Staci Felker: I ‘had a year’s training of holding my tongue’ about Miranda Lambert

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1. I do my best reading on planes. 2. Book Recommendation: I try really hard to answer all the DM’s from people who relate to me and my story. I’ve suggested this book at least 100 times in private messages to mostly wives, some husbands and even a handful of other women. If you’ve ever felt impacted by an affair (even due to proximity i.e. parents, best couple friends, whatever), this book is fascinating and opened my previously judgmental eyes. I found myself learning more healthy ways to verbalize how I felt as well as more compassionate ways to consider the other parties’ feelings. Check it out – I’d love to hear your thoughts. 3. I also threw in a Picasso painting that more accurately portrayed my feelings a year ago for good measure.

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We haven’t talked about Miranda Lambert in a few weeks. That’s by design on Miranda’s part, I think. Miranda doesn’t mind being scandalous and shady and terrible, but she also tries to avoid being a major gossip story for weeks on end. Her big wedding announcement was dealt several gossip body-blows as we learned more and more about how she barely knew the guy she married, how he is a new father, and how he’s a compulsive cheater. Miranda met her new husband just a few months after she dumped Evan Felker, the same guy she lured away from his wife, Staci Felker. It’s complicated, but the bare bones timeline is that Evan and Staci were happily married and talking about starting a family. He goes off to open for Miranda’s tour for a month and then, within a week, he’s served Staci with divorce papers.

Staci Felker never hid – she posted messages on social media and chatted with people online, knowing that she was making some news. She wasn’t a famewhore about it, although she did have one excellent moment when she called out Miranda for stalking her – Evan was still calling Staci, and then Miranda would call to check to see that Evan had been calling his ex. It was a classic Miranda Lambert psychodrama. Anyway, long story short, by September 2018, Evan and Miranda were done and there were rumors that Staci and Evan might reunite. I don’t think they have, except that she posted the above Instagram – about the book The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity – so maybe she’s considering it. She also spilled some tea on her Instagram Stories this week:

Playing nice. Evan Felker’s ex-wife, Staci Felker, shared her thoughts on Miranda Lambert’s secret wedding to Brendan McLoughlin, nearly one month after they tied the knot. Staci, 34 — who was once married to Lambert’s ex-boyfriend Evan, also 34 — was asked about the newlyweds’ sudden nuptials during an Instagram Story Q&A session on Wednesday, March 6. One follower wrote: “How are you able to hold your tongue on ‘you know who’s’ quickie wedding!!!!”

“I have had a year’s training of holding my tongue,” Staci noted. “I did think the dress was really pretty and I wish she would call me and tell me how it was so easy for her to get over my ex because it hasn’t been so easy for me.”

Staci and Evan got married in 2016, but the Turnpike Troubadours lead singer left her for the “House That Built Me” songstress, 35, in April 2018. Lambert was still in a relationship with Anderson East at the time.

[From Us Weekly]

So, Staci is still working on getting over Evan, and Miranda was done with Evan as soon the ink on his divorce papers was dry (seriously, she dumped him right after his divorce came through). Miranda then moved on to her young police officer and Staci is still… working through the damage. I feel for Staci. She’s a pretty woman and she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I hope she doesn’t get back with Evan. Any guy who is dumb enough to leave his wife for Miranda Lambert deserves to be ignored.

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  1. Chef Grace says:

    A classy sounding woman. Unlike Queen Steal ’em Feel ’em Dump ’em.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      For funsies, I’d add “Hump ’em” ahead of “dump ’em!”

    • CherHorowitz says:

      For her I feel like it’s more ‘hump em, feel em, steal em, dump em’!!

  2. Maya says:

    Obviously they weren’t happily married if he cheated on her.

    I hope she doesn’t take him back because she deserves better.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Meh, happy or unhappy has nothing much to do with fidelity. Plenty of people are unhappy in a marriage and do the big grown up thing of making the tough choice to leave and deal with the fallout. Infidelity comes down to one thing imo, a sense of entitlement. The kind of person who can go out, sleep with a random and then come back home to an unknowing spouse reeks of entitlement.

      When people speak of “well they must have been unhappy” that is an attempt to place part of the blame for infidelity on the faithful spouse. Infidelity includes emotional abuse (lying, gas-lighting) financial abuse (spending family finances on the affair partner) physical abuse (exposing the faithful partner to the increased risk of sti’s) and saying well “unhappy” is to blame the faithful for having that inflicted on them, I am not about that nonsense. Thank you for attending my TedTalk.

      • Gobo says:

        *Round of Applause*. All of this, 100%. Cheating is morally abhorrent and being in an unhappy relationship is not a valid justification at all.

      • LadyT says:

        I agree but in addition to entitlement, I’d call it just basic immaturity defined as “I want what I want when I want it”—with no thought to consequences or responsibilities. Very poor candidate for marriage and their actions have absolutely nothing to do with the unfortunate spouse.

      • Ana says:

        Great TedTalk!

      • minime says:

        Thanks for the beautiful Ted Talk 🙂
        I really can’t with people who try to excuse cheating with the “they must have been unhappy”. As you said, it is a way of shifting to the faithful partner any of the responsibility for the cheater’s behavior…just no! You’re unhappy, grow up and leave the relationship before behaving like a shi*** human being.

      • Ali says:


        Cheating in a marriage is cowardly and selfish full stop.

      • Kitten says:

        Excellent TedTalk, Zapp!

      • Idsmith says:

        Zapp thank you for perfectly saying what I always feel when people say “well obviously they were unhappy “ but I’ve never been able to articulate clearly. 100% agree

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        Zapp nailed it. We can all go home now.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Great post Zapp!

      • Vizia says:

        All of that is true, but research is suggesting the there can be a genetic predisposition, as well.

      • Cee says:

        YES YES YES I’m gonna copy/paste your comment and keep it with me.

      • lucy2 says:

        Yes. Either work on the marriage or leave.

        I feel bad for Staci that she’s still struggling, but I hope she makes a good choice for herself and her future. Personally, I wouldn’t take back someone who did what her ex did.
        She’s handled herself pretty well through all this.

      • S says:


      • Wisca says:

        A great Zapping. A cheater can be happy in a marriage, but still feel entitled to EXTRA.

      • HeyThere! says:

        Zapp B, this 100%!! I know many happily married couples that one cheated because ‘the right opportunity with the right person’ Happened and they went for it. Makes me sick. They were happily married but he thought ‘a superstar wants me?! BYE, I’m famous and rich now!’ I mean, I know it’s a lot more than this but he got star struck I bet and just left.

      • Jaded says:

        Thank you Zapp. I’ve been cheated on when the relationship was great – it’s not about being unhappy or dissatisfied, it’s about ego, pure and simple. One ex suddenly ghosted me for a somewhat famous singer who blew his ego up like a hot-air balloon. I think that’s what happened with Staci’s ex – Miranda smothered him with love and passion and he ate it up with a spoon. In any event, Staci has handled the whole situation with grace and aplomb and her ex is in disgrace.

      • Otaku fairy... says:

        Ghosted for a singer? Hmm. His anaconda just didn’t anymore, sounds like. Maybe it got tired of old buns from the dump. Or maybe he was trash too, based on the company he kept.

      • Teeee says:

        Hell yes to all you’ve so nicely articulated here!

      • Dee Kay says:

        Wow you summed up every single thing I think about these types of cases. Yes yes yes and yes.

      • Jaded says:

        @Otaku fairy…I have no idea what you’re talking about. I assume “anaconda” refers to his private parts? That they didn’t work for “old buns from the dump” like me? He wasn’t “trash based on the company he kept”, he was sucked in by beauty, talent, celebrity, lies and good old fashioned hero-worshiping. This all happened 40 years ago by the way when we were still in our twenties and naive. Five years ago he showed up in my life, divorced and repentant for what he did. Everyone deserves a second chance if they show true remorse and admit their failures. We’ve been married for four years and are very happy thank you very much.

      • Rebecca says:

        I’ve been married for 24 years. Although I haven’t myself, I can see why happily married people who have been married many years cheat, i think sometimes people just get bored but that doesn’y mean they don’t love their spouse or that they are unhappy. I’m not sure if that makes them selfish or not.

      • Snowflake says:

        @jaded, i think otaku might be talking about Miranda and Evan not you and your partner.

      • Ange says:

        Great feminism there Otaku Fairy. Maybe attack the character not the body.

    • Oc says:

      Actually, what you said is wrong. The book that Stacy mentioned was written by Esther Perel, a woman who has 35 years experience with therapy couple. In all her interviews and seminars she says that she had many clients that were happy in their marriage and cheated anyway.

    • isabelle says:

      Which is opposite thinking of the book she recommended for reading. Happy people do cheat, its about opportunity, timing and attraction in the end. Also this type of thinking is backhanded woman shaming. The type of its you lady, its all your fault if he isn’t happy. He cheated because you made him unhappy. This type of comment also often comes from women who have cheated with married men as well, justifying their s*ty behavior.

    • Courtney says:

      Self-reported happily married people cheat. Can we just stop it with the untrue stereotypes please?

    • Nikki says:

      I know that’s the accepted “wisdom”: if he’s happy, he won’t cheat, BUT there are sure times when we come to forks in the road, and people can make it harder or easier. The major responsibility is with the cheater, obviously, but anyone who knowingly encourages a married person is a housebreaker in my book. And some people have done it numerous times, like Miranda or Jackie Onassis. I think it’ selfish and predatory behavior.

  3. Zapp Brannigan says:

    If you ever find yourself being cheated on step away from Esther Perel or any of her “advice” go straight to The Chump Lady blog.

    As for Miranda Lambert and her shenanigans I brought popcorn!

    • Jordana says:

      Yes yes yes!,go to chumplady’s blog!!!

      If you’ve been cheated on or are being cheated on now, please please please do not pick up Esther Perel’s book or watch her YouTube.

      There’s an amazing thread on reddit “esther Perel is an @sshole”. Read it.

      Esther Perel is not a psychologist, she has conducted no research, her work is not peer-reviewed. She spouts garbage about “reasons” why people cheat, and she’s happily pulls in the victim and their “role” in cheating.
      Staci had no “role” when Evan decided to cheat on her. Evan is solely responsible for his decisions. And everyone who is gonna be like “but but he MUST have had issues in the marriage…”
      Well who doesn’t? Who doesnt at some point feel slightly unhappy or uncontent with their spouse? The point is he made a bad decision, and it revealed his character. He could have dealt with his marriage and relationship with staci like an adult. But instead he chose to fall into Miranda. That was him. Staci wasnt part of that decision and action. I’m begging everyone to reject Esther Perel and charlatan theories and blameshifting garbage. Don’t be fooled or pulled in with her french sounding accent (and she’s not French) or by that fact that she’s a woman and sounds all very pseudo-intelligent while talking about a vile act. In case it wasn’t clear, I don’t like Esther Perel. Don’t buy into the reconciliation industrial complex!

      • Lula says:

        Eh, don’t really get the hate for someone who has clearly helped a lot of people, myself included. If sexual fidelity is the #1 priority in your relationship, that’s your choice, and it would be silly for me to have an opinion on that, just as it would be silly of me to feel your preference for chocolate ice cream has anything to do with my preference for strawberry. Sexual fidelity isn’t my number one priority. And I wouldn’t have my relationship defined by infidelity. And I 100% do play a role in how my husband feels about me, about himself, about us, in our relationship. Not the biggest role, of course, that goes to him, but I wouldn’t have any interest in being married if I felt that it was just me, doing me, responsible for me, and him doing the same. People make mistakes, and as an adult I accept that, and for me that’s a big part of what I want from my marriage-to be accepted and to learn to accept. People want different things in life, though. What you see as vile, many don’t, and can move past. Not because we’ve been tricked by pseudo-intellect, but because we have different values, desires, priorities.

      • mtam says:

        I totally get your POV on cheating. It’s totally valid and my following comment is not meant to criticize that…

        BUT, I honestly don’t understand how people can say that the physical act of cheating (sexual cheating as you say) is somehow separate from emotional cheating. (at least i think that’s what you meant).

        I wouldn’t care if my partner just slept with someone once, or was drunk and made a “mistake,” or had short/long affairs with someone or people they didn’t “love.” To me it’s the same as if their reasoning for cheating was deeper than that. It is still an emotional choice you make when you decide to betray your partner and do something can will hurt them emotionally and sometimes physically.
        Cheating is a choice you make, and no matter the reason, doing it is being inconsiderate of your partner and emotions are obviously tied to all of it, so i don’t see any separation or distinction between emotional and sexual cheating. It’s a selfish, inconsiderate, destructive act in any way shape or form you look at it and those actions are all rooted in emotions.

        I hope i’m communicating what i’m trying to say correctly. Would love to hear other ppl’s thoughts on this.

      • Tootsie45 says:

        OK, her thoughts aside, she’s Belgian. They speak French, Dutch and German there, and her accent reflects that. You can think she’s a quack and not get into characterizing her as somehow lesser/suspect because she isn’t American.

      • Jordana says:

        I’m not American either and I’m not suggesting she should be dismissed because she doesnt sound American. I’m not American. My point was that lots of people are giving her too much validity, when she doesnt deserve it and hasnt earned it. Somehow it’s more palatable coming from a woman with an eloquent-sounding accent and shes all very avant garde or something. My point, which I didnt make all that clear, was that if she was spouting the same nonsense, with an American accent, she wouldnt be listened to. Not for 1 second.

    • Hawkeye says:

      YES Chump Lady is amazing – even though I have never experienced infidelity or know anyone who has (that I am aware), I regularly read her blog. Her writing is great and her advice has helped me strengthen my backbone when dealing with my narc mother-in-law. “I am mighty” is my self-esteem booster because of her.

    • damejudi says:

      Here for Chump Lady love! And hello to all my fellow chumps-we are MIGHTY!

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Thanks for mentioning the Chump Lady blog, I hadn’t heard of it before.

    • cannibell says:

      Bless you from here to the moon for turning me on to Chump Lady.

  4. Kittycat says:

    I feel for Staci.

    And I was thinking Miranda has been really quiet recently.

    • Christin says:

      She’s probably been busy celebrating her step-child’s fourth birthday. Four months, that is. 😉

    • Tourmaline says:

      I think she’s busy incubating cop-baby, Can’t let the ex be the only one who has had cop’s baby. She’ll do a big reveal with her baby bump all in good time…

      • Maria says:

        If the Drunk Miranda Lambert is currently pregnant, I would like to know if Dusty her bus driver is the father? We all know Dusty has been screwing her for years in between whom ever is her prey-lay at the time….but, that coward cop would probably say it is his due to the windfall of money he will be entitled too…win, win,…

  5. Originaltessa says:

    Staci’s awesome. She totally drags Miranda and makes her look like a jackass, but somehow manages to stay the bigger person and the voice of reason.

    • mtam says:

      To be fair, Staci doesn’t have to work too hard at that. Miranda makes herself look like a jackass on the reg.

  6. Erinn says:

    I feel bad for her… but at the same time, if it wasn’t Miranda, it could have easily been any other woman by the sounds. He’s a tool, and she’s better off without him.

    • mtam says:

      100% he is trash, Miranda was just his first opportunity to show just that, but who knows how long before he would have revealed that if it hadn’t happened. Total tool.

  7. Isa says:

    She’s being really nice bc that dress was ugly.

    • justwastingtime says:

      Came here to say that as well. Hid e us. Also, would love to see what chica looks like without makeup…

  8. manda says:

    These things are so complicated. I would say that it is probably good for staci that the affair happened before they had a baby. I think it is probably better for her to find someone else. But who knows, maybe there has been some growth there? I am thinking about how happy I was for Pete and Trudy Campbell when they got back together (after divorce after he had cheated on her) and they were happy (this is a mad men story line that I am referring to). I think sometimes it can work and people can grow but I would have a hard time letting someone that did to me back in to my life

  9. L84Tea says:

    I reeeeeally hope she does not take her ex back because he does not deserve her at all, ever.

  10. Svea says:

    A male friend came to me for advice because a female colleague wanted to have an affair with him and he was tempted. (He and the wife had to live apart for work reasons, which put distance in the marriage.)
    My response to him was this:
    “Are you prepared to lie right to your wife’s face every day?”
    To me this is the betrayal: lying to and gaslighting the person you have vowed to love and honor.
    PS the affair never happened, the marriage righted itself and a wonderful child is the result.

  11. Mayaly says:

    Comments here today made me cry but filled my heart. Dealing with a break up myself infidelity, abuse, gaslighting, the works! Thank you Jordana and Zapp B. That’s genuinely made the most sense to me in months and months. X

    • Jordana says:

      (((Hugs))) mayaly!
      I’ve dealt with it, dealing with it, still dealing with it. It sucks. Cheaters suck. And as much as they want to explain and blame, dont ever accept any thoughts or ideas that this is somehow your fault. It was never your fault!!! You are dealing with a character-flawed individual, a cheater.

      Someone posted after me that it’s not “vile” me that is just my opinion, and its akin to me liking chocolate ice cream while she preferred strawberry… girl, no.

      In a marriage, you have an expectation of fidelity. Anyone who cheats in a marriage has robbed you of your agency, that is the ability to make autonomous decisions for yourself, they have interfered with your financial well being and your health. Gaslighting and emotional abuse was also a big part of it too, for most of us. So, no. It’s not an ice cream preference.

      Cheating is a form of abuse. Its emotional abuse. Often physical abuse (oh hello there STIs) and it’s a complete mindf%ck.

      I tried the reconciliation BS. I tried counselling. Cant change a cheater. He wasnt sorry. He was never sorry. He was sorry he got caught.

      Read through the archives on chumplady. Read the comments from other chumps. You will be ok.

    • Jaded says:

      Mayaly– so sorry, I think most of us have had to deal with unfaithful and abusive partners. things do get better and you do get stronger – I know that might sound trite but I’m 66 and have had a LOT of relationships and had my heart broken many times, in many ways. The last time it happened was 35 years ago and at that point I said to myself “this is NEVER going to happen to me again.” From then on I controlled the agenda and left 2 long-term relationships due to infidelity immediately. I by-passed being hurt and heart-broken and went straight to angry and “bye-bye!”

      Hang in there, we’re all rooting for you.

  12. Veronica S. says:

    Petty comment: I think she’s prettier than Miranda. *shrug*

    This is the real reason divorces are devastating, though. You can get a lawyer to separate assets. There’s no professional who can clean up the emotional detritus, though.

    • itspurplespice says:

      I came here to say the same thing. He downgraded hard.

    • isabelle says:

      Women know this, get this in your heads, it isn’t about looks. It is about how they make they man feel and feeding his ego. Women are very dense about it. It is ALL about how she makes him feel

      • Veronica S. says:

        Well, that, and in this case, she was rich and famous. I highly suspect that was a huge part of the ego trip appeal.

      • mtam says:

        What you say is partly true, but I think in this instance it was also bout him seeing $$ and a career upgrade.

        Also believe it’s not just a downgrade because Staci is more attractive, but also because Miranda has a trash personality. So really in his case it’s less of a downgrade, more like a leveling—‘cause Evan is also trash.

      • Ahoyoy says:

        Men always cheat down. I’ve long held the opinion that most men are unable to ‘marry up’, as we say. Their egos can’t handle it. I’ve had three girlfriends marry guys they were too good for and each guy cheated on my friend with some hot mess barfly or a less attractive co-worker. They cheated with woman to whom they felt superior. My one friend’s husband actually said during divorce proceedings that he couldn’t stand hearing from random people how lucky he was to marry so well.

  13. Montréalaise says:

    The fact that he dumped his wife for another woman (after 18 months of marriage!) says volumes about the type of person he is. Staci is hurting, now, but I hope that in time she will come to realize that he did her a favor by revealing the truth about himself sooner rather than later.

  14. Lindy says:

    Whoa. I’m kind of surprised at the Esther Perel hate. I do see where some of it is coming from. But I’ve listened to her podcast all the way though both seasons (haven’t listened to the third season yet) and read Mating in Captivity, and honestly found her perspective so refreshing and smart and insightful.

    I’m not condoning cheating when both partners have made a commitment to monogamy, but I definitely think that our interpretation of marriage in its current cultural form is basically a massively patriarchal institution that tends to benefit men, and that reinforces pretty terrible cultural expectations around female sexuality. I think Perel’s ideas are worth taking seriously and reading with a thoughtful, if critical eye.

    And I think Miranda Lambert is terrible and I hope Staci Feller doesn’t take her ex back. She deserves better.
    Edited to add: had never heard of chump lady but just took a quick look and the very first letter I saw was from a woman who was frustrated with the co parenting nonsense she had to put up with from her ex. I feel like I could have written that letter!!! I’ll have to look more. I always learn about great things from CBers.

    • isabelle says:

      Probably going to flamed for this but she removes the barrier of “cheating is only done by bad people”. Which upsets a lot of people because it means it is nature very morality. Basically she comes at it with anyone is capable of cheating even in happy marriages if given the the right opportunity at the right time. It is about adventure and Feelings. Women want to believe the best in people, want to believe we can fix it and this it can happen to anyone removes a lot of power from us. When good people cheat it removes a lot of power and control from us. It is the truth, good people can cheat but we as women often prefer the false narrative so we can understand why they cheated and get to call them awful in the end. In no way would I put Miranda in the box of a “good person” she is loathsome at this point. Don’t know much about the Evan dude?

  15. Patty says:

    Miranda has nothing to get over because her and Evan were never dating, lol. It’s so obvious she just wanted to bone and he probably thought he’d landed an upgrade – it totally backfired for him. He was the idiot who left his wife and filed for divorce.

    • WingKingdom says:

      Exactly. Miranda never loved him. He got what he deserved out of that relationship.

  16. Christin says:

    Another example of the collateral damage caused by an unfaithful person’s choices.

    As for ML, her wedding announcement (a convenient distraction from the restaurant incident) probably did not get the results she wanted. Instead of “look at my cute dress and young lawman husband”, people called out his own sketchy relationship history.

    • lucy2 says:

      I think you’re right – if all the shady stuff hadn’t been front and center about him, we’d be getting happy articles about their newlywed love in People.

  17. LadyT says:

    Random cute story. My daughter’s family raises chickens for fun. All are named after country singers. Rooster is Garth, hens are Loretta, Emmylou, Shania etc. But the meanest, nastiest bitch in the coop is Miranda. 🤭😂

  18. Other Renee says:

    He wasn’t looking for an affair. He wanted out. He saw a big brass ring in front of his face that included a big career of his own, writing hit songs, headlining tours etc., and he went for it. It was more important to him than his marriage obviously. What an idiot. I hope Staci never takes him back. He’s a touring musician. It’ll happen again for suresies. I wonder why she hasn’t changed her last name. They were only married for a nanosecond.

  19. Jb says:

    I follow staci on Instagram and she seems like a decent person who was dragged into the spotlight and is doing the best she can with it. She’s hurting and isn’t over it because how do you get over vowing to love someone forever in front of your friends, family and while you’re thinking about having a child with this person and all the thoughts that brings, to find out your spouse was/is sleeping with someone else and you’re just an afterthought! Ugh I honestly don’t know how’d I would deal!!! The fact that she had to deal with it on such a public level breaks my heart for her and I hope she finds some peace and oh my god!!! Please staci don’t take him back! You deserve so much better in your life!!! Man or woman, you deserve someone so much better than someone who would cheat and forget you!! Miranda will eventually get hers and I can’t wait!

    • Christin says:

      I’m not saying it is easy to do, but the Maya quote applies. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

      She was lucky that he showed who he was very early on.

      • mtam says:

        Totally agree. Staci dodged a bullet by not having a child with him. The best thing she can do is look at it as if he did her a favour by revealing who he really was before it was truly too late and they’d be tied together forever. Hope she doesn’t take him back, he’s selfish and awful.

  20. mtam says:

    For some reason I think Miranda getting married is partly a result of not being over certain exes. I assume from her behaviour a lot of it is about what seems like a pathological need to “win.” I think by finding a new dude she can use is her (skwed) way of showing her exes she’s “over” them. Maybe she thinks it makes her appear attractive or powerful, like nothing affects her, but to me she just seems like a sad case, someone who doesn’t love herself and seeks (and creates) drama and toxicity with relationships. If she really had confidence and valued herself, she’d be making less destructive choices. She thinks she’s getting out of those relationships unscathed, but to me she’s unraveling and it shows.

    • Maria says:

      I believe you are on point, this past October she released music with Pistal Annies directed toward Blake, even calling him the King in one of the songs. This song also points out plans they had as a couple if the Drunk Miranda would have just kept her legs closed…She was last promoting this album saying “she wants a cowboy with a jet and is that too much to ask?” The woman needs mental-health care and to stop all her drinking. Time will tell who cheats on whom first…her new husband is as much of a shady character as Ran…

  21. JRenee says:

    She is beautiful and has shown restraint, tact and grace. I hope she heals from the betrayal.

  22. Meg says:

    I think his ex wife Staci described it well, Miranda dumped him and moved on very fast but in that time Staci is still processing her divorce; IMO this shows Miranda gets more of an ego trip by being with unavailable men than actually having feelings of love or affection for them. Narcissists always move on fast. I really think Miranda has issues an I bet her team works overtime to reel her in

  23. Shelley says:

    I follow Staci on insta and I just love her. So down to earth and fun. As for the Turnpike Whatevers? They are canceled in my mind.

  24. LT says:

    Marriage is a lot more complicated than some of these pat statements imply. I do know good people (men and women) who have cheated and not one of them just had an affair “because they could.” They were miserable and unhappy and made some poor choices – the common link was that they were in pain. Yes, they made a very destructive decision and I don’t condone what they did at all – but I do understand it. If you are married long enough, you will undoubtedly experience ups and downs in your marriage. I believe that EVERYONE (or most everyone) will experience temptation at some point in their marriage. Those who think they are too righteous are the ones who seem to fall most deeply. The key is not thinking “good people are faithful, bad people are not,” it’s recognizing that we are all vulnerable and all have to safeguard our marriages every single day.

    • Jag says:

      I have been in pain in past relationships and never cheated. My vow to my boyfriend at the time meant more than my primal or emotional satisfaction with another person at that moment.

      Just like I don’t believe that someone who is drunk isn’t in control of themselves if they cheat or hurt someone, I don’t believe that someone who is unhappy has to cheat instead of working on the relationship.

      We’ll just have to agree to disagree because I don’t think there’s ever an excuse for cheating. If you don’t want to be in the relationship, then break up or divorce the person. Period.

      • LT says:


        Like I said, I don’t condone cheating, but I am middle aged and my understanding of the complexities of human relationships have changed over the years. You mention past boyfriends, which implies to me that you’ve never been married. Not sure if that is the case or if that would change your perceptions – but from my own experience and from what I’ve seen from those around me, marriage is complicated. Add kids and a mortgage and a life long of shared history and it’s REALLY complicated. I’ve seen good people do dumb, bad things.

  25. Jag says:

    Staci, the reason you are having trouble getting over him is that he’s allegedly a narcissist and you were completely under his spell. It’s all a lie. He will not change. Any excuse he’s giving you on why he cheated and divorced you is false.

    The reason that Miranda was easily able to get over your ex is because she, too, is allegedly a narcissist. They don’t have feelings and don’t respond to things like normal people do. Be glad that you’re human.

    Since I’m not rich, nor do I know of any mental health diagnoses for either one of them, I’m saying allegedly.

  26. Liz says:

    Never getting over it is also a power-trip move. If you can’t move on it becomes your problem. This is obviously more about being publicly humiliated than about lost love. I’ve never met a happy, in love person who was cheating. I know it probably exists, but I haven’t seen it. It’s not Staci’s fault, but the guy was not ready to settle down. It happens. Just because it happened after a marriage contract was signed doesn’t make the infidelity more tragic. Women have to stop hiding behind pieces of paper.