Sharon Stone: ‘Princess Diana & I were so famous – and she died and I had a stroke’

There’s this tendency for commenters to point out the worst thing a celebrity has said or done, even years later. When it’s sexual harassment, a violent crime, or a racist or sexist remark that’s completely understandable. Sometimes they’re just a bit assholish or they say something that’s up to interpretation (like when Anthony Mackie said a woman’s role was to make him a sandwich. I get it, just let me still like him please). When the person says another questionable thing though, it’s perfectly fine to bring up the other bad things they’ve said and done. Like Sharon Stone, who asked in 2008 if the horrible earthquakes in China were karma for the government’s treatment of Tibet. Sharon apologized for that and it sounded like she learned her lesson, but she’s not the most compassionate person. She recently gave an interview to Vanity Fair in which she discussed her 2001 stroke and compared herself to Princess Diana. (Sharon first opened up about her stroke in 2014 I believe.) Sharon’s cerebral hemorrhage was so bad it took two years for her to learn to walk and talk again and she almost lost everything. She said it took seven years for her to recover. All of that sounds harrowing, and quite different from dying in a car crash.

“This is why I do it: My mother had a stroke. My grandmother had a stroke. I had a massive stroke — and a nine-day brain bleed,” [Sharon Stone] told Variety at an event she hosted to raise awareness for the Women’s Brain Health Initiative in West Hollywood on Wednesday night.

They say that Hollywood loves a comeback but unfortunately, that has not been Stone’s experience. “People treated me in a way that was brutally unkind,” she said. And she wasn’t referring to men (other than perhaps her ex-husband Phil Bronstein). “From other women in my own business to the female judge who handled my custody case, I don’t think anyone grasps how dangerous a stroke is for women and what it takes to recover — it took me about seven years.”

During that time, Stone suffered insurmountable losses, both professional and personal: “[From] trying to keep custody of my son to just functioning — to be able to work at all,” Stone added. “I was so grateful to [LVMH head and now the second-richest person in the world] Bernard Arnault, who rescued me by giving me a Dior contract. But I had to remortgage my house. I lost everything I had. I lost my place in the business. I was like the hottest movie star, you know?” she said, her voice trailing off. “It was like Miss Princess Diana and I were so famous — and she died and I had a stroke. And we were forgotten.”

But what Stone wants people to remember is her potentially life-saving advice: “if you have a really bad headache, you need to go to the hospital,” she said. “I didn’t get to the hospital until day three or four of my stroke. Most people die. I had a 1% chance of living by the time I got surgery — and they wouldn’t know for a month if I would live.” At the time, Stone wasn’t even aware of how dire her chances for survival were. “No one told me — I read it in a magazine,” she added.

[From Variety]

Maybe Sharon comparing herself to Princess Diana would make sense if she had a stroke the same summer that Diana passed in that horrible accident. If it happened around the same time then she would associate her own tragedy with Diana’s. Diana passed in 1997 and Sharon’s stroke was in 2001. She’s comparing her fame level with Diana’s, which I don’t think is accurate at all, but at least she has a high opinion of herself. I mean a lot of people strive for that. Plus no one forgot Princess Diana! We still talk about her all the time. It sounds like Sharon felt like she died too in a way. That must have been awful and I can’t imagine how bad it was. Sharon has said that her stroke made her much more blunt and outspoken, so maybe that’s the reason why she talks smack like this, she lost her filter. Also I’m reminded of Emilia Clarke’s story of her brain aneurysm and how it was the worst headache she ever had.

Also, Sharon Stone looks good because she has not jacked up her face. She is aging goals.



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  1. Patty says:

    Bless her heart!

  2. Pix says:

    I’ve always been a fan. Her voice is great. She’s a natural beauty and her heart seems to be in the right place even if her words come out off. I don’t think I’ll ever be mad at her.

  3. ByTheSea says:

    She really was super famous, though, after Basic Instinct. I think she meant that no matter your level of fame, you “die” (literally or figuratively) and people’s lives go on. No one is immortal.

    • Arizona says:

      Yeah, but that came out in 1992, and her stroke happened a decade later. She’s blaming the demise of her career on the stroke. I just looked up her filmography, and the last film that I’ve heard of that she was in (that wasn’t Catwoman or Disaster Artist) was Casino, in 1995.

    • perplexed says:

      No actress or actor has ever been as famous as Princess Diana though. Julia Roberts was more famous than Sharon Stone, and I don’t think even her fame comes close to Diana’s either.

      I don’t think Diana has been forgotten either. There’s a story about her every day on the internet, at least. Even social media covers her now. People move on because it’s a necessity. There’s really no choice.

      Also, media pays attention to these celebrities because of advertising and promotion, not because they are actually important to you like a family member. Unless you’re a lunatic fan, it’s not like you’d be thinking about Sharon Stone even at the height of her fame while you’ll trying to get your morning cup of coffee.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        I completely agree that nobody has been as famous as Diana I still love to read about her and look at pictures of her,she was captivating in a way that to me transcends all -I actually remember reading somewhere ( in a Diana biography)that Diana was obsessed with Sharon Stone,that she believed her to be the most beautiful actress,wished she could look like her.Funny that you could be so idolized as Diana but still be so insecure,I just wonder if Sharon making this comment has anything to do with Diana being a super fan,like was she referring to that at all (if it was ever true,bc just because I read it doesn’t make it true).

    • Nicole R says:

      Yes that’s what she meant but it came out awkward as hell

  4. Arizona says:

    I don’t know if she was EVER the hottest movie star around, but she definitely wasn’t in 2001, so I don’t think she was derailed solely by her stroke.

    And comparing her situation to Princess Di’s is gross. I’m sure her stroke was very hard and debilitating – but she was never as famous as her, that’s due to genetics not being famous, and she’s still alive.

    • Kebbie says:

      If you look at the movies she was in, in the years before her stroke, I don’t understand how she could ever refer to herself as the hottest movie star. I’ve never heard of any of them.

      The Muse
      Picking up the Pieces
      Beautiful Joe

      Hottest movie star???

  5. I'm With The Band says:

    Take note, Hollywood. This naturally aging face is absolutely stunning. Jacked up Joker faces with chipmunk cheeks and frozen foreheads are not.

    • Léna says:

      She is stunning. I wonder if there is still a little bit of work done, but not too much for us to notice?

    • Tiffany says:

      The name of her surgeon should be given to all of the Real Housewives.

    • lucy2 says:

      She does look great. She was always incredibly beautiful, so I’m glad she didn’t go crazy and get the Hollywood face.

    • perplexed says:

      She was always really pretty though. Maybe that helps. She’s not working with the same canvas as Tori Spelling.

    • Slowsnow says:

      My husband, who finds Stone one of the most beautiful actresses out there, says he much prefers her now than when she was younger, and finds her more striking than any young star he can think of. She is really stunning.

    • Riley says:

      She is strikingly beautiful and has had excellent work done. But how anyone can think she has aged naturally is so funny!

    • Spicecake38 says:

      I am going to google images of her EVERY SINGLE TIME I think about starting with fillers/Botox,she looks beautiful and somehow ageless even though you can obviously tell she’s aged,it refreshing to see.

      • PleaseAndThankYou says:

        She has fillers and Botox. Is this a joke? They’re just very well done by a very light band on an excellent canvas. But they’re there, and she’s definitely had some surgery, as well. She just never went overboard. So really, if you want to look like her, you’d better be thinking about fillers and Botox. And plastic surgery.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        I took a closer look with what you said in mind,and admit I see the fillers/Botox,-the shiny ,tight forehead- but I question surgery. And she’s not gone crazy with teeth whitening,which is refreshing in a world of fake giant glaring white teeth!She definitely looks much better than many 40 year olds who have started too young and look ageless in a bad way like are they 39 or are they 63??kind of way.And yes she has a very good canvas to begin with,for me,I’ll still keep her in mind before I’d do too much is all.

  6. Lynn says:

    I’m certainly not blaming her for her condition – I can’t imagine how terrifying and physically torturous it would be – but given that her mother and grandmother both had strokes, I’m surprised she didn’t seek help until day 3 or 4. It’s amazing how our minds can convince us that everything is fine when the building (our body or mind) is on fire.

    • Some chick says:

      Like Mulder, we want to believe. Also, hospitals are, well, I can’t complain… but, not as nice as home!

  7. Melissa Manifesto says:

    My mother is recovering from a stroke and is currently bed bound with expressive aphasia yet very lucid. It feels so good to hear a success story about stroke, I am a Christian and have faith that she will recover and be herself again but sometimes it’s hard to keep the faith.

    I was born in the 90s, thus I don’t know much about Sharon Stone’s career but I’m glad she’s doing well, hopefully she can have a long, prosperous life.

    • Christin says:

      I have personally witnessed success stories with stroke recovery. It just takes lot of time. My grandmother had a severe stroke in the early 1970s, and the level of physical therapy just was not what it is today.

      Hang in there!

    • elimaeby says:

      I’m sorry your family is having to deal with this, but you sound like an amazing and devoted daughter. Your mother is blessed to have you. I’ll keep you and her in my prayers for a full and healthy recovery.

    • Pix says:

      @Melissa Manifesto – Hang in the there and keep praying. That was my mom a year ago and we never knew if we’d hear her voice again. She’s not 100% recovered, but hearing her say “I love you” to me and to her grandkids is a gift from God. The other day she said I was “not skinny but medium” and in the past I would have been offended but I laughed and laughed.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Praying for your mother and for you my friend 🙏

    • BeanieBean says:

      Melissa–every brain & every stroke is different, so I wish all the best for your mother. Here’s my success story–it’s actually my brother’s. He had a lesser stroke (immediate onset of nausea & dizziness/loss of balance) that an emergency room physician diagnosed as ‘food poisioning’. He was set to see his doctor the following week. Instead, he had a massive stroke at his son’s Little League practice; he was 42 at the time. He got rushed to the hospital & into immediate care. He was in intensive care for a week, a regular hospital room for another week, then moved to the rehab floor for several weeks. He told us later that his doctor told him that when he first walked into the room, he thought he was looking at a dead man. With hard work on his part & a great medical team, he was back at work in four months (he worked for the county roads department). I could tell he walked a bit differently, more deliberately, but other than that, he seemed the same person. He did tell us, though, that the entire left side of his body felt numb. He was able to regain his drivers license & as I said, his job. Have faith. It’s a long journey, a long recovery process, but it can indeed work out well for normal folks (i.e., not rich & famous like Sharon Stone, although it sounds as though she had her financial challenges as well).

  8. broodytrudy says:

    “People treated me in a way that was brutally unkind,”

    Well, Sharon, maybe that’s because for years people who had to work on set with you were terrified and horrified at the treatment they received from you. I firsthand got to witness a few days of awful behavior from her some years ago and wowza.

    • lucy2 says:

      Yeah my first thought was she got dropped from Hollywood because she was reportedly brutal to work with.

      I’m sorry she’s gone through such terrible health problems and glad she’s doing better now, but that was not the sole cause of the end of her career.

    • LadyT says:

      I believe it. This rather grand rendition of her illness (1% chance to live!) and recovery (7 years!) fits with a massive ego (hottest star! Princess Diana!)

    • Kristen says:

      What was her awful behavior like?

  9. SJR says:

    People can be brutally unkind to everyone.
    Sharon seems to still think that she is the only person who has suffered heartbreak, health problems, etc.

    This grinds on my nerves, frankly.

    I and many, many working class people are caring for loved ones with disabilities, major health issues, fighting to make ends meet every week in a society that increasing is divided into separate special interest groups.

    Sharon Stone had a well earned rep as a diva, bossy, first class Bitch back in her heyday.
    A natural beauty with a bit of acting talent. I will say that.

    My fav movie of hers…Can not think of the name..western, starring Sharon, Leo, Gene Hackman and a very young and good looking Russell Crowe. Gunfighters and she looked fabulous.

    • Kebbie says:

      “I had to remortgage my house” seems more than a little tone deaf.

    • Candykat says:

      The Quick and the Dead! Underrated IMHO.

      • kerwood says:

        Very much so. She wasn’t great, but she was good. Russell Crowe, Leonardo di Caprio and Gene Hackman were VERY good.

    • Senator Fan says:

      I agree with everything you posted. I’ve heard many rumors of her being very difficult to work with. And Sharon comparing herself to Princess Diana, SMH. Girl take many seats.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I don’t think she thinks she’s the only person with this problem. It seems to me she is a spokesperson for women & their health, specifically, their brains.

  10. Suz says:

    I had no idea this had happened to her. I can’t even imagine how difficult this was and my heart goes out to her for it. But…the “Miss” Princess Diana comparison? Sharon you were so close to this being a perfect heart wrenching speech. So close. And I’ll repeat what most people have been repeating for years, She is crazy but damn she looks fabulous.

  11. Lala11_7 says:

    Sharon Stone…

    The Faye Dunaway of my generation…….

  12. Lady D says:

    This one does have a high opinion of herself. I personally don’t like her because she wears an expression on her face that reminds me of my very sadistic mother. I’m hoping I’m wrong and her boys don’t write a mommy dearest, but that is always the impression I got from her. I was a little shocked to hear she had adopted, she was very much into herself in those days.
    (this was supposed to be a response to broodytrudy)

  13. Michelle says:

    Four years ago my father had a severe stroke. Physically he lost his senses but it was mentally that had the real effect. If you knew him…. he looks the same! walking, talking, physically doing great, but his personality completely changed. More controlling, Angry & says the most ridiculous things.
    I don’t think people realise the long lasting effects of the brain after a stroke. So in Sharon Stone’s case, maybe these odd things she’s saying could very well be the after effect of the bleed on her brain.

  14. kerwood says:

    There was a time when Sharon Stone was one of the most famous women in the world. It was less about her work and more about her life and all the drama. She probably did see Diana Spencer as a peer, a fellow-traveller and victim of the paparazzi.

  15. Jaded says:

    She’s always been a bit of a loose cannon. When she was still married to Phil Bronstein she wanted to give their 3-year old son botox injections in his feet because she thought they were stinky. That apparently was the last straw in their marriage and they divorced shortly thereafter. He got sole custody of the kid (small wonder…)

  16. Naddie says:

    I’m really happy she could recover, I’ve dealt with a lot of people who never walked or talked again, or who died a short time after. Sympathy aside, I always read/heard about her nasty behavior, and this “everyone hates me for no reason” narrative is typical of people like that.

  17. Nickie says:

    funny that you mention mackie in the sharon stone post, it reminds me of that entertaining encounter of the winter soldier with the icepick killer on the james cordon show 😉

    thanx and greetings from germany by the way. your blog is one of the few oases that keep me alive during these horrible times. plz keep up the great work!:)

  18. Katrina says:

    She looks great and I wish her well. I don’t think she comes off well in comparing herself to Princess Diana, but I’m sorry for all she went through, including having people be “brutally unkind” in the face of a devastating health crisis and recovery.

  19. YasQueen says:

    Sharon is not perfect but she is very intelligent and outspoken and I wonder how much of her bad reputation in Hollywood was because she not a quiet submissive female? She has raised millions of dollars for Aids research and started her own charitable organisation in the 90s that helps women and children. In the 90s she spoke out about lack of opportunities and diversity in film for minority actors and having a world sisterhood when no one was even talking about it back then. Julia Roberts was a bigger box office star but due to the notoriety of a movie like Basic instinct Sharon became much more famous globally.

  20. Monika says:

    As someone who’s had two strokes, I can honestly say that bluntness can be an awkward post-stroke side effect and it’s entirely possible that stuff just popped out and Sharon didn’t see fit to correct herself. I catch myself saying things sometimes and I simply can’t stop it or phrase it how I mean it. It’s awful!

  21. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    She was not the hottest movie star in 2001. Maybe from like 1992-1994.

    • TEA! says:

      Nope that would’ve been Demi Moore. Sharon’s a great actress but she is and always has been a WORKING gal. She promotes herself relentlessly. Some mistake publicity for stardom.

  22. Grisgrisny says:

    My husband worked with her a few years ago when she was going to visit the Ecuadorian rain forest and view the damage from oil drilling. She canceled at the last minute but still kept the money for her appearance fee. REFUSED to return any portion of it. She said she had been sick but there were pictures of her partying it up the night before she was supposed to come. She sucks.

  23. isadora says:

    Some people here listed some movies that she was in and being a movie buff i recognized all of the movies. And no she wasn’t a hot movie star by the time she struck by the stroke.

    She reminds me of Kathleen Turner’s story. She was the hottest actress but due to an illness she couldn’t work anymore and she was pretty much shat out by the industry. It’s pretty brutal for out there.

  24. isadora says:

    Some people here listed some movies that she was in and being a movie buff i recognized all of the movies. And no she wasn’t a hot movie star by the time she struck by the stroke.

    She reminds me of Kathleen Turner’s story. She was the hottest actress but due to an illness she couldn’t work anymore and she was pretty much shat out by the industry. It’s pretty brutal for actresses out there.

  25. KeiraK says:

    To me this comparison didn’t sound offensive. The way I understood from the context is that Sharon speaks that when a very popular woman loses her health or life, she is no longer needed by society, and things get forgotten quickly.
    Of course the loss of life is not the same. But Sharon Stone was indeed immensely popular and revered, and was proclaimed to be an icon. But world turned away once she lost her sex appeal and ability to produce more of it and earn money.
    It’s a different thing altogether whether one personally agrees with her assessment or not.