‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ Podcast #16: Someone got the blind item right; our ghost stories

Royals: Minutes 2.5 to 8
In this episode of Gossip with Celebitchy, we talk about the rumors that Duchess Meghan already had the baby, which convinced me for a little while. Then we got reports from Buckingham Palace that the baby had not been born yet. We hope they release the baby’s name soon after the birth, unlike when Kate and William had Louis and didn’t announce it for five days. Plus we mention a story we didn’t cover on the site, The Sussex Royal Instagram unfollowing everyone except mental health accounts. We wonder if we’re going to have to update the podcast with baby news but obviously we didn’t have to! You can listen below!

Game of Thrones: Minutes 8 to 15
The Long Night, episode 3 of this last Game of Thrones season, was the first episode I’d watched live in five years. Chandra recommends two better battle episodes for me to watch, Hardhome and The Battle of The Bastards. We also talk about the very dark cinematography which had so many viewers complaining and the cinematographer getting quite defensive about it.

Taylor Swift: Minutes 15 to 20
We talk about what a regression ME! is for Taylor Swift’s look and sound. We both love the video where she falls in love with a little ragdoll kitchen and realizes its for adoption. We also discuss the controversy over Taylor Swift using a drumline in her Billboard Music Awards Performance which was evocative of Beyonce’s performance at Coachella.

Helena Christensen and our boobs: Minutes 20 to 23.5
Former British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman wrote a horrible critique of Helena Christensen’s fashion using Helena’s age and body type. We discuss how ageist this is and talk about whether we’d wear bustiers as outerwear. We also both want to know what it’s like to have each other’s boob type.

Oprah’s fabulous interview: Minutes 23.5 to to 25.5
Chandra loved Oprah’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter and was fascinated by Oprah’s thoughts and how she’s grown. We talk about the sexism Oprah experienced at 60 Minutes and why she left CBS. We laugh about Oprah shooting down Beto O’Rourke’s Presidential run.

Anjelica Huston’s batsh-t interview: Minutes 25.5 to 30
Anjelica Huston, 67, gave an awful interview to Vulture where she trashed Penny Marshall and Carrie Fisher for doing drugs, defended Roman Polanski and pretty much said that statutory rape was ok in Europe when she was growing up so it’s no big deal. Chandra knew about Anjelica’s terrible childhood and how she might have ended up this way, although she doesn’t get a pass.

Ghost stories with Hecate: Minutes 30 to 43
When Hecate/Kat covered Sting’s ghost story she shared one of her own stories, opening a fascinating and chilling discussion in the comments. I talk to her about some of her experiences and they scare me so much. She grew up with a Baptist ghost and has another creepy story about a little girl haunting her family’s cabin.

Talk with my mom: Minutes 43 to 48
When I talked to Hecate I remembered an incident from my childhood. I call my mom to see if she remembers it and her answer surprises and moves me.

The blind item from last week and user feedback: Minutes 48 to 52.5
We mention the blind item from last week about a 90s icon Chandra spoke to and reveal whether anyone got it right in the comments. We got really nice feedback about our Amazon posts and our Royals coverage. Thanks to everyone on Twitter who retweets and likes our podcast posts!

Comments of The Week: Minutes 52.5 to 55
My comment of the week is from Hanahk on the Game of Thrones is too dark story. Chandra’s comment of the week is from GenericUserName123 on the Taylor Swift cat adoption story.

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Here’s a 30 second preview!

Helena Christensen at Gigi Hadid's denim themed birthday party


Music credit: A.A. Alto, Meydan and via Premium Beat. Photos credit: Avalon.red, WENN and Backgrid

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  1. Victoria says:

    I’m bored with the royals. It was scandalous with Rose whatever her name is, but now it’s just boring. I enjoy the comment of the week and GOT recaps

  2. hnmmom says:

    Glad you are feeling better, Celebitchy!

    Love the podcasts but what is really fun for me now is when I read your posts, I hear your voices. It makes the website seem more personal.

    A few months ago you did a post with book recommendations from the writers. I’d love another one of those. As an avid reader, I am always looking for more books to put on my list!

  3. Virginia says:

    Is it bad that I obsessively check the follower count of the Sussex and Kensington insta accounts? Okay I know it’s bad but I would LIVE for the drama of the Sussex’s getting more followers.