Jeff Bezos is still with Lauren Sanchez, even though there are so many shenanigans

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Jeff Bezos cheated on his wife, Mackenzie Bezos. They were together for 25 years and he cheated on her quite openly with Lauren Sanchez. The Bezos marriage fell apart and the National Enquirer outed him as a cheater. Chaos and shenanigans erupted. While I was all-in with the story when Bezos published a Medium essay about the political motivations behind the Enquirer’s moves, I quickly tapped out when Lauren Sanchez’s deplorable brother was introduced as a “character” in this f–ked up soap opera. I think it’s more than possible that David Pecker was attempting to “punish” a political enemy of Donald Trump. I also think it’s more than possible that Lauren Sanchez’s brother completely sold her out and sold out Jeff Bezos.

Gabriel Sherman at Vanity Fair has a longish story about where everything stands these days with Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez and the internal investigation into who leaked what to the National Enquirer. You can read the piece here. There was one question I had going into this, but Sherman answered it. My question was about how Bezos and Sanchez didn’t walk any of the Oscar-weekend red carpets together. She didn’t even show up, low-key, at any of the parties with her lover. I wondered if Bezos had finally soured on Sanchez, but Sherman says no, they’re still very much in love.

In the days after the Enquirer splashed their affair on its January 10 cover, Bezos and Sanchez stayed apart, as Michael Sanchez says [Gavin] de Becker had advised them to do, but they didn’t split up. They discussed meeting on January 16, when Bezos accepted an aviation award in Beverly Hills, a source close to the couple told me—flying has been central to their romance—but the date didn’t happen. Sanchez went to Cabo in early February. The New York Post’s Page Six reported that she returned for a “secret reunion” over Valentine’s Day at Bezos’s Manhattan apartment, and they talked about attending the Oscars together, but Bezos ultimately went by himself. “He was very relaxed,” said someone who talked to him. He seemed as if he didn’t have a care in the world. (Bezos declined to comment. Sanchez didn’t respond to an e-mail seeking comment.)

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So, there you go. They’re still together, still in love, but they’re trying not to be seen together. Meanwhile, Sanchez’s brother keeps talking to Vanity Fair and he grows sketchier by the day. But Bezos won’t hear a word about it – Bezos is convinced that this is all political:

Since the Medium post, the Bezos side has doubled down on this position. A source close to Bezos told me that de Becker is preparing a 90-page investigative report that will make the case that the Enquirer published the Bezos exposé to curry favor with Saudi investors. Parent company American Media reportedly lost $72 million last year, and the Enquirer’s circulation fell 18 percent to 265,000. In January, the company raised $460 million to refinance its crushing debt load. The theory is that Saudi Arabia, either directly or indirectly, bailed out A.M.I. as a reward for humiliating an enemy of the regime. (De Becker declined to comment.)

[From Vanity Fair]

Which might very well be the case. It could also be the case that Jeff Bezos fell for a golddigger and behaved stupidly out of lust. It could also be the case that Lauren Sanchez and her family are simply shady as hell and they orchestrated much of it. It could also be the case that ALL of the theories are true and not mutually exclusive. I don’t know. But at least I got an answer for why Bezos and Sanchez didn’t show up at the VF Oscar party.

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  1. maryann says:

    i just cant with the F’ed up plastic surgery

    • sommolierlady says:

      Her face is seriously jacked up. His was always wonky.

    • FuefinaWG says:

      She kinda reminds me of that clown from It for some reason.

    • Anna says:

      Is that what stealing money from billions of people does to your face? Damn…they are so strange…It’s like the evil is twisting their faces from the inside out

  2. Beach Dreams says:

    He DID show up to Jay Z and Beyonce’s Oscar party though. There was a picture of him and a woman who was not Sanchez walking behind him. It was kind of hard to tell who she was, but some people think it was actually Mackenzie. A bit surprising if that’s the case.

    • Diane says:

      I thought that was his sister at Jay and Beyonce’s post Oscar bash with him. Thought maybe he came to his senses reference those shady leaks from her family but oh well.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        I’d definitely think that was more likely his sister. It just doesn’t make sense that Mackenzie would be there after the way they broke up.

        And completely agreed on his girlfriend. He’s dumber than I thought if he’s still interacting with her.

  3. AMAyson1977 says:

    The New York Post wins all the awards for that headline. Because I’m really an 11 year-old boy. Also, I think all the theories are true. Bezos acted like a dumba$$ over some strange, Lauren Sanchez is a shameless opportunistic gold-digger, her brother is a trumpy troll who sold her out, AMI/The Enquirer ran the story to curry favor with the Orange Idiot and the Saudis, and the Saudis “helped” with funding for AMI’s debt load. Because this is life in America now, this is what happens in the orbit of the American president now. But remember that time that Obama asked for the fancy mustard? Yeah.

  4. Pandy says:

    Don’t get the appeal of either of them! Yikes!!!
    OK, HIS bank account … but her? And the sell out brother? Lifetime of that ahead!

  5. Deana says:

    Perhaps she has a magic vagina.

  6. oddly says:

    Exposing people is what the Enquirer does , being Bezos just made it a bigger story. After all they did said they got the info from her brother who had given them information before, on other people.

    I think Lauren and her brother hatched the plan themselves to bring it all out into the open and force Bezos hand re his wife because Jeff’s pals inside the company were trying to keep him and his wife together maybe Lauren panicked at the prospect. Trump, The Post and the Saudi’s were just incidental icing on the Bezos cakewalk.