Chelsea Handler & Melissa Etheridge are still talking about Angelina Jolie

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Andy Cohen knows what he’s doing, and what he’s doing irritates the f–k out of me. What did Angelina Jolie ever do to Andy Cohen? Probably nothing, but he still provides a forum – Watch What Happens Live – for the most rabid and nonsensical anti-Jolie people to hate on her publicly. Last week, Cohen had Melissa Etheridge and Chelsea Handler on WWHL and of course they got a question about Angelina. Back in 2016, Melissa continued to spew her hatred of Jolie when she declared that Jolie’s accusations against Brad (in Jolie’s then-sudden divorce filing) were “unfounded.” That came after Melissa also insulted Jolie as “not brave” for having a preventative double mastectomy too. Melissa went on WWHL in 2016 and claimed that Angelina’s “fixer” called her and told her to STFU. As for Chelsea Handler… she spent years calling Angelina every name in the book and being racist towards the Jolie-Pitt kids. So of course this happened on last week’s episode of WWHL:

The question comes in for Melissa, who claimed that after her bullsh-t comments, “It was really tense there for a day … getting kind of threatened. And you know what? It all just — poof! — went away.” Chelsea chimes in (of course) with a joke about how Angelina called her and told her she was a “f–king bitch” (Jolie did not do that). Then Chelsea says: “I’m upset that I was so upset with Angelina Jolie. I realized she’s probably just trying to do her best too. You know, I mean, obviously I’m not gonna hang out with her, but I get it now. Like, I have more sympathy and empathy for people that are, like, ‘She’s really a mom and a wife and whatever she is.’ I’m not sure. But, good luck to her.”

To be clear, I don’t believe Angelina gives a sh-t about either of these women. It’s kind of pathetic how desperate they both are to get Angelina’s attention. I find Chelsea’s comments very curious though – it’s been rumored for a while now that Jennifer Aniston finally cut off Handler when Handler stopped being a useful attack dog, and now I’m wondering if that’s why Handler is suddenly less deranged-sounding about Jolie.

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  1. Michael says:

    Does anybody care about these two anymore? Anybody?

  2. Pringer says:

    The fact that Angelina doesn’t even concern herself with this fools must be very enraging to them.

  3. Maya says:

    Chelsea left CAA & signed onto the same agency as Angelina. That’s the reason she has stopped attacking Angelina in public. Or she has actually seen the vicious smear campaign Brad did on Angelina these past few years and decided that Brad was/is the bad guy.

    Jennifer is still friends with these two women as they were reported to have attended her 50th birthday party.

    • Everley says:

      I’d go with the latter. A lot of people drunk the Brad Pitt cool aid but have now woken up so maybe that’s the case with Chelsea and many more.

      • Carmen says:

        So maybe you’d care to enlighten us as to what the full story is? Because from what I remember, Handler and Etheridge were a pair of vicious, snarky bitches who attacked Jolie for no other reason than to grab a few pathetic tabloid headlines. If you have a better story, by all means lets hear it.

      • otaku fairy... says:

        It seems to be one of the few sites where she can be discussed without the majority of the commenters being bitter, catty women and men who feel the need to paint her as an evil, psychotic, manipulative fake activist wh*re. Remind me again why it’s supposed to be scary that some predominantly female spaces on the internet are supportive of her?

      • Yvette says:

        Guys, I think what @ReeseSmith89 means is that some people on this site post absolutes about Angelina as if they were the gospel truth, as if they know her personally, when in fact none of us knows the truth about what really went down in the Jolie-Pitt relationship. I don’t think @ReeseSmith89 was throwing shade, and neither am I. It’s just an observation in our own opinion.

    • joanne says:

      ReeseSmith89 please enlighten us and tell us the full story from you vast personal experience with Ms. Jolie.

      • minx says:

        Yes, I’m waiting eagerly to hear the full insider story from this poster. Spill!

      • Mash says:

        maybe Jolie iced melissa out of brads life for whatever reason and she’s pissed….often times when your in a relationship and a significant or you yourself pulls away from whatever forces/people then THOSE friends get pissed with…..YOU GUESSED IT your significant other….we really dont know the full story we’re just civilians and who knows what’s happening in the back end on some of the stuff melissa feels i guess.

        And another thing @minx @joanne @otaku fairy… why cant this place not be an echo chamber, why can a commenter make a statement and not be commented to death by angie stans, its all not that very deep and to immediately clutch pearl and say (paraphrase) oooo well you dont support women and yadi yadi yaaa…is kinda childish.

        now chelsea on the other hand is just down right a mean girl who prob saw jen drunk cry with a margarita on it back in 08 or whenever and just is like that girlfriend is over feisty when you’re now kinda zen on stuff, but shes still cool just overzealous. jen prob saw that its blowing back on her and chelsea prob dished something so personal that only ppl in their inner circle would joke about and jen had to pull back and see that her mud slinging is implying complicity. not good for biz

  4. Grace says:

    They both are pathetic and embarrassing. Both are has been.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I mean, if she was publicly calling me a liar when it comes to the welfare of my kids and I had a “fixer,” Melissa Etheridge would be hearing from me too! Honestly they just sound like a couple of high school mean girls talking crap about the prom queen.

    • otaku fairy... says:

      This. Just bringing up the ‘fixer’ is a classic Mean Girl- Playing -the- Victim move. You sometimes see it with female MRA’s and Trumpette Lannister-types.

    • Rebecca says:

      I’d be having my lawyer call her and threaten a defamation suit if I was Angelina. That’s probably what Ethridge means by “her fixer”

  6. Nichole says:

    Chelsea has a new book coming out in the next couple of months, and the entire thing is based on her therapy sessions searching to discover more empathy as a human – something she recognized she was totally devoid of. I’m a librarian and had the chance to read the ARC. She never mentioned Angelina or Jennifer by name, but there were mentions of blow-outs with friends that she came to see in a new light. The whole book was very mature and had a totally different feel than anything else she has ever done. It was very genuine. I’d suggest that’s where her new view comes from!

    • SKF says:

      That’s interesting. If people are willing to do the work to change and be better, I actually think that’s commendable. People are capable of change. Still not a fan and don’t think I ever will be; but if she’s genuinely working to improve herself, then good for her.

    • lucy2 says:

      Interesting. I wonder if it’s for real, or just an attempt at re-branding. If it’s real, good for her.
      I’ve never found her very funny, and more of just a hanger-on to whatever celebrity she can buddy up to at the moment. I think that wears thin, quickly.

      Melissa’s comments about the surgery were so uncalled for and rude, she deserved a STFU call. And she hasn’t been friends with Brad in ages, so she has no better idea what’s going on there than any of us.

    • CA Family Code says:

      I heard an in-depth interview with Handler about her book. I was vaguely aware of Handler in my life cuz she was never interesting to me. In the interview she explains a transformation in her life because she was tired of being “so very angry all the time at everything” and so sought help in therapy. She mentioned the same thing she says on WWHL in this interview and said she was wrong to be so angry with Jolie. She explained that her childhood trauma stemmed from the death of her brother in a tragic climbing accident when she was nine years old and that it traumatized her whole life and stunted her ability to have healthy relationships and really messed up her family. I don’t know much about her, but she was very sincere. She broke down when explaining it. The interviewer remarked on how much she had changed.

    • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

      That’s good to hear @Nichole, due to some of her recent (past year or so) take on issues I believe in, I’ve been revisiting my thoughts about her. We all can continue to grow. Melissa still gets a big pass from me, though. I veer between a Parks and Rec view of libraries and loving libraries. JK. Libraries are so important… and librarians.

  7. BlueSky says:

    Considering how messy both of them are in their personal lives, they both needs to STFU.

  8. Cuz says:

    Nothing like getting yourself twisted and not getting a reaction definition of loser.

  9. Chrissie says:

    “It’s been rumored for a while now that Jennifer Aniston finally cut off Handler when Handler stopped being a useful attack dog”

    Really? Why the need to drag JA?

    • SKF says:

      Exactly. Another way of framing it is that she cut her off when she went too far repeatedly and it was not something she wanted or wanted to be dragged into? Another possibility right there…

    • Kcat says:

      Seriously. I thought the comments would drag JA into this, not the writer.

    • Grace says:

      Because the only reason that that has been comedian was so enraged with Angelina- who by the way she has never met- was because she was acting as a attack dog for JA. Saying the things Aniston didn’t have the guts to say herself. Only a fool didn’t figure that out. She and Aniston are not as good as friends anymore. So now even Handler is saying that there was no reason for so much hate.

      • Um says:

        JA’s hate is founded. Maybe Chelsea went too far but don’t make it out like JA shouldn’t be mad.

      • Carmen says:

        Oh, spare me. A man is not a watch or a car or a wallet. A man can’t be “stolen” without his consent. If he hadn’t dumped her for Angie, he would have dumped her for somebody else. That marriage was dead.

      • Kellie says:

        To Um, why should JA be mad? Angelina never did anything to her. Her and Brad divorced, he then chased Angelina. JA can be mad and herself and Brad and for their marriage but she has no reason to be mad at Angelina who never wronged her.

      • Ange says:

        JA has admitted there was no cheating, Brad was honest with her about his feelings for AJ before anything happened. She just reframed it later when it benefited her to be the wronged woman.

      • Um says:

        My understanding was that there was an emotional affair at a minimum while they were married. I didn’t say it was AJs fault but JA can be mad.

    • pria says:

      I see a lot of people like Chrissie, Kcat, SKF and others may not know the backstory.

      This is the long version: in 2008-2009 Aniston and her power PR flack and bestie Stephen Huvane, changed course and decided to leave off punching Brad in the bloids and debuted an Angelina – centric PR strategy – she came.out with her ‘Angelina is UNcool’ Vogue cover, followed by a 1-2 punch GQ cover where she again lays into Angelina not Brad.

      This new PR strategy was a marked difference from her early 1st salvo the Vanity Fair 2005 ‘Brad is missing a sensitivity chip,’ cover, and Oprah show sniveling (i.e., Brad didnt mourn us long enough, Brad left me, I wanted to work on things he didnt, etc). It was all Brad centric. She didn’t say too much negative about Angie.

      That changed in 2008-2009, primarily because attacking Brad in women oriented weeklies and rags doesn’t have the same effect as attacking the perceived ‘other woman,’ a sexy beautiful movie star. The tabloid crowd wanted a cat fight, not Aniston going in on the golden boy who no one had the stomach to hate. Angelina, now that’s a diff story.

      So along with the new direction of her sly digs at Angelina, her power PR guy Huvane signed Handler to his stable that same year, 2008-2009. Many speculated that it was good to get insult comic Handler, who before they were intro’d by her PR guy, had been going in on Aniston’s perceived ‘sad sack can”t get a man,’ image. Handler had done a few sketches/bits on her talk show, portraying Aniston as un-dateable, undesirable. Huvane could kill two birds – get Handler to lay off Aniston by dangling a carrot (much like he did with Perez Hilton, with Perez it was a role on dirt, with Handler it was his CAA representation) and having her GO IN on Angelina.

      That’s basically what Handler did. For almost the next 5-6 yrs. A narrative was written, describing them as new fast friends, having thanksgiving dinner parties, traveling, etc.- their hangs got coverage. So when Handler started her attacks, it didnt look so bizarre, people assumed she was doing it bec of her closeness with her new best friend.

      This new attitude expressed with Cohen, definitely tells me that the ‘pit bull’ business arrangement with Huvane is over. I think Handler realizes the Angie attacks did her no favors. Also, how are you going around claiming to be a champion for women and systematically attacking a woman you don’t even know.

    • Kellie says:

      That isn’t a drag on JA. It’s just a fact.

  10. Bryn says:

    The way they talk about her says more about them than it does her.

  11. Rachel says:

    Chelsey was on Howard Stern last week. She is a narcacist loud mouth mean girl. She claims to have changed her ways….probably because everyone disowned her. Her talent is minimal and is mean because deep down she knows it.

  12. JoJo says:

    I’m glad AJ has never even acknowledged that they exist.

    • Grace says:

      Angelina has far too much class for that. And really completely ignoring their existence probably enraged them the most😂

      • ChillyWilly says:

        Yes, making out with your brother and wearing Billy Bob’s blood in a vial around your neck is classy AF. Please.

      • Kellie says:

        She didn’t ‘make out’ with her brother. A kiss on the lips is not making out. And she wore a glass pendant with a tiny pinprick of a blood droplet in it. Hardly a ‘vial’. People wear a lock of hair in a locket, why not a tiny droplet of blood? It’s ok to be different you know. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

  13. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Losers. All three of them. None of them are fit to lick Angelina’s shoes.
    And Chelsea has stopped bashing Angelina for three reasons I think:
    1: It no longer works as an in for her friendship with Aniston. They aren’t friends anymore
    2: She and Angelina are now represented by the same agency and Angie is the bigger star. They told her to stfu.
    3. MAYBE. PERHAPS. Since she has gotten out of the JA bubble she sees that JA wasn’t a victim and Angie wasnt the villain. And tje the REAL *sshole was Brad.

    As for Melissa Etheridge. She’s BEEN trash so I’m not surprised she continues to be.
    And Andy is a misogynist who loves to stir up *hit among women. He’s made an entire career of it.
    And ALL of them are mad that Angelina couldn’t care less about any of them.

    • Grace says:


    • Maya says:

      Bullseye 🎯

      It must really hurt them that Angelina continues to soar and that Marvel news must have pushed them off the edge 😂

    • ChillyWilly says:

      How was Jen not a victim? Why was it ok in your eyes for AJ to be playing house with a married man?

      • Go Figure! says:

        Why was it ok for a married man (Pity) to play house with a single woman? Perhaps Jen and/or her “Friends” can explain that. And why Pity was also given a pass and all the blame placed on Angie.

      • ad says:

        There was no cheating. Brad told Jen about her feelings towards Angelina. Watched what Courtney Cox said on you tube. Also their marriage was on the rocks already, watched Brad’s interview with Oprah in 2004 on you tube. There was an article in Vanity Fair where Jen apparently told Brad to go but remained married but Brad replied he doesn’t know what he wanted, that’s when Jen filed a divorce. If a man really love a woman nothing can break it! Brad & Jen (again like Jolie) presented themselves as the the golden couple in their time but really behind close doors nobody knew the truth.

      • entine says:

        @ad, the thing is that Aniston wanted Pitt to have a dalliance with Jolie, “get her out of his system”, then get back to her, but he wanted to form a family with AJ, so he left. As I understand he was more or less honest to Aniston, he knew he had feelings for Jolie, so he told Aniston before anyone else, but she thought things weren’t that serious, he then went upend went living with friends before the divorce bomb exploded.

      • Carmen says:

        Let’s be adults here. We don’t know whether there was cheating or not. None of the three would admit to it if there was. When two adults fall in love, anything can happen. I don’t know if there was cheating and frankly, I don’t care. It’s none of anyone’s business except the three people involved.

      • Kellie says:

        She didn’t play house with a married man. Brad and Jen got a divorce, Jen got with Vince, and Brad chased Angelina around the world. Angelina did nothing wrong. Aniston herself said no affair happened. Why do you choose not to believe her? You also forget that Jen was playing house with Justin Theroux when his partner of 14 years, Heidi Bivens was blindsided by Jen and Justin’s affair. So Heidi Bivens was the victim of Jennifer.

  14. cee says:

    They need to find something else to make them relative. This just makes them look desperate.

  15. Michelle says:

    If Chelsea has stopped attacking Angelina? because of the therapy she had… then good! But that doesn’t excuse the vile things she’s said about Jolie & her children.

    As for Melissa Etheridge? She’s nothing but a horrible person who has blamed Angelina for things that are none of her business, the most being her friendship with Pitt. But since they broke up has Pitt even been in touch with Melissa? NO he hasn’t!!! It’s always been on Pitt, Angelina never stopped him from being friends with her. She needs to except this fact & move on.

  16. ad says:

    Melissa & Chelsea are 2 desperate loud mouthed fools who has more issues than Angelina. They attacked her because they can’t matched her class. They are both vile! especially Chelsea who included Angelina’s children with her bulshit. The therapy must have taught her a lot to take back all her unreasonable nastiness towards Angelina. It will haunt her for a long time, Angelina never did anything wrong to her nor replied to her stupid rants!

  17. Mumbles says:

    There is nothing that Andy Cohen loves more is to watch women attack other women. He pours gasoline on the fire. For all of Angelina’s issues, she’s done more good things in this world than Cohen or that hag Chelsea ever has.

    Having heard Chelsea on Marc Maron a few years ago, and again on Stern last week, I suspect she’s a sociopath (a low-energy one so she doesn’t do a lot of harm, but her lack of empathy and the way she treats people is striking.)

    • ChillyWilly says:

      I’m laughing so hard at “low energy sociopath”! Who would be an example of a productive and high energy sociopath? Maybe Dirty John?

      • Jenn says:

        Right? This isn’t the first time I’ve been bowled over by Mumbles’s way with words, ahaha

  18. ad says:

    CAA got rid of her, Also Netflix stopped showing her show! Apparently she used to have the same publicists as Aniston but he declined to represent her when their friendship soured!

  19. ChillyWilly says:

    So my opinion is that Chelsea is good friends with Jen and Angie absolutely did a very shitty thing by having an affair with Jen’s husband. Why would she have anything nice to say about Angie? As for Andy Cohen, that shady bitch loves drama of any kind so I doubt he has it out for Angie. He is just being Andy.

    • Maya says:

      The issue here is that Chelsea didn’t stop with Angelina but also went after the children with racist slurs.

    • Michelle says:

      Chelsea wasn’t even friends with Aniston when Pitt left. She was never nasty about Jolie (sarcastic yes, even complimentary) until Aniston invited Chelsea to her 40th Birthday. Chelsea then signed to CAA & had same publicist that’s when the attacks began. The double standard shows how immature & spiteful Aniston & Handler were towards Jolie. They both were fawning over Pitt, All while ripping Angelina to shreds. Pitt was the one who was married….. Pitt is the grown man who left his marriage….. Pitt is the one they should of been Angry about!!!! But like anything he does, he gets a free pass! A middle aged man once again the poor victim of Evil vixen Angelina.

    • pria says:

      Scroll back Chilly, for some background.

      To clarify: If you want to think Angelina and Brad had an affair, that’s fine– you do you. But you should know, all 3 parties have claimed no one cheated or had an affair. They’re the only 3 parties who matter. Question becomes why are you trying to convince yourself there was cheating when everyone, including the then wife (and her friends!) say there was none.

      As I explained, Handler used to go in on Aniston, and Jolie to a lesser extent on her show in the early aughts. Aniston’s slams from Handler IMO were more of a gut punch bec she ran with the blood narrative that Aniston was a sad lonely sad sack who couldn’t get a man. It was a damaging refrain.

      As a result Aniston’s power pr flack, Huvane, signed Handler circa 2008, they manufactured and publicized a newfound friendship between the two women (which I’m sure became as real as hollywood friendships get after a bit) and in short order Handler began her digs at Angelina. People assumed she did it on behalf of her new bestie.

      While Jen got to keep her hands clean.

    • Carmen says:

      How come you didn’t say that Brad did a very shitty thing by cheating on his wife? And how come Handler didn’t rag on him instead of focusing all her spite on Jolie? And as if that wasn’t enough, she spewed racist shit all over Jolie’s children. She’s a toxic bitch.

      • pria says:

        So you think all three (plus Jen’s friends) are lying when they said no one cheated. Do you think Angelina Jolie is a liar? If all 3 say no cheating happened, why do you feel a need to keep up a false narrative.

  20. jules says:

    They can keep talking, they only make themselves look bad.

  21. Hmmm says:

    LoL and poor mellisa still hasn’t gotten a call from deadbeat daddy. Someone must’ve given them false info and now they realize it because both are singing different tunes.

    Because of the way deadbeat daddy attacked Jolie in the press she did hire a publicist at the same time deadbeat hired Harvey Weinstein’s fixer. Funny how we only know about the fixer he hired is because the make it right lawsuit brought it to light. None of the trades talked about it like they talked about Jolie. 🤣🤣🤣 his fixer tried to silence the make it right victims and just like for Harvey W planted a ton of B.s in page 6 and other tabloids against Angie.

    In a THR podcast Angie said she does not like having a publicist because the few times she’s gotten herself into a bind was when she had a publicist speak for her so she once again fired that publicist and mainly uses her Lawyer if she needs to release a statement.

  22. Jaded says:

    People who lash out like that for no apparent reason are usually filled with a certain amount of self-hatred and low self-esteem. IMHO both Chelsea and Melissa have some deep-seated insecurities despite both being loud-mouthed, brazen and opinionated celebrities because it makes them feel good to drag someone who is more beautiful, talented and philanthropic than they are, as well as being a major player on the world stage. Yes it’s immature and silly but it makes them feel better about themselves.

  23. Enough S Enough says:

    Re: Angelina’s pre-emptive double mastectomy.

    The media was beyond irresponsible in how that was fed to the public. It was a catastrophic betrayal of women’s health.

    When you have a certain mutation of the BRCA gene (which Angelina tested positive for) — that doesn’t mean you MIGHT get cancer. It means you WILL get cancer and it will metastasize and will continue to spread throughout your body and organs.

    There is nothing cosmetic or simple about choosing the operation she did — and it was courageous of her to make the news public.

    It could’ve been a great teaching moment for millions of women but no, it had to be bitchy catfighting. As Melissa is a cancer survivor, this is especially shameful.

    I had to take the test. Luckily it was negative. It was terrifying.

    Shame on them and shame on Andy.

    • lucy2 says:

      Glad your test was negative.
      My understand is the test reveals the gene mutation, which presents a highly increased risk of cancer, but not a guarantee you WILL get cancer.
      Either way, I would have done the same as Angelina, and Melissa should not judge anyone for making choices about their own health.

      • AryasMum says:

        You are correct – it does not mean you WILL get cancer. It’s great to explore all options, but the decision to cut off healthy body parts prophylactically remains a bit controversial. Men would never accept this treatment, and we need to continue to push for options that do not go to these extremes.

      • pria says:

        To @aryasmom

        Angelina was in like the high 80s to 90s percentile. With her family history, and those numbers, the likelihood that she’d eventually get cancer was almost assured.

        As for her surgeries “remaining a bit controversial,” — they are in no way controversial. More and more people when faced with a simlar outcome are electing to do same…most don’t really care what fundy religious weirdo might find it controversial. It’s another kind of control people want to exert over womem, their bodies and medical decisions. Trying to shame them into inaction and wanting to see them suffer.

        That’s what I sense, esp surrounding Angelina, as sick as it sounds, at the time, these freaks would weigh in, raging…almost like they wanted to see her get sick and we’re mad she was depriving them. Her haters are just that psychopathic.

  24. Diamond Rottweiler says:

    Having had an ex who cheated on me while doing everything he could to increase the pain and public humiliation I felt, which was no doubt about one one-millionth of what JA was put through, I have never gotten too worked up about her despising and dragging Angelina, and get why her friends would, too. At the same time, I like Angelina and think she’s a serious person who does important, meaningful work in the world, and she seems like a good mom. And yeah, the real shit here is Brad Pitt. But expecting someone not to hate the mistress? I can’t truthfully say I’m that evolved. It all just seems very messy and human to me, except enacted on a world wide stage. I’m five years free of the chaos, but can still access my absolute rage and hurt in a heartbeat if I don’t keep a big emotional electric fence around it. I wonder what it would be like to have sleaze meisters like Andy Cohen there ever ready to enable and monetize all the worst parts of myself? I honestly don’t know how remains anything like sane in Hollywood.

    • Hmmm says:

      I’ll never get or understand hating the mistress. One of Angelinas early interviews she explained that deadbeat daddy told her aniston became a good friend of his… they were no longer romantic. It’s the typical line men use and women fall for but I feel like he played on that because in previous interviews Angelina expressed how she ended up marrying men who should’ve only been friends. She said she got the okay from brad to speak her truth. in the same interview she said her and deadbeat were not as romantic as people assumed and had not even said I love you to each other. She was already pregnant or gave birth to their first bio kid at that time. It was always obvious that Angie was with him because she thought he was going to be a good dad. Never wanted to marry him either.

      After that interview her future interviews switched to everything is sugar and candies stepford wife material.Wonder why?

  25. topsy says:

    People like Handler are one of the reasons why I’ve never cared for Anniston, along with her lack of talent. Anniston didn’t have the courage or character to go after Jolie herself, probably because she knew that Jolie wouldn’t be able to pick Anniston out of a lineup. She played ‘America’s Sweetheart’ and used creatures like Handler and Etheridge to attack Jolie. America’s Sweetheart thought it was perfectly fine for her ‘friends’ to make racist digs at Jolie’s children which leads me to believe that she agreed with them (along with other things I’ve heard from women of colour who’ve had the misfortune of working with Anniston).

    It seems that Anniston has finished with Handler but she still has Etheridge. Brad Pitt might be an asshole but he wasn’t asshole enough to deserve a c*nt like Anniston.

  26. Black Betty says:

    The way Chelsea went on and on about Angelina, you’d think that Brad Pitt cheated on Chelsea instead! It was bizarre and she made herself look stupid.