Minnie Driver’s son Henry made a swear jar for her to ‘make some easy cash’

Minnie Driver was a guest on Ellen last week. She’s promoting her ABC show Speechless, the third season finale of which airs this Friday. It’s unknown yet whether Speechless has been renewed for next year. Minnie had her son Henry, 10, on set with her and Henry was sitting off to the side with his three cousins visiting from England. When Minnie was pregnant with Henry there was a lot of speculation over whom Henry’s father could be and I may have contributed to that back in the day. (I talked about it on our 8th podcast around 30 minutes in.) In 2012 Minnie revealed that Henry’s dad was a writer on her show The Riches and that he wasn’t very involved. (Sidenote The Riches was awesome and should have gotten several more seasons.) Anyway Minnie told Ellen that she swears so much that Henry has made a cottage industry out of it. He’s started a swear jar for her where the F word is worth the most at $5 and the S word and lesser swears are worth a dollar. He’s raking in the dough as Minnie demonstrated.

I know you enjoy a good curse word
I do swear like a sailor

You have a swear jar at home?
Henry invented the swear jar because he was sick of my swearing and also thought that he could make some easy cash.

Is it the severity of the word?
Yes the F word is worth five dollars. The S word the A word the D word are one dollar words. Your regular damn…

I thought the D word was damn
It’s more male centric.

That should be five.

After that Minnie swore a bunch and it was bleeped so much it reminded me of that Spongebob episode Sailor Mouth, remember that one? Minnie showed a photo of herself at 12 and she had short curly hair and looked just like her son. She also shared the news that she became an American citizen in December. She called it “moving, amazing” and said “I was sworn in by the most incredible female judge.” She’s since voted for the first time and she’s become a Dodgers fan.

There’s an open policy on swearing at our house for both my high school-aged son and me. We try to swear less around visitors and of course he knows not to swear at school. I’m so glad that it never occurred to him to turn it around on me and charge me for it. That would be quite expensive. I know people who try never to swear around their kids and I used to be that way when my son was little but at some point it went out the window.

Here’s Minnie’s interview!




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  1. Lightpurple says:

    Agree about the Riches deserving more seasons and more attention. It was a great show with Eddie Izzard, Margo Martindale, Shannon Woodward, and Gregg Henry.

    Her son seems quite clever.

  2. Other Renee says:

    I loved her in the show “About a Boy” and wished it could have lasted longer.

    I swear way too much. It relieves stress. My daughter, 24, never ever swears. Ever. I don’t know how that could possibly have happened growing up with me. Good for her.

  3. Case says:

    I censor myself when it comes to swearing, which I feel like is kinda weird. I’ll occasionally swear when I’m alone or with friends, but I have NEVER sworn in front of my family. I’m still too much of a goody goody I suppose, lol, so I feel like I’d be able to censor myself in front of my future kids, too.

  4. Rose says:

    As a child I tried that trick. My dad said something like “I pay the bills here. I can say whatever the f**k I want.”

  5. KidV says:

    I love Minnie Driver. I’d like to hang out with her, but not her son, I couldn’t afford it. 😉