Irina Shayk unfollowed Lady Gaga on social media before the Oscars

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It’s not that the Lady Gaga-Bradley Cooper speculation makes ME feel out of touch, it’s that the speculation makes me think that many people don’t even understand what sexual chemistry looks like and feels like. If you watched A Star Is Born and thought B-Coop and Gaga had amazing chemistry and they belong together and they’re the Nu Brangelina, then bless your buttons. I watched ASIB and I was shocked by how awkward they were together and how the script did little to help them. That being said, I thought they had chemistry performing together at the Oscars. They were sexy together and the staging really helped. Again, though, they rehearsed and they were performing for a live audience. It was a work event for both of them. That hasn’t stopped many people to wonder aloud about how Irina Shayk feels about her boyfriend being so friendly with Gaga. We heard that Irina was unbothered, but is that the truth?

Lady Gaga’s chemistry with Bradley Cooper during their performance at the Oscars on Sunday, was one of the main talking points of the night. And while his girlfriend Irina Shayk, 33, was seen congratulating the pair after Shallow from A Star Is Born won Best Original Song, it seems all is not well in paradise.

The Sun report that supermodel Irina had already unfollowed Lady Gaga, 32, before Sunday, despite their friendly display at the iconic event. Moreover, she and Bradley were pictured looking glum as they took a car ride the day after.

The Sun wrote that Irina is understandably sick of reading speculative stories about Bradley and Gaga being more than just friends. A source said: ‘The stories about Irina being sick of Gaga have some truth to them – it’s not that she dislikes Gaga or is jealous of her, but she’s sick of the constant stories about her “close” relationship to Bradley. She’s no stranger to cheating rumours – she dated Cristiano Ronaldo after all – but it’s been a long publicity campaign and she’s ready for it to end. She’s actually thrilled at how successful the movie has been and really wanted to go to the Oscars.’

[From The Daily Mail]

When a tennis tournament is coming up, I follow that tournament on social media so I can see their exclusive photos and updates. When the tournament is over, I stop following them because I don’t want their sh-t all over my timeline. My point? By Oscars Eve, Irina Shayk had already seen all of Lady Gaga’s crap and she had no need for Gaga’s tweets or IGs in her timeline. It just shows that what Gaga and Bradley had was just a business relationship after all. The campaign was over, why would Irina care about what her boyfriend’s coworker had to say afterwards? That’s how I feel about it. But I think there’s probably some truth to the idea that Irina is irritated by the speculation. She’s not threatened by Gaga or anything, she just hates that people are like “Gaga and Bradley 4 EVA.” As she should. It’s rude AF.

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  1. Clare says:

    Seriously, though? What woman/man wants to see constant updates from the man/woman the world is speculating their partner is having a secret relationship with?

    I, for one, don;t want to hear from/about my husband’s exes. Or women he’s rumored to have affairs with (lol, he wishes). Or about how I may or may not be his beard. If I were her I’d unfollow the whole lot, including Bradley. Who needs this shit day in day out?

  2. dsgd says:

    she never followed her to begin with

    • Christina says:

      I’m not on the platform much, but that sounds more likely to me: that she never followed her in the first place. If she did, it was to support Bradley. Kaiser, thanks for this. People don’t get Hollywood. You folks at Celebitchy explain it so well to us plebs.

    • Kebbie says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Tabloids have done stories like this before and it has turned out the people never followed each other to begin with.

    • Topsovn says:

      Yep, read the story and nowhere did they mention she ever followed her in the first place. Was expecting the usual screenshot and the pinpointed time of the scandalous unfollow!

  3. Jen says:

    I have to admit I think Gaga has been a little much at times with the way she talks about Bradley and even looks at him. I do think she was just playing up the movie and hustling for an Oscar, but I would be pretty over it by now as Irina.

    • Topsovn says:

      She’s a very odd woman. I think she’s borderline autistic or has asperberger’s and absolutely nothing wrong with this; just you tend to miss social cues if you have these conditions. Her acceptance speech was over the top.

  4. Audrey says:

    I agree, Kaiser, this faux-mance is so silly! Why is the Sun still reporting on this? Do they still need the publicity? Awards season is over.

  5. Down and Out says:

    “Moreover, she and Bradley were pictured looking glum as they took a car ride the day after.” Um, maybe because he lost at the Oscars?

    • B says:

      Seriously. And maybe exhausted? Hungover? Trapped in traffic w/paps? Etc…

    • Sigh... says:

      Or they could be, I don’t know, EXHAUSTED from months campaigning that FINALLY ended…like the rest of us…

    • Mia4s says:

      The Sun and the Daily Mail like to use expressions like “glum” and “downcast” on perfectly innocuous celeb pictures. Why? A few reasons, but mostly because their readers have the intelligence of fleas and will buy anything.

      Sure maybe they’re headed for a disastrous breakup, but the photos? Like every other next day photo I’ve seen of the celebs that attended they look nauseous, hungover, and exhausted….after a near all night party. Wow! Shocking. 🙄

    • Down and Out says:

      Yeah, exhaustion probably plays a huge role, too.

    • QueenB says:

      Also who constantly smiles and laughs while being in a car? Thats very normal.

    • xdanix says:

      They looked like most people do when stuck in some traffic to me, to be honest.

      Plus, those pictures were taken the next morning when they went to pick up their daughter! They’d had a long night at the Oscars and after-party, and that was the end to a long- and, for Bradley Cooper, pretty dismal- awards season. If they looked a bit wrecked, because they probably WERE!

  6. Kittycat says:

    Sure Bradley and lady gaga are knocking boots.

    What us their couple name? Gagley?

  7. bros says:

    I dont for a minute believe anything is going on with them. That performance was so OTT and they were laying it on so thick they needed a spackling knife. it was so awkward looking.

  8. Char says:

    I’m fine about pushing this romantic angle, but at least commit to it! They have zero chemistry, this whole Gaga sucking to him and thanking him was annoying af (she’s a bigger star than he is!); and Bradley was also pushing the family man angle. Irina must be an angel to put up with their whole crap.

    • Eva says:

      She is more famous but he gave her the opportunity in the movies, he is responsible for the Oscar nomination she received, he helped her reinvent herself after the flop of Art Pop. So it is understandable all the praise she gave to him.

      • 90sgrirl says:

        He is a very talented actor and that performance showed he is very versatile. The guy can sing too.
        They did the same in the movie, they had great chemistry and sang amazing together.
        I really don’t think the girlfriend is worried about Lady Gaga at all.

  9. Div says:

    She apparently was never following Lady Gaga in the first place, so no big deal, but even if she was and stopped again it wouldn’t be a big deal. The comments on that Daily Fail article are heinous, but it’s the Daily Fail and I shouldn’t have clicked through. I doubt she’s upset, but it has to be annoying that the tabloids are trying to cook up something out of nothing.

    Also, I really can’t with the misogyny directed at both Irina and Gaga over this dumb sh*t, but I shouldn’t be surprised because it’s the Daily Fail. Gaga basically only uses social media to post work related stuff, like performances, fashion, and thank yous. Some of those comments on there were so ridiculous, saying it was inappropriate for her to post a video of her own performance.

  10. wisdomheaven says:

    I loved ASIB and their performance at the Oscars, but this whole romance thing is dumb. Cooper and Gaga obviously have a good working relationship, lots and lots of chemistry and seem to just really value and appreciate each others talent. Guess that means they are boning *eye roll*

    Although Cooper does have a habit of being in relationships or rumored relationships with co-stars (JLaw a few years ago, but I think a few others too). The media just loves to connect him to his co-stars.

    • Jessica says:

      Really? I mean, it wasn’t horrible, but I couldn’t help thinking that Bradley’s character was narcissistic af and the relationship borderline abusive. He makes everything about him! He can’t even let her have her own moment winning that award — he has to get on stage with her and screw it up. And the ending….he effectively assured that her whole career will be about him and not her. We all know addicts are selfish and often narcissistic, and he definitely was.

    • 90sgrirl says:

      I loved ASIB too. Bradley was amazing in it , he showed so many levels. Lady Gaga was awesome singing in it, she did a great job in her first big acting role.
      They each used their own strengths to enhance each other’ that is what true professionals do who want a project to work.

  11. sara6 says:

    Kaiser, your comments about the not having chemistry goes against the vast majority of movie critics, academy members, and the people in the audience that saw the film with me. They were so sexy together. I’m not sure why anyone would downplay it. They are both so talented. But to each their own.

    • LORENA says:


    • Renee says:

      +1,000 sara6. I agree completely.

    • Coco says:

      Because they weren’t sexy, Cooper’s character was creepy as f–k and their relationship was really toxic.

    • 90sgrirl says:

      Some of the videos from the performance have 10 million views already since Sunday night.
      After the performance the song went up in iTunes 70 to 80 % .
      The performance and their chemistry was the most talk about event at the Oscars of every morning, nighttime show and evening show and still is being discussed.
      That was one of the most talked about performances in recent Oscar history.

  12. Mary says:

    Irina never followed Gaga, how could she unfollow her? And is Gaga following Irina?

    • xdanix says:

      No, Gaga doesn’t follow Irina. As far as I’m aware, she never did, either!

      I have no idea if Irina did or didn’t follow her- I don’t keep track of who is following who, I’m just going by what I’ve read, and people seem to differ on that- but even if she did unfollow her, so what? They were never actually close friends. They probably don’t even know each other very well. I’ve seen photos of Gaga going to their house a few times, and they’ve apparently been to dinner a few times and stuff, but like… that’s it. She and Irina are probably perfectly friendly and get along fine, but it’s Bradley she has the relationship with, not Irina. If Irina ever did follow her, it was probably to be polite and friendly to her partner’s co-worker, who he isn’t working with anymore. I can’t get over how this has been made into such a big story when it’s like… so not a thing of any kind.

  13. CairinaCat says:

    I’d find him much more attractive if he’d just come out. He never looks happy in his last like 5 public relationships.
    Look at the pictures from years ago when he was with his long term partners, that was a guy that looked happy.

    • Lorelei says:

      Who were his long-term male partners? Do you have any links? I don’t ever remember seeing this.

  14. Elaine says:

    I think they’re super annoying and didn’t see the movie… but maybe don’t tell people they don’t understand what sexual chemistry is?? Obviously that’s subjective. You can state your opinion without trying to be superior.

  15. Elaine says:

    Also I thought the performance was a cringe fest… so you know, subjective

    • J. says:

      I thought they had a lot of chemistry in the movie in the beginning (someone above said they couldn’t because the relationship was toxic, but that’s a completely separate thing imo) and felt like a lived in, authentic couple towards the end.

      But it felt inorganic during the Oscar performance. In total agreement with you.

  16. Abby says:

    All right y’all, I just watched the video of them, finally. It very much looks like an extension of their movie personas to me. I don’t see it as a love affair playing out in real life or anything.

    If I was Irina I would be super annoyed. I also don’t know why neither Gaga nor Cooper are saying “hey, we have tremendous respect for each other as artists, and that’s all” or something. Unless they’re really going for some DVD sales or chart topping song or ????

    I am surprised this is continuing on and on.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Abby I agree with all you have said. They are performing an extension of their movie characters. I would have been pissed if I were Irina too and I think she is acting when she smiles so broadly. She is as much an actress too. It’s hard to know what is real in Hollywood and I think this is all to sell the movie and music. But meh. Their lives.

  17. Michelle says:

    I think the ASIB awards was a great moment for Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga, but definitely think they will go back to their own daily lives & not see each other anymore now the campaign is over.

  18. Kerfuffle says:

    I have never seen this phenominal chemistry people talk about, the whole awards season it came across as Bradley barely tolerating Gaga.

    And of course he looked glum. He didn’t win any of the awards he was up for. He already said he felt like a failure not being nominated for Director, and then the movie on won Song.

  19. Idiotsgalore says:

    I personally think Gaga is probably friends with Irina. Not as close as she is with Bradley of course. I have no doubt she is close with them as a couple, but the media isn’t going to show that. Just like these photos of them hugging. I guarantee there is no bad blood between them. Gossip sites & media are turning this into so much more. I think Bradley & Gaga have a great love/appreciation for each other & what they created. It’s clear they have chemistry but that doesn’t equal affair. Geez!

    • xdanix says:

      I doubt they know each other well, but I do think they get along just fine. There have been paparazzi photos of her going to their houses in California and France a bunch of times, and apparently she was a guest at their joint birthday party they threw a while back. The truth probably is quite boring- they may not know each other very well, but they seem like they get on perfectly nicely when together, and I don’t think Irina is the least bit “jealous” of Gaga and Bradley’s closeness- in Venice at the premiere AND the other night at the Oscars, she looked delighted for her. Of course, that’s all far too boring for the tabloids!!

  20. Chilicat says:

    Can anyone explain why his face looks so unusual. He looks nothing like the Bradley Cooper that was in The Hangover or even American Hustle

    • CairinaCat says:

      It’s because he has had a bunch of work done, and tons of fillers.
      He is morphing into Barry Manilow

    • Dara says:

      Here’s my theory. He bulked up so much and so fast for American Sniper, then had to crash back down to normal-person size for his next role that his skin did not bounce back and his face started a downward slide. Short of a face-lift (which might permanently alter his looks), the only other option would be tons of fillers to tighten everything up. Or, he’s just super-vain about his looks and can’t stand to see wrinkles when he looks in the mirror.

      • xdanix says:

        I don’t know enough about anything to do with getting work done on someone’s face to be able to tell when they’ve had work done or what they’ve had done, but I DO think you’re absolutely right about American Sniper. His face never looked the same after that role, even when he lost the weight it didn’t seem to return to what he had looked like before it.

      • Chilicat says:

        Lines on his face, and a slight sag, would look better than what he has now. He is starting to look like that cat lady.

      • smcollins says:

        Good theory. Kind of the opposite of Matthew McConaughey, who never really looked the same after he gained back the ridiculous amount of weight he lost for Dallas Buyers Club.

  21. livealot says:

    whatever. On another note I loved Irina’s dress and styling at the Oscars.