about gossip mysteries we’d like solved and how we decide to stop covering certain celebrities. We talk about the mystery about what happened between Maddox and Brad Pitt on the plane, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s separation a few years before the nanny and before their last child, and how Jennifer Garner’s curious 7 carat diamond ring may have signified an earlier reconciliation.

Comments of the week this week were about Miranda Lambert’s salad-tossing incident and Sean Penn’s pretentious essay on behalf of A Star is Born.

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Programming note: next week, the day after the Oscars, we’ll have a special episode featuring our thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery and spoiler-free reviews of movies The Favourite and Can you Ever Forgive Me. I’ll also include more of my talk with Kristy Puchko at Pajiba. This is just to give us more time to work on Oscar stories. We’ll be back the following week with our regular format.

Here’s a 30 second preview!


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  1. Millenial says:

    My gossip unsolved mystery is January Jones’ baby daddy. Like, I’m 90% sure it’s [redacted by CB, see below], but….. *shrug*

  2. Anna says:

    I have a question for you guys, how long does it take to compose a blog post? Also, what is your schedule and how do you decide what to cover?

    • Celebitchy says:

      Hi in episode 2 we talked about who covers what, that’s around 30 minutes in. It takes varying amounts of time to cover stories but we can talk about that and our schedule! That might not be until a couple of weeks though.

  3. BlueSky says:

    I have a question. Have you ever had a celebrity or their manager, publicist, etc ever reach out to you requesting more favorable coverage of a celebrity?

    • crogirl says:

      Yeah, I’m interested in that too. I remember in 2006 or 2007 Perez called out Huvane for complaining about Jennifer Aniston. He has tons of clients, did he ever contact you about someone?

    • Celebitchy says:

      Around 27 minutes into the first podcast we talked about celebrities contacting us. Usually it’s an email from a manager or publicist telling us to change something or delete it but once in a while it’s a real cease and desist and that’s scary. People don’t ask us nicely usually, although one celebrity has been kind on Twitter after Kaiser/Chandra ran stories taking her side in a public feud. Chandra did talk to a celebrity on the phone years ago. We’re not naming names but the person smoked the whole time and talked her ear off.

  4. Becks says:

    I’m really enjoying the podcast! I look forward to it each week ☺

  5. hollah says:

    Fun episode! Keep on cussing, Chandra!

  6. enike says:

    hello ladies, is it normal I dont see any pictures or it is just a sound?

  7. matahari33 says:

    Will you guys ever do “Vintage Scandal Monday” or “Hot Guy Friday” again? (I’ve been a fan of yours for 8+ years!

  8. Zee says:

    I love the podcast, I think you guys are really entertaining and have great chemistry with each other. My only criticism is that I wish you wouldn’t spend so much time re-telling stories about Meghan/the royals almost word-for-word when you already wrote a handful of articles about it every day. I think there is no need to read from your own articles on the podcast when everybody listening most likely reads your website. That time would be better spent covering topics that didn’t make the website. It would keep things interesting and would give your readers even more of a reason to listen to your podcast.

    • Celebitchy says:

      This is good constructive criticism and I appreciate it. I have the idea that people will go back and listen to the podcast at some point in the future, maybe when they’ve discovered us after we’ve been out for months, and that we’ll hopefully attract listeners from the general podcast community who aren’t necessarily reading the site. That’s why we’re giving context to these stories. We can strive for more of a balance though so it’s not boring to people who are reading us every day and listening the week the stories came out.

  9. CastingGirl says:

    I wonder if Tom Cruise sees Suri and what is in Katie’s NDA. And why he divorced Nicole.

    • Celebitchy says:

      Ooh good questions. We may talk about it but still have to decide which questions we’re answering. Cruise doesn’t see Suri and also multiple ex-Scientologists have confirmed that Scientology head David Miscavige orchestrated Cruise’s breakup with Kidman. Cruise was out of Scientology, Miscavige brought him back in and convinced him to dump Kidman as she wasn’t in the cult.

  10. Lila says:

    Great podcast, as always. It’s cool getting to hear you guys find your groove.

    I enjoyed the ‘Meghan Markle conning Thomas Markle into releasing her letter saga’ being described as a chess move. Did you know there’s actually a chess term for it?

    Zugzwang. It means “compulsion to move,” and basically is forcing another player to make a move that puts them at a strategic disadvantage.

    So when Meghan forced Thomas to choose between losing the big payout he’s been sitting on and losing control of the narrative or revealing a letter that proves a bunch of his lies, she put him in zugzwang.

    I hope to keep seeing her outplay those trashy Markles and the British tabloids…it’s pretty early to tell but I’m happy she’s learning the game.

    P.S. My husband and I have been on a Jelly Belly kick for days, guess who’s to blame for that one?