Kate Upton on people calling her fat early in her career: ‘the conversation has changed’

Kate Upton visited Kelly Clarkson’s talk show to promote her new fitness app, Strong4Me. Kate gave birth to her first child, Genevieve, in November, and as Porsha Williams did over the summer, called out the unrealistic expectations and pressures around postpartum bodies. Kate also talked about the unretouched photos from her Health magazine photoshoot and what they meant to her.:

On her unretouched Health Magazine photos
It was really important for me to do this because on Instagram we see people photoshopping everything. When you’re scrolling you constantly compare yourself to these other people. I wanted us to take a step back and show a real moment of someone who is six months postpartum, is not being photoshopped and be that real person and real influence to other people.

Why are we comparing our bodies postpartum to all these photoshopped [pictures]. We should be admiring our bodies that we even created life. Give ourselves a little bit more time to bounce back. We don’t need to give ourselves two months.

On people saying she’s ‘too curvy’
When it was first happening it was really hard. I was like ‘I work out everything, why is everyone calling me fat?’ Now the conversation has completely changed. That just shows how the industry is changing, how our voice matters and things can change. We mean something.

[From The Kelly Clarkson show on YouTube]

Looking at those earlier pictures of Kate, I’m with Kelly, and am incredulous that anybody would have called her “too curvy” or “fat.” It’s deeply disturbing to me, not only because it’s cruel, but because it speaks to an incredibly warped perception of bodies that I do not know how to quite wrap my head around. I know that expectations of models’ bodies are different than the expectations of other people’s bodies, but still. Is the industry actually changing as much as Kate seems to think it is, though? Is that where a lot of these conversations are happening, or are they happening around the edges of modeling because people are paying attention to these unrealistic expectations more?

I feel as though I’ve been saying this ad nauseam, but I really am grateful that conversations that celebrate (or at least acknowledge and accept) bodily difference are continuing to happen in different places. I’m also glad that quite often, those conversations have been used to clap back at bizarre expectations and fat-shaming.

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  1. sayrah says:

    Only in the Twilight Zone is Kate Upton considered fat. It’s shameful

    • HK9 says:

      I know I keep looking and I don’t know what people are seeing. She’s amazingly gorgeous, fit and healthy.

      • Adrianna says:

        She’s not fat. She’s high waisted with a boxy, rectangular torso. It suits her. She looks as good as she ever has.

    • charo says:

      She looks great. And that’s not a defense of people who are un-fit.

      She projects confidence and appeal. You can see when people just shuffle around looking like they feel bad.

      The saddest place I’ve ever been in is the only Consignment Store for Plus-Sizes in my city. I bought a free-form coat and shoes there even though I was at the low end of the sizing, but they closed in a market where they should have THRIVED –

      because it was so DEPRESSING! The energy and staff were so SAD.

      If they had a dynamic group running it it could have succeeded.

      So sad to see.

    • CC says:

      I distinctly remember two former co-workers of mine (one a model, the other a film producer) who were incredulous at her fame because she was “fat”.

      Needless to say, I stopped eating at that dinner because if they thought she was fat wtf did they think about me!

  2. megs283 says:

    just waiting for all the comments about her “square torso”…

    • Americano says:

      She is square. I’m a square too. Not really an insult to point out body types. I dislike her because I’m a baseball fan and I hate how obnoxious she got on Twitter when her husband didn’t win the Cy Young in past seasons. It is so ungracious and rude to the actual winner.

  3. Jaded says:

    I remember talking to a male friend about how beautiful her body was and his response was that her breasts will sag and he wasn’t into that. I immediately thought he was gross, for reference this is also a white man who only dates Asian women.

    • Jimmywho says:

      @sade what does him having an Asian preference imply? That’s extrinsically racist, he can call her whatever he wants. Doesn’t make it okay for you to stoop to his level. What’s wrong with dating only Asian women?

      On another note, she is obnoxious in her interviews and just seems really thirsty for attention. She’s basic not beautiful. I do however understand and empathize with her. Women who look fuller on camera are so tiny in person. I’m sure she’s actually really thin.

      • Joanna says:

        It says he has a fetish for Asian women. We all have a type per se but I’ve noticed that a lot of men who date Asian women date them because they think the Asian women will be more submissive and cook, etc. I used to work at a Honda dealership and these old veteran men would come in with their 20 years younger foreign wife and treat them like children. The men would have all of the control and make decisions for them. There are many men who fetishize Asian women. That’s not the same as being attracted to say, girls w blue eyes. There’s a term for guys w an Asian fetish, they call it having yellow fever. And frankly I think guys like that are scum. I don’t think the OP is saying there’s something wrong w dating Asian women. She’s saying guys who date only Asian women give off red flags and I agree!

  4. lana86 says:

    Personally I support body positivity, because it lowers the bar. Then those who are in shape look even better next to all these body positive ppl. So , good for everyone ;)

  5. Rose says:

    She’s not fat but she doesn’t have a great body for a bikini model because she’s oddly shaped

    • Cee says:

      I think the same way about Brooklyn Decker however people don’t call her fat or shame her the way Kate was shamed…

    • tw says:

      Modeling is a job and that job is to make the clothes look great. I think we all learn what looks good on our bodies and choose clothes that work for us. She could be thin and very pretty but not be a great model because her body type does work with a percentage of clothing/styles.

  6. Jb says:

    I never thought she was fat and the only criticism I ever heard about her was the fact that except for her extremely large chest she was flat everywhere else. However that’s the kind of criticism that is expected in the modeling world because your body is your job. I could never deal with being judged by my looks and body but that is why I’m not a model and don’t pursue work where it comes with the territory

  7. Cee says:

    This happens when you use the word “curvy” as a way to compliment someone when in reality they’re calling you fat. So whenever someone actually does compliment your figure (something uncalled for, in my opinion) you’re left with the impression of a backhanded compliment. Curvy does not equal fat/overweight and we should all stop labeling other’s bodies.

    If Kate Uptown WAS/IS fat then please let me be THAT fat, too.

  8. stormsmama says:

    Kelly Clarkson is annoying – i love her songs- but this interview is bad
    Saying women are “crazy” after they have a baby and the hormones are “crazy” is areal disservice – They CAN BE for some I’m sure
    but they most certainly ARE NOT for ALL WOMEN
    Please can we not use the CRAZY term so loosely

  9. Tanesha86 says:

    It’s crazy people ever called her fat. She’s got a very boxy figure with no hips or butt to speak of and full breasts, I guess that makes women fat or plus sized these days 🙄

  10. wtf says:

    I don’t remember people calling her fat. That could just be me though. I remember people talking about some video or photoshoot she did with that skeevy photographer and I vaguely remember it being controversial.
    I did always think that it was weird that she ended up a model.
    A lot of modeling is about silhouette, and she doesn’t really have a waist.
    My inner feminist is cringing, but I do think that models should look exceptional. Not exceptionally thin. But exceptional. For example, I think Ashley Graham’s body is amazing. Toccara Jones too. They are ‘plus-size’, and those are not bodies you see everywhere. I think Toccara’s body defies the laws of gravity.
    Kate always seemed like a normal chic with a cute face. But I ain’t mad at her hustle tho.

  11. DS9 says:

    Yes, they called get curvy but I distinctly recall them calling her fat as well.

    And many who said curvy clearly meant fat as they implied she was too curvy to get work.

  12. JanetFerber says:

    WTF? She’s a goddess. One of the truly beautiful models without the anorexia and plastic surgery. Geez.