Charlize Theron never had a beef with Angelina Jolie: she’s ‘always so lovely’

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In January of this year, “someone” gave The Sun a hot tip that Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron were possibly happening. For several days, the rumor grew and grew until they were practically engaged and banging atop Angelina Jolie’s car. Soon enough, the rumor got exposed for what it was: a shady piece of bullsh-t that was seemingly get hyped by Brad’s people. Charlize, it seemed, shut it down very quickly, and made it clear that the only reason she even knows Brad is because they’re both sponsored by Breitling watches.

In that week of OMG BRALIZE IS HAPPENING, of course there were a million stories about how Angelina Jolie was “furious” and “upset” and practically growing her own Maleficent horns from scratch because she was so mad about Charlize and Brad. I never believed in Bralize, so why would I believe that Angelina – who dumped Brad and ghosted him – was torn up about it? She wasn’t. And Charlize wants us to know that she’s cool with Angelina too. Charlize and Seth Rogen did Watch What Happens Live and she was asked about the alleged Jolie beef:

Charlize says those beef stories were made up and “I don’t know her very well, I know her from events, but always so lovely…We really don’t know each other, we’re not friends or hang out. But she’s never been nothing but gracious and lovely and warm.” Seth then jokes that he has beef with Jolie and he says “F–k you Angelina Jolie” and Charlize is like “What is wrong with you?” Seth then apologizes and admits that he’s only met her once and that “she was lovely.” He’s met her a few times, while they promoted the Kung Fu Panda movies. Just FYI.

Charlize says she was also approached about the Wonder Woman movie several years ago – but not to play Wonder Woman, she was approached to play Diana’s mom. AGEISM.

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  1. anp says:

    Charlize is honest with public and does not need to use Angelina for PR.

    • Jane says:

      This! ^ I love how honest she is. She doesn’t beat around the bush and tells it like it is.

  2. Oceanbreeze says:

    Love them both, not sure I get on board with the bangs…

  3. Snowflake says:

    She looks better with dark hair imo

  4. ad says:

    The truth is out & Aj ‘s haters don’t want to know I am sure there are more who knows she is lovely but don’t bother justifying! No friends from talk show interviews! CT said exactly what her ex husband Pitt said ” She is not how she is negatively portrayed she is loving & warmth, she is amazing”! Yes she is amazing!

  5. Grace says:

    Charlize was lovely and clearly she is not a desperate D listed celebrity who needs to tell lies about the biggest actress in Hollywood to grab a few headlines. I also thought it was hilarious how fast she shut down the dating rumors that Brad Pitt’s people put out there. Brad Pitt is a miserable man. If he spend half of the time and effort into building a relationship with his kids and their mother instead of trying to convince the world that he’s the most desirable man ever he would probably still have a significant role in his family life. Ohh well, life is all about choices.

    • Nibbi says:


    • Carmen says:

      Pitt only cared about his family life as long as it promoted his image of Hollywood’s Hottest Dad. He’s shown himself for what he is: a selfish, fading has-been who is all about himself. Angie is well shut of him and so are the kids.

  6. Poppy says:

    Like Charlize and live Jolie

  7. Esmerelda says:

    They are arguably the two biggest action stars of their generation! They should totally do an action movie together, it would be epic!

  8. jen d. says:

    So, I remember this story from years and years ago (like, the 90s). Charlize and Angelina sort of became stars at the same time. Anyways, I think it was in a teen magazine like YM or something. A reader had won a contest and got to go to a big awards ceremony and report on it. When she was going, a friend from her school handed her a note to give to Angelina Jolie. The reader had no idea who it was, so she handed it to a famous-looking actress who she thought was Jolie. She later figured out that she had handed it to Charlize Theron. Later in the evening she got to meet Jolie, and told her about the letter. Jolie laughed and took the later out (apparently Theron had handed it to her) then gave the girl a hug. It was just a cute little story that linked the two of them.

  9. Monsy says:

    Where’s Maya? 😂

  10. Lucy2 says:

    I’m surprise this was even asked and commented on, since it was such a non-story. Brad‘s PR machine tried, and hers shut it down instantly. Was there even time for there to be rumors of a problem between the two women?

  11. roseplot says:

    So does this mean Pitt is actually dealing with the Sun now of all tabloid sites? Lainey even referenced an exclusive denial the other day his team issued to the Sun. He should’ve known Theron doesn’t play games. Guess he knows now though.

  12. laura says:

    Yesterday evening we saw Angelina Jolie and her daughter Vivienne Marcheline ( 9 years old) sitting just in front of us at the Ipic theater in Pasadena!!!! She left a little bit before everybody and took the exit door with two bodyguards. She was absolutely beautiful in person…
    I have to say knowing that Vivienne is only 9 years old and I was a little bit shaken that she let her see the “Intruder” with Dennis Quaid as the movie is rated pg 13 and some scenes were very scary for such a young age….and I am an Angie supporter.

  13. Cindy says:

    Oh come on, did anyone ever buy this? It’s The Sun – everyone knows their stories are nothing but celebrity fanfiction. Even Brad’s comeback with Jennifer Aniston seemed more believable than this.

  14. Dark and Stormy says:

    I wondered what prompted Charlize to deny the dating rumours the way that she did but this makes total sense. She’s not a pon to use to make some other woman look bad. She will not be part of a narrative that depicts another woman as crazy and jealous because she lost her man and that hot women are having caddy cat fights over him. Nope.

  15. merry says:

    So does this mean Pitt is actually dealing with the Sun now of all tabloid sites? Lainey even referenced an exclusive denial the other day his team issued to the Sun. He should’ve known Theron doesn’t play games. Guess he knows now though.

  16. Jerusha says:

    Roseplit(11) and merry(15), twins separated at birth?

  17. Ann says:

    I know Andy Cohen is not a very good person what with exploiting all those housewives and he was a total dick to Kathy Griffin, but…. I always like watching clips from this show. He’s engaging and he gets celebrities to open up. I wish he’d shut down the whole housewives franchise but he obviously won’t because he’s making so much money off them. I’d feel less icky if he wasn’t such a drama pimp. Oh well. Good stories from Charlize. I can’t believe she of all women is getting hit with the ageism ish. She looks younger than me and I’m 34.