Jessie J knows her tattoo is spelled wrong & that she has small boobs so don’t tell her

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The more I hear from Jessie J, the more I like her. I don’t know too much of her music, but she seems self aware and funny. Plus she’s dating Channing Tatum and she’s somehow resisted blanketing her Instagram with photos of him. If I was dating Channing Tatum I would be posting kissy photos. We’re talking about Jessie because E! points us to this Instagram post she made where she’s in a bikini and showing the tattoo on her hip. E! reports that Jessie previous said that her mom was the one to tell her it was wrong. In this post Jessie admits again that her tattoo, which says “don’t loose who you are in the blur of the stars” is spelled wrong. She explains that she got it at 18, she didn’t realize that it was the wrong spelling of lose and that it’s not “loose” and that the tattoo artist didn’t tell her otherwise. Also that she knows she has small boobs and doesn’t need to be told. She’s clearly explaining this again so that commenters will stop bugging her about it.

Here’s what the caption said:

Yes my tattoo says… “don’t loose who you are in the blur of the stars”
Yes they are MY lyrics from my song who you are
Yes that I wrote
Yes I spelt the tattoo wrong
Yes I repeat it’s spelt wrong
Yes I got it done in Essex
Yes the tattoo artist didn’t mention it
Yes I was 18
Yes I still don’t know the difference between lose and loose
Yes It’s the reason I wear everything high waisted
And YES I know I have small boobs. Don’t waste your time telling me like I don’t see them everyday 🤭
Don’t @ me
K bye

If you check out Jessie’s Instagram, there are plenty of photos of her looking cute in tight outfits. There’s even one where she’s wearing a mesh top. Jessie is taking full advantage of what Kaiser/Chandra would call “small breast privilege.” We talked about the difference in our boobs this week on the podcast at about 22 minutes in. I didn’t think small boob privilege was a thing, because I have always wanted a bigger chest, but like Jessie I can wear low cut outfits and tight outfits without looking obscene. I don’t do this a lot, but it’s an option and I don’t have to worry about how clothes fit around my bust either. It’s kind of refreshing that she has naturally small boobs and hasn’t gotten implants or fat injections there. A lot of celebrities also get those “fat transfer breast augmentations” that aren’t as obvious.

Also I love how she phrased this post. I’m thinking of how Pink gets mad and yells at people on Instagram, which is understandable, but this is more like Jessie rolling her eyes and pointing out that people can’t shame her for something she is well aware of. She earned enough points from this post to start posting loved up photos with Channing. Also, she got him to post this photo! I stan these two.

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8 Responses to “Jessie J knows her tattoo is spelled wrong & that she has small boobs so don’t tell her”

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  1. duchess of hazard says:

    Give me small boobs any day! I’d love to be a B cup again.

  2. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I LOVE Jessie J. Don’t sleep on her – she has hands down one of the best voices in music today. Period. Like Adele – level vocals. Yes I compared her to Adele. The thing that makes me mad about Jessie J is that her record label tried to make her the next Gaga or Katy Perry. And as a result she wasn’t taken seriously. But her music – and vocals especially have always been amazing. I highly recommend watching yhe YouTube videos of her live performances and listening to her last album R.O.S.E

    • a reader says:

      Totally agree with you! Her voice is absolutely incredible. She has some of the best breath control and pitch in the game. Her live shows prove how incredibly talented she is.

      The acoustic version of “Who You Are” gets me every time.

    • amilou says:

      She can sing way better than Adele, though, right???

    • Alyse says:

      She’s a bit too screechy for me, i prefer lower voices, but she can sing.

  3. Miffy says:

    I dislike her after she claimed to be bisexual to fuel her career in the early days then later went on to describe bisexuality in general as a phase. Think she was going through some born again Christian phase. Not impressed with her now.

    • just a small town girl says:

      yeah as a bi woman that pisses me off. she said she was bi, then she said she was gay and being bi was a phase and, now she’s dating channing tatum. so I’m annoyed with her for that, I used to quite like her when she first showed up on the scene.