Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis did a super-obvious photo-op at Disneyland

In this week’s Gossip With Celebitchy podcast, CB and I discuss how bizarre it was/is that people still have such strong feelings about Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s marriage and divorce. Demi Moore’s memoir, Inside Out, has been published and it contains tons of details about her marriage to Ashton and how toxic it was in the final years. I’ve believed that Ashton is a total douchebag for many years, so I wrote from that perspective, the perspective of “wow, Ashton’s behavior was really gross and toxic towards Demi.” The comments on those posts were something else though, and even when Ashton only had a dumb stunt in response to Demi’s book, many people were still Team Kutcher.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this other than… Ashton is obviously paying attention to Demi’s book and what we’re saying about him now, and what Demi is saying about him now. So magically, it was time for a cute coupled-up photo with his wife Mila Kunis, right? They took their kids to Disneyland, because that will make everything better:

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis went to the “happiest place on Earth” following the shocking confessions that came from Kutcher’s ex Demi Moore in her new memoir. On Sunday, The Ranch actor, 41, shared a selfie on Instagram of himself and his wife, 36, smiling at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, with the Sleeping Beauty Castle in the backdrop of their photo.

“Magical weekend @disneyland An imagination tinderbox. That Walt guy had a vision,” wrote Kutcher, who sported a baseball cap in the photo, as did Kunis. A source tells PEOPLE the couple’s kids — daughter Wyatt, 4, and son Dimitri, 2, — were with them. “They were a very cute family,” the source says.

[From People]

Maybe Ashton is not toxic with Mila Kunis. Maybe they really are happy together and all that sh-t with Demi was a “starter marriage” mistake for Ashton. But here’s what I keep thinking: we f–king knew that Ashton and Demi were a trainwreck towards the end. We knew Ashton was cheating on Demi constantly. There was a way – purely from a PR perspective – for Ashton to handle Demi’s book revelations in a classy, respectful way which would have led to a decrease in this kind of stupid drama. As soon as her book came out, he could have said “while I don’t remember these incidents as she described, I wish my ex-wife the best.” Bam. There would have been no need for these cheesy, obvious AF photo-ops at Disneyland. When I look at this Instagram, all I see is that Ashton suddenly wants to be seen and wants to convince us that this marriage is super-solid. Which makes me think that it isn’t.

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  1. DiegoInSF says:

    They look creepy on his IG pic, like their eyes are pitch black . Mila is too good for him, he’s no prize.

    • Clay says:

      mila is not as good as she might like to appear: she’s well aware of the POS she married, is not like all his crap was a secret. Also: they’re both good friends with another piece of work: Danny Masterson and they make no secret they hang out. Do the math. Finally: the fact that she happily made herself available to this photo op amid all the (true) things about her husband that are coming out of the (tacky) Demi book, well, that alone speaks for itself IMHO. She knows, she knows it all.

      • Ader says:


        I’ve ALWAYS been suspicious of Mila Kunis.

      • Genessee says:

        Let’s not sanctify or demonize Mila. She’s no angel (as all humans are imperfect), but she did go into this relationship as a willing participant and with her eyes wide open. She had a wild side before Ashton (and when they were still only dating), but she is/was entitled to it. She was single and had no responsibilities other than to herself. I’m pretty sure she’s settled down since kids + marriage.

        Now when this marriage goes bust (note I said when) if she pulls the poor pitiful Mila role, well then she will have no one to blame other than herself.

      • Kimberly says:

        Og poster:valid points I never thought about. I snorted from laughing at the obvious PR pics of them at DL. Ashton is one of those people that HAS to be adored and thinks he does no wrong. Many people find him charming which is probably why they fall for his BS. A lot of people see through his manipulations(he’s no Meryl) Mila chooses to look like an idiot in those pictures…

  2. HK9 says:

    For some people, they just can’t say, ‘I was jerk and I’m sorry. ‘

    • Gingerbread says:

      Why should he have to say that publicly? Maybe he already has said it to Demi, maybe he hasn’t. We really have no idea what went on in in their private life, and I’m not sure why we feel entitled to it.

      • sandy says:

        It’s a relationship; rarely is conflict the fault of just one person. They were probably both jerks, but he’s the only one being called out even though she admits she wasn’t in good working order to be in a relationship.

        If it was reversed and an older man had married a much younger woman none of these reasons for the breakup would garner much sympathy.

  3. tw says:

    Mila looks like she’s in witness protection in that photo. I would, too if I was married to that douche. His response to the book is basically, “See, I’m winning and winning is a marriage and children.” Gross.

    • jessica says:

      I completely agree with you about his reactions to the book being all, “See, I’m winning (cause I have a wife and children) so there”. It’s so immature and insecure.

      • Kimberly says:

        Ashton doesn’t exactly act mature in nearly every situation I’ve ever seen him in…he seems stunted in his life development.

  4. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I do think this marriage is solid. I could be wrong but that’s the vibe I get from them. I think Ashton is more trying to prove that HE’S changed. And maybe he has. I don’t like applying the dynamics of one relationship onto another because by doing that you are essentially erasing the other person – Mila- from the narrative. As if she is not a real or actual person with no agency within that relationship.
    Having said all that I DO think the best thing Ashton could have done was to just lay low. But I don’t think his ego could take all the negative press.

    • Erinn says:

      Agreed, again VV. I’ve got the same feelings.

      I don’t think Demi is some sort of villain, but I can’t say I’d give her a prize for putting out intimate details of the relationship, but it’s absolutely within her right to do so. That said, we know not all the details are correct based on John Cryer’s statement. But while it’s in her right to get her side out there – it’s in every other involved parties right to do the same.

      Ashton was a huge douche for a chunk of his life. It’s not okay. And I’m not out here like “YAY, I love when douchebags prosper!”. But I do think that Ashton HAS grown up, and changed at least when it comes to what he values in life. I tend to think that he does have a pretty solid relationship with Mila. And I think some of the backlash he’s putting out it defensiveness because of how everyone is dragging Mila into it. I think it bugs him because things ARE different than they were with Demi, and now he has kids to think about as well.

      But, here we are, because he did let his emotions or ego or whatever take control of the situation. He could have been much classier about it, but at the same time, I think a lot of us could understand doing something rashly that we could have handled better.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        Agreed on all counts. I have never been an Ashton fan but I DO think he has grown up significantly since that time. I also think his ego or emotions are getting the better of him on this one.

      • Lady D says:

        Why do you believe Jon Cryer’s statement over Demi? I’m just curious Erinn, as to why he’s instantly believed? I only know him from 21/2 Men.

      • Erinn says:

        Lady D –

        I guess because he doesn’t seem to have any reason to be lying. He tweeted out a self-deprecating joke about how he can understand based on his skill at the time why she would assume he had no experience, and also gushed about how over the moon he was with her at the time, saying he had nothing but affection for her and not a regret in the world about their time together.

        Demi’s quote on it was about how she felt bad about the situation and “that I stole what could have been such an important and beautiful moment from him”, and it seems like his intentions were to help ease any blame she was feeling. I’m also not trying to imply that she was purposely misleading – just that one persons perception (and more importantly memory) of a situation might not be 100% exact for better or for worse.

        I mean, he could be lying, but it seems like he’s genuinely a neutral party between the Moore / Kutcher camp.

      • Ennie says:

        She also was in a bad place at the time, so her judgement could have been off.

      • Tourmaline says:

        @Ennie – agree the Jon Cryer thing was in the midst of a big time substance abuse addiction of Demi’s. She also had a raging eating disorder. Per the book she didn’t get sober until the making of St Elmo’s Fire and kept her sobriety until her relationship with Ashton almost 20 years later.

      • anony7 says:

        @LadyD: fwiw my sister went to high school with Jon Cryer (they were in the same grade too). She has often mentioned how friendly and popular he was, and that he was known to have quite a few hook ups (he and my sis never dated/hooked up).

      • Lady D says:

        Thanks, Erinn. That is a rather cute joke from him. I can believe Demi was having judgement issues at the time too. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything bad about Jon Cryer either. He seems a rather innocuous nice guy, especially by Hollywood standards. Now that I’ve said that, I’ll probably find or hear a really horrible story about him.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I’ve discovered Jon Cryer is a total stand-up guy when it comes to criminal justice reform. He hosted the “addendum” episodes of the podcast Undisclosed (which started off as a deep dive into Adnan Syed’s case and has since transitioned to focus each season on another wrongful conviction). Cryer is really quick, he asks good questions, he’s respectful, and he is very generous in supporting the wrongfully imprisoned. He’s also very strong on Twitter against Trump.

      • @Backstage Bitchy says:

        Guys, the issue was over Jon cryer’s virginity. I believe he knew whether he was a virgin or not more than Demi, who could have been mistaken, or misremembered, or made an assumption etc.
        This isn’t about believing women over men, or prioritizing who’s more honest. It’s Cryer’s virginity or lacks thereof that’s in question. It’s only logical that he would know more about his own virginity than she would.

      • ms single malt says:

        I have loved Jon Cryer since Sixteen Candles. I thought he handled the whole debacle with Charlie Sheen and his shenanigans on the set of Two and 1/2 men above board.

    • L84Tea says:

      Agree with everything you said 100%.

    • DaisySharp says:

      lol. yeah okay.

      they’ll be divorced soon enough too.

  5. Mignionette says:

    Interesting… it’s sad how some women will join in the trolling of a previous partner until they find themselves in the position of the Ex….

    • damejudi says:

      Just what I was thinking. Thinking “He’ll never do that to me.” As he’s doing it to you, before you get your rude awakening by way of a brutal discard.

      Not saying AK will do that to Mila, but it’s the narcissist playbook.

      • WTW says:

        Yes, I find it odd how many people are saying that Ashton would be magically different with Mila. People tend to behave in the same patterns, regardless of who their new partner is. Let’s say Ashton is not cheating on Mila like he did with Demi. He still might be emotionally unavailable and/or a questionable partner in other ways. To suggest that a man is going to do a complete 360 for his new wife puts the blame on the woman and removes all responsibility from the man. Good people don’t treat some people like crap and others wonderfully. Good people behave in ways that show they believe every human being deserves dignity and respect and not to be publicly humiliated by their spouse, as Ashton did to Demi. It’s not the woman in the equation here is the integrity of the man in question. And, yes, people can change, but most people don’t change without doing some serious work on themselves.

      • Erinn says:

        “To suggest that a man is going to do a complete 360 for his new wife puts the blame on the woman and removes all responsibility from the man”

        I think you mean a 180.

      • WTW says:

        @Erinn, yes, I meant 180.

      • Ali says:

        @WTW – agree.

      • DaisySharp says:

        Well, a lot of the venom you see directed at Demi goes way back to when they first got together when a lot of young women (who are no longer young btw), blew up because she wasn’t good enough for him, being an old hag and all. But in the intervening years people forget, many never knew, and so you see the old misogynistic playbook run again. If you remember the first time around, you understand the viciously misogynistic place it’s coming from.

    • Sayrah says:

      They’ve been married for years and have two children. If there are family photos of them at Disney somehow that means they’re trolling his first wife? Please

      • Genessee says:

        For a couple that keeps insisting that they are concerned with keeping their private lives private…well…publicly posting a family trip to Disney on a public Instagram account instead of their private one (that they DO have BTW) speaks volumes.

  6. Molly says:

    Mila appears to be much more stable than Demi. (Remember all the drunken partying with her daughters in her early 20s where she danced on tables and made an absolute fool of herself around town?) Hopefully Mila keeps things fairly solid. Especially since they have young kids.

    • LouBear says:

      Wow. Struggling with an addiction = “Making an absolute fool of herself”, is it?

      • olive says:

        the two go hand in hand. i’m a recovering alcoholic and one of the earliest ways i recognized that was my sheer lack of control around alcohol led me into making an absolute fool of myself in all kinds of inappropriate public and private situations all of the time. i’m embarrassed to look back at the foolish things i did, but i still need to be accountable for that behavior (step 8 of the 12 steps). you can’t just rugsweep past foolish behavior – especially if you hurt people – by blaming it entirely on addiction.

    • lolalola3 says:

      Wow. Way to blame the ladies..So Ashton isn’t responsible for “keeping things fairly solid”? It’s all on Mila? And you’re supposed to have fun and dance on tables in your 20s. That’s what the 20s are for.

    • Lady D says:

      Is Mila in her early twenties? I have to go check her age now.

    • magda27 says:

      I don’t think that Demi was in her early 20’s when she had daughters and danced on tables when out w/ them? I think she was in her 40’s, when she went out and danced at clubs with her young daughters and their friends?

  7. Acires says:

    I never could stand this guy, especially his trucker hat, scream talking at the camera on punk’d.

    • jen d. says:

      What I hated the most about punk’d was when he’d play jokes on regular ppl. It’s one thing to do it to celebrities (which is kind of a dick move as well), but another to lure in regular ppl. He was such a jerk.

      • Mumbles says:

        I was just going to say that the essence of that show was cruelty.

      • ME says:

        LOL yeah he used to always scream at the camera on punk’d, I remember that ! I got a very bad taste in my mouth towards him after his stupid brown face commercial, he did the Indian accent and everything. Total jackass. His relationship with Demi, who knows the truth? She has her side, he has his. I’m guessing neither were innocent.

      • BorderMollie says:

        I couldn’t even watch that show, it was so cruel and embarrassing. One of the few riffs family guy got right was pointing out how awful the humour on that show was.

  8. Melissa Manifesto says:

    Demi Moore was raped and sold out by her own mother, something that is still happening to this day with other children especially girls. Let’s discuss that instead, the media only centers around the infidelity of Ashton as if that’s only what the book is about.

    • ChooCHooo says:

      It obviously affected her her entire life. Marrying cheaters, drug addictions. I honestly found her brave for putting her rape out there.

    • Tourmaline says:

      I agree. I read Demi’s book and it has some HEAVY stuff in there. As you mentioned the abuse and addictions she experienced from a young age. Also I am surprised no one has talked much about her revelations of serious eating disorders that traced from her first days in Hollywood.

  9. smcollins says:

    They also released a statement that they’re “not interested” in Demi’s book. I know it’s getting all the attention right now, but they do realize that the entire book isn’t all about *him*, right? It’s her LIFE story, not “The Years I was with Ashton Kutcher.”

  10. Meg says:

    As far as the ‘we knew Ashton was awful to Demi in their marriage’ I guess I still read celebrity gossip with a huge grain of salt but people who read it for work like the writers on sites like this tens to notice patterns in coverage and if similar stories are repeated there tends to be truth to it. As i was listening to the podcast I remembered Ashton didn’t sue any of the magazines that interviewed the women he cheated with did he? Correct me if I’m wrong but that is a huge sign of guilt IMO. These pics of Mila at Disney and recent pics of them at a dodgers game-she is very, very thin. I’m wondering if part of that is stress?

    • Sam says:

      Let’s not concern-troll Mila about her weight. She has ALWAYS been very thin, she has a small frame. That is not new.

      • Genessee says:

        No, she has not. Yes, she has always been fit (and became painfully thin for her role in Black Swan, but then regained her weight). But Google images of her back when she started dating Ashton. There’s a difference between slim and gaunt. And she has been looking gaunt ever since she got married and has been getting thinner ever since.

      • Sam says:

        We can agree to disagree there. With the exception of Black Swan era, she has always looked to be a stable weight to me. It has redistributed some since she’s had children (her face is thinner) but her waist and most of her appear to be of similar sizing. Regardless, concern trolling is concern trolling. “She looks thin, I hope she’s ok”. Her weight is her business and no one else’s. I get that we love celebrities and gossip and that’s why we’re on this site but with eating disorders and body dysmorphia such a huge problem in our country, we really just need to leave people alone about their weight.

    • WTW says:

      @Meg, Well, yes. By law, it’s not slander if it’s true. And if something isn’t true, you have to prove that the publication had ill intent or reasonable suspicion that their sources were lying to have any chance of winning a defamation suit.

    • Susan says:

      Look, I believe all the cheating stories about Ashton are true. But whether someone sues someone or not for slander or libel is a very poor standard by which to measure whether the statements are true. Taking legal action in this country is not free. No one is going to pay for your lawyers and court fees. Neither is it free from stress, anxiety, mental energy and just your time. And as the prior commentator noted, in the US it is actually quite a high standard of proof for slander and libel and it is not easy to win. This is why you always hear of people suing newspapers in the UK for the same stories but never in the US.

  11. Jillian says:

    She’s so skinny

    I can’t believe about Demi’s mom 🙁

  12. Eva says:

    My theory is Ashton was always pining after Mila and that’s partly why he was so awful during his marriage to Demi. He seemed to get his act together as soon as he got together with Mila.

    I’m still a bit bummed Mila ended up with him, though. I would have loved to see her with someone intelligent, funny and not-douchey, as I have always liked her.

  13. HeyThere! says:

    At some point you just have to let stuff go. Life is so short. It can be harsh and unfair. Find small moments of happiness and hold on to them. I’m just hoping all parties involved are in a more healthy place these days.

  14. Lucy says:

    Well, for Mila’s sake (and their kids’s), I do hope he’s not toxic to her.

  15. ChillyWilly says:

    I would have never thought that was Mila in that pic. Is her hair blond now?? And her face looks super gaunt.
    Kelso is a pompous douche bag and always will be.

  16. Laura says:

    Mila seems much more stable than Demi was, but she also grew up in a loving supportive family that instilled a hell of a work ethic. They still seem close, there was a video where she told her family she had a surprise for them
    (it was a remodel of their home) and I thought it was very sweet. Haven’t heard much negative press, only that she was with Home alone dude for years. Which does makes me wonder about her picker, sorry. Maybe she likes bad boys.

    • Really? says:

      The “surprise” for her parents was an ad for Houzz, which Ashton is an investor in. And I’m sure they were told about it beforehand, because they’d be on film.

  17. Jules says:

    I didn’t see anyone defending Ashton in the comments. Yes he’s a douche. Writing a memoir and throwing people under the bus is also a douchey move.

  18. wellsie says:

    He is awful and she seemed smart? Then again, she was friendly with Justin Timberlake so maybe she likes jerks.

  19. sassbr says:

    I don’t think people are all the way on “Team Kutcher” so much as they’re being fair-who thinks that a 25-year-old famous guy is well-equipped to be a mature husband for a woman who has substance abuse issues and untreated PTSD from sexual abuse? I read the book and she puts a LOT of blame on him. Like the passage where his behavior toward her drinking and partying “confused” her-like he would want her to go out and have fun and then he would take a picture of her with her head on the toilet and get mad at her for drinking until she got sick. Maybe because he didn’t understand she was an alcoholic and did not understand why she could not drink in moderation like him obviously. We can all say from the outside looking in that when you’re dealing with someone with addiction, that is NOT how you handle it, but what do you do when you’re young and you don’t realize or you yourself are in denial that your partner is an alcoholic and it’s not what you signed up for? To me a lot of her book read as someone who may not be taking substances but they’re not truly sober. Ashton Kutcher IS a douche but being one half of a bad marriage is not the qualifier. The reason I think she feels more wronged by the Kutcher marriage is because he was supposed to be her fresh start and she had no children with him-she had to maintain a good relationship with Willis because of her daughters, but it seems like she and Kutcher are not in contact in any way. He has never spoken ill of her though publicly or in the press.

    I don’t understand why everyone is so obsessed with the Kutcher stuff when there is a LOT of revelatory information pre-Kutcher-she was sexually abused, her mother was an addict, she had body dysmorphia for a good chunk of her marriage to Bruce Willis, Bruce Willis cheated on her for most of their marriage.

    • Tourmaline says:

      I read the book too and basically agree with all you’ve said.

      I felt like re Ashton, Demi was clear that she saw him as sort of her love savior. She felt she couldn’t just relax and enjoy her youth and 20’s due to her massively effed up childhood/adolescence and then her stardom that started in her 20’s and her marriage to Bruce was one of those marry at haste, repent at leisure deals. Ashton was her second chance. Bruce got a second chance at a family–he’s 64 with a much younger wife and two little kids. For women of course it’s a different thing.

      She really went all in with Ashton, she says she felt like he was the first man she could trust to reveal all herself to, so yeah when it went bad she hit the skids big time. She was highly conscious of her older age and all the jokes about that (remember the SNL skit where she dressed as a very old lady with him). When she had a late miscarriage with him and then struggled to get pregnant again it was very much the death knell of the marriage. I have sympathy for Demi and her right to tell her story but yeah I can see it was a LOT for Ashton as well as not surprisingly he didn’t handle it great.

  20. DS9 says:

    I don’t think Ashton owes the world or Demi anything.

    But he is behaving like a child.

    His relationship with Mila is likely fine. Maybe he’s not a tool anymore. Maybe he’s a different kind of tool. Maybe she’s okay with his level of tool. Idk and idc.

    I do appreciate Demi speaking so frankly about situations so many women and girls find themselves in, situations so often cloaked in shadow and shame.

  21. Thea says:

    He was a douche to January Jones when he was with her. Same with Britney Murphy.

  22. Jules2 says:

    That first photo doesn’t even look like Mila??! In the others she’s readily recognizable but that first one – if it weren’t for the heading, I would have thought it was someone else…

  23. Marisse says:

    My friend saw Mila in LA last week. She said she looked like she weighed 80 lbs. the pap pics don’t show how emaciated she is. I hope she gets healthy.

    • jenner says:

      I just watched the spy movie Mila was in with the woman from SNL (blanking on all names this morning…). Movie was actually pretty funny, and Mila looks tiny in it. I think she’s just very petite.

    • GreenTurtle says:

      I just googled her and there are a couple recent photos of her that are pretty shocking!

  24. Alex Schuster says:

    he is too young to have self awareness and self reflect. I have dated young guys and their toxicity it is, as bad as a man in their 40s.

  25. Mrs. Peel says:

    I think their marriage is quite solid, it’s just that Kutcher has always been the pay attention to me me me kinda guy, hence the photo.

  26. margedebarge says:

    Tigers rarely change their stripes BUT Mila seems like a really stable person and she’s known him since she was 14 years old. They knew each other for another 14 years after that before they started dating. I’m inclined to think that he probably approaches this marriage with a weight and seriousness that he didn’t with Demi. Of course that doesn’t excuse the way he treated Demi and from a purely PR standpoint he really should have handled the situation better. I’m not sure what my point is, basically I like him and Mila together and I want to see it work out.

  27. MrsPanda says:

    Wow, Mila looks quite different. Much darker eyebrows and an eyelift or some botox. She also does look very gaunt, much more so than usual. I know Ashton was such a toxic jerk in his early days, but possibly after his relationship with Demi he really took stock and managed to get off that hedonist rollercoaster. He reminds me of some born-again Christians I’ve met, I wonder if he’s tried to follow more of a spiritual path in later years. I really saw him being a Jack Nicolson/Leo type, but I get the impression he did work hard to change course. Maybe he’s one of the rare tigers who (somewhat) changed his stripes? We’ll probably find out from Mila in 5 years or so if not! (He’s still obnoxious but I find Mila to be similar and only slightly more likeable than him).

  28. Original T.C. says:

    Yeah I found the defense of Ashton surprising too. Especially when a good percentage of celebitchies still hate Angie Jolie because they *thought* she and Brad cheated on Poor Jen the forever victim. Yet we have a proven serial cheater in Ashton but have lots of excuses for his behavior. IMO it comes down to women’s feels about the woman in these situations. Jen and Mila are loved and viewed as relatable to women. They are in the Emma Stone category. Angie and Demi are sexual bombshells that most women feel ambivalent about or can’t imagine being best friends with.

    Watch this space whenever Ashton and Mila divorce. Not wishing them ill but the statistics on marriages between two famous people in Hollywood is not in their favor.

    • Trashaddict says:

      Eh. I would be Mila and Angie. I think they would have more interesting things to talk about.

    • Really? says:

      “*thought* she and Brad cheated on Poor Jen the forever victim”
      – Ask the Burbank Hotel staff; all the local apparently knew Brange were hooking up while Pitt was still Mr Aniston and during filming because the hotel staff were gossiping about it.

  29. Sarah Kitty says:

    I didn’t need to read excerpts from Moore’s book to know AK was a douche. Always was one, always will be. While I feel bad for the many terrible things that have happened to Demi in her life, I find it strange for her to come out with these “revelations” now. I also happen to think it’s slightly unfair for her to blame her backslide into addiction onto someone else-it’s a terrible but very personal disease (coming from a child of an alcoholic). But AK is still Captain Douche and his adorable current wife does not save him from that. And yes I side-eye her judgment for marrying such a douche!