Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis ‘are very much in love’ & have a ‘strong’ relationship

Considering the comments for all of these Demi Moore-Ashton Kutcher stories, I probably should be reviewing my old coverage and really giving deep consideration to what I’m trying to write, which is how I handle it most of the time for celebrities like Taylor Swift or the Duchess of Sussex. Instead, I’m just sort of barf-writing these stories quickly because I just really dislike Ashton Kutcher and I don’t want to actually think too much about him. As we know, Demi Moore has spilled a lot of tea in her new memoir, Inside Out. Some of that tea was about her marriage to Ashton and how he wanted threesomes (she agreed but felt awful about it) and he wanted to cheat on her constantly (and she still halfway blames herself). There was a ton of other stuff about Ashton negging her and shaming her when her addiction issues came up again.

Ashton’s reaction to Demi’s book has been awful from the start. I keep thinking up better ways for Ashton to have handled it! I think he should have issued a one-sentence statement, like “Demi & I had some beautiful moments in our marriage and we both did regretful things, and I wish her nothing but peace and happiness now.” How f–king hard would that have been? Super-hard in Ashton’s world. So instead we get obvious Disneyland selfies with Mila Kunis and dumb social media stunts. And of course he and his people ran to People Magazine:

It’s been just over a week since Ashton Kutcher’s ex Demi Moore released her bombshell memoir Inside Out which details allegations of cheating and threesomes during their eight-year-union— but despite the shocking revelations, Kutcher and his wife of four years Mila Kunis are taking the high road.

“Mila and Ashton are very much in love and have a strong and committed relationship,” says an entertainment source close to Kunis, 36. “Neither is in favor of adverse publicity, but the book and Demi’s TV promotions didn’t do anything to shake their strong bond and love for each other and their children.”

Over the weekend, Kutcher and Kunis went to the “happiest place on Earth” following the publishing of the memoir. On Sunday, The Ranch actor shared a selfie on Instagram of himself and his wife smiling at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, with the Sleeping Beauty Castle in the backdrop of their photo.

A source tells PEOPLE the couple’s kids — daughter Wyatt, 4, and son Dimitri, 2 — were with them. “They were a very cute family,” the source said.

A business entertainment source close to Kutcher says the actor has moved on from the controversy. “Ashton is not going to let someone else’s personal issues or remarks about him get in the way of his life,” says the source. “Ashton has enough on his plate. He has a great life now. That is what counts.”

[From People]

I just… ugh. What kills me a little bit is that it’s not like any of this is raw for Demi or Ashton. Their divorce was finalized in 2013, after they had been separated since 2011. It’s been eight years since they were together, since their marriage fell apart in a haze of booze and drugs (for Demi) and adultery (for Ashton). They were both at fault. And in that time, Ashton still can’t admit that even half of it was his fault. He can’t find it in his heart to simply let it all go and truly wish his ex-wife peace. It’s like he’s still mad at her? As for the stuff about his marriage to Mila… a leopard doesn’t change his spots. Who knows.

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  1. zee says:

    Yikes. When a couple starts releasing these kind of PR articles it usually means they’re done.

    • runcmc says:

      I’d agree if it was our of nowhere but it seems these are literally rubbing Demi’s face in his stable marriage. Like “clearly I wasn’t the problem, look at me being a family man now.”

      • Seraphina says:

        I agree. This PR is cover up.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        @runcmc. Yes. My impression too. Look at me happily married and look at you. To me that’s mean spirited though.

      • jessica says:

        Right?! I 100% agree with you guys! There’s a feeling that he thinks it’s like a playground competition, “na na na, I have a wife and kids and you’re alone” *sticks out tongue.

    • Jules2 says:

      Yes, it seems quite defensive

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I’m going to agree with runcmc here. Normally, zee, what you say is true…when it’s rumors of the marriage being over, or cheating rumors, etc. the couple comes out, does a date night pap walk and releases a statement from a “friend” about how OMG! HAPPY THEY ARE!!!

      in this case, I think it’s Kutcher trying to imply that hey, HE’S just fine in his CURRENT marriage, so it must have been all Moore’s fault.

      frankly, I would bet that Kutcher and Kunis have an “open” marriage, in the sense that he’s allowed to have something(s) on the side, as long as she doesn’t know about it and he doesn’t humiliate her. or maybe he just cheats “in secret” like he’s always done. because I DO NOT believe he’s changed that much.

      • Genessee says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised whatWHAT. It was an open secret in LA that they were into occasional threesomes as well when they first started dating after his divorce from Demi. I think that’s his “kink.”

    • Mignionette says:

      It never ends well for a woman who colludes with a toxic man in this way. Just wait until you need to cite reasons for your own divorce way down the line and commentary like this has been committed to the record.

      I am seeing this car crash play out now with my ex and his current partner. She recently tried to reach out to me to help her nail him/ smear him for child support and I blocked her on all social media and even changed some of my social media handle names.

      Two weeks later I get a request from him asking for roughly the same favour. We have joint assets still so I couldn’t pay him the same favour, but I made him understand I would not play a part in his foolwangery and then got my Lawyer to send a letter making him understand that I would not be involved in any third party disputes he was involved in.

      I always thought I’d feel some sort of vindication watching the way things have played out. They both acted horribly towards me. But instead its just sad to watch the whole toxic mess from this distance.

      Anyway all the above to say that if Ashton is as toxic as Demi alludes to then Mila needs to keep herself safe instead of constantly helping him put the boot in.

  2. Claire says:

    Mila’s smile looks a bit forced in that Disneyland selfie. I really like her. I hope that Ashton treats her well. My intuition says he is a scumbag. If he had given the statement Kaiser laid out I would be open to the idea that think he has learned and matured.

    • Eeeeeeetrain says:

      She also looks extremely thin. Like Black Swan thin. Makes me wonder if there is emotional manipulation in this relationship as well.

    • Yikes says:

      I quite like Mila but she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed and seems crazy about Kutcher (she’s talked about how she fell for him when they were friends with benefits at the start). I think for Kutcher it’s about image repair, social pressure, image, etc. He knows the cheating stuff damaged his reputation. I have no evidence but would bet good money he’s already cheated on Mila and they won’t go the distance. Give it 10 years. He did cheat on Mila when they were in that grey area between friend with benefits and supposedly already exclusive, with a Swedish makeup artist.

  3. Lulu2 says:

    Classic narcissist behavior. But he is a classic narcissist.

  4. DaisySharp says:

    Interesting about the negging. I hadn’t read that. It’s interesting to me because January Jones spoke years ago about how Kutcher did that to her when they were together. That’s a real leopard doesn’t change its spots trajectory there. He and Mila will be over by time she hits 40.

    • CantTakeHerAnywhere says:

      I don’t know… Mila really seems to be the kind to put up with zero shit. She was raised amazingly and is a super strong woman, based on several hours of podcast interviews I’ve heard with her, and she seems to respect Ashton but not kowtow to him.

      Apparently he is the one who encouraged her to get super educated on involvement in contract negotiations so she would not have to leave that up to her people.

      I think she might be the person he needed to put him in his place. It does seem like they are solid.

      For sure though, he has handled this demi situation poorly.

      • LaUnicaAngelina says:

        Oddly enough, I agree with this assessment. Mila seems to be the type of person who doesn’t take shit and will put Ashton in his place.

        Like Kaiser and many others here, I wish he’d say something to acknowledge his role and wish Demi the best. It’s like the Tyra Banks meme, “We were all rooting for you!” Just do the right damn thing.

      • lucy2 says:

        I have the same impression of her. It may also help that they were friends/coworkers for a long time before getting involved, but she seems very secure in herself, and fully capable of calling him on his BS. Considering they have kids, I hope it’s working out for them.

      • Mariettaj19 says:

        @canttakeheranywhere I totally agree… I also feel like some people are just toxic to one another and maybe him and Demi were as well.

        It’s hard to say. I do like Mila. Maybe her and Ashton are just better suited together? But I do think it’s shitty that Ashton is being rather douchy over a relationship that ended so long ago.

      • MrsPanda says:

        I don’t think one person can change someone in that way. I really don’t think you can go from treating multiple women like crap, and then meeting ”the one” who can keep you in line. I think Ashton is still a jerk but he must have done some soul-searching after Demi, and moved himself up to the next rung of humanity (putting him at rung zero). Then reconnecting with Mila around that time helped him to continue on the path. I think he saw how the hedonist life can get out of control, he saw Demi drowning and perhaps it scared him straight. Mila represented a healthier path, and she does seem balanced & grounded. There’s still something strange with them, I find them both phoney.

      • mackyj says:

        Mila has a no bullshit persona, but 1) ostensibly “tough” women still excuse a lot of nonsense (“cool girl”) and can be cheated/manipulated/gaslit as much as “fragile, broken” women; and 2) I REALLY hate the unicorn myth about the one good women who the loser dude finally gets his act together for—whether celebs or us everyday people. Social excuse for lame behavior that it was” just not the right women,” and that mentality craps all over the women who a guy mistreated in the past. Their fault. They weren’t assertive enough, they didn’t have it together—obviously neither did the dude and that’s no excuse for cheating, taking photos of you when you are vomiting, etc. Be a human.

        Ashton is prob legit angry and embarrassed, Demi is still hurt and humiliated and feels like she gave the rest of her best years to a douchebag and wants some emotional compensation. Mila is not so magical that Ashton just “needed a good woman” to be better. And that’s actually unfair to Mila too, she has to be strong all the time or Ashton will fall apart?

        He did some life coaching, “what do you want your life to look like, what is your legacy Ashton?” and gets nostalgic about his working class roots. Ashton and Mila marry , have babies, and do the home renovation series for Houzz and light conservative values for The Ranch and play at Disneyland. TACKY.

      • yellow says:

        Replying to the first posters above: Not sure bad behavior of someone can be put in their place like that though. YOu can be strong and still deal with stuff in another person like that, which might just go hidden or under the surface. Without true reflecting on oneself, real change won’t happen. There isn’t really a woman who can be a savior to a person with bad behavior like that. I think that’s backwards thinking really, with all due respect

      • Sigh says:

        Girl yes!!! 10000+!!!!

      • Yikes says:

        I agree with mackyj, having read Mila’s interviews about when they started getting serious. She’s more into him than he is into her. I don’t get the attraction with this guy. He’s gross and douchey and not even good looking, plus he seems to be really dumb right-brain wise (got lucky with tech investing and might be a quant-smart type) and immature.

  5. Michael says:

    I have never liked this guy. He has such a Punchable face

  6. Lucy2 says:

    He and Demi seemed pretty unhappy for a good chunk of their relationship- it’s almost as if neither would just leave, so they both started doing destructive behaviors.

    After listening to Mila talk about their relationship a bit, I do hope he has changed and is a better partner to her. But he hasn’t responded well to this book at all, so who knows.

    • Erinn says:

      I’d like to think they’re at least ‘normal’ solid. I’m sure like any relationship there are some patches that aren’t as lovey dovey as others. But I do hope that they found what they wanted in each other, and that he’s grown. I’ve listened to them both on podcasts talking about their relationship… and honestly? It SOUNDS normal. Not in a putting on a show for the public kind of way either.

  7. HK9 says:

    Really-they’re going with the ‘We’re so much in love’ stories?? That’s never a good sign. I predict divorce in 5…4…3…2…

  8. Eulalia says:

    Ashton Kutcher has always had doucheface and I’m afraid it’s getting worse with age…

  9. smcollins says:

    I get not wanting the attention that that part of her book is bringing him (them) but constantly reacting and responding, whether directly with pr statements or indirectly with cutesy family photos), he’s only bringing more attention onto himself (them). And his statements have also been so cold & dismissive, so of course he’s going to have to continue “defending” himself. Once a douchebag always a douchebag, at least in his case.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      Honestly, I get the feeling that he is ashamed and embarrassed. Because the stuff she is revealing, as someone who vaguely followed him when they were together, etc…is a) old news, and b) makes me understand why their marriage went off the rails.

      I mean, in a sense I get his responses because no one likes to be reminded of our worst moments, especially after we’ve settled down, etc. But I doubt Demi just published this without telling him, etc…and it’s not a lie. You gotta take your lumps dude. You are making this way bigger than it needs to be. Because I didn’t get why people were so interested, because this was stuff we already knew e.g. he cheated a lot. I barely followed them and I knew he cheated with strippers. But then he was quiet and settled down with Mila.

      The miscarriage revelation made me really sad for both of them.

      • Tourmaline says:

        Yeah if he would have not tried to get all PR about it ,this story would have blown over much faster.

        The book also has unflattering things about Bruce Willis but he’s not going to try to photo-op his newer young wife and daughters to say “na na boo boo, I have a great life now you old crone Demi!”

  10. smee says:

    cue the “recommitment” ceremony and then deeevorce!

    I see her blonde hair as a cry for help.

  11. Isa says:

    I didn’t recognize Mila in that photo.

  12. TheHeat says:

    Yeah – I think Ashton & Mila just made a bad call on how to approach the fallout from Demi’s book. Sort of a “that was me, then…this is me, now” approach that isn’t working in his favour. I agree that he should have done the good ole “I wish her the best…” story-line and it would have died down much faster.
    IMO, I really think that both Demi & Ashton were equal stinkers in that relationship.

  13. Sassbr says:

    Why does he have to admit anything? Like you said, this was like 6 years ago. They dealt with it all back then. Why does he have to come out and make a statement regarding how much fault he was at when it came to the marriage breaking down? He doesn’t owe anybody any statement because he did it all then and has moved on. I don’t know why people are like “he should just come out and say he’s sorry.” Say he’s sorry to who? To us? He already apologized to Demi when it happened.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      I don’t think he needs to release a statement at all. It’s between him and Demi, it’s a private matter. And quite frankly, it’s stuff we already knew.

      However, he is prolonging the story by his responses. Which….if he wants to do that, fine, that’s a choice. But it makes him look petulant, imo. I doubt Demi just wrote this book and then didn’t tell him or Bruce what was in it.

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree, he could simply ignore it. His response has not been good.

      • Sassbr says:

        Maybe he didn’t know how much play this would get in the media. tBH I’m surprised people are so into the Kutcher stuff and not the abuse stuff. Maybe it’s because she comes off so so bitter about it in the book. Like it makes you think she is NOT over it at all and this did as much damage to her as her previous high profile marriage or her relationship with her mother. He probably assumed she would talk about the cheating and everyone already knows about it so who cares. He did keep quiet at first but probably when it got so so much attention, he thought he was changing the conversation by linking “the truth” to that auto text about the Ukraine government.

  14. Fluffy Donuts says:

    I don’t hate Demi or Ashton, however she has been a hot mess since the 80’s with sporadic moments of clarity. Yes, she had an awful “upbringing”, if you could even call it that and I firmly believe that there is a special place in hell reserved for those that pimp out their children. But, I don’t think that the dumpster fire that was her third marriage points to the obvious demise of Ashton and Mila.

  15. JennyJenny says:

    I don’t know…
    People can grow up and change for the better, right?

    He and Mila were so fun together on “That 70’s Show”; maybe he (don’t attack me!) found love and maturity with her after knowing her all these years.
    He was young, cocky and a douche rogue with Demi; did anyone actually believe that would last?

  16. WTF says:

    I read somewhere that Ashton posted a pic of Demi in her underwear throwing up in a bathtub and then deleted it. Is that true?

  17. TheOriginalMia says:

    Well, this was a bad idea. Should have let sleeping dogs lay as they say. Now, I’m wondering if something is up with his & Mila’s relationship.

  18. DS9 says:

    Look, I’m sure they are fine. Whatever they’re doing, whether he’s still a douche or whether he’s matured, they are committed and at peace with it. Go them.

    But none of that means Demi’s perspective on her marriage is false (or anything else since the book is about everything, not just him). So I don’t understand why he keeps talking.

    And don’t get me wrong, he has the right to speak from his prospective but my issue is he isn’t doing that. He’s doing these almost passive aggressive swipes at her, like look, *I’m* happily married and I have children and she’s just got her sad little book.

    Either say it with your chest, say something gracious and non committal, or say nothing at all. Shutting up is the one free gift people do not take advantage of as often as they ought.

    • Say Whaa? says:

      *Either say it with your chest, say something gracious and non committal, or say nothing at all. Shutting up is the one free gift people do not take advantage of as often as they ought.*

      This^^^^^^ all day every day.

  19. Jax says:

    One sentence stuck out at me in the write up. Something along the line where Ashton might still be mad at Demi based on his reaction(s) to all of this. He might be. He can be many things to include a douchebro and all of that, but he has every right to be mad that she is putting their business out there, even if she has a right to do so.

    However, it does make me wonder why the hell Mila is enabling the PR mess that is going on. I personally would not be having it and would be telling him to grow up, no matter how mad or embarrassed he might be. Stop using the family to defend yourself and make a simple public statement and get over it out of the public eye. So yeah, this actually makes me think less of Mila, which it shouldn’t because she shouldn’t even be involved in PR shenanigans regarding his previous marriage. Ugh. I hope that makes sense.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      I can definitely see both sides of his reaction. I think on one hand it makes him look like a total douche. Because part of being a grown up is to accept the wrong you’ve done. And I do think he has changed and settled down.

      On the other hand, the miscarriage revelation makes me feel incredibly sad for both of them. They named their baby, etc. Having lived with an addict as well, it is incredibly difficult to see them destroy themselves. Because there’s that knowledge that no matter what happens….you aren’t a good enough reason to stop drinking, stop partying, stop doing drugs, etc.

      Honestly, I think he is embarrassed and ashamed of how he was and feels like she’s writing this to embarrass him. Plus I think what doesn’t help is how people will take the most basic formo f the story and run with it. I’m not a celeb, so I cannot say I’d be gracious if I had thousands of people tweeting about one of the periods in my life where I behaved at my worst. In THAT I feel bad for him. But it also happened, so learn how to take it like a grown up.

  20. DS9 says:

    Can I also say I don’t like all this business of dissecting her looks, body, and presentation and chalking it up to either her marriage or this situation?

    Mila is an actress of a certain age in a shitty industry and she’s the mother of small children. These pics are also casual pap shots and/or pics taken in her off time.

    Let her look how she looks.


  21. Cay says:

    Maybe I’m just a super perv for thinking this, but she was a 14-year old girl (not a woman) when they met. He was a 19-year old man (not boy). It seems to me like she had a school-girl crush on this douche and then later when he divorced, she made her way to him. I think it’s pervy. May just be me.

    • Erinn says:

      I don’t think so.

      I mean, it’s only a 5 year age gap. It’d be one thing if he was dating her at 14, but he didn’t. They just acted on a show together. She was dating Macaulay Culkin from 2002 to 2010 – and he’s 3 years older, and had been married before they started dating. Topher also had been asked if there was any signs that they’d end up together and he said that no, they were all just buddies and it was surprising to everyone. It’s not like she was just sitting around pining for him – she was in a long term relationship for the majority of the time.

  22. Earthbound says:

    I cant imagine the grief of miscarrying a baby so far along. And in your forties when you know it could be probably your last chance. Thankfully she has her three older girls.
    I had my first child at 40, and my second at 42 and I got so lucky both times. But,
    I had one early miscarriage at 41 and when I got pregnant right away a couple months later at 42 I was too scared to even breathe a word about it til I was well into my 3rd trimester.
    The fact she had IVF so many times afterward shows how much she wanted another child. It is so deeply sad!
    On the side I served Demi Moore a coffee in 2010 or so, and she was so stunningly gorgeous! I’d never seen the big deal with her but in real life shes stunning.

    • Yikes says:

      Richard E Grant said she had green eyes and a voice that kickstarted and stimulated the production of male hormones from 0 to 100 or something like that, in his very gossipy With Nails “film diaries.” He also said she went to movies and did regular stuff like non-famous people easily because, as she explained to him, you could do it quietly as long as you didn’t make a big fuss, and people would leave you alone.

  23. A says:

    If Ashton/Mila honestly discussed his life with Demi before this book came out, they are going to be fine. But if the stuff mentioned in Demi’s book is new to Mila then expect Ashton/Mila divorce to happen in few years.

    • Tourmaline says:

      All of Ashton’s messy cheating on Demi was heavily covered in the tabloids at the time it happened, so I don’t think Mila would be surprised.

  24. Silas says:

    Mila was in a long-term relationship with Macaulay Culkin. She’s used to dysfunction and messiness. I think she may be the “woman who has it all together but is with messy dudes.” See: pretty much every ex of Pete Davidson’s.

  25. bobafelty says:

    Maybe Mila loves threesomes and much as Aston, so this marriage will work out

  26. Anon says:

    He shoulda let it go.

    Crisis comms 101, Mr. Kutcher. Putting out statements (given your well-documented douchery) only keeps the story – and your douchery – front and center.

    Let’s not forget he was caught getting a “happy ending” at a Thai massage parlor after his marriage to Mila. No man with his wealth and status goes to a basic strip mall massage parlor for a “massage.”

    Nope. He’s the same scumbag he’s always been. But now he’s got a wife in a community property state, kids, money, and real estate he’d have to divide up.

    This “happy family” canard is convincing exactly no one.

    • Yikes says:

      yep, I think it’s about image repair too. And he also cheated on Mila with a makeup artist when they first got together and serious, but maybe during the “grey zone.”

  27. Ok says:

    This won’t end well will it

  28. Sharonk says:

    He could have wished Demi well and it would have been over quickly.
    He wAs a stupid kid when he married her. She had been around the block twice before. What did she expect?
    I’m just reading her book. What a terrible childhood. Those scars run deep. No wonder she’s screwed up but is it miraculous she made it so far in Hollywood from nothing.
    I hope Ashton and Mika are happy.
    Wish them all the best!!!

  29. Celeste Martin-Ross says:

    Ashton said in an interview that Mila dreamt about him cheating and then had a go at him. In my experience dreams can say a lot about what is in your subconscious. I’d worry about him cheating if I was her, he clearly has that side to his nature.

  30. Danger says:

    You guys are jerks. Do you actually know any of the celebrities that you call cheaters and dirtbags? To me, writing a tell all about your exes to get money and attention with no regard for their or their family’s feelings is much worse than not making a statement at all. Also, if my ex did that to me I certainly wouldn’t wish him well.

    • Genessee says:

      Not these two personally, but I am two degrees away from kutcher and from kunis. I used to work in the industry and have colleagues that still do, know them socially, or have worked FOR them. People talk. They LOVE to talk. Especially if you live in L.A. So, maybe chill a little with the insults Danger?

      I, on the other hand, think that if your dating/cheating history is so well-known that tabloid reports aren’t a shock and people KNOW how to get to you and meet you to cheat WITH YOU then if your ex wants to release their feelings about your history, it’s fair game.

      Its simple. In Hollywood, keep your s___t under wraps if you don’t want it to come out later.

  31. gingersnaps says:

    It will be interesting to see if their statement will age well. What goes around comes around.

  32. serena says:

    He must be really butthurt about Demi’s book to give the public that many reassurances his relationship is fine.
    And by the way “someone else’s personal issues ” ?? They were his issues ALSO, or at least some he created. Wtf, what a douche.

  33. Alexis says:

    He handled this very poorly. He needs to make a better statement and soon.

  34. sue denim says:

    I hope Demi can just walk away, hold her head high, and be the best her she can be. It’s hard, if not impossible, to argue with or persuade a guy like this to honor your pov. In these cases, winning is walking away…